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Items of Local and Personal Interest
Gathered Together Darin? ig§
the Past Week.
-'•%ew» of Every Nature Showing' That
the Capital is AJive With Pro
In pie and Events.
Some Notes That Perhaps Will Prove
Interesting, But Some Others,
That May Not.*
^'FRIDAY'S DA11.Y. S-j:"
Father Bushman, of this city, was as
tociatcd with Father Croft, the Catholic
priest whom reports say was mortally
wounded in the big Indian battle in the
Bad lands, for two years or more. Father
.Bushman had charge of tho missions at
Rose Hud and Pino Ridge agencies for five
years and personally knows most of these
hostilcs. He Is not in full sympathy with
tflio management of the army, lie claims
the Indians had come into possession of
unnecessary information, one tiling being
the fact that they were to bo deprived of
their arms. The Indians are at war from
sheer desperation—whicli makes it all the
more serious. They have concluded to
die fighting and there are enough of those
fellows who, if they can entice tho army
into the Bad lands, can whip tho entire
United States army.
Hon. B. F. McCormack come in from
Higlimore last evening, and is graciously
greeting old friends. It is understood
"Mack" is intimating that it would be
just as well to have him elected speaker
of the house. This recalls an inuident
of the last session. Speaker Young
called Mr. McCormaek to preside one day
and tho speaker pro tern made a ruling
on some point to which Mr. Sol Star, of
Dead wood, took exceptions, and in his
way gavo reasons why. Mr. McCormaek
bluntly replied that Mr. Star might be
right—but that was his ruling just the
Capital: The FREEPRESS last evening
published a special edition, containing
the improvements made in Pierre, Fort
Pierre and Stanley during the past year.
The total improvements amount to over
1000,000 and makes a very creditable
showing for tho city, taking into consid
eration the unsettled state of affairs dur
ing the past year. Tho coming year will
accomplish wonders for Pierre, and, from
Improvements now contemplated, this
year's grand total will bo over a million.
Senator G. C. Moody arrived in the city
last evening And is stopping at the Locke.
He was cordially greotcd by many old
friends in the hotel lobby after supper.
The senator looks in prime condition and
teems to be glad to mingle with his con
stituents again. He arrived in the state
from Washington last Sunday morning.
Tho FXIEE PRESS has had an Interesting
.and extended interview with tho senator,
which will appear in tomorrow's FREE
Hon. S. T. Winslow, of Woonsockct, Is
in the city and is named as a candidate
for the position of speaker of tho house.
Mr. Winslow will bo better remembered
as tho gentleman who always commenced
an address to tho liotiso last winter with
the expression, "It seems to me, Mr.
Speaker." Mr. Winslow would make a
very dignified and capable speaker.
It is a superstition in somo countries
that the first day of tho year indicates
about what we may expect tho balance of
the year, aud more especially the coming
month. According to this tho succeeding
year is going to bo good enough to suit
anyone, as thero has not been a finer day
this winter so far, than yesterday.
Prof. G. E. Bailey, well known in Pierre
—and in fact all over the state—could not
refrain from taking a hand in the hostile
war in tbo Bad lands. The professor is
an old Indian fighter and he wired to an
old friend in this city yesterday that ho
Was in tho fight which lasted two days—
...... and escaped by a miracle!
t&'> Dr. Z. T. Daniels, agoncy physician at
Fort Bennett, accompanied by his wife,
passed New Years in this city. Tho doctor
has in Urnes past doctored tbo same In
dians who are now seeking tho shortost
routo to tho happy hunting grounds via
government bullets.
W. W. Eastman, of Huron, arrived last
night and is rustling around among the
members present in the interest of his
candidacy for tho office of chief clerk of
the house. It is needless to say that Mr.
Eastman is competent for his ability is
j. well known.
.feLFrank A. Evarts, publisher of the Qpida
ijTs&Journal, Is in tho city and is a candidate
for senate reading clerk. Mr. Evarts has
ft good, able-bodied voice and, being a
member of the fraternity, wa should be
pleased to see him meet with success.
The immortal Van Camp, of 43ighmore,
Is fcuz7.log the boys as they arrlvo in re
gard to the advisability of making him
chief clerk of tho senate. '"Van" possesses
requisite qualifications and will make
tho other candidates hustle.
IfS-j H. R. Horner is back from his souihern
?-trip, but improved his short visit there in
investigating the country, the people and
lr' the election system. Ho was down as far
Florida, lie says the climate is pleas
ant but very enervating.
Will Tomkins, manager of tho rink
opora house in this city, says ho can so
cure a number of good, first class enter
i-K tainmonts in this city provided ho makes
ft good guarantoc. They usually want
Atom 1850 to *350.
second day of tho new year is warm
enough to go about tho streets without
.Otwcoats, and the work of street (trading
rirgO*merrily on. This ts written for the
ttdlBcation of people who live In the bleak
|ypfr. ftnd Mrs. J. A. Crabbs desire to ox
I their sincere gratitude to the many
/»}£?..t»S-. i-'i.
friends who showed them so many kind
nesses during the recent sickness and be
reavement of their son Clinton.
Hon. R. W. Maxwell, member of the
senate from Faulk county, was among
last night's arrivals. -Mr. Maxwell Is a
democrat and is said to bo capable of do
ing strong legislative work.
Tho services over tho romains of Clint
Crabbs were hold in the First M. E.
church yesterday at 2 o'clock, conducted
by Rov. Jameison. Tho Interment took
place in Riverside cemetery.
Gallett's jewelry store has sought more
public quarters in the front of the post
office, where the fine display of jewelry
can be seen oftencr than as though in
another place.
There will be a meeting of Capital City
lodge, No. 37, K. of P., this evening at 7
o'clock sharp. Members are requested to
be present, as business of importance will
bo transacted.
Col. Max Bass and wife arrived last
evening, and arc at present at tho Locke.
Their many Pierre friends will be glad to
know that they will be with us all
Chaplain Edward Brown is hi the city
and again seeks the honors lie wore last
winter as chaplain of the senate. Wo do
not liear of any opposition to the old vet
Capl. Bixby, of Alexandria, the well
known postoflice inspector, has a month's
lay off and will put in a part of tho time
watching tiie fun at Pierre this month.
Lieut. D. F. Anglum returned Wednes
day evening from Fort Leavenworth,
Kan., where ho had been summoned to
demonstrate his fitness for promotion.
L. P. McCiaren, the Sioux Falls Press
man, is in the city to preside over proceed
ings of tho legislature and keep the read
ers of his great paper posted thereon.
Mrs. G. M. L. Ervin left this morning
to visit with Mrs. D. G. Gallett, in Aber
deen a few days—and then will go on to
Groton to visit with her parents.
Thero appears lo be no lack of can
didates for the minor offices of the legis
lature, notwithstanding the fact that the
state treasury is at a low ebb.
The hotels in tho city are rapidly filling
tip with the members of the legislature
and third house. By Monday evening
they will about all be here.
Sheriff J. IC. Sichier, of Faulk county,
is in the city sizing up our politicians.
He has not stated whether lie is a candi
date for senator or not.
N. T. Hauser is rustling arter iiis old
position—chief clerk of tho senate, which
he so admirably filled last winter—and lie
is confident of success.
Judge A. G. Kellam and wife returned
last evening from their visit to their old
home in Iowa, where they had a very de
lightful time.
Tho Don C. Hall company went oast
this morning. They played to a good
house in Fort Pierre lastevening.
Watch parties wore numerous ail over
tho city. Wednesday night, to sec the old
year out and the now year in.
Capt. Jas. Dowd, one of the first men in
this section of country, has a position at
the Locke hotel.
Of course Hon. C. T. McCoy, of Aber
deen, Is on the ground. He came in last
A. 1). Bubb is hero from Howard to help
make things lively the next weok or two.
Hon. T. W. Pratt went to Huron today,
presumably on a political mission.
E. T. Foster, who iias been visiting the
city returned to Milbank today.
John Loofbourow went to Sioux Falls
this morning on a business trip.
Hon. S. W. Bowman and wife, of Ash
ton, are stopping at tho Weils.
A. 1). Hill, the Miller banker, was In
the city over New Years eve.
J. J. Smith, of Miller, was among the
arrivals Wednesday.
Deputy State'Secretary ICnudson ar
rived last evening.
Hon. A. L. Peterman, of Parker, mem
ber of the senate from Turner county, was
among last evening's arrivals.
T. E. Blanchard, tho public examiner,
is in tho city.
Lieutenant Governor Hoffman is on tho
Prof. Hitchcock went to Blunt today.
Col. Bullard has returned.
From Saturday'* Dally.
Capt. M. B. Kent, of Elk Point,' the
campaign singer and all around rustler, is
in the city and Is a candidate for enrolling
aud engrossing clerk in the senate. Mr.
Kent has been a resident of Dakota for
twenty-three years, served as a private
soldier in tho late war over three years,
aud carries as good recommendations as
"we over saw. We hopo the captain will
be successful.
Major Jas. R. Howell, of Walworth,
is a candidate for secretary of the senate
and Is modestly mentioning the matter to
his friend9 as they come. The major was
recording socretary of the house last
winter and filled the position perfectly.
He is an old soldier and a republican and
no one will regret it ff he captures the
honor ho seeks.
Hon. Jos. I. Barnes, better known as
"Barnes, of Brown," came in from Aber
deen last night and is swinging things
his way—so he says. Matters are pretty
certain to be lively whore Joe circulates.
He does not come back to the legislature,
having secured a lucrative position as
inspector or collector of customs at some
port. •,''
Senator John L. Heintz, of Aurora, is
in tho city. Mr. Heintz was promoted
from the house to the senate this year by
an appreciative constituency. He is one
of the shrewdest and ablest men in that
bodr. He is not an orator, but when it
comes to business and general financier
ing he Is the equal of any of them.
Hon. B. F. McCormack, of Higlimore,
went down to Huron this morning to re
turn tonight with the democrats and in
dependents who come In tonight. A groat
love feast was held by thoso two factions
In Huron yestorday and today—probably
something after tho order of a ghost
Hon. John F. Norton, of Sioux Falls,
was mentioned by somo parties for tho
speakership—but a FREE PRESS man
tacklcd him on tho subject last night.
"No sir, I am not a candidate—would not
have it at all. I'm for Bob Buchanan
first, last and forever."
We can count on additional life to tho
situation bccauso of the arrival of Sen
ator A. B. Kittridge, C. W. Hubbard,
John F. Norton. Chas Boy and
11. D. Kcl
ley. They are all royal fellows and know
everybody. They have headquarters at
tho Locke.
More water is being let over the ice
rink, and with careful nursing and watch
ing the thermometer to seo when it goes
below the freezing point, they may make
a rink of it yet—though ice rinks and ice
palaces have a hard time In this torrid
Col. E. P. Farr and wife entertained a
lot of old Now England friends at their
cozy homo on Retreat street last evening.
It was a regular New England maple
sugar party and a very delightful time is
reported by thoso who were present.
Dr. .T. G. Conly, of Eik Point, Is in the
city for a few days, the guest of Secretary
Ringsrud. The doctor is a member of the
United States examining board at Ver
million and was surgeon of the Third
Wisconsin during tho war.
The only J. C. Adams in tho northwest
is in the city hailing old friends with his
usual melody. «T. 0. is after his old posi
tion as first assistant clerk of the house,
lie has a lot of good solid backing too.
Senator W. F. Dunham, of Lincoln
county, was among last night's arrivals.
Mr. Dunham was a member of tho terri
torial legislature some twelve years ago,
and is a very capable man.
A party of young people engaged in the
game of progressive onclire last evening,
as the guests of Maurice McMillan.
If any aspirant for office to be disposid
of during the next week or two really de
sires safe and sure success we suggest he
turn in and capture the Pierre board of
trade's services.
A number of Blunt people were in tho
city last night, among whom were no
ticed Messrs. ,1. L. Eichholtz, C. N.
Lukes, J. S. Irwin and W. IT. Morrison.
David Hail, the all-wool, true blue and
a yard wide republican member-elect from
Sully county, arrived from His home some
thirty miles up the country, yesterday.
Hon. Alex. Mclntyre's genial smile
lightened up tho city last evening,
"Mack" is a war horse and a fighter from
way back. Everybody likes liiin, too.
Capt. Nicholas Hotaling, the former
serjeant-at-arms of the house, arrived
last night, and we understand is again a
candidate for the same place.
H. R. Horner, Coe I. Crawford and A.
W. Johnston are the delegates from Pierre
to the state republican league meeting
next Tuesday, in this city.
L. II. Bailey, the land register, went to
Huron this morning. Ho is unable to
state whether Major Pickler will be here
from Washington or not.
Rev. Wm. Fielder, of Huron, is in tho
city. He is the famous temperance leader
—and is very popular with somo Pierre
Tho old Signal office in East Pierre had
another tustle with lire last evening but
the lioso company soon "spoiled" tho lire
Dr. T. M. Stewart, .of Richland. I'liina
county, the senator-elect from first
district, will arrive this evening.
Ju^geBartlett Tripp and his friends
will arrive in Pierre this evening and will
occupy quarters at the Locke.
Col. Bullard returned from spending the
holidays at his homo in Council Bluffs,
last evening.
Clerk Geo. B. Scho'eufelt came down
from tho Cheyenne agency on business
H. S. Murphy, tho attenuated Elktou
banker, arrived in tho city last evening.
Mrs. Geo. McMillan and Miss Sybil
Sammis went to Blunt this morning.
Miss Emma Wells entertained a numj
ber of her friends last evening.
L. W. Cooke, tho music man, left this
morning for Watortown.
Senator Coroy, of Red Geld, is on tho
From ITIonday'n Dally.
Col. Dell Coy stops out of tho clerk of
tho court's office tomorrow, and E. C. Pat
terson, of the Daily Capital, takes the of
fice. Mr. Coy will commence the practice
ot law and has secured one of the pleasant
rooms in tho Homestead brick block on
Dakota avenue, where he will pleased to
meet his friends. The FISEK PRESSknows
Mr. Coy to bo one of the brightest young
men of the South Dakota bar and predicts
a successful career in the practice of law.
T. D. Robb, of Lima, Ohio, returned
from his visit to Fort Bennett yesteiday,
accompanied by J. M. Robb, the post
trader. Tho gentlemeu will stay to wit
ness the opening up of the legislature.
T. D. Robb is the gentleman who was
first roputed to bo the agent of Cal Brico,
sent here to superintend the election of
Judge Tripp to tho United States senate.
All rosidfints of the city of Pierro are
expected to perform their part iu the
work of entertaining the guests of the
city at tho inaugural reception and ball
tomorrow night. Invitations have not
been sent out to residents bore, for tho.
reason that all were expected to take hold
and help and all were invited to do so.
Wo dropped into Major Lieben's new
meat market today and found he had just
opened as fine a place as can be tound in'
the state.. He has a most wonderful col
lection of pictures which decorato one side
of tho room. The major is a "spontan
eous" man and understands his business
N. B. Reed, of Pierre, Granville G.
Bennett, of Deadwood, and David G.
MacClay, of Mitchell, have been appoint
ed examiners of the Uuited States dis-
trict court of South Dakota, by Judge
A runaway horse with a buggy attached
topside down, skipped by the Locke last
night about eight o'clock. No one was
hurt. Wo wore told the horse belonged to
Georgo Smith.
Mrs. Sophronia Eason, mother of
George Eason, died yesterday morning, of
congestion of the lungs. The old lady
had been a sufferer for years, from
The county commissioners mot today at
2 o'clock, to examine and approve
bonds, and to transact any other business
that should legally como before them.
Low Albright says he can prove by II. R.
Horner and P. F. McClure that his Scotch
hound can catch a jack-rabbit—and that
he did catch one yesterday.
During the session of tho legislature,
tho street car line, via tho state house,
will make an extra trip, leaving the
Locke hotel at 10:30 p. m.
The delegates to the state republican
league convention may procure special
rates by procuring certificates from Sec
retary Ilackett.
Five persons were received to member
ship at the Congregational church on
Sunday morning.
John Baldwin, of St. Lawrence, and
Dr. Alford, of Huron, went down the road
this morning.
Major U. S. Coon silently wept on the
shoulders of his friends this morning and
departed on his long contemplated south
ern trip. II#! will first make for Chat
anooga, and after a visit there for a time,
will go on to New Orleans.
l'he supreme court convenes tomorrow.
The same court was in session today and
handed down a few opinions.
George Thayer and his sister. Miss
Mabel, visited Blunt today.
Miss May Wheeler returned to Yank
ton college this morning.
Rev. W. G. Dickenson went to Kco
Heights this morning.
Dr. Hills had a professional call to Can
ninglthis mor.iing.
From TiicNdav'n Unity.
The inaugural ball will be a success to
night. The interior or the Locke is saily
and artistically decorated from top to bot
tom. Tho famous Sewall & Robinson or
chestra of twelve pieces will render most
soul and foot inspiring music—and there
should be no reason why all should not
enjoy themselves to the fullest limit.
General I'ease, of Watertown, is in the
city to adjust claims of parties who took
lands and made improvements on the
Crow creek reservation that was closed
by Grover Cleveland. What a grand old
break that was of Grover's! Parties in
terested can find the general at the United
States land oflicc.
We are in receipt of information that
the law firm of Ilazlett & Bates, of Beat
rice, Neb., have associated with them Mr.
W. C. Lellane, and the firm will hereafter
bo known as liazlctt, Hates & Lellane.
Mr. Lcllqnc is an old resident of Fort
C. J. Blanchard, representing the Min
neapolis Times, is in the city and will
furnish all the news for his great paper.
Mr. Blanchard is a guest of Col. Bullard.
Misses Ivlttie and Stella Bullard, sisters
of Mrs. D. S. Williams, aro here from
Council Bluffs to take in tiie inaugural
ball and tho legislature.
Mr. and Mrs. Win. G. Yates were
visited by a little boy this morning, who
ms a permanent home with them.
The ladies of the Baptist church will
ie an entertainment at their chapel on
Prospect street Jan. 14.
Mrs. E. W. Caldwell and daughter, Miss
Maud were auong tho arrivals last even
H. E. Dewey went to the eastern part of
the county today on business.
Front Wednesday'* Dally.
Among those who departed on this
morning's passenger for their homes
were: Col Sterling, Huron A Hill, 0
Fitzgerald, Milam, Miller W
Lansing, Roe Heights Judge S Palmer,
and E W Caldwoll, Sioux Falls Dr W
Lane, Miller S Murphy, Elktou A W
Bunt and II Rice, Huron WS Ingham,
Blunt EC Sage, Faulkton Mrs John
Cain and Miss Ambrose, Huron and S
Elrod, Clark.
Aberdeen News: The Pierre FUEK
PKESS prints a recipe for removing creases
from trousers by taking them off after
wearing them six hours and hanging them
"laterally"—whatever that may mean.
Thero is one serious omission in tho re
cipe. It does not state what a follow can
do in the meantime, while tho creases are
making their slow exit.
Canton News: Geo. Franklin returned
last Tuesday from his trip through the
reservation. While away he secured
possession of several sections of good farm
land near Pierro.
Because of a number of visiting friends
in tho city tho Redowas club will give a
party at the Locke parlor tomorrow even
Tho gentlemanly looking now day clerk
at tho Wells House is Mr. W. E. Sheldon
of Middlevilie, Now York.
Major Love, formerly Indian ajjont at
tho Cheyenne agency, is again in the city.
Mrs. M. E. Williams has been appointed
to take charge of tho musical instruction
in the schools of Piorre and left this
morning to inspect the system in vogue
at Aberdeen, which is highly commonded.
Miss Mary Evans and Glenn Steere left
this morning to resume their studies at
Yankton college.
Attorney-General Robt. Dollard, wife
aud child arrived in the city last evening.
J. L. Harrington of Fort Pierre, left
this morning for a visit to Wanda, 111.
A small snow storm visited this vicinity
last evening.
Attorney Green went east this morning.
I will make loans on Pierre real estate
A Strong Kenolutloii I'liaulniounly En
doming Him by the otate League.
Tho state convention of tho republican
league was arousing success and the fol
lowing report of the meeting last night
we appropriate from the Daily Capital:
Tho Republican State League conven
tion at the local republican league head
quarters last evening was a largely at
tended and enthusiastic meeting.
Tho meetiug was called to order at 7:45
p. m.
An address of welcome on behalf of the
local republican clubs and tho city of
Pierre was given by Hon. Coe I. Crawford
and responded to by President Orr.
Mr. Crawford moved that a committee
of five on resolutions bo appointed by the
chair, and the motion prevailing the fol
lowing named gentlemen were appointed
such committee: Coe I. Crawford, of
Hughes county, T. M. Wilkins, of Brown
county, G. C. Thoerpe, of Hand county,
Geo. R. Mason, of Marshall county, and
Don C. Needham, of Jerauld county.
On motion of W. T. Ilall, of Sully, tho
chair appointed a committee of three to
subtni a list of six delegates and six al
ternates to represent the stale league at
the national leSgue convention at Cincin
nati, Ohio, April 21, JSUI, consisting of
Messrs. Hail, of Sully, Sundback, of Min
nehaha, and Cadwell, of Brown.
The fallowing telegram was received
with enthusiasm:
NEW YOHK. Pec. 0.—President South
Dakota State League. The National
League congratulates the South Dakota
League upon the first republican conven
tion of ISO], and the sure promise, of vic
tory in ISLfi. A. 15. III'.MI'IIKKY.
Hon. II. II. Keith, of Minnehaha coun
ty, was then called for, and carried the
convention by storm with his
and earnestness for republican
and organization.
the eom-
The resolutions adopted by
in it tee were then presented and adopted,
but owing to their length it is impossible
to give more than the. followiug synopsis
of their contents.
Rcaliirm the principles of the repub
lican party. Thankful for the recogni
tion of the northwest by the admission of
new states. Thankful for the opening to
settlement of the reservation lands, and
for affording relief lo settlers banished
from the Winnebago and Crow Creel res
ervations. Tiie administration of the in
terior department by tiie republicans is
compared with the democratic rule of the
land office under Sparks, and the same is
pointed to with pride. The course of our
representatives in the senate and con
gress is endorsed. In favor of the meas
ures urged in favor of tiie people as
against the wealth monopolies. The
laws enacted for the development of the
tin mines in our boundaries, and the
work done in securing laws in behalf of
the old soldiers, is commended. Good
will dec'ared towards thoso whom
they believe to be at heart loyal
to republican principles, but wlio
are believed to have gone astray
through misrepresentation. The elec
tion law for a free vote and fair
count in the southern states as well as a
stringent measure by our present legis
lature. for the honesty and purity of our
elections is favored. In favor of the re
peal of all laws which fetter the free coin
age of silver. The administration of Gov.
Mellette endorsed. The candidacy of
Gideon Moody for re-election to the
United States senate received the earnest
and unanimous approval of the state
league, as it has always met the approval
of the entire party, on account of his past
distinguished and invaluable service.
Tiie report of the committee on dele
gates to the national convention was then
submitted as follows: II. II. Kieth, of
Minnehaha Harry llunter, of Spink U.
C. Thoerpe. of Marshall W. T. Coad, of
Pennington II. It. Horner, of Hughes
and W. C. Arnold, of Beadle with C. II.
Dillon, of Davison Ole Gesler, of Coding
ton Fred Schnauber, of Yankton
U.A.Mills, of Brown B. H. Lien, of
Brookings and John Sundback, of Min
nehaha, as alternates, which report was
adopted with the provision that no prox
ies be allowed.
Senator Preston, of Davison, then gave
the convention a thrillinc speech, which
was cheered lo the echo, follo.vcd by a
practical talk by Hon. E. W. Martin, of
After some routi :o work the convention
Weekly Free Prcxk.
•We will make an especially low rate of
subscription for the weekly FREE PHESB
during tho legislative session, and mem
bers who wisli to keep their constituents
posted can do so in no better or cheaper
way than by sending this paper to tlieni.
Week of Prayer.
Following is the program for union
services during the ween of prayer:
Friday, Jan. 0 leader. Rev. C. H. John
son subject, "Church Abroad"—Rom. 11,
2 Cor. 5.
Send a copy of the Weekly FKKK PRESS
to your eastern friends to keep them
posted as to the progress of Pierro and
South Dakota. Only ?2 for tho FREE
PRESS one year, and a valuable book.
Go to Andrews for a good drink of
Michigan cider, tobacco and cigars.
Highest of all in Leavening Power.—U. S. Gov't Report, Aug. 17,1889.
Good Inducement Offered to Become
a Subscriber of {the State's
Best Weekly.
It Will Contain a Complete Resume
of All News Hatters at The
Some of the Special Featnres That
Will Recommerd it to] Pub
lic Favor.
A special effort will be made to make
the Weekly FREE PRESS tho leading
newspaper of the state.
A full report of the work of tho legisla
ture will be given every week while that
body is in session.
All the important matters pertaining to
the state government will he given every
week in tiie year.
All important state news will bo given
while it is fresh.
All questions of interest to the state or
the northwest will be discussed editori
The FREE PRESS is in favor of rigid
economy in public affairs.
The FREE PRESS is in favor of progrc-s,
and the development of all tho resources
of the state.
The FREE PRESS is in favor of railroad
building but not of railroad monopoly.
The FREE PRESS is republican in poli
tics, but does not claim that all the virtue
of the commonwealth is centered in the
republican party.
The FREE PRESS concedes uliat thern
are many wrongs which must be righted
both by state and national legislation.
The FREE PRESS is published at tho
state capital, and therefore is in a posi
tion to keen tiie taxpayers of the state
posted as to affairs of state.
Every voter in the state should regu
larly read a newspaper published at tho
capital, and wo invite them all to be
come members of tiie FREE PRESS family.
The Weekly FREE PRESS one year and
a valuable book for only S2.
Sample copies sent on application.
Address EDITOR FREE PRESS, Pierre#
S. D.
Eloquent Col. Price, ofLclclier, Given
IIIH Opinion of Pierre.
LETCHER, S. D., Dec. ."!(), 1S90 Hons.
Pratt, McManima and others of the in
vitation committee.—Dear Sirs: Accept
my sincerest thanks for the honor of an
invitation to your inaugural ball. Un
happily I cannot be there for it is already
ordered otherwise.
Let me express tiie wish that the oc
casion may be everthing that your zeal
ous hospitality deserves aud gives full
promise of—qualities which heretofore
have been the sure and shining symbols of
By your favorable location, the vigorous
enterprise of your citizens and the choice
of the whole people, you are the capital
city, but it is hoped that you have only
just touched tho verge of the summit of
your greatness. The same enemy that
has conquered your triumphs so far, as
sures tho people of the stave of your
steady progress up the Capitoline.
As the rccord is made, I have faith to
believe that the people of South Dakota
will be proud of their choice and will seo
you rapidly expanding your limits and
influence by solidity of improvements,
advancement of architecture, tho wealth
of commerce and a display of tho highest
civic virtues. It is devoutly wished, too,
that your city may become eminent as a
political capital by the wisdom of Its leg
islation and the justice of its courts, and
where ambitiou claiming honor and truth
as its noblest band-maids, shall reach tho
loftiest monument to the exccllenco and
stability of popular government.
Respectfully yours,
Sir Phillip Miller, the great English
horticulturist, writing in 1740, says: "Tho
best method to have cabbages good is to
procure fresh seed from abroad every
year, for it is apt to degenerate in Eng
land in a few yaars." The above is a
simple illustration of tiie fact that the
best seeds will readily degenerate undor
unfavorable conditions. The wise will
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of D. M. Ferry & Co.. Detroit, Michigan,
whose world wide reputation as the best
and most reliable, as well as the most ex
tensive seed growers'and dealers, is due
to tho fact that they take advantage of
every circumstance of climate, soil,
methods of culture, selection of seed
plants, etc., to procure the betft possible
seeds and keep tucm up to that high
standard. Send your name to tho firm's
address, and you will receive a copy of
their sued annua) for 1SD1 free.
$ I
\T I

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