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Pierre weekly free press. (Pierre, S.D.) 1889-19??, December 05, 1895, Image 2

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!)t:wi:i.i, .V WiiKKboN. I'lrisiicrs.
A lisliniir nMun-ed to Srviwlo a
foi\ !LH 'in I. iUe i'i« sn-r.
lHiI-...lll-T Willi iirni M'VlM'.'il I.'lP^t'
1!' ti. i. ii 111 ix vliicli \v is lit \\i'ii:lii!iix
st»\t fi pounds
lp.cln"-: I
TI U1.! il!i tlh* tl.'iys varies in
flirt* p!:i' i"-. In I.^mlnn t]|( ]..jurist
i.. I.,i sixii'i'ti ir11 r.c-h.'iir hours nt
t-t. i'I'UT•sliurj'. iiiiH'it'i-n. ,'uM in Sp!i/.«
I.(ML: the Ioii^csi (v lust ihn.v
ihs and a hall".
ir.o a'MlniJanri's :nv p:-Mvl«l».«i
i'l i.• '11'»ji t«!' 11 transpoi! nf piTsniss
1-. ''d suddenly taken ill in i!*
i" l*"in* peisnj.s a:v kill-M week
in in 1 a
•:i iwo an* iujuivil. ...
amies "l* Atlanta, lias just nv
::ed ike s!u!l of nn nf
h' .v li.»ns. 'I we «f t\u aitimass i»l
a 11r »ii ilie Atlanta p'»si n's
Mi!'.,ay. and one tlnvw tl:e etli^r
,- av. ifst a eaire wiih for* i- i' ,n5ij ii .»
11 i' tire lt s! dl.
& Mu !i in*?si va!t\il'!e
•!. It si IiI*411*ii11 ti!e. At the saeUiiu:*
•r', :»ti! mnple. in 1 V. '.v.-'W ilia-i
1 I :*i• Creel !u:Mmvri]is were
,( .race. «-aid have KeM the pr»
nl the .inosi iV.^itms I^:T
unifies where let: ..i's re in
the- are ei'ien itsei' I'm- iap.
S V| III!' I list,'! I'ee, IH men fi.I V,*||
ti V't Indies want to was't
I lliey Sii'.'i e:'.e t!ie j'.tiee
a, ir.er lliein briskiy i:i waler
i:"V are el,-..HI.
.' at"™:iei il Sweden. I he "S 'iiiira
1 lie \. rt'.l."' was :1
Vvi'h II!'
sir:- h'l-ss alitliiies. pnth j:• li• 1 aii.l
:ary. she raised ,:\i'i.i|i.|i in a
ih in id' newer 1:1" er iiei'ore l-i'i-vn,
?a. made hi 11:1i felt in nil ilie
'it tl11'
:e Jilrin Is Pll!i :iitted tn the Spa! isil
is to turn t'ulia iiil-i a pul-mial
:ne(' (he Caiiadi-m ]i!a!!. Iml
the eapiaiu p'llerai the
ete. sul'ieel tn vevisinii l'reni '.Mad
'i his is the .••-.inie old despoiisiu,
i.-v'!"iiv:iled liv adi'iilinaai deiavn.
:-s, l.ivenniirt' ilc'lares ihal th.e
:.:en ol M:',ssaelutsc1 irel' ai ie
1 Millie al ilie reeen! eleefiim
•(.- tliev were ai'raid nl' tlicir. lr.
I'vt it- Hiie-ieiu !i lil' l'le
is a'.'d wnlmvs cared, .to ,n a..-i.1r.
s:l'i iii-i- exp'anniion is desiralile.
if ini'ii-e exlmeiien c!' tue lie':
'.'.vi:i .-.-i-i!'e no ddVei eiiec wiih I!:-1 i'a'.'i
He horse shew in Xe'.v York. '1'lie
Xl-' j.iirp'M' el U:e ail!:r.iil (••.
-i'- -ev the s:-• \v \vnii'.:iii in h'T iie.,'::t
1 -s .i .-1 I ,e ditile i:i ids .•iiirk'Ui.-
1 iiiy 11 uiitinadun, i!:e :l!:islrimis pa
ir the Metli'Hiisis. was a v.-iiVnv
ile." iii'tv-live years. She lived tn he
•ii' -'v years eld. and teiaiiied the iv:
iir 1 n.ulilk' lil'e alnmsl tu the end.
liii- henevoleiiees woi'o iunutnernliV,
'a'.'it sj:i' tiif,tided ii nu'.nl'ei' 11" chapels
i: 1 si hofds lor the .Meth'idisJs.
repor:o«l il a' a I'mis'i syr.di
h:x hce:i fanned t*» ]M«)iiitite the
•itnvtion or the Ni.-aramia canal.
i? all n^ht, pro\ ided it decs imi
dve the idea of Itritish e»ntJ-«»l of
enterprise for. no matter how the
:ii niav he linally lndlt. ii must he
nolle! hv the I'niied States, for
-t:ns an obvious and vital me
en I
'ihe eliateaits and estates of the late
('emit de l'aris will l.e suld in l'aris
this v.ouk at a price ii''! in he less than
fl.L'iiii.iH.11. Members ni' the l'aniily
will probably buy llii'tii in. and if tlioy
n'i|i iro a /?\v niillimis mere to put
1 lii-ni in },'iv vhai.c an American heir
ess will supp\ tin means, and also in
crease the orleai-.s slock of brains.
Hall Came anil 1'iander Matthews
I-:", decided between them that the
-teaclnn of the novels of Charles
Dickens is distinctly immoral in its
•('Meets. Tins, of course, must be ac
cepted as a final dictum. Yet, so slow
is human progress t'.iat we pivsume ii
i• irny bo years before "Daviil Copper
l'c'.d" anil "Doinbey anil Son" will be
Ki-ickeu lroni the lists of public librar
ies :.r prohibited from passing through
the mails.
A mart in Texas is Rt niggling with
a case in which the mother anil two
sisters ot one Allen Taylor, deceased,
•-.lay claim to an insurance of $l,"iii0 on
his liTe, in favor of a young lady to
•whom he was engaged to be married.
It is claimed that the designated ben
eficiary was not related to the de
ceased, and so had tio insurable inter
itst in linn. The same question has
been decided iu Missouri in favor of
the validity of such insurance, and
there ilces not sc-ein to be a sooil rea
son why a different decision should be
£tvcii in Texas or anywhere elie.
iW/it fe,
('(imjirchi-iisivt' It* vl etv
I in finrlari II:i pp Mi ii
W 1-Vom
I'^rnjili *j»or The
I'.'.iiTs Hi-' Till- WdiM.lt.
!».'» f» 1
l'.» fiitw it Homo iiikI \lM'(»til 'i'li::
Have A11 rae led Attention.
Wash Irm Ion Tallc.
Thf '1KM l.-nv Ifvisliiturc lias rc.icclcil
)lh' Ii iui',
•111ti:iitI j.!rsiIiuti
a..|• lands in si-vi-r.-ilty.
Assisjaul Sci'i'i'ijiiy ijcyiKilils, if ilie
lnii-rinr !.• |M•l inciii. lias 1
a pciisiuii has 1 k--n ulilaini'il
fraudulently, tin- aii'inii-y ulilaiiiiiiir
tin' pciisinn is im: cuiiilcil In Ilie I'ee.
and iniisl i-cl'imd it.
.1.• 1111 K. 1 laiiininml and \V. It. Ilas
11r. ui-li. i-i'|ii-csriiiintr 11 ii* lcil-T i-ar
rii'is nl' I In' I'liili il Siairs. a|i|i:-i.v(- the
111111.11I• ti111 Hint il:r ofdi'l' i'l' tin
]MISt!i:aS:i" ^CISITMI vratninu- all i-ar
l-'i'is a lii-ariii:: "ti rlmi-pr- lu'l'iire l'i'
liiu\ al. In- eiiai-li-il inlu a la \v.
A nini'T lias yaiiti'd rni-icnry thai
till' title In the I lii lilacef. the
ed-.'i- el' ii 11] le Cfi"! Cel.. lias ln-en
itr. alidaie.] hy the ••:('!.try id' tin in
terim'. ii the urni.rd has I..staked
I'l" by l"t -.junipers, win' have ivd
tenis nr s'l.-'.i-ks tn enable thetii 1:..Id
their elji ims.
Se!"if C.-lh 'I. the 'pfeseniative n|"
Ci.st.-i i:ii.-!. li ret uriie.l tn Washitrj-
1'n: •:ii a vi it te his i!••.'. where
he I •!'.' ei I tile i'l- vit i.'S III' S.'iti, 1"|,
the 11:11 ii 11 l:t'li,':iy. lie says the
l'i ePn: in ('n: ta !:i. i-- I'avi-r.ilile In
'e-. a I ,'j ni'-ri.-a iMiien. a ml that sm-Ji
a uniiiti iiI he ultiiuaielv !'nr:ii.--d.
IVnple T:tlU«*tf
his last re iial in l.nndnn this
yc I'i•!•.'wsl*i was paid S.VK'.ri as
his sha III' the receipt s.
The earl oi' Derby, wli mad" :i siie
I cc-s:'i'l ei'll'ir 11. I' 1 I •i|!li|i:a.
ha- accepted the niav'-rallv of l.ivcr
p.-I I.
('al'e is a i.-iniai-.l. Her real nair.e
is i!i:"a ile in i|i:er She was b"ni
in .Vadrid of Spanish fai'icr and
Kfe'ich 11:"111.•
I I't i::"' 'liristi:iu \'ieji.r. gram's if
!:eeit 'lnria. displays gr.-a: or
ii, '!i l| v. will leave a palace to
g' In A sha ee,
I'l'.-if. I yi lie. the dist in::ui:ihe,l -ia
furalisl. is entirely se:i'-lalight. V\'h.
•i !iii'een \ears eld he had tmi yet
learned the alphabet.
Walter llesant is auih'.rity fur the
s!a!cnient that tlnre are lit'ty nnvel
ists in Knalnr.d win. have incc.ines nl'
S.-i.iiim a year or over.
David ,1. iiill. tircsiileiit nf T'niver
sity ''l' Iiicljestet*. N. has r.-iuiied.
1 i!\i* elVeci at el-ise nl' lircseiil col
lege year.
Miss Clam Camp! "11 nf Irnnlnn. (.,
wlin snine years aim M—uved a -S lf.f•»i
.iai'.'-rnient against Arbuekle. the niill
ini.aire cof!'ee dealer, iu :i bre.ai-h of
promise suit, is dying at a sanitarium.
!'. \. Kilsiuiry. champion che-.s
pia.ier. ii:ed i.n the Si. i.nnis for
Snie,iianipi'.ii. en rente for St. 1'e'ors
liur r. ]i.'irlie pale in the inteir.a
lii !i il iiiurnanient to be played in that
K. D. IMai'eslo". :i f'hicago cycling
club member, completed his Ii ag jom
liey across the i-i r.tinent fi'eni Xc.v
York in San Francisco, and cat
went v-three hnttts off ihe rcci.nl.
i?• ii!--r it i• fui ty-si'Ven days a1
nineteen lmurs.
ei !*-e \V. (Mt'.bs, one of the 111' v-t
prominent merchant* and philanthro
pists in San I-"i.a• ieidied siiihleniy
nf heart failure. For many years he
was president of the Young Men's
('lirist ia assnciat inn. lie went to Cal
ifornia i:i Is III, and was seventy-one
years old. lie founded one of the larg
est iron lirnis on the continent.
Aeeitlcnla I 11:i |)|»cri iIIi\s.
i'ceil Kidvcll. ail nginei-r. and W'a -li
ingtnii 1 'rice were instantly killed by a
boiler explosion at Crassey. Ky.
The busitie-s part of Ma liso-iville.
K' .. was destroyed by lire, l.oss. S.lti.
(ii it I.
1-'|iivst tires are raging oil the Little
Kanawha, near Parkers burg. \Y. \'a.
I.arge tracts of woods and barns and
fencing have be-n burned.
While driving cattle on his father's
place, near Jacksonville. 111., ilcorg
Thome's horse b-catne iminamig able
and threw his rider, who was so badly
hurl that lie died in a short time.
Mrs. Callatin I'. Harmon, who was
run down bv a brewer's' wagon while
riding a bicycle iu Fifth avenue. New
York.' died at her lioine of a fracture
•of Ilie base of the skull.
over twenty passengers from the
steamship Solferino were drowned by
the swamping of one of the small as.
They were from (iet'ua, Italy, bound
lor South America.
Details of the loss of the Italian bark
P.rom Carlo off Capo Horn by collision
witii the llritisli ship Condor, siiow
that, only four of her nineteen men I
were saved.
Mrs. William McClanalian. wife of
tlic mayor of Milan. Mo., lies at the
point ol' death at: her home from tile
effects of a pistol iu the hands of licr
four-year-old sen Charles. It was an-
The large live-story building on Mid
die street, lowcll, Mass, known as
the Parker block, was almost, destroyed
by fire. The fire was aided bv repeated
explosions of whisky in barrels, wlii-li
blew out the windows and created
havoc in adjoining buildings. The to
t.il loss exceeds $350,000.
Dr. T. C. Minor, one of tho most
prominent physicians of Cincinnati,
took a dose of belladonna by mistake
for bromide of potassium, and his con
dition Is serious. lie was once city
health officer and police commissioner,
a member of the state board of health
and of the national board of health.
other case of "didn't know it was load
At Pittsburg. Ti r.n.. a tenement house
occupied by Irvin Robinson, a respecta
ble colored laborer, was destroyed by 1
fire. In the building were two of Hub
inson's children, aged one and four
years, respectively, and b:th were
While a number of negro converts
we:v» 1oin\r immersed in tlio Sllnson
river a: I'ulhm, Mo., by the Haptist
]ireae'ier. a tifiy-foot sjun the
hard! bridge iVII litieeii iVei, throwing
a er-twd til' in*-it. wiinvii ami children
into wain' live feet de:- *. M.my wen*
:'l. hut Ut one was killed. Alter uvt
n^ I'teni atte!nl"l (t», ilu- liap-iismal
p.*t«ei'( dings went en.
l:i i! iei •»^s.
Arthur Dai-re and his wife, well
known Fa-dish actors, coniniilied siti
etilc at Sydney. ,\. S. \Y. The former
cut his throat ami the latter shot her
.1. I'ickard. member of a good
family at Alexandria, hid., and a ean
ilidate for appointment to Wet l'oint,
'committed suicide by shooting.
Josep.h Kilgoie and John Jones were
killed, and John llandlcy fatally
wounded in a strict duel in J!irniing
liain. A hi.
The trials of the notorious Scattcr
lield whiteeaps have begun at Ander
son. 1 nd. Another attempt to kidnap
Miss Hudson, the state's principal wit
ness, lias been frustrated.
White rai'road ti- cullers ar Moss
TtluiV. Fla., who resented i-ie introduc
tion ot' negro hib ner-:. raided their
cabins at night, killing three and
wounding many niot'e.
Miss Mary Dudley, sister of l!ev.
Charles Dudley of i'.c.itrice. Neb..com
mitted suicide at Ihe Indian agency
at Hii'.'iiw.i. la..by cutting her threat,
(nice before she attempted suicide by
Mrs. William Ilarrett. wife of the nn
tnrini'. burglar s-rvlng a life sentence
in tiie Mnssich'.i.-etis Mate prison and
wli.. disapp'-ared after the arrest of
-lames S. I'halVey in ]!.is',-ei. has been
located in Jersey city.
Mrs. Mary Fleming. "i:d,-r indict
ment in New York ci:y f'-r Inning
isened In-r nio'.iicr. Mrs Evelina
Itliss. .-imi who has been in the Tnn-bv.
prison, was. at the request -if
mn\e,i in the maternity hospital a I
Iliackwell's island.
Judge Walters, who is presiding in
the trial of Col. ijoit. of ('ircleville,
ordered a new .jury impaneled on
the testimony of ph\sc-iaus that one
ot' the jrrors who lias been siek.'.ver.ld
I*e 'itrab'e to serve again. The case
has cost i*'a et te county Sl:#i0 a!
ready, and ly oi:c-ici!ih "f the wit
liesses ha been exa lliinei'..
The .'unreel er of \'i'i,!i:::.| Krauer.
h' .-'c b. ilv was found i:i the rc sr of
the csta rant lie was about to open
at i.V_' Seenii'1 a vein !'. New York, has
been captured and lias made a c-.m
plcie eoni'essinn. The nmrdercr is a
boy only 15 years c'd. Ills name is
.Joseph i'ereshclm. 1!" atxes his e.-
I euiiatinn as iha.t of a p.'-i 11i 1 et*. am! lie
inetiy in tiie etnploy of
I Jewish society circles in Cleveland
1 are stii'rcd to the depths. .Mrs. Sarah
I laker sued her husl-and. Henry I'.ak
er. a clothier. I'm* divi fie. alimony and
I the custody of their two hiidreti. Sic
alleged gross* cruelty, arising from
.jealousy. Following t'lis suit, l-aker
si'ed his fa 11 ii• in-lit w. ,1a. M.-ind 1
hni'.m. and his bio*.her-ii -la w. Mi scs
M:indi'tiiattni. jii-'ini!••!?t merchants.
f'*r STiii.iinn ilamiiges for lakitig his
two children ttwav from him.
'l'!i.' St. -rsbtirg i.'azetie seivn-of
Kci-iiiy .•inuouncc.s th: ci. -lera ha ap-
!!e:ir.-d then*.
Utisieni I':--S'I:I
bassador to
si.it.ii. 1 -.
fonneviy Turkish :i :i-
li cat. i'-i'iiiiin. died in ('o:i-
valid iti lliin
.aiituhini. heir
pension of
S ntini.'tit i« be!* d,
obiiit io grain 'I'riiieess
a ion rent to tin- throne.
S'.t.onii a year.
Il is said that after the trouble in
Tin key is o\—r Sir l'hii'p Corrie will
Sifieel Ihe M'iriplis of Dtli'fel'in as
Finish ambassador to France.
Another masse-re of Christians by
Tiirks lias h-cii repor l, the victims
numbering S'«l. Ameri'-aii liiissii.ns
were sacked and burm d. but the mis
sionaries escaped.
The Constitutional Union party of
Cuba, at a meeting Imi,! at Mantau
y.as. re:oWiil its adscsion to the gov
crnnieiii and lie
o. I Campos has ex
pressed coniidcncc thai some reforms
would be iniri.dui'cd at an opportune
The report that the Spanish generals
Aldave and Sittirez Yaides have I
killed, and that (o-n. i-mpie h.*nl been
woiinde,! in engagements with the in
surgents. prove to he untrue, as also
is the report that Maximo Come/., ihe
insurgent commander, was drowned.
According to a di-pateh received at
Madrid "-m Havana, the Constitution
al l'nioii party of Cuba, at a. meeting
recently hel at Mantanxas. reii'-wed
its adhesion to the government and
Cen. lie Campos and expressed confi
dence that reforms would lie introduced
at the opportune time.
MlKl'l'llllIt. OII.S.
Two pretty New York women are
going to Atlanta in a twenty-foot row
boat. They are making the voyage to
'..•in a bet.
Chairman Caldwell was for the third
time elected chairman of tiie Western
Passenger association. The vote was
Five theaters on the Midway at the
Atlanta fair have been closed on ac
count of immorality. The proprietors
were fined $100 each.
l'rooklyn day at the Atlanta exposi
tion was one of the most notable days
set aside for the various municipali
ties at the great fair.
T. C. Coombs, who could give no in
formal ion regarding his family, died
Newberry, Mich. He had been in
of the Wostinghouse
coiiipany of Chicago,
to have him well
the employ
which sent word
cared for.
The troubles existing between Rev.
N. Cleveland, the brothel* of the presi
dent. and his congregation in the Pres
byterian church at Chaumont, N. Y.,
have bee.n adjusted anil mutual con
cessions made, so that the congrega
tion is apparently once more united.
In the county recorder's oflice at To
eldo, a deed was filed for record from
Franklin county. Kail., for the undi
vided hall' of Presipie Isle, from Susan
Naw-Te-Pay to John F. Javens of Po
mona, K"n. It was executed in Au
gust, 1SSS, and the consideration is
$11,500. The person conveying the
property claims to be the sole surviv
ing relative of Au-to-KCe, an Indian,
who held It under a grant.
Vost O'ITCM' lit MrlN
ions and Moral Ilcfurai—?Jov*MH»nt la
I'avcrr oT Prohihll ua— IN-hnildlui the
ly ilui'iK'il Iieiiaa
ostinjr State Xows Noit s.
Dvptheriais said to be prevalent
at liriilewater.
The D. ami I). Smelter, at Dead wood,
will Im increased to -I'«0 tons iji tiie
near future.
Out of SI 5,001) in seed gr i'i) put
out by Brule cou.ity only SDiOt) has
been collected.
Jeremiah Montague was recently
killo ,-it. Madison by being crushed
between two cars.
Mrs. Prank Dodge of Park'T recently
nearly lost, her life from gas escaping
from a gasoline slove.
The recent rm of court at l.'ed
Held sent four de-omrate characters
Ihe state eniveu-iary.
A pnrty of KUSMIMIS recently held
up a oil-'.-tor in i'.icrstm county
tiiid severely ben: lr.m.
Tiie distrilui: ion of ,-innuity.
!o iong, I ibui ke's, etc., hi.- i*.-: ak
in piece i.'ri)•••.• Cieek. ami other Sioti?,'
There lias l'?en eighty ca: io,-td- of
tor and al'invst three luiiid.-.d cars
of grain MiipMid from tieni.crvilie
itu O- oliL-r i.
According to tho rc-ent ci
retioi-t Minoet! i' a county
lai': '.--1 :111m 1 -r- of in .alii*
he .siin iiv mile.
C: pt. Clap i, of Itr
army, has tn,ki*n r,„..,
ag.-ncy. iv-!i
rec. ir. ly eii:o\ i.d.
sus re
),-• t'ne
its to
l-'.Xi.! llenrv.
(iovenior SiieS :on will P.hoi-ily w-
tie a i• 'colamaf'ion. to tiie people .f
Ihe s-at in re .:r:l to the new raii
r:• 11 to tin lU'tck
Tiie dead nmn loiim! a fc-.v tuiies
?n.«t of Aberdeen nun*.- than week
:igi-| f1 iu)I. yi't iiei.ii idt-n.tlii-d. .V
i.'.'it of nr. steiy Mir:o'.m-.ls 'he
T!ia I'Mivationnl association
iviii meet at .W- -deen December Li'
and S. A.: a programme is an
:i'! a yr. li'.,'.j.ili sc-t'si .ti
lasit:-.' i.
A dispatch from the Ulack Hills
naj a about a. year ago Ale.v. Stev.-.-trl'
paid for Yellow Cn**k mining
prop-riy. (inil has. t" *iti'. far clean tip
To:a the tsiice over '.''2,0(,'O.
A new s:'x inc-i/i-artesian- well was
fire! n'.iy s'rnek on tiii co:in! poor
am tie.: t* Ifi a pd) WL::s ii hroxs
I he'.vtrt er to a iii-i.i'iit:, of •!:',) inches
ui.iovo the top ot lie Weii Cgisiti :.
Gov Tito:' '::ii on veceioJy i-don
1 Jtis. p'ii c'Pc.jiey, *,t. to the petmeu
litiry tC .' -•irg't*y. As the sentence
i:io iiii-eady I•xpit.vl the
don has
no vfit '!'"lily to s.'.ve citi/ iiMhip.
1, V.. (\iv H''*r. fosn-ler a i-l editor
nf tiie Yatikton 'Jiizette, h.is sold bis
paper to syndicate n: Sca'idinnvi
•u.s. iitMcti whom aro S. 1 Ii'dnian,
!). l.oyd and Andrew I,mil aigen.
'i'iie fchertil' has po-'t-'ession of the
]f:g store c-t tic's oi 15, Ha
la': !, of Ii ii'iv'siin. InUeii and"!- an
•xeeiii io issiti in favor of Xoyes
i'.ros. .V i.iutlcr, v.'ho.'es.i.ii'drtigjisls, of
-t. I'eiil.
No. .1 of the Triith, the oflie'a
irgati of the Nonpartisan I'roh'bi
tiou i'n on of So*u.!i Dakota, with
le'c. A. Caili: rt of E Points presi
lent of the union, as its editor, has
been issued.
Senator 1« A. Pef.t'grew has em
ployed \Y. S. wen. of nkton, edi
tor o' the l'res« and Dakoian, us his
-ecretary. in place of Frank Halligan,
who served him since hi.- first entran
ce to the senate.
The r:iho:vd committee of Pierre
held a meet tig a few days ago and
rompleted arra gements for attend
since upon the meeting at Minneapo
lis on December 11. A large and enthu
siast delegation will be sent.
Notwithstanding the severe penal
ties of the state game law large quan
tities of game from south Dakota
now finds its way into eastern mark
ets. Deer and antelope are being
slaughtered in large quantities.
It is asserted that Arm' tiong
county, according to the recent cen
sus, has only one inhabitant to about
every .'even townships. Tin)would
mean ali-ntt two inhabitants to a
-~.~kty like Dodge county, Minn.
Toe state officers have completed
the appraisement of Defaulter Tay
lor's lands and find there is still a
shortage of §140,000. Bondsmen
wil have to make this up, anil ac
tions will be ba un against them at
A systematic effort is again being
made to rid the cattle ranges in this
state of the numerous grey wolves
which during the last year have been
causing so much damage to stock
men. During a hunt, in which 30
huntr.rs were engaged, two young
women were in the front rank and
rode the day out. Eighteen big grey
wolves were killed, most of them being
•run down and lassoed by cowboys.
At llow.'ii',! a few orys a alter
being in tli'i jury rooiuT O ]lours lie
jury retnrne 1 :t vfrdict fin in-laugh!,
er :n tne fi sr. fi.-g! of J. lm i': rien,
wlin kiiie.l Dennis S't'liy'Mi S*'pt. if l.
I'.:- .iu-i,!e iiitu to tn'D yt.irs
in tin penitentiary.
A govcrumui!* inopcc: or is now ex
amining tiie recent survey in Gregory
connty, and the plats oi' the luiiti will
pm nioly bo on the IIIn in the local
United Siatis land nrtice by early
spr g. Several hu dred. "settlers
occii|iy the lands as suiiniters and
W!:e:*, me co:n"S :hittiiey will be
pernntted to niako entry O: the lands
held by them.
Sherii Btruif of Ma nil count 13
making ah trd effort, to locate .! mt
Tli iui|)son and Letiie Gallagher, Irs
niece clitirge.l with incest. They left,
tli" soulhwist part the cniiniy a
week a.g ', as tic noighiior-i were talk
ing rope, tar, feathers, etc.. and they
are iiposed :o 'nave one -t Missou
ri. '1 iiomp'oti -,vas a prominent c.-.n-
Ii• '. tin' odice last year. He is a
ah.ii: i." years old. while his niece is
aijottt. 1 **, and an orphan.
Judge Campbell lias postponed tin
1 earing iu thd order citing Mayor
Meyi-rs of Huron to app'ar aid show
ca'i-c by he should no' bt: punished
for c-inti ni|)t of court:. Tne supremo
coa has not yet rende'1 a, de'-ision
in he ,:-es ,ii:ain.-it Aldermen (irove,
•larvis, Tnotu is and .Smit h, a.iul A.
\^'i- :riri city at torney, who
tn ee ol) each or thirty days
in ti„ corn jttil for contemjit of
court. -.v..-
(jWiiiigni McMillan, a mining pros
p'ctor who has tra-,elel wid -iy in the
I nrning camps of the We-1 and l!rit
t.'h 'ittmliia, claims to have found
tli cr M:i:r of an extinct volcano on
I divi ie lie'ween l5.-a-r but te and
1-..I cre.'ic in t.ii! northern part of
ti..,- Ii a.-k Hills. Miilan has seen
itiniiv :-u-*:i era*.• !'», and is ipi-Kitied to
judge in lik matte Tills has been
OIK: -v.-i'
M-terial is uoiv bang b.'itil from
HiJitnor.) for the re ui'ding of that
part of ih-3 Catholic inis-ion which
was recent. ly iJesrroyed by lire. It ia
thournt tiie ik will ba hnis'ned mil
the s'hool again be running in about
a month. Tim pupils wre sent bac,
to '. c.eir in lian parents, a? they could
not tie gotten in :i tic I-'iernj school
not* the u:v? tit i^ott, Tonipson. It is
not ti)0!:giit t.hcre will be any di.'S
cidty in iiaAing them return to the
:.s!o i. If tiiero is any l-'-ay in
•heir eomi'ig back. U*v. Patln-r Am
liro.**e s,'! .all that will be neco.ssarv
th.-n i.: I.T: a big Ch-i.-t.iias tree fiiled
tii p.isjHtr, tui they will all re
Iv'iriirsitnri Surl'j.
On November -*nd D. eeinber 11,
1 Si.'-"), The Noi'Lii-Vi'e-t l.iti.- wili full
JxeiH'Hon ickets al very iow rates to
i.!: tv-i nutubi-r point Kentucky,
T.-niif .-st e, AlirMj-siiipi, Louisiana,
n.sts, Indian
Arkansas, Indian ierrito y, 0l:i ho
ma, 'i'exa.s ana Avi/.on i. l* ti tickets
nt'. it'll itifoi ma. ton, ajipl*.- to Agents
Ciiice.North .v.
l'ost O.tici.! U.irtflary at li'/aaklnj
For so netinc-'.isu.-ipiciou a character
nas been in Urookiii^i and a t'e.v days
ago lie was ioint-d by two her men.
Tin took a young ma named Kings
bury i'.u.o t'tieir confidence and ar
range,! to burglari/.s the posto'liee,
but ivero frightened, away. They
paid lieir boatd bill and g.ave word
out that they wouiil leave town. In
tho meantime Kingsbury ii-it'ormed
th"' ehif If what they intende! doing
and about a dozen deputies were plac
ed on watch. A little after midnight
they returned and broke in a b.:c
•'indow at the postollice and had
drilled two holes in the sa'e, when
they were surprise I by tho office
and captured, along with a complete
burglar's outfit. Tiie three are now
under a ri est.
Kolicjious ant! Moral itcform.
Secretary litintly has issued a call
for another meeting of conference
commit tees, to be held at t.chell on
Dec. 10. This organization, which
was started a couple of months ago
at Huron,
Movement In lravor of Prohibition.
The following letter has been sent
to Attorney General Crawford by the
temperance people of Sioux Falls:—
"Honorable Sir: In view of the fact
that intoxicating liquor as a bever
age is
manufactured and sold in Sioux
Falls that Druggists do not conform
to the specified conditions of their
erniits tint owners or lessees of
are permitting intoxicating
liquors to be sold in said buildings
contrary to law that our city may
or and state's at orney have refused
to take any steps looking toward the
enforcement the prohibitory law
we hereby ra-pectfully ask you to
take the matter in hand and give it
your most careful and immediate
cons:deration. We append a partial
list of saloonkeepers, secured with
creac difficulty from thecity auditor."
ttlll'dcd to.
a milled Ihe
Nothing havi
third expi't't.
been called
tiare to be
I ten.
hoot i.
totin in the Hiack
ifiik, and will
inteic-:. io tin.
win.' vi i. iie Idiils.
un.isn ntt iiin.'i!
nrtny geo i-t!
ST:: *."II
li T»»nirl«k.
I'intiM 3,:-tnnMt*t for Itii
ol* 7hli l**::tn«M:s i*t
Tiie cc::il:ti.n of tl'.e irt! ein.n. jyic
passoile tlamage done to it by ihe
crrthouakc of l.S!!l. li.-r: already been
Many experts having ex
!'ai-lhenon, as t'.e best
method of nt eserving this marvel of
Creek art, the subject is yet under
I'iscus.-ioii. Kriiesl Zillor states that
I he eartlnptake did the [':ii th 'iieu Iti
tle. if any, harm. The worst .tiviUenr.
to it happened when the Jinn sim laid
siege to the Acropolis in lifsT. /.il'.er
proposes using a particular lemerd.
and holding tiigciher the cracked
sloiu's. He wants "no modern patch
work." Killer represented a minority
report. The majority report, headed
by Pre!', Doerofelil and Tilenplulus.
devoted *r atientioti to il archi
trave a il ,'aei' injureil portions the
I'at tlienon. They want to remove Ihe
broken block of the architrave, to use
iioii bars to support other pans, anil
t-i introduce new stone, but this new
stone t:i be made out of old itiiiteriaU
'•o that no patching can be visible.
ig b: en d"citli iip'tn. a
l'rof. .1
Cueks had of mortising th"ir stones,
."lid using lead, which fa-tern Ihe
lower blocks. II" dreads that careless
repairs or tiukeri'-igs tniahi bring down
tiie whole wih-iern orttiee. Thero
oi'istiMi as to M. ingo's :p*i'i
I aeiiuainta: ee with the methods of tiie
1 original Cre:! builders.—New York
I Times.
In 'he P.rot! system locomotives are
dispensed with. The motors are on
the axies. under the cars. Hence it is
possible to dispense with the niig'ltv
locomotive, that litis to be made neat
ly as heavy as the whole train in order
In secure a proper held upon the
track. Now that ocean steamers have
so closely approached railr"ail speed,
it is high time iliat the land ronda
forged ahead before the designers of
water craft catch up.—I.ipptncott's. vV
Alm«Mphikr«» of tfi«» Star*.
The modern astronomical principle
on which stars are classified, lianiclv,
made up of committees
from tae different religious and moral
reform organizations of South Dako
ta. The chairman is'W. H. Thrall.
In the call sent out is a recommenda
tion that Sunday, Feb. 2, 189(5, be
designated as "Christian Citizenship
Sunday," and that all pastors in
the state hold such services as will
"best foster a higher regard for law
and its enforcement on the part of
our oificiais and our citizens."
The recommendations are "irrespec
tive of party, denomination or fac
tional consideration."
l:e resemblance anil difference be
tween their spectra, and the revela
tions characterizing lids remarkable
phenomen'it.'. have led to various at
tempts to indicate the stage of ad
vancement. attained by each particu
lar orb in its life's history or develop
ment. liomarking upon this, a recent
writer cites Dr. Seheiner as putting.
In his late work 011 stellar spectro
scopy, those stars whose spectra con
tain the bright lines of helium and
hydrogen in the first subdivision of
his first class iti evolution. Kola I,y
rae and Camilla Cassioplae being two
such stars: he regards them as having
atmospheres composed of those gases,
enormously extensive as compared
with those of other ytnrs, and possibly
hotter than the gaseous envelopes of
their older companions. On Ihe basis
of this theory tiie query is considered
pertinent as to how long it may be
since our world was In the condition
01" lteta Dyrae, whether any lielhtm
now floats in our outer atmosphere,
how that particular portion which is
now imbedded in the earth's crust got
there, and other similar questions.—
New York Sun.
Tin! Elevator DINCIINC Han a .Word.
one of tiie elevator men in the city
hail, whose contact with all sorts and
e.inditions of men litis developed in
him a fondness for studying character,,
has ften wondered just what word
to apply to a malady which seems to
a'.ilict some of his passengers. "Many
people get Into the elevator,' 'lie re
marked the other day, "and seem to
imagine that I should know -just
where they want to get ofT. They
never open their lips until I earrjt
il.etn beyond their destination, when
they seem to think I am at fault fof
not'being a mind reader. 1 sjxike to
Police Surgeon Andrews about it on6
diy. and told him I thought there
might to be some word coined to aptly
describe these people. He advised uic
to call them aphonlans, and explained
to nie that aphonia was really a torn*
tiorarv loss of speech. So now I'm
always on the watch for ayhonlaus."—
Philadelphia Record.
Durti!, litis
l. He deems the archi
lii pelc-sly mined, and
thinks it ought to be entirely restored.
II is future cnliyoe,notices lie tlrcids
li.aiitra! distcgration br.-.ughi .about b\
tain ami frost. Accnnlii.-.- to tne
A11!et::• um, Dunn eii!]iha.*-'i '.es l.'e
f.veen what "is urgent tital not urged.
I'eee-sary atid de-irablc, what nn:
be done and what nii-glit be dene.
A!-"tt .sio.C'iii would lie the sum re
Ip'ired for ilie pressing wants i|!t
Pa'itM'iion. and Xlii.o-i we'.i'd coyer
:t!l the outlay. Tle.-ve was si tne d.ilter
ence i• opiiii..ii when the matter of
workmen was entered on. as Durtn
wanted Ie! mans or Italians in prel
eri-ttce 1" Creeks. Ate! so ilie matter
.-•lands. The la--t experi is M. inge.
M. Mango is opposed "st"ne ceineut
ing or any similar process of restnra
11 is idea is to rivet i*i the le.ose
by means of iron or cepped
lie describe:-: lrnv (liiiicult
be the removal ol m.s .-ltiiil
ni account of the oul way the
GO. $
Mict'lrlc INnvi'i' t:» ProjM'lSor
oi" tho l-'iWurr.
Ii is only a matter of time when
electric mads will be established be
tween all important cities. The sub
stitution of tiie electric motor and spe
tial devices for fast travel mav be
delayed by the managers of steam
railways, whose business will be in
jured thereby, but the change lias got
to come. Present methods are-not in
keeping with the progressive science
of the age. The steam roads carrv a
ton e.f car weight for every passenger,
they transport, where only -tot) pounds
will be loouircd with the new system.
Tho slaughter of people by crossing
reads built at grade on the sttrlactv
tan*- i-e stopped. a:td this Is one war
to avoid it. Why should the maiis oe
upy wcnty-foiii Imiivs in transit' be
tween New York and Chit ago. when
th.e distance can be covered in oigot
hours'.- Why should p:'S'-"tigers he
kothcu'l wiih sleeping car ncoomimi
i" -U to make a journey that can be
j|ef-"n!i)lished within tie* short hours
that now constitute a legal wot*.,hg

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