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Imperial Pnss
SaturJay, July 6. iqoi
A Condensed Report of the Important
Happening! During the Week
Electric Railway (or Sin Btrmrdino and
RedUndj— Hot Weather Prevtnts Oil
Prospecting— QuscXtilver Deposit. Etc.
San Jacinto ts to have a broom fac
A disease unknown to cattle men is
killing many calve* near Modesto.
The Napa cannery expect* to dl*
burte ISO.OOO In that county this sea
The Stockton asparagus cannery lias
closed, after putting up *>.<K<) cans of
the vegetable
Eight old residents of Santa Crui .
died within a week. Their combined
age was 49$ years.
The Oceansulo real estate boam Is
still on and many piec« o. valuable
property arc exchanging hands.
A boy of eight ta a Los Anseles
school, upon being asked to ™tae a
toothless animal, replied: * Our new
Ficfat Fresno men were arrested and
heavily flned or encroaching upon that,
portion of a .nark reserved for ladles
and their esc arts.
VUalia people are cot happy over
the proposed free mail delivery sys
tem. People claim they can get the:r
mail quicker as It li
The long-ulked-Df Merrit Hospital
at Oakland will be built soon. It was
provided for in the will of the late j
Katherice Garceloa — I- A. ilmes.
A large flow of natural gas has been
discovered upon a ranch near Covelo. \
Mendociao county. Ixral gas and oil
men pronounce the indications rich.
A Santa Barbara man has picked
two Immense lemons. They weigh
over two pounds each, and one meas
ures sixteen and a half inches in cir
While herding cattle on his father's
ranch near Uvermore. George Bifftou
rioo*. 14 years eld. was attacked by
a maddened bull, and so severely goretl
mat he may die.
The San Bernardino Valley Trac
tlo? Company, capitalized at ISOO.OW.
and composed entirely of Redlands
people, is planning to commence active
work very soon in the electric raU
trav sv&u-m which vr^l connect Red
lands.'San Bernardino. Crbita Springs
and Coltoa.
The extreme hot weather in the
desert in the eastern end of River
side county has stopped the respect
ing for oil In that uctlos, and for
a few months, the several companies
which have made flllnss will keep
quiet but costlnuc planning for active
work' when cooler weather prevails.
The Santa Fe railway company has
about completed all the rlans for the
extensive imjrovements which they
expect to make In their machine shops
at £an Bernardino. Several new build
ings will be erected and more de
partments added. Several thousand
dollars will be expended according to
plans already adopted.
The Supreme Court has affirmed the
Judgment rendered in the Riverside
Superior Court in the action for tres
pass bought by Daniel Dukee aSfinst
Lewis F. Multon. which gave plaintiff
JJDO in damages, with costs. An ap
peal was taken from the order denying
a new trial, but the judgment Ifl
affirmed by the Supreme Court.
SAN FHANCIKCO.— The Forty-third
regiment, the last of the volunteer* to
leave the Philippines, has arrived here
on the transport Kilpatrick. twenty
three days from Manila. The Forty
third was In the Philippines eighteen
months, eeting much service. The
regiment was recruited at Camp
Meade. Pa. Tne regiment was divided
in the Philippine*, two battalions be
ing etationed on the Island of Minda
ooo, while another battalion did gar
rleon duty on the island of Leyte.
The Forty-eecond infantry was mus
tered out of service today.
SAN LUIB OUI3PO— A large vein of
ric cinnabar ore baa been struck in the
imperial prcoo
Klnronnadu quicksilver mine, cut of
Santa Margarita.
The* whole vein of or* \* cUMv fee!
In width, but th* latfM *trlk.« •• only
twenty feet «l»1e and nt wlut it tup
pn*ed to \c the wr.«t *Me of th» \cln.
This Is thought to carry about 10
per cent. qutrk»llvrr. The mln* I* an
exten?lve deposit of low-crade o:«\
with rich streaks running IhroUfo 11.
The mine It worked on n very *ma I
scale, having n retort that can handle
only one ton of ore per day. ami for
tbU reason only the richest ore can t>e
Abducted by a Print
AUSTIN, (Tex.)— A dispatch from
Guadalajara. Mex.. m>« Hlchard
Oradllla. a prominent lawyer or
Guadalajara, has left for Madrid
?pr»ln to bring homo hi* li-year-Old
dAUfhter, who was abducto*) by r itn*r
Jesus Pelarroon Amado. a Catholic
prlcM of this city.
Amado Is under arrest In Madrid
charged with having absconded from
this country with more than 51 m>.oou
belonging to the Catholic church
funds, of which he had charge.
Delegate Wilcox Is to Introduce a Bill at
the Next Sewion
WASHINGTON.— Hawaii will join
New Mexico and Arizona In seek Ins
Statehood next winter. Delegate Wll
cox from that new territory says be
will intrcJuce a bill In the next sca
;j«i of Congress to admit Hawaii to
Statehood. He ilcea not expect the blh
to rasa at once, but he wants to serve
cotice that Hawaii Is ambitious for
full membership In the Union, and Is
neither willing to remain a terrltory
fcr all lime, ncr to become part of Cal
lfcrnia. as has teen proposed.
"We want to become a state," says
Wllcox. "and I shall Introduce my bill
next wiuter. The sooner we start
work, the sooner we will meet with
success. Some day Hawaii will be a
-What we want rleht now Is a ca
ble between San Francisco and Hon
olulu, I have a bill already prepared,
which I will Introduce when Congress
meets, to authorize the laying of a
cable between the Islands an- Califor
"I do not enre whether the cable is
laid by a corporation or by the gov
ernment. 1 am told there are numer
ous business men who are eager for
the necessary authority to lay a ca
ble from San Francisco to Honolulu,
thence to the Philippines. I am satis
fied that the next Coneress will en
act the necessary legislation.
"When the cable is constructed there
will Im* a fresh impetus added to the
commercial relations between the
United States and the territory of Ma
Steamer Laden for the Orient
SAN FRANCISCO.— The steamer
China, which has sailed for the Orient
carried one of the largest passenger
lists of the year. Moat of them were
booked for Honolulu, tho number In
cluding four bridal couples. The car
go vas heavy, and on the manifest
was gold bullion valued at $200,000.
Twenty-one Filipinos, who were
brought here a few weeks ago for ex
hibition at the Buffalo Exposition.
were sent back In the China, being
considered a* liable to become public
charges. When Inspector Crawford
wag taking them aboard the steamer,
the Filipinos resisted, and force had to
h* U3ed, the ringleaders being put in
A large number of Chlneee were also
deported, including a party of forty
one brought from Pittsburgh. N. V.
About 300 more Chinese, who have
come Into the United States by stealth
from Canada, are to bo sent bark to
China through this port.
Fight at a Country Dance
METROPOLIS, 111.— A despiirate
battle occurred at a dance between an
officer and two young men from Ken
tucky, near Hrookport, clx miles from
As a result. Constable Grant Hank-
Ins lies dying, with five bullet!* In hla
body, and James Prltchard in shot
through the stomach and will die.
James Mauon la ahot through the back
and may recover.
The latter two are in Jail at Metro
polla whore they aro receiving medical
A Few Itcmi Gathered for the Interest
of Our Rural Readers
Paint (or Poultry Houses -Prune Figures
— fighting the Purple Scale -Raising
Poultry for Market—Minor Harm Notes
The Yuralpo cherry crop has been
harvested and it amounted— as nearly
an can be figured out-to IGO.OOO to
170.000 pounds. The crop In tho up
jier Yucalpe was cut short by late
fro*t« elso the total would have been
much larger.— Redland* Cltrograph.
"A Snnta Paula man recently dis
posed of three carloads of beans to a
Boston coffee house."— Times. Yes.
and the aforesaid coffee house will
send them back to California In nicely
printed packages and sell them to the
bean grower at 25 cents a pound, if
that Isn't Intensive culture we'd like
a better Illustration.— Cultivator.
Paint for Poultry Howe*
Rough buildings can be cheaply
painted, kept wholesome and clean,
both outside and Inside, by making a
thick paste of bolletl rice, then adding
fresh whitewash. Spanish whiting and
sweet milk, making it of a consistency
to spread well with a brush. It will
be found very durable, and of course
it Is not expensive. Half the trouble
In Southern California poultry yards
comes from unpalnted chicken houses,
which are so convenient for vermin.—
Los Angeles Herald.
Prune Figure*
The California Cured Fruit associa
tion, according to President Bond's re
port, has under contract SM"- acres.
32.236 acres being in Santa Clara \ al
ley, or S7 per cent, of the total acre
age of the State. There are 3737 mem
bers of the association. clghty-f«.e
packing houses and five receiving sta
The Inspector's department has cost
$23,324.41. or 371£ cents per ton. to
date: total cost of Insurance. $31.
621.40. The president says n mistake
was made In placing the basis price at
3 cents In view of the large crops of
fruit that were harvested last year in
thU country and In Europe.
The receipts of fruit for the year In
the vaious warehouses amount to 124.
912.102 pounds; total sales. 139.417.491
pounds, leaving on hand. 65,506,611
pounds. The total receipts are $ 1.730.
640.61. The office expenses. Including
salaries, advertising, taxes, etc.. ag
gregate $93,229.23. which Is more than
half chargeable, he says to the fruit
on hand, as It Is for work 'lone In re
spect to It.— New York Frultman's
Fighting Purpie Scale
As previously mentioned. Rivera and
Downey orchard lats. under the direc
tion of the Horticultural Commission,
are carrying on a determined and vig
orous campaign against the purple
Inspector Maskcw la personally su
pervising the work and reports regu
larly to the commission. He takes full
and careful notes nml tho experiments
bid fair to be of great value, not only
by reason of ridding that section of
the pest, but showing efficacious meth
ods therefor.
So far. contrary to generally-ac
cepted Ideas, the distillate wash has
proven successful, a careful examina
tion of specimens received nhowing
92V4 per cent, killed of all scale, lar
vae eggs. etc. Of courae this means an
other spraying, but resultH ho far are
very natlsfactory. Microscopic exam
ination of the Hcalo treated by fumi
gation had not been made at this writ-
Ing, but a report thereof will be made
It seems to be Imperative, In order
to Bccure best results with the distil
late wash that Boft water bo use<l or
water that has been treated with lye
In order to clearlfy It and to destroy
all foreign material held in suapen
«lon.—California Cultivator.
Watch the Pear Slug
Kriocampoidcs llmancla rctzlua Is
the full title bestowed upon Clm when
up before tho entomological bar for
tho purpose of Identification. At the
grand reunion which takes place an
nually, h«\ with others of his Ilk, la
commonly colled th.9 pear slug. Tho
time of tbo reunion. Is at hand, .and
tho ownen of pear trees will do well
to prrpar© a reception. The pear »lv«
li tho larva* of n nmntl. uloaay-hlaek
(\y, considerably Icm In *U* thnn the
hotwo fly. and belonging to the family
(Vntherdlnldao. commonly termed waw
file*. The «lub» appear In great num*
ber* upon the loaves of tho pour tree
during the month of July, and If not
chocked In their work noon, camo all
tho leaven to turn brOWO, die, and fall
to tho ground In midsummer. Tree*
thui denuded of their foliage are much
ducked In growth and greatly Injured
If not killed.
Tho larvae being leaf eater* and
fcc'ling nlmont exclusively on tho uj»
por surface of tho loaf, Where tho poi
son enn bo most easily placed, they
got tho most of It. and aro tho moHt
easy of all pestn to be controlled.
Puro pnrln groon (to contain not leas
than 50 per cent combined araenlotin
acid) nt tho rate of four ounces to tho
fifty gnllonn of wnter. with an addition
of four pounds freshly slaked lime. Ih
tho formula, this to bo applied In the
form of a spray with a good forco
pump.— Los Angeles Hcralu.
Not Prepared
Rose gardeners, walnut crowcrt,
vegetable men, and, In fact, the pro
ducer of all kinds of fruits and plants
complain of tho fungolds this season.
Plant life could not be fortified
against the sudden chance from five
yours of desslcated atmosphere and
waterless soil to one of cool and moist
atmospheres. Only tho plants that
have become Imuno to fungus and bac
terial attack through long nge« of re
sistance, have escaped. The oaks, the
sycamore and the wild growth General
ly were never so verdant, never so
revelling In foliage ami wood expan
sion. They have no fear of blight,
mildew, mold, mushrooms, root fungus
rust or other ailment that curl, blister,
devour or destroy In some way tho tis
sue of so many exotics that have not
had time to n».'ht the battles and win.
Next Beanon wo shall probably have
smooth poach leaves, whole walnut
hullsi bright rose foliage and clean
vegetable*. It Is not the climate wo
have this year that did It. but the
change of the climate, If you will per
mit a mild Irish vagary.
Red Spider
An Interesting point In connection
with killing red spider by fumigation
has come to light In the experiments
with fumigation being made at Rivera.
When the purple scale is entirely
killed, Mr. Spider hi as lively as can
bo, the gas "never touched him."
At Covlna this spring, the fumlga
toM were sure they had solved the
spider question with cyanide, but
some doubt wns expressed nn to the
success of the experiment. This Ri
vera experience scorns conclusive. —
California Cultivator.
Raising Market Poultry
In raising chickens for the market
a large fowl must bo selected, which
has superior tnble. qualities, and then,
says I*. T. Trott. a noted breeder way
down In cast Maine, "choose male and
females that are monsters of their
breed nnd hatch the cj?e3 of these co
lossal creatures. The chicks are like
ly to be prize winners. Continue thus
year by yoar. saving the largest of the
hatch for breeders, changing only the
cock, and that for every time a larger
one. For a laying breed, choose a
strain that ranks high among the lay
ers, nnd after testing, separate the
beat layers of tho Hock, hatching only
their eggs for breeders, and culling
year by year."
For Southern California n breed
should be chosen which Is well adapt
ed to the cllmntc, hardy, full of vi
tality when young, nnd moderate feed
ers, for feed Is too expensive for tho
voracious breeds. In this class the
Huff Orpington stands first, beyond
cavil. For a week after wo bought
our small pen. wo feared nome ailment
would Boon end their career, ns they
ate ho little; but they are nil right.—
!/)s Angeles Herald.
Accession Declaration
LONDON.— The report of Oie ftlect
committee of the houso of lords ap
pointed to consider the nrccHHlon dec
laration of the aovcrclgn, In regard to
transubstantlatlon, finds thnt the lan
i?ii;ii:»' can be advantageously modified
without diminishing Ita efficacy an ae
curlty for tho maintenance 01 the Pro
testant succession.
Tho form of declaration suggested
by tho committee docs not contain
phrases rclatlyo to Idolatry, etc.,
which nro so objcctlonablo to Homnn

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