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»»l,N 'O-*1'* V'
^Missouri Pharmacists rri* iav»ng to JIaro
tt Smelling Contest.
In Missouri lra^' .-ts aro preparing
to hold a big smelling comeKt at t!io an
nunl meeting of tlio Stato Pharmaceut
ical associatioii'ncxt spring. Thai pul
roller who can 11:1:110 tho greatest. num
ber of drugs just by smelling of them
will carry ofT a cash prk'.o of :V,n. It:
Will probably bo the iir.it contest of tho
sort over hold, though druggists have
always recognized tin valuo of a well
trained proboscis in determining tlio
naturo of chomieals.
Druggist D. It. Dyclio says: "It is
rather a comical idea—t hat of a smell
ing contest. Probably tho pharmacists
in Missouri liavo better noses than wa
havo hero in Chicago. This lalco air is
not beneficial. You could probably run
up a list of 200 or 300 chemicals that
could bo determined by smell alone.
Tako common drugs liko angelica root,
benzoin, roso leavos, even opium, sassa
fras, annis, peppermint, cherry bar!:,
spearmint and tho many of tho aromat
io oils aiid fluid extracts liko thymo or
buchu or senna—any 0110 not an expert
can easily determine them. If tasto and
smell could both ho employed, an enor
mously big list could bo prepared."—
Chicago Tribune.
Temples and Idols ISciup Ruthlessly Do
tstroyed For Building Material.
W. M. Flindcrs-Potrie, in a letter to
tho London Times, bewails tho destruc
tion of monumonts and historical roc
ords which is going on in Egypt. IIo
says that "every season sees buildings
ruthlessly destroyed for the sako of ma
terials and a host of objocts plundered
by tho natives from towns and ceme
terios in order that they may bo scattcr
ed without liamo or record among tho
tourist flock. Even thoso objects which
pass into museums have lost most of
thoir importaueo and of thoir value in
losing all record of thoir original place
and ciroumstances.
"Tho laws of Egypt may be oxcollens
in theory, but in practice it is well
fcnowni that hundreds ol' por'sons join in
this destruction—yet no man is punish
ed for. it. There is, then, tho most ur-
L{::!iib:t ti at the
At the b. S. Gov
For Strength, unl\
nd Uniformity
The official report shows ROYAL BAKING
POWDER chcmically pure and yielding
cubic inches of leavening gas per ounce of pow
der, which was greatly in excess of all others
and more than 4.0 per cent, above the average.
Rcyal is the favorite in every kitchen
and has a larger sale than all
others combined.
Chicago pharmacists aro both inter
ested and aniusod over tho prospccts lor
a smollingcontest. There arc few drugs,
common or rare, that aro ab.-olutely
odorless, and tho test of smell is a rec
ognized 0110 among all pharmacists.
"A druggist must havo a Rood nose,"
(said one. "Tho odor of lrn :s is parr, of
tho test in all pharmaceutical colleges.
A druggist will test drugs lirst by his
nose, then by sight, then by taste.
Then ho will experiment in chemical
reactions. A great many ravo drugs,
liko cumarin, can bo determined by
odor. Cumarin is derived from tho
tonka bean and lias its distinctive odor.
Other drugs, liko carbolic acid in crys
tals, aro easily distinguished. Evonsuh
Htanccs liko oxalic acid, by :itting up a
characteristic irritation in the nostrils,
may bo determined. Sodium hyposul
phito has a faint smell diseerniWo by
tho educated nose, and nitrate of silver
has a faint but distinctive smell. Tho
cyanido salts liavo an odor liko pcr.eh
or clicrry stones tho prnssic acid
smells. All tho salts of acetic acid aro
easily determined, and iodino and bro
mino salts liavo also their distinctive
odors. On tho other hand, tho sodium
salts aro bard to distinguish, Ilydras
tino lias 110 smell, and you cannot dis
tinguish tho salts of mercury by its
smell. As for tho tinctures, they aro
more easily distinguished by odor than
the salts. Nearly all of them havo :v
decided smell. Tal:o arnica, camphor,
peppermint, cardamon, oven .1 layman
can distinguish them by thoir odors.
gent need of saving all that is possible
by complete and careful excavation, in
which the history and moaning of ev
ery object sh:.!l bo traced and recorded
as it is found. To any person not ac
ijuainti'd with tho practical work of ex
cavation ir. might seem that so long as
tilings arc nut actually destroyed it docs
not- matter wh thcr it ho an Arab or a
trained observer that may find them.
P.ut there is generally more history in
volved in the position and details of
discovery than in tho object found.
Fossils aro worth but littlo if their
strata are unknown.
"More scientific, material has been de
stroyed than preserved in many or most!
excavations, even by Europeans and
Kgyptolugihts." Ho then proceeds to so
licit for tho Egyptian research account,
which, hi: says, has been establishes
"not to idirtako great clearances or
exploit.-, in the country, but to fit men
l'or work of tho highest class arcluco
logically, and at the KUJJO timo benefit
our knowledge and our museums as fat
a: may bo by means of their excava
Patriotic lioston.
Of lato tho jieople of Boston and
einity have been receiving letter*
through the. Boston postoflico with a
new cancellation mark on tho stamp
that resembles the American ilag. Tho
design consists of a series of curved
lir.es instead of tho fivo long parallel
lines which havo been in common use.
Postmaster Coveney said tlint tho
"now machines were necessary, and so
was the design. It is a new leature, and
at present it is only used in tho Boston
postofiice, as it has not yot been adopt
ed by tho largo offices throughout tho
country. It is a cancellation mark that
can bo called thoroughly patriotic, for
it resembles tho ohl American Hag. It
is a new idea, not much over a month
No Sympathy For Lads* Churchill.
Tliero is a world of significance which
is fully appreciated in this country in
the fact that tho queen sent a warm
message of condolence to tho dowager
Duchess of Marlborough on tho death of
hey son, but no word to tho bereaved
widow, Lady Randolph Churchill.
Tho omission carries with it poculiar
bitterness, because Lady Randolph has
been most faithfully devoted during her
husband's long illness, and whatever
gossip may havo said in tho past tliero
has been no question in recent years of
her rank and prominence in tho best so
cial circles. She has of courso never
been able to expiato tho crimo of being
an American.—London Dispatch.
Antitoxluo In Paris.
Returns havo been mado in Paris as
to tho application of tho antitoxino
treatment. In 2,700 cases of diphtheria
proviouslo Jan. 1 there wcro 433 deaths,
or 10 per cent. This reduction in tho
mortality is about ono-half. ...
•tiici-ciso For Heut.
When yon feol chilly, don't crouch
over tho radiator or tho register and
don't put on a wrap. Get up and movo
briskly about for a few moments until
you havo started up an invigorating
current of blood in your veins. If possi
ble, tako this exerciso in tho open air.
If this is not possible, let it bo about
your rooms. But, in ono way or an
other, tako it
Ono llopo of tho Eastern War*
Rccent reports from tho British consul
at Chofu, China, to his government
intimate that there is as yot littlo or no
opening for tho importation of ma
chinery into China. The Chineso have
not yet been convinced of the utility of
adopting any modern labor saving ma
chinery. Perhaps ono of the effects of
the present war may bo tho enlightening
of tho Celestial mind and the opening
up of China in this respect
Wcitilcil on TliniikfifflvlnR Event the As'-'
Eighty-eight, Ho Now St-.nkH Divorce.
A romantic marriage that took placo
hero Thanksgiving evo bids fair to cul
minato in tho wreck of tho matrimonial
bark. Tho principals to tho wedding
wcro Charles Moore, a wealthy Monroo
county farmer, aged 80 years, and Mrs.
Amanda Pierco of this place, aged 64.
They havo not lived together sinco the
ceremony, and tho groom has applied
for divorce.
Tho couplo in early childhood were
lovers, high spirited, strong willed and
stubborn, a characteristic that remains
with them yet to a remarkable degree.
A lovers' quarrel and separation by re
moval threw their lives into different
paths. Both married other companions,
reared largo families and accumulated
a goodly sharo of this world's goods in
tho half century that has since passed,
A few years ago their consorts wcro ro- I
moved by death. Later tho lovers of 00
years ago met again. Tho old flamo
was rekindled, and it culminated in
wedding, tho ceremony being at tho
homo of tho brido in this city Thanks
giving eve.
Tho nuptials over, tho venerable
groom returned to his 1,-00 aero farm,
near Bloomington, and tho brido began
packing her goods to follow. Then she
changed her mind. She concluded that
it was not tho propor thing for her to
lcavo her children and grandchildren so
far away and informed the groom that
ho must como to Kokomo and livo with
her. This turn of affairs did not suit
Mr. Moore. Ho had tho household all
propared for its new mistress and cou
tended that ho could not afford to com
ply with her request that his business
interests would suffer thereby and final
ly informed her that if sho wanted to
livo with him sho must como to his
Iiome. Tho brido refused to comply, and
tho piqued groom brought matters to a
focus yesterday by filing an application
for divorce in tho Monroo county courts.
Gross Inequalities and Severe Punihhiuents
lu tho Courts of London.
For years Mr. Labouclie.ro has been
denouncing in his paper the gross ine
qualities in tho punishments meted out
by different judges and magistrates for
practically identical offenses, and the
daily press constantly emphasizo his de
nunciations by their reports of ises,
Two monstrous mockeries of justice
which havo occurred within tho last
weok or two appear to.Jiavo at length
moved tho lord chancellor to some sort
of action. A. leading criminal judge
sentenced a mail to 14 years'penal serv
itude, whilo in an adjoining court an
other mail got only three years for
crimes that aro practically identical.
At Bristol a workless laborer with a
starving wife and children altered a pa
rochial relief tickct so that instead of a
half day's charity ration ho obtained a
full day's allowance, which gavo a mor
sel of food to each member of his fami
ly. For this terriblo crime tho poor
wretch was sentenced to 12 months' im
prisonment at hard labor. These partic
ular cases quickened tho lord chancel
lor's interest in tho general subject, and
now it is announced that ho is about to
appoint a commission of judges, leading
solicitors and barristers engaged in crim
inal law to investigate and report what
alteration in tho laws or procedure is
desirable.—London Lotter.
The Snow Blanket.
Tho value of a mantle of snow in pro
tecting vegetation in tho fields in win
ter is fully understood in farming dis
tricts, and tho cause of tho protective
effect of the snow is an interesting sub
ject of scientific inquiry.
In Germany, where no such subjcct
is ever allowed to cscape investigatic
Dr. Abels has recently mado some ii
portant observations on tho thermal
properties of snow. Ho has found that
tho looser the snow the greater its pow
er to protoct tho ground beneath from
the effects of external changes of tom
Snow generally offers about four
times as much resistance to such changes
as a sheet of ico of tho same thickness
offers. When snow becomes closely
packed, therefore, it is less elfectivo as
a protection to plant lifo than when it
lies loosely upon tho surface.
Other experiments show that, whilo a.
blanket of snow protects tho ground be
neath from tlio chilling offocts of the
winter atmosphere, yet tho surfaco of
tho snow itself, especially in clear
weather, is colder than tho air, so tl)at
snow tends to lower tho temperature of
tho atmosphere, and where broad areas
of country or extensivo mountain Elopes
aro covered by it important climatic
conditions may bo produced by tho in
fluence of tho snow.—Youth's Compan
January Storms. .'J
Meteorologist A. J. do Voo of New
Jersey predicts three destructive storms
for January.
The first will arise in the Pacifio and
will play havoc along tlio California
coast on tho 8th, 9th and 10th.
The second will start in the Missis^,.
oippi valley on the lGth, causing a snow
blockade on all tho western railroads^
and gales along tho Atlantio coast.
The third storm will strike the east'
gulf states on the 25th and will be aq-^
companicd on the 26th by a blizzar^i
along the Atlantio coast, the mercury,
I dropping below zero as far south as
How'* TliUI
We offer OIK. Hundred Dollars Re waul
for any case of Catarrh that cannot be
cured by Hull's Catarrh Cure.
1\ J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo. O.
AVn the undersigned havo known F.
Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe
him perfectly honorable In all business
transactions and financially able to carry
out any obligation made by iheir firm.
WEST & TUUAX Wholesale Druggists
Toledo. O.
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hull's Catarrh Cure is taken internally,
acting directly upon the blood and rau
cous surfaces of the system. Price 7.1c.
per bottle. Sold by all druggists. Tes
timonials free,
Firm .71. 15. Clutrclii
..Sabbath morning prayer meeting at 10
a', tn.
Preaching at 11 a. m.
Sabbath school ut 12 o'clock. J. S. Se
I bree, superintendent.
Epwortli League at 7. W. D. Nelson,
Praise service and gospel meeting at 8
p. m.
General prayer meeting every Thurs
day evening at S.
(ieneral class the first Sabbath cf each
month at 10 a. in.
Choir meeting every Friday evening.
Communion services the lirst Sabbath
of each month.
Oflicial board meeting the last Friday
evening of each month at S o'clock.
Epwortli League business meeting the
first Tuesday evening of each mentli.
Yon are cordially invited and will be
made welcome to all the public services
of this church. W. J. 1'VI.K Pastor.
Send ten eentslin stamps or coin) and a
list of live friends who buy seeds, to The
American Home and Garden, St. Paul,
Minn., and you will receive by return
mail the famous slur eollcction of as
sorted pansies and petunias, consisting of
five regular size packets, tho retail price
.of which is si. In addition to tills you
will receive a three months' subscription
to'.The American Home and Garden, a
bright sixteen pago illustrated journal
devoted to the garden and household, the
only paper of its kind In the northwest.
This is an extraordinary offer which
should lie taken advantage of by every
lover of flowers.
Wlien Baby was sick, wo gave hor Castcria.
When slie was a Child, slio criod for C&storia.
When she beeamu Miss, sho clung to Castoria.
Whou sho had Children, she gavo them Castoria.
FAMII.V SVKI.NCK, three hard rubber
pipes, fine quality, packed in box, sent
post paid for 110 cents. Water bottles,
fountain syringes, rubber gloves, mackin
toshes. Everything in rubber. Agents
wanted. Send for catalogue. Acme
Rubber company. Toledo, Ohio.
liirc ItU-h Blood
Is essential to good health, because the
blood is tin: vital fluid which supplies,
all the organs with life. Hood's Sar
saparilla Is the great blood purifier.
HOOD'S PII.I.S are purely vegetable,
harmless, effective, do not pain or gripe.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
World's Fair Highest Medal and Diploma.
Cry for Pitcher's Castoria^
Out of
Pat a little of it out of sight
yourself, and see how good it
is. It's
China and
25c. a Number.
For Salt Everywhere.
There are eight Victor Models for ladies and gentlemen, practically any height
frame furnished. Victors lead the cycling world. Send for catalogue
Makers of Victor Bicyclcs and Athletic Goods.
The Place to Trade
The Pierre Water,
Most Popular Republican Newspaper of the West
And Has the Largest Circulation.
TPmrf1 "A,LY (without Sunday)
1 LKMu I (with Sunday)
By MAIL [The Weekly Inter Ocean tj.00
S A THE INTER OCEAN keeps abreast of the times in all
The Weekly Inter Ocean
To read The Forum It to keep In touch
With the beet thought of the day,
.. fws jV"
V^SK"««*t%.« V*S&
Wv*-DP". 5 -t*
interest to each member of the 1'umilv.
POLITICALLY IT IS REPUBLICAN, end gives its readers tile benefit of the
fhE WORLD "S °n "Ve
politica' t0P'cs-
1 N
It Is In accord with the people of the Wjst both In Politics and Literature.
the prici of 11,e
I'.i tr
.. Vv .'
1 Groceries and
March & Briggs.
Is prepared to supply every hotise in Pierre at small cost
In using gas you have no dirt, no cleaning of lamp chimneys. 110 trouble. For
further particulars and terms call at office under Pierre National Bank.
-IS Tin:-
and Power Go.
per year
per year
also gives tlieni THE NEWS OF
I A 5 0 E N E W S A N O O I A
LAK rfcK YbAtC. Address mur« TMmrrt _.
Inter Ocean is ONLY ONE DOL-
TIIE FORUM will take up fgr discussion, during
an unusually wide range of timely and
important topics by the most eminent writers
sij-i in tho fields of Polities, Finance, Sociology,
Literature, Religion, Art, and Science.
To be without The Forum It to mitt
the beet help to clear thinking.
A catalogue of tho writers who liavo contributed articles to IBE FORUM In
the past -would embrace practically every man of eminence in America, unil most
of thoae In Europe. A Hit of subjects troateil would cover in tlie wideat degree all
topic* of contemporaneous interest. THE FOttPBI is therefore of inestimable value
to any one who desire* to keep clogcly in touch with tho host of current thought.
Union Square*, New .York-

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