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Imperial Press
Saturday. Jn| v 2». IWI.
We rrail of ml* Mi pottffl
Thai «rr frli fur rltfhl Of trroßf,
W> h*»r Mi em Urjtt btfort (MM nilrnU
In iMiriu, |,r,.», ,1,1,1 »ui:|f.
Ttirrr'n Ibf "hand thai iimlii llirrraitlf/'
And llir "Imikl ih.it wrllra the ilun; "'
There* (he "man btfoff lhr> juittlU ,"
And the "man Ik- hi ml ihi> tfun;"
Tb*r«*i thr "\»,r thai mlnda ttia mother/ 1
And Mir "Jack (Mat Iskta thr pot}"
While llir "lijiiil Hi.tt Hr«l!da thr lUpf*'"
Sriii.Mu i,,iu to reach thr spot.
strung and poteal sr« ihr force*
TbSl atraii«t our li*r<* arr hurlrd;
Hut ilir hand that h«td« thr |.<n. il
I* thr hand that |irud« thr world.
Pencil |»u»hrr of thr nation;
In »ho*r hand thr Mr capon lira;
I'ondrr wrll thr aim and object,
Y.i r thr jMiintrd arrow l1le»;
Praline tfrntlr with Ihr erring
Still, driiiium uitf all thr wroni; ;
K»«*rju»t In condrmnation<
A kI in Virtue r\rr ■tronifi
I.rt »..ur fthaft* »•«• keeoi jrel Whkllv.
Never vcboiMlppcd or %ilr;
Seeking whrrr a trar-drop iremblrs,
T«> replace it with aimile.
And whilr n'rr our »milinc planrt
Jl«'.i wn'* oturr i«. v ii f ii r led,
I.r: thr hand that holdi thr pencil,
llr thr hand that help* thr world.
~Trom old icrap-book of J« F*. Craw, pabiUb<
rr llrrmrr County lowa Indc|>cndrnt.
<». W. Both well was here fr<»m East*
nide Tuesday.
Leroy Holt in spending this week
with his folk in Kedland*.
F. C. Pauliu, agent at L<«s Angeles
for the Im|K*rial Land company, was
here latter part of last week.
\V. I*. Holt, who attended the annual
meeting of the Imperial Water com
pany No. 1 at Los Angeles last week,
returned to Imperial last Saturday.
L. F. Hastings ot Visalia, \V. H.
Cook of Huena Park and Omer KMyt
tersjM>rt of Los Alametos, were here
latter part of last week with a view to
Wesley Pat ton, after upending m?v
days with his mother in Los Angeles,
returned to Imperial latter part of last
week, much improved in health. Mr.
Pat ton states that he will at once put
in a crop of sweet corn, potatoes and
feed stuffs just east of town.
Wesley Patton, who has been run
ning one eight-horse and one four-horse
freight teams between here and Flow
ing Wells for several mouths, has
completed arrangements to reinforce
the four-horse team, making it eight,
This change indicates increased traf
fic to Imperial.
The surveying corps for the Califor
nia Development Company sj>ent Wed
nesday night in Imperial. They are
running lines for lateral*, having sur
veyed the line thin week for one ex
tending from the main canal to run
east of town. Under the now arrange
ment adopted at the annual meeting
last week, the California Development
Company will construct all laterals,
and work on thin system will he vig
orously pushed from now on.
The country dance in South
Carolina in a dangerous institu
tion. At one in Oratifrchurtf
county sewn persons, including
two women, were shot.
Imperial IP r c o o
Corticernlltg thr rnil road from San
Dlcgotothe Colorado nvcr, the i.«»h
Atitft-lc* Tirtifi h;iH much to uay,
From an editorial in thai p.ip«*r Ytc
lake the following extract*:
Southern California in to have an*
other railroad* It tuu%t not l>e infer*
red that the track* have already been
laid, or the rolling *tock purcha*ed,
hut, according to a dinpatch front San
Diego, a ma ••meeting of the citizen*
ha* been held in the Chaml>er of Com
merce there, and an Kxecutivc Com-
Itlittec of seven leading citizen* ap
(Miinted "to make Ntirvey*, ac<|tiir«*
franchi«e» and righta of way, and to
obtain *üb*criptiouH for the con*truc
tion of a railroad from San Diego to
the Colorado river, and ultimately to
penetrate Southern Arizona."
This, it i* true, i* not quite equiv
alent to the opening of the line to
traffic, but it certainly marks a con
siderable and praiseworthy advance
over the stage of editorial utterances
in the Union and mysterious hints
from Mr. Carlson, which have hitherto
marked the history of the San Diego
and Elsewhere railroad.
In any case, The Times hasten* to
extend its congratulations on this im
portant forward move, and to assure
them that, in spite of the sometimes
not altogether complimentary remark*
that have been made by the San
Dicgansabbut our "harbor swindle,"
we do not bear them any malice, but
shall be pleased to see this new road
carrying coals to Newcastle at an ear
ly date. The more roads the merrier.
Having two transcontinental lines of
our own now building we cannot af
ford to !>e small about this thing.
Perhaps we might even arrange to
lend the committee our city chain
On August 10 Missouri will
complete her eightieth year of
statehood. There will be joyful'
doings in Kansas City in honor of
the anniversary. When Missouri
was admitted in 1821, the state
of main was a year old; Michigan,
Wisconsin, and twenty more of
the present states were not yet of
the family; some of them were
almost unknown wildernesses.
The struggle in congress over
the admission of Missouri shook
the union.
Missouri will have the congrat
ulations and good wishes of all
her sister states on her eightieth
birthday. May she livelong and
prosper. We rebuke the frivol
ous persons who make jokes about
Pike county and call the Missou
rians "turtlebacks." They ought
to learn better manners.
The, Rev. John MeNeill was holding
a revival service at Cardiff, Wales the
other day. and announced that he
would answer any question about the
Dible. At once a note was sent up to
him, reading as follows:
"Dear Mr. McNcill, if you are seek
ing to help young men, kindly tell me "
who wan Cains wife."
That seemed a poser, and the audi
ence waited with intense interest, tem
pered with amusement, to sec how*the
K«hkl man would extricate himself.
After a pause, he said:
"I love young men especially young
inquirers for light, and I would give
this young man a word of advice. It
is this: Don't lose your soul's salva
tion looking after other men* wive*."
New York Tribune.
| Holt Brothers |
% Imperial, California, %
% %
% Dealers in . %
| General |
| Merchandise f
/ » ■!■ ii ■ mi.li r ■ . . — . ■ ,mm «... ■ ..— \
ifc See us when you want to buy anything ~S*~
3? Before placing your next order ffi
m p- 1 Coming tpis wav? m
% Sinijj then you are interested g$
S £♦♦*♦! in knowing how to reach S
1 "" Imperial Settlement, I
It New River Country 1
SR Take the 5. P. train fH
H to Flowing We 115.... H
>^ At this pViint you 'jjet first class accommodations at the McCAUL-
£fi| LEY HOUSE. C. W. McCaulley. the proprietor, runs a regular
t}£S stage line from that place t«j Imperial, leaving Flowing Weells at £ft£
5* 7:3<) a. in. on Monday. Wednesday and Friday, returning the follovr- myc
ing days. £g
IK S|>ecial teams and rigs are also kept in readiness for any other day, £m
SK and will take you to any part of the country. rm
£j5 The only direct route to the Carriso Creek oil Hi Ids west of Flowing
£JS Wells. This stage line is equipped with rigs and teams that are oj£
>/m unexcelled. MA
Distances From Imperial to
; Flowing Wells.. 28 miles
Blue Lake 8 miles
Cameron Lake Camp 16 miles*
Monument 22«> K>' 4 miles
Salton River '.".' 20V miles
West Mesa 27 * miles
East* Mesa 2s~* miles
Alomo Mocho 30*4 miles
> Gardener's 36}{ miles
1 Seven Wells 43i 4 miles
Salton Crossing 47, I 2I 2 miles
Cook's Wells Sl}i miles
Dos Alamos 59j^ miles
I Haulou's 6S# miles
pr»«ptly pnx«r*4. OK HO TtZ . B«b4 QoJel. ikttch. 1
or ph«(« for fr*« r»r«r4 en |<«UnUblliir. Bo«k "flow 1
loObuinl'.H • B 4»Vrriftil'»t«tiU«BJTT»4t-M*rk»,"
rilL »»ir..i Una* «*«r «f«rtd to tat« B t.ir».
TATtirr uwrtu or »• tears- rKAonosj
All bu»ia»M cv«A4«Blul. Suuni tJucv. isithfull
Mrrt««. M mitral* rh»rt»« |
!wa-G.! w a-G. a. snow & CO.;
lOpg.U^Pittflt Office WttHWgTOI. 0. & 1
llmperia 1
9 W. F. HOLT Manager.
f Offices at — - — J,
4 Imperial, Cameron,
? Flowing Wells and Iris.
i _
T Messages sent to,
t or received from,
▼ any part of the world.
|for rent

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