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J-KNOK'S Kss.\vlv. Continued,
Mm fj'-'utivo that tho onlor of susporfdon
wns revoked. During I hi* year 1S1K!. ut»u
fhc t*|*«»rt. of the public examiner. Mr. Van
Ln-r iivasmvr of Ponxlas rMiiniy,
»\,.s u.v|M»tmMl fur shortage in his accounts.
Quite a ronirovcrsy urew nut of ihif* sus
|. iiflc.i). due Io Ih» course of ihe ireaHtirer.
Mt. \«iT! Jior Zahn, who cuieied upon forci
ble prj-ses^ion of his honk*. under writ of
lu.indaiuus. (o require him to surrender
fiis books. the ease viiN taken before i!o:i.

I "j»:
Tie ,\o'U which om:ht tn be done bv the
b-:n-.,c .\an»iner 's nn»!e i-iau one man can
ly perform. Thi* olVn- •. in the hands
a ei'»n pet"nt man. is of irrcnt servi- to

Smtlh, .judue of ihi- tlrsi judifinl
•'In-oii. for trial, 'l*hc order of suspension
thai (ho said Van 1er '/.aim was
*us|iciuim1 from further performance of the
lu!.v «.f ircasurer of l»oti rias i-oiiniv mil it
r*tf n'M.}]iiis Kcn "adjusted fo iIn* safTs-
of I lit* public examifcr id the
of Mont:la ••mini v." Tho
rder .f oii|u»nsjMi dcclutcd' l.y the
he void. hccjiuxc. not in tho strict
flic la which avs. thai Hie
v.»v«rM "may suspend anv sm-li otHeei
l/.-m ihc fnnhor performance of duiv until
:m \jiu.iuation 1»*« had. or such security
fo •Maimd a.-* may ho «l«*m:ifor the
furrm-i- protection of the public fnri-N
complaint is made of the eonduci of
the miner until cxumiitat ion has I
i' 1'ijMir i*,\aini II an ot'jci appoiui"d
i'T ill.'il
S ii
purpose. uC-cv lilina soil
'I" no m«uv ihau ?o tv-di-cowr the
:i:."\ iti!l- :s the moti-.v lnw tie. iv
t. in which nix', ihe ,.j- }t»r of MIS-
»:i Mcuhl |h tvv-isc.1 .Mini I it,.
ATiiifl return t«» his .iu*i«s.
Ii-.f tin* pro!ivt ion of tin
'his ofli'-er is r'ppuini.'il. I
the hooks of Hv

h" is
'he »'ale who arc rcsnuUMhto for the
friti.fni ilii h.iru 4' of important public duties
:.nd ?-j ej.-tlly to the a^-ounts of hose who
nr« custodians of the people's mote-v.
bmi' .HJcntiou is especially invited' to
"Ins tnaMer. in »he hope that in \ou.* wis
ib»::. .* i• 11 will maUe a jaw so plain that it
he nisut! lersiood. and which will
:rsv. -o tiie public examiner all tiece^sarv
!.• ty.
a ii
rhc Jj'il of the p.-»vf yejir. was found larire
ii c-Ij:'M in his aiiounts. and. tipon the tec
ouiuo relation of the public e\:iuiiner. he
^.is suspended. The money to make up the
^iinn.iL-'- was imnic.li u.dy j»r«nluce«l. and,
?tt"T/ m» advh'o of ihc puMi«- examiner
h« ,:s tvMored to iiis position. This was
oinplisheii wl'.-ii it was a
v* r. that he «.«»niei him: m-o-e
rtkJi!. ci»ht thousand d'ars short in
lu» i.rci.r.nfs Me was at'ain snspc ami
I »•1 ippt^e by this lime his phfc is 1» r*in:i
iVK !.v sii|iplied by an appointment made by
to* ini:t: s»otiors. I believe tlu* pultlie
.**!i• 11m• pteenied hi- ease tovouri. and that
i" now nnder indicttnetit.
Mr Wlyri's has bceo a faitiift otliccr. and
Via- ilis, ja*ueti the dul of his otl'ne. bur
1 en•»i•in- and didicuh a t!i«-v on-'i'u-'s are.
»v:ri. v.J- at tideliiy. It is om- »f thof» posi
v.i«»ns. ihc duti«". of which an otheer «an
*m i-i•liiir^e faithfully without sonieiin.cs
«re:,:.:tiL' antagonism. He canno be too
fat'Mul '.n the dNeharj:" of his duty v\'(t»
Mjose tl"i' records are properly kept. I!
-nl :h 'e \vhoe a.-comit-s nce.l careful
i!!.iti.ilien who oby'cj eloso scrutiny.
!M r:ni: the year ending Jum ::o.
iberr- were foer bank failures ami
V.-ur voluntary li-j-nila i« as. Of the four
lhat faih"! the nnb c\ainin*i ro
M- thai two will probably p»y heir de
r«- in full. Two ..f the fail.ifs were
banks, om* a stab batik and one a
jrv- .j .er.a eii under the old tiTri: »,-i il law
'lie J- n.-.tti !tO! of the Jill
I hop.' you will cunip i! with
•ni.al*-v.''' 'hall be nee»"-»ary to matte il
er t!n» j»rjMse for hich it
*t»in »r.is^iiui er «»f l.alior ^t :i I i^l I c«.
'M MpeVt of tile Mo.l. W:]',-:
UjOiW •ii'iii-r «f labor sia'isties. c.mla ns
nr.-e- th W will be found of ^re.u int• t.
rfl .bie e.-otewnb- farmer r« siiow
l»cj tin number of person^ owniui: farms.
i,u:nner renting farms, averse v.ilm* of
farms, nveraue number in family, average
liuuoier of acr.-s c.il ivaSc. a\••ra^" of
J'rsrtji !.: t:«N'per inmih an I pi day. :huI ihc
wv4«rui:» numlH-r of months duri'a^ w'ui.'h
lanti ban.is are i»mploye«l, is \v».]l wor'lt the
.« mi the-farmers nr our state. So as
fi.rm luort^azes ami the reason why the
un»rt^av« whs placed, the averau'e yield of
•jrra.'n per 'acre in ihc different counties of
tin- st:»!c for IS.Vi. the estimated eost of
wJieat. corn. o: ts. barley, rye and
rbjv for ihe'.vears ISP.* and l.v.»1.
Tf.e ware earners' report is of mm'li in
Ceit. Tmre jnc probably few slates in
thrmon where'wa-^e earners ar«' bcMer
jmi') th.-.'/i in Smith Jakofa. As a elass our
aurrb tiitural earners receive the highest
The wa^'s in the minim: 'lis.rie'K
of the Hills are. and have be« n. liberal
from lh bejinuint:. Tin report show- Mint
laborers jn ihc different mining rlisiri-Is are
b« wi^ paid from SJ .*»» to per day.
•f tvli" rn there are a larirc number em
Th. ffvonrees of the HlacU Hills are libfr
ii:lv frrafcil t*y flm c.irnmissh.m'/-. and ih»»
rcj.ert 'furnishes much useful and interc-t
11.nb riinUion.
SJttU' llonrd if lleullb.
the sfaJc boar.j of health.
presented, will be found t.» con
tain iron valuable information. Von do
»tM need '.o be told that the health of
o»::h fuiko'a pro\evbial almost wh u'ev
the name of South Jakota is souj-en. of
."iirse. we are not. and cannot cNpcct to he.
f*I)' e'_t'' ree fr.itn contagions diseases.
I»: rue.'. 'he two years of Ivt: and IS'.M
•fYwro wire reported to the Mate board of
)i i:ii .'/Hi cases'.if diphtheria L'L'J of wh'cii
II rid. .in.I t'.S die«|. (if scarlet f-ver.
121 of \vhi«-l» IK', recovered. nnU
f"-f 'vplndil fever. eases were re.
l»t'«t, of wnich recovt red. and one die I.
'1 he i.e.in! of health dceJar-'r that 'h'«se sia
'i^ties are true as far as they s:o. bebv in
v"oii.pb-?e. •'•tiie of the oUit:j»' ii-.I b- :n^
rt'd. One deaiii is recorded in tin*
v: ftom ylatiders. Miketi fioni a horse.
ile |m cent a-.rc td' death, from aH c-iui.e--.
h'-oo^r-m She s^aie is e\rre:uely low.
'11 it j-da'c may well bun cf ahuos
pticrr. c! whi'-li it can be truthfully sail
»h it no case of tubi»rcuhtr eot!umjit ion e\er
lt:ii :t- within its tv-r Scr-.
I in re id tln»
«*.'? b'.-ard hejilth. at the capital, has
j*i\en eoniderabb. s»!'e ri(m to tlie
ivritfn iiescrit»tive sl et« h. published with
tin report of the it board of h"a!th.
h«rtwi'h submitted. It wiil be found of
iii-ri interest to those'who take pleasure
in Ihc study of these thini'S.
In 'iii artesian w.-il was'duv: by the
vernrner:: at ihe Indian school at the' cap
nal. tin water of which e.,atai!ied some
-.try r« matkublc prop.-rt there was urm-h
..f ricctriejjy. and much of -as, and j: is
t* b» ved be curative of many db.ea e*.
7uiiic^ the past fall, amnher w, has be-n
1 iijr tn Pierre, whb-ii is non-ii 'he same
vVif- wed at tho Indian The waier-f
tii w-b has been carc'uliy tnalyxed lo
7'rof. Sin pherd. the chemist at the »«jrieul
tural coiie^e. said be second t«» mme as
skillful ehemist. The belief exists thai
the waters will be fiorml valhab'e for medb-
mil nnrpeses. Thofou^ii trial will be made
-for the purpose of determining its real vab
and that no misstatement as t» its
curatiw- properties shall'be made.
Stab' Vrtcflnn rinn.
«'«n the 11 th of April, ivt::. I n- '«:eoi"j«» AV.
1'aJrtu o( I.ennox. in I/in'*oln county, was
»one ril(d *iate veJerinar'an. Tile appoint
silent was'made necessary by chapters 1o4
and 172 rhe Session (,aw or I'n
der tiie provisions of these law-, l)r. I'al
iiH-r ttpj«oiti»ed 'Mr. 'faibot Manpin deputy
lot Stanley county. Mr. Maurice Appel dep
«ity for renttinuiou county. Mr. Frank 15.
lb'tiTjett deputy for {»u(te 'rutiuiv and Mr.
ti. S. «i rant deputy for Lyman county.
These wer- all ihc applications which were
made for'appointmen! under the provisions
Mr. I'.cmi"!t of Unite reported tho
state veterinarian 'that lie did not inspect
:uiy of the stock in P.utte county, hoiny op
ytosed by the stock men to the extent that
h» was unable to perform the duty of his
Stock men claiming the law to b-?
^ineonstirutiona!. Mr. Meuneit applied to
Shf- wtntc veterinarian, and ho referred the
•question to ihe attorney general for an
opinion, which was given.
'Ihe attorney general, after reciting the
provisions of -hapters ir»4 and 172, and that
provision of the «tiustitut!o:i deciarbi^ that
the legislature could not pass a special law
where a ^enernl law e.in be applicable, also
that no law shall be passed trrantli^ to any
r:mz(ti. cla«s of citizens or corporations,
privilege or inimuniihs which upon the
name terms shall not equally applv to all
«'lfiXcos or eorporatJons, uivos it as hln opin
ion that inasmmdi as the laws under con
Nideratbui subject properlv on the wo*! side
of tho M].»ouii livei to res'.r.cJiiiii which
arc not. Imposed upon tho hP. nc kind of
property upon the cast Htle of the river,
thai it invalidates the law. In view of ihc
opinion granted by the attorney «c»icral. ih"
vcu?rjf»»rlan v«»ry propcrJ.v rcfrai»»oj from
I nn a Kempt to rnror»*c the law in nt:e
county, and on the S'M day of SeiMcrnhcr.
isWA, Mr. Ucnnett resiKmMl.
:«j lie Hit li of A
Siddiers' Home
The membership
.luu ::o.
Tire membership
.June ::o. ixt::.
The membership
.luve :t, ispi,
A ei age number
v\ at
I MM. wa
Is gratifying
to ton that ihe
lent i-oulitioti.
summer of is'.M.
I. IS'it, Mr. (Jrant
or {.vfoan county teiii.'cred his rct-'i^/iajjon,
having made no tvport of sio»-lt inpe«-ted
while he held llis ollh'v.
Mr. Manpin of Nunlev conntv inspected
dih'in.u ISM :, i,oad or eatiic.
horses. I.b.n shei*p ami in IS!M. ».*.{»!• Iicai
of cal lc. l»: r» horses and l,S.'»i sheep,
Mr. Appel of I'cnnin^lon couniy m^pi'cted
during Ism, head of cattle. ts."» horse»
and liiKi sheep, making a lotol *»f all stock
insjMM-teif in said county from May 1 to Nov.
I is:a, M.TlMi. Xo report was made fn»m
the depni.y inspector from l'ctiuin ri'n
county for ISSK. ovvini hi tin* faet thai lite
men who were desirous of having their
stock insp!"-|cd. declined to pay the two
ecu! per head for inspection.
There is no douht of the cllicieney of lr.
Painter as a Veierinarian, or of the
hi» has been to the stale. The discasi
lander has hc-n i|h»jc wide
ihrom:houi the state during he last tw
years, and the Veterinarian declares that
the most prolilie s.oiree of spreading the
disease js by the traveling imr.se rad.-r
who plies his vocation without let or hindii
aacc. The Veterinarian declares he has
found the di-ra^e of danders and farcy
in twenty comuics of the Ktate. ami he.
lieves oat many rases exist hich have
not bet bronchi under his notice. Itjsea- 'S
among tin* bovim* race, he ileclares have
beet' local in their nature. There has been
oon.sidrahle loss in localities from numerous
diseases in their various forms.
Mr. J'alm-r is a valuable man to the
slate, thoroughly competent as a veterina
rian. 1 invite your earcful scrutiny of his
report. Also to the consideration of t'ne
.wets passed by the Jegislat tu'e of I
naiaily Cliapt.i l.M and 17-. that iie\ may
be repealed or so amended as to come with
in ihe provisions of the constitution, and
meet the demand fur some law of this
char.'tcf IT
No provision was made by the le^islalurc
of ivt:: for the pa.vjn -ttl »f the ^tite vi.r
inarian. and he has served faithlully for the
two years without compensation, other than
a small amouttr which lias been paid in the
way of per diem and expenses by some of
the counties when* he has been eall-d for
the examination of diseased animals.
will picM'tU yon his "laim. and It
very proper that It should be paid. JCithcr
declare that the ollice is of no value and
abolish it. or make some provision for it*
of he soldiers' home
of he soldiers' home on
of in- soidiers' home on
ple-ejit. to June Is-.K'
et»t to June .*:. IS'.M.
Average number pre.
Average number present and ale-em to
June l-:.'i. was sp
Avcra^" number .-.ent and absent
,1 utte 'Jo, 1 S wr^ 11!'.
There have b: eti admitted sim-e She liotite
as est abil'dted -«0
Number that ha\•» dietl since the home
was established 1"
1 he
}SP:J. a
Numtor si
iv.it. was
Total pro- nt and absent
..n-j heads of County KninN. Help for
e, .! and Com! !•'"•. Seltool
aw?.' !,:uv-i Ib-laiim of J'ublic
r. Kat.ks and liaukiac. I»ui diuu
isnd I.oin Association atel Ht'.-,- .»f cb-rk of
11n' f^art* are all worthy of your careful
.'ii^an rat •'it.
ek in ihe
•tide' t.
to me Jo he
oidici-«.' home in o.xe.*
mpiaint was Jii.ide. in tie
»f misiuanauejneut. Iravi
chargi'S were matle against tin
An investigaMiig coutjniilee w.i- appoiutel.
coiis-'.sting of the commandant of the c.rand
Army of «he !:.•«,ubilc, ti-'tt. «,ei j.
Carpeiiler: Col. Charles K. r.lol^ctt oi Kim
ball. aad tne lion. '5 ran'
ill t'ere-tt of
M'-adwood". all old soldiers, and inii-'lj in'er
e-Med tn the soldiers' home. A careful c\
a .r ci'ioti was uad by this eomntHie. ami,
w*iib» they foustd soiti'
!iiug whb'li. in their
judgmet^, needed eorvecting, they weri'uratif
tied at tinding the eouriit.
so .beper
hail 'i pi 1 li.igllt p: b'y be
mi -t m.-rs
hand. .i itd
ease, !'o-|g
h" eo.j I'tio
S tie. The s'ddiers'
took the mati'-i- promptly
hnc.'s wlr--h were, n\ any
were sp.MMiilv made rijJ i. and
•.f the hoiu"'sin.-.- has been eminently sal'*
Sctblh'r."' Hume.
The eommissiotiers will r/resent ilndr »*sj}.
mate for aiipropriations needed for the use
of the institution for the next two years.
While il will be your duly to carefully scru
tinize every claim that is presen'eil to you.
you will not fail to remember thaf this Js
regarded even superior to an institution of
charity. is providing assistanee to many
who are not able to take care of theni
sehes. btit it is not charity. Charity is said
to he the greatest of 'he three graces, but
the provision which the state makes for the
men who perilled their lives for their conn*
trv is greater even than charily, will
no*! be forgotten that Ihe slate is reim
bursed by the gem-ral government to the
amount of one hundred dollars tSlooi p-u
man, for the average attendance throughout
the year.
The report of the commission.-rs of ihe
soldiers' home, with the repori of Cam. J.
T. Megrew. ih of the hone-.
will show you who is eligible to admis
sion. and the rules governing the ltotne.
Members of the home wh rec-dve jd\ doll
ars lS'») per month, or tn re pen-don. are re
ipiIreiI to furnlh their own clothing. This
rule does led apply to those who produce
sa' is factory evidence to the commandant
that their pension money is s»-n Ih.-ir
wife or minor children. is expected that
each pension"!' having a wife, or children,
dependent upon him lor support
his pension to them. Tais.
wholesome re'-Tulalions have
from time time, as Jhey hav
gested bv e\p.'j'ieisee.
f. ei' that I i\ not med
•.{Ui/emeuts of
«ft|l C«,n dde'Mt ion he
the soldiers* home.
IcrUvn i*u.
The Mnhinu artestea webs, for the pur
pose of irrigation and for ptwer. is r.^-eiv
ing an unusu I mon ti a Jc.:ti th ug)i
out what is known as the a te* uu basin of
the stale, the bmndarics of which have nol
been p.-rlVcsly delined.
A belief, amounting almost to positive
huov.'elgi'. exists (hat if the sub'erran an
-wal'-rs under.yjug Midi a great parr
of this state, anl existing in great
\o!nnie, W'-re inoiight the sur
face. by the use of artesian wells,
and intelligently used, the great nuesiion
confronting our ag'dcultural jn'opl.. wonbl
he solved. K.perienec teaches Us, a il has
aught ihe peopie of other states, that ihe
plowing of land. Ihe planting and success
ful grow in-.: of trees, has mm-h intluenec
upon ihc c-imate. »nr p.Mple have learned
that sue.-,-ssfnl tree growing is possible
anywhere in the state, wiili nn abundance
of ai w. If Ihe ariesl in wells which have
a ready been sunk were permitted to How
*titlv. storing the water in reservoirs
when demanded, and at oih-.-r limes
v.-. re permitted to ilnv off in streams, tiil
o.g Ihe sloughs and lake beds, making fre
quent small bodies of water, causing more
evaporation ami. cojis- qm ntlv. more pre
cipitation. their inlinemv upon :1m climate
Would be groat, and with ihe frequent
groves. which this condition would
make possible all over our treeless
prairies, (he hot winds would be arrested,
tiie husbandman would be reasonably sure
of his har\e*t. and the slate would enter
upon a career of undisturbed pnsp-rly.
Sntnelhlng has been already 'accomplished
in this direction, but we have been slow io
S in
the drilling of the lirst arte­
sian well at Aberdeen, in the winter of 1SK0
ami issl. |::7 deep welfs have been con
slructed in ihe s'ule !47 irivlug been com
pleted within the last two years, twetiiv
foitr of which are public wells, constructed
under our law. Irrigation, where it litis
been intelligently tried, has always proved
successful. To mv mind. Ihe mat lor of ir
rigation is of grea' inmortnnee. ami is enti
tled to your careful InvesMgation. Muring
ihe lasi two years, when irrigation conven
tions have been hold la oilier stales, to
which our stale was invited, through its
representatives, I have always counseled
that irrigation should not he presented as
an absolute necessity to successful agricul
ture hi South M'kola. Such a declaration
would he an injury to tho state, nnd it is
not true, but, as we believe in anything
that shall stimulate the prosperity of our
people, al Mmiie co.s'. so we encourage Jhc
bringing of bodies of water to the surface,
beam", we think we know its benefit. A
step lias already been tak»n by our out
going irea-surer. Hon. \V. 'A\ Taylor, and
the Mom 11. F. Monter Melieflo. in
Spink untniy. which must, ittftimhtd!y. be
of gfeal value to tlm state. They owned
a farm of sup acres near Mellette, noon
whh tliov have a good artesian well. On'"
Hord of that farm ha?#
been /M
1 to Sal?,or & Co. of Ma (''rosso, Wis., the
great seedsman, for a good price, li is to
be ej.rried on this year under the manago
ment of a practical artesian irrigatioiiisl
from California. It is to ho devoted largc
ly jo ihe growing of vegetables. Sal/er S:
Co. have contracted to take from the farm
bushels of potatoes a year, for three
years, to be grown from a great, variety of
seed, which they will furnish. The poxsf
bili.ies of this stalt* tm man may know.
There is scarcely a spot upon this eonti
mm! where, with ihe labor-saving maeiiin
cry ai his command, a farmer can perform
as much labor, or produce as much, in
abundant years as here.
We wish ro stimulate prosperity by all
the means at otir command. 1 hnve'the hon
or to urge upon yon that the committee
upon irrigation, in both branches of the
legislature shall be carefully made up of
thoughtful, intelligent men. who are deeply
Interested in this matter, ami that their al
ien ion ha)) Jc faithfully given to Ihe study
of the irrigation laws now it) force, with a
view to their improvement, where improve
ment is possible.
Oil Tt»*peeM»r.
Th'» report of the id inspector shows
oo.nlti barreN of oil inspected during the
year from June I. 1W,. to June I. iv.U.
being the lirst year of his service, from
which fees were cdleeteil amounting io
s.'t..'I'd expenditures, including tools. ^-1 t
Ji"!tery. books and blanks, transportation,
deputy and clerk hire. oiih rent aad fuel
amounted to Hl'.o7: ..'J^
Male Hon ml of I'lin rmnoy.
The report of the stale board of phar
macy. here with presented, contains much
that is hitrresltng.
Section .*5. chapter IIS. Sessions Maw TSPo,
requires thai licentiates In pharmacy shall
be p'fsojis not less than eighteen years of
age. who hive had three years' practical
experience in compounding drugs In a drug
store wherein tho pres:-rio*ions of medical
pmet it ioners are compounded, and shall
have passed a satisfactory examination be
fore the stale board of pharmacy, herein
our agricultural
ion of .me of the
this country can
Pharmacy taught
college, under the instrui
be-»t chemists of wlu-'h
boa st.
According to section 'A. Jnsi quoted, no
otlcr requirement is made of applicant for
teg} a rat ion a.- pharmacist, only that he
sh.iil have served three years in a drug
store, provided, that Im can pass the exam
ination. There arc several young men hi
.tur state who have prosecuted their studies
In 'he 1 of pharmacy at r.rooklngs col
lege. with grea
Theve Ihings are tie-u i-'tie 1 iu the hope
that it will lead to an investigation of tills
itiestioti. and !o su di aeli.m as. its \our wis
dom. you hall le'm proper.
The board r«f ph'jrtn.'icy. as at pres
ent organized, is a competent board, and is
s»-r» h" st
a i" lo boat I ill read
ily favor any reforms or changes which wis
dotti -hail suggest.
'!ic K:ii!w:i,\ oiii mm
op ad
tha 'the delinquents, if they chose,
might «lo ihe same. 1 hope you will make
some pr -vision that shall in lie* future com
pel compliance with our law in those par
The railway commission for the past two
year- has endeavored to do its du faith
fully. It lias been of great service to the
state, and. while limited es to its power,
whenever complaints t\v I ecu made by
The qijesiioo at I'.tui'f.ht iegislaiion always
has been, aad I suppose always wsl. be. a
of discussion among the people of
the antler siu-.i be pel uianeni ..\ set* rod, it.
Indceit. sti. »a S.ing c.»u be po-Mbie Kail
I ii
-s. t« |/C of .-et viee lo tie
pooj e. 0.1,-n! nave the authonty to t-et'
oi their prop.-r orders arc earned
iUc-t. 'ihc question of power to
rai.toad commissioners is a qm .-iioii lor you
eon.-htcr. b.ti r«'ads »»ngjjt l« be
ield U' a strict observance of the pejple'K
rights and ai the saute lime ought not to lm
ado the subject unreasonanic demands.
I am aware that be who will lead a war
upon corporate interests will for a time
achieve tor hlim'eit a oegl'ce id popularity,
lull no popu ariiv is lasting cxvpl il is
i».i.o',i in ju.oicc.
'I lie interesLs of the rtiilroads and the
[ii pie are mm uai I h«-y oi gh not be per
mitied to lc» our masteis wjihoui the rai!
ro ids this slate \vou,d enly be habitable ah
,\ pastotal eounii'v without the pt-pi" t'.:c
tailrojds would i»e valueless. We b.n uo
gi'cai commen-ta! ceiiu-rs into whi it nv* rc
.-cived lite products »f our larms a-ul trom
whh'ii are distributed those things which
••uter into the consumption -if our peopie in
niy considerable amount, are tutxious
lbs* more railroatlf. and wiil haii with re
joicing the lime when stimulus .-hall be »ip*
plietl to railroad e.\ien.-ion. l'"rom Meaiiwood
to the capital by .»*• urdiiur'y route* Is prob
ably not .ess than a thousand miles a
ilireet route from ihe astern side of the
rher io Meatlv.otd would not exceed two
hundred miles in length. Such a route
Would be of great value to this Htato
would make us accessible to their markets
and they to ours we would U'.ko much of
their liimlor and tlone and gypsum nnil
coal, and ttiey would take the products of
?ur farms to the extent of nl least a million
lolhirs a year without increase in popunitiou,
ivhich they now, of necessity, go out. of the
slate to buy.
The Session Law of 1RD1, chapter 115,
scet!oii 1, demands amend'inent. Il provides
(or apprjisers appointed b.v the court for the
iisso-smont of damages upon railroad prop
eri condemned by the railway eonmiMslou
site. iiiis provision is
ii tile constitution, •which
riy condemned shall be
r.v regularly impaneled
we had In this statu
railway having their he
pinning and cmli. within our own border.
It would be
pr« for warehou-
noi in harmony w:
d'e!ans Hint pre
ippraisod by a
for that purpose.
important lines o'
zinnhig and emii:
.t would
law which might
ttnd nt the saun
Unvever, remain?
majority of our
pfate fo tlnd
to enact a freight
of value to our peopie,
tiiuo be just. The fa«it,
.mi confront#
that thu
•oducts go outside of the
market and that ^ve. go
rdcrs for a great bulk of
beyond our own
our supplies.
1 hope rou will approach the dincussion
settlement of all questions ntTectini?
the f.tilroads doing busj»ps» in this state
spirit of fairness nnd with a determination
to compel them to do what is right.
The rdio'uncp* of Ihe crop of 18SW nnd tlm
•ibunst total failure of the past vear closed
{lie great -bulk of ihe warehouses in the
I slate, and Ihe collections of the railway
commissioners were on that ac.ounl much
limited, he commissioners paid into Ibo
treasury on the 1st of Janmiry. 1S!H, $700.
I and on the 1st of .fanuary (he present
jo.-tr. $47r». A very small per cent of tlm
warehouses did business during the past
year under the law.
itc|M»ri of tiie \V»rM]*i» Fair t'oin
The legislature of 1n» appropriated
tX'u for llit? purpose oi reprciM-utiity ine htaie
ill the Colnuilmiu exjoMtiou lo be ti.nl ill
hic/igo i(iriug^ in.t( year. Aotti/t.-.tamliug
the iciusal of Ihe legislature of IsiM to
make an aiipropriatioii lur this purpose,
jet many of our patriotic citizens had ueler
mic.ed toat the slute should be litly repre
hcntcd. A* a coii.seq/ieaec what was fcxtutvri
:i. the Soutu Makoia world's fair commi.s
Mou was orgam/.ed |y the election of .Mr. M.
M. ihiisenrciter as president, uiiver Mibbs'
Jr., as eerciary, ami Stale Treasurer. W.W,
iayior J:. hv.-enivr of the commission. A
consoiera'de sum of money was raised irom
he peopie, a building was erected upon the
Mm grounds at liieago known as tiie South
aivotn stale bin,.Jing. No appropriation in
l\U tifi 'M'i uc ,-.Vi»en,es the ntace sev
"i" ihousaml dollars, ihe aci of lsti. mak
ing iho appropiin:n-n ptovbles lor wo com
iiusjoncr«. one to i»e ..aowu as im- worm
la.r eoiuij.ission ami the oiner as ihe woui-
leaving as salary
£7l 7. Most of this work has been under
the immediate charge of lite Inspector, and
been faithfully performed.
There have been cases where oil, not an
swering the requirements of our law. has
been sent to ihe slate and lis sa'e at
tempted. It was, however, promptly ar
roxie l. and parties were made lo under
stand that tiny ultempt hereafter to evade
the law would bring ceriatti punishment. No
further complaint has been made.
fair eon,mission, 'in (,,
mer was "tvnii ami uio latter *Ki..
Olt-n- l-.s.,.,-!,!
I. ..fr' iu.| III,. JII'I I.
DV I- Il i-fi|iir.-.l
11^". I r"' fur usi
H.lin .r t' '!1 I-' «uii:,. Iln.
'•""IHI^-Iun Which hud ex.
isieii up to thai time.
i'* K'liilli lli,.tu
a I I I
li Ii,.\- H"' I :iin
I ,, ," l'l i' I 'i ti I .TN II II II
iv I *ii "'''I"'' Sim.'Vina ,,r ri
aw.,ids. 1 here Were granted to Hie state
Nl ,, r'
ii iV is
i» "ii
ii,'s II ml
1 1 1 1
'r'i ii"
Car,'fill ,,l,sorv,'rs of the ..xiiU.1:io-i which
-tl:i(.l.-il i,ili* in.| .if ii
III I. Ii II tri'iililu-ij. 11,,
1 1
a a
"""•'•'••'I lm ill Ihc liclicf
li.il Hie cxpcmliiii,',. Mhich Ihc si,He hud
h' II 'v r' •"'"''•'"'J' '"'I unic.l «itii
.Si ..
1 1
lull for Ihc
iNiislroils ,Jr,ni „f ,.
SoiiO, liakoia
'.t'lmljimi cxpoMiii.m w„ui have
I'l'oiiK'hl within o„r l,or.lc a „.
OT ocsirabie st*l I Jer.s.
credit to themselves.
Young Mr. Hopkins, a graduate from the
school of chemistry, under Prof. Shepherd,
and who litis been employed as att assistant
to Pr if. Shepherd al a nominal salary, has.
within lilt* last \ear. ob'ahied employment
In an Eastern college as Inst rm to/ ai iwo
thousand dollars iS'J.nbOt per year. would
seem lo the executive a proper thing liat
our school pharmacy, al ihe agri ul'ural
colb'ge, should receive tlte endorsement of
the state board of pharmacy, and that some
crcdit should hi- given for ih tuition re
c.-jved there. is iiir just to reqti'ro of a
young man. who lets gra bi lled with honors
from what Is rccognl/.e.i S a good seho .1 of
pharm that he shall serve for
tW-eo '. -.i rs as an apprentice in a
drug s*' before he shall be permitted
t» go b.'.c-e the board phirmaey
for examination as a registered pharmacist.
•,}• eMe.oirimmm.,1 a voting man
lo strive dil geutly to equip him-elf iy a
pharmacist, when lie cannot be admitted to
enjoy benejlts tiuii! he shall h?'Ve again
served ill ree years. Perhaps under a man
Jo whom he ot'd gl\r' i'tsirn -tbiii.
si:iii tm:iiin
«,K .l.caicil prayer ollel'e.l l,v ihe
of 11 in ,.n. foliow
...,l'"'--''"'.-"'!"" Of the keys „r t:„.
nor V,.'m"'
1 1
'"'lelilW I" I lie pivcr-
II..JII:IS II. Hive com.
In.s.-loncl ih, II followed tiie address l.y
he pivcr"."', address of .Mrs. Helen M.
Hail.ei. h" leaii.mer of South ll.'ikoia. „,|.
di,.-. oi [he lion. (. s. I'aliucr o( Sioiu
i'i Sur:in- ,,f
Hill.,11. Ill,' cvcicises Were crcd iI able a ml
Wei. -O considered l,.v in- larjie niniii,,.,- ,,f
om pi „l' pri-ent „n I hat occasion.
s-i.,iis arc well worlhv
of iltletl.ioll I 1,1- e,,ii,in:-i.,ns. iu,III i,'e
nil.'II an,I ihc luen. are enti:led to much
Jae.r earnest and persistent
see their stale lit ..V I'ej.i-C -eitled.
ilyiug thai from tirsi to lasr,
was^ disagreement be.weeii con
ug cotumissi.iiis some of the ttato-*
^"-mni-ly free frum ally di,l n:i,'
.inces whatever.
credit fi
endeavors to
I' was gra
while there
W hile the dr..»:h of Hie past vear has
hind, led our prosperity, yet it n,.t
and thuus.'inds of itcopie who were Ii-.f
made ac.|imliiic.| will »,„i ,S
stale liy tile exhibition prescnlcl ai
i«o. wi.l yet lie mill,ere.I i.iii.m^ ..nr
citi/eas to our mulmil advani i"c
I. r.iy.""Iil.-l, reniaiiied has
III ,1 .-01.1. the ,S.„|tii llaliota l,lll.,liu was
Sold to the people at Verne I lion, lo lie IJ-...I
in the new university bui.iling whicji they
have ,.|'c,'i ei
'!'he imperfect rep.mm iiM-h have been
irnislied the railway coinmissloirers by
many of the railroads doing bu-in.-.-s in litis
sate, renders a compb-J' jiemcni impos
sible. An examination of the r« port shows
that in many important particulars some of
the railway companies have failed to
p'-operly till out the blanks furnished Jhem.
Samples of these blanks are furnished Hie
sta ra.lway commission by ihe interstate
commerce commission, and should be idled
out in every particular, oth rwis lb i\ port
of tho stale railway commission must be
imperfect. Some of the roads have com
plied strictly and fully with the law. and
have shown no disposi ion to evade any of
its provls.otis or shirk any part of their re
sponsibility. It is their misfortune that all
of ihe roads arc not equally willing to com
ply promptly with the requirements oT j,aw.
lu'lb oi tne itemized rep «ris required, i-ome
of the roads say •"cannot be supplied or sep
arated:" the fad. however, remains thai
oih'-r roads make such itemized statements
required by the couimi-siotiers this indi­
I, for ihe iiuuiiual sr.j.
A mn.toiiiy ol the buihtings upon the fair
more lhan unv
ueie -jaen away to paries who would re
lume I hem and restore ihe ground to
foi mer comb ion. Some the pi\»periv I
underslaml. :s n.»w in the Immis of .1
pi-e^bb nt of the university at Ver­
milion io be disposed of a- vou" sJjalj
reel. lr. W. I.. Mow. ar«h!le« of „,.
nnivevstly bmhhug at Verniillitin, dedans
be er"Vi° 'f**,,'" btilldhl-. ill
university oulld-
.I .r, Vour attention is
lespe. tlutiy invited to the appendix of
lac worhi lair commissioner's report.
eontaius mallei-: with which the executive
Is rioi famt.iar ami which are simply sub
mit.od to ,\ 011 for our consideration.
Su'M-cuii' 1111 iiMMiit I om-l Judges
'•nder the act passed l,y ti„. le isl„i„m
in |s.i.» iheie was held in November of
that: year an election for the three judges
of the siinreme court and a circuit iud-'e
for each jml.eial einmit in ihe state* lt»
fore the dale arrived when the new term
ot service would begin, the Hon. John
M.miu tt one of the judges of the supreme
ouU. d.cd. and his p/ace upon the su
preme bench became vacant. was tilled
appointment h.v the executive of Jhe
.'' l-'nlh't*. circuit judge of
tin Mx.u judicial -,rcii5t, who?-e r».ace was
in turn supfdicd by the .'ippointKiertr n{ fj
.ipjoi'tled to the supreme bench for the
fiili term ol six years and .fudge HalVv to
the cir*utl bemii for tho full term of 'four
L-' 'A ,V I Hie executive fo
Kn »w tajst their services have rctlccjed
eredit upon tlo-niseives justifying the an
I'll riltt iih.
1'ardons have been gr.nifd during the past
1 .u-ars_ un.h the pr.o, iv.on.s of art ..
•I. S''e* 1 oil ... ot (he Co IIS11 I li» Ml, ill ItlC fol
lowing eaS'-s. lo ,, it I
people they have earnestly ami honestlx en
ib-avoretl have these ma't rs all adjusted
in tie- people's inierest. and in st major.ty
of instances have been smr s-fu'. A s- itc
Uicn: if the numerous cuupMuts which
have !,-e'i made, and of their adjustment,
will found in their report.
the crime of
grand lar-eny in the ci-enit court in and
tor '.rant and sentenced oil tin- ::h
day ot March. A. M. |Si»::, to a term of ih--e
months iu tae penileniiarv ill Moux Ka')
was pardoned on Hie Imii' d.*t»' nf .Mine '.•/
ly::. upon a uutnerou-dy Mgued r»etition
ol the good i:tIizens of (Iran: county, pr ty
ing for ihe pardon b-d'ore Hie e.\plraiion of
son'cu e. mat lis eitizensn.p might
lie saved to islui and his right to avail h.m
ell ot iio priviJegts of the homestead law
for tne 0 netit ot his family.
NaHninbd it. Thompson, who was eon
vicb-d of ntui'ilcr iu 1 h«* cire.u.i eonrl .n and
for Kingsbury county, ami on I'm- I'lili tl.iy
of 1' eoraary. Isp: was seuti-nced bv tin
judge oT said I'onrt. lo be put lo death hv
hanging on the Vrh day of «)e|..'ber, ls:» i.
u.ts made and minicsHy urged
until appb.'ahou could be nftnle
:«1 upon the ground of newlv
an 1 perl iiicni 1 est imony. .\f
presented sup|tor
11 II the up.
said reprieve, iu consequence
•App.J' a.
for reprieve
for new tri
tidavits were
pljeat i'oil for o. eoi.se
of wuic.ii il reprieve of lifleen tlays was
granted at 1 o'clock tm the morning of th"
till day of October, lite day on wnvn the
execution was -have taken place, during
which lime the she rill' and other oilicers of
Kingsbury county were directed to hold ihe
said Nathaniel it. Thompson harmless. i(e
triiction was very soon made ef the alii
davi.'s 'ipoit which Hie stay of .'xectitiofi
had been granted, ami on rhe JMlh dav of
October the reprieve was evoked, and'Mr
It. 11. IMcfhttrdsoii, shcritT ef Kingsbury
county was ordered to carry 'he scntcm-e
or den Mi into oilVel on the 20th day of Of
lobcr, A. I». l.p. bciwceu the hours of
dock a. m. and I o'clock p. in., and
was accordingly done.
Moon j,. i-iovens, j-eiilenoed on Ihe «d dar
of I'chruary, lstKI. by ihe honorable judge
of tlie c.rcuii court in and f«tr l'a\ison eoun
b'rin of one year, for the crime
of ^receiving money by an insolvent bank
er. Jty reason of »ood time his sentence
woual iliave expired 011 Hie .id day of Me
centbor, isp.i. Mt? was ip-ardoued on th#»
loth day of November, l.siUJ. in response tf
a ver.r numerously slgutsl pot 11 Ion and for
the purpose of saving Qiis ciiizeuship. ii.
no longer a citizen of ihls slatt
l-Mgar Smith, sentenced on Hie Nth day
of Manii. A. I. 1K.KI. for the trime of
grand larceny by Hie honorable judge of
tiie clreinit. court In ami for l^awrenee eouii
ty for Hie term of one year. Mis sentence
would have expired by reason of his good
time on the 8th day of .lamiar?, ist)l. Me
was pardoned on Hie 2d dav of January.
1W) 1, nr.o.i .«
upon a numerously signed petition
that his citizenship might be saved to him.
Henry (iark was sonteneed the lioth
any of April. A. 1). IShij, to the penitentiary
Sioux Ri!is for Hie tej'in of one year
for the crime of grani larceny. Mix time
0 1 II O I I I S 1
would have expired on the until dav
Feburary. lie was pardoned en the
I,ii'iuin-Il ell ine Mill
day of February. 1S«H. ten days before
"Mi.11,1, io.it, eij ua.VM Ot
tihe oxplr:iiion nf his term, to nave Ills clt
Andrew .7. l-'oster, sentenced on «tl'c 27tli
day «»f May. ISIt.i. to Hie penitentiary
Sionx Falls for Jiie term of one year
the crime of grand lareenv. fsv reason
good time his term would have expired
Hie 271 day of Marc'a. IS'H. Mr. FosM
"worst urlmo w.-tit 'ha W wns Mddieled
iJrlnk, and In his drunkenness w*as puilty
of the crime of which Ihe law took cog
nizaiteo. Mi» was -pardoned on the .id dav
or March, 1K!M, upon a petition of a large
number of tiie good citizens of Mar coun
iy. lie 's uow at. home with his'family,
an honorable citizen.
Semite] Molamicr, Koniedced on the Nth dar
of .j.nie. KSJKl to one vear'i imprisonment for
the crinw» of grand lanimv, which wntom-e
on account of Hie two months' good time
allowed by law would have expired on the
.Mh day of April, 1.V1.4, was pai iomMl on tiie
o«y April, IS'H. ujton the state ment
of the wartlen anl olllcors of the peuiteii
tbiry as to Ills good conduct ami j.'eimral
chai actor iluiing Ills coniluemo. n. He n*»s
pttrdoiieil to ave hits il.izensliip,
»coige Mills, a citizen of Woonsoeket I
Ninhorn county, ct»nvle|oii on the 22ml dnr
.lone, A. M. 1SJM. of Mu charge of "\iohf
tb ti of the rrohibitory ta»«'," seuteu'.-ed to
sisiy days' imprisonmeiK
1 I
p. ti
I its petition was slutted by the* board of
education of Hie town of Woonsoeket, by
ihc m.tvor and the oilicers of the ciiv of
W.ton^o ket, where ihe .-aid Heoj-ge \lills
has lils home, the jury bef«»ro whom he was
irivd. uiiii the exception of one tittn, Hie
county commissioners of said 0:01111 v, ami ti
\et-y large number of Hie good cli'izens of
said county who were acquainted with all
the citvumstnnccs of 1J10 ease. Iti view of
all 1 hose facts, pardon was grant 'd him to
lake elleii at the expiration li:iy davs'
Peter McHrath. charged with the crime
of grand lan eny. was cinvj«i.',i ami sen
tenced |o one year's imprisonment in the
penitentiary at Sioux Falls upon the 2-lth
day «f November. IttM. Il appeared to ihe
executive Ilia I the said Peter MoUralh had
a family of excellent repute living iu Ouster
couniy, consisting of wife ttnd li11 If chil
dren. It was also presented thai there were
very grave doubts of the guilt of said Mc
Hrath. of the crime with widen lie was
charged. His conduct timing eonllnement
wa excellent as per th" statement of the
prison au bor t:e*. and in the hop,- that bo
would hereafter be a go ul citizen lie was
pardoned on the IStli day August. is'H.
Ills time would nave expired on the 2-lth
day of Septt tuber. 1MH.
.\. .1. Wakefield, was* sentenced on Hie
l'dih day of January. A. M. ispl. by the
h.'Uorable judge of the cir nil omri in and
for I'aulk couniy. for the tern? of nine
months for the crime of s-du.-tioa Me
would have been entitled f" discharge on
Ihe oth day of September, 1 bl. I'pen peti
tion of ihe good eiiizens of Faulk ronuty,
ami Hie statement of Hie prison auilioriti-s
ts lo h's good conduct, he was discharged
on the 27th day of August, IXM.
Samuel iieary. was sentenced by the hon
orable Judge ol* ihe cireul! court in aad for
Yankton county to one teir's imp.j »nment
from Hie 2'h'd day of November, bxid. iu
tiie nenitcntiarv :it Sioux l-'ais for ••Obtain
ing Money tinder False Pretences." Mis time
would have expired on Ihe 2Mrd day of
SeMemhcr. 1V.H. I pou a nnnser ttt-ly signed
P'lid.^n asking Tor his pardon, ceriitieate of
i.tl character by lite warden, the belief be
ing expressed lliat the prisoner has been
-dlj, ienily punished, he was pardoned on
•h«» pub day of September, Is'.i}, and hU
ship .-.aved to htm.
li-.ittk Knit I id was seweneed bv the iton
'".ildo i'ld^e of the circuit co»u-i in and for
Viiuktoii county to on.' year's imprisoameni
la Hie penitentiary Si mx Falls trom the
:.:Jrd 'Jay of November. tor tie- crime
•f gran'tl lareenv. Th!s ea-" w:a« altnos(
identica with that of Sammd Heary, sen
'ote-ed at the same time ami place hv tic
m«* h-m-'rable curt, and be was panlo-i'-.j
«-n tin* b-'ih day of S-ptcmber. 1MH. for the
tcasolis St Med before.
William Neidauer. was confined i:i Hie
•.oil of Spink county on the p.'.st day of
February. IMH. for the term of one vear for
lite crime of outraging public decency. A
.cry numerously signed petition of the
-..od people of Spink county, ami e-peciallv
the ciiv of Kctirtebl, was presented asking
for ltis pardon. The executive was also In
receipt- of a letter from the Hon. A. W.
'.•mpbell. judge tf the circuit court before
•viioin the prisoner was tried, which says "I
have consulted the stale's sHUnncy of Spink
unitv and I am of the opinion that ii will
be right for vou to grant the pardon asked
tor by William Neidauer. which has hereto
been presented bv Mr. W. P. V.romley.
S'gnel A. W. Fatr.pbeM. judge" pardon was
therefore ^ranted on the nth dtir of Novem
i,er. IS'.M.
Section o, article of ihe constitution
lecbires 1 hal the lcjrslatnrc shai provide
bv law f*»r the cnumerathm of ihe inhabi
tants of ihe stale in the year is'.»."» and
everv ten years thereafter. will .therefore
be vour duty to make some p'-ovisbms for
he* taking 'of the census ibis y.-ar. in
order that Ihls may be done with the least
possible expense I have the honor to stig
gest that provision be made for ihe taking
of the census by the a*sc«or at the lime
of the taking of'tbe assessment of Hie st ile
under the direction of the state auditor,
who will prepare ami furnish lo the as
sessors and to the auditors of she cnintios
all necessary blanks that the enumeration
be returned to the olllye of the slate auditor
who hal! I charge.I with iis compilation
nd report. is hoped thai ytm will la^o
arlv action in this imitior so that ample
time shall be given for the preparation and
li*d ribntion of the blanks.
I have Hie lumor to ask that provision be
made In law for the appointment of notaries
uiblic I11. unorganized counties. Fnder loc]
ot a ran»i nc proe'a mat ions wlii'di Hie execii
•ive must issue iu compliance with the
ivijnirometils of the department of agri
culture iit Washington, stock owners are
firtpieutly required lo go si long distance
for the jurat of a magistrate and are ni this
av subjected to a great deal oi' linn
ary expense and inconvenience. If notaries
public call be appointed where ste'h an
dli'-er is needed in the slock country it will
be a great convenience to the people.
Hoard of Pardons.
t'hapler '.2. ser ion laws of Icj-oHing
l.he board of pardons, provitles in section 1,
that the board shall consist of Hie presid
ing judge of the circuit court in which the
conviction was had, the secretary of state
ami the attorney general. Tie acting board
of this state Is and always has consisted
of the presiding judge of the supreme court,
the secretary of state and lhe aitoriiey
general. The law needs amendment.
rhapier st of the session laws of 1K1W
provides that on the lirst Tuesday after
the lirst Monday in November in the year
lS'd.'t and every six years thereafter there
shall be chosen judges of the supreme court
of tIiis state who shall qualify and enter
upon their duties on the lirst Tuesday
sifter the first Monthly in January in the
year ISiM. The same mistake occurs in sec
tion 2 as to the lime upon which circuit
judges chosen a! the proper election shall
enter upon the llscharge of their* duties.
This act was presented lo the executive
loo late to be returned to the legislature
for ihe necessary correction and is now
presented lo you. There are several laws
upon our statute books which need amend
ment ami repeal ami which are known to
many of you gentlemen. Many of them
provide for the payment of money they
are no longer operative and ought to be
stricken from the statutes.
I feel thut I have a right to congratulate
you, the state and myself that you are so
largely of the true political faith. The
time wns when to be a Republican was to
lie a friend and supporter of good govern
ment. Let it not be said that that, time
has passed. Met the duties of this session be
of tlie legislature be so faithfully performed
as to give assurance to the people that ue
mistake was mtide In your selection.
Charles il. Sheldon,
Itreckiitriritce Iloyeottod.
Birmiiijrliain, Ala., .lan. 5.—Tho boy
cott ol' tlm \V. T. U. and tlio throat
oniiiK woaihur combiin'tl -.o roilueo tho
Midicncc that hoard Col. BrookinrldKO
lecture last nifrlit: 200 persons.
Mrs. HrocUinriKfi was tlio oul.v lady
present, llrool Inrid^e .attributed his
Hinall audience to l»ad weather and the
hard times in Iiinuiii^hum.
"'. Ji
1 ,**•«' nfjVT^^?^.—^^? .':
the countv jail
oj an -orn couniy ami to p.-u* .1 flue u'
Sluti. or upon failure to pay said tine to lie
eoiitnied in n*e county jjiil noi more llian
ncifhs. N'lncrously signed |etlHons
lufsentisi to 1 tie ovecntive asking for
ais pardon, b.isvd up-m the statement thai
was an obi solder, broken in jio.Hth,
M\ I
i" tlte belief of tuat!V of Hie
was wtSlfuily guiltv of
ei'.eie v.iin which he was charged. Tiie
M«.tt. i*. Ma'i ,-, judge o.' the cnrt. lie
vI'.oin he vas tried, in a letter it* me ..\
o'ttlive said. **!hal 1.1 his epuii if Mt"
s-ixtdy days' iuipristumient could be remitted
upon 101,-lilion tnal ihe line be paid, such
action would be entirely proper that if he
jaw had permitted, the court would have
imposed Hie tine only, lie declared thai his
recommendation was based upon 111T the
circumstances surrounding Hie case, the age
ol the prisoner ami the probability of serious
Itt.utry resulting to Iiis health from eouline
incut in the jail in Sanborn conntv."
TKniiniLB ni
1 1 I
ilaiijiliter and then shot himself twice
in the in-east. On the way to the hos
pital lie housed for poison that he
ininlit lie relieved of his pain. His
wounds are fatal, and it is believed
that his wife will die. Tile little jdrl
lias a chance to recover, hut lint it is
probable the entire family of four wilt
be wiped out as a result of tlio day's
wnrk on ihe pan if the father. Jor
ilan's wile says her husband left her
two weeks nu'o.
to see her son fail with a bullet in the
liejid. A moment later the little girt
jell out the doorway with two bullets
iu Iter. The man then laid down and
shot himself. He was sober. Tho only
explanation he nave is that lie wanted
l'» die
and llioij^iit ii best to take his
Tills I
Washington, .lan. ti.—Senators Stock
well, Cornian and Jones, Democrats,
nnd Senator Allison. Republican, held
an informal meet in: to-day to discuss
the prospects of correcting the present
tariff law by amendments to the urg
ency deficiency bill. Mr. Allison, who
is a member of the finance committee
•is well as the oppropi-jnlion commit
tee. was asked to be present, because
il was believed that ho would know
ihe sentiment of the Republicans on
flic subject. Affcr the conference it
was staled that no attempt would bo
made to make the coi rect ions. If was
understood that Senator Allison rath
er ::uanled!.v expressed the opinion
that the Republicans would not took
with favor upon the amendment
heme, and while lie did not. under
take io speak foi- all of them, be gave
il as his impression thai such proposi
tions as had been afivancod by the
1 'einocrafs would not nieel with favor.
The Democ-ats who hiiil assembled at
this informal conference gave it. us
their opinion thai there would be
no el'l'orl made to pass any tariff legis
lation this session, eve^i in the way ot
I'ofi'i'cs i\si'(:c rin\
Of Iti' oil Tlmi Ilns 11,., t'sul I»y
'Iti/.r:iK tor tlir l»:i*l T%vo Ye-.irM.
Si. Paul. .lan. f..--State oil Inspector
li. W. I'oote to-day submitted his bi
ennial repori to I low Nelson, fol
lowing is his report:
"During the two years 1 have served
the slate in mv capacity of stale oil
Inspector, not one ca.-e of nccidont Tills
been attributable to tlio ,il is sold by
the dealers, and but two cases not di
rectly chargeable to carejc'-siioss on
the part of the parties using the oil
or defective lamps or stoves. DuTillg
the twenty-one months, beginning Kel.
ruarv. IS'.): and ending .Nov. 1.S1M,
there was inspected in tho state us
follows: Total r-umher of barrels in
spected for twenty-two months ending
Nov. .'!•). IS'.M, .TNUill) total number of
barrels rejected. U.~5 lotal number bar
rels shipped outside state (no fee
charged). !).ori7: lotal number of bar
rels for use in slate, :!li0,t(l7.
HI nek itttt tl«'r A rested,
Sioux City. Iowa. .lan. t"—
.1. 1,. Lowls
was arresled on old indictnionts for
blackmail and extortion and will be
sent to the penitentiary again if possi
ble. lie tried fo circulate tho Kansas
City Sunday Sun here anil wrote libel
ous articles for it. lie is just out of
the penitentiary for a like offense.
l'n.ist',1 rurKi'd
Cjutte Sliontlnpr.
Mint eapolis, Jan. 0.—In the criminal
court this luoriiiujt tiie case ugatnst
Mnry lSlake, charged with shooting
Vivia Castle, foster daughter of ex-_
Congressman Castle, was dismissed.
It was ultimately decided that Miss
Castle would not be able to give testi
mony, and the county' attorney de
cided to nolle the case.
Caught in tbe Slinftiiijy.
Lanesboro, Minn., Jan. 0. B.
HI* Wife nnd Their Two Children
-Mini Compic III Ulixxly Work
bj Slii.olinn IliuiHi-ir.
Savannah. 'la., .Tan. t.—In a Jealous
rase (ioor^'o .Ionian shot nnd killed
Iiis len-.voar-old will, siiot his wife in
the forehead,
his tliree-yoar-old
Christmas ho
tried lo shoot her. Wednesday she
swore out a peace ivarrnnl. To-day
be came lo the house, drove some wo
men visiting her into the street, and,
drawini his revolver, shot her. She
ran into the street
turned in time
-4 ii*
Dociilcl nt
A Soulti linknta Woman Driven from
Home H«*r ifiiMlmnil.
Chamberlain. S. IX, .lan. (!,—Farm
ers iu town from a Tew niiies north of
here repc-i the mysterious disappear
ance n.ul possible murder of Mrs.
Charles Sellwiesaw. the wife of a
promiM'iil fanner. It is alleged that
on Christmas night Schwiesaw went
home intoxicated, had a wordy war
wiili his wife iu the pivs.vico of two
or three half-grown children, and
finally drove lu ami her lit lie baby
from the house. She returned, so tlio
chilnren say, when Sclr.viesaw i.gain
drove her out. grabbed his gun and
followed her. Sim-e then nothing trore
has been heard .u- seen of he/ by
iiei-.'hl'ors or any one els.-. Tho sheriir
ittid a searching parly leave in the
morning for the scene. Schwioshaw
will be arrested if he attempts to leave
the country.
Duluth. iMiun., .lan. (5.—Arthur B.
llubbs, young man of good connec
tions. wtis arrested this morning on
fompl.-iinl of B. .1. Cook for getting
Iflio on it forged cheek several mouths
ago. Other merchants lost considera
ble money by the young man.
Morey, while attempting to oil the
gearing in tho grain .elevator here
while the machinery was in motion,
was caught In an upright shaft. It is
feared that he has received fatal in
ternal injuries.
The Gyjiney Moth.
Wi'Oih gton. Jan. C. A delegation
of Massachusetts agriculturalists bad
a meeting before the senate agrlcut
a in it in ad a
to exterminate the gyp»y moth. ,,,
1 4

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