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president of the Northwestern
Road Spends Sunday in
This City.
The Day Was Consumed in
Looking Over the Town
and River Front.
Saturday evening the special train of
three coaches pulled into the city, con
taining Marvin Hujrhitt, president of
the Northwestern railroad J. M. Whit
.man, vice president W. A. Gardner,
general manager O. H. McCaithy,
division superintendent, and A. C.
Johnson, general agent.
The special stood on the sidetracks
all day Sunday, and in the evening
pulled out for Chicago. During the
day the president of the largest railroad
corporation west of Chicago, with the
other gentlemen composing his party,
took some extended strolls about the
city, spending some time at the boat
landing and going across the river to a
point above Marion's island. They
meta number of our citizens and con
versed lreely over the prospects of the
state, seeming well pleased with the
looks of the country, which never be
fore presented a better appearance, but
one and all they were very reticent
about the all-iuteresting subject to our
citizens and the state at large, as to
whether the road will make any move
this year towards building west of the
river to the hills. Inasmuch as they
seemed to want to avoid this topic no
one pressed them for any detinite in
The trip of the otlicials to Pierre at
this time, together with their extended
stay and the points they visited should
certainly prove a good pointer, if noth
ing else. People here are becoming
well satisfied by piecing this and that
together, that the -Northwestern is get
ting ready for a westward move from
Pierre, and this, too, during the coming
summer. The mere fact that many car
loads ot steel rails are now being quietly
piled up near the stock yards, and lhat
immense quantities ot bridge and con
struction timbers and ties are accumu
lating in the yards at Huron, can mean
nothing else.
The time has come when the North
western is forced to build west, and
l'ierre uii^ht as well prepare to wit
ness lively railroad times in another
month or two.
President Hughitt and other ollicials
came to Pierre to touch the button that
will soon set railroad extension at work
west of Pierre, and you can well believe
it, for there are many evidences that
point unerringly to this conclusion.
Local items of Interest.
Last Saturday a baseball nine com
posed of some of Pierre's crack players
in their class crossed sticks with the
boys of Jilunt at Jilunt. At the end of
the ninth inning the score summed up
as follows:
'*w- 'V®*
7 Blunt, 4. Those
participating in the game were: Pierre—
Collen, Pond, Is'ahan, Logan, McCord,
Durgen, Smith, Holmes, and Jeffries.
Ulunt—C. Perron, Leonard, Garver,
Lee Lacey, Comstock, Trask, H. Per
ron, Shaver, and Adams.
Henry Esselburgge, one of the most
extensive farmers and stockmen in
Sully county, is realizing a nice little
income from his wool crop this year.
He expects the clip to produce 10,000
pounds and has ^contracted the sale of
the same at 25 cents per pound. Aside
from his A'ool crop, he will have about
800 lambs and is also raising horses and
cattle extensively. He has several hun
dred acres of crop in the ground. -Oko
bojo Times.
Memorial day services Tuesday call
to thtf attention of our people very
forcibly the sad fact of the passing of
the old army veteran who served his
country during the civil war. Twenty
years ago Tuesday there was only one
grave of a deceased comrade to deco
rate in Pierre. Now there are thirty
two in the cemeteries here, besides
seven members of the local post who
have been buried elsewhere.
Grass on vacant lots in the city is al
ready high enough to mow and make
hay. Out in the country a heavy hay
crop is now assured, while all those who
have planted grain are counting on a
bumper crop. The entire country
looks good any way you look at it. '1 he
big rain Sunday and Monday helped to
push up the vegetation.
A fishing party from Pierre will angle
for the finny tribe on Big Stone lake
all next week. Those who will com
pose the party are: Judge Puller, Con
gressman Jiurke, and Messrs. Albright,
Cramer, Stevens, Hinford, lJonsey, De
well,E.J. Warner, of Cheyenne Agency,
arid possibly ex-Governor Herreid.
•3. S. Ruble, Robert Brandhuber, and
Jleece Sebre© took their first lesson in
Free Masonry at the hall Monday night.
Riding the goat seems to be a popular
paBstime in all the secret orders in
Pierre at this time.
The Memorial day services were
carried out Tuesday under the program
given in the Free Press. The day
out to do honor the old veterans, and
the graves of the loved ones
who have gone to their long rest.
General S. J. Conklin, who arrived
from Clark Monday, to deliver the Me
morial day address, was greeted warmly
by his many friends in the city. Age
seems to sit lightly on the general, who
has passed by several years the allotted
three score and ten years.
Latest information goes to show that
the Milwaukee road will drop down
into had river at or near Midland, on
its way to the llills, and the people
there are hoping for a lively young city
with possibly a division point on the
The state auditor is holding a large
number of wolf bounty warrants, which
cannot be sent out because the addresses
of the owners are not known. In this
county there are warrants waiting for
Harry Pierce to call for them. It is
time he was getting his money.
Henry Karcher, who has control of
the putting in of cement sidewalks all
over the city, has secured contracts for
about 5000 feet of cement walks in Fort
Pierre. The quality of walks Mr. Kar
cher's men are putting in is the best
and most lasting to be had.
The long1 looked for and muchly
needed new pump ior the pumping sta
tion arrived on Monday's freight and
is being placed in position. It will soon
be in order to have plenty of water
without robbing some one else of the
liquid necessity.
Contractor W. H. Maxwell has gone
to Laramie, Wyo., where he has the
contract for the new public building.
Prom there he goes to Fresno, Cal., and
Colorado Springs, Colo., to look after
prospective contracts of the same kind.
The state board of regents is in ses
sion at the state house with President
Goodner and Secretary Aldrich, of tl
board. They are passing on the diplo
mas and signing the same, of the gradu
ates of various educational institutions.
T. 1), Edward, the veteran editor of
the Lead Daily Tribune is in the city.
Mr Edwards has been connected with
his paper for twenty-seven years, but
has recently sold a half interest to Prof.
Grace, late of the Miller schools.
Another race will be pulled off June
15, between the horses owned by Bob
Yokum and George Coates. The latter
won in the race a few weeks ago, by a
neck, on a half-mile heal. Fifty dol
lars aside is now up.
Senator J. E. Payne, of Vermillion,
spent Sunday in the city. It is rumored,
and pot without a basis of fact, that
the senator will this aummer claim in
marriage one of Pierre's most charming
school teachers.
The Modern Brotherhood of America
through its proper officers, has paid over
to the beneficiary of Miss Baker the
§1,000 due from the society. The M.
A. are always prompt in paying their
See that Automatic Carpet displayer
at the New Furniture Store. Any size
room shown carpeted from many
samples on hand. Carpets made to lit
room at small extra cost. J. C. Wild.
Harvey Ash will be inspector of the
Black Hills Stockmen's association at
Pierre this ypar. This is the position
formerly held by "Pard" Long, who is
now at Chamberlain.
Miss Christena Madsen returned
from her college studies at Minneapo
lis accompanied by her sister, Mrs
Peter Evaiib. The latter will visit with
her parents here.
Everybody is getting ready for the
circus, which comes to town today
circus always attracts a big crowd, and
especially Campbell Bros', which
about the best.
Hon. I. \V. Goodner, grand master of
the Masonic grand lodge, went
Miller Friday to take charge of the dedi
cation of the new Masonic hail in tha
thriving town.
Miss Sophie DeLand departed Satur
day for an extended vacation trip which
will take her as far as the Portland ex
position. She will be joined by friends
at Sioux City.
Charles Ford, a Brookings land agent
who has become largely interested in
real estate in this vicinity, has gone
to Wisconsin to bring out a crowd of
The high school ball nine that licked
the printers went up to Okobojo Mon
day and had it put all over them. This
makes it even a worse showing for the
Tom Phillips is in from his sheep
ranch near White Clay buttes. The ex
tension of the Milwaukee road strikes
in by his land and atowu will be located
near by.
The fiag staff on the state house has
been placed on the southwest front of
the building, and a big new flag graces
it, which was first unfurled on Memo
rial day.
Judge and Mrs. Corson are back
from Chicago, where they went to get
furnishings for their handsome new
residence now going up on Prospect
Frank Knowles, city engineer, has
been employed by Fort Pierre to estab
lish a number of street grades for a
number of new cement sidewalk pur
Special freight trains are run down 1 **dlacoar—. 1
from Huron every other day to clean
up the cars 011 the side tracks, Which
the regular freight is unable to haud'e.
Next week the publisher hereof ex
pects to be absent and Mr. Williamson
will have charge of the ollice. Any:
courtesy shown him will be appreciated.
Miss Ettie Yoorus, who has been ein-1
pi )ved as teacher in the public schools!
at Custer, is home to spend her vaca-'
ti with her parents in East Pierce.
L. M. Simons, of Mitchell, late secre
tary of the senate, spent Sunday in this
city. It isn't business aloneJ|t-hat fre
quently draws Mr. Simons to Pierre.
A case of smallpox is reported in the
Fitch block, the victim being a man
named Elliott. A strict quarantine
has been placed on the premises.
The iron frame for the first story of
the federal building is being placed in
position, and the Bedford stone walls
are about ready to be laid
Mrs. E.J. Mucklerhas thrown up the
lease of the Northwestern hotel, and
Mrs. Abbie Walker, of Ottumwa, Iowa,
will soon take possession.
The old settlers' meeting which was
called for today has been adjourned un
til tomorrow, as it couldn't compete in
interest with the circus.
"Bunk" White, "who has been|known
in times past as about the best rider
on the cattle ranges, is reported as quite
sick at the hospital.
Baking Powder
Trie piping for the new natural! gas
and artesian well at Fort Pierre has
arrived and the contractors have com
menced drilling.
Congressman Burke departed for
North Dakota Tuesday, and will return
by way of Big Stone, where he will join
a fishing party.
Two patients for St. Mary's hospital
were brought in Tuesday from Lake
Preston, accompanied by Dr. Khiralla
of that place.
Mrs. Cummins and Mrs. Burke enter
tained a number of their friends at
the home of the former Wednesday aft
Mrs. L. O. Moore and baby have re
turned from a visit to Rapid City. Mr.
Moore went there to accompany them
Used in Millions of Homes.
40 Years the Standard. A
Pure Cream of Tartar Pow
der. Superior to every other
known. Makes finest cake
and pastry, light, flaky bis
cuit, delicious griddle cakes
—-palatable and wholesome.
Mrs. H. L. Wiggam is receiving a
visit from her sister, Miss Mattie
Wendte, who lives in Ponca, Neb.
A. O. Cummins and wife of Rutland,
Vt.. are here for a visit with their sou,
B. A. Cummins, and family.
Miss Etta French is enjoying a visit
from Miss Mary Lee, of Iroquois, who
arrived in the city Thursday.
The father and mother of Frank
Hues are here from Ohio to pay him
and his family a visit.
Governor Elrod went to Milbank
Monday to deliver the Memorial day
True Ecratar*
"80 you have bought your wife an
other expensive ring. Isn't that a waste
of money?"
"On the contrary, it to true economy,
for she won't require half so many
pairs of gloves as formerly."
*-vp~ spa***-.
-f -p-t,
NOTE.—Avoidbaking powders made from
alum. They look like pure powders,
and may raise the cake, but alum
is a poison and no one can eat food
mixed with it without injury to health.
There cannot be a greater rudeness
than to interrupt another in ttie current
The Awesome Importance and
eretive Air They Affect.
Many people assume certain man
ners as they assume certain clotlies
anil change these manners more sel
dom lliau tlioy change their clothes.
Some think it ingratiating perky.
Others think it more graceful to be
drooping and melancholy, to gaze wist
fully. walk mournfully and sit hh if
before the baked meats of a funeral
feast. Hut of all the people who In
dulge in travesty 1 think 1 get most
amusement out of the mysterious peo
Hated, forever bated, is the breath of
the mysterious person. Directly he
conies into the room you are conscious
of the presence of the unutterable and
know that it: will speedily be uttered
into your most private ear. When he
speaks to you he "takes you aside." so
that none other may know that he is
telling you that the weather is damp
and that there is a deal of mttu.i'n/.n
about. As he discr. with you such
dreadful sub,!°cts as me price of hob
nailed boots, the tluctuations of stocks
and the economies of the administra
tion his head approaches yours, his lips
pout secretively, his eyes glance round
warily to make sure thai no one Is
within earshot to betray him and you.
The gallows Is surely 111 his memory.
He wishes to avoid it he wishes
kindly wretch—to save you from it al
so. Meet him halfway. It is such
fun to do that. lie responds sensitive
ly to the slightest mysterious encour
agement and thinks he Is impressing
you and that you believe him to be a
strange and remarkable personage and
that you will go away and say: "Glad
I met John Smith. Interesting man.
Not every day you come across a man
like that."
Many women are mysterious. In
deed, I have met more mysterious
women than mysterious men. The
mysterious woman is often small, but
her hats are large, plumed like a
hearse and generally black as night.
Pale is her face and languid her man
ner. She tries to look consumptive
and succeeds surprisingly often. As a
rule, she has little to say, but says it
In such an awful manner that it takes
on a fictitious importance and for the
moment appears to be impressive.
Think over your acquaintances and
friends. Are not some of them mys
terious, and are not they highly con
sidered? Are not they called "interest
ing" on that account? There are many
spurious things in the social world,
but few things are more spurious than
that reputation for being Interesting
which is gained by the mysterious
manner. And half of the world at
least Is tricked, for everyday perki
ness is called brilliance, mystery wis
dom, assurance greatness and the pup
pet in the mask a giant in the sun
shine. Robert Hichens in Chicago
Animal*' Right*.
Truth forces the observer of nature
to admit that birds and other creatures
apportion the earth among themselves
just about as mail does. A bear has
his boundaries, beyond which his fel
low bear does not trespass with im
punity the wild rabbit you see on your
lawn in the moonlight is the same Inno
cent little creature you have been see
ing every night all the summer time,
and even the robin that gathers the
early worm for his breakfast from your
garden will shojar fight when another
comes marauding on his preserve. Nor
does this last a year only, for there is
good evidence that'the same bird will
come back to th« claim it staked off the
fft"u $ *Ji
.v..-^:lf .^i.ivA-i3wi'. .uw£ ££&&&&£.
Ready to show you the greatest line of
Clothing, Hats and Furnishing Goods for
Men and Boys ever brought to Pierre.
Besides the finest goods in the market
We carry an exceptionally strong line of pop
ulav priced suits that can be worn in all the
walks of life, either for dress or dusiness.
We carry a full line of the celebrated
Stetson Hats also all the popular makes In
the nobby styles shown in the cities this
Pieere's Largest and Most Complete
Outfitting Store for Men and Boys
Ti/Aon 3fou Xuant
Squaie Tlfeat
Ss the most convenient
place to step into.
Z~A* OrvAostrf 9Z71 Aoffany
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Burdette C. Thayer,
Practice Before Land Office a Specailty.
1'IERRE, S. D.
The Neatest
And (fcanest
in the state.
It can handle any crowd from
ne to five hundred.
Everything is cooked to your
taste and served without delay.
When in Pierre get your meals
at this old and popular place.
Open twenty-four hours every
day and night. 5
Dc Q. Jordan,
Of our stock of Furnishing Goods we
merely wish to mention our natty line of neg
lige and dress shirts, and our strong line of
working garments. Also our genuine Indian?
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Hilger & Hengel Clothing Co.
iV Jr,
We are Ready
The Flour
That Always I'leases and Gives
Good Satisfaction.
Established in 1883
Real Estate and In--
vestment Agent
Phone 39
Twenty years' experience In.Homesteads, An
al proofs, protects and contests enables me to
oarefully preient all cases before tbe United
Stales£&nd Ofiee.'
7". S. Brooke
%'r 'V
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Regard to Property of all
Kinds, City and Faun
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ted iPS-
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