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The Auditor of Stanley coun
ty is held up at Ft. Pierre for a
.shortage of $20,000. It- is
claimed that he raised the price
of county warrants and sold
A little hurt, n terrible wound
or a burn—it makes no difference
Pole’s Carbolisulve will stop the
pain quicker than anything else
and will heal it without a sear.
Farbolisalve has stood the test
of thirty years constant use in
millions of homes. It always
cures. Get Pole's. If it isn't
Pole’s it isn't carbolisalve. 25
and 50 cents by J. I*. Fitzgerald.
Cole’s Laxative Liver Pills
cure constipation and sick head
ache. 25 cents. Guaranteed by
T. ft. Fitzgerald. 7t2
We will close the rug contest Saturday, March 12, 1904* is llur tIJS n
now. We mean just what we say. We are going to sell
$10.60 jackets marked down to SB.OO $ $7. 00 jackets cut down to $.<.00
8.00 “ “ “ Coo 5.50 “ “ “ I Co
13.00 “ “ “ 900 f 0 00 * IGo
i; - 5 i± t —— •
$7.50 suits now marked down to $0.25 $4. g 5 su j ts now go at $3.75
C>.so “ 5.75 2k tl „ 75
a "wj “ “ “ “ “ 7.G0 \
n 7f! tl »< *» “ O
950 44 44 44 44 44 8.00 ‘ *
(} oo “ “ “ “ 44 a.ot> 0 2 « 5 ° "" 00
975 44 “ 44 “ 8.50 1 3.G0 “ 11 " 3.00
We have stuck the knife clear in, and we mean just what we £,av. Our spring line of
Childoorvs Shoos
lust arrived, all neat and stylish. Come in little lolks and look them over.
V * , 1
13 3S SnSEEfc jic?S2LSr»SHSi2SHSc £ 5?£T£ J JTciSI3EHETSSES2SH2SZb BSSJjSS*; !
DRUGS.... |
» ft
jy |v ;
•J] JJj i
H| Sam back at the old stand on east side ||
oi Broadway. I invite your patronage. tj
[jj My line of DRUSQ is the most complete |
In and freshest in the county. juj
h t f;
are alwas kept in stock. E also have a fine
stock of Toilet Articles, Stationery, etc.
See my stock of Wall Paper, Paints and i
jj.' Oils and get my prices. H
§ O. H. eOLLIRS, f
m Druggist.
Uis3afieffasHsaSfSsl^SES=l!3HScS 5S
a'ggc?mr.iiyi7»’ 3»3£rag2l>BfiffiEßg^
Mew |
If you are thinking of building; you can not I
do better than by letting; us fig;ure your bill.
We handle everything in the line of r
And can give you satisfactory prices. i
•Pjlf A,ld lnter Ocean one yr $1.50
|j || |« | flT | N f I 2 v 3 “ Sioux City Journal “ 1.50
y IbEh i SllkU’w “ Dakota Farmer “ 1.25
An Astonishing Offer!
If for any reason we fall to core your
of tbe head, nose, throat, lnnga oratomech In
any stage the treatment coats yon nothing.
You doubtless have catarrh and want to bo
cured. You have tried nearly everything. Yet
there is only one absolutely known cure for
catarrh in America, and that is MFDERINE, the
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all inflammation of the affected parts, reaches the
seat of the disease by filtering, cleansing and puri
fying the blood. MEDERINE has revolutionized
the treatment and cure of Catarrh, and created
the greatest sensation in medical circles.
TKowaanda of Ca,tarrh
sufferers in every section of the country bear tes
timony to being cured of CATARRH by the only
remedy that cures—MEDEKINE.
Writ, MBDF.RINE REMEDY CO.. Duluth. Mirny., tor
the!r system of treatment. All letters answered. Illustrated
booklet containing testimonials of cures malted free.
Price SI.OO par Bottle—6 bottles $3.00.
Ser.t express paid If your druggist does not carry MEJ>
BRINE in stock.
Cud »nd Kuuninf Sores, Bon. sod Vleers, joc per bos.
lieifrniue SAID Inr toilet, bath and nursery. rt
nlClltlflßC oUAr tailxes the akin. a comp'd ion
besutlfloy, s • cried cure ter Dandruff aad all scalp and skin
diseases. Price i,c
Medertne remedies are sold and goaran tecd by
Oi H. COLLINS. Druggest.
. m A
mM nrm
THB 111
IJ gi !• UVIH.MIU.-Itrs Or URINAM< OROAmS. 4 tl
IIP ¥OOll LIFE “fj|
It depends on the proper action of * f if
g|||i sour Liver and Kidneys. They I ||
.'lif iirfJ sewers of the body —if iEg
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r neys in perfect condition f If you j Bi
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M C you how to recognize disease in I II
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I* fj twenty-five years to your life.
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£: J ltr. .B. H. in <• Lean's Liver 3 11
(d fc and Kidney-Halm to-day-'.t 31 1
U <2 will cure you. m d
Jit Your Druggist’s 3 St
i, Tf he doesn't sell it. Bend us f 1.00 j If
ijgj M and his name, und we will express « ' I
5, i! you a bottle, charges prepaid, jf j
lit. Louis, Mo.
Our line of men’s, I,Milieu’ awl
hoy\s shoes just arive.l. Come
ami net shod.
p>tf SK!>ms(i L Croll.
All persons owino me on book
aeet or note are requested to call
ami settle at omens T need m\
monev. Office over Sebrin-j and
Croll’s store. J. W. Coquillette.
Fell IltC.
Notice For Publication.
Departm»*llt of the Interior. Land Oltie'
at Huron. South I'tikotn. February *, 1904
Notice is hereby given that the 'folio.vine
nnmet! settler has filed notice of her inten
-1 lon to make final proof In support of her
eiaun, an,l that waul proof will lie made lie
tore the i oimty Judge at Miller, S. I)., on
March 19, vis:
U. K. No. 17229 for the 51.., SW ti Sec,
ac T.m n„ k. «7 vv„ ?uh \\ m.
She nnmen the following witnesses to
prove her continuous residence upon and
cultivation oi said laud, vis:
H ul icr U. 1< hot mi. of .Miller, S. D.t'hnrles L
Choate, David L, Evans, August I’eterson
o St. Lawrence, S. I>.
C. A. Di.akk. Register,
special Execution Sale.
Nof|>e is hereby given, th-it by virtue of n
special execution issued out of" and under
toy K-al of the circuit court in and for the
county of Hand mu! state of South Dakota
upon h dccri-e lor $95.22 bearing date No
'em hi r 4, lUDH. and duly entered in the of
tiee of the Clerk of the Circuit Court In and
•or flail county, in un action wherein I>. S
It. Jo’ nston Land company a corporation
is plaintiff, and Augustan Pea-ley, L'iiurles E
I ottet atid Hand county a body- corpora*
of the state oi South Dakota, are defend
a is. and directed nud delivered to me a
Him iif of fluid county, I w ill sell the rea
property describe.i as follows, to wit: The
northwest quarter [N Wp,] ot section thirty
111 reevHai in township one hundred ten <llo
north of rung -sixty seven (t)/) west of the
iiftli principal meridian in Hand eounlv.
south Dakota, to the highest bidder for
lUsh.ui ptiblieaurtlon.nl the Iron* door
o! the court house In Miller |n sai-l county
on ißWlity, ihoßifil day ol Match, 1904,
at two o'clock p. in. of that day.
Dated February li>, loot.
A. H. AnnoTT, Snerid of llun-i Co, 8. I),
"< F. Mason, Attorney lor Plaintiff.
*l* irst puli Fell, 1 1 , 'O4
• . v.:
: j • .. :V ; -
■M ■# ~,■
I ' "V
Our stock of Groceries is fresh. We keep them fresh all the time. Why ?
Ty Because we sell and buy every week.
® ; *
i 3 Cans tomatoes for 25 cents
2 cans best tomatoes 25 cents .
§ Beat corn 10 cents
% Wheat hearts 2 for 25 cents *
'*> Wheatine 2 for 25 cencs
g Grape nut 2 for 25 cents
3 pound package of crackers 20 cents
Growler smoking tobacco per pound 20 cents
No 2 common lamp chimney 3 for ~...25 cents
<;< 20 pounds cane sugar for sl.
' 20 pounds beet sugar 9o cents
Cold blast Lanterns 85 cents

We will pay 75cts a bushel for potatoes.
Money lo Loan.
I am prepared to make a tew !
Real Estate Loans.
Jay I*. Morrill.
41 If Miller, S. I).
German heaters, soft and coni,
best stove of the kind in the
market at D. P. Creeps ;i'Jtf
Do t vou need a new stove? If!
so, cull and see the tine stock we j
have on hand, both hard and I
soft coal heaters.
39tf I). P. Cree. j
Land Wanted.
I want to buy some good j
quarters of Ilaml countv hind I
cheap for cash. Write or call on ;
me at Miller. tf
G. H. Carroll
Domestic Troubles
It is exceptional to find a
farailv where there are no domes
tic ruptures occasionally, but
these can he lessoned by having
Dr. Kings New Life Pills arounb.
Much trouble they save by
their great w ork in stomach and
liver troubles. They not only !
relieve you, but cure, 25c at j
0. 11. Collins drui*- store 4t4
Por Infants and Children.
Dip Kind You Have Always Bought
Just What You Want.
l t s **<\
Nearly Two Millions in Use.
F.xperlonca has shown that tb*» Domestic Is
tho cheapest to buy. It always gives satisfac
tion. and will last a lifetime. No other ever
equaled It No other ever will. The name Is
a guarantee of superiority.
Before you buy a sewing machine examine the
Or write us foi name of nearest dealer.
We sell Repairs md Parts. Needles, Shuttles,
Belts and Attachments of Every Kind for All
Makes ol Sewing Machines. Vour Local Dealer
can get them of us. If no Dealer, write us
Wholesalers ot the
Aad Sewing Machine Supp ,, es of Every Kind,
t </ -t±% . V •. .. V' ' ;i '
■ ■ • *v
A colored pencil mark over
this paragraph lk notice thatyour
\ Nubscription expires with thiH is. J
x Hue. If vou desire the paper con J
J tinned to your address, send one T
dollar to the Pbkhh. Miller, S. 1). w
w II not paper will be discontinued. 0
Nutlcs that 1 a x Deed Will lssne.
To Wilson P. Han'fnons, trnstrej
Take notice that at n regular sale of lands
oti ■ lots for ’ r.res held in anil for the count y
o, Hand and state of South Dakota on tb •
r.th d-y of N<jvctulw'i* 11)00, the following
d rlbed tract o- land wns daly sold by I he
treasurer oi -Hid Hand •<> unty for the taxes
due and delii.qucnt thereon fo- the year
1 sic.) ti wit: Southeast quarter o' secnon
thirty two [KiiJ townehip one hundre l and
w xtren (110) rang--sixty l ight [*>Sj in Haiti
Hand county South Dakota, ti. E. I. It ur
ton ami the said purchaser E. I Burton
thereafter dul.i usslgiod the certltleate of
I un I, re tiicrc- i lo.iaeob Duekeck ai.d IN"
-v < qqulllette, wto are now tin* owner) and
lio.bii/i’M (it«tvo«, iiml more than two years
havl'fg ilapH -.1 sic • I lie date of said sale and
.-aid land not liaviag beep redeemed there
fore, notlc- in lit: tie r her> by itlven that tlie
time for redemption will ixpire arxl a deed
for Hiii-i land will be made wlthle i-txf.v days
alter the con-p!et*d service of this notice.
Dated at .Yille . South Dakota this loth
dav.of Id i r nry 190 , Ja< ou Dta kki x
Owners and Uo da.H of the certificate of
pi:r I use,
d.i s. V. (Jnui.-iT, their attoruev.
* jE ■
NotU-eol Application for Dlsohai-ffc ol'
Notice le hereby given that in accordance
with on order of ihe Circuit Court Sixth
-Indicinl Circuit, for Hand county, dated
January 12th. 1904-there will oe presenteil
to the circuit court of said circuit at the
clißinberH of the jiidaeof eald court at I'lerre
Soutli Dakota, on February fifh t'.iot. at
lO o’clo-k A. M, an application for an
order to-discharge the following described
mortgages of ncord in accordance with the
provision of 5 KSO Revised Code oi Civil
Procedure I’dOß. to-wit:
A moitgage dated October 7. 1 HS4. given
by William 11. Clark and .Mary ClarK. to
J elm C. iiu.vnes record d October 14, IMS4
in boou 11, page 50-1, r, cords in the oltice
of register of deeds Hand county. South
Dakota, covering the north hall of south
W <*st quarter, south east quarter of soutli
west quarter, section fourteen 1 1 4 > north
east quart* rok northwest quarter of sec
lion t wentythree (2Hi und the southwest
quarter of taction fifteen (lf>) township
one hundred and ten‘ll O' range sixtv six
*Cits' which mortgage was duly assigned to
John Webster.
Also two mortgages given by same parlies
to John Webster dated January ID. l-sHfi,
re-corcied ,launary 2Ji, in book 12:
page 40 and bool- 14 page 98, in office ot'
Register of Deeds Hand county, cot ering the
north half southwest quarter, southeast
quarter southwest quarter section fourteen
(14). northeast quarter of tlie north west
quarter of section twenty three i2Bi. town
ship one hundred and ten (lid) range sixty
six ((iti). Ail of K'ii i land being in Hand
couutv. South Dakota,
The'sai-I mortgages having been p»id
and Julia Welistcr b- ing now deceased and
having no ai ling administrator or executor
of ins estate.
Jt't.iA A. W ri'-T’ii, Applicant.
Crawford & Taylor, Attorneys, Huron
South Dakota.
Editorially Fearless.
' Consistently Republican.
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original stories—Answers to queries—
Articles mii Health, the home. New
und on Work About- the Farm
nn-! Garden.
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the entire telegraphic news servfre oi
„be New York World. —dally reports
from over 2,*)()0 special correspondents
throughout the country:
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The Weekly Inter Ocean one
year, both papers for $1.50.
vi fWTO W*» V> Y a>-
Bran and shortcut $15.00
Shorts clear at 30.00
Ground Barle.v at 38.00
Otf Miller Roller Mills.
Jen 14t9
L«'a>o of Commou School and Endow*
merit Lands.
Notice !b hereby given that on March 17
Hiui. all unlen-ed Comnior School • and
Endowment Land* in 11 ami county will be
o i ied for lean,, at. nubile auction' between
ill' hourh of 1 O o’clock A. M.aud 5 o'clock
P 'I nt the front door of the court house
in raid comity.
Dated at Pierre, S. D., January 9th. 1904.
C. .1. HACH.'
Commissioner of School and Public Land*.
Jf.ri tf* 17
Notice ol Mortgage Palo.
Dcfaiill ha* been made in the payment’ of
the pilneipnl and interest* eacur'v! bv a
mortgage containing power of Kale dated
'•lt/ I’d. 18 Mo . ami recorded on 'the
<ith day of May 18s5; In the other of tho
Kecister of Deeds of iiaod County, Territory
of Dakota, now State:of So.itt, Dakota, in
Dock >i of mortgages page 2D.j whereby
Mary L. <•»riflin. a widow. Mortgagor. mort*
4' 1 -'“d to M ss Elisabeth Kinmottmortgagee
■ he iioi thtveßt quam r of s.ctioitE.evu [III
in township one hundred and sixteen [llO J
ill in tiff- eixtyseven [o7] in Ha id il Kftd
County. South Dakota. by which default,
the power of sal ■ limh become operative, ami
no action or proceeding at law him been in
eliiiiii I •<* recover tb> debt remaining
• i ired thereby or any pari thereof. The
amount cluinied to lie due on Halil Mortgage
at the due hereof, iw soßo,<t;f, to wnleli
amount should be added the laxes on Hiild
prooeri.v paid by said Mortgagee,
amounting, with interest uh provided in
said mort gage to $ 10.i.57, making the to
-lul amount claimed to be due at the date
hereof on said mortgage $1384.58,
The said Mortgage wan duly assigned by
the said r.liz ib't;i l.nnuott to the Colonial
and t nited States Mortgage Company Limit
«dl>.\ ti. iiignment dated Kebilrury liatli 1890
and recoded in said otlice of the Kegister of
Deeds a ulv yotl 1 t;d.v in Hook 7s of Mort
gages. on page »>.
Now notice i. herd y given, tliat i>y vir
tin oi said power, said mortgag'd will be
fnrrvloseU ami said premise** sold at public
uiii'iinii by the wiierifi of said county,or hi*
deputy. Match sth. t.iov. at two o’clock
I*. M.. at ttie from door of the court liouxt
iu Miller, Sout h Dakota, to pay sail debt,
interest and disli i.' eaieats >ilio>vud bylaw.
Dated Januury i.'-Ui, HM4.
COLONIAL <k l Ni l Mil S I A’l't.K MOKTO.tOr.CO.—
Limited,Assignee of Mortgagee. [Seal,].
John W Koui.nson, Ageui.
Manual tan Bldg.. St. Paul Minn,
Jan 21 i 4
Notice to < realtor .
Tn County c,»*irt for liana County St&taof
South Dnkota.
Km ntn of I ohh I>u • hie I)• * -onseal.
N' ti •Ik hereby irlven liy tlu« underdif'ipd
ah the Adinlnfutratorof (heKstatis of John
I>t■ th ft* deer nued to l In- eredli or* of and all
pernon* linvirur claims against ilu* hi Id de
ceased. to exhibit them w ith the ne cssary
vouchers. u Ithin four months after the lire!
publication of t h!n notice. to the said Ad
ministrator at his otliee la the town of
Miller in an Id County.
Dated Januaiy 21, 11)04,
Oeoih i: 11. Ca noi.i,,
said Administrator
Jan 21 t 8
Notice to llpfleem.
State of South Dako a, County of Dea-lle
To Katellu Kobcdeaic; owner an I David i.
Wood to w'ioiii n~s< aed
Yon ar • Her-by Notified That at h sale of
lends and lota for unpaid taxes h.v the treas
urer of Hand Count v. on the 4th tlav of
Noveinher 11)01, the folio wins: described terl
property Miniate In raid « onnf.v %nd state,
to-wit: The Southwest qunr r of south
wmt quarter of Se tlon e.even In township
One hundred nine North <J It autre Sixty
seven Went of (heath Principal Meridian win
Hold to L. 1. Lostulf<-r lor the tgsiMil 1 *.»*•(i
and a eertith ate of i ureliHee for the same
is-ued liy the Ir a Mirer of Maid county to
said 1.. 1,. Losl.iil ter and I lint soil certificate
of purchase wa* on the noth day of Novem
ber ltioa duly HHHijrlied by unld 1.. 1.. Losf
iitter lo Itim.irds ITusf •%» ii'iciv wiio now
is the law Li owner and holder thereof, and
that the ritrht of redemption fro n mild mile
w II expire and o d -d for said pr-mWe* will
he made to nald lUchaids Trust (.'ompanv.
unless redemption la* made from Hiieh sale
within sixty days from the completed ser
vieeof thi* not lee
Hated tiiin hth <lav ot January 1004.
Richard* Tru«t Company. .
By C. N. M< llvalue it* Agent,
tin CHlCHr.artß'3 c.,k u uj h _ ,
/W Orl*lm»I •nil Only Oenutno.
'~Vn tX. BAVAiw»j»rrll»htr l.«i!le«. •«
i »< i&itt *.r i'll KNCLIBH
KF.lt «u>t (Hold ibrulllo bo«e*. *r»lod
' n. obh bice ribbon. Tnko nc other. Heftier*
' >1 a*S» VVJ lloniertM bb»«tilbii<a> uud luiltb
'l (ff tlone. Buy of your l>rogi:i>l. or een.l 4e. la
V Jr ibitw hr PbrUrilkni, TwilanniiU
, w B «»• “Relief for ■.■tdleo,*’ in truer, by ra*
\ /r tu"n Mall. I<>.««>* Tenimoniale Bnl.Lbf
x— ■-r ell DrmjliM*. Chlehenter Chemical Ca*
IftMttaa thltpater. H«R« FlllUe FR
r, !
■ • 7

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