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Max J.Kehr,

fc {t i.« tyf
5t *v
tbe best at
Plumbing and Gas-fitting
'4 \lk y"
^5* fi&M"'' ij
'When you buy Footwear you will find
much to your advantage to purchase at
E E O S E S O E 8 O
where *he purchaser never fails to find
SHOES, and, in fact, anything in that line
Telephone 9-4-A
Avenue and Fort street.-
Build Up
Sotlth Dakota
a a
...Mrs. mina Bojberg
?si ]j)leg»nt Closed Carriages.' lighted and honied, at your
service at all times .for' parties, making calls, or pleasure
driving. Orders taken day or night. We meet all trains.
Trunks and baggage-transferred anywhere in the city, or
delivered at the ddpot and checked to their destination.
jSatea on Applwation. :t *We buy and sell horses.
Pierre, S. D.
E a S
•*l**j•• 4.W... 4 I,4.
Mn 111ipoptMMinj tmcm
South Dakota*'7 The homeseeker rates aiith
^.orized by tbe
Sfi Railway*
ike jjuoh" trips imperatively inexpensive.
.. you desire to pay for the ticket of any one
Jtoii$outh Dakota, the mailer will be promptly
by iiny ticket agent of the Chicago,
piUl^ jKj,u^ay, or by
The chronic sore throat is not infre-
quently produced by the misuse
vocal organs. Very often thi.t unruly
little member, the tongue, is act-ounta
ble for the difficulty, as it in for a great
many other troubles In this transitory
life. Many people have a habit when
talking of pushing the tongue so far
back against the delicate membranes
that line the throat that irritation more
or less painful is caused, and if it con
tinues any length ot time ulcers will
form, nnd so will a doctor's bill.
Control of the tongue is excellent in
all senses of the word. Physically this
organ may be managed by depressing
lt into a hollow at a point three-quar
ters of an Inch I nick of whore the lip
of it comes when In a natural position
in the mouth and at the same time
singing very light head tones. This
exercise requires #01110 patience at
first, but the habit of keeping the
tongue down Is soon acquired. In
speaking or singing it should not be al
lowed to hoop up and fill the mouth,
thus Isterfering with the free passage
of the tones of the voice from the
throat to the front of the mouth, where
they should strike and then escape
clear as a bell. This hooping up of the
tongue in the mouth is the cause of
much of the indistinct and slovenly
utterances to which we are too often
obliged to listen.
In many people we notice the line
from the point of the chin to the neck
is in the form of it right: angle. In a
shapely throat this line forms a curve,
just as a canary's does when the small
yellow artist is warbling his carols.
To develop the throat and make- this
angle a curve stand before a mirror so
that you may watch the throat swell
out. Now- thrust, your tongue out as
far as it will go. then draw it back
quickly and forcibly, at the same time
bringing it downward In the mouth as
far as you can. Place your thumb and
forefinger against the larynx (common
ly called the Adam's apple), and if yon
are making the tight movement you
will feel the larynx pass downward.
For a week or two make the move
ments lighll.v. After -that time put as
much force into it ns you can. The
exercise should be practiced for a few
minutes several times a day to insure
rapid and good results.
To till up the hollows of the neck
stand correctly and then slowly fill the
lungs with air without elevating your
shoulders. As the air is forced upward
Into the throat hold it there a few sec
onds and then expel slowly. This ex
ercise is best performed soon after ris
ing in the morning and before retiring
at night.—New York Post.
Candy and the Flaff.
The. following is accredited to the
late Senator Hoar: At a Fourth of July
celebration in a Canadian towu where
both English and American guests
were assembled the flags of the two
countries were used in decorations. A
frivolous youjug English girl, loyal to
the queen, but with no love for the
stars and stripes, exclaimed: "Oh,
what a silly looking thing the Ameri
,°fln flag Jsl- Tt anggaats nntltinsr hut
checberberry" candy.'' '•Yes," replied
Senator Hoar, "the kind of candy that
has madie everybody sick who ever
tried to lick it"
practice, fclnCe every degree of-assist
ance given to another upon proper mo
tives is an act of charity, and' there is
scarcely any man in such a state of
Imbecility as that he .may not, oh some
occasions, benefit his neighbor.—John
mad tbe
the I
Time and Eternity.
The stream of time never runs dry,
and the ocean of eternity will forever
send its mighty surges mountain high
against the bank of time's little
stream, sweeping with each receding
billow over its expansive bosom the
frail human craft from the shore of
time, with earth's happiness, human
affection, toil, trials, tears and sin, to
the eternal shore of celestial beauty
and bliss. Oh, mighty ocean of eterni
ty, your wonderful anthem of life and
death brings eternal woe and condem
nation to him who is untrue to himself
and his divine pilot, but to the trust
ing. faithful man it slugs of endless
felicity in the presence of time who
has redeemed his people from the
bondage of sin and lias swept them
through the pearly gates.—Ducktown
(Tenn.) Gazette.
The Wonderful Diatom.
One of the most wonderful things in
vegetable life is a beautiful and mi
nute class of seaweeds called diatoms.
They belong to the seaweed family,
yet they may be found by the thou
sands in any roadside ditch, fresh or
salt water lake or even iu cisterns,
wells, springs, etc. Most species of
plants are made up of an infinite num
ber of little cells, but with the diatom
lt is otherwise. Each representative
of this wonderful family of plants is
formed of but a single cell and this so
minute that it would require 2,500 of
the most common form, laid end to
end, to make a string an inch in length.
Some species of diatoms have the [low
er of independent motion, and 011 that
account were for sbme time, believed
to be animals.
First Man—H°w do you. do? Second
Man—Beg pardon, hut you have the
Advantage of 12a. Mrst Man—Yes I
ffuesB I have. ~W« were engaged to the
•ame glrl. but yoii married her.
The taste of beauty and the relish of
Charity, is a universal duty which it climb the tree. It needs no further at
tain every man's power sometimes to tention.
BTIIh That Conic From Mi*o«e of .'he. .. «, ...
When (hp Kvidence of (ihoiln Sufficed
%o«.tfl Oir»*.
to Uanff Men
TJlp testiujony of sbost would not
nov/ couut far much iu a court of
bjlt the dav has been when lt has
sufficed to hang a man. There was a
ghostly accuser in a case with which
the readers of Scott are familiar. Soon
after the "4f)" an English soldier wan
dering near Braemar met a violent
death. Years passed and then came a
story of a communication from another
A farm, servant declared that in the
night a spirit had appeared to him de
claring itself to be the ghost of the
soldier, whose bones, it is said, lay
still unburied. The highbinder must
see to their decent interment and
have the murderers, two men named,
brought to justice. The higlilander
promised, but did not keep his word,
and a second and third time the spirit
appeared and upbraided him for hi:-!
breach of faith. Alarmed at. last and
no longer daring to delay, the man
called a companion and went to the
spot which the spirit had indicate'!
and there found the bones of the mur
dered warrior concealed in a moorland
tract palled the hill of Christie.
The story of the higlilander came to
the ears of an anti-Jacobite, who caus
ed the matter to lie brought to trial
before the court of judiciary. Edin
burgh. There the tale was corroborat
ed by a woman who had seen a nake-'i
figure enter the place on the night
spoken of by the man. It was an ag .
of superstition in a district more than
commonly given to superstition, and
the jury seemed disposed to find the
two men charged guilty of the murder,
but it happened that the principal wit
ness spoke only Gaelic. "Now." said
the counsel for the defense, "in wlia:
language did the ghost speak
V"' "In
as good Gaelic as I ever heard in Loch
aber," was the reply. "Pretty good t'o
the ghost of an English soldier." said
counsel, and that question and com
ment saved the necks of the men at the
bar. The jury could believe in,a ghost,
but not in an English ghost speaking
Gaelic.—-London Standard.
How Abilene Cmnc to lie Selected by
Mrs. Ht'rsey.
Abilene was niuned 'iy the wife of
the founder of the town, T. K. llei^cy.
With her husband she had conic- t•)
central Kansas in the spring of 1S"7.
They lived in a log house on the west
side of Mud creek and were the first
the town site, although n:
town then existed nor was there one
until 1SU0. Then C, II. Thompson, who
had moved to the county from Leaven
worth. bought from the Kansas Pa
cific Railway company a tract east of
Hersey's and laid out a town.
When it came 'to the naming of the
future city Mr. Thompson went to
Hersey and asked him to suggest a
"No," was the reply, "let my wife
do it. She is a great reader."
Mrs. Hersey. was a graduate of a
seminary in the east, and her little
library, which she carried with her in
her wanderings, was one of. the ties
that bound her to the girlhood life. She
was a devout Methodist and knew her
Bible from "cover to cover." When
she was asked to name the town she
turned to the New Testament for sug
gestion. There, in the third chapter of
Luke, first verse, she found this "Now
In the fifteenth year of the reign of
Tiberius Caesar, Pontius Pilate being
governor of Judaea and Lysanias
the tetrareh of Abilene."
"Call the town 'Abilene,'" said she.
"It means 'City of the Plains,' and that
exactly describes the location."
So Abilene it was, and in tbe fight
for the county seat, whereiu it contest
ed with Newport, Smoky Hill and Un
ion City, all long since passed away,
good fortune attended it. and the new
town became the county capital for
the 378 dwellers then in Dickinson
county.—Kansas City Star.
Pleshntakinif Food."
Creu.ni gruel, according to an emi
nent English authority, is the ideal
nourishment for thin folk.
taken at night immediately before re
tiring is said to give marvelous results.
To be at its best it must be perfectly
made, then thinned with sweet cream.
Taken in that condition and warm, it
Is agreeable as well as fattening and
produces just that sense of satisfied
hunger essential to ideal rest. It is
claimed that perseverance in the'treat
ment yields such apparent results that
the cheeks, can be seen to expand from
day to day.
The Peppier Vine,
The pepper vine grows best in a
Wooded valley where there is plenty of
moisture and abundant foliage to pro
tect it from the heat of the sun It is
given a rude sort of cultivation. The
growers plant St. beeping the grass
from Its roots, and when the tree near
which It is planted has no lower
branches strings or poles are placed In
proper position to enable the vine to
"Jes, my dear I believe in transmi
gration of souls. I may be a brute in
my next life."
"Wouldn't that be discouraging—or
don't you care for a change?"—Hous
ton Post.'
1b Plata Word*,
"What" asked the Judge. jraa the
cause of thg altercation?" If'p
"I didn't see anny, yer honor, but it
was him callln' me a liar that shtarted
the fight "-rChicago Record-Uerald.
toE eit
tbfi world.
artificial water couhm In
Nobody o,r ui.o nie journalistic pru
lo. sini! h,.~: .i i^e.i how diifh-ult it is
for an el'.i :ji-/to please some of his pa
irous. tail* iti-.uan.ee." referring to a
•.iittn's reputation for carelessness "iu
i":K' matter of his toilet, a paper an
nounced, "Mr. Maguire wdl wash him
self before he assumes the office of
town clerk." This made Maguire fu
rious, and he demanded a retraction,
which appeared thus: "Mr. Maguire re
quests us t.) deny that, he will wash
himself before he assumes the office of
town elerk." Oddly enough, this only
enraged Maguire the more.--San Fran
cisco News-Letter.
His Women Folk.
"What a beautiful home you have!"
said the old time friend.
"You mustn't let mother and the girls
hear you speak of it so patronizingly,"
answered Mr. Cumrox. "This ain't a
home: this is a residence."—'Washing
ton Star.
Of Course He Did.
"Bragg tells me he got mixed up In
a scrap yesterday."
"Did he get the best of.it?"
"Of course otherwise he wouldn't
have said anything about it."—Phila
delphia Press.
Falsehood has an infinity of com
binations, but truth has only one mode
of being.—Rousseau.
Low Itiilew to Lon A11 nelew.
Via the North-western Line. An ex
cursion rate of 'one first' class limited
fare for/round trip,' will be in eifect
from all stations April 25 to May 5, in
clusive, with favorable,'return limits, 011
account of Imperial Council, Nobles of
Mystic Shrine. Three fast trains through
to California daily. "The Los Angeles
Limited," electric lighted throughout,
viathe^Jew Salt Lake Route, with
drawing room and tourist sleeping cars.
The Overland Limited"electric lighted
throughout, kss! than three days en
route. Another fast daily train is "The
China & Japan Fast Mail" with' draw
ing room and tourist sleeping cars. For
itineraries and full information apply to
agents Chicago & North-Western Ry.
WANTED: by Chicago wholesale and
mail order house, assistant manager
(man or woman) for this county and
adjoiuing territory. Salary *2() and
expenses paid weekly expense money
advanced. Work pl»:isant position
permanent. No investment or exper
ience required. .iSpare time valuable.
Write at once for. full particulars and
enclose self-addressed envelope.
132 Lake St., Chicago, 111.
Single comb, thorough-bred iirown
Leghorn Cockerels. Write,
llEUET. Bueedkn,
1016 Euclid Ave. Pierre, so. Dak.
Wanted -A competent sal srnai to
reprepet. us with a crockei line. We
will make it interesting to the proper
party. Address The William Brunt
Pottery Co East Liverpool, O.
WANTED, by Chicago wholesale and
mail-order house, assistant manager
(man or woman) for this county and
adjoining territory. Salaryt$20 and ex
jrenses paid weekly expense money ad
vanced. Work pleasant, position per
manent. No investment or experience
required. Write at one? for full par
ticulars andrenciose self-addressed en
velope. COOPER & CO.,
132 Lake street, Chicago, HI.
WANTED—Cattle and Horses—Weil
improved 86-acre farm,* southeast
South Dakota, will take all or part in
good horses and cattle. H. C. Smith
Elk Point, South Dakota.
Thousands Saved By
This wonderful medicine posi
tively cures Consumption, Coughs
Colds, Bronchitis, Asthma, Pneu
monia, Hay Fever, Pleurisy, La
Grippe, Hoarseness, Sore Throat,
Croup and Whooping Cough.
Every bottle guaranteed. No
Cure. No Pay. Price 50c.
Trial bottle f/ee.
when you want
Pacific Co«t Trip.
CHICAGO, III .. March 16 The P*8
senger department of the Chicago, Jc
North Western railway announces) that
as a means of increasing the efficiency
of the -'Seeing America jFirst" 'move
ment, round trip tickets will be sold all
over that line to all? Pacific ocean
points, good on their fastjlimittd trains
at the rate of^75.00 from^Chicago, dai
ly June 1st to4Sept. 15th.
Every facility is being provided for
in the way of stopoversj'and other con
veniences, and the tourist movement to
the Pacific coast, for^ the coming sea
son promises to show an inciease of
many thousand people over that of any
season ever known.
Low Rates*!- JLoi» A gel ex.
Via the North-Western Line. Au ex
cursion rate of one first class limited
fare for round trip, will be in effect
from all stations April 25 to May 5, in
elusive, with favorable return limito,on
account of Imperial Council, Nobles' of
Mystic Shrine. Three fast trains
through to California daily. "The Los
Angeles Limited," electric lighted
throughout, via the new Salt Lake
Route, with drawing room and tourist
sleeping cars "The Overland Limit
ed," electric lighted throughout, less
three days enroute. Another. Uak'taily
train is "The China & Japan Expres"
with drawing room and tourist sleeping
cars. For itineraries and full informa
tion apply agents Chicago & North
Western R'y.
A boat for sale at $50. 32 foot keel,
9 foot beam, 30 inches deep, 13^ inch
oak bolted to ribs every 18 inches" Ad
dress, C. E. Bowe. Huron, S. D.
D. Q. Jordan,
StaUsVl,T6fflceal1 °USeS
Office on Pierre street-
The state of South Dak-ma +u
named defendants•
the complaint.
tl,e United
Pierre, s.
Giaduate of the Western Veterinary
College, Kansas City, Mo., treats all
the diseases and injuries of the domestic
animals and performs scientifically all
the operations common to Veterinary
science, such as Castrating. Ridglings
Speying Heifers and Bitches, Firing
Spavins, Ringbones, High Splints
Tracheotomy Tendonotomy, Neur
otorny, and many other o'perations
When a horse is not doing well on good
feed it pays to have his teeth examined
Many horses suffer with bad teeth and
cannot do well with long points 011 the
molar teeth or with ulcerated teeth. I
do all dentistry in first-class shape.
Calls answered promptly, day or night.
Dr. E. J. Mcchee,
Office In Schubert Block, First Floor.
I'll one 4-4.
State of South Dakota I In Oirenir 0^.,
County of uffhes.
8th Judio al Ctrc't
Summons—A. W. Ressler, nlKlntiff
and the unknown heirs^h'vIcKM'
incumbrance upou the Dr2 2r n,°I
compliant, defendants
akola to
Dated, Mareli'29,1906.
of and nl 1
the above
nravs for a nrf.rm. «aicii, 1906. and
the determiiialion ofU1tiiDff
titio t0 and
against pre^e,0^,^., ^^rse claims
ci'ty' f°Pierre SdGr n't he
5-3-«14 IVAN W. GOODNER,
Attorney for I'laiiititf.
41,0 rolief
Notice to Creditor*.
of Sarali L. Moulthrop, deceased
Notice is here by given, by the unders'igned.
Surah MoniHmw,*1If
rator 0
the eetlte of
to the creditors
01 ana all persons havmir claims ncninst
nweffla'/™,?'' exhibft thSf wlfh the
the firRt ,n four months alter
C! sLlUv 1ai:on,£f
notice, to the said
iii !','e State Havings Bank.
Whom It Stay Conourn:
Notice is hereby jyiv 11 not to aUow Mrs. M.
or uny other person to liave or
mwmu f00*18 wr
Abcrdt*en, Suutn Oakota, April
her property on my
1 M. L. Heoolpnd.
"nlnnZ/nrn Dalf
Isg. In cijeuit court
County of Hngrhes, Judicial circ't.
Wild, plaintiff, vs. Olive
Bentson, B. li. Benteod, and Guhick Gul
llckson, defendants
The state af south Dakota sends ffreetinir to
the-above named defendants:
You are hereby summoned and required to
answer the complaint in this action which
was filed on the 30th day of April, JU06 lu the
office :or the clerk of the circnlt court within
and for said Huriies couuty, sute of South
Dakota^ atr hifc oJHce in the court house In tha
city 9f Pierre. South Dakota, and to serve a
copy of ypuriincwer oh the subscriber at his
11 the Hlljoar Block in the city of Pierre,
county of Hughes, State of South Dakota,
witliin thirty days after the service of this
summons, exclusive of tlie day of servion 1?
you fall to answer the complaint within that
to the court for
^ts demanded In the complaint, besides

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