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.Weaver's? No. And the most thought
ful campaign in the entire history of
the country has just closed. No, sir.
we area nation of superficial pretenders.
}Ye glance hurriedly through the papers
to a sufficient extent to talk glibly about
one or two of the principal candidates in
the great race and think we know it all.
We would not even know the shiblwletli
of each of the great contending factious
if it was not hammered into our heads
every dayfor months at a time. It make.
me tired."—St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
In Jail When Elected to the I.e^Ulatuve.
From the legislature to jail is not an
unheard of tiling in tho history of state
governments, but in going froit: ji 11 to
the legislature Judge Lane, presiding
judge of the county court of Cass
county, Mo., will have rather exceeded
the record.
Judge Lane is an official resident of
one of these Missouri couuties sweating
under the burden of a great, railroad
debt. The duty of the judge was to
have levied a tax to meet interest on
these bonds, but leaning in Ins sympa
thies toward the taxpayers he refused.
For this he was sentenced to jail by a
United States judge. While in jail the
populace, relieved of an impending
financial stress by his action, nominated
him for representative 011 the Democrat
ic ticket. He accepted, hired a type
writer and conducted his campaign by
mail in such a manner that he led his
ticket by several hundred votes. His
term as judge expires Jan. 1, and he will
step out of jail directly into thestiiie as
In this position he will probably be
expected to retaliate against the rail
road corporation which indirectly cau.-ed
his incarceration.—Chicago News-Rec
4%Iiuofct One Ilunrtretl Miles .'in Hour.
What is believed to be the fastest time
on record was made by a con-pound loco
motive of tho Vauclain type 011 the
Bound Brook route between Philadelphia
and New York 011 Friday evening, Nov.
18. The locomotive, No. 385, was at
tached to the regular 5:15 p. 111. express'
from Philadelphia, which consisted of
four cars. A number of very rapid runs
of several miles were made. Between
Jenkintown and Yardley five successive
miles were run in 205 seconds, or at the
rate of eighty-eight miles per hour, and
near Nesliamiuy a mile was made in
thirty-nine seconds.
Highest of all in Leavening Power.—-Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Political Knowledge.
The record was broken, however, be
tween Plamfield and Elizabeth 011 the
line of the Central Railroad of New
Jersey, where one mile was run in
thirty-seven seconds, aud two successive
miles in seventy-five seconds, or at the
rate of ninety-seven miles per hour. The
engine which made this extraordinary
record weighs 12y,S00 pounds without
tender, and carried 88,400 pounds of it
on the drivers, the latter being seventy
eight inches in diameter.—Engineering
About Women's Clubs.
Speaking of women's clubs and their
management, a cynical man remarked
that he bad often thought what curious
gatherings they must be. "Why," he
eaid, "you don't smoke, you don't drink,
you don't play cards. For goodness
sake,.what do you do with yourselves?"
"Well," came the answer from au in
dignant member, "I'll tell you what wo
do. We come home sober about 10
o'clock, we don't lose our last cent play
ing poker, we don't smell of smoke and
we don't wake in the morning with a
head and a thirst that makes us empty
the ice pitcher at one gulp. Those nro a
few of tho incidental things we manage
to accomplish outside of some discus
sions that are not gossip or fashions, nor
yet concern sporting news or politics."—
Philadelphia Times.
ttuby'a Ticture.
It is a Chinese superstition that hav
ing a baby's picture taken is a sure pre
cursor of illness, if not death. Strange
ly, tho supfirstition has been apparently
verified 111 tho case of tho baby of the
Chmeso minister at Washington. Tho
minister refused to permit the child's
portrait to bo made, but the secretary of
tho legation, who was disposed to bo
Bkeptical, took the child surreptitiously
to a photographer's. Since then tho
baby haa been very ill.—Chicago Dis
"A nation of poMti'-iansi' XonsensB.
There is uot enough real knowledge of
politics and politicians in tho entire
country to keep a man from being
ashamed of this 'land of the free' when
ever he thinks of it.'' said John G.
Wythe, of New York, to a crowd in the
Laclede corridors. "Von don't believe
it? Let me ask you a question or two.
Now hero is a crowd far above the aver
age in general knowledge of politic.-:,
and yet an Englishman would be
ashamed to possess as little knowledge
of the politics ol' his country as we do
here. Who were the candidates for I
president of this great and splendid
country of ours at the election just gone I
by? All of you answer •Cleveland' and
'Harrison.' but only five or six say
'Weaver,' ar.d one man alone says "Bid
well.' That's all? No other
Didn't you know there were other can
didates. one of whom got three times as
many votes in New York as Weaver?
Didn't know it? His name is Wing.
Never heard of Wing—Pinion Wing, the
"Aud yet you call this a tuition of
politicians! Can any man in the crowd resentative Caruth
name Bidwell's running mate? Or even
Walter Wellman Won.
Represent alive Cummings set type
Thursday night for the first timo in
thirty-two years. Mr. Cummings is very
proud of having been a printer. So is
Walter Wellman, who left the case some
twelve years ago.
There were some printed notices re
quired by the Press club in a great hurry,
and Mr. Cummings offered to do the
work. Mr. Wellman said he could do it
better and quicker than the N:w York
representative, and a wager immediately
Accompanied by several congressmen
aud newspaper men they went to a
printing establishment, and after the
appointment of referees, timekeepers
and judges, the representative and tho
newspaper man took off their coats,
candidate? rolled up their sleeves and went to work.
It was not a very long job, the notice
containing but 111 words. Wellman
finished in twenty-four minutes and
pulled a clean proof, while Cummings
called timo four minutes and a half
later, and his proof showed four errors.
The story has already got out, and Rep
of Kentucky, now
believe Cummings
was a printer uuyhow.—Washington
Cor. New York Herald.
'ie never did
An Kuthusiiifttic Stmlenh
Humorous stories are being told now
as a sort of aftermath of tho football
game. I11 one of the up town hotels a
very rich and promising business man
was seated in one of tho cafes eating a
few oysters before going to bed. Ho is
living at the hotel this winter. An en
thusiastic, well dressed young man wear
ing Princeton colors came into the cafe,
and in a whirl of delirium set out to
smash every hat which he saw. The
first one which he spied was that which
this business man wore, and his broad
palm came down upon its crown with
such vigor that it was completely
jemmed over tho astonished owner's
head. He took it good naturedly aud
was glad he did so, since lie was told a
little later that the enthusiast was a
Princeton graduate, a hard worker in
one of the Sunday schools of a swell up
town church and tho private secretary
of one of the most influential capitalists
in the city. The young man the next
day was abject in his apologies, almost
weeping, and was only too glad to buy
as expensive a hat as was in ilie market
to repay the one which I10 ruined.—
Philadelphia Press.
Collecting Taxes* front IntlisuiB.
County "lvasnrer Summerland is
having some difficulty in collecting taxes
Serra Took First Prize.
The Spanish painter Serra. long domi
ciled at Rome, whose work is often seen
in New York, took the first prize of a
gold medal at a recent ooniiietition of
Spanish artists at Madrid. He has the
grand cross of the Order of Isabella, and
has been further decorated by King
Humbert. He is one of the artistic de
scendants of Fortuiiv.—Xew York Home
Their Eftrf(», Defect's and Differen
Catarrh medicines arc of two classes—
those that cure and those that relieve.
Those that cure are called specifics
those that only relieve are called pallia
tives. The number of specific catarrh
remedies is small indeed: the number of
catarrh palliatives is legion. The effect
of catarrh palliatives Is often immediate,
but always temporary: they never cure.
This kind of catarrh medicines includes
sprays, snuffs, inhalants, gargles and loc
al applications of all kinds. They seem
to cure for a time, hut the disease is sure
to return. I'e-ni-nu belongs to the class
of catarrh remedies called specifics. I'e
ru-na does not palliate the
symptoms, but
cures the disease. It is sometimes slow
in its action on old cases of chronic
catarrh, but it is sure, and its effects are
permanent. It is also an unfailing rem
edy for coughs, colds, bronchitis, con
sumption in its early stages, ami all the
chronic diseases of winter. An excellent
treatise 011 catarrh will be sent free to any
address by The l'e-ru-na Drug Manu
facturing Company, Columbus, it.
Abraham Lincoln
When ieavini: his home ut Spriustield.
111., to he inaugurated president of the
I:lilted .States, made a farewell address
to his old friends and neighbors in which
I10 said. 'Neighbors, give your boys a
These words come with as much force
today a they did thirty years ago.
How give them this chance'.'
I'p in the northwest is a great empire
awaiting lor young and sturdy fellows to
come and develop it and "grow up with
the country." All over this broad land
are the young fellows, the boys that l.in
coln ref rred to. seeking |o better their
condition and get on in life.
Here is their chance:
The country referred to
on the property owned in this comity by f,„. ti,-st and second class passengers:
the remnant of tho Miami trilm of In
dians, the latter declining to liquidate
under tho imiir -ssion that ihev are not
obliged to contribute to the support of
the government. All have let the taxes
on their farms go delinquent, and when
the tax collector went out to obtain the
money they chased him off the premise-. I
He, however, made :v levy 011 live stock,
which would have been .--old Friday had I
the Indians not secured a restraining
order from tho ciivnit cou.'t.—Wabash)
Cor. Indianapolis Journal.
There Are lukologist* iu l*o&!ou.
Anew science was christened at the
Vendome last night. Mrs. Ellen H.
Richards, of the Institute of Technology,
called it "ekology," and its sponsors
were the members of the Boston Boot
and Shoe club aud ladies, to the number
of nearly 25ti. '-ekologv" is only another
name for what has been known as the
science of domestic economy.—Boston
A Queer Looking Cofliu.
Hezekiah Shepherd, an aged and ec
centric citizen of Davis county, la., was
recently buried at Drakeville, in the
same county, in a coffin built in exact
imitation of tho easy chair in which he
had sat for rears.—St. Louis Republic.
Auk for* and intdur upon haTinff
W. b. DO UGLAS SiUOEft. None sen*
nlue without V. L. Douglas name
and price Htnmpod on bottom* Look
foi'it when you buy
Sjold everywhere.
easy riding day coaches, with bapizugi
i-xpross and postal cars all drawn by pow
erful lialdw in locomotives, make a train
fit for royalty itself.
Those scckiiiir for new homes should
take this train and go and spy out the
land. To he prepared write
.S. l'u:, II. 1'. T. A..
along the
Northern l'acllic railroad. Here you can
find pretty much anything you want. I11
Minnesota and In tin' lied liver valley of
North Dakota the finest of prairie lands
lilted for wheat anil grain, or as well for
diversified farming. In western North
Dakota and Montana are stock ranges
limitless in extent, clothed with the most
nutritious of grasses.
If a fruit farming legion is wanted
there is the whole slate of Washington to
select from.
As for scenic delights the Northern Pa
cific railroad passes through a country
unparalleled. In crossing the Rocky.
Bitter Root ami Cascade mountains the
greatest mountain scenery to be found in
the United States from cyr windows is
found. The wonderful bad lands, won
derful in graceful form ami glowing color
area poem." Lakes I'end d'Oreille and
Coeur d" Alcne are alone worthy of a
trans-continental trip, while they are the
lisherman's I'ltinia Tliulc. The ride
along Clark's Fork of the Columbia river
is a daylight dream. To cap the climax
this is the only way to reach the far fam
ed Yellowstone Park.
To reach and see all this the Northern
Pacific railroad furnishes trains and ser
vice of unsurpassed excellence. The
most approved and comfortable palace
sleepinrcars the best dining cars that
can be made: Pullman tourist cars good
St. I'atil. Minn.
Juftt t.ikr Jay Gould.
It was Mr. Gould's misfortune to have
surpassed the crowd of men by whom
he was surrounded and with whom he
had his dealings, not in audacious nn
scrupulousness. but in skill and in suc
cess. The character of the business in
which they are all engaged calls into
exercise by its natnre unlovely traits of
character, and encourages tlio use of
artifices which a sound moralist cannot
approve. Many things that Mr. Gonld
tlid injured his reputation, chiefly be
cause he did them on a largo scale, and
to the hurt of numerous victims. The
like has been as often done by others
without their incurring obloquy, merely
because of the comparative pettiness'of
their offense. This of course does not
excuse Mr. Gould, but in justice it
should silence the clamor of many who
have been his most virulent assailants.
We have little hope that the lesson
taught by Mr. Gould's career and by the
memory that he leaves behind him will
be heeded by those to whom it ought to
be chiefly useful. They will seo only
that he has succeeded in what they most
desire—the amassing of a great fortune
—and they 'will encounter the risk of a
reputation like his, provided only it
shall be accompanied by the samo com
pensation. Poor human nature!—New
York Sun.
A sewed shoe that will not rip Calf»
seamless, smooth inside, more comfortable,
stylish and durable than any other shoe ever
sold at the price. Every style. Equals custom
made shoes costing from J4 to *5,
The following are of the same high standard of
$4*oo and $5.00 Fine Calf, Hand-Sewed.
$3.50 Police, Farmers aucl letter-Carriers.
$2.50, $2,35 and $2.00 for Working Men.
$2.00 and $1.75 for Youths and Boys.
$3.00 Hand-Sewed, FOR
$3.50 and 3.00 Dougoia, S LADiES.
$1.75 for Misses.
Will,EWO excIn.lTe Mile to
.boo de»lera and seneral merchant.
went.. Write for calalogne. Ifnot for .ale In your place .end direct t.WctllTiMlltn
klndt size and width wonted. Fe.tnce Free. .W. L. D.HKUSJ BNCUMI MIM.
IT XS A DUB? yoa owe yourself
to get the best value for your
money. Economise in your
lootwear by poxobaslng W.
Zi. Pouglas Shoes, wnloh
represent the best value
At the pzloes advertised
A Beggars* Paper.
Paris is to have a. new terror, a daily
newspaper in the interest of professional
beggars. It will give its readers a com
plete list of baptisms, weddings and
funerals to take place tho same day,,
which may be assumed to afford a good'
pointer for. the nso of begging letter
writers. There is a s]ecial department
giving the arrivals and departures of
persons of known charitable tendencies.
—Paris Letter.
At the Liverpool street (London) ter
minus of the (heat Eastern railway, on
a recent Wednesday. :.!1 the passenger*
arriving and departing by the local
train service only were counted, aud
reached the enormous total of
Colonel It. C. P.i'.e, of Louis, is
about to inaugurate winter racing in
tho City of Mexico on an exU-usivescale.
He has obtained all needed concessions
through President Diaz.
Remedy for colds, coughs, and the
common disorders of the throat and
lungs, Ayer's Cherry Pectoral is uni
versally recommended by the profes
sion. It breaks tip the phlegm,
soothes inflammation, allays painful
symptoms, and induces repose. In
bronchitis and pneumonia, it affords
speedy relief, and is unrivaled as a
prompt and effective
Emergency Medicine
in croup, sore throat, and the sudden
pulmonary diseases to which young
children are so liable.
'•Ayer's Cherry I'ectornl has bad a
wonderful effect in curing my brother's
children of a severe anil dangerous cold.
It was truly astonishing how speedily
they found relief, and were cured, after
taking this preparation.
"—Miss Annette
N.Moen, Fountain. Minn.
Cherry Pectoral
I'rvparctl by Dr.
J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Ma**
Promptto act, sure to cure
Kir-t publication D« c.
SlicrllP* Sale.
By virtu.* of an execution, issued out «»f and
under the M'»«l of the Circuit court jo and for
(Ik* county of Hiji:he and state of South Dako
ta. upon ud?mcnt rendered and docketed iu
the said court, on the *th day of November. A.
j). in tin action wherein the First National
Hank 'f Pierre is plrdutitT and James B. Ls/.ear
is deleu'lant. In fax or of tho said plaintiif and
airuinst the said defendant, for the sum of
Nine Iltiodred anil Forty-four and dollar*,
wluch execution was directed and delivered to
me as she itT in and for snid county of Husrhey,
I have this •/'tn day of Diccmb'-r. A. D. 1*W.
levied uroii all the right, title and interest of
the said defendant. )amv Lazear. in and to
the following doserilnd teal property to-wit:
Lot* live Ami in bh»ek ten JUC in Steig
meverV addition to Pierre. Hughes county.
South l»akota:one hundred and ten Jib? feet
off the front RIIS oj Lnt* four tive I*»J and
six Jdf. in block twelve JI'* in the 'I bird Huilway
Kota: als-
lots "lit
Hughes county. South Da*
il*. two*.'*, 1
five fix I'i. -L-vvn civ hi nine t«". ten
JHIJ. eleven Jl 1". twelve 'r.'!- thirteen I'll a«l
fourteen '.Mj. iu liltrck eighteen
eighteen Jl-j. nineteen !l'l.. twenty fsi. twentr
otiu W i". twenty-two JiiJ, twenty-tilt.
ejij. twen
ty four r.'C twenty-live JSJ, twenty-MX J."*!.
tweuty-feveti ami twenty oiulit iu
seventeen Mul "'su lets throe J3J. four Ji five
is six thirteen .1:?, fmttton i4j tifteeujtjj
iiml sixteen n'4 in MeeJc eleven Jl IJ: and aI«o lot
liltceu i" ci*te. ilOJ, twenty-one J!i and
twenty-two in blouk twelve |l and also
iotseleven I!
1! timl twelvt in block thirteen
{i {, nil iu t'stiek itinj Prentice's addition to the
iltyof Pierre. IlusrlK-s county. South Pukotu.
Notice is hercny (riven that I. the under
I «istied. a? slieritf as ufore-ed. will sell the
above (ieecril'eil r»-:.i propeity to the highest
bitldvr. for ca-h, at public auction, at the front
door of the court hoctc in the osty of Pierre, in 'JLJ ?v
the couuty «»f Huirhes and state of S«»uth l)ftko
ta. on Suturday, the'ijtlt day »»f January. A. D.
lMCt, at two o'clock p. in. of that day, to satisfy
the said execution, together with the interest
and cost thereon.
First pubiicatum bcc.
You are hereby summotibd and required to
answer the coaiplaint of the above mimed plain
tiff, which was tiled iu clerk's office at court
house in l'lerre, on Tth day of December, 189i
Pierre, S. D.. December T. IStfcJ.
Plaintiff's Attorney.
Bidders are requested to specify in their bids
the leuirth of time uropostMi t3 be cousumed in
the completion of said system.
The attention of bidder* is invited to tho Act
of Congress, apptoved Aujrust 1, 1892. entitled
"An Act relating to the limitation of the hours
of dally service of laborers and mechanics em
ployed upon the public works of the United
States aud of the Distr et of Columbia.*'
Each bid tnu*t be accompanied by a certified
check or draft upon some united states depos
itory or solvent national bank iu the leiuity of
the residence of the bidder, made payable to the
order of the Commissioner of tndiau Affair for
at least tlve per cent of the amount of the pro
posal, which chcc or draft wi!) be forfeited to
theUn ted States In case any bidder or bidders
receiving au award shall fail to promptly exe
cute a cont *act with good and sutlicieu1. sure
ties. otherwise to be returned to the bidder.
Bids aeconinanied by cash in lieu of a certi
fied cheek will not be considered.
Th»» riizht la reserved to reject any or all bids
or any part of anv bid if deemed for the best
interest of the service.
Notice to Owner Laud
IJeetl Mtall IKK
To Margaret ^'elter:—
UwSSSTlSStS delinquent, lurtbeyar 1*89. the tHrsal- by
the treasurer ot 5«I1 county to Hushpscounty,
tlty. Do .yoa wear
^at'^,^..:A ^V1 L^§p^^^
be paid nnil tbat the right of redemption wll
expire and a deed for snld land be made witbln
sixty days from the completed gcrrico of this
no. fee.
Dated Pierre. S. D., December SI, I8!i2.
Firat publication Dec. ir»#
^forfj£itgc Kale.
Default h«is l»cen made In tlic payment of the
principal tinri interest on the *tim eecureU by
mortgage riven Dy Ambrose I«. Hobineon. niort
gnjjror, to Wright Mel or. mortgage. lntel No
vember 11th. 1H84J recorded November uutb.
ISHi. in the ntUce of the roster of deedt* of
Hughes c«nnt% Territory of Dakota, in book I
»t pugc M, morttr.HUing the northwest quarter
of section ten (10). in town-hlp one hundred
twelve (Hi) north of range st venly-eight fTP*
we.-t of the Mh P. M.. in said Hughes ronnty.
now South Dakota. 1
h» amount claimed to be
duo on *a!rt mortgage at the dute or this notice
Is the sum of Kouf hundred Forty-one nnd
li do'lnrc. and Forty dollar.* attorney's*fees.
Said mortgage was assigned on ih« nth day of
January, is*#. |y tb». said, mrrtgiieec to John
II. .Miller mid the assignment recorded in
the olhce of said register of deed* on the vUh
day of February, 1**8. in book ties. on pngc 41?.
Notice is hereby given that sMd mortgage
will be foreclosed. 1 tt sale of the uiortiMgod
premise*, on the ttlM. dny of January. 1M«*| ut
ten o'clock a. m.. at the tront door of the court
hou*e in the city of I'lcr^e. county of lfuirhe«.
ftnto of South Dakota, to the iilgtictl biddt for
Dated December 10, JMtfj.
JOHN U. PYI.K. A*fdgtu» "f Mortal EE
Attorney for the AsMgnec. Huron. ?5. D.
First publication De\ V*.
.^lortjraitc Sale.
Default has been mode in the payment of the
prinrip il. interest and t«.\e« «»n tUe'11111 sprurcd
by a mortirage given by Krnest i:. Bullock and
Ida M. Dnllock. mortgagors, to John W. Smith,
trustee for John H. Miller.* bencfleiury. mort*
gngec, dated November *.
recorded Dec
ember *»th. 1HS1. in the oflice of the register of
d-eds of Hucrhes county. Territory of DakoM.
in l»ook 7, at pace Mil nmrttr.iging the smith
west quarter of section twenty rive in
township one hundred twelve tip.?!, north of
range seventy-six Oii west of the :lh p. !.. in
saia Hughes county, now South Dakota. The
amount claimed to be due on said mortirnge at
the date of this notice is the sum of Nine
Hundred Eighteen and dollars. biftv
dollars attorney's fees.
Notice hereby -Jived tbat ?aid tnortimiro
will be foreclosed*by a *nle of the mortifaired
premises. tie '*Nt day of January. iv.t'J. at
ten o'clock a. m.. at the front door of the court
houfe In the eity of picrtc. county of Hiiifhe*.
stnte of South Dakota, to the highest bidder
for cash.
Dated Deeemif !•. I*!»•.'
JOHN I.. Pvi.i:. Bene!lci«ry.
Attorney lortheMortirM.ee. iluro:i. S. D.
Sli«'rlll"» Sale.
^tate of South tlukotu. Sixth Judicial Circuit, s?
In the disttit court .vithiitand for Hughe?
Warren K. Kinjrsliury. plaintltT. vs D. W. Foun
tain. iila M. Fountain. William 11. Fountain.
Wil'.inm liettv and (jeorgc II. .La/icr. defer.
dan tf
Notice is hereby niven that liy virtue of a
.iudittnent of foreclosure anil sale in tho above
entitled action on the 1st day of i)ec-tnl»er. A.
1 13. 1
and an execution issued upon said
1 judgment, the subscriber Henjamin r. Ai-b,
1 sheriff of Hughe* county. Mateo' South Dako
ta. for that purpose appointed, will fell at pub
lic auction at t*»e front doot of the court house
ill the city of Pierre, county of Hughes and
state of South Dakota, on Friday the thirteenth
day of January, lstct. at ten o'clock in the fore
noon of that day the real estate and mort»aj:ed
premises situate in the county of Hughes and
state of Nntb Dakota, and directed in «aid
judgment and execution to be sold, and therein
dc*eribed as foil ws: I.ots twenty-one £ilj
and tweutv-fwo iu block ninety-on«
•U* in Weils Second addition tu th"
town, now city, of Pierre, lluirhes' county, ter
ritorv of I'akotn now state of South Dakota, or
so much thereof at may IK- sufficient tu satisfy
said judgment and costs, amountim: iu all to
seventeen hundred and ninety-three dollars ami
thirty-two «ents. with interest thereon from
the date of -aid judgment, and all accruing eo't?
of sale
Dated Pierre. South Dakota- December Tth.
sheriff of Htizbes County.
HoiiM'.n & STEWAHT. Plaintiff's Attorney-.
First publication Dee. *.
.tlorurauo Sale.
Dated at Pierre. S. I). December 21, A. D. ISW.
n. c. ASH.
Sheriff of lluphes Oiunty-
Whereas. Default has been made in the pay
ment of the principal and interest on the money
secured bv a mort^a^e dated the '-Vth day of
May, A- D. WH. executed by The Capital In
vestment company, cornoration. of the county
of Hughes and state of bouth Dakota, to Xew
ton B. H"cd, of the City of Pierre, *n th*»county
of Hughes and State ol South Dakota, and
which mortgage was recorded in the ortlceof the
register of deeds thecountvof HuL'hes. state
of South Dakota, in book'7 of mort'za^es. on
l&s. on th« Tih «'ay of Juiv, ivji, at 5 o'-
r? flMli
Mate South Dakota. Sixth .Indicia! Tircuit
In tte Circuit court in and lor Hughes I
Ida W. Mead, plaintill v. O. J, DeLetidreele.
iwhose true christian name is unknown to
plaintiff), defendant
Tho estate of South Dakota sends yreetinu:, to
the above named defendant:
Whereas. No action or proceedings at law or
otherwise have been instituted to recover the
de secured by said morwave. or any part
Whereas. It was stipulated in said mortgage
I that if default would be made in the payment
I of any portion of the principal or interest
and toM»rve a copy of our ancwer on the sub-1 ty as agreed by the said morttragor in said
scriber at his otice in the City of Pierre, South
Dakota, within thirty days after the service of
this summons on you. exclusive of the day of
such service, and if you fail to answer this
complaint within that t!in«», the plaintiff will ap
ply to the court for the relief demanded in the
FropoMib lor Piuiubius*
United States Indian School Service, Pierre
Indian Industrial School, Pierre, South Da
kota, December 1$, I
Sealed proposals, endorsed ^Proposals for
Plumbinir/* and addressed to the undersigned
at Pierre. South Dakota, will be received at this
school uutii one o'clock, p.
m. of January 18.1SI
for fumishinir tho necessary materials aud la
bar required in the construction and comple
tion of a syrtem of plumbing in certain parts of
buildings at this tchool, as per specifications
which may be examined at this school.
promptly at the time the same should become
due. or if default be made in the payment of
the taxes assessed or to be assessed on said
premises before the sRine become delinquent
then the whole sum. both prim iv aland interest
at once become due: and
Whereas. On the :*rd day of March, l^jj. said
mortgage, with the note secured thereby, WHS
duly assigned by the said mortgagee to tne
Smith and Barnes Piano company, of the
ty of Cook, iu t' estate of Illinois, which as
signment was duly recorded in the olliee of the
register of derds of the gain county of Hutrhes.
ou the 10th day of August. t?w, in book of
mortgages, on page 11*3: and
Whereas. Default has been made in the pay
ment of the taxes assessed on said real proper-
mortira^re: and
wbereap. Default has been made iu keeping
tht* buildings in said mortira^ed premises iu
fured as stipulated for in said murtuave: and
Whereas, The whole amount of principal and
interest lias become
due by reason of tueh de
fault and
Whereas, The amount claimed tc be due upon
said inortgrajre. at the date of this notice, is the
sum of five hundred and fo-rty-sev^n iW7) dol
lars and four cents. $fl701, to-wit: $464.97 prin
cipal ami §75 .07 interest, and ten dollars attor
ney'* fee allowed law.
Now, therefore, uotice is hereby piven, that
by virtue of the power of sale contained said
mortgage, aud duly recorded a* aforesaid, and
iu oursuanceof the statutes in such case made
and provided, the said mortiTatre will be fore
closed by a *ale of the mortjraj?ed premises
thereiu described at public auction at the
front door of the court bouse in the city of
Pierre and county of Hughes and state of
South Dakota, on the -1st day of January,
1M*1. at *J o'ciock in the afternoon of that day.
The mortgaged premises are situated in the
county of Hughes in the stoite of South Dakota
and *re described ris follows to-wb The cast
one-half (K'i) of the west onchalf of the
southwest one-qunrter of the southwast
You arc hereby notified that on the 10th day
of November, A. D. Jb00t the following described
piecc or parcel of real estate, taxed in the name
of Manc-iret Welter, aud sit nateC in the county
of Hushes, state ot bouth Dakota, us follow^:
The sou' half of somhwest quarter (Mjsvrji)
and south half of southeast quarter (S14 J*t^)of
section nine i9.t, township one hundred r.id
eleven (111), rai'g/seven y-eiuht (^), eontaiu
inc 100 acres* was sold for taxes then due and
and won duty a-8i(rnod to Alii S. Ilnlrti who in
now the lnwtul buldcrof tbe certificate of par
cb»So: tbet said tiut-B iben due and delinquent
omounted to #44 with lutxrcat. penalty and
costs itccrued. muklng totnl nmouiu- occesfary
to redeem, tS0^20. and In addition tboreto the
costs of service of this notice tocetbor with
socb Interest as tnay acorue after tblsdate most
)of sectiou twenty-three
township one hundred and eleven 1111. rth
of range scventy-niue 870{west of the Fifth P.
M.. coutainino' ten J10J acres.
Dated Pierre. South Dakota, this 8th day of
Decem^e*. A. D. 1S'J2.
Assignee of Mortgagee.
lloitNEit & STKWART,
Attorneys for Assignee.
First publication iifc.'2&.
Slierlfl^s Sale.
State of South Dakota, Sixth judicial circuit,
—In the District court within and for Hughe*
John Faroswortb, plaintiff, vs. James Hincrose.
John Keenan. Annie Hincrose. Emma Kecn
nu. Phineas Crawford, de ctul »nts.
otieeis hereby jiiveu that by virtue of a
judgment of foreclosure and sale in the above
entitled action on the Wth day of September A.
D. and an execntiou issued upon *»ald judg
ment. the suhsoribc. H. a. Ash sherilT of
Hughe* county, state of Smith Dakota, for that
purpose ttppoiu ed, wilisellat. publicauctiun at
the front dour ol the onrt hous» in the ity of
Pierre, county of Untrbcs tiud stau'of South
Dakota, "it Saturday the^t.h day of January.
193 at wo rCclork in the afternoon of thut day
the real estate and mortgaged premises situate
In the county of Hughes and state uf South Da
kota, and directed in said judgment :md execu
tion be Kohl, aud therein described as fol
lows: lifit eleven (11). in block -even OrJg
mal -Pierre, according to the plat of saiu tow of
i'ierre as rceerded in the oOice of the registej*
of de«'tis tn and for Hughet county. South i«
kota, or so much tht'ieof as may he sufficient
to satisfy said judgM.ent and coi*ts, amounting
in ail to Three Thousand and Twenty-one dol
larsand thirtycents. with interest thereon from
the dute of said judgment, and all accuing
costs of sale.
Dated Plcrie, tiouth Dakota,December21,1S92.
B.C. 18H.
Sheriff of Hughes County, S.
HOKNER & STBWAUT, Plaintiff's Attorneys.
-••^ifflSJ li$ikr
Amenta's Venerable anil onlf Weefclr Eclectic,
1844 5 if
Its Year of Jubilee
[ittell's [iving jjge
HUH Siool IVrrlo** In iU#» Realm of
I'rriodlral literature.
It selects from tho whole wide field of
tin? he«t artfelf?»
The Ablest Living Writers
in every dep.-irtnient.
Bio^rapliy, HUtnr.v, Literature, Travels,
?cie«c»*. Politico. Criticism, Art,
Fiction and Poetry.
Only the host ha* ever tilled it# pases
be-t thought ••'imbredin th« purest EnglUh.
Nothing poor or unworthy h»s ever appeared in
the rointiiiiH of The Living Aye."—The Presby
terian, 1'hiiadelpiiia. Apri.
A WKICKLY 71 it gives more
than Three and tuiirt**r Tho xaud
double-column octavo pHges of reading matter
j*eirly forming four volumes preheating a
ni t-r* of mutter
I'lieqiiaied intiialily and Uuantily
bv nny other puhiication in the country.
In the comini: year the Living Age will con
The Itefle.v ol* I lie Aite in Whieli It
The quiekoncd interest in things bietoricol,
eemsioncil by the cninini? of this C|uadri-Cen
tennial, hie* enabled the publishers to make
m«»ft buppy urrnngetnent whereby they can
present one of
The 7Ioht Liberal Oflerw
evor made f«r the consideruiiou cfanintelli
.: .• I'&H'ir: •. •'v
of Ainerienn readers, xiz.: a?J. copy
Kldpaih*» lfi%lory of Che If. K.
at the nominal pricc of W cent*, when taken in
connection with the ~ivinjr Ajpc,
LitteUV Living Aire, oneytr, postpaid $8) ron
Uhiputh*!' History ol the t-S. of America$5 ffSJiO
This history has receivetl the emphatic en*
dore tn« nt of leading educator?' and of the
pre^s of America.
The publishers of the Livinsr Ace «re havintr
pre] ared for their use a special edition of this
jfreat work, which, by the addition of new mat
ter appearing iu no previous edition, will bnnff
the history down to the present time. It will
be printed in bold, clear type, on heavy, white
book paper, and bound in extra tine cloth, mak
inifMie iurg'e royal octavo volume of over 800
Send for Descriptive trcular*/
The price j?iven above includes postage on
the ivinif A'-'e only. The book must be sent
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The Living AL»e published weekly at $8
year, free of pohta^'c.
To New Subscriber* for theyearl893 will
be ^ent iiratts the two October indues contain
!n? a powc ful story by Frank Harris, editor of
the Kortniirhtlv Review, entitled "Profit and
Loss." and also the numbers of 1892 published
after the receipt of their subscriptions.
Club Prices for tlie Be»t Honiee and
Foreign Literature.
[*l'o»ses^ed of the Livinjr Age and one or oth
er of our vivacious Aaierican monthlies, a sub
scriber will And himself in command of the tit
uation.'—Phila. Kv. Bulletin.]
For the Livinir A?e and any one of the
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Kates for clubbing the Livinsr A^e with moro
than nc other periodical will be sent on appli
Sample copies of the Living Age* IS cents
each. _j
Adtlress, L1TTKLL A CO., Botton.
Partial Prospectus
Franco. Ilodusioii Burnett
Will I'ontribuU' tlio first serial to appear
in niaL'a/.ine from her pon for many
years, entitled
"TIIK OXK 1 KXKW rill: ([EST OK AU."
It. i'. Biiuner
Will furnish a series of six sketches en
Kwbcrl liraiiI
Will rolato the fiirtherexperiKiicesof Fred
and .losephlne in "A Sotiuul to the Reflec
tions of a Married Man." Illustrated.
Harold Fredcrir
Will contribute a political novel of great
power, entitled "Tho Copperhead."
By the Author of "Jerry."
Miss S. H. Elliott, the author of "Jerry,'"
will wrlto a realistic story of life among
the Tennessee mountaineers, "The Durk
ett .Sperret/'
Personal llciiilliinceiii et..
"Some Unpublished Letters of Carlyle
to Edward Irving," and others, dealing
with a part of Carlyle's life far different
from that brought out in the recent liter
ature of Carlyle remlniscenses. "Recol
lections of Lincoln and Stimn"r hv the
late Marquis de Chambrun. Both articles
are full of new mailer.
rtlen'M Occupation*.
A series of articles on the life work of
tneu in many callings—tho chief ways(ex
elusive of professions) in which men earn
their livelihood.
Xle Wurltl'i. Fair In Clilcugo.
A series will be published later in the
giving the impressions made by tho
exhibition upon different observers of
note, both American and foreign and
many of these observers will be also art-,
ists who will illustrate their own articles)
3II»t*cllaueoii!. Articles.
Further contributions to the "Poor In '5H
Great Cities." Mrs. Bu. nott's illustrated
paper on the London plan for "Home Aid
to Invalid Children, etc.
Tlio IllUKtratiouK v:
of the vear will represent tho work noSj
only of tho well-known illustrators,?^
but many drawings will also appear by
artists who are best known as painters.
S3.00 a Year: ..........
25 e. a NumberVtmSJ
Tlic uumbeiw
lor 181)2 and
Subscription Tor 1S!)3,
Tim same. Willi back IVuiubero.
bomitl iu clotli,
7-13 Broudivuy, New Yort.'/.1" !'.')'
.URtS WHfcRt Alii
I Beat Coogb Syrup. TaeuaGoixL Wll
in timo. Sold brdrwartta.

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