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The pioneer press. (Miller, Hand County, S.D.) 1893-190?, February 11, 1904, Image 4

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jZ-y.y. .«■ >’< -J-';- i'£ -I r ', c i’,' \ i ?*
* 1882 -i IH®4 *
'J? •“ , ' _nr ~
V!" ftl) Years of continuous business in one lo-
?5 cation is a guarantee of careful, honest X
45* satisfactory dealing with all patrons. This £
is the history ot the A
Under one continuous management. X
X The best goods that money can secure are -X*
jfc always carried in stock, including All Kinds jjs
of Drugs, Paints. Oils, Alabastine, etc. A
r J. D. FITZGERALD, Druggist.
7C7f A 7? *V -v* 35 *i % /» a a /«,
~ J i I .... ——. I
Is one of the most important considerations
in a business man’s affairs. That is what
he’s in business for. We are in this busi
fness for the same purpose, and we frankly
confess we want your money. We are not
giving goods away or offering them below
» cost. We leave that sort of a game to the
fakir and the advertising braggart.
Y/hat we do Contend
is simply this, which every business man
twill appreciate and understand: We carry
the largert stock of Groceries in Hand coun
ty, and by reason of our buying in large
quantities we can afford to sell at a price
which is impossible with the little fellows.
You get the benefit of this, and its up to you
to take advantage of it.
| j|
Mr. H H&gginS of Melbourne,
Fla., writes, “My doctor told mo
I ha*] consumption and nothing
could t*c done for me. I was
veil up todic. The offer of a
free trial bottle of Dr. kiugs’s
New Discoverv tor consumption,
induced me to try ii. Results
were startling. 1 am now on
the road to recovery and owe all
to Dr. Kings new discovery. It
surely saved mv life. ’ This
great cure Is guaranteed for all
throat and lung diseases by ().
11. Collins, druggist. Price fiOc
and SI.OO. Trial Dottles free.
ii. O. Smith received flit* sor
rowful news last week an.nounc
iug the death of his mother, Mrs.
0. E. Smith, at Kinsley lowa.
She will be remembered as a
pioneer citizen of Mi ler, where
the family lived for several. years.
1 .
Escaped an Awful I ate.
xi .4
Resp’cty yours,
We buy hogs. (Jet our prices
before selling. Miller Bros. (>t:
A meeting of harness horsemen
was recently held at Mitchell t*»
establish a trotting circuit.
Among the towns figured upon
for this circuit are Huron and
Pierre, It woul i seem that
Miller could readily get into this
association or a date between
Huron and Pierre, and save a
long ump. Tiie driving park
Association should take the
matter up, but it must b> done
Vi s wi buy h< gs, wheat, oats,
corn, and sell hard and soft coal.
Come and see us. Miller Bros.dtf
Farm for Kent
In Mondamin twp. 109-09
Hand Co. or this year. Call on
or write nv at M.ller.
7t:i* Wm. Ross.
Is healthy age, and the health of
old age is ruled by the stomach.
Throughout life the stomach is
in fact the vital center of the
body, but the fact is never so
much appreciated as in the time
of old age when the proper nu
trition of the body is of the first
Old people who are weak and
who fail to assimilate nourish
ment will find wonderful benefit
in the use of Dr. Pierce’s Gold
en Medical Discovery. It cures
diseases of the stomach and other
organs of digestion and nutri
tion, and so enables the perfect
digestion and assimilation of
food from which all physical
strength is derived.
" When I wrote you for advice, I was
feeling very miserable with not simply
one ailment, but general debility,”
writes Mrs. Martha Jones, of Clare
mont, Surry Co., Va. ”1 purchased a
bottle of ‘Golden Medical Discovery,’
also one of ‘Favorite Prescription,'
and a bottle of ‘Pellets.’ 1 soon be
gan to improve, and continued taking
them until I was feeling so well I dis
continued. Ido not find many testi
monials in your book from ladies as
old as I am —seventy-three. 1 think
no medicine equal to yours for old
people. It makes their declining days
easy and cheerful.”
Dr* Ploroo’s Pleasant
PaUatSm The boat lax
atNo for oU people •
. •* . * •• /• **
About mixed farming, stock
raining, etc.* —but then its ho
manifestly safe and Here that it
needs no argument to brace it
up. It has come tostuv.
Undertaking •roads, coffins,
caskets, robes, etc. can be ob
tained at (’opuillette’s furniture
store at reasonable prices First
door south of opera house, tf
Plowing and seeding in Febru
ary whs not tin uncommon thing
in Hand county in the early
eighties, but it is an unheard of
proposition now. Has the cli
mate changed ?
The yield and price of wheat
and corn vary; the price of hogs
cattle, horses and sheep may be
up or down—but the milk cow
continues to do business right
along for the family expense ac
People are suffering with the
grippe this month, yet it cun be
easily prevented. Pole’s Ulud
bilder is a nerve tonic and blood
purifier. When you begin to feel
run down take IHudbilder and
you will be free from rheumatism
and grippe. Don’t forget that
it is guaranteed by ,J. D. Fitz
gerald. 9t2
Our mountain lion storj’ is put
to sleep l*v the hairless wolves
story from the range we»t of
Pierre. As the story goes these
wolves ate the carcasses of cat
tle that had died from Texas
itch. All the hair came off the
wolves, and as they pass up and
down Hie highways their liude
ness shocks the inhabitants.
Nearly Forfeits Ids Life.
A runaway almost ending fa
tally, started a horrible ulcer on
the leg of J. B. Orner, Franklin
drove, 111. For four years it de
fied all doctors hud all remedies
But Buck leu's A i nica Salve had
no trouble to cure him. Equal
ly good for burns, bruises, skin
eruptions and piles. 23c ar Col
tins drug store. 8i 1-
State commercial trave’ers
cud hotel proprietors will proba
bly lock horns in the next legis
lature. The Traveling Men’s As
sociation will ask that a law be
passed requiring a. state license
for and slate inspeetson of ho
tels. The landlords should also
ask for a state law to prevent
drummers from winikng at the
handsome waiter girls.
“I wmk troubled for several
years with chronic indigestion
and nervous debility,” writes F.
J. Green, of Lancaster, N. 11.
“No remedy helped me until 1
began using Electric Litters,
which did me more good than
all the medicine 1 ever used.
They have also Kept my wife in
excellent health for years. She
says Electric bitters are just
splendid for female troubles;
that they are a grand tonic and
invigorator for w*ek, run down
women. No other medicine can
take its place in our family.”
Try them. Only 50c. Satisfac
tion guaranteed by O. 11. Col
lins. Bt4
February 11— and the seeding
time just a little way off. Does
it pay to use anything but the
best ground, the best seed, and
the best work? What a crop
South Dakota could have any
fair year if only good ground
and good se >d were combined
with good work. And the belief
is rapidly taking root that HO
acres thus farmed is better than
100 acres poorly farmed.
lieninining uncalled for in the
Postoffice at Miller S. I)., for four
.weeks ending Feb. 1, 1004
L. G. Crosnmn
Charles Hruudy
H. Arshak
When calling for the above
please say “Advertised Letters. ’
1 "*s,"^
•r •/ '
Better than Gold.

1... Ml «i
• S
Clearance Sale.
In order to close out my winter good
to make room for my Her/ Spring goods
I am offering.
. ** * ** v
Ladies SIO.OO Jackets for $7.00 jßoys $2.00 Overcoats for $1.50
Ladies 7.ooJackets for 5.00 Mens SI.OO Mittens for .85
Ladies s.oo Jackets for 3.50 Mens .75 Mittens for .GO
Childrens $5.00 Jackets for 3.50 Mens .50 Mittens for, .40
Childrens 3.00 Jaskets for 2.00 Mens $2.00 Overshirts for 1.50
Childrens 1.50 Jackets for 1,00 Mens 1.50 Cvershirte for 1.10
Mens SIO.OO Overcoats For 7.00 ± Mens 1.00 Overshirts for .85
Mens 800 Overcoats foi 6.00 Mens .75 Overshirts for .65
Boys $5.00 Overcoats for 3.50 Ladieis furs Boas six feet long for
Boy 4 * 4.00 Overcoats for 3../U only 2.00
•a»39«9®9o©®'3®©©©©3Q®7!®a«O«O«®«»<J©»*« *®G*C®Co#(»*‘9t3er.ff3<¥©®iDC«®«o®9'?®C(?ea
In addition to these low Prices we allow five cents off on each whole
Dollar for cash Remember in addition to the above we have a large line
of clothing, also the largest and best line of shoes in this Part of S. Dak.
I sell no shoddy geeds Remember these Prices will not fast long call and
see our Bargaing. _ Yours to Please

" ’ DEALER DDL «2P=r-> —
♦♦ $ «*♦<> fc ♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<> <►<!'<»«•<»# <tm>
o «,** *<*> « <><s *0 4,0 o <*, +« m c
The for the Standard Mowers, Hoy Bvmchers, Hay Stackers, and all kinds o
Mower Repairs. I also have a complete line ol
Buggies and Road Wagons, Wind Mills, Tanks, Pumps and Machine
Oils and the Minnesota Oil, Paints, White Lead Varnishes and Stains,
Glass and Putty.
|jj2S sasasass '&s& f es& saffaFcSr sa c-psasasasHsasaasasasHs
The year around ship us your poultry and we will be pleased to get
you the best prices possible.
For references,—Ask those who ship ro us.
r' Send you produce to them at 114 West Randolph street,
uj Chicago, 111.
A great manv horses are hurt
at this time of year by slipping
on icy roads. Cole’s Veterinary
Carbollsalve brings quick relief
without a sear. You can’t afford
to be without it. Sold and guar
teed by J. I). Fitzgerald . I)t2
Rooms for rent—lnquire at
Coquillette’s furniture store. 4tf
* > .
We pay the HIGHEST HARKET price for
4 - in
GEO. JEFFERY, Miller, S. D.
N otice.
All parties owing us on hook
account are requested to call
and settle at once. Hereafter all
accounts must he paid the first
of each month. No long ac
counts will be carried. We mean
busiuess. Butts Bros.
*♦♦♦♦♦♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*» 04♦<> ftdoo
City Warrants Call.
Correction of
27.1901; All general fund war
rants ore called for payment up
to ambineluding register No. *lB
registered April 20, 1903.
(' h n s. T h o m s o u, Treas.
fa . *
f t £*• ' h
made .fan.

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