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The pioneer press. (Miller, Hand County, S.D.) 1893-190?, February 18, 1904, Image 5

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. ■ ■'*■*
$lO Ladies Black or Tan Cloaks at $6.50
$5 “ “ *‘ at $3.50
$2 Children’s Cioaks at SI.OO
These are ail new, up to date, stylish goods, but
we need money and room, We have a large assort
* ■ a
$9 Furs at Furs at $4
$lB Furs at sl3
$1 size patent medicine - = cents
I have the flat anti round shapes to suit all.
15cts No. 1 t'cml) Section Honey 15 cts
Standard Honey - . 11 Cents
150 ladies folding sewing tables highly finished 85c
100 folding clothes bars » «. - €C
135 folding ironing boards - g\ c
3 lbs old Hickory Fomatoes, not a heap brand, 25c
I advertise for trade to con
vince you my prices are Lest
A large store trying to supply your needs.
Thankingyou for the immense trade given me
<[hc §£mix sress.
SubHcrlptlon ?fI.OO a Year In Advance.
Ut. Lnwrenre Lod;r»*. A. F and A, M. No. :{fl
IO Meet* at Miller, S. l», overy ft ret and third
Friday nljrht each month nt.B o’clock. K.
Ohriat, \V. M.; J. 1,. Keven, Sec’r., \V, !i.
RarneH, Tyler.
Chapter F. A. M. nieetn firnt and third
wedneaday each niontn at Aiiller. E. H. I’.
K.'l' Sedani, Secy, J, 1,. Kvtim, W, H.
ItarneH. Sentinel.
Creaent Captor No. 4. O. E. S. meet* mpc
ond und fonrtli'l i'eadM'a each month. W
M. Mra. Ella Miller. Beo’r .Mrs, Ueriiude
Itriatas. \V. H. Barnet*. Sentinel.
••••<3o co© *c 9 1"> asc®aa aqo c *>
• %
George Hazen was down from
Huron Friday visiting friends.
Black Silk one yard wide for
SI.OO per yard. 11. 11. (1 reeves.
K. F. Wai I ere turned Saturday
from his business trip and visit
to Illinois.
My new Dress ginghams for
Spring have aiived.
stf H. K. (I reeves.
K. S. Willett is having an ar-!
• , i
tesian well put down on his farm
in llowell twp.
Call at 1). }\ Cree’s hardware
store and set* those fine heaters,
for hard and soir com. 49tf
W. H. Smith, of Huron, was
transacting elevator business
here Momlav.
I have 25 different patterns of
new white Linen Waitings—
very handsome Patterns, Prices
from 8 cents to 50 cents per
yard. H. It. (beeves. stf
A. W. Dawson, the carpenter,
returned last week from his visit
to lowa. He will probably build
a home in Miller tins spring.
(gle’s ©ugh (Ofe
Gaarar.tccd—2sc and 30c by all ciruucLata
‘ '1
Mr. and Mis. Clais Miller liave
both been on the sick list for
several days, but: are now on
the men 1.
Rooms for rent —Inquire at
Coquillette’s furiiitur* store. 4t.
W. 11. Barnes iiuw been con
fined to his bed for several days
past by sickness. He is now
gradually ini pro ving.
Mrs. C. M. Dwyer has been on
the sick list tor several davs.
Mrs. A. McCullen. of Highmore,
has been assisting her as nurse.
Yes, we buy hogs, wheat, oats,
corn, and sell hard and soft coal.
Come and see us. Miller Bros.bit
B. A. Naber, of Orient was a
Miller visitor Saturday. He re
porta that there will be a new
Catholic church built at Zell the
coming season, to cost about
A Boston paper received at
this office contains a list of law
students at the college there who
have passed the examination as
lawyers. 1 A‘wis Shuster's name
appears in tlie list.
If vou are troubled with sick
headache and other kindred ills.
Justgo and get a bottle of Cole’s
Laxative Liver pills. Sold by
J, D. Fitzgerald, 9t2
The Pleasant Valley A.O.U.W.
Lodge No. 142 gave a free oyster
supper Wednesday evening Feb.
10, at the home of J. M. Schmidt
in Glendale twp. Nearly a hun
dred persons were entertained
and every body reports a fine
Remaining uncalled for in the
Postoffice at Miller S.D., forfour
weeks ending Feb. 1, 1904
L. G. Crosman
Charles Bruady
11. Arshak
When calling for the above
please say “Advertised Letters. ’
■i-t -Jkit' ■w*
W‘ tu * , ;i
t l ' ■ 4
Read our new Adv. for ‘2 weeks
onlv. H. R. Greeves.
Mr. Frank Abbott, son of
Sheriff Abbott and Miss Maude
King, were married last evening
at the bride's home. The Press
congratulates the happy young
T.he highest market price paid
for butter and eggs at Sebriug &
Croll’s. 45tf
If you know of a niffs item
about vourself or vour fc Iks
* »
don't teil tin* newspaper man —
and then you are entitled t > a
kick because he did not publish
A great imitiv horses are hint
at this time of year by slipping
on icy roads. Pole’s Veterinary
Carbolisalve brings quick rebel
without a sear. You can't afford
to be without it. Sold and gimr
teed bv J. i). Fitzgerald. bt2
lion G. \\. Livingston, of
Nevada, lowa, arrived in Miller
Tuesday to visit his son George
and family. I 'tide George may
as well come buck to Hand
County, lie will never be satis
fied until he does.
Charles Walker came down
from Miller, S. 1)., Tuesday even
ing for a visit. He says its
petty cold up there. So we con
clude that Nebraska is not the
only cold place after all. —Dixon
Neb. Herald.
Fntil further notice 1 will give
a cash discount of 5 per cent
on all cash sales in my store on
all bills of one dollar and over.
Remember I sell nothing but
good substantial goods at pri
ces heretofore sold and give vou
scents off on each dollar for
cash. 11. It. oreeves. 15tf
The Indies of the Jackson Club
congratulate the public and
thernsebea on the season’s
lecture course, hiving cleared
ss2.tel, which they expect I<> use
towards defraying the expenses
of allot her c< urse next year.
{'mum Coquillette Pres.
Mol lie Try rhall Sec.
Millions of people who have
used Cole's Cnrbolisalvefor years
say if is us mu h a household
necessity as flour. I)o you think
an inferior remedy would have
stood the test of half a century?
Keep a box handy in case of
la:: us and cuts. Remember if it
isn’t Cole's it isn’t Carbolisalve.
25 and 50 cts by -1. I). Fitzger
ald. ’ 9t2
War has been declared be
tween the Miller Sun and
Gazette, over a difference of
opinions i:t local affairs. It
looks a little like the big
Rust- an and little Jap war. The
Jap slips in with his torpedo
boat and j ets the first shot,, but
its too early to tell how many
ships he sunk. The Press will
observe strict neutrality—like
the other powers.
A fine line of spring ginghams
and calicoes received. Many
beautiful patterns, at Searing k
Droll's. lOtf
This is the quiet time of the
year, but reader, if vou will care
fully look’over the advertising
columns of this paper, you can
see § opportunities for saving
money in your purchases. And
right now is the consumer’s time
to buy. Conditions of season
and business affairs make it
necessary for dealers to reduce
stocks and turn thenifinto cash
at this time of year.
A little idle money will go a
long wav now in buying goods.
It is not profitable to keep over
winter goods: room must be had
for the warm weather goods; the
assessor will soon be around,
and a smaller stock means less
taxes. All t hese things oj»erate
just now in favor of the pur
chaser. If you want anything
during thevear and have a little
spare money, make known to
your merchant that you are out
for bargains. He’ll, produce
them for you.
All dlsoases of Kldneyß, if\
Bladder. Urinary Organs. I B| | I I I,
Also Rheumatism, Back M 9 I l"*
ache, HeartDisease.Gravel a iD I |« B
Dropiy, Female Troubled. V »m. wIJ
Don’t become discouraged. There Is a
cure for you. If necessary vulto l>r. l'enuer.
lie has spent a life time curing just such
cases as yours. All consultations Free.
“A pruvet rodeed iu my bladder. After
usiujj a few bottles of I)r. Fenner’s Kidney
atid Backache Cure I passed a gravel half as
large as a marble. The medicine prevented
further formations. 1 was cured.
W.T.OAKES. Orrlx, Va.”
pruKjtjst WV . s|. Ask for Cook ltook Free.
CT VITIK’fUMPC f'uro Cure. Circular Dr
0!• Yll UO UnUUL Fenner, Fredonia.N.Y
Bert Clouse is securing n col
lection of Curios to take to the
World’s Fair at St. Louis.
Among them will be the “petrifl
ea man’’ from Wessington, a
tame prairie wolf and a badger.
Bert is a kind of a natural show
man, and will be all right in this
business—it he gets his location
in the fair.
Better than Gold.
“1 was troubled for several
years with chronic indigestion
and nervous debility,” writes F.
J. Green, of Lancaster, N. 11.
“No remedy lielptd mo until I
began using Electric Bitters,
which did me more good than
all the medicine I ever used.
They have also kept my wife in
excellent health for years. She
says Electric bitters are just
splendid for female troubles;
that they are a grand tonic and
invigorafror for wt ek, run down
women. No other medicine ran
take its plaey in our family.”
Try them. Only 50c. Satisfac
tion guaranteed by (). 11. Col
lins. St 4
Cattle Ranch for Rent or Sale.
i will rent my Cattle Ranch
on Wolf creek cansisting of two
Solid Sections of (lie choicest
land in So. Dakota for the sea
son of 1904 for $240.00. Ranch
is divided irfto three pastures
and all fenced with three wires,
pasture enough for *IOO head of
cattle and water enough for
three thousand; never fails. If
desired will rent five quarters
divided into two pastures fer
$l5O 00. Will sell the entire
Ranch at a Bargain. See me at
once. J. WJ Coquillette. lOtf
Don’t forget the old man
with the fish on his back.
For nearly thirty years he
has been traveling around the
world, and is still traveling,
bringing health and comfort
wherever he goes.
To the consumptive he
brings the strength and flesh
he so much needs.
To all 'weak and sickly
children he gives rich and
strengthening food.
To thin and pale persons
he gives new firm flesh and
rich red blood.
Children who first saw the
old man with the fish are now
grown up and have children
of their own.
He stands for Scott’s Emul
sion of pure cod liver oil—a
delightful food and a natural
tonic for children, for old folks
and for all who need flesh and
SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemists,
400-415 Pearl Street. New York.
BQc. and $1.00; all druL'Ziats.
HU’ •) •• Vi ,;>*% Vi?
, l ./- '; :> "*V
6 HEAT .*
H)o you. know
We do and lots of I hem. dust to put you on we
will sell each one that calls ONE regular io to 15 ct
6 ft buggy whip for only
5 cts.
Supply limited. Closes Feb. 27, unless previous
ly sold out. We have Big Bargains here waiting for
Miller, .... South Dakota.
bS. t jc'- r TEjJ,. 3 5clSSSHSIJ SaETSSHSB SSSHSHSE ‘aasasasaETHSHSßs^
If W. W. WAITE, E. F. WAITE, jj
| President. Cashier. K
i Mmd (Hauntf StftfeSanfe |
jjj Organized under the State Banking Laws.
>] Loans on Live Stock a Specialty.
I 8
Interest paid on time deposits, f
1 _ J j
ssascibasasa&asascjnEtsa.g?sp^ 3 r ~.73 g pt
I —_A_JSTIT — l
o I have purchased the Bcasom hardware store, and will •
(.* •
$ consolidate mv two stocks, and open uj> in the Beasom !
o building. If you want anything in the way ol Hardware, •
5 wagons, implements, etc., Call on me. Prices right. $
J Miller, S. D. PORTER CREE. 5
e •
«o®c. ©©a ©©©©iftaois©®©©©*®®©**©**®©©©®®©©©*©©©©® •©••©••••
£ GEO. S. RING LAND, Pres, F. D. GREENE, Cashier. J
J Vice Pres. Asst. Cashier. J
0 \
• f
J Pays Interest on Time Deposits. 4
% B«J s Notes and Sale Paper. 5
Safety Deposit Boses for Rent.
Your business is solicited.
| |j!j^X| : '|r=n Itisa p° sitive fect |
♦ that if every man in 2
♦ juflfPm 1 -w Hand County would x
♦ j f K&TPCDrTy bring in a load of wheat, ♦
♦ '<TT>. t r —■•-■-■• I w ith the proceeds he «
J could take home a big load of our solid handsome furniture
| and we would save him enough on his purchase to supply £
♦ the ladies of his family with all needed from our big milli
♦ nery department. Then there would be joy in that home
X you bet. Try it. Yours Respectfully, ♦
JOB PRINTING .... . <'r. **^^JPIPJ€S4
► . »C A hJ Jiff ftfo ,lKQy£jS&. ’-:i ' '*

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