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The pioneer press. (Miller, Hand County, S.D.) 1893-190?, February 18, 1904, Image 8

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' ■ ■ '
„ . • rj, ■ ■
We will close the rug contest Saturday, March 12, 1904. It is uur turn
now. We mean just what we say. Wc are gomg to sell r;
slo.sojackets marked down to SB.OO $7.00 jackets cut down to "5.0 d |
8.00 “ “ “ 0.00 5.00 “ “ “ 4.50 t)
13.00 “ “ “ 9.00 9 00 “ “ “ 150 S
‘ 450 <#
s7.uo suits now marked down to $0.25 $ $4 , 85 suits now go at $3.75 |
0.50 “ “ “ “ “ 5.75 „ .« ~ „ o*"t I
8.50 “ “ “ “ “ 7.50 \ . 4
950 “ “ “ “ “ 8.00 \ J,7 ‘ ) — 0
0.00 “ “ “ “ “ 5.00 2.50 “ “ 2.00
9.75 “ “ “ “ “ 8.50 4?- 3.50 “ “ “ 3. 00 %
' *■* ( ;
uumw ■ ■■naniwhiMin.tmrmxigintw ae-Aia^iWr»ur t iuxuvummi c
I (•)
We have stuck the knife clear in, and wc mean just what v. e say. Our spring line of |
Children's Shoes I
Just arrived, all neat and stylish. Come in little folks and look ' ‘.cm over. w
RassasHHH»scsasß!r2f32SHsT- snasTSEZsasasssESSSHesesEsas.
Till" nnreo And * nter Ocean one yr $1.50
I H|n Lr Lg |i Sioux City Journal “ 1.50
I IIL I lILvU ** Dakota Farmer 1.25
The Auditor of Stanley coun
ty is held up ut Ft. Pierre for a
shortage of $20,000. It is
claimed that he raised the price
of county warrants and sold |
them. I
i*t.. 9 .• ■' •
A little hurt, a terrible wound
Or a burn—it makes no difference
Cole’s Carbolisalve will stop the
pain quicker than anything else
and will heal it without a scar.
Carbolisalve haH stood the test
of thirty years constant use in
millions of homes. It always
cures. (Jet Cole’s. If it isn’t
Cole’s it isn’t carbolisalve. 23
aud 50 cents by J. D. Fitzgerald.
Cole’s Laxative Liver Pills
cure constipat ion aud sick head
ache. 25 cents* Guaranteed by
7. D. Fitzgerald. 7t2
I am back at the old stand on east
of Broadway. I invite your patronage.
Aly line of DRUSCi Is the most complete
and freshest in the county.
are alwas kept in stock. 1 also have a fine
stock of Toilet Articles, Stationery, etc.
See my stock of Wall Paper, Paints and
Oils and get my prices.
LUMBER yards.
If you are thinking of building you can not
do better than by letting us figure your bill.
We handle everything in the line of
/And can give you satisfactory prices.
A Guarantee Cure
Tor all Poisons of tfte
or the treatment costs nothing.
Contagious blood poison is a cruol and
ImperlouH master; ft heeds not the cry
for mercy or the voice of prayer. You
may have Just recently contracted Blood
Poison, or Its lingering taint you may
havo had for years. It is safe to say
that you are not cured. The old symp
toms and troubles return every now and
then. There Is only one cure in the
world today for Blood Poison in any
stage, and that Is MEDERINK. It
searches out the impurities, cleanses and
purifles the system, strengthens and in- j
vlgorates the whole constitution, clears
and beautifies the complexion, and ren
ders the skin soft and velvety.
Writ* MEDBRINH REMEDY CO.. Duluth. Minn., fat
th.tr aystrm of trwmwnt All tetters answered. Illustrates
batik let containing curta salted fra*.
Price Si.ee pee Bottle—* Bottles s|.*o.
Sent «snma paid if you. drugs Ml doc* not carry MED.
SEINE I* Mock.
MEDEMIE SOAP tellaesth* akin; a cemptexioe j
U . jtiftar, cur* far Dandruff and all seals and akia
Mederl— gmsdlcs tfs sold aiU gaaranteed by
t j, ’
Oa H. COLLINS, Drugged.
pV I*o a HiUAtsu- nt*tepr cissAat* :r th* MEg
pi wa 1 You may have had Llv<r or Bi
; W, J I Kidney trouble® of a most serious
3*l J Matuieforyearsandkriownothiaß «
,;VJ lof it. Study your symptoms — i!?b
! G’,i Tr, headache isn't lust a headache II
IS g —look for the cause. Same way II
v 2 a with conxtipntion, puffs under fj a
| pft 2 the eyes. pallor, headache, dizzi- |0 ff
rjjj V ness, swollen hands and feet, HI
F a nervousness, depression, and high HU
j lij 5 You have liver or kidney ’’l ij
j!S fc troui>les delay is dangerous. *JJI
;] P But do not despair, we offer you II
i; a sure, safe ond speedy cure in H
\n n 2»r. .1. 11. Jlckcsu's Liver O
I jS :W mill Kidney Halm the only *{j
ft {£ known remedy for these ills.
| Jit Your Druggist's
I ffi If ho doesn’t sell it. send us M
> I j> 81.00 and his name, end we will H
I jfi express you a bottle, charges Hr
■»S I.M prepaid. Write for booklet if I
, ,'i r ‘Sound Sense.” i- It I
if Hit LC. j. N. MdFAN IUEDICIYE CO. n II 3
St. Louis, Mo. i Udj
' jj |
Our line of moil’s, Ladies’ and
bov’s shoes just arived. Come
find iret shod.
JGir Suuklnh & CitoLL.
All persons owinjjj me on book
aeet or note are requested to ejill
! find settle nt once as I need mv
j money. Office over Sebrirs*? and
JCroll’s store. J. W. Coquiliet te.
Web m e
Mot 100 For Publication,
Department of tin* Interior. Land Offle
■ at linron, south Dakota. February 19 1 :
Notice i<« hereby given that th<> following
I named scttl-r bus .lied notice of her Inten
; 1 lon to make tinnl proof in support of her
! claim, and that *\id proof will he made tie
fore ihe i oiniy J idne at Millar. S. D., on
Maich 15*. tVOt, v.*:
11. K. No. 17229 for the S>,. S’.V 1. see
82 T, 1 1 1 N„ K. «7.W., 5-h P. M.
She names the fallowing witnesses to
prove her continuous residence upon hikl
-cultivation o euid land, vfj;
\\ ulier t;. Photon, of -Miller, S, |>.t harlet 1,.
Choate, David l„ Evans, August P.-tt-rson
of St. Lawrence, S. I).
A. Bi.akk, Register.
spoelul Evocation Mule.
Not) e in hereby given, that by virtue of a
uiiecial exeruilon issued out of and under
the ecHl of tins circuit court In and for th<
county of Hand and state of South Dakota
upoA n deerts for $95.22 bearing dui<* No
vember 4. l ook, and duly entered in the of
flee of the Clerk of the Circuit Court in and
for said county, in an action wherein 1). S
It. Johnston Land eompanv a corporation
is plaintiff, and Augustus Pen ley, l juries K
I‘ottei and Hand county a liodv corporate
of the state of South Dak Ha. ure defend
a ts. and directed and delivered u> me a
shut iff of said county. I will sell the r»a
property describe I a* folio we, to-Wit: The
northwest quarter [N Wi/,J of section thirty
three(3«» in tow uship one nuudrel ten (11 i
north of range sixty seven [(57) west of th»
<‘lth principal meridian in Maud countv
-South Dakota, to the blithest bidder for
< ash. at public auction, at the frout door
o! the court house In Milter in said county
on Tuesday, the 22d day of March, timi
at two o'clock p in. of that day.
Duicd February 10, 1001.
A; H, Abbott. Sheriu of Hand Co,B. D,
W. F. Mahon, Attorney for Plaintiif,
Firet pub Fob, 11, 'o*
t .
■ ; *t:\
¥'fix :
• • f i -
4 •» SROfctiRlES. *

Our stock of Groceries is fresh. We keep them fresh all the time. Why ?
% Because we sell and buy every week.
3 Cans tomatoes for 23 cents
2 cans best tomatoes 25 cents
Best corn 10 cents
Wheat hearts 2 for 25 cents
g Wheatine 2 for 25cencs
Grape nut 2 for 25 cents
® 3 pound package of crackers 20 cents
Growler smoking tobacco per pound 20 cents
!ii No 2 common lamp chimney 3 for 25 cents
20 pounds cane sugar for sl.
•j$ 20 pounds beet sugar 9o cents
Cold l)last Lanterns 85 cents
We will pay 75 cts a bushel for potatoes. ._~T
Money to Loan.
I fim prepared to make a tew
Ileal Estate Loans.
Jay I*. Moimu.L*
41 tf Miller, S. I).
(ierumii hearers, soft and eoal,
U-st stov’e of the kind in the
market ,';t I). I*, ( rev's :Jl>tf
Do you need a new stove? If
"so, call and see the fine stock we
have on hand, both hard and
soft coal heaters.
•ibtf I). P. Cree.
Land Vv'arited.
I want to buy some irood
quarters of Hand county land
cheap for cash. Write or cull on
me at Miller. if
(J. 11. Caiikoll
Feb 1 •* t‘i
Notio-! For Publication.
I tepurt ment of : lie I ntc" lor, I at i Olli •» at
liu'dit. South D'tkotM I’eliruacy 10, IJPU
N i'l -e ih nerehv gtv-it tvu the f'lli-i .vI• i«■.
named h 11 ler hn« tile I re,■ ice if til i.’ite,-.
11 ot to make final proof in K ipp.irt of itis
clnlm and rtiat nuld proof will tie ma le be
fore he Clerk of (,'ourt at Miller. 8. U., on
vl>ri > 2, 11104. vit.
PE Eft IJ El V Kit,
11. E. No. Ily 1 . lor Mie N\V bee. 28, T.
lon N„ R. 07 W, ntn I*. M.
He nuuii'H the i low ing vvltiiei<s «to prove
hl« ciiDtll.iioOH -Ideiiee tt (iu and cultiva
tion of rmid land viz.
Amoe V, \Vlte gur, Ohsht J, Hudson.
Win am J. Mon uw. Aduni ti. Alolir All of
Dean, ci, D.
A, BLVKE, U'gi.ter.
For Infants and Cnildren.
Ihe Kind You Have Always Bougfil
Signature nf
Just WHat You Want.
Nearly Two Millions in Use.
Experience has shown that the Domestic is
the cheapest to buy. It always give« satisfac
tion. and will last a lifetime. No other ever
equaled It. No other ever wllL The name is
a guarantee of superiority. .
Before you buy a sewing machine examine the
Or write us foi name of nearest dealer.
We sell Repairs «nd Parts. Needles, Shuttles,
Belt* and Attachments of Every Lind for All
Makes ol Sowing Machine*. Your Local Dealer
C *recf** tt>el>> °* u ' Mno * >Mlcr t writ * M
W bolesalers ot tho.
A»4 Sowing Machine Supplies oi llvsry Kind,
A n ,
A colored pencil mark over a
A thin parairraph is notice that your A
- ?
j, sue. If you desire the paper con \
J? tinned to your address, rand one
w dollar to the Pbkss, Miller. S. 1). Ir
P If not (taper will be discontinued. &
Notl o i mt , t s Deed W4U »«*r .
To vvilson p. Hammons, trustee'
Take notice that at n regular sale of lands
and lots lor taxes held in and for thecounty
of I’ 'ltd and st»it -of Smith Dakota on tb
7th (! itr of Nov cmlie:* 1900. the lollowiiu
described tract of land wns duly sold Itv the
Irens rer <>• -nHI Hainl ouiityfor the taxes
die arid (lediKiuem, th(icoa fo>- the year
18t» »towlt: South east qutirter of section
thirty two f”2 township one hundred and
sixteen i l Id) range sixty eight [t'»sj in said
Haiid county S'litth Dakota, to E. (. I*, ur
lon and the said purchaser E. I Burton
thereafter duly assigned the coitifieaie of
purchase thereon to Jacob Duekeck and IVj -
cv ' ouuillei te. w to are now the owners and
holders i hereof, and more than two years
having claps.-, I sice tl.e date of said sale an 1
( aid land not having been redeemed there
fore,node- is iui tin r li. rvby given that the
time for redcini tion will expire and a deed
f >r sai l land wi I no made within i txlydays
after t he con.pieied service of ihis notice.
Dated at Miker. .doati. Dakota this loth
day of February 19t>4, J.\i on Divki ik.
Owners and hoi der* of the certificate of
tty s. V. (JiiitisT, tho-lr uttornev.
Jim 1 ltd
Notice of Application for Diselmruc of
JM ort gage.
Notice l< hereby given that In accordance
with on order of the Circuit Court sixth
Judicial Circuit, for Hand county, dated
Jnuiiarv 12ili, 1 904 there will oe presented
to the circuit court of said circuit at the
chambers of flic judue of said court at Fierce
South Dakota, ou Feliruarv rtth 1904, at
,10 o'clo k \. M, an application for an
Order to discharge t he following described
inorm-ges of ci cord in accordance with the
provision of §BBO Revised ( ode of Civil
Procedure 190:1. to-wlt:
A mortgage dated-October 7, 4884. given ;
by William H. Clark and Mary C.larK. to
.H im C. daynw recerded October 14, 1884
: n book 11, page 50J, records la the ofilce j
oi register of needs Hand county. South
Dakota, covering the north 1ml! of south'
West quarter, south east quarter of south
west quarter, section fourteen (14) north
east quarter of northwest quarter of sec
tion t wentvthive (2:4) and the southwest
quarter of section fifteen (15) township
one hundred and ten ‘ 110’ range sixtv six
‘§iti’ which mortgage was duly assigned to
John Webster.
Also two mortgages given by same parlies
to Joan Webster dated January j«.», 1885,
recorded January -28, 1885, in book 12:
page 40 and book 14 page 98, in office of
Register of Deeds Hand county, covering the
north half southwest quarter, southeast
quarter south west quarter section fourteen
(14). northeast quarter of the northwest
quarter of section twenty three (2M». town
slilp *» tie huud.ed and ten (110) range sixty
six ((id). All of said land being in Haiti#
countv. South Dakota.
ThcValh mortgages having been paid
and Jnhn Webster lx lag now deceased and
having nr, a, ting administrator or executor
of his estate.
Jt i.iA A. Webster, Applicant.
Crawford & Tax lor, Attorneys, Huron,
-South Dakota.
Editorially Fearless.
Consistently Republican.
News from all the world -Well written,
original stories—Answers to queries—
Articles on Health, th * home. New
liooks, and on Work About the Farm
und Harden.
Is a member of the Associated Dress,
the only V estern Newspaper receiving
the entire telegraphic news service oi
,»be New York World,—daily reports
from over 2,000 special correspondents
throughout the country:
Subscribe for The Press and
The Weekly Inter Ocean one
year, both papers for f 1.50,
■ r. I
.... ■ .4'

lV- ' ■' •' \
Brnn mid sliortsat #15.00
Shorts clear at 16.00
Ground Barley at 18.00
Otf Miller iioller Mills.
: J«n 1 -O'.*
Lease ofCommnn Soliool and Endow*
nK>nt Lund-.
X«* t !<•«* In h>*reb.v given (hut on Mu roll 17
■ IWC4-. nil uiiiea < d i'onunor School and
Endowment Lands lit Hand county will be
o fcri'fl for lease at public nucrinn' hetweet’
tli • homsnf 10 o'clock A. M. an i 5 o’clock
e. M at the front door of the court house
In (odd county,
ifjitcd at Pierre, S. 1).. January 9th, 1904
Commissioner of School and Public Lands
Jan 21 t,7
Xotleo of Mortgage Sale.
Dcfnuli lias been made In the* payment of
the principal and int *r -t .ecur-d bv n
mortgage containing power of sale dated
Mir 2d. 1885. and recorded on ;t!ip
Sth dac of May IHSS, In the oiiice of the
Register of Deeds of Hand County, Territory
of Dakota, now Btate:of South Dakota, in
Look ij of mortgages page 295 whereby
Mary L. Hrltiin. a widow. Mortgugor. mort
gaged lo Miss Elisabeth Einmott. mortgagee
the northwest qilart* rof section Eleven 111 |
in to win-hip one hundred and sixteen [1 Hi]
ill range sixtyseven [«7J in said Haul
county. South Dakota, by which default,
the power of sale has becomeopemlive,and
no action or proceeding at law has been in
stituted 'o recover the debt rein lining
secured thereby or any part thereof. The
funoiii.t claimed to he due on said Mortgage
nt tile date hereof, is $989,02, to which
amount should be added tin* taxes on said
property paid bv said Mortgagee,
amounting. with interest as provided in
mid mortgage to $i95.57, making the to
tal amount claimed to be due at. the date
her* of on said mortgage $1881.59,
The said Mortgage was duly assigned by
tiic t ai l l.ii/.to tn elminott io tin* Colonial
and I nlted States Mortgage t.'oiiipaay Limit
'd by a signa.eut dated Kchurary 25th 1890
and recorded in siitd office of tin* Kegister of
Deals J ulv 20th l'JOii* in Look 7*s of Mort
gages. <m page 6.
.Now notice is hereby given, that by vir
*ue of Haiti power, said mortgage will he
foreclose.! and said premises oold ftt public
cue I lull by the sheriff of euid county, or his
ueputy. March sih. 190-1. at two o’clock
P. M., at tin' front door of the court house
in Miller, South Dakota, to pay said debt,
interest ami disbursements alio .veil bylaw.
Dated January 15th, 1005.
Colonial *v l mied.siatls MortoaukCo.—
Limited. Vs-L,nee of Mortgagee. iSeal 1.
John W Uobinson. Agent.
Manhattan Bldg.. Sc. Paul Minn,
Jan 21 t 4
Notice to ('realtor?..
Tn County Court for Hand County Stateof
South Dakota.
Estate of Johntlmhie Deceased,
N< tiec is lien l>y given by the undersigned
as tin* Administrator of the Estate of John
Path ic dec* osed to the creditor* of and all
persons having claims against the said de
used. Io exhibit them with the necessary
vouchers, witldn four months after the flrs'i
publication of this notice, to the said Ad
ministrator al his olllce in the town of
Mill* r in said County,
Dated Junuaiy 2i, i ‘9o4,
Usgrgk <l. Cakkoi.l,
salil Administrator.
Jan 21 t 8
Notice, to Redeem,
Htate of South Dakota, County of Beadle
To Katella Rob? dean:; owner and Dariil l
Wood to whom a*s.-»cd.
You nr ' Hereby N .titled That at a pale of
land* and lota for unpaid tuxen by the treita
urer of Hand t'otiniy, on the 4th day of
November 11»01, t hefolio wdiuc described rerf
property wl’uute in said ( ounfy ami state,
to-v/it: The South west quarter of south
west quarter of Seri ion eleven in township
One hundred nine Norih of Jinnee Sfixtv
seven West of the Sth Principal Meridian waa
sold to L. L. Lo»tlitter ior tin* tajosof HIOq
and a certificate of purchase for the same
issued !»>• tlie tr usurer of saTd county to
laid L. 1.. Lost utter at»d tßit »nid cert ideate
of purchase was on the 81)th day of Novem
ber 15)0)! duiv a»ttlghed by said L. L. Loat
utter to Itli-liards t'rust Company who now
iH the lawful owner and holder thereof, atid
that the richt of redemption Iroin said Hale
w II expire and a d *ed for aald premises will
be made to said Richard*. Trust Company.
uulesH red< nipt ion lie made from such sale
within sixty days from th • completed ser
viced rhl* notice
Dated tide Bth dav of January 1004.
liichart'a Trust Company.
By C. N. Mr limine its A rent.
R/TSEyVsAFE. *i»*y»r*)i«m» l.a,iie». uk iiruiM
£>* ' In ltr.ll »»‘t Ihld m.i.Uia buiM. mltd
V —Tpßly} with blue riWs*o Tuke re •than UetlM
■Kh HU Daacrrau* tbahsiltadun* anti lall*
I'J ** flf Unaa. Bay »f JTaw «f nad 4a» ■
1 W Jr atampr Ibr Particular*, Tcattiaualale
lat n and ** Relief for 1.«.1i,»,“ m Irtur, by rs>
A p tara Mali. r w t| l ».«uu. Betf tf.
MhMh m»»S>ar.'*** «i*H
-J** H

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