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Williams'Pink Pills Restored Mr®.
Robblns To Health and Also Cured
Her Daughter of Anaemia.
Mrs. Jocie Robbins, of 1121 Clar
Bt., Decatur, 111., says: "I was weak,
thin and troubled with headaches. My
appetite failed so that I did not rel
ish my food. I was unable to do my
work because my limbs pained me
so'and my feet were swollen. I got
numb and dizzy, my tongue seemed at
times to be paralyzed so that I
louldn't speak distinctly. My extrem
ities, when in this numb state, felt as
If some one was sticking needles into
me all over their surface. Through
ray shoulders at times I had such pain
that I couldn't sleep. Many times I
awoke with a smothering sensation.
"When the physician's remedies
failed to benefit me I began to look
for something that would. My sister,
Mrs. McDaniel, of Decatur, recom
mended Dr. Williams' Pink Pills to
me and I at once purchased some. I
was greatly encouraged when I saw
how they acted on my nervous condi
tion and continued using them until
cured. I am now able to attend to my
duties and have not consulted a phys
ician since.
"I also gave them to my daughter
who had always been weak and who
at this time seemed to lack vitality.
Her cheeks were colorless and she
was thin and spiritless. She had an
aemia and we feared consumption, be
cause every time she went out doors
if it was at all cold or damp she
would take cold and cough. But Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills brought color
back to her cheeks and strength to
her body."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are sold by
all druggists, or sent postpaid, on re
ceipt of price, 50 cents per box, six
boxes for $2.50, by the Dr. Williams
Medicine Co., Schenectady, N. Y.
Men are inclined to shy from a wo
man who plays the angelic role too
You have missed the best if Garfield
Tea, Nature's laxative, has been over
looked take it to regulate the liver and
to overcome constipation.
Never judge the keenness of a wo
man's intellect by the sharpness of her
the brightest and fastest colors with less
work and' no muss.
As yet the mirror has not been made
that will enable a man to see himself
as others see him.
Mrs. TVinslow's Soothing Syrup.
For children teething, softens the gums, reduces in.
tiammation •.llays.pain, cures wind colic. 25c & bottle.
Money talks, and it usually gets the
best of the argument.
Positively cured by
these Little Pills.
They also relieve Dis
tress from Dyspepsia, In
digestion and Too Hearty
Eating. A perfect rem
edy for Dizziness, Nausea,
Drowsiness, Bad Taste
In the Mouth, Coated
Tongue, Pain In the Side,
regulate the Bowels. Purely Vegetable.
Must Bear
Fac-Simile Signature
PTtfl IB! 1W1W Unexcelled lor general farm
WMlAf Aft
VP Block, dairying, fruits, truck,
etc. convenient to the rerj beat mat kete and transpor
tation facilities. Write nearest office for lists and pub
lications. M. V. Richard*, Land and Industrial Afrent,
•onthern Rt.and Mobile &
Ohio R. R.. Washington. D. C.
C. 0. Chase. West. A^t..624Chemical Bid?.. St. Louis,Mo.
prore they are
heelthy and vigorous we'll
•end Tour Ttmi3 yrs. old fr«e to
property owners. Mailing ex
pense Sc. A postal will orlna
them and oar catalog with
colored Dlatea. Write today.
Bo« m, Owif. Iowa.
To eonrince any
woman that Pax
tin* Antiseptic will
improve her health
and do all we claim
for It. We will
send her absolutely free a large trial
box of Paxtine with book of instruc
tions and genuine testimonials. Send'
your name and address on a postal card.
and heals
brane af
fections, such as nasal catarrh, pelvio
catarrh and inflammation caused by femi
nine ills sore eyes, sore throat and
mouth, by direct local treatment Its cur
ative power over these troubles is extra
ordinary and gives Immediate relief.
Thousands of women are using and rec
ommending it every day. cents at
druggists or by mail. Remember, however,
THE K. PAXTON CO., Boston, Mass.
If afflicted with
•ore eyes, use
Thompson's Eye Water
additional mile*
UjUUU of railway this
year have opened up a
Iatgely increased terri
tory to the progressive
farmers of Western
I Canada and the Gov
ernment of the Domin
lion continues to give
SIXTY ACRES FREE to every settler.
Coal, wood and water in abundance churches
and schools convenient markets easy of access:
taxes low climate the best ta the northern tem
perate zone, taw and order prevails everywhere.
For advice and information address the
Ottawa, Canada, or aay authorised Canadian
Government Agent.
J. M. MMLACHLAN, Bex II#,, W.tert.w.,
Iwrtli Dilute.
South Dakota!
1 State News Paragraphed.
The German Lutheran congregation
•will erect a fine new church at Mil
L. M. Snow of Stickney has sold his
drug stock to E. W. Roberts of Iro
P. F. Nolan, cashier of the First
State bank, has disposed of his inter
ests at Stickney and moved to Plank
The two-year-old daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Wohllin of De Smet
died as the result of swallowing sev
eral pills.
Conductor Antrom Jankins of the
Milwaukee had his leg broken, and
was seriously injured in a switching
accident at Platte.
Judge Marquis has directed the
clerk of courts to draw a jury for a
regular term of court on March 12
for Hamlin county.
Three miners' unions, the Terry,
Central and Deadwood, met at Dead
wood and unanimously rejected the
proposition made to them by the mine
Mrs. N. A. Batchelder, wife of the
express messenger on the Milwaukee
road, is quarantined at Stickneyj^'ith
smallpox. It is the only case iri»that
part of the state.
Elsie Cleinman, daughter of the pro
prietor of a hotel at Custer, was badly
burned by an explosion of gas and is
in a precarious condition. A bell boy
also was injured.
The hotel building and annex in
Claremont were completely destroyed
by an early morning fire. The guests
were warned in ample time to make
their escape. Loss, $8,000.
The ever-busy and generous stork
visited the home of Mr. and Mrs.
George Emmons at Pierpont and
made them a gift of three wee little
boys, who are well and strong.
The cattle owners of Union county
met at the court house in Elk Point
and elected as county cattle inspector,
James V. Walsh of Elk Point township,
who was the only person placed in
Mrs. Bridget Shannahan died at the
home of her son, Etenny Shannahan,
in Foster township, near Huron. Mrs.
Shannahan was 100 years of age, and
was the third woman to locate in
Foster township.
At a recent sale of land at the Rap
id City land office forty-four tracts,
comprising 3,452 acres, were offered.
In one instance the land brought as
high as $7.55 an acre, while some of it
sold as low $1.25 an acre.
The work of organizing a company
to establish a farmers' elevator at
Butler has progressed to such an ex
tent that a temporary organization has
been perfected by the election of F. L.
Ihrke temporary president and N. E.
Bjerke secretary.
In accordance with its desire, the
Fourth regiment band of Sioux Falls
will be mustered out of the state
milita on March 2. It is believed the
Watertown band will be selected, al
though the Aberdeen band also is
after the honor.
Christian Nelson, a wealthy and
prominent farmer of Lincoln county,
who mysteriously disappeared last
July, and who friends and relatives
had given up for dead, has returned to
his home. Nelson refuses to explain
his strangg absence.
The Rock Island Railway company
has filed in the office of the secretary
of state in Pierre a copy of a mort
gage for $6,500,000. The mortgage
runs to the Bankers' Trust company
and covers all the property and equip
ment of that system.
With a report like a cannon the
large grain warehouse at Herried be
longing to J. G. Brady slipped off its
foundation and burst from the great
pressure of 5,000 bushels of wheat it
contained. Hundreds of bushels of
wheat was scattered over the ground,
and the loss will be heavy.
There Is an ice famine at Miller.
While the crop was never quite so
good as it was early in the season,
the heavy snow made it impossible
to gather it, and now the thaw and
high water has carried it all away.
Ice will have to be shipped in unless
another crop is frozen this spring.
At a recent sale of land at the
Rapid City land office forty-four tract's
of land, comprising 8,452 acres, were
offered for sale. In one instance the
land brought as high as $7.55 an acre,
while some of It went for as low as
$1.25 an acre. The amount of mcjiiey
changing hands at this sale was in
the neighborhood of $10,000.
Robert Wesley and Curley Falk are
under arrest charged with the bur
glary of the hardware store of J. W.
McDonald at Central City. The store
was entered early in the morning, but
McDonald, asleep at his home, was
aroused by a burglar alarm connect
ing the two places. The robbers were
frightened away before finishing their
jqb. They secured only $100.
For the flrat time In the history of
Rockham the residents now are sum
moned to church by the peals of a
church bell—the first ever installed
here. The bell has been mounted in
the tower of the German Methodist
Episcopal church. Funds for Its pur
chase were provided by the children
of William ®nd Henrietta Buss, pio
neer residents, and the bell was
mounted in the church in memory of
them: To "Grandma" Buss was ac
corded the honor of ringing
first time.
1 4"
Land for the Landless Released In
Tripp County.
The Bonesteel chamber of com
merce has received a telegram from
the South Dakota delegation in con
gress, stating .that the bill opening
Tripp county to settlement had
passed the senate and that it will 'be
come a law in a short time. This
means that about 1,000,000 acres of
choice agricultural land wkill be
A. E. Kull, secretary of the Bone
steel chamber of commerce, has just
returned from a week's tour of Tripp
county, and says the land there is
better on an average than that of
Gregory county. Bonesteel will, no
doubt, be designated as one of the
places of registration, and a great
rush is expected the coming summer.
A few prospective settlers are al
ready here awaiting the opening,
which will, no doubt, take place some
time next fall, when Bonesteel will
again be the busiest town in the
The Northwestern railroad has com
pleted the Bonesteel extension as far
as Gregory, and the preliminary sur
vey has been made across Tripp
county, and it is expected the line
will be pushed to a connection with
the main line from Pierre to Rapid
City the coming summer.
Tripp, like Gregory county, abounds
with springs of pure soft water, and
the surface of the land is gently roll
ing except along the creeks and the
White river. The soil is of a rich
dark loam, and where It has been
farmed by the Indians produces abun
Negro Caught Licensed Animal and
Race Trouble Results.
Charles A. Smith, town dog catcher
of Miller, is charged with assault with
intent to commit a felony. William
Johnson is under arrest on the same
charge, and he gave bonds to appear
for trial at the same time.
Both men are colored, and previous
to their arrest they were concerned
In a small race riot, a dozen or more
men, in the attempt to arrest them,
crying out, "Get a rope and hang
The fthole affair originated in the
appointment verbally by the marshall
of Smith as dog catcher. He did his
duty so well that in one day he
brought in eight canines that bit the
dust at the crack of the marshal's
rifle. In one instance he caught a dog
on which the license had been paid,
and while this one was not killed it
engendered bad blood.
There is a feeling among those who
have lost dogs to run the negroes out
of town at any cost. Then there is a
large element who want them to re
main and to give the job of dog
catcher permanently to them, as there
seems to be little diminution in the
number of dogs.
Charter for Light and Power Plant
is Granted.
A charter has been granted to the
Dakota Power company, for the pur
pose of using the water of Rapid creek
for a light and power plant. L. A.
Richards of Rapid City and several
associates of his in New York, own
a right of way for several miles along
the creek. The company is ready to
begin work at once, and will put up
a riant ..that can furnish from two to
three thousand horse power, accord
ing to the growing need of the com
munity. There is already a great de
mand for electric power by the manu
facturing companies. The average fall
of Rapid Creek is fifty feet to the
mile, although there are place* for a
distance of several thousand feet
where the fall is from one hundred
and fifty to two hundred feet to the
Sioux City Man Ease* Conscience by
Squaring With County.
An interesting case of conscience
money has just come to light in Union
county. County Treasurer Webber
•recently received an inquiry from a
man in Siqux City asking him to state
the amount of his personal tax. He
added that in 1890 he lived in Vir
ginia township, had left the county
without paying his taxes and that
now, though poor, he wished to be
honest. Mr. Webber replied that the
tax amounted to $9.33, with interest
of $17.91. The treasurer suggested
that if he would pay the tax he be
lieved the commissioners would re
mit the interest. In a few days a
draft was received for the whole
To Finish Extension.
The Dakota Central, which several
years ago constructed a line from
Sioux Falls to within thirty miles of
Watertown and then abandoned Jt be
cause the Milwaukee threatened to
construct a parallel road, announces
that it is aibout to complete the ex
tension. The road, which is an inde
pendent affair, is said to have ar
ranged a traffic agreemnt with the
Illinois Central and Minneapolis &
St. Louis railroads. It is said th&t
eventually the road will be continued
on to North Dakota.
Pittsburg School Burns,
Pittsburg, Pa., March 3. Fire de
stroyed the Fifth ward school in Alle
gheny. The loss on the building is es
timated at $150,000. Many school rec
ords were also destroyed. Fifteen
hundred children attended the school.
A Man of Experience
The judge of the supreme court
polished his glasses slowly and with
the dignity becoming a member of so
august a tribunal.
"Judge not," he said. "Judge not,"
and paused and sighed.
"Lest ye be roasted in the maga
zines," he added.
In a Pinch, Use ALLEN'S FOOT-EASE.
powder. It cures painful, smart
nervous feet and ingrowing nails.
the greatest comfort discovery of
age. Makes new shoes easy. A
certain cure for sweating feet. Sold
by all Druggists, 25c. Accept no sub
stitute. Trial package, FREE.
dress A.
S. Olmsted.
A New Broom.
She (looking away off)—How clear
the horizon is!
He—Yes I swept it with my eye.
How to Trap Wlltl Animals.
40-page trap book illustrated, picture 46
wild animals in natural colors, also bar
ometer & calendar. also gun &trap catalog,
also prices on raw furs. All sent post paid
for 10c stamps or silver. FREE to those
who ship to, or buy of us. AddressFurDept,
N. W. Hide & Fur Co., Minneapolis, Minn.
So He Prefers to Leave It Pure.
Schoolmaster (at end of object les
son)—Now can any of you tell me
what is water?
Small and Grubby Urchin—Please,
teacher, water's what turns black
when you puts your 'ands in it!
Proof of Merit.
The proof of the merits of a plaster
Is the cures it effects, and the volun
tary testimonials of those who have
used Allcock's Plasters during the
past sixty years is unimpeachable
evidence of their superiority and
should convince the most skeptical.
Self-praise is no recommendation, but
certificates from those who have used
them are.
Allcock's are the original and gen
uine porous plasters and have never
been equaled by those who have
sought to trade upon their reputation
by making plasters with holes in
them. Avoid substitutes as you would
counterfeit money.
Love never courts the cost—proba
bly because it seldom has the price.
Panthers and Grizzly Bears.
McMillan Fi
Wr'te for prices.
Ship Furs, Hides. Pelts McMillan Fur &
Wool Co.. Minneapolis.
But silence isn't necessarily golden
a talker may have something to say.
Most of the old saws have lost their
Louisville, Kv.
N. Y.
Just Missed 'Em.
"The first thing that Columbus did
on landing in America was to kneel
and express his gratitude."
"Yes," answered Miss Cayenne, "1
suppose he was thankful to get here
under circumstances that did not
bring him in contact with the customs
is A A 1 O O O in S a
aamed remedies sometimes deceive. Tbo lirpt and
original OoWl Tablet, is a WHITE l'ACKAGB with
Mack and red lettering, and bears tbe signature of
K.W.GBOVK. 250.
rMMraTnW rOTfln
a i.am-'s-::
1[^§ 1 I 1
AVfegetable Preparationfor
similating the Food andReguIa
tiiig the Stomachs and
Bowels of
N A N I S 1 N
Promotes Digestion,Cheerful
ness and Rest.Contains neither
Opium,Morphine nor Mineral.
A perfect Remedy for Constipa
tion, Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish
ness and Loss OF SLEEP.
facsimile Signature of
Your shoe money win go twice
as far If yon boy the strong,
weil-mode and Uard-to-wear
for boys and girls. They are made of the
best seasoned upper leather and tough
soles and have fewer seams than other shoes.
Mayer School shoes are shaped to -prevent
injury to growing children'* feet. They
The General Condemnation of So-Called Patent
or Secret Medicines
of an injurious character, which indulge in extravagant and unfounded pretensions
to cure all manner of ills, and the
National Legislation Enacted to Restrict Their Sale
have established more clearly than could have been accomplished in any other way
The Value and Importance of Ethical Remedies.
Remedies which physicians sanction for family use, as they act most beneficially and
arc gentle yet prompt in effect, and called ethical, because they are of
Known Excellence and Quality and oi Known Component Parts.
To gain the full confidence of the Well-informed of the world and the approval of
the most eminent physicians, it is essential that the component parts be known to and
approved by them, and, therefore, the California Fig Syiup Company has published for many
years past in its advertisements and upon every, package a full statement thereof. The per
fect purity and uniformity of product which-they demand in a-laxative reinedy.of, an, etkical
character are assured by the California Fig Syrup Company's original method of manufacture,
known to the Company only.
There are other ethical remedies approved by physicians, but the product of
the California Fig Syrup Company possesses the advantage over all other family laxatives
that it cleanses, sweetens and relieves the internal organs on which it acts, without
disturbing the natural functions or any debilitating after effects and without having to
increase the quantity from time to time.
This valuable remedy has been long and favorably known under the name of
Syrup of Figs, and has attained to world-wide acceptance as the most excellent of
family laxatives, and as its pure laxative principles, obtained from Senna, are well
known to physicians and the Well-informed of the world to be the best of natural
laxatives, we have adopted the more elaborate name of Syrup of Figs and Elixir of
Senna, as more fully descriptive of the remedy, but doubtlessly it will always be
called for by the shorter name of Syrup of Figs and to get its beneficial effects,
always note, when purchasing, the full name of the Company—California Fig Syrup Co.—
plainly printed on the front of every package, whether you simply call for Syrup
of Figs, or by the full name, Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna, as Syrup of Figs
and Elixir of Senna is the one laxative remedy manufactured by the California Fig
Syrup Company, and the same heretofore known by the name, Syrup of Figs, which
has given satisfaction to millions. The genuine is for sale by all leading druggists
throughout the United States in original packages of one size only, the regular price
of which is fifty cents per bottle.
Every bottle is sold under the general guarantee of the Company, filed with the
Secretary of Agriculture, at Washington, D. C., the remedy is not adulterated or mis
branded within the meaning of the Food and Drugs Act, June 30th, 1906.
San Francisco, Cal.
U. S. A.
London, England.
Tor Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
We also make the "Honorbltt" shoes for
mert and "Western Lady" shoes
for women.
F. Mayer Boot & Shoe Co.
Milwaukee, wis.
For Over
Thirty Years
Your dealer has them or will get them for you
take no other. The Mayer trade-mark is stamped
on eveiy sole.
New York, N. Y.
NO 10^
No woman with a diamond necklace
in afraid of getting a sore thro&t.&&»« 1
SpThere are quarrels and quarrel*, But
family quarrels are the wont.
a. ...
3 3D- AT&*
ifi dj"

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