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Pierre weekly free press. (Pierre, S.D.) 1889-19??, January 17, 1907, Image 1

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You can't make a mistake if
You select them at our store
Watches, Neck -chains,
Waist sets. Combs, Sear
Diamonds In
Hatch &• Fisher
Elegant Closed Carriage*. Sighted and healed, a I. your
new ice at all limes for parties, maliinu" calls, or pleasure
driving. Orders taken day or night. VV lijeel all train.-..
Trunks and baggage traiisferred anywhere ia ihe -*it-.V- l1'
delivered al the depot and checked to l-heir'domination.
Rate,s' on Application- We On// and aetl hordes.
J. Kehr Telephone 9 4-a Pierre, S.
tkixHOiirl Avenue aui! Siioel.
°lf& & Gl»^
Who has a Buggy or Vehicle of any
Kind, get your tires reset on one of
'*4*834 It Sets Them Cold. No more guess work, but tires are reset accurately and
auickly without any chance ot' giving too much dish to the wheels, or in any
iniuritiK it Having one of these tire Setters in practical operation, the
patronage of
the public is solicited. All work thoroughly warranted
[s and
rings, pins, oraeeiets ana u.n
sets. Cut Class, Gold
clocks, silverware, leallierg'oods
The Only Brick Walle«j T»wn site ....
Found lu This Country.
lu many l-espeots Altaian, in \viscon- I
sia, is among the most rejuark.ible pre- I'
Along i)ie brow of the higher laud
is a row of more than tlrirtceu round
pyramidal mouuda fencing from three
to twelve feet in height. From the top
of these mounds or stiujiJijig on the
table land an enemy could ei'UiniaiijJi
llio' whole imvn site. II has always
beett conceded that Altaian was not
indoswi f)v purposes of defense. It
has been fctipjwsed that it was walled
for protection (t'SfU/ wild animals,
though the inclosiw Ji »s never been
high or abrupt enough since jts lis
covery to keep out the panther. wijd
1. wolf, bear,moose and buffalo, which
were the only dangerous animals of
the woods jiepftijboiit.
The purpose of jis inhabitants it)
constructing this Inclosim* over a half
mile long still remains a mystory. Tllfl
most remarkable art of
Von don't have to be impolite to peo
ple because you dislike them.
.Don't think up mean things in your
iind which you intend to say if you
.'.'i the chance.
I on't tell your wrongs to your friends
anless you want to discover that their
"•••!)u-~ia.iin js'vpry weqlj.
historic monuments in the northwest .T
found in tliis country. It is on the bot
tom laud of the Crayfish t'iver. about
two miles from Lake .Mills. The inclos
ing walls oi' the town site are about
7iK-feet on its Hanks and about 1,500
feet: long. Tile river served to coni
plete the iuclosure of seventeen acres
»or' land.
VVithiu and without the inelosnre
th.^JV are round, truncated and oblong
mounds. Just beyond the inei sing
walis the jam! rises abruptly over
twenty t'eet to the robing table Ian.is
of tlie surrounding country. From the.
bank above a stone could be tossed in
to the town site within ifc" inelosnre.
which would seem to be )od reason
why this iuclosure, which has been
ij'.fl.jled a fort, could not have been lu
leiidhHl for a defense agaiust any hu
man «winy.
Vi r.en an aeeident happens, there is?
.ilv.ays some one present to tell how words,
could have been avoided.
A man never knows till he gets out
.:f the rut how many jolts and bruises
he would have missed by staying in it.
It is figured that one rich man's son
who liasj fill Ihe iinjiiey he can spenij
will spoil ten poor .voting men in tho
course of his life and not half try.—
Atchison Globe.
Wratitfel uiil the Artist.
Adolf Menzel did not care much for
women, and he was apt to treat them
wiih scant courtesy. no matter what
iiieir rank. When lie was making his
picture of the ICoiny.ilx.Tg curouation
the iOmpress Augusta came lo the con
citisiou that the women in it hail not
been suliicienlly considered, so she sent
Field .Marshal Wraugcl to tell him so.
The art is took the criticism very ill
and bluntly told the marshal that he
had better mind his military affairs
and leave art to artists. After a vio
lent altercation ^eiize! pointed to the
door, and Wrangel. red with rage, re
tired with the- won}, "You are a nau
seous toad!"
They Didn't Have Time,
A short time ago some men were
engaged in putting tip telegraph pojos
in some land belonging to ail old farm
er who (lislilod seeing his wheat
rumpled down, according to the vera
'ous Register of Great Bend. Kan.
The men produced a paper by which
,hey said they bad leave to put the
:ioles where they pleased. The old
i'.inner went back and turned large
Mill in the field. The savage beast'
:.ijade after the men. apd the old farm.
ei\ seeing them running from the field,
houted at the top of his voice: "Show
him the paper! Show: him the pftpsvj*
Money Saved,
Fred (excitedly on the race course)~
Lend me a for three minutes.
Knowing Friend—Wait two minute*,
and you'll not want it.
Aida to Surer**.
There are six things that bring ano
cess. The first is the will to work. 1^h«
other five ar* work.—Chicago Becocd
Herald. '. s*Vt''-fe
For Sale or Exchanee
For horses or cattle imported Black
Percheron Stallion, weight 2000 pounds.
Address Thomas Ch«w, Box 74,
is Its
brick ?jls and walks. Jn tliis Jt is
.singular and .'Hone. tin? only example
of bricklaying tinning a!) tlx* monu
ments of the mound Imlldei'.s, These
bricks or bri-klets are pol rei-iaii£u
!ar and regular in form and size, as are
the modern br)e){, They are simply
balls of plastic clay welded by tlie
hand Into small brlcklHs of Irregular
f:irm ab )ut the average size of a snow
ball. The material used was the
glacial yellowish red clay of 1lu vi
cinity.. and the color of the bricks is
i-ed or light yellow. Under the glass
^craping- appear like a handful ot
crystal sand.—Minneapolis Journal.
Don't fe a (pisfortiine teller.
if yon citn't rto anything else, try to
keep out of the wny.
1 The
.... i:nca»
l,y the (ire.-lnn
5 ,IUl
It is the only brick walled town Site"I UUsl with straw and twhrs satu
I ratcu in Di\, wIlicIi. Ihmiiu pl i«vii 111
raws, oxjirossnl certain li'Ufrs
iujr.to die order in which the.v were
lightied. Hut the only one of their con
trivances that merits a detailed de
scription was that invented'by a (Sre
eian-geiieral named .Kneas, who nour
ished .in the-lime of Aristotle, intended
for eoinnmnicaiion between the gen
orals of an army.
It .consisted of two exactly similar
earthen vessels tilled with .water, each
provided with a cock that would dis
charge an equal quantity of water in
given time, so that the whole or any
part of the contents would escape in
precisely the same period from both
On the surface of'each floated piece
of cork supporting an upright marked
Into divisions, each division having a
certain sentence inscribed upon It.
One of the vessels was placed at each
station, and when either party desired
to communicate he lighted a lorch.
which he helu aloft until Ihe others did
the same,'us sign that he was all at
On ilie sender of the message lower
ing or extinguishing his torch oac|)
parly Immediately opened the corlf of
Ilis vessel and so left until the send
er relighted his torch, when It was at
once closet}.
The receiver then read the sentence
on th? djvisjoi) of the tiprlght that was
level with the mouth of the vessel ami
which, if everything bad been executed
with exactness, corresponded with that
of the sender and conveyed the desired
Information.--Spare Moment*.
A Menu Trlfli,
"Does' your husband (ell yon Ills busi
ness troubles?"
''Ves, but he doesn't know It, I wait
til] he's asleep, and then 1 shake him a
little iinil ask liiiu for money."—Chlcn
go Trllinno.
A TtetrncMon.
She (Oercelyt—Don't you ever dare to
Bay again that I'm driving yon crazy!
He (uiceklyi—1 won't. I must have
been that way when we \ve.'e married.
—Neve York 1'ress.
A Saving Sy*lf(n.
"I saved a big pile of money today"
«ald Mr. II rdhead.
"That Is lovply! Hq\y?" sfMfl ft1s
"Tnstenl of going to law with a man
for what he owed mo I let him have
It."—T/indon Tit-Kits.
Ills S|KM'illhj-,
Mrs. Knicker- Is vour husband an
after dinner speaker. Mrs. Rocker—
but lie does a powerful lot of gnpnhljng
during it.—Brooklyn I ifo.
There ape ways of showing satisfac
tion without a superabundance of
-Philadelphia Bulletin.
"'So you have bought your wife an
other expensive ring, isn't that a waste
of money
'•'0'! tho contrary, it is true economy,
for she won't require half so many
pairs of gloves as formerly."
There cannot lie a greater rudeness
than to interrupt another in the current
of his discourse.—Locke.
Free Homes
Are practically things of the past,but
good homesteads may be. had by buy
ing some homesteader's rights and im
provements. Homes can be secured in
this way within ten or twenty mileB of
railroad at prices ranging from 8100 to
Deeded lands are from @7 to $15 -per
acre. Farm lands 81" lo per acre.
For further information call on, or
write to the
AGFNOY, l'ierre, S. D.
W A N E a go a a
mail order house, assistant manager
(man or woman) for this county and
adjoining territory. Salary 820 and
expenses paid weekly expense money
advanced. Work pleasant: position
permanent, No investment or exper
ience required. Spare time valuable.
Write al ones for^'uH particulars and
enclose self-addressed envelope.
132 Lake St., Chicago, 111,
Estray Notice.
Taken up by the undersigned on or
about May loth, ISKWS, on Sec. 30, Tp.'l In,
It. 75, DeOrey Tp„ liugheB Co, S. 1):
One light'bay mare about years old,
white face and 3 white feec, weight !I50
lbs. No visable brands.
Retsidence Sec. 80, T. 110, R. 75,
Hugl esCp. S. D. Fostollice address
DeGrey S.
V..Cash Paid
For FurS^Hides, Pelts and Wool.
Men's and readies' Fur Overcoats
made to order. Rugs and Bird Mount
a specialty.
Pierre S. Dale.
A. C. OlttlKKN,
VS S 1'
DuaJors in
1 11 il 1 1 WlB*
All (be best.at right priees.
Plumbine: and G-as-fittine.
The Store Where
GOODS tor the same monej'* or the
same fj-ootis for less nioiiey. A visit bo
tins store will convince you. The highest pi'iwss
paid for country produce. We treat you right.
Dakota Avenue.
,- "''If "4"t
Corner Drug
Best Selected Stock
Of Drugs, Paints, Oils and
Brushes, etc., in Pierre. Your
Patronage is Solicited.
NO. 41
,«v ,» V'»

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