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To Promote Matrimony.
Everybody in a big cilv knows how
difficult it is for what niny be cnlloil the
lower middle class to make acqunint
anci's. Young men ir.i^ht marry ynuna
women if they Itncw nny, ami yoimy
women 111
i^ht make jrond wive-i ii: t!ti-v
knew whore suitable liusband-1-fun'.1, i.»
icmnil. WitH tiiat ]iractic:,l ii.-:.!irt
chafaeteristii,' of the l'.n ^h ii is
])Osed now to briiif? the.-e li ^ilii.- ii:
together. For the youn: man :jitl ha
maiden at present there is 110 common
meeting ground.
The scheme is to take most of the large
boarding school buildings, which in
America would be called public schools,
and turn them into meeting places for
those anxious to marry—to let the chil
dren have possession of the schools by
day and the older people take possession
of them at night. Xow the buildings
stand idle after dark. It would bo easy
to have dances, meetings and lectures
ihere. let every one attend who cares to
and in this way bring about a union of
loving hearts. The plan is feasible, and
the chances are that it will be ciirrii"!
out here.—London Letter.
Til© I'nte of the Naronio.
There is no information in regard in
the nature of the disaster. The Xaronie
nifty have collided with a derelict, or
there may have been afire or an explo
sion on board, such as to compel her
crew to abandon her and take to their
boats only to perish in the severe storms
of Feb. 2 !, -M, or Feb. 27, 2s!.
If theXaroiiiu took the northern trans
atlantic route, which should not be fol
lowed after Jan. 14. she may have col
lided with an iceberg or lield ice and
have been sunk, as was the iron bark
Adamantine on Feb. 27, in latitude 17
degrees 21 minutes north anil longitude
•17 degrees minutes west. From this
position the Xaronic's boats may have
been drilled by the prevailing winds and
currents to the place where seen bv the
There h. been less ice and fog this
season than usual, ami it is strange that
sucli a disa-iter could occur without leav
ing some more definite trace of its na
ture.— llydrographic Office Bulletin.
Old lloi|iskirts.
The ((liery lately suggested as to what
has become of the old and indestructi
ble hoopskirts that flourished 25 years
ago is partially answered by a woman
writing from a little Massachusetts vil
lage. I can vouch for the disposition
of L': ." she says, ••which were gathered
Irom about the neighborhood, wherti
they had lain in unsightly rubbish after
lilllilliiig their mission as dress distend
ers, and buried in a grave specially dug
for the purpose.
"Old hoopskirts are worse than stones
on a farm. They tangle in the plow and
get caught in tb» rake. Suns do not fade
them, snows do not freeze them, timn
does nor ab-orb them, and these steel
.skeletons bad at last to be formally tac
kled and s]"•eially disposed of. Women
should ind' ed pause and reflect before
they call up again to life and being
spirits so dillicult to e.\orcise."—Xew
"£ork Times.
IVouiiijir^ Result t' tlx- I'ajiul .lu Inlet-.
The pecuniary result of the papal
jubilee is a .i:i to the coffers of the
Vatican of upward of C'.'.IO.onil.
The only Pure Cream of Tartar Powder.—No Ammonia No Alum.
Used iu Millions of Homes—40 Years the Standard.
as jewels, plate anil other valuable arti
cles which are estimated to be worth
nearly f.'OH.iKW. The Duke of Xorfolk
liyuds the list of donors with an nffi'riiiu
of £50.0m, and next comes tin- Fmperor
Francis Joseph v. irh i'S.OOl). The arch
bishop of Prague anil primate of Hun
gary give £-1,000 each, as they can afford
very well to do, considering that each
prelate has a revenue of over i'10,000 a
year. The Bohemian territorial mag
nates sent £12.000, while the nobility of
Rouie and the convents and monasteries
made up £20.000. and £1IS.000 came from
South America.—Xew York Tribune.
No Congressional Syndicate*.
The idea of the congressmen from a
state forming themselves into a patron
age board and taking charge of all the
offices, and especially the filling of them,
is one that ''does not wash." The Mis
souri congressmen tried it on, and got
to wrangling as soon as they got their
little board into operation. Senator Vest,
who has leen designated president of the
board, soon wearied of it and sent in a
formal resignation, and said that he
would not lje held responsible for any
thing the board might do. He proposed
that the congressmen should go it aloue,
eacli one as his duty suggested. It ia
pretty clear there are to be no congress
ional syndicates for the distribution of
patronage.—Pittsburg Post.
Around the World ou a Wheel.
Thursday morning Thomas G. Allen of
Ferguson, Mo., and William L. Sachlet
ben of Alton, Ills., rolled into St. Louis on
their bicycles, liaviug completed a tour
of the world iu three years. Both young
men graduated from Washington uni
versity in 1891) and undertook the trip to
China to improve their education. I"
their tour the cyclers crossed the Chinese
empire from east to west, a distance of
3/300 miles, and are the only white men
who liavo accomplished this font since
Marco Polo in the thirteenth centurv.
The Washington Memorial AsHoeiut lon.
An association has boon formed iu
Wellington for the purpose of preserv-*
ing the most noteworthy houses at the
capital that have been made historic by
tlio^ residence of the nation's greatest
men, amniiso to Mtnr.oty mark' !IV tab
let or otherwise the houses and places
th::t are of chief interest to residents
and strangers, it i.t calli the Memorial
association and was incorporated last
year. Chief .lu.srice Kuller is president.
—'Washington Letter.
Antonio Astora, an Italian living in
•?0!IUAIO\WI, i:a.. ii'ut'lliJiV.M* to remove
iiis trunk and valise from one boarding
house io another on Sunday and was ar
rested and lined for desecration of the
Light, troiifcis. black frock coat, white
tie, pearl gray gloves, form the correct
costume for groom and ushers for a.Tsne
limit .Men and Organ liiiiiilt-r*.
That the late Mr. Blaine had a liking
for tl" melodies ol the Italian organ
grindi '-s who perambulate the streets
we ar. told by II Progresso Italo-Ameri
cai-.. Ihere have been other distin
guished Americans with the same liking
at times. One r.f them wa. fhelate :en
eral Ben Butler, when the organists
played the tunes that pleased him. one
of whvh was the tune of "Annie Laurie,"
I !ind ateither tha: of the "Marseillaise."
'tuiiig so well Uuown
no special meii
Klectrie Hitters
This remedy is bei.
ami so popular as to need
tioii. All ho have- used
sin tlie same song of praise. A purer
medicine tloes r-ot esisl and it is iriiaian
teeil to do all that is claimed. Kleetrie
Hitters will lire all diseases of the liver
and liidnevs. will remove pimples, boils,
sail rheum and other atleeiions caused by
impure blood. Will drive malaria from
I be »ys|em. and previ-i,! as well ascurcall
malarial levers. l-'or lire of beadachc.
cons'ipaiion and inili^esiion try Kleetrie
Hitters. I'.ntire satisfaction eiiarantci
or money refunded. I'riee .Mir. and 1 per
bottle a I Schtlhen drug More.
I here are Sar-a pat ilia- and Sar-aparii
las lint if yon ale mil r-arel'iil in yonr
purchase, ihe disease you wi-h to cure
will only lie i111 llsilied. lie -1||v vim gel
Ayci's Sar-•aparriihi and io oilier. It is
pounded Irom the Honduras root, and
oilier highly concentrated alteraii\cs.
It only id late years that rhcumali-iii
has been Iieaied as a blond disease. Hut
that tiii~ is a correct theory is proved by
tin* extraordinary success attending the
use of Aver's Sarsaparilla. is lids painful
and v.'i-v prevalent malady, ii -eidorn
fail- uf radical cure.
Hall's Hair llencui-i- reader- the hair
Iu-11o11- ami -iiUt-n. give- it an even color,
anil enables women lo pul ii up in a great
varietv of -ivll-.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
1'irM piiMieati.iu April is'.i:'.
rorccloMiiv Noliee.
ToArth.ir Wsird. iuori«rMt.Mr.
Takenotire: i)etault in pavtnent e.\itnm
on a morti/a«e dated the Mh dav of ,lulv. iSSti,
and recoiilcn in Hu^he-» couutv. .south Dakota,
on the«Uh day of .lui.v, ivs*,.
t»Mock p. m..
in boiik !'•. paye "'-l. ot the public records of
said county.executed by Arthur Waid. unmar
ried. t* K. anl«jrd. on the -outhea%t "p'arter
ofeetioii No twenty -i\ [\h\\ township No.
•me hundred twelve UK1], north of ranjre el.'li
y-one [-1], w-st of »i j, m.. beiui: due
thenon at this date, for prinejpaJ. interest and
taxes sa tnortjfi^e will be bueclo.-ed to sat
isfy the anionnt due, wjrh «-ost^ and expenses
of sale, and $.Vi attorney's fee. a* pro\idcd in
said uiort^atre. by -ale ot ?aiil premi-es at pub
lic auetion at the troi.t door ot court house In
the city of Pierre, county of Hughes and statu
of South Dakota, on the loth day of dune, isici,
at 'J o'clock tn by the sheritt «)f said eonntv.
or his deputv.
Dated April •-»:. is»3. |. SAN KD,
I• A pry .v T'MiKitsoN. Attorneys.
first publication April *^7. IS'.M.
••"orccloMire .Nolire.
To William Ii. L. Kin^and Mary K. Kinif. inort
uujroi s.
Take notice: Default iu pavment existing on
a mortgage dated the ah day of December.
!S!M». and recordeil in Hughe* county. outh
Dakota, on the Hh day :if December.*Ksrt, at
o'clock p. tn.. in b(»ok ^7. page 407, of the public
rocords of said county, executed by William H.
I.. King and Mary E. King, his wife, to K. San
ford, on the northeast quarter of section No.
llfteeu '.15], township one hundred twelve I Hi],
north of range No. s- venty-nine [7!], weft of
Mhp. m.. $450.iStvoing ductli reon atthisdate.
for principal, interest and taxes. Said mort
gage will be foreclosed to satisfy the amount
due, with coets and expenses of title, And $
attorney's fee. as provided in said mortgage,
by sale of ^aid premises at public auction at
the lront door of court house in the citv uf
Pierre, county of Hughes and state of South
Dakota, on the 10th day of .June, 181W, at
o'clock p. ui„ by the sheriff of said county, i»r
his deputy.
Dated April A't K. SANFOUD.
First publication April i7.
Ma'e of South Dakota, couuty of Hughes. In
Circuit court. Sixth Judicial nrcuit.
Floyd 1). Murdock. plaintiff, vs. Alexander
(ialbraith, Archie H.Galuraitli.
dames (.Jalbraith
and J«diii Calbraith. defendants.
The State of South Dakota sends greeting, to
the above named defendants:
You are hereby summoned and reouired to
answer the complaint of Klovd D. Murdock,
plaintiff, which will be tiled in the ollice of the
clerk of the circuit court within and for said
Hughes county, ut Pierre. South Dakota, and
to serve a copy of your answer ou the sub
senbers at their office in the city of Pierre,
South Dakota, on Dakota avenue, within thirty
days after the service of this summons, ex
clusive of the day of service, or the plniutlff
will take judgment against you for sixteen
hundred and Ufty-seven [!6:»7] dollars and
ninety-three. [Ml cents, and interest on the
sum of $rw. ot the rate of 7 per cent from De
cember issfcj, and interest on the sum of
f8Tt,04. at the rate,of 7 per coat from March SKJ.
IKitt. and* interest on the sum of ritW.'JO, from
Match 30,besides costs.
Dated at Pierre, South Dakota, this 1st day
.. Piaintilf's Attorneys.
Post office, Pu-rre^outlt Dakota.
To the defendants above named: You will
lake notice that the eompluint herein was filed
in the office of the clerk of the circuit court
in ant ior Hughes couuty. on the iOlh day
of April, lMty HOHNKK & STEWART.
Attorncjs for Plaintiff.
Itnl.siiiK Steerage Knte».
All the steamship lines carrying pas
sengers to and from continental Etirepo
liavo sent circulars to their agents notify
ing them that there will be nti increase
in steerage rates of from 20 to 35 per
cent, and that agents and subagents
will be held responsible for selling tickets
to immigrants of the prohibited class.
No immigrants will be taken from Rus
sia. The circular contains the laws gov
erning immigration, so that agents and
subagents may know when they are not
doing right. The lines have raised the
steerage rater., it is said, so that they may
reap a reasonable profit,even if the 20
day quarantine regulation is enforced
this spring.
I'mot lo«*h HH !l«t t'r?tt.*h*.
Edward Everett Male not only preaches
"lend a hand." but. what is more, lie
practices it. Awhile ago a contributor
to a magazine of which ho was formerly
edilor wrote to him. supposing that he
still occupied that position. He not only
sent Iter note to its proper desk, but took
time and pains to forward her a few
courteous lines, fully explaining the
small matter in hand and treating lie
with a consideration seldom shown by
busy men. to say nothing of literary
lions, who guard their autographs with
a grasp of steel.—Xew York Times.
No SIMIU III S« it/crlatHl.
There has ltuen a phenomenal absence
of snow in the Swiss Alps this winter,
and the matter is said to be becoming
serious for both visitors and natives.
Transport is hani]ered by sledges being
useless, and tho Jtilier pass is traversed
on wheels, a midwinter circumstance
previously unknown. The mountain
slopes around St. Moritz are hare of
snow, and it has been impossible to con
struct the toboggan slides usually such
a great attraction there. Skating has.
however, been especially good.
Dated April 1!.
IAA«' I.INPuI.N. A irent for Assignee.
[l'ir.-t publicalion April
ForccIOMtirc Sale.
Whereas. Default has been made in the con
ditions of a certain mort^uKt execuf*d by Wil
liam A Huxton and Inez iiuxton (husband
and wifei to Win. F. baird. dated anuarv .s
Isjhi. and rc(onled in the otHcj of register of
deeds iu and for the county of Huu'bo. state of
Sotilh Dakotit. iu book upon page I Mi, upon
thesthdayol lanuary. isifi. at :i:
1 r» o'clock, u.
tn.: whereap. the sum claimed to be due tit the
u»te of this notice is tive hundred and fottr
lars. viz.: $ HH principal and ^toi interest, be-J
sides &r.o attorney's fee
N w, therefore, not ire i* hereby iriven thtH
1) virtue of the default aforesaid, and in pur
suance of the- power of Mile contained in said
trust deed or mortgage, and of the statute iu
fin ca.-e made and provided, said trust deed cr
morigaire will be foreclosed by a public ale of
the premises therein described, by the sheriff of
said Hutrhes county, South Dakota, or his dalv
authorized deputy, at the front door of the
court house in the city of Pierre. South Dakota,
upon the VTth day of May. A. D. 1MM. at
o'clock p. m. The mortgaged premises arc sit
uated in thecouuty of Numbers state of sonth
Dakota.and are docribed as follows, to-wit:
L«ds eighteen IS), nineteen H'j). twenty ciU).
twenty-one (ill. twenty-two (•*•). twenty-three
CW). twenty four c.'H, twenty tlve L-0- twenty
six i^^wenty-^cven p.'7J twenty-eight
and twenty-nine p.".i], in block six pi}.of Bainl.f
Kirst additiou IBaird's addition] to the city of
Pierre as said lots are laid down and described
on the plat of Miid addition, as recorded iu the
otiicc of the I'cglMer of deeds of Hugh, coun
Dated at Pierre. S. D.. April N. is\i:t.
W«M. F. HA I I'D. Mortgagee.
CIIAS. H. ULHKK, Attorncv.
[Pirst publication April Vi.)
Xoticc to C'relilor*».
Kftato of Albert W. Johusiou, dereafCtl.
Notice is hereby given by the uudersigneti.
Eluicr K. Johnston, administrator of the estte
of Albert W. Johnston deceased, to the credit
ors of and all persous having claims against the
said deceased, to exhibit them, with the neces
sary vouchers, within four months uftertbe
tlrst publication of this notice, to the
said ad
ministrator. at 1ns placc of business, in the
drugstore of N. (J. Ste Marie, ou Pierre street,
iu the city of Pierre, in tb* county of Hughes,
South Dakota.
Dated at Pierre. S. D., April II. IHM.
Administrator of the estate of Albert \V.
Johnston, dcccased.
First publication March
Foreclosure Notice.
To C. H. Baker, mortgagor.
Take notice: Default in payment existing on
a mortgage dated the nth day of January, istjit.
and recorded iu Hughes county*(South Dako
ta, on the Pltli day of January. !88tt, at o'
o'ciock p. iu. in book 10, pagQ 24, of the public
records of said county, made and executed bv
(J. JI. Baker, (an unmarried man) to Henry
Noyes. on lots uine (!b and ten (10), in block
twenty-one I'-'l), Stcbbins' Second addition to
the town of Blunt, Hughes couuty. S. D., $44S.50
being due thereon at tbis date. Suid mortgage
will be foreclosed to satisfy the amount due,
with costs and exp* uses of s*lc, and $100 attor
neys fee, as provided in said mortgage, by sale
of said premises at public auction at the front
door of the court house in the City of Pierre,
Couuty of Hughes and Mate of South Dakota,
on the V.ith day of May, 1803. at "Z o'clock p. m..
by the sheriff of said county or his deputy.
iated March i7, 1HIW.
A rcconf dlRCorory by AD old
jihysiclun. .snc«vj«Vw//i/ u.ird
monthly Inj thoitaantis of /.«•
fdir.i, )s tli»-ouly perfectly fiafo
noil rellniiiu mruictoo UJKCOV.
cred. Iti'warc of unprluclplod
druKgUts ^ho ofTrr Inferior
modlolnm In p1ac»' of A*K for C(KIK'6 COTIOX
HOOT OOMI'OTRJIN. takr substitute, or lnclosc $1 and
ct-rifs In iHXtagti Hi letter, and we will (tend, lonlt il,
ly ••'turn mail, lull t«-ali-d )iurticular« luplatu
nvelo[K». lo ladles only. *J siainpi.
Addic 4 ]kond Utv Company.
No. 3 Miller Llock, Detroit, .Ulch.
ti IMeiie iy M. .1. S(|Mil eit.N
Marii* iind I'lark llnwk Medicine
In KJII I'iern' by Of
•"praL' ue.
First pul^lieation April 1-1.
ForiM'loMjrc Notice.
To Samuel B. Parson. mortcaK'or. ami (}e«». II.
Fai n? rth. juiiinr incuinhraueei-.
Take notice: liefault in payment existing
on a mortvace dated the lttth day of Septeiula r.
1KW(I, and recorded in Hughes county. (South'
Dr.kota, on th(» V'th day of SepTumhcr. isw. uf 1
o'clock p. m., in book Id. pa*e 7'.». of the public
record^ of s-aM cmuty. executed l»v Samuel
It. Parson, wid-iwer. to \V. W. MeDonaid.
triiftee. and i^siirnvd Benjamin K. Blank,
said assignment beinir recorded in hook Is'.
puyclfcJO.of the public records of Hughe* con i
ty. South Dakota, on the lots eleven [U],
twelve [Pi|, thirteen [i:t| and fourteen [U]. of
the northwest fpmrtor of section three
townshlpone hundred eleven llll. north. «»f
antre seventy-nine [701, west of 5th p. tn.,
beinir due thereon at this date, for prin
eipal and interest Said niortjrajre will be
foreclostMl to satisfy the amount due. with COKI*
and expenses of ?-alc. and $li!0«ttor'»cyV lee.
as provided in said rttortjratre. by sa*e*of the
salt! premises at public unction ut the front
door of the court house in the city of Pierre,
county ot II jfrhes and state of South Dakota,
on the "-Tt• day May. IStcj. at o'clock p. in.,
by the shcr.fl" «d" said county, or his deputv.
Agent for Mortgagee.
tlie Year XCiidiug: Dcctiabor IM,
Year XCiidiug:
Of the coudition and affairs of thoNortUwe*
tern Nutlonul lusurance Coiupuuy,
Milwaukee, organized under tho laws of
DR. G. C. OsaooD,
Lowell, Mass.
Castoria is the best remedy for children of
which I am acquainted. I hope the day is not
far distant when mothers will consider the real
interest of their children, and use Castoria in
su-ad of the various quack nostrums which are
destroying their loved ones, by forcing
morphine, soothing syrup and other hurtful
agents down their throats, thereby sending
them to premature graves."
Conway, Ark.
the ^tatr of Wisconsin, mnde to the siuditor of
the State of South Dakotit, iu pur^mtnee of the
law* of stiid state.
Organized ir incorporated !'el»ruiiry -.i».
oinmen ed hu^iuess July l.
i. rM»jT\i..
Amount of, capi'Ml ^tork artually
paid in ciish »'KK).URI ON
('ash itl ollire
Pa^h ou deposit
Accounts 'not over three months
old) ilne from utrenrs
Loans on tnoitira^es hoiujrthe rtr-t
lien on reul estate worth at least
douh|« th«» amount loaned there-
Storks and bonds owned by the
Interest T.uc »nd acerticd
Amount ca«h promiam receipts,
not including premium*' iu hand-*
of agents or in r*»urse of tran
ini.-sion ... 7.j|-.M^'»
Total premium* for year «»'.
interest receipts... 73
Total receipt-
V. KXPKSDLTT'UKS OK THE co.Mlwsy l»i uisj
$ :t|d loi«.»
Losses paid
Dividends paid
Commissions paid to aucnts
salaries paid to agents
Salaries paid to otttcers a'Miem
J»eturn premiums and cancella
Taxes and fro- to insurance de
Printing and advertising
Other expenditures
liisks oufstiindiny at the date ot
preceding ^ttitement
liisks written since pre«-eding
•statement ..
O't noi oo
mi -it
'J^tal cxpendirnre^....
Premiums on risks written
Amount of ri^ks written
Losses uecrtu'd during the year...
Losses accrued Mibseipicnt t» pre
cceding statetu-nt
Lo«ses paid during the year
Number of agents iu state b»
TVS R.'-I IT". «HI
'l'ot»! ri-k! Mi*M7t.P»i oi
I.Msli?. lauccled during the \ear
1-»!W.... S5.4vn.:»ftf
Uisks c.vpiiod during the year IMirJ i.il7..VJ» nu
Total deduction •*»7.li»»7.,.M7 oil
Net amount of risks in force .... Ktl,su»VJl"» t.o
j- tj iiJtfjip&f' CT,«
What is
Castoria is Dr. Samuel Pitcher's prescription for Infants
and Children. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor
other Narcotic substance. It is a harmless substitute
for Paregoric, Drops, Soothing Syrups, and Castor Oil.
It is Pleasant. Its guarantee is thirty years' use by
Millions of Mothers. Castoria destroys Worms and allays
feverishness. Castoria prevents vomiting Sour Curd,
curcs Diarrhoea and Wind Colic. Castoria relieves
teething troubles, cures constipation and flatulency.
Castoria assimilates the food, regulates the stomach
and bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. Cas
toria is the Children's Panacea—the Mother's Friend.
Castoria is an excellent medlcinc for cbil
drcn. Mothcn! have repeatedly told ine of its
good effect upon their children."
5 SJ1 (17
Total assets
til. t.lAUIM'MKS.
Papiial ^tork jicually paid in cah
Losses yet unpaid and resisted ...
Amount of unearned premiums on
all outstanding ri*Ks 'New York
standard 50 per cent
salaries «»r commissions duo a^ent^
Other existing claims nut included
iu above
l.'lrt.op o)
r-iiMai »i
Total liabilities ...
Amount accrued prior to preced
ing statement
Amount accrued subeequent to
oreced ng statement
Whole uiuount of losses remain
ing unpaid at date ot this state
jftate of Wisconsin, county of MHwuakcc* ss:
t.ivxt iv
r»i».ii: it
Alfred Jatnes, president, and Wilfcrd M. Pat*
ton, asHsMwt secretary «f the Northwestern
National Insurance company, of Milwaukee.
Wisconsin, being duly sworn depose ami say
that the foregoing is a full, true and correct
stateuK^it of the atta'rs »f said compauv that
the taid insurance company is the bonc-tlde
owner of at least one hundred thousand dol
lars of actual cash capital, invested in state and
United States stocks aud bonds, or in bpuds and
mortgages of real estate, unincumbered, and
worth double the amount for which the same is
mortgaged, and they are the above described
officers of said insurance eoinpauy.
Afsistant Secretary.
Subscribed and Mvorn to before me this 18th
day of January, Itf.w.
SKAi. Notary Public.
Milwaukee county. Wisconsin.
The State of South Dakota. Oflice of State
Auditor—Department of Insurance. Com
pany's certificate of authority.
Whereas, the Northwestern National In
surance company, a corporatiou orgauized un
der tho laws of Wiscoutin has tiled in this of
fice a sworn statement exhibiting its condition
and business for the year ending December 81.
I&ttt, conformable to tho requirements of the
laws of this state regulatiug the business of
insurance and
Whereas, the stud company bas tiled in this
office a duly certified copy of its charter, with
certificate of organization, in compliance with
the requirements of the insurance law afore
Now, Therefore, J- K- Hippie, auditor of
the State t)f South Dakota, pursuunt to the pro
visions of said laws, do hereby ccrtify that the
above named company is fully empowered
through its authorized agents, to transact its
appropriate business of lira insurance iu this
state, according to laws thereof, until the 'list
dav of December, A. D. 189H.
Iu testimony whereof, I have bereuuto set
niv hand and seal at Pierre, the tith day of
April A. D. 1808. ..
8KAI* Auditor.
Castoria is so well adapted to children that
I recommend it as superior to any prescription
known to me."
111 So. Oxford St., Brooklyn, N. Y.
"Our phy&icians in the children's depart
ment have spoken highly of their experi
ence In their outside practice with Castoria,
and although we only have among our
medical supplies what is known as regulur
products, yet we are free to confess that the
merits of Castoria has won us to look with
favor upon it.*'
Boston, Mass.
The Centanr Company, T7 Murray Street, New Tork City.
First publication April
Ol Owia'i* ol' liileiition to 'B ake Tn
To T. W. Pratt, \X. 1. Wellinan. W. Fo-ter.
C. C. Pudor and nil others whom it mnt concern:
You are hereby untitled ttMt on the lst flav of
December, A. D., ls?*i. the follfiwlnjr decnbeil
niece or parcel of real estate. »ituH*cd in the
county ot Hitches. tae of South Ibtkotaas
to.lows: Lot hfteen (15) iu block ten i|U)of
We'ls* Firt addition to the cite of IMerro. wn
sold for a delbuiueut a-sesMiient for loeul Im
proven.ents thereon, made on the lt»th day of
July. A D.. I•»!*•-. atnouutiie: to -evenly nine
and thirty one hundredths doihus. including
penalty. e«»sis and chartre- allowed by hiw. to
I. B. Albright nt:d was by sjiiii purchaser duly
as-tened to Thoma* 1^. Fi«hback, who i- :n»w
the lawful holder of said cortiflea'e of pur
chase That -aid sale of said lot was mud" hv
H. K. t'mtini:. city treasurer ol the citv of
Pierre, on the Istdayof iJecembcr, A. !..
That the amount then due ami delimiuent at
daic« said -nlc.w:^
seventy-nine and thirt one
hundredth^ dollars That the raid riirlit of re
demption from ale, with ac*raed interest and
costs of .-ervire of thi- notice, will expire six
tv day?* after the completed service of this* no
nce, nnd that I will be entitled to a tax «eed on
said lot after the proner service, and return of
said notieeand expiration of time as quired
by law, to wit: lot flfta*ti (l.'o In block ten (10)
iu Wei s' addition to Piere. Hughes county.
South Dakota. TIIOHA L. FrsmtArK.*
Frrst publication Marvf»:so.
State of Eolith Dakota. County of Huirhe- In
eireu.t coon., sixth Judicial eircui-.
William Wells. Janu— A. Want. Wiliard I.
WrSlman. Tritoy W. P«/*tt. Kiatna I. Wells.
Helien I- Welhnan ami The NorMiwe.-tcrn
Laud :.s-ociati**n, a e-'iporat.out p'.aiutitt«.
v- Jatnes ••. it'shauuhne-y. Willi."Tti P. An
derson. John 1. lvinery and The North Ala
bama Improvement company, 'acorporation!
The -tutc South DaKWa -«*nds greetintfT To
the above named defendants:
Vou are berely Mimmncd nnd r^tjuired t«»
answer the (vuMplaint in tnif action, wnieh was
tiled on the 'trd day of Keliruarv A. 1. !*«*.».
the oflice of the cletk of the circuit court within
and for ?a:d Muali'^ eotints. at Pierre. South
Dakota, and to $er\e a copy of your answer »»n
the subscriber? a th»'ir otli iu the *i:y of
Pierre. Notuh Dakota, within thirty days i*'ter
the Herviec of thi* fumnions eNclusive* of the
liny i»f fei*'ire. lfou fail t«» :»n?Wrr the com
plaint within that time the phiintitT will apply
to tho o»UH lt»r the »elief detnaurb-d in the
complaint, beside- e»t«.
Dated at Piotrv. South Dakota, thi- :!rd d»y of
ebruary A. D.
(J.U KVIV •»UN I'KltM»N.
'Vaintiffs' Attorney-.
Take Notice That publication of the above
summon* was granted bv order of H. U. Fuller,
judite of said court, dated March-I.
Attorneys l'tr Plaintitfs.
First publicnition April»».
State of South Dakota. County of iltiL'hes, in
Circuit Court, Sixth Judicial Circuit.
Khoda Lynn, plaintitr. l»eoge II. Lynn, de
The-late of South Dakota sends urceting to
the above named defendant:
Vou are hereby summoned ami required to
answer the complaint in this action, which will
IK.» tiled in the office of the clerK of the circuit
court within and for said Hughes couuty. at
Pierre. South Dakota, and to serve a copy of
your answer on the subscribers at thcirottice in
the city of Pierre. South Dakota, witdtn thirty
days after the service of this summons, exclu
I sive of the day of service. If you fail to
the complaint within that time, the plaintiff
will apply to the court for the relief demanded
in the couiptaiut. besides costs*
I Dated at Pierre. South Dakota, this 14th day
of June A. D. lf*x\ HOUNKM & STKWAKT.
'Plaintitl's Attorneys.
I Postotlice Pierre. South Dakota.
To the defendant named in the foregoing
Take uotice that the complaint in this action
was llb'd in the office of the clerk of the circuit
court in and for Hughes county on the *Uh day
of April isiKl. HOKNKK STPWART.
Plaintiff's Attorneys.
(First publication April *iu.)
Foreclosure Notice.
To Kmtna I. Wells and W. S. Wells, mortgagors.
Take noticc Default in payment existing
on a mortgage d&ted the 11th day of October,
ISS8. and recorded lu Hughes county. (Sontbi
Dakota, on the 19th day ot October, ISSS. at i) o'
clock and 30 ininut*s a. in., in book page"57,
of the public records of said county, executed
by Emma I. Wells and W. S. Weils {her bus
baud), to W. W. McDonald, trustee, und as
signed by ••An Asslgmneut of Trust .Estates,"
to Charles H. Waterbury. trustee, said assign
ment ueiug recorded iu book 18. page tt'to. of
the public records of Hughes county. (South*
Dakota, which trust has since devolved upon
Isaac Lincoln, trustee, as successor, by order
of court, said Waterbury beiug deceased, on
the south half of the south-west quarter of
section three (3): the south-east quarter of sec
tion four (4) the uorth-east quarter of section
nine (IP. and the north-west quarter of section
eleven (11), all in township one hundred ten
(10) north, of range seventy-eight (78) west of
r»th p. m.. being due thereon al this date.
Said mortgage will be foreclosed to satisfy the
amount due, with costs and expenses of sale,
and $100 attorney's fee, as provided in suid
mortgage, bv stile of said premises at public
auctiou at tue frontdoor of the court house, in
the City of Pierre, County of Hughes and state
of South Dakota, ou the 3rd day of June. 18U"j,
at two o'clock p. m. by the sheriff of said coun
ty or his deputy.
Dated April 15, 1683.
ISAAC LINCOLN, Trustee. Assignee.
CttAwroui) & DKLAND, Attorneys.
*.? V'* *w-"'' 5#** K"* "^V-'^'C3^ J*ar {^4 ^"SKvt
", rj "•.*'• Ifi'' S VV,»-«,
For the Year Knillng Iteo-nibcr 31
A. •., 18»2,
Of IbceonillMnn and ulT.'ilr« ot the ((11 eon in.
»urnn- Company, of Amorica, in New
ork, organized under the laws of New York,
made to the auditor of ttro btato uf South Da
kota. in pursuance of the taws of naiil stBtc
Orifimlzed or incorporated ISO] commenced
tiui'iiiei'S ISflt.
Cnpitnl stock iictiiRlly puitl in
easb 00
•.W,!ll 1 78
It'-Kh In ollice ami on deposit
Aceonnts inot nvor three months
old) due from uirents
Rill* reci'lviitilu for premiums not
ltemipHlon on loans
•SUeks and tionds owned by tho
Interest duo and accrued
I pl»yt*8
I Money borrowed ami remninintr
I unpaid
:M9,.r7u 8U
•v :tr
1 50
I(l,-1M 1,1
:),r«.9tr ttr.
Total iidsctft
Capital stock urtuully paid in ^2
I us $ .7(0,00101)
Ijofses yet 'jnpuld •.:« ati1!
l-»*so« resisted 8.H14 S4
Amount of unearned premiinneon
all outstanding ri^ks (South Ha
kota standard r0 per ct'nt
Sflhirk^orcomtniKHionc duc'igentrf
Salaries due ofthx-r- and etn- rtl
Other exi^tinjr elniinf not included
hi above.. r»r»f V« vj
Total liabilities
Amount cash premium reccipt-*
not including'premiums In hand*
of aifents in course of train
mission l.»17y.s?W 7f»
Premiums in hands of agents und
in conr-i' of trittisinission
v- :i7:t.* !.i7
Totul premium.* for yoar 1st*,' »ow. !Vi
Het eipt*- not included in jihovo.... aw 4-?
Total receipts .. :}'i
Losses paid l..'C»7.S77 V»
f'ommlHidnns oaid to agents tjf.40« "7
Salaries paid to agents lH,,Vn
Taxes and fees to insurance de
partments •ji.s.V.'
tJther expenditure^ \?j 4 54
Total expenditures
Kisks outstanding at the date of
proceeding statement ^7i.OP».7: »r».n)
Kisks wtitteti since precceding
statement pw.t u)
Amount accrued prior to precced
ing statement
Whole amount of losses remain
ing unpaid at date of this
statement '.ot.itt
State of New VorK. county of N»»w Vork. ss:
.las. A. McDonald, pres dent, and lieo.
Murehell. secretary of the (jueen Insurance
company of America Indngduly -worn, depose
.Mini say that the foresr-dni is a full, true and
correct *tate»ncnt of the atlairs of suid com
pany Thai the -aid m-orance cunpany is
thebona-Ode owner of at le«st one ^iiti/lred
tbou-and dollar^ of actual cash capital, invest
ed in stat-and Tnited States stock* and Imuds
or in b.md* and mortgages of real estate \tn
iucumbered. and wortti double the amount for
which the same is mortgaged, and th-»y are the
above described officers of suw fnsuranee com
Total risks .V)lJWJ!t?utj
Hi-Jk- reinsured during the year
IMtt P.'.7»5«').Oin
IHsk" expired during the year
Total deduction V2117.1 1
Net amount of risks in force
l»fltlN«. UIK YKAK IWt!
Premiums on risks written i».7 ?»..ss
Amount of risks written .. 7"Mi£'J.ui
Taxes ant fees paid to tbr uuditor
offtate lVi..V.'
Losses accrued during the year .. ].77».Cli
|j»sses accrued subsequent to
proceeding statement l.77'».V.»
I,os-es paid tlurinL' the year sjt.:57
A.McDONALD. President.
W. m'U-'HKLL, Seeretarv.
Subscribeti ami sworn to tefore me, this Voth
day .»!' January !s".u.
I N a
The -late of S'-uih Dakttia. Office of tate
auditor—Depart uient «»f Insurance. Coin
frnny'sc rtiticate»t uitln»rity.
vVln-rcas. the (jticen Insurance *omnanv
corjx'ratio'i organized under the laws of New
Vork has file 1 iu -is oilier- a sworn statement
exhibiting it« condition and business for the
year emtio-.' December conformable to
iheret|iiirMiK*nts of the laws of this state reg
ulating the business of insurance aw!
Whereas.the said company has tiled In thisof
tiee a duly c'rtitiei py of its 'charter, with
eortilieat*'of organization, in compliance with
thei'-fpjiremcnts »»t the Insurance law afore said
Nou therelore I.J. K.*Hipple, auditor of the
state of South Dakota, pursuant to the pro-^
visions of said laws, do hereby ccrtify thatthc
above named company Is fully empowered
through its authorized airents. to transact Its
appropriate business of Fire Insurance in tbis
state, according to law?* thereof, until tin* Mst
dav of December. D.
!u ti^timony whes-e'if. I have hereunto set
tttv band and MM! at !*i»Ttv this 1st da\ of
A «rii A. D. iv-*'t.
First publication Apiii-D.
Notice ol' Ileal l-Nlate Kale.
I nited Mates of America. District «»f South
Dakota. Central Division, ,-s:—In the cir
cuit court or the L'nited Mates for the dis
trict of snub Dakota.
Maurice i,evden. plaintitr. vs Uob»rt H.
Proud foot and Stetla Pr»udfoot. his wife. Wil
liard W. Mcitouald and Emma D. McDonald.his
wife. Matilda F. Haker. Henry M. McDonald
and Kmtna 1*. McDonald, his wife. Wllllurd W.
McDonald, trustee. William S. vVells and Btnuiu
I. Wells, his wife, Frank ''••Veraiul Helen Bak
er. his wife, les P. Hay. ilenry 11. Schultz,
William H. Marricklo. Haxuin Steatn Heater
computii^. W. K. Mo Tison and company. Itust
twen Lurnler company. Isaac Lincoln, trustee*
successor in trust to Coarles II. Waterbury. de-#
ceased. IJasit J-Tetaplcton. National Batik of
Commerce and •Jain Kobinson, defendants.
Notice is hereby glyeo that by virtue of a de
cree of foreclosure and sale in the above en
titled action rendered ou the.'tOth day of March,
IStti. the subscriber, John F. Dillon, special
master, for that purpose appointed in said de
cree, will sell at public auction at the front
door of the county court bouse in the city of
Pierre, county of Hughes and state of South
Dakot •, on Wednesday, the llth day of Juoe,
lWVk at the hour of eleven o'clock lu the fore- jf
noon of the said day, tbe real estate aud prem
ises situated iu salacity of Pierre, county of
Hnghesand state of South Dakota, and di
rected iti said decree of foreclosure to be sold,
and therein described as follows, towit:
Lots thirteen 11^], fourteen IN], fifteeu 1151,
iu block one hundred and live (.HKi],in Cells'
Second addition to the city )f Pierre, and an
undivided one-third l?j1 iuterest in and to
block sixtvttvc [tiSJ. in Fifth llailway addition*'
to the city of Piurre. all In the »unty of
Hughes and st-nte of South Dakota, according
to the recorded plat thereof, or so much there
of as may be sufficient to satisfy said decree
aud costs, amounting iu all to the sum of
twelve thousand six hundred and seventy-one
and 45-100 dollars L$12.tl?1.4.Y|, with interest 011
the sum of twelve thousuud three hundred and
forty-two and "0-l(i0 dollars [$12,312,501 from
March 30,1803, at seven per cent pur annum, ^ip.
and all accrning costs of sale.
CKAWFOUP & DELAND. Special Master.
Solicitors l'or complainant.
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