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TH E TeLEO R A M-He R A T .0.
t.l K 4 e! ' vwOU
tittl Ait tVMMn ft i K & Ma wm
Or N V t
of Puruiti
ilk tUr rth
:. i H: . t-u the O
reasional Committee
Biga o
.v- m U .r
; i ; p j ic- i
"Run That Engine Bak tor
Ud Laboring Men f
An Ccttin 8cent at the Laka 5tye
Company YarJi Yuatwrd4f
Aft ifftooi fKe Bwtcn
men Triumphi'it .
Now the Presitint Talks
He Given H a LcUft of the Prot
ect Labor Trouble.
And RMflMMHMii Legislation
' Upon thi PretiDg Subject.
R 1 1 Mom Botweeo Labor
arid Capital Fr From
S.x'.-: v.. to i y
Arbitration by Moan of a La
bor Comimion
Full rQat of tha President 0
Mntaafe to OOQfflu
to, a
4. I 1
W-I' i .M.-t.il., t fwv
i We F riirW I ii
6 ha
The Anoual Encampment of
the O A R at Jackson.
A da1 a in the Central Ciy I he
Work of theOand Army A Sptr-
ni Election Contest
The Parade.
Ji' - Aprrd 'J litis has berii a gala I
toy tha ffeo&ral City. The U. A K. J
se.1 ;- ... i i j. in lleparmeot
oiumander Cha I l.ong delivered a very
I Ires .mug the work of the year.
I '. u -i -.-i t: ! ! str I itixl u need
e ar sites wan i?V.;. the n ruVr of
hti WfMtlwl li i ri 1 1 .' ( . vrar wn t.
Sevan, and (be tranaary now t-. meatus d.5t).
; ; : .' la mu H'n l i t-
the ubpr( of the S l4t m Home
immamler I i spoke ehxpacntly . aymg
' .:; - - ahltshuiett' belonged to
do one comrade He then referral to the
jgomjal temporary borne ai (irand Rapids,
and "At. J VlMMl Mi M I MMMdd froOJ
MggfttUt.- ;i mies throughout the s'ate an I
fr ,in the poor house of the various mun-
- ii - t tlifiii old t: en with grey hairs
in i f arrowed cheeks, some blind a id
others rheumatic and palsied, but all men,
.i- r.r i'fi'M -( ,1'nl our comrades I could
M Ml oterve the great love anil regard
they all exhibited for Manager We IN am!
bi assistant Major Img."
ihl trv. A brer addressed a royal
amp r ir given by Fdward Pomemy Post,
and MMOd Ml M regretted t tiat some if
the OMnsdew bad been dropped through
inability to pay their due anil he Ifcoogtil
i voluntary fund should be farted by eon
.mom to provide for sip h case- and in
order to tut the matter in practtefjl -hape
chipped in p") v starter.
I -:e .1.1 turn of l-partmni Commander
wa tb niiHl spirited ever etpirMi !
I be utirv forrnoon ient in MMMtlflC
fan.li-la'e the li.it embracing, Jolr N rt Ii
whmI of Saginaw county: C. O. Hampton.
Wiviif ount 1. i, Rutherford. Kt-?na
mnty, J H K old. I taiaexMinty; A. Brown,
Meeuata coanty, and W. Gardner. Jackson
i-o rifv V mt ballot wre takeri lef ore the
rfcoica fill ao Titrihwood I. R ither
f'onl ImI MM NMd frien.N wh stikl
bv him anl woid l U nl Wtb 1 1 y have MM
r-d but for th frt thai N rthern Mii'h
itcan'n vote wan 'livil-d betweu the two
an-h'l iU' from i r j r ; uriin.; Maj
(J i- ii - eJ. Detroit, Junior Vice Comman
der: W 1) Front, Qntfld R.ip N i.- f'if'
from the Fifth district to the National En
i .men! Vlediral lir-tor. I--. I. Sie
snl Chaplain. heater T Barry.
This afternoon th veteran to the num
vr .if ! ,iaaiiM'ortf l f.y Jarkiri h tour im;!i
tary ornniation- ami a cavalry company
paraded the principal stret inl avmues.
I ' l'r"i wx lh ,-' .--n ii
J.ckon m many wir ' was le by ov.
'-r i i 1 i Nifhinirfon an I banne;
I were flvinn while the air was tilled with
The noit ericMmpment will no held
H.ifi'.MiTir n I f,u K'4e rn Con
Hrmwl nO I'.i.'umlfr Keith.
nf low. Rjrtl
W -ui a..r"s April T2. Th Smtie. .n
firnwsl the following nominations V (
R.ws. liovemor of Nw Mexico 'Am k Monr
Itotnery. Asaisfanf Attorney nerl of the
Interior Tepartraen' W " I!h rn l.'w'
iatjer of the Treaurv R E Wither. Consul
4- H m K .nk- I H Rhnne. Reriater of
tfe l.amim.e I Vrielee. Cl I
.i -n . n of P. Keith be ptystmaatei
i uson. la., has been rej. ten
Mlllrt! Rmlnro 4 .U M ,r .
i !tfi!a4Ti, April 2 -The emnlove of
the Brunswick , Balke Billiard mpany.
not barina tbr deman N for fihl hours at
the old equivalent per dar ami against
re word a. -e--b l ' 'n m -' c
hack to work. The firm and a committee
f emniovea mef ?h m-rn n. The firm
otlhrett an aivance idf pot rent in wa
r pieee and 'ime work.
' ee withdrew to - I
. - : :e them
OttAeettwsM tw ta TartW Rtll.
PutUAMtrwi April Jr.' The Amerw ai
-on ! - v - annwtn. e
t ,,l H M ilr
T2 T"'"-n tf1- '
on lb- swiunmen -Tikir h l - .r
thu uiorwioff thai the tke Shore company
had irfxainasl a writ of injunction to
NAHM Jaioen K-fr and the r ' of thf
ttrikia nitchmeu trotn interference m
an . . o tti ttte basiueaa of the Company,
and f'-n. 0111:04 u(-m the .mpUman' -pram
lew and fro at awumltm or in any
wie ixiterfer! in with thr IMMH) '
I . In purauauct of the writ
patlal trmia wa matla up at the Lake
Shnre hep t to ia i sherirf , lo th
nsanw of ibe trouble in order tu. a-rve the
wruonthe strikers. The deputien niarcb
ed luto lite depot and up to thr trn.n in
military :vie Ttien came eighty men
who had appuen tor Nth m swit?hiSaq
and hvl been acvpted. I'tiey cri
. hur'e of Cbl J.-nWf, of M. lilies and
KoIn-i live agent) an 1 ha I h.-. u
sworn in a deputies. Nexi cam. - , . i 1
of Pinkcrum men. who had betm swo.n
and s;ecial ofh en. A majority of thm
M armeil with clu' but wore no -t ir
and carriel no lire arms u.al wer-v i-mic.
U hi - uat! lrta-iimen'.a came
in from time to time until there
were, about two hundred men at the traiu
Ajhi; bundle of hickory clubs came last. They
arre intended I r tfie deputy siierilf- an 1
wrr carriol on board th train. At IS il
! v.;ou 'n-rintciidctn Amesdeu irave the
signal to move to the engineer and the tram
pullel out Tiie total force on the train
was -"' men including the n switchmen.
At the yard thcr wai great excitement
when it was known that a - a! train was
coming troiu the city with otti -er and
uii.rted swithuieu The train stopped at
Tbtrty-nlnth si. and was followed by a
large crowd to Root-st A committee of
striking switchmen wai'ed on Superinlen
dent Am den and a-k.'d him to allow one
of the men to go into the rear
car and address the men who had
been secured to take their pi a-vs.
Ill accordance with the ropiest John Col
litis got on the -ar and made a live 'minute
Mm Ht explained the situation and
begged them on theif honor as men n ! 1 0
k to work. He was not mterft-rred with
by ar.y of the otli vrs 'ollifi then Ml the
arfui wed bv three imported switchmen
and the cats weJe surrounded by s rikt r
and their IrieinN who used every argument
they could to (sTsuade the switchmen to
leave the . arse A deputy marshal aarfwd
twelve t the writs of injunction out of
seventy six. which they had with ihem.
A crili. ii th.-iiI I one at ' 10 p. m. when
engine 4&H, with Engineer Mike 'rowlev.
came out of the round hmw. The sherifi-t
guartlcd it in front. sides and
r-ar Pafbra the engine ranched the
main track, M deputies were almost in a
MM of excited men wlm t rowlcd the
tracks. Collins mounted the engine ami
ne'a I talkitu' t the engineer. The wheel-
IOH rtoppad when ObtliM was heard to
siy -Il kind eiio lgh not to d i ihi; vo l
are no capitalist. For i xl's sake run that
Mint, back tor us laboring men. iiif,
will you?" rheenifineer ranchad for his
Nver. anil the MXfnC Mnrtad back to the
nunl hooni atnitl danfanina chaan from
tle switchmen and their Mnnda, When
opposite the tank r.-neral Supermten Inol
Wright got Oil the engine and talked nitfa
the engineer while the engine atood still
and there wa silence over the great cr iwd.
Mike Crowley MOOft his heati and ran the
engitie into its stall. Superinteutlent Wright
was asked if be OOnld no' get the man t run
the engine out and be said: "I will
trv again. I think I can.'' Fuilv 4.UM)
people fillol the yards and crow-h-d the
tracks at this t;me. BnnnrintMjdanti
Wright and Amesden, QtaMjl Wtr
Agent M Kw and Yanlmaster Jones had
re "atel conferences with individual mem
bers and with the committee of strikers, but
no arrangement was arrived at. I
ti'rl.tek the crowd hail swollen to at least
a w people tn the outskirta were many
women tn carriages who waveil their hand
kerchiefs when the engines ha-kil into the
rouml hMM, The committee of strikers
kept at work at the imfrtcd witchmen.
They argued wih them, begged them to
show themselves men and get out of the
car. They told them. "The castle you are
in now- will tumble down, and rail
road magnates will be buried with you in
f.'c runt Have you got a family '
have we. Here Bj for you to come out
and here s $lo more." and the terms were
pot up before the w indow. I. F. Webster,
one of the ob;ectionble switchmen. ha not
taken bis time or put in his resignation.
He. with ah Hit twenty-five of hers, remain.-.!
randy BsT dot After 'rowlev hal backel
the emttne mu its stad no more attempts
were -uade to run one out. Out of the
eiahtv imtort-d switchmen the strikers in
dm ed fiftv-five to desert the company and
the remain! nr. twenty-hve wer- brought
,.. h to :.: i he programme
a a -i it for today bv the rail rtjwd of ials
was t cet not thirteen rars f tMrihable
f e gh: an engine was to pro -ed tr i
Thirtx-Ninth-s t ie H .';dod and
Twenty -Knrhth st. get i arw and ras F,.g
Thin! st where the strifcer t .ni
get an
Me of
ng that
i n k er
m-1 to
w aas si
tri- tureo mwd? up"n it yewtrrdwv hj Mr
aleiiey of IVuusylvanii, and Mr Hewitt, of
r rH He dv- nl ialler gentle-
beta ri ver
Hea.tt repast thai he had been informed
this tuortu :. ... .-.r.t. I' t.n4 ,4ama gen
thman that his $uumnit had tieen correct.
Mr. hoV Ic- iom i.e:r-! on t'n pr-.priet
a. -. leiuan man .. - a n-nt e-ter
A number of au
eo a-lie. I
vmir were do(.!t-.l
until it tinaiU
mrtet- The dau
collect! nil an ot her part it th. rivet
ati com uierce on said ri ver which orig
inate a!-ove lh" WofR herein appropriate.!
for After coucluJing consideration of
twenty eight of ihe ixt three page, the
couinu". ri se
Mr 0 Neil! of Miaaouri, again attemplexl
to - irr the adoption -l his resolution
daeiarinc that the Ho ise iyninntMnni with
K ihi Hon Wm. h Gladstone am' Id-
a ciate in their cM rt t.. secure a tree
Parliament for the people of Inland and
congratulating the pnontw Ol that country
on the prospect of an early and M i MfttJ
ternuiiau u. d their hm :i ul patriotic
struggle for loyal government Mr. Hwope,
of Peoosvlvania Intarpoaad tha lata! objec
tion and thongh M labsaqueiiilv withdrew
it a deniiiid lor the rcgula- of-l.-r pievente l
acti mi on the resolution.
Mr t'ompton, of Maryland, moved an
adjournment over i.ood Friday, but his
in ti m wa vote.) dOWU and then a
the Hm- took a recc until II o'clock
tomorrow .
The Senate
Ws-iii n rfOS, Ai.ri1 fj .--A lar.v Bnthet
f patitions were presented in the Senate
today from lo -al aseuihlies of the Knigh
of Labor, opposing the free ship hill. To-
irrow la-ing lion! Friday t!ie Senate
a. and to adjourn over from today until
Monday Mi Hoar raportad the original
bill appropriatini i 10,000 in aid ol a na
tion il monument at I'lymoiith, Mas., and
the bill passed The Senate pjs.e the bill
0 MdnhUsh a lighthouse at Sault I'iioix.
Mich. Mr Blair gave j i that on Mon
day next he would call up the joint resolu
tion in reference to alooholic lipi:-. 1M
I titer Mute oinmerce bill was then pined
before the Senate. Mr. Sewell ort'ere I an
imetidmeiit coveritiu- a Dtunhor of points
and one of whic'i wa ti uhj . t . the pro
vision of the bill tin- I 'anatliau roads hav
ing through trathc from i'rts in the United
BtahM to the Mnbonrd atoo road running
through only one state in mmetitiou wi'h
niis that run Ukraogh several sxatni to the
ime points; that per u- :md OOrnOTtttfOBl
engaging in Inter atata oosnmerw sfanU li st
gel license from the rulroad commission the
lloanas to be rerokable (or broach of oondi
tions. Mes-rs. Miller ami I ugal Is thought
tie provision relating to rai!roaN running
th'ough only one state in vol ved a matter
not within the control of Congress. Mr.
Bewoil ditl not see bon American road
coul. I compete with ana. 1 1. in roads on
through tralllc without the a doo ion of hi
amendment Mr. CoUoni KVOraly a'.ima l
vert.d on the license feature of Mr.
BsVnlFl anieiidineut. It would he d-
truc'ive. he sai l, of the -hipping business of
the lakes. He ri ln uled the idea of requir
ing licenses for steamboats "an (t'ni's highway.-'
He regards the feature as some
thing of a joke perpetrated by Sewell on the
Sena'e Mr. onger wished the rivers
of New Jersey were Letter repre. nti i
in the .Senate. Mr. Sewell disclaimed any
danfTC to interfere with shipping interests.
He would lie glad to mo lify his amendment
to mtisty the Senator fro n Michigan on thi
p tint. What he want.- ! P do was to pro
tect Aiwnriojili railrosils frotn the course
which might be pursued by a Canadian
through line, which, without this proposed
amendment, would le suhjH to thi- bill.
Mr Miller thought tYic bill as reported from
thr committee sum lent for thtf protection
of the interestts of our lines. He !e!ieved
.s.-weil amendim-nts un losessary anl un
wise A message from the president relating to
labor troubles were laid hlfSfl tha BtnntS
and then. M m .ti n Of Mr Hoar, tfo- -senate,
at I o'clock went inU executive. sewsion.
At l' the do rs wi re reoisned and the
Senate adjourn el until Monnsy.
In Hour Sfienl In Km uie IM ti. the
Nomination ! .Iii.tn c Pllr.!.
( 41 in'a i
W aaaiaOTOH April 22 The senate in
executive sesm n thi attermmn spent an
honr disscu swing the nomination of C R
Rollanl. of Indiana, to be Justice of the
Supreme Court of he I nind States for
Montana. vUe. ! -. ..( In bans
suspended The committee hal rendered
an ailve1- rep.rt on the norninv n i.pci
evidence subro-.ttel to ubtantiaie Carres
;erarr and dishonv I' .ilard wa a
B Oe
l'r ft Sit n( ft.titr
HIS L4 f JR IHE P0U3 Mil
Sar the M.o-r. Pactc ha no
Trout) e and doe nt come Within
the Pro nee o the Com m ttee
Out he i Willing to 1 1
Wvsiiiv iok Aprd ti - Ja (iould ap-
truble ii the southwest After bring
? irn ;hc witness asktsl to know the or
of thr resolution under wbuh tlir iniiimi
lev watt acting hi being lold that it wa
to lntestigaU (he caitaes an I exu-nt of the
dlStUlie-l con. fill HI IO tliv : :
the rai load irporaUons and their eiup
Mr. tiould ud that the Missouri Pacific
has no dirtervinei with it uirii ami d.: i
strictly -..iue wifhth the rule of the reaolu
lion but, tieaatd, "I will ie- er iHtl to
time in talking : ihe omiu . i tr'h I
hardly thnfk thai they Want to ftjielld
their xaluabii time in talking to m
lieing f. , i - 'nl to proceed be said that April
1 the compaiiy had in iu employ a total of
lo.THT men not including the general
olti era, that the opci tUon ,.t th raid
were n'W bMtig carried on in a regular and
orderly way, the trains leing all run on
tune. He then re4l a di-pat. h - .
'.lie business done on WeUnes lav tob. lw
bondrad an I sixty freight trains m ived
ontainlng tottr thousand ix humlre.1 and
forlv-seen loads an increase cf -evenly-
tour tri'us and one ihoiisand. I.ve bnit lrel
ami thirty-sexen loads co nparxsi with tie
same day la- ear and that iptiet prevailed
all along the urn-. Mr Rums. ..( ihe-.im-
mittee, s'ated to Mr (iould that they Wish'
ed to examine him in n leren
proieedings antecedent to the resumption
of bll-lliess The willies said that i.ei.l!
New York on the ftth of January with hi
family on bis vacht for a cruise in the V il
Indies and returned to Man h I he
strike oi l urred while he wa- away, and
knowladga tn it came from information re
ceived as president of the company sunt his
return. "Ihehr-t recognition, proceeded
. e wi'nes. "which our company made a-
fur a 1 know, of the Knights of Labor, .mu
i the strike in April of last year. I was
away at the time, and until Augu-t. In
August Mr. Powderly came t New irk
with a committee. That was the first tune
1 had aoYthina to do with him. lie stated
their view, whicfi was that the part of the
road that was in the hands of
receivers shouui reinstate a large
BUmbOT of man whd were Ktiightsof Lnbof
who had left the employ of the company
and w hose p a had ben lafgel ,' tided
The impression svmeil to la that I practi
cally Con trolled all the railroads in the
I nited S'ates. ihat the sun did not
rise nor the moon set without some
sanction of mine I had nothing to do w it h
tba road. explained that to them While
thi interview wa going on my tune came
to leave 1 turned to the Committee and
said. Now, geiidemen, has the Missouri
Pacific li vest up to her agreement wrh fOO
1 want to know that." They sai I. Y - you
have. "Well, then, an1 I, I wan, it now-
understood that if you have any grievance
hereafter against the Mioun Pacific. oil
shall not strike bu v.u will ooom nia
man fashion and we will talk it oyer and
settle it. They agreed to that, and I said
giod bve and left.
(iould turtlu r -aid that the lex as A I'.niii
wa in the hands of the United State-curt
and in tha conraa hnalnnat the raosivwni
disi iiargil a man n.rned Hall. I'ln wa-
taken a- a pre ext lor the strike (Mr men
tnld Mr. Hopkins continued the witness,
"that they had no grievance That thev
were irdered to strike and that was the only
thing thay could do.' The strike w 4 m
trarv to Mr. I'owderlv's agreement and
Hopkins wrote to him inl rming him ol the
strike and expressing a wish to talk the
matter over with him. Two days after
Poardniiy telegraphed that he uiw
from the public pres- that the - rii;. w
Oinntd by the discharge of Hall, and asking
if he could lie reinstated. Hopkins replied
that Hall wa employed by the T'.i
Pacific and hot by the Misouri I t
and that the latter road bail
no control over the mt-
To this message no answer was vouchsafed.
"Iet me explain," atd the witnes. what
the strike was that took place in March and
what the effect would have lieen if it had
bang imply a strike. We had at the date
of this strike 11 'M ' employ The K .lights
of Labor, the strikers, numbered 4 1 7. but
they were not the men MtMNMrf to the
ojs-tation of the road, they were the men in
the mat bine shops, the men along the
track, switchmen men who perform the
lowest duties of the road, so that if thoe
V.M7 men had struck snd left tfca
pr mic- we would not have missed a tram
i;r business would have gone along as
rngnlat a rlKk-work. Hut following tin
letving of our emolovment wfist did ibwj
do" A he -ke. this .juesti in, for ih
first time during the is.urse of I. - taemen'.
! '. , - r.i se.1 his v. i--e and -
signs of ex. itenient. and it was with energy
that tie pmr-'ssded to snwer fii iwn
tion. Tfiey exen iI more than the
of eminent domain. Th y ik !
Lonto, Bedalia, Atchison, Kansas I
Psrsv.nft Fort Worth. 1 . ttle R ck and
Texarkana They took forcible pis
aaarion af thm and said. No man . i i
run a tram over that road, that is what
tbaj said N is; did HotW dor? He Mid
Thev have taken pnw:on of i r roal. tf
have no earning n w. and he ws
write an addre to a i ' he no .,-;.,
payments, snd thu PUMi men wbo were
lovai to the oomiativ, s1 : " -i
In iei
e-1 He did
ib.e to me t
I M M - .M.. ::. . 1 i k an 1 were oil
the stioii bide ot Ihe Moct luarkel Hoi
Kill- lefilM'd t.g.i then UMllies hU' Mid be
wo dd (iiiiiuiatiiiatr the iiarne of hit in
forman t of iLt committee Adjourned until
MOI row
It, i .1 Ih.ti , I el the I'rut erdli.; ol X Mtol
lla ' MerllitK ol I h. I'.illo- an. I tut
4 out iiOmsI i
At the regular meeting of tin Police and
Fire i ..it.iiiis-ioneni. yesterday, President
Rathbone ftlicceedeil in securihc t ic p'esr ,
of a ipiorum after waiting half au hour
later than the hour ss-t f r the meeting at d
sending the Secretary out to hunt up ( oin-tiiissioner-
Power- and Nygert Commis
- no -r- Withe arid W. are not ,n the
city. The President stated that he would
hot have taken the trouble to send foi the
nem'iero of the Board had it not fieii a
fact that no meeting was held last week and
Mm re were matter that nesied attention.
The request of the Board of Kdmalion.
thst Truant Ot!i t Fv M ailuwail to wrewr
ens - lot he when leeuiel adiftabie
was relerred to the Oomtttittee on Mn and
li ipline. The res. u tion, passed bv the
OounciL ssking "tfiat the Mu.erinU-udeoi
. l I' .'ikv he instructeil to t aus-all improp'r
chs ras ters to m e from Fdsworth axe
withm ten da . s,' wa- referred to the Super
intendent, w ith uisirmlion to ac.l in a
OOrdnnCt therewith. The requewt d the
Policemen's I! ': a-- r.i hi that money
vei from lines and penaltiee be credited
to th- j-- . i on, a granteil The m it
t.-r of astonding the tune In whi' h the
patrolmen arc to . ..ver i "nain !eat during
warm weather wa- referre! to the
Committee on Rile- Fire Marshall
Lamoin reKrtel that a hoiae
u-ed on ilo-eCart No. ' was going blind
tin account of having Ik en iiegle tel bv the
eteriu.ir S'ltgeoii Rferrel to the Com-
mittoaon Propnrty. Tha Boomtnty Mynfftod
that he had reteiv.-l a bid from a man who
wanted the position "f vete rinary urgeon
It was stared that i h bid- had m I htn
.! ' !.c;: ' !. i..; . i-toti wa- laid on the
table The Coiuinittee on Projierty was
authori7.el to trade nurse for the Fire Mar
shal if an opp irttitiity is offered to obtain a
better horse by pa) ing a -im-mi m amount
of "b it ' money.
(Minimi. Hier Hvgerl gave some informa
tion . teamed during his re-ent vLsit to Ie
troit and the B 'ar.l ad;ournel.
long lliii'l oiKal I!. i" Hnr Two
ItMtlle with I.. I. . tl.en Xaito At
t mptrd to Interfere.
Ni w Yokk. April U TI
the sujir refinerie in Vil!is
the along rivor front of tha
oves of
ilistm '
wbo struck at midnight lat night, gather
ed in liltiWi iboni thi Works thi afternoon
antl thrw attempts to prevent anv one
from going to work caused a Dumber of
set mniages Huring the mo-rr.ng the
crowd ii.-r. i-' 1 snd revolutionary iIms
were fresdv ex pres. I About 1 o'clock at
the Havemeycj refinery
a striker enm i irel to to
i ate with saline Ml
but be w a N ? re I i V fy s
st work
p dioeman.
' t ensued and a Nmnt Ol
I .mu to tl n The few nffh
were preetit were being badly
when one d theni Mdl me of tfe i
ia the arm More polnemen QM1
ht ken hen 1 in ttie ranks of tit
ht.'J ne of th iflficer was
injured. The news of MB n t h
UUIubOf of striker la 'he Mdl MM
fight 1 .:!osed and two more ofBr
liuet The mob threw fit
other mid awd broke a go-id m
low and gas lamt K det hme
Miriis was orlered t the spot
n en were f;pri Tlie refloi
that thev W'P never ri m h. the
it i fereI lh ike will tie s M
k and
i and
Wf.prfTne , ri t-4!oW
Igg 2) -Tte wdtosrtog
... - .? er. ). t-
A " '"'ft i a ton Mn-
ra one company vs Psiee IN-ok-
Its Ieeri ( 'leaver ea.
. t '
r Ti hti,i
f.-T. hi
7 1
I Bm
t lamina!
No Uthar Demand Wx
Shall te f nc nriaa Clo
Advance ot Tan Paw Co
Prices Adopt ma
I turn o: . I
u I It wa also ioiivU
Hi Altlrilo i inoinwiii oixl Hi .i
gMdlBtod i Mr gtotMnhMJi
I II ht I .
N w S ii
re. ox e ; itotti the para I '
ef NV eaier s ph. . mi
day game and tin MetrxmoiitO
fealed in a chately MMlHBnl gan
' ial M'ore a a a toll .n
fit. hen
t mp'.ia
k.SVXV "
I Tst iss m i A
ws- Mything but
frennent and ei
Mjkllnalsigdi to
41SS.4vsV 4 t . . IU
I'HII I'K1 I HI A A pi
pluas won a
ciai sc .re atanditiK a f
Hate hit Pt,
V u kan v.
I uipio
the : h he
such an eav tv
c of all interest f
as U
I in
in i i n me bei
w ith a pi. kci nine 1 h.
ai. follow!
liH K I
feIJ the H
their reptita
dav e gsme
lnoing -Krrmk
ttaituxiawr ...
Hn... M i
Ttie official m-orp w s- t'
W iMg
S ....!... SV.o I - t
t. XOhtto r, ... ,i y
ti Htie of I e
by Judge floinsaa lawn Fahtm
t ' i !tf SM
t' M
1 PaitTr' nriavAf
eaeamfir antdsaw to I
nammasir rssmnatom
Vf,- r'e r. .
ws eriAed mssi
w9sVflB0 wte a-

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