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^vJ|ijtei»d in the postoftice
as second class matter.
Republican Judicial Convention.
4to the Bepubliewi Blecuirsof theJMxth u
dlciat Ofreuit of the State of South Dakota:
A delegnte convention of tht::Si:rih.:J,udl
ol»l Circuitoftthe State of South Dakota. is
hereby onlled fo meet for the purposeof
nominating aoandldftte for .Circuit Judge or
the Sixth Judicial Circuit, of the 8tute]of
South Dakota.* and fori the transaction of
Sucii otl»«r bu»io«s (is may properly come bo
fore it. at HJghmore, Hyde county. South Da
tho 2nd day of Jane, 1901, at 1.o'clock
The oommittee'recommends tliat no prox
ies be allowed in the" convention, and that
the delegates and alternates present coat a
full rote of the county. The ratio of repre
sentation will boifas follows: One delegate
at large for eaob county, and one additional
delegtttefor each one hnndred votes or. major
fraction .thereof cast for Hon. Charles N.
Berreld republican candidate for governor
at the election of litUS. The representation
to whtcb-tbe deveral frountJos will be untitled
Under this call is as follow:
Campbell 7, BdtnundsVS. Faulk 6, Han-1 S,
Hughe** 6, Jlyde ft. MuPhernon 7, Potter 4,
Stanley 8 Sully 4, Walworth 5.
Dated May &th, 1904.
By order of the Republican Sixth Jndloial
Circuit Committeo,
0. H. BARJIOS, Sec,
II K. lIoiiNBii, dim.
The tendency of the American peo
ple to boom a good thing to the limit,
or, rather, to tun a good thing to death,
Is well brought out in the matter of
her stupendous expositions, past, pres
ent, and prospective.
Inasmuch aB this tendency is an out
growth of American push, energy, and
ability to- oncompass objects of stag
gering magnitude, usually with a cred
itable degree of success, it is perhaps
not a thing to be censured but at the
same time one can not but notice, With
§p anrprise at first, the calmness, nonchal
and matter of fact way with
Which a people contemplates the ex
position at St. Itouis.
)Ph purely, the world do .move.*
a century ago, or even Bince, it
had be^n contended that there conld be
projected in America an institution
which would bring together in peace,
hAmony and splendor the peoples aud
products of every nation and clime,
the idea would have been scoffed at.
it had been asserted that an fhsti
tution of' such a fabulous wealth of
wonder eoiiid be built every five or
ten years, the suggestion would have
beset treated lightly.
If it had been said tliat the people of
:ihis commonwealth would ever become
so accustomed to the sight of and asso
ciation with the opulence of the world,
all the wealth and wonders that omni
potence or mind of man could produce,
that,-they would favor it with little
tnor^ than passing Consideration, it is
doubtt'ttl i|.the prophet would have es
caped the lunatic asvlurn.
Yet herf we have an example^ of a
thoroughly fed,' thoroughly satisfied
people, languid and torpid after their
gormandizing of the past, looking upon
tbfa Wonder ot the'Ceutury (if, indeed,
•tbsjrgive it any sonslderrtion at all) as
matter off act thing, or merely as an
toeldeht which has rolled around with
tbs whirligig of time, and which is
nothing more than they as |ov|jeign
P*®P'e a tight to expect.
Only a decade ago the gates of the
exposition were' thrown
taent, inj, nnspeakabl^wonderment.
tj'4 I aud
|r#f«At «qo«l||fii
a#ro /the Prwident of the
l^ti^^tes, in his apartments at
Washington, pressed atf electee button
iod instantly, a thousand miles from
upon hundreds "of
of that gre^L Orgah
and the
a |ar.
**8§0 t®
Ael^jyr would
Ipt wohtt
the -people iu timing- their.steps agcord
ingly. Ht
The St. Louis exposition will' be a
success. Americans to not engage in
projects that are not successes or,
rather, they make successes of all tliey
undertake. South Dakota, people will
be there as will tlie people from every
other section. But the fact remains
that the American people will not be
•amazed, awed, or disconcerted by the
idea of a little thing like a condensed
world at St. Louis.
The world do move.
The big convention at Sioiix Falls
did not quite clear up the preliminaries
in the republican party for this season,
the circuit judge nominations being
yet to be made.
In the sixth circuit of which Hughes
county is "a part there is a chance for a
lively skirmish among the candidates
—in fact it is now on in a quiet but de
termined way. The general under
standing that this county which for
several years has held the judgeship in
the person of Hon. L. E. Gaffy, would
not ask for further recognition at this
time, has resulted in the coming forth
of a number of good men from various
parts of the circuit, each one with a
promise of strong backing from his
home delegation, although in most in
stances the county conventions have
not yet been held.
Gunderson of Stanley is in the field
with his delegation of three to start
bis little boom let. Uoucher from the
northern border of the circuit, McPher
son county, will be entered with a sup
porting delegation of seven and an ar
gument that it is time the north should
be recognized./ Burr of Walworth with
a delegation of live. Bottum of Faulk
is in with a delegation of six home sup
porters and has the advantage of being
located in the center of the circuit,
while Hand county with the largest
number of delegates of any of the
eleven counties in the circuit, eight,
will work for the interests of her home
man. Attorney Cole.,
This leaves the delegations from
Campbell, Edmunds, Hughes, Hyde,
Potter and Sully to be swung in favor
of some candidate or candidates but
who will swing them, or how. they will
be divided, is yet a question. It is
claimed that Gunderson of Stanley,
through a dicker previous to the state
convention by means of which Oraw
ford^got the Stanley delegation, was, in
return, to have the Hyde county dele
gation of five at the judicial conven
tion. It is claimed however that Gun
derson broke faith with Hyde at the
state convention by voting with the
machine on every proposition except
tfie direct question of governor. If
this be the case, Hyde's natural inclina
tian will be toward the Hand county
man, Cols. ,In any event a combina
tion of Stanley and Hyde with no prob
ability of .further helpful, alliances,
would be a small force to push candi
date Gunderson through the conven
Hughes and Snily will probably work
together in a brotherly manner in this
matter, though just how or where their
influence will go is undetermined. The
most natural thing would be for them
to throw their votes to some of the up
country counties, but how to do this in
ftp equitable martuer is as yet Unsettled.
With the votes in the northern part of
the circuit divided as they are, and
with a candidate in the east, Hughes
and Sully could arrange to hold the
balance of power, but do they want it?
A^tUvieion Of thetr^votes between Wal
wotths Faulk. and McPherson is not an
unbooked for thing.
"iPhe convention at Highmorer June
2nd, can se.tthybbe n^atter with, its 61
The bifjtange cattle busine^ 4s "all
shottopiecea" in the weeterh half ot
Wiwlfaer: it Is due to
tlSl. eountry, m!siiai|&g«
or o«h|H' jaooQomic causes, the
l« fact* ana whether
large scale methods. But disaster or
disaster it is a condition that must
and call be laced as it has been in every
section of the country that was in the
path of progress.
The evidence of this dilapidated con
dition of the big cattle busiuess is
found in the preiiafious financial con
dition of a majority of the '.'cattle
kings", whose supposed thousands
would shrink to nothingness under the
pressure that could be brought to bear
if deemed advisable. jjg -r $ KCy
It is reasonable to suppose that if it
has become impossible to. longer make
cattle raising in droves of thousands
profitable it is for the reason that that
branch of industry has been driven out
by another and necessarily better occu
pation ,,and looked.upon in this light,
the gradual waning and ultimate dis
appearance of the old time wild west
industry'can not be contemplated with
any regret except that which naturally
follows separation from that to which
one has become accustomed.
With these big cattle holdings divid
ed updnto multifarious smaller ones in
thef possession of settlers and home
builders there will be nothing left of
the once big industry except the rom
ance connected with it, and the memo
ry of fortunes made before the spread
ing population came to claim their
share ol. Uncle Sam's domain.
1 -"1^5
Those who are worried about the
"extravegance,' of the South Dakota
legislatures and are wondering where
the money is coming from are evident
ly not taking into consideration the
taxable, property of the state is increas
ing at a rate that makes it possible for
larger revenues to come in and necess
ary for larger expenditures to be made.
At present, for iir,stance, the state
auditor is receiving lists of lands to be
placed upon the tax roll. From the
Chamberlain district alone 510 final
proofs were reported for the past year.
This means that from that district the
state will receive a share of the taxes
from over 60,000 additional acres of
land. The reports from the several
other land oflices have not as yet. been
received, but something of an estimate
of what the' Pierre district will con
tribute can* be made from the fact that
nearly 5000 filings have been made
since 1902. Proofs on these lands are
being made constantly, and granting
that all holders are anxious to prove up
and receive title to their land as soon
as possible, during this year 800,000
acres mote jf taxable land will be add
ed to the roll from this source.
Then there is the Rosebud with its
41*1,000 acres of rich land which has
just been thrown open. With the rush
that is being made after it no one can
doubt that as soon sis the law will- per
mit it will be made subject to taxation,
and will be turning its portion into the
state coffers.
Realty values are everywhere going
up and there is iittl&.probalility. of the
state going broke.
it is notable that in the despondency
csueed by womanly diseases, there
to many a suffering woman no way of
«K»pe from pain except at tlfe price of
life, itself. It would be sad to record
nuch a ,story of strttsgle.and suffering ex
cept for the fact
that in such dire
distress many a
woman has
found a way
bock to health
and happiness
by theuueofDr.
Kerce's Favor
ite Prescription,'
only remedy for
female weak-
mmb, ao mhsi
tatelf specific iifeoaring'diese
common ailments of women, as to War
rant fta mafcets in offering, to pay,
they hereby do, the Bum of £500 reward
fof a case of the above maladies which
they cannot cure.
medWne almost raised me from thc
WjitM )bs. ltd win H. Gardner, ofltgrot!
«•—Co, 14, "My uri^e wa«
diwtand I had twb aR over me, and
agtiag feeitog aeemed 1 conu «ot
at 1
three batties
Oa aod thnSe
land three Titbj
-0^ jns'cofk
High School News.
Current events were given the latter
part of the week by Francis Gr^en
ough. Alice Millett, Mae Seelye, and
Harold Ureeden.
Miss Louise Gleckler entertained the
Senior class at the Congregational sup
per at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lock
hart. After the supper they strolled
around the town for a while.
For opening exercises Friday after
noon the seniors gave Current events.
Each was required to procure his own
item, and on, the. whole they were in
teresting. -Vi
The Sophomore class held a meeting
in the recitation room Friday after
noon. The class was organized and
the following officers were elected:
Grace Goodner," President
Jenny Mallery, Vice President
Jay Jeffries, Secretary and Treasurer
Theclass colors decided upou were
yellow and blue. They appointed a
eommittes to look up a number of class
Milo Williams returned to school
Monday, after being absent a couple of
days the latter part of the week. Milo
had the misfortune to fall from a tree
and dislocate his shoulder. We are
glad to see him back.*, *. ..
Harriett Haney has been absent this
week on account of illness.
The track team' departed. for Yrank
ton yesterday afternoon. We have an
excellent team and expect them to
bring back a line record. They will
be accompanied by a.number of High
school pupils who will probably do a
little encouraging. The team which
will go consists of Robert P. Gleckler,
captain Walter Rose, Bert Elliott,
Ora Nelson, Paul Betg, and Francis
C. XV. Swank.
llOXTshares S. Baker, 11000 shares: L,. L:
shares Estate of E. E. McMillan
Myra Williams, Alice Hutchinson,
and Hazel Dickey started for Yankton
yesterday afternoon to attend the
meet. 4
The Americanjllistory class enjoyed
a discussion of "Uncle Tom's Cabin"
Monday afternoon.
he program was changed again tlie
first part of the W66k.
The Athietic club held a meeting in
the recitation room Monday noon.
The school census was taken last
Saturday by a number of the High
School boys. The money received for
so doing was turned into the fund of
the track team.
The Senior class meetings are num
erous these days, ip
Miss Louise Gleckler departed for
Yankton yesterday'afternoon. She will
represent the High School in the de
clamatory contest.
Whitney Electric and Development
Principal office. Pierre, S. Dakota.
Office, Suite No. 9 Real Estate Board fiuilrt
ing. Chicago. Illinois.
A corporation under and by virtue of the
.... %gaT°J J]"5 Staler Sou tli Dakota.
meeting ct the Directors of this Company.
held on the 5th day of April, 1904. an assess
nient qS two dollnrs($2.00) per share was lev
ied upCn the eapitcl stock of the Corporation
Issued to the tollowlng subscribers therefor.
or to be hereafter issued, as provided by sub
scription contracts of February Htii. 1903.
shares- 8 Marks, 11000 shares M. A.
^sha,"es: •J-EhrenbeMr.llfWOshures: tucky was caught smoking
liOOOsl^aresT'H. E. xvlngl^'um
M. ICenney, 11000 shares C. A. Winger," 11000
Biiares H. A. Haines. 11000 shares H. E.
Estate of E. D. Smith,
UOOO shares C. Shorman. 11000 shares. T.
Spoaber, 11000 shares: A. G. Whitney, aOfO'JO
shares, iind O. Lasher, 11000 sliares. Issued
or to he issued, and outstanding: according to
syndicate contracts of February 14th, 194)2,
and also stock issued and outstanding from
tlie treasury stock of this company, to O. A.
ErikenswicK, 400 shares A. Sherer, 12000
shares Katherine O'Connor, 200 ehares W
F.Henne,200shares Ed. Heiss. 800 shares
E. Clody. 200 sliares Augustine Trcscli. 20
shares E. Poblow, 840 shares: J. F. Brick, 20
shares ICessiar Bros., a partnership, 20
shares L. Matcher. 5 shares Louise Malcher
40 shares F. X. Krugrle, 20 shares 14. Her
?.lUSf, ?Q O. VI. Johnson, to shares! Dr
shams Maggie Bergron, S^shares^Augrusta
n«i\nf 11\ TT
W. Nestmun, 20 shares F. A. Hauck, 10 supplying tire heathen with their gods
snares M. Croat, 10 shares: H. 2
shares F. X. Schoonmakei', 30 shares P. F.
Jensen, 32 sliares J, Mueller. 10 shares: Miii
nie Mueller, One share: Sophie Keller, One
share R. McGuire, 5 sliares N. McGuire, 10
shares, whether above said stock stands or
record as originally issued or in the name of
subsequent purchasers. Any of said stoek
upon winch the assessment shall remain un
paid 011 the 23d day of May, 1904. will be dc
linnuentand will be advertised for sale at
pullc auction, and, unless payment is made
before, will be sold on Thursday, the 80th
day of June, 1904, to pay the delinquent as
sessment, together with costs of advertising
and expenses of saht.
(Corporate Seal.)
No. 9 Real Estute Board Building, Chicago, 111
April 15th. A. D. 1904. 51-w4
First publication May 5.
irtment of the loterlor.
_ce at Pierre, 8. D., May 4.1904.
Land I
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has tiled notice of her intention
to. make flnal proof in support of her claim,
and that-said proof will be made before the
E. s«. 8#e Pub!k:"orli^™for
S3, T-112 N.. R. 80 W. She ua®eS the fol/jow
inT witnesses jo prove her continuous resi
dence upon and uultiration-of said land, viz:
Peter Alletnan, Arthur Buueh. IPetor AUe
man JiJ, and Joseph Ihli. aUof Pierre, 81).,
.. .11'
Department ofthe Interior.
£agd oSioo at Pierre, S. D.
April BS. 1904.
Notice is hereby given that tlte following
named settler hassled -notice of his Inten
Won *0 make flnal proof ip support of his
claim, and that said proof will be made be-/
fore the regl ster anu reoelyer at Pierre, S.
on July 16, ntU, v|z:
"a umi vU:
Brnilar of BMC/%res, 8 Bf
The Desert of Gobi.
The great desert of Gobi would fill
the entire Mississippi valley from ths
Alleghenieo to the Rockies. Upward
of 300,000 square miles or Arabia ai«s
an uninhabited waste, while the ter
rible Saraha is vast enough to cover
the whole United States.
I hereby announce myself as a candi
date for the nomination to the office
of County auditor, subject to the will
of the voters at the republican pri
mary election.
||§s Dignity and Comfort.
Senator "Joe" Blackburn of Ken
a big
black briar pipe in the senate lobby.
"Is this senatorial dignity?" asked a
friend. "No, senatorial' comfort," was
the reply.
blaek brlar ninfl ln the senatl
3ears tlie
The Kind You
The Idols Wo Possess,
It is a strange errand that has
brought a Korean to this country—to
-v.-—i. contract for idols. It is news to learn
-^merica has, manufactories for
Heretofore one supposed the Ameri­WCD
can girl was the only idol in the
country—Geneva (N. -Y.) Times.
Absolutely Pure
Hakky Rathmicll.
A Startling Test.
To save a life, Dr. T. G. Merritt, of
No. Mehoopany, Pa., made a startling
test resulting in a wonderful cure.,
lie writes, "a patient was attacked
with violent hemorrhages, caused by
ulceration of the stomach. 1 had
often found Electric Bitt.ers excellent
for acute stomach and liver troubles so
I prescribed them. The patient gained
from tue first, and has not had an at
tack in 14 months." Electric Bitters
are positively guaranteed for Dyspep
sia, Indigestion, Constipation and
Kidney troubles. Try them. Only
50c at M. J. Schubert's drug store.
Via the North-Western Line. Excur
sion Tickets will besold at one fare
for round trip May 18 to 24 inclusive,
limited by extension to return Until
June 30, inclusive. Apply to agents
Chicago & North-Western R'y. M14
Quick Arrest. -.ri• '$.!'.I
J. A. Gulledge of Verbena, Ala wiis
twice in'the hospital from a severe case
of piles causing g4' tumors. After doc
tors and all remedies failed, Uucklen's
Arnica Salve quickly arrested further
inllamation and cured him. It con
quers a6hes and kills pain at
M. J. Schubert's, Druggist
The best ever brought
to the cityi Come and
look at it.i:
Pierre, South Dakota
The Empress as a Censor.
The strenuousness which marks the
life of the German emperor is being
slowly extended to other members of
His family, and now the empress is
going to attend special, rehearsals of
all new plays presented at Berlin the
aters, and such as she does not ap
prove of will be forbiddsn. In the
present state of the drama Industry
the duties of the European empress
will surely be found arduous.
Via the-JMorth-Western Line. Excur-,.
sion tickets at greatly reduced rates
are on sale to the territory indicated
above. Standard and Tourist Sleeping
Cars, Free Recliniff& Chair Cars and
"The Best of Everything." For dates
of sale and full particulars apply to
agents Chicago & North-Western R'y.
June 4
For Infants and Children.
You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
Prince Writes Ballet Music.
Ever since Frederick the Great, ths
house of Hohenzollern has been con
spicuous for its devotion to music.
The latest instance is Prince Joa
chim ALircht of Prussia, the second
son of the regent of Brunswick, who
has just completed the music for a
spectacular ballet entitled "The Mil*
acle of Spring."
the The Kind You Have Always Bought
The Latest Chemical Wonder,
•n American chemist has invents^
a tube for truth. You speak into it
ths chemical solution changes color
according to the tensity of your emo
tion, and truth and mendacity ars
described aa being quite distinct
vivid colors.
We promptly'obtain U.lj. and Foreign"
Send model, sketch or photo of invention for
free report On
How to
patentability. For fre
For free book, 1
Patents and
S apt®

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