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Paragraphs SbowlnQ What Has
Been Accomplished In One
Month's Time
Till", limt icliool un the great Coloro*
■ ' do Dcacrt opened in the new lmj»« •
rial School dintrict on the ninth day of
Scptemhcr, V*n, with J. B, Carr un
The hiiilditiK, which in a temporary
structure, wan erected in an incredible
nhort space of time, not requiring
longer than half a day to entirely coin*
plcte it. and in thin rc»pcct, lift well an
in Kcveral others we think, breaking
the record, not only in California, hut
in the United State* an well.
Some twenty-one children reported
for duty the firnt day, which number
incrcaHul to twenty-three during the
lir*t mouth. The nccoiid month ojm.mi
cd with an increase of five additional
pupils, which number will doiibtlcsA be
coiiHtantty Increased.
Not withitta tiding the fact that v
large portion of the children have been
out of hcliool formauy months and are
composed of children from all ftcctioiii
of thin Mate and Arizona, they got
down to work with a vim and determi
nation to make up for lont time, which
in indeed commendable.
The patron*, the trtintvc*, and the
California Development company have
done much to give the nchool a good
Mart, and the di*trict is under great
obligation* to County Superintendent
li. J. Baldwin for the active intcrcrfl he
ha* taken in the formation of the di»
trict, and for hit kiudueftH in tending
i he district tome very fine map*,
charts and school furniture, including
over twenty de»k*. which he not only
licnt without cxpeViftC to the district,
hut at a considerable expense to him
>ielf, he having advanced the freight
charge* on »aid articles.
The Ini|>crial district next year will
have shool houses, grounds, etc., which
will he second to none in the country,
and which will be in keeping with the
gigantic growth of this young country.
Pen Pictures
IT is evening. Far to the southwest,
an hour or two ago there were seen
two tpota, closely associated, which
Kccmcd to hold in •iiftpeiiaioti the rays
of the nun. By degrees these apotn
developed into clouds of dtfst, and then
there came into plain view two wag
ons filled with colonists. Drawing up
to the town, their hornet* were ttoou
staked, a tent wan pitched and a camp
fire wa* cooking the first meal of the
new comers in the laud of their adop
tion. The population of the Imperial
settlements was increased by six stal
wart men, while their productive |>ow
er wan enhanced by the horses and
mules which had brought them from
I<o» Angeles.
Day by day this scene is enacted,
and day by day the number of inhabi
tants of the Imperial tract is increas
ing, the net gain in population proba
bly reaching five persons a day, while
there are indications that the rate will
increase as water is more widely dis
That there is not a large as&emblage
in any of the towns is due to the fact
that mont of the new comers begin
wdrk oil their land or enter the employ
of the company at once, and are thug
scattered over the immense area of the
Imperial tract.
THK collection of utatc and county
taxc* for the fiscal year IWI-1902
begun October 14th. The law provide*
that thene tuxen may be paid hi two
Imperial iprcee
iiioiiilltiM >it*. or the full amount of (he
'.to may >><• p;ti«l nt .my time after the
c.MiiitiriM-rrncnt of the Collection. The
firiit iimtallnicnt cmbracm one-half of
the tax on rr.il cutate. Thin flr«t in
*lnltmvnt of the taxe* «*lioul*l he paid
prior to Nov. 25, l'X)l,n» it will hecome
delinquent on that date, and in then
«uhj<?ct to a jm-ii.iHv of 1.1 per cent.
The remainder of the taxen may t>e
paid at any time up to April 28, l'H£,
at which time all UXCi remaining «"•
paid an* delinquent and un additional
penalty of 5 per cent i» added thereto.
The Mate find county tax rate for
thin year on property otttnidc of incor
porated clUc* I* $2.25, and on innidc
pn»|MTty. 11.67. Tlichc do not include
the special school rate*, which difTcr
in the Hcveral school difttrictA.
Tax Collector A. F. Cornell it lull
ing tax fttatcmenu to all who call for
them. •
forest Lieu Selection
Unitnl St.itr, Land Offtcr
!...» Anirrtm, Cal.. Srpirmhrr 24, I'Ml
Notice I* hetvhy fivrn that A. 11. !!<-bcr,
\* hi>»«- \»>*l nfliii* iulilnoH U Z2* Stnurrll I!loCk,
!.•>« A ii (.'•-!• ». California, haw made application
tOMtect, umlcr thr Act ol June 4th, 1M77 (30
Si.uh. >, tin- fullowinir <lmcrilM-«l tract, K.-wii;
Thr S. Sof thr S.K. X of S^tion 34, and the S.
fjf Of the K-W. X «if ftrctlon 35. Twp. 10 S., K.
13 X.. S. It. Mm cuntainiittf l(/> acres.
Within the next thirty dayn fruni date of thr
tlrtt {tubllcatiun hrrrof, pr.>t<-»ts or conlMU
aif4in»t thr »r|fctiun, on the ground that thr
land dtntcribril, «»r my (Nirtion thrrrof, i« more
valuabtr for itd minrraU than for agricultural
purpo«<M», will \tn rrcclvitt ami notrd f«ir refx»rt
to th«* t"i<iii»ii*»iimrr of ih>- Geoeral Land Office
p P. BLAKE. M. D.
Imperial. Cal.'
____ mmm ___ n I
Take your business in the
U.S. Land Office
FilingH, Contest}*, Final Proof, etc. !
Hci»t of references. Terms moderate, j
907 round SU S \H DIEGO, CAL |
•— — — — — —^ nia. Uig 1 flow- j
ing wells of pure, noft water. Rich
!_fiil!rP Near 8.8. free water
ducing land in U. S. Unlimited mar*
ketn. NO COMPHITION. For sale by
452 Wllcox Building los Angeles. Cal.
Hmperia 1 1
|Tel ep h on ci
W. R HOLT Manager. f
? Offices at , I
A Imperial, Cameron, ▲
i . I
J Flowing Wells and Iris* ?
f Messages sent to, f
f or received from, J
▼ any part of the world.
If o r rent;.
jf ft^ .^»^,v.#^> -^*^.;j-%_ y"»-<-(V -^%-'-^' a^ •
|Jmp*r i a I |
2 L I _l-_j 2
I (/pterftigbts. |
£* We have opened a branch office at Imperial, in charge
O of our Mr. H. C. Oakley, who is thoroughly familiar O
j|f with the whole S
In addition to our DISTRICT AGENCY for the Impe- W
a rial Land Company, we are prepared to handle any of 5
the early filings that the owners may wish to dispose of 0
at reasonable i>ricc.
a For special reports on lands orfor general information, address a
© 0
0 Oaßley-PauliM Co., #
*k\»"\ Comma this way? m
%& X | I then you are interested gf
J ++^+t in knowing bow to reacb s|
I "" Imperial Settlement, f
I ™ New River Country!
m Take the S. P. train M
H to Flowing We 115....
3^ At this point you get first class accommodations at the McCAUL- ySL
j|^ LEY HOUSE. G. W. McCaalley, the proprietor, runs a regular ffc
£j9 stage line from that place to Imperial, leaving Flowing Wells at %Ma
\« 7:30 a. in. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, returning the follow- s%^
» ing days. g|
Ms Special teams and rigs are also kept in readiness for any other day, /W
9K and will take you to any part of the country.
4® The only direct route to the Carriso Creek oil fields west of Flowing £
Wells. This stage line is equipped with rig's and teams that are £%£
>#5 unexcelled. q*£
| % dotel TmperfaJl
J Imperial, California. • - %
♦ ♦
| Offers to the public $
+ superior accommodations +
J Patronage of tourists and hnd'Seekers solicited %
I have on hand a supply of hay and
barley at New Kiver crossing, 16 miles
oast of Coyote wells and 26 miles &c.
of Carrino" Creek. Good water and
Hliady camping ground. I*. J. Storms.
for Exchange
tiood income property at Encoudido,
Cal., to exchange for Imperial Water
Stock and lauds. For particulrm ad'
drc«» P. O. Hox 262, Kbcondido, Cal.
WANTED— Position as superinten-
dent or manager on ranch. Advertiser
in a thoroughly practical farmer. Ha»
fifteen years experience farming by
irrigation and cultivating large trac s
of land. Address F. P, HOLIIKOOK,
Moro via, Calif.
Rooted Vines and Cuttings
Address Stevens fir Frost,

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