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Tliuy Had Kllleil
Man In Order to
Rob III in—A Man ImpUeaiviI in
(be Murder and Who Wan
,i«. Lynched, Now Said to Have Hcen
J. Innocent—1'letrel Ih Thought to
V-- Have llcvn Seen in Chicago.
"Columbia, S. C„ Dec. S.—1'rinee Gra
liam. .luson Blake mid Win. Frascr,
were hanged :it Hampton for tlie mur
der of I1'. It. Mears, committed for the
pui'pose of robbery. On the gallows
they persisted in saying that Win.
jjSlake. Sr., liad nothing to do with
c^rtlie ••rime, lie was convicted along
•with tlie others, Inn received a recom
mendation to mercy, which reduced
liis sentense to life iniprisonnint. He
was taken from tlie sheriff and
lynched by -a mob, which thought him
as guilty as tlie three sentensed to
dentil. Tom Peterson also was hanged
for tlie murder of dispensary con
stable Moseley, at. Greenwood, about
six weeks ago. A uegro named El
liott was lianged at Chester to-day
for the murder of a white man nani'Ml
Welch, in Lancaster county. All the
condemned men confessed their guilt.
Chicago, Dec. —This afternoon a
man entered the state's attorney's of
fice and made use of tlie telephone to
summon another man to the criminal
«ourt building, lie says that he was
almost positive that he had seen Pen
jamin F. Pietzel, the man for whose
murder II. H. lloluies is now under
sentence of death in l'hiladelphia
in Judge Gibbons' court room, listen
ing to the Conton murder trial. "If
the man is Pietzci, tlie person I have
sent for will know him the moment
lie sees liini" said the stranger.
Then lie spoe about having at. one
time been a detective in Ft. Worth,
Texas, and left the ollice without men
tioning his name. Nearly an hour
later a man with a grey beard, ap
peared in the ollice makinjr Inquiries
about the man who had called him
by telephone to the criminal court,
building to identify a man pposed
1o he i'ietzel, "he is a detective" said
the man. "I have looked through
several rooms but have been unable
to find him." The old man said he
new I'ietzel well. The name of
neither man was learned.
"Knur Settlers Art* Killed l»y Aii:ielie:4
in Arizona.
Phoenix, Dec. S.— Latest reports
from the vicinity of San Carlos
•agency. Arizona, indicate that the
outbreak of the Apaches is of more
importance than we at lirst supposed.
Thi bodies of four white men were
found yesterday in the lower Gila
alley, near the reservation line close
to Fort Thomas, which was recently
abandoned by the United States
troops. This is miles from Asli
Springs, where tlie Merrills were
Killed, so it must have been done by a
difierent. party of Indians, and un
doubtedly by a larger band. Sct
tlois in that section are under arms
and the troops from Forts ilayard.
Giant ami liauchuaea are scouring the
country. The Ash Springs murderers
have been trailed to the Steins Peak
Range. a favorite locality for Apaches
when they have been doing mischief.
illot in a Court Koom,
Philadelphia. Dec. S.—•"Th:- Yehuda
I'.rothorlioc.il" was convicted in ten
minutes to-day of counterfeiting. The
Milling of the I'niied States jury
breaks up one of the most daring
gangs of coiners known to the secret
service bureau for years. The men
found guilty are Moses Rosengarten,
Max Frank, Jacob Fineburg and
Henry Greenherg. Roumanian Jews.
There was a sensational scene in the
court when the jury rendered their
AGi-dict. Relatives and sympathizers
of tlie accused men were there to the
number of ru0 or 000. When the ver
dict was announced they set up a
howl anil made a rush for tlie inform
3ts. Fieist and Ites,veil. Then there
was almost a riot. Tlie two men had
to be locked up to avoid injury by the
MinneNota Iron.
St. Paul, Dec. 8.—State Auditor
Dunn ha received, as is required by
law, a report from six iron mining
companies of the number of tons of
•oie they mined during the past year,
beginning Dec. 1, 1894, and ending
Nov. UO, 18!)5. Tlie total number of
tons of ore mined by these half dozen
-companies, all of whom have their
mines located on the mineral ranges
In tlie northern part of the state, is
t!W Gnvel for Reed.
Washington, Dec. 8.—Representative
Towne of Minnesota presented Speak
er Reed with a gavel ornamented
with silver. The gavel is the gift of
one of Mr. Towne's constituents. E. P.
Nelson, of Duluth. It is of oak, made
froin timbers the of the sunken
schooner Algonquin, the first vessel
to pass through the Sault Ste Marie
and reach the head of the great lakes.
SW After nil Embezzler.
Cincinnati, Dec. 8.—Tlie story has
become public to-day that Z. T. Lewis
of Urbana. who victimized many peo
ple by selling forged municipal bonds
and who, after an attempt to support
himself by brazen denial or by buy
ing off his accusers finally absconded,
is now hotly pursued over the world
by Ralph Crawford, a Cincinnati de
SalUlmry'H Ileply Arrlven.
Washington, Dec. 8.—Lord Salis
bury's reply to Secretary Oiney's letter
requesting a final and definite state
ment of Great Britain purposes con
cerning Venezuela is in Washington,
has been delivered to Sir Julian
Fauncefote, the British Ambassador
A BIk Turk Dead*
••Constantinople, Dec. 8.—Aarifl Pa
sba, a member of the Turkish minis
try without portfolio, is dead.
IteniK of General Interest IMnee«l fn
a Few Linen.
The proposed nitrate syndicate to
control the trade and limit the out
put has gone to pieces.
Chinese rebels are reported to have
captured I.u Chan Fu. I'.DOn men. 30
guns and large quantities of stores
and ammunitions.
Jesse Jones was hanged at Ozark.
Jones was convicted of murdering two
wealthy stock men named Ilibdon, of
Logan county, in February.
At MiltoiivIIle, Kan., robbers blew
open the safes of the Santa Fe anil
L'nion Pacific railways and the Al
liance Exchange last night.
Henry Iluff, a Mahoning (Pa.) bar
ber, was shot and killed last night
by L. J. Juild, a telegraph operator.
Iluff had ejected Judd from his shop.
A rebel blockade runner, loaded
with arms and ammunitions of war.
for the Peruvian revolutionists, has
succeeded in landing her cargo near
The Ohio miners have refused to
meet with the operators committee
of seven to whom was referred the
adjustment of the demand for a cash
rate in this state.
Near Williamson, W. Ya.. Toy Hat
field. the fourteen year old son of
"Devil A use" I la I field, of Ilntlield
Afct'oy fame, last night, tireil for.r
Winchester balls into Dan Craig, kill
ing him instantly.
William ISynl. son of Rev. S. W.
Bvrd, pastor of the A. M. E. church
at Denver, was shot ami fatally
wounded by Charles Kclton at a soc
ial of tlie Christian Endeavor so
ciety in the church last night, l.oth
men are negroes.
One of tlie largest and most repre
sentative conventions ever held in the
territory in favor if statehood has
just adjourned at Oklahoma. Ar
rangements were made to send a com
mittee to Washington to push the
claims for statehood.
Judge Sloan, one of the most prom
inent farmers and stock men of his
section, committed suicide this morn
ing at his home at Carthage. Mo., by
taking strychnine. Sloan bail been
suffering from insomania. anil feared
Mo would be sent to the asylum.
The London Chronicle in-day pub
lished a letter of the Society of
I-fiends of Russian Freedom, denying
th" statement made in a Central .News
dispatch of August i:. that the bar
racks at Toula, capital of the govern
ment of that name in Russia, had
been blown up by Nihilists.
MAKKliT It r:i'OIt'l S.
l.ntrst Qnol:ilt(inx from Grain ami
I.ive NliH'ti Center.*..
Chicago. Dec. s. -Cli.se: Wheat Dec
ember ."V.I l-.Ne: January. .IS-1 lie May.
(II T-Se asked. Corn: December. li'i
1-i.V: January, ^i r-.sc: May. "J!) l-s
and 1-le. (lats: December." IT 1-lc
February. IS 1-lic: May. 20 1-lc bid.
Pork: December. $7.Nil January. !?S.r."
May, .flUMiaS'.urJ 1--J. Lard: 'Decem
ber. 17 l-'J January. l-'Ja.fri.Iio
May. So.57 1-'_! bid. Ribs: December,
$i.."7 l-'J: May, .?•!.."7 1-u'aS I.(in. Rye:
Cash 1-le January. :i-)e May.
l--c- liaiiey No. .'ii'a.'iiie. Flax:
(.'ash. Northwest :rj l-l'a'.i.'Je Decem
ber HI r.-Sc May. :m l--Ja"-!e. Tim
oiliy: Cash s:!.oo February. .s",.7u bid
March, 7."i.
Chiageo. 1 ice. N— Market fairly :ic
tive, new xarley steady: light S3.-I0a
l-'J: mixed Itlst&WJ
heavy. S",..'!."aS." I: rough.
Cattle: steady. I.U eves, .S-.PiJu.S-l^e
cows ami heifers Sl.-hiaSMiiii Texas.
!?-.i!0a!i:!.l!."i: stui-l'.ers and feeders. ?'J.l!'i
as ..",().
Minneapolis close: December. open
ing 7J. 1 -Sc. highest r.'j :',-|c. lowost.
o'J 1 -Sc. dose .Y_: :i—!c May. opening
o7c, highest "7 l-'Jc. lowest. ,"i ,"i-Sa
close oT l-2e. tin track—No.
I li.ird. HI 11•
1 Nori'.iern. l-i'c
No. Northern, 7,1 :!-le.
Milwaukee, Dee. S.— Flour active
and unchanged. Wheat—Stronger No.
spring, f,S ."-Se: No. 1 northern. ri!)e
May. lil 7-Se. Corn—sli.ady: No. 3.
"li 1-lc. Oats—Steady: No. 2li l-4e
No. 2 while, IS 1 -2c No. white, 17
St. Paul. Dee. 8.—Receipts, l.ooo
hogs, 200 cattle, "i calves. 200 sheep.
Hogs—Steady. Quality good. Yards
cleared early. Represent.it ive sales:
I!) hogs, average 2.'M, price. 25 4!1
hogs, average 2-H, price, $:i.30 21
hogs, average. price, $:!.2r.
Cattle—Steady. Light run and good
cattle scarce. Many cauners held over
from yesterday are bringing steady
prices. Hulls are lower. Representa
tive sales: 3 bulls, average 1,140, price,
$1.90 4 cows, average, 1,007. price,
$2.00 1 cow, average, l'OOO, price,
$1.75 7 cows, average, 1,009, price,
$1.90 4 cows, average, 945, price,
$2.10 4 bulls, average, l.ouo, price,
Death of Hermit
Now Richmond, Wis.. Dec. S.—
Joseph Kibble was buried to-dav be
side liis daughter, who died twenty
years ago. 1-le went into tlie weeds
to hunt out from Haywaril, and ,,-as
found dead, lying by his gun, sixty
miles in the woods. lie was evidently
lost, as the Indian who found him
acknowledged himself lost. His
nephew. Mr. Slade of Gennessee, N.
Y„ arrived tliis morning. Deceased
was about seventy years old, and
lived a sort of hermit life here for
sixteen years. He leaves a imniiow
in Minneapolis.
Cause £or Suiciding.
Cincinnati, Dee. 8.—A. L. Robbius,
treasurer of Winchester township,
Adams county, Ohio and also tlie
Republican candidate for sheriff at
the election last month recently sui
cided in this city. Investigation since
Robblns' death shows he was short
Capt. I)an»ett Dying.
Washington, Dec. 8.—The illness of
Capt. Isaac Bassett, the venerable as
sistant doorkeeper of the senate, took
an unfavorable' turn to-day, and it
is now believed his death may occur
at any time.
A Kremlin In Chicago.
Chicago, Dec. 8.—Bishop Nichols has
been instructed by tlie holy synod of
St. Petersburg to build a great
cathedral in Chicago, to cost not less
than $500,000.
several llumlr*d founds of V«i»I«on
Ih Svixvd—Aflr Much Mancovoi'
in« the IlcrinkliiM Mak«» Tlicir
Emg»|o, as Mr. Fullortou D«*Kirr«l
-Dopuly \Vurl«*iiH Are After a
IHht liuiul of Game Slau^litcrerM.
St. Paul. Dec. S.—Agent Fullerton,
the state game and tisii commission,
irrived in St. Paul to-day from Park
Rtipids, where, assisted by Deputy
Game Warden .Stevens of Detroit, he
was successful in breaking up the
illeged killing of deer by tlie Leech
Lac reservation Indians.
Agent Fullerton arrested four of the
Indians ami seized '.'•()» pounds of veni
on and three saddles of moose meat.
Tlie cache was found by the game
wardens in a heavy thicket near Lake
George in lluhhard county, just east
if Itasca Park. To get to the locality,
the game wardens were compelled to
•tit a road eight miles through the
underbrush, being assisted in this
work by a dozen settlers, who were
inxious to see the poachers punished.
The Indians, Mr. Fullerton learned,
had contracted to sell the venison at
live cents a pound for shipment Fast.
The venison was found hanging on
trees and was fiozen hard. The Li
llians arrested had been left to watch
the cache by the main body of hunt
ers, who number a dozen or more
braves. They were surprised and ap
tured at the point of Winchesters itl
the hands of Fullerton, his assistant,
Warden Stevens and the settlers. The
Indians were armed with heavy re
peating ritles, but made no attempt
to use their guns, which were confis
cated by Agent Fullerton.
IVntihtiM) to li.Hcapo.
As Mr. Fullerton could gain nothing
in the way of tines from iIn* Indians
and their punishment by keeping
them in jail would cost Hubbard' coun
iy a considerable sum, he decided to
lliow them to escape. This feature
jf the adventure. Mr. I'uUerion says,
was very amusing.
Tlie Indians were loaded into a
wagon along with the confiscated
venison, and the procession start
for the neniest settlement. On the
way the Indians, who had already
!I:• ti11-11 an escape, informed Mr. Fui
'I'i'ton tiiat they were cold and wanted
lo walk to gel warm. Mr. Fullerton
understood that they we re employing
this plea as a means of ecapo, but.
it«»I ijui ini!jlt to
'h the
lie allowed the four braves to aiiglu
and w::!k. They trudged aiong be
hind the w-igoii for a short ilU: ncc
Hid finally Mr. Fi'Ilei-to'i observe.! fine
'•t theni failing to the rear. He ap
peared io pj.y i,e attention lo the tnan
\ers of the red men and niainiainnl
"i I'lMTeet i!erce when the lagging
red-skin sadderly shot out of the road
into the thicket.
Snot: another brave dropped out of
the procession, and at a turn in tiio
road the two remaining in.Han-' ". de
:i pi'.'t.ge into the brush. Mr. Fnller
ton. to scare '.hem tired a couple sii'ds
from liis Winchester over the tops of
lite trees, whereat, he says, the In
dians ipereased their speed crashing
through the tidi e: jiko wounded
deers in full itigiii from the hound.
•imi he says if ih-y hadn't reached
toe reye'-y,*11ion the*,- are running yet.
so badly did they appear to be fright
he !e- ofi, Mr Fniierton believe
will lie a good one for ihe Indians,
who. it seems, have annually mr.oe
tt raid on deer, elk and moose of the
m.i theni counties slaughtering the
ivame ii-disci iminatejy and selling the
mmr and hides. 'Deputy Warden
Stevens is still in tho dlstriet.nfter the
main hunting party and expects to
make another large seizure of meat
and probabjy more arrests in ihe
course ot two or three days.
Wild Sciisnf ion in the I'ri' rich
ChKiiilicr of ni-imties.
Paris. Dee. S.—a decided sensation
was caused in the chamber of deputies
to-day. At the conclusion of the de
bate on the budget of the minister of
justice a stranger in the gallery fired
two shots from a revolver. There
upon. the electric bells, which were
placed all over the building after the
bomb outrage committed by Vailiant.
the anarchist, were rung and the
doors were instantly dosed and guard
ed. The stranger was arrested. No
body was hurt.
An Inipnrtnnt WItneNM.
Stevens Point, Dec. S.—O. A. Cole
has been subpoenaed in the Stillwell
murder case at Rowling Green. Mo.
Mr. Cole was formerly an electrician
and on the night of the alleged mur
der ill 1SSS (Jok was at the switch
board in the telephone exchange and
overheard a conversation over the
wire between relatives that will, it
is said, show that they are implicated
in the murder.
Durrnnt Dt'iiivd a 2Vew Trial
San Francisco, Dec. S.—Theodore
Durrant was denied a new trial, in
10 days lie will be taken from the
county jail to San Quentin prison
and kept there until sentense is pro
nounced. He will appeal to the su
preme court.
HellowinK a Lone Way.
W inona, Minn., Dec. 8.—Long-dis
tance telephone connection was
opened to-day between this city and
La Crosse, the line being entirely com
pleted. this now gives La Crosse also
long-distance connection with tlie
Twin Cities.
Drank IIlmMvlf to Death.
Lead, S. D„ Dec.- 8.—J. B. Lawrence,
an old-timer and well-known miner,
was found fiead in his bed this fore
noon. Last night he drank consider
ably. The coroner is investigating
the case. Lawrence was about -10
years old, and leaves a family.
found In the River.
St. Paul, Dec. 8.—The body of an
unknown man was found floating In
the river at the foot of Sibley street
this morning.
"'1 i'.i-
An Interminable International 3115
l»(ite Likely,
Washington, Dec. 8.—While it is
true, as before stated in the Associai
•d dispatc hes, that the administration
Is awr.re that Lord Salisbury's reply
to Secretary Oiney's note of .Inly last,
touching the Venezuela boundary dis
pute is adverse to the proposition to
arbitrate the title to the laniN lying
westward of the Sehomherg line, the
fact that the reply itself has not yet
reached Washington precludes tin
idea of any speedy action by our
government in this matter. When the
reply is received by Sir Julian Paitnce
fote, he may occupy himself several
flays, tt least, in its careful considera
tion, in order that lie may make sure
that lie is transmitting to Secretary
Olney the views of his government,
so far as it is proper for them to be
communicated to the United States
government without, at the same
time, imparting any portion of the
note that may lie framed for his
private guidance. Then the absence
of the president from Washington
would operate further delay lo the
proceedings by the state department,
for Secretary Olney would not feel
justified in making a forward move
ment at this stage of the case, which
is now commonly regarded as at least
approaching a critical point, without
advising fully with the president. As
Ihe latter has promised congress to
communicate in a special message
the nature of Lord Salisbury's reply,
further delay may be caused by the
preparation of this •-sage. so. on
the whole, it is inipronable that tlie
next step can be iak«-n before the
latter part of the present month, if
so eariv.
II in
A Friend of tlie Senator Snys
N:tme 31
a.v He 1'iit l'|.
Chicago. Dee. s.—Capt. D. W. Wood,
the attorney, who is a life-long friend
of Senator John Sherman, has re
turned from Ohio, and is auiliority
for tlie statement that there is a weli
delined sent:iment in various parts
of tlie country in favor of the ven
erable statesman for president in isilii.
Capt. Wood says: "I can say that
we have this assurance, that Senator
Sherman will not enier tile scramble
lo contest for the nomination. The
move of his friends to have liis name
presented lo Ihe convention will be
dignified and becoming. A col. red
man from the far South could, w'uii
propriety, arise that convention and
nominate him. for one of our main
contentions will be that he is a man
of the nation, and not of any par
ticular siate. This i-iing i- sure -Mie
next natiou.il convention will lie asked
to consider liis claims, and we can
believe they will lie treated with the
utmost consideration."
I'OX »tVI-:i( I. IT"HJATitlV
O(fivers of tlie tVi-slcrn I'mx-r llii^:
Are !Jiset:,-ii*ne!.
Milwaukee. Wis.. I lee. s...- William
Van Nortwiek. president of the West
ern Paper P.ag company, of Kaukauna.
together with the other otliccrs of that
corporation, were to-day discharged by
Commissioner I'.locdgood. in the suits
of tlie government growing out of the
alleged illegal drawing of water from
the government minis in the Fox
river valley. The matter will not rest
here, however, as District Atiornev
Wigman announce.-, that lie will bring
the case to ailontion of the federal
grand jury. Tin discharge was or
dered on I lie ground that there was
nothing in the e\ideiive to fasten the
guilt upon the defendants.
Severn I Trotli-is llttriici!
l-'tu Claire, Dec. *.--- At an early hour
this morning three large bar'r.s .n
apt. A. M. Sherman's farm, near
here, were destroyed b.v lire, and eight
horses, several with track \!s.
were burned. 'Ihe iisi of animals in
cludes I telle I "re. well-known in Hie
N' rthwestern circuit. Three men who
'ept in the office of the barn witti
the trotting stock narrowly escaped.
1 hey saved the horses and cattle in
two barns, but could do nothing in
the barn where the trotters were kept.
The lire started from a stove. Los-.
about 8-0,000. with a partial insur
11 I* Cilpl. Wooilwnril
St. Paul. Dee. 8.—Frank 11. E.
Havana, Dev. 8.—A correspondent
in Puerto Principe confirms tlie re
port of the engagement near La Rc
forma, and in which Gen. Suarez Vai
dez diverted the advance of Autonio
Maceo on Santa Clara. The insurg
ents were repulsed, their loss in killed
and wounded and prisoners being re
ported at 300.
Dunraven Coiii'iikt.
London, Dec. 8.—The Field announ
ces this morning that Lord Dunraven
will sail for New York on next Thurs
day in order to resume an inquiry as
to the degree of immersion of the
Defender in the first race for the
American cup in September.
Took I'oinou,
Marshall, Minn,, Dec. 8.—John Isbell
suicided this evening with poison. He
was an old resident of Mrashali and
Lyon counties and without relatives.
He came here twenty years ago, was
fifty-three years old and a veteran of
the war. His adopted mother-died a
week ago to-day.
Gov. UimtiBKB: 111.
Harrlsburg, Pa., Dec. 8.—GOT. Hast
ings Is confined to the executive man
sion with a l.Uld ease of bilious fever.
1 -V
JOK (IF liKilLIN Al.'i.'l VKS.
lie Coiuew to Ameriea to Start a
Campaign A^aiuM lielireux, His
Doelrine ISeiim That They Are
Hiieroueliinu: tpon the Wealth of
the World anil That They Are a
Menace to tlie I'roNiierlty of
Other ItnceN
New York. Dec. 7.-Dr. Herman
Berlin, and 'lie celebrated anti-Semitic
agitator. Ahlwanll, arrived to day on
the North German Lloyd steamer
Spiee. Ilerr Ahlwarur was met by
several friends ami lakeii to the hotel
Meyer, in Ilolioketi. It is said that
llei'r Alilwardt's mission to America is
to start campaign against Hebrews,
his doctrine being thai they are en
croaching upon the wealth of tin
world, ami are a menace lo the pros
perity of other races of the earth, lie
does not believe they should hold
.ioflice. enjoy the rights of citizenship
or have any share in public affairs.
In an interview. Dr. Ahlwanlt said:
"I have come to America for the
purpose of exposing the methods of
the .lews, an anti-semitio club in New
York invited me to deliver a series of
lectures hero. I am ai the head of the
anli-Seinitio faction in the reichstag.
In lsTn I became au anli-Scinitie.
Prof. Dueriug of the t'niversily of
Merlin interested me ill work against
Ihe .lews. He was the leader of the
movement at that time. I studied the
subject ami followed in his footsteps.
He preached the doctrine of anii
Semiticism. I recognized its truth and
value. At that time I was rector of
the public schools in I'erlin and came
in contact daily with the poorer ele
ment. 1 saw what they suffered at
the hands of the Semities. I rec
ognized the wrong done the working
classes and became a worker in the
movement. For four years I have been
in th reichstag and have advocated
every measure against the Hebrews.
Not long ago I received the inviia
lion to leoiure here. I saw tile field
was great and determined to come at
'1 lio-i' of Si:ia|ljM,\.
New Vtrk, Dee. V.--A dispatch re
ceived I oui 1'raddoek. Pa., says I hat
three i-iim'S of small .pox have been
found there. The Rraddock author
ities were suspicious of three emi
grants in a party which arrived rhere
last Sunday on the steamer Kaiser
Wilhelm li. on Saturday. The board
of health has the patients under sur
veillance and believe the other four
Germans have the same disease.
Health otlieer Doty said to-day thai
could tiei understand how there
could ha\e been any small pox on t!.
isaiser Wilhelm II. "A thorough in
spection of the vessel was ni'ide," Mr.
Doty said, "and there was not a trace
of the disease, and if its small pox. it
developed after the passengers had
been passed at ipiarantine. My otiieers
at r.remen and Southampton have not
informed me of small pox at either
plai e. I will make an investigation to
'I lie C'lnjlu Victory.
Key West. I-'la.. Dec. 7.—Accord
lo advices which reach her.- fi
Havana, the Cubans ence more
won a notable victorv over
Spaniards. The battle was fought
iVeen 'amaguey a Las Villas.
era's le tiie/. and Sauehe/. with :t,i
insurgents encountered Gen
Snare/.. Vaide-/. and I'arriei. comma
ing li..iOO S"iia i'la ds. Three hour
do.-pet-ate lighting was waged.
Spaniards retiring with a loss of
killed and :tun wounded.
ward. the former St. Paul newspaper
man who went to Cuba as war corres
pondent for the New York World, and
was ordered executed by the Span
iards. is in the city. He arrived from
Chicago this morning, and will visit
his mother in Minneapolis' for several
days before returning to Chicago. Mr.
Woodward holds a commission as cap
tain in the Cuban rebel army.
Suielile or Murder My.slerv.
Andover, Dec. 8.—George Winches
ter. aged about 4" years, was found
dead in a pool of blood yesterday
morning in his apartments over the
Andover National Batik. Indications
point to suicide, with a possible
chance for a murder theory. Winches
ter was a prominent and wealthy busi
ness man.
IiiHurjreulN Ilepulfleil.
I ve
•Ji ii
t'l'i' ni'iiii^tnu- Moore.
Nellie Atlas and ".Mormon Ann." alia
Lew Timely, who are supposed to have
drugged and robbed W. 10. Green in
Norih Slurgis last Sunday, have been
arrested and are now in jail. The
stomach of Green lias been sent to the
chemist ot the school ot" mines at
Rapid t'itv to be analyzed. The cor
oner's jury will not 'be discharged
until the chemist's report is made.
More arrests will be made to-dav.
Alleged Train reekcr*.
Chicago, Dec. 7.—Three prisoners,
two of whose names are the same.
George Wilson, and the other Robert
Williams, are locked up at the Des
plaines street police station. It is said
thy are inspected by officials of the
Northwestern railway with having
been connected with a party of wreck
ers. who derailed a train in Iowa last
sum tiler. They will be held until mti
ccrs can be brought from Iowa to look
at them.
DnfTy Denies It
Fort Wayne, Ind.. Dec. 7.—William
Duffy. John C. Stone's partner who is
under sentence for three years says
that Stone's confession is false. Stone
litis a wonderful knowledge of crimes
but he gained it by his intimacy with
crooks. He has been considered at
times insane, doubtless due to his
vicious habits. Owing to the fact that
Duffy has exposed his true character
Stone is now attempting to connect,
him with all the murders he has ever
read about or has any knowledge of
Hardware In a Fire.
St. Paul. Dec. 7.—Charles Horsts
three-story brick hardware store at
000 St. Peter street suffered $4,000
damage by tire last night. The loss
is covered by insurance policies ag
gregating if10.000.
There was no rear entrance that was
available to the firemen, and the i»ns"
volumes of smoke prevented them
going in through the front door.
MeConnell Recover*.
Cleveland, Ohio. Dec. 7.—Will .1 Mc
Cntmell, the well known tempernnc
lecturer, who was erroneously reported
to hav been sent to en insane asylum
some time since, is now in perfect
health once more.
Soon Followed IIIn llrotlier.
Fort Scott, Kas.. Dec. 7.—Frederick
O. Baker, railroad contractor, died
here yesterday just after lie received
news of the death of his brother,
John A. Baker, at Bloomlield, Pa.
WAfe. 4,i4«
IcMinley'M i-'rienilit "Will Try to
S-.vnj- llje 'it thin itee
V, ashingioii, Dec. S. Active p"o
iatatio: for il.c assembling ot me
:e iitliiic :n national committee to sel
c' a lime and place for a national
••invention, are tiiai:ing. Ijirge Ue
-•a I ions ate i:|.ei-icd linm the en,..
seeking to secure tile eon\ent lot,
Pittsburg. San Francisco, Chii tig'.
md St. Louis. While these are iiio
main contestants. New York staie
ivill hu\e a delegation seeking the
.•onveiiiioti. with Saratoga as the eon
rent ion (dace.
'I lie most considerable delegation
icre is that representing the interest
Gov. MoKiulc.\. Ii includes .I. isod I
Smiili. Kx-Kepri seiitative Thump- «..
on of iiiio. Gen. William Oshor ,c
if r.oston. Powell Clayton of ArKan
•'as and other weii-known men. \Vil
iam M. Uaiin. the national i-onimtt
man from Ohio, ami Ma.i. Charles
iiick. e.\ state chairman of Ohio, will
be here also. lien. .Marl I latum, of
I'lei r-iaiiil. intended to conic, but is
!e\ait|od by the illness of his wile
I iie party make no concealment of
their purpose to look after the m
Vres.s of Gov. Kinloy. as the Ohio
-a tid
idttte for he pri-siilcm-v Mr.
•Muitli. one of the most active men of
the dclcgntion. said:
"We have no plans to submit and
ire not favoring one city as against
mother. lint the candidacy of Gov.
McKitilev is fully understood the
•oiintry over, ami we are here, witli
itit any request from him. to look
liter diio's choice. The stale is all
-olutcly united arid all talk of di\ion
has passed away."
He Wax Afraid tlie Sullnn Wanted
Ills Sea!j,
Constantinople, Dec. S.—The feature
if the political situation here -nay
is the step taken bv Said Pasii.i.
president of the council of state and
formerly grand vizi'-r. in seeking ref
uge. accompanied by his son. a lad
iged about 1- years, in the British
embassy. An investigation of the af
fair shows that the sultan sent a
special messenger to Said Pasha, in
viting him to occupy the Chalet, wi'h- -V
in the grounds of tlie Yildiz Ki isk
park, which was formerly owned by
Midhat Pasha, at one time governor*
general of Syria, later governor of
Smyrna, and who was tried on sits
picioti of having beeti connected with
ihe murder of tin late sultan. Abdul
Aziz. Fully aware of the
of this imitation. Said Pasha d--
ciit'ed. This is sah]
Settlers May Hold Tti.-ir !,:iril»
Sioux City. Iowa. Dec. rn-t
.1udgo I.add has decided in f.nor of
the settlers in several suits involving
title to land granted by convrres^
many years ago to the Siou\ City Ar
St. Paul road in WY.odlmry and Ply
mouth counties. The road tailing to
comply with all the tot ins of the
grant. Ihe land was squatted on. and/-,./
a dispute subsequently arose between''-*
the road ami the settlers as to the
title. In all nearly ."ti.ooo acres of
lULil are involved.
Cen. Wrlscht is Dead
Des Moines. Dec. s.—(Jem Kdward
Wright died this morning, at 'J:.'1) o*
clock, after an illness lasting several
weeks. He was born near Saieni.
ia 1SU7 and. in
have made
Abdul liatniit tahe steps to nr'-e-i the
former grand vizier, who is s-.ispei ted
by the palace people of iiuri.'i'nig tor
the dispesjtion ot' the present suit.an
in favor ex Sultan Mur.nl ho
was declared by the council '"in
istcrs in l's7ii to be suffering t.om
I'tT hit i:r Tin-: -.v v.
P.\-Snl!n:i 1- S.,r,| lo II..
Lond-,' i. Dec. s.—Sp'-eial dispatches
from (.'on.sta!:tiiiople allege ili.it
A dispatch the (,'renicle f*ota
Vienna, says: It is stated ih.it the ex
Sultati Murad has from Cou
fOantinople. le.it has been sett'tly
iilcd by the sultan's outrage on at—
count of his liberal tendencies
V.» I-'.xf r::*JT! ion 'I cuki iivleil
P.russels. Dec. N. —The Indcjiclidi r»
Pi lge d.-:.ics the statement |uipb~ie
S. Imogen- ami .eUatri'-c h.i\e I'.iu
ed blue jackets at Peru to pro «-t •*,'
rise Kngiisli euibassv.
in New York that the P. S. Miiu-tt
here, .]atues Kwing. has tufiined
'he government at Wasfing'oi, thit
I'.-'b.-mm refuses to grant the \na
do ion of Russell KiPoraii and A,, n.
tiie men allege! to be the post tin
thieves, who cscmii...! from l.udh
street jail. New York en .Itdy I I i-t
The paper adds that the o.\n adit ion
of these men has t.over been demand
ed by the rutted States.
removed ti»
Cedar counij-. Iowa. He served J3a!
through the war. being brevetted bri
gadler-general for valient services. He
was chosen speaker of the Eleventh,
general assembly and. in lSiiii, wa*
elected secretary of state, serving sit
years in that office.
To Kneonra.ure lamtJuration
Eau Claire. Wis., Dec. .S.—It was de
cided to-day to call a preliminary
meeting, to be held Dee. l." or 14 to
make arrangements for a convention
of representatives of all the counties
in this part of Wisconsin, to be held
in Eau Claire, to devise plans for the
encouragement of immigration and to
form an organization to be known as
the Chippewa Valley immigration as
Charged With Kareeny.
Milwaukee. Dee. S.— Maurice Spei
scr, a wholesale clothing dealer was
arrested here to-day on the charge of
larceny preferred by the New York
police. Speiser recently failed in busi
ness and to-day was sentensed for ten
days for contempt of court.
Satterlee for IUkIiop
Washington. Dec. 8.—The Rev. Dr.
Henry Yates Sjitterlee. of Calvary
Episcopal church, of New York city,
was elected bishop of the newly-cre
ateil Episcopal diocese of Washing
ton to-day. •,
Xot of Extortion,
Topeka, Kan., Dec. S.—State Labor
Commissioner W. G. Bird, charged
with extortion in office, was acquit
ted by a jury to-day after a trial of
two days. I
-e "v A

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