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Herald 1
Hi Mcaade Referred to the
ComzuttM on Labor
A Vtotioo to Hefsc to CommiMM o
tn oo. rAtsd Mt.j toe lre
rt for Hoiil ca Oecale Ha"
Jail OsfenJ ins Pree-
W MUhUM, Ayr!! it. Tbw HuilM met
at . t . . .. .'. .-.. -- .
IMiui, sitd at once waul .ii 1 1 1 j oi nd StS-r of
the suols on the River and Harfr Mli.
Kor Ml hueur Ihi Mil saa amUlMl Md
uui UMli pMgNM ami tew ui.uuUae
hafhrr ansa ftt mrl"-" nuk, iu Houar
ftonmed Ami the MMua of t'nUf was
v.. ! , . -r ..- '.A) .j ( T'..
Pneaideui t meeaseje BMM aha labor trouble
feevtaaj mm "Mil by the clerk. Mr hpriagM.
ef Ulusota, moved iu rrfimw to the t'otu
aiiitee on Laoor wuh lAaftnMtiuus to iIlsI
twMMitiss u reyoet upon it by a bill or
.,,('. ..' i - A XT
l.At the ' iuuiiUAj
mi ui h mAiter. Mr
:iiomI to refer ibe
ti .( the w hir.
Uin was loat by a
U' Mr Keei, ot
therw would be no
Mr kMMMll
vol of yeas 71
Mauw, regretted
'V t-ortuaity U Mjcuai the iunme in ui-
thAt t!
m the whole. He said the raault
. i : . .-! , .I'id -i 1A.
r It
n pre-
i r i . -
'Ati n
g M tha right lolmion
H- r't!tel AgAint
i- -. L're:Ati n port ..t hi.i
IM 'd wnd them jtrt as if
i tMMflwl 'i OmI t with the
I i i f Who w.i.i there
fi;r ! - ;. !r-u W'Uild
Idpl in ,tt ri with (Jod Offdi
tfir ir('. of bit tin f ' ljtntl
itld net rievate !jdr ol h.w
i th- rwtftnrurirf. He was m favr
leat.t-n whih firwught tether
ii id r- untied r.i umrAi
tit aii I' hey oall wh.i
r a tew 'Lv aip a boilow
It a u the iJehberate pnrMMi
.. He nti. ntd LlM ii. .f
i . -n t the arbitration bill
e n l..U'r rh- tnfin'H rt
:i .trti'iii Jv MMild and cr-
uesr an
thev ha.l
rfrt mm
men Lrr
- that
f Ml O.t
ail mefi,
5" 1
hum kin
i i-at h
; vr t
by (ImO
oattt lira
nr. -remrl
W . I
I til n t vou
N 4 Mi m
t a reined l
rn- time then to
Butter w r'h
rworth wild that
. ! '.lite Sl t ')
IdM it carefully,
n to an appropn
referred u iMJMe
t ma-vir would
not the needs of
nnt-wilv of 'he
ivania. OOwJwMMl
ti. ir i' h
n Ofcie had -
tettwd lo dir t
. r
e it rn
Ml feaff
i h
h Diet hm Me was
mit on his motives.
- 1 :a.'it rhf pr .p
i n th oiiT.irv,
intelligent man in
knew the present
..f the I'ounirv m
i of t'ontcreaa. It was
m m.vi.-e. He ha.1
right t- , ;ti..u t:iH
being reetel with a
ceil that the mewaatre
t itration and delirier
for the MWwUM on
fed eaacted into law.
i Viryoia, rearrwtted
r i mio vhould u n
iea int. i a discussion
The fsntleman t.A.1
Ke H 'i w.th not
4 1 1
rn..l .'
hihe- pfW
' !) t i
ietvwo, if t
M - 'obwon
that :ha fM
HartaJie u i
lat- any
tfMtble 1
MfcrM v
Civeo hy
ry waf
r was rebeilini
in favor of th
H- Sad not
tawK to Mrs,
: "tet
fiaaiouioAis aa t fa
led hi
Hie Ml
Mmi sod ihnagh trim ras oi tti rrajietit
ke eosissdnred iu a proper HUM. H
I , . ssst ;: i i i . l.j 'etc; l;.tr
c of the whole because tl Would be
vi i MMM motion was then agreed
I tu Aid of . a' - 'UaI lUoIlUIUetlt AC
Plvn. Mi--
1 ' i.-rs -I WaahlUgUMi Terr,
ri-aug u w .(UksUoIi of privilege ortere-t ii.r
following reaufeMjMI
HrmAtud, Ttkal thj I oaiUlUW Rules be IS
tf . Lr S o .
AS I .
v Ailed Sissael
Ml t M Mf
aMesa for ai
ht-a.tr tl. oi i M Bti or
..'i ! lbs I JM M ;aa
h privileges Of alllllaltal U
It had been aii open tei-ref, he said, that
rvrr uce the btjginnmg of I oiigress lhr
powerful labby organised in the lute
of the vartooa railroal corfMjrations had in
Vetted capital And thai the rulea of the
House hal been ooeiily, reeate!ly And n -;-;
at h-tiaii hv sotne iiututK-r
f that lohhv He protested agmiut the
..ntuuiaiu r of that rank and crying ibusc
;! : 1 not intend to re rle t on Mr. Sweet,
but had inserted hi rmrue le an tie j-r-Muallv
knew Mr Swert wu- .rney
MA Mr. Voorhees PHlH
resolution bv .umttiiu tti-
name n( Mr weet and by
ling that the inquiry shall fe carried
on r.y a sele t coumuttee of member. As
modified the resolution was, adopt od and
'he RawjM tnen went into noiuniiltee of tue
r u the private ( Alendar.
At 4 Hie ronuiiittee rose, and the
Senate hill was passed for the relief of
Kmer- V i e r . ! , a : : I Win '.kr. Lie
il . then at I to tk a recess until 7 '.M,
the evening sessioa to be for
: Kideration of (tension hills.
At the evening ses.-ion sixty pensien hilis
A.-- ; --e-l a:: i 'fie H o i . -it l" ad
T HurUerers Kxplate Their Crime on
the BsMtoM K.rt Smith, trkan -.
Fort SMtni, Ark. April 23 -Two Indian
l'errif r niur l.-r. r Ja nes WmsOT and
Soseph Jackson, were hane here hxlay.
I". 'h li.'.I protecting their innocence.
Jackson denuncel a w.tns in his case
wh-.tii be -'iH-ged witli perjury. The
MM 'ion t.H.k p.ai-e within t'ie closure !'
the old garrison a'alis near the DMUt boOM,
and w ts wi;n.'s-s r.y i' :it .1 hundrtsl
leputv mirti iis -ui-ds ant rep-rtr
"a-,, in. ;nends trieJ hard to -et ft ftsMltt
until the trial of John lit Liuhlin,
a Ch: asaw Indian in jail. who
is . h ri'.- wfh the- MAM IIIUIm
for win h is a m ee n d Antici
pating a respite the MMMl deiaytd the
execution until tbis aftersOOQ. At J o'clock
the prisoners wi re dresel and the death
warratits rMM after winch they hid their
fellow prisoners h. d hye and were h;r. I
' ! ind marched bet ween tbe goarda ra I
laarshalt lo Dm KafTold Afir
waitini; for so .e time for minister a short
i ravr w is s n I The ropes were adjusted
and hot n MMMMfl bomOf to the c rowd,
hade them a last farewell. At 8:46 the trap
was sprung and tht rimes of James Wasoti
and J weph Ja ks.n were expi tteI. Both
',;.) without a struggle and s'.ixl firm to
the last. They were executed upon tbe
same scaffold upon which sixty-nine others
have been banged within the past twelve
years all for murders or nt- rornmtned in
the Indian territory.
Vl.sn ShimO III WIN. iir1 Thn t oolly
KeiinTs Mis rl Tneth ami Klnw
Mi Own Itralns Out
N'xw OaxaaMt, April 23. Early this
morning Mrs. VVm ' essen wa awaken
eI by her husband wh told her that as
they could not live peacefully they had bet
ter d.e '.tre'her. the same time drawini
h.s revolver Mrs. Nessen .aught hi
: - :r ti rire.1. the hutlet pass i tit:
I through hr wri' Her thirteen v ear-old
I son rushe in ind graspeI his father's arm
I but h irl the second time caking fT the
I tn.v s finger and sen )in a bullet through
I his wife s breast, inflicting a probably fatal
vsiin ! Mrs Vaaaen ran reaming fr
I the house and sank uncons ious on the
I sidewalk The husband did not affxr
follow her. hut rmna '-tbe bureau removed
WtUi.I Wisfdea
ise. April 21. The Morning Tel
br the past mtM dtys has been
erly anught after fh an is ia'. Th
ts are a sign of spce beneath and
that " lerth d l-:spm: n Ler
haps it will get m r vinegary after the
'honey nn mi is over nut pay before pl-
s s
Th Strike uf the Lake Shore
SwitchiDen at an End
fhe iM "UbivChonAbU Men He-
turn to Wora m the HounJ Howe
The Railroad Othciais Claim
to Have Yielded Nothing
u-f too April 23Ailef ueart a week
ceeaation the tnktug iwiutnuen A lh
1-ake "h .re A Michigan Southsra railroad
reauiued work, this afternoon at 2 .J o clock.
An boar later all available switch engines
And the whole dA the crew of strikers were
hard At work, while at oJO the first
ireight train started uioe Saturday of last
rrk left the company's yard at fwelfth-st
Whose victory it was could not be ascer
tained today, and will perhaps "ever
he known with any degree of ex
auKi I he raiiroavi otnciais are very
emphatic in their aasertlou that they have
not made the slightest concession lo the
tntrs, and the Utter insist that the Agree
ment upon which the resumption of work
aas baaed is in every way satisfactory to
hem. At the same time they Admit that
none of the raiiroau orncers in aumority
i'nnl the agreement. Iurtng last night
the prtanpal scene of what little iXciteiuent
itie strike caused, the Forty first-st. crossing,
bad leen deerted. It had been given out
that onrrations would beariu at !. A
crowd tiegan to asseaible at that hour, and
by noon was as large as on any
day .luring the strike. Good order
prevailed with perhaps a little more
hilarity on the part of ihe striker
ati.l ttietr immeltate trienas, because oi
rumors that the coaipany would 'give in.
or at least OMUent to some arrangement
i ile to ttie tnkers were living thi k.
and t.ist. The men were more rwttOMt than
v. :. an i of the leading railroad olllcials
none were on thegrounl. The executive
com uiittee of the strikers wa IU continuous
SSSai in at Beierlein's hall from 8 o'clock
till noon. At about 11 o'clock all the
Striken SSMJpt a few guards were called to
the hall where they remained until 1 3 p.
tn. in informal gattienng. At that time the
two leading otHcers of the 8 witch men a
Union, accompanied by ouuty Commis
sioner McCarthy and Wm. L.8tahioi the
executive injard. returneu troai the
in a carriage which had
evidently been driven at a breakneck
speed, the hores tn?ing covered with foam.
At once the doon oi trie tiaii were etoaeu to
all outsiiiers. hut soon tumultuous sneers
from within were heard at the tracks, w here
a crowd took them up. At 2:30 p. m. news
th.tt everything is settlel reached the
i-h rw. and a scene of activity en?utd
nek as had never teeu seen at I orty-first-si.
. rossing. About sixty strikers ran along
and between the long lines of freigut-cars.
hi a twinkling the cars on the lock-yards
. which ha.l til tied that impirtant
tnibination of tracks since Monday night,
were a li usle I, missing coupling-pins were
replaced. brakes unloosened, obstacles
removed from the switch track.
and everything made in ship-shape
for the resumption of traffic. I'p to M:ln p.
in. thirteen switch engines had been run
out and were hard at work, rrom that
time on until dark the rumble of heavy
freight trains past Forty-first-st. crossing
.v. r .-.ied. Ar i:30 the first out freight
destined for F.lkhart, Ind . went by. I he
whole complex switch-yard system of the
great railroad was once more in uninter
rupted ..iteration; the six days strike so
much fraug.it with evil forelxtdings Was at
an end. The forenoon and early part of
the afternoon had I een periods of anxiety.
Arrangements had Iteen made for twice as
iarsjt a force of officers as went so
the scene yesterday. Secret meet
ings were held lietween the sberill and rail-
roa i oili iais and also between the sheriff
and representatives ol the strikers. The
railroad othcials held about fifty imported
switchmen in readiness at the depot and
ever one in authority asserted most em
phatically that the men should take the
places abandoned by the strikers, if the aid
of the state ami the union had to be in
rokad But when Division Superintendent
Anisden received telegraphic information
fjroM Commissioner Stahl, shortly after 'I
o'clock, tha' the strikers had gone to work,
the imported men were at once paid off nod
i - a', hed to their homes. In this toint at
least the railroad company has "given in."
The eight "objectionables," on whose ac
count ttie switchmen went out, were sent
down to the round house at I
ocl.xrk and went to work. It is
asserted by the sinkers that
this is but temporary. President Newell,
when asked about the settlement of the
strike, said the company had made no con
BS 'Tne e.ght men,' he ad h-l
will be on the same equality with the rest
oi the men as before the strike. They will
Ml r.-moved just because they are MM
1 1 men. This company does not reog
nize any union." Mr. Newell professed ig
aofancenf the existence ofsny arrangement
between the rnpany and the strikers, and
seemed SO treat the close of the fight on his
lines as a complete surrender on the part of
his employes.
The results of today sre undoubtedly the
outcome of a compromise, and this
is in 'st lisely the reason why
ths strikers refuss to msk?
known whst the details of arrangements
between them and the railroad company
are The most plausible theory is that the
rtant business in'eret involved
auted some of the men hants and rnanu
. wre the haviest suppo.'
... me mediators between the company
!".emen. Hai the former insisted .n
ng ?he imr"irtel raen in the pla of
- ler-.ff Hanchett would havs been
COMpelled to srTord protection, snd hsd the
i- i .-einnts nterd ,nto been unsatifac
the strikers operations won id n?
hsv been resumed by these.
The following owmnn?cation is given
the strikers ss the terms of
i.-ffm'it on whi h they -t ,-
rut' . April JR. wlMava M. WsM fASmw
y fV i -nvrtttn k't Sir If Ail the ItAh
; -. -. 4 ' w '-harari fjmthern
BeArsA't wboit Is rtlcass ret OnoSe 'veinty
1 frina their pesseM p"itvms
nsrneef the ierner ia withheld snd
nly be swrrrused pinkwis are
sri ' r ei m H -M
a BJHsAatne or that YsH Mae-
- --ed -e MJPWMMMI T- ' :
a uhmi - i s i
MW, April 23 The trustees 4 tbe
H -vroea sesaMs near Wwstpark have
I ss sail sand to wssesrts at s r-
-? s 'wai-r rear -
- f 'hs pepev s
stent eeer-sew ealeaUnei The eJr
s e. n rtsMeBn is) aresand
TV Arril 2TI - Tb Ml
k enr-4aaaeetawe and rmrp''
sen A Roes: Wand red mad i
wee hsa isjnrnisM rafaed fW e
KJ i
4 SOgitl Uiu M SrWrt 1'iium Th 1 m Uv
SLnU auu H 14 U r
V Voaa Apn Si - - -. :ur
to Kr tjm .eading Had leuters
sLo tu.jdrrAte galu 1:1 the nitrTMBSii ' ot
gSMMsral tuer Uaiii.sr 1 he rwaleot ait rtt
reiAii.e .) .5 ai Kaiis L'lty, IVlrvil -1
iitcsntiAU. Ai tw! tr 1. enters trade 1? ir
rvguiar Out gvi.era v ' a it . , . :.tUe
The iulwI depreaeatm tneAM in the Uads
alluat.oii is ihe unoertaiiitv Mh
ing the U 1 11 111 ale oulcoute
exit;i. '.eiuauds oi ucgatiii
The New lork st. k. market iu
Aud spiritless. Tbe existing sit
uuoea '.auiioti and delay (food
lh. week in diieAlloii ot 1'aXls 1
thought lo be a.i IndicMioO ot
decrease m the surplus iuk
Mouev on call baa according!) rul
though in tAir supply 1 lis 11.1
mestic uiArkels report molerale
lueuls in mercantile uuilectk
general industrial sttuali 0 1
vaUsI than a week ago then
4 4,ouu aurikers rsported am ium
coal miners and railways. Mad
boot and shoe and miao ;.anr
aa compared w ih 11,600
The principal increases sr
a further
ed h oilier
eniAi uo
ore aggra
ig at least
April li
Btroet railwav, sewing nia lone and miscel
laneous industrial einpnoes K. fined sugar
is one cent higher ..a .ug o tt.e strike at
the Brooklyn refinery. Has .rar ha- teit
none of tlie ailvame pnng w., at planting
is BISMMning rapidly under lAvormg
weather witli a probable total a. teage espial
lo that ol l.ist y ear, hry go.sls are uio n-rale
There is a d- rasel toha c a. teaje in
Virginia owing to the l..w price, and also
on acotint ..t datuage from floods. The
Louisville niatket is dropping
Harbor spring IsMtoWS MM I PSSI OsMMgSWM
t iv'ih IsMsrweMssi Haasplaia Lee
lug lor a BsjSSSWi
W -n nuto.n, April IS. Simon Kijifo
banese and eight other Indian' from Har or
Spring'. Mi. h., cubed hi i '..'igressiuan
Fisher Pnlay and after rnucb diffionltjf the
objeit ol their visit was made known. The
braves explained that their interpreter,
Hon. Charles' Hampton, "a m n h w rite '
man hail mhm n big Irani for a w hite
sunaw and was unable to a SOOinpany thjOM.
The Indians .one to see the - Big father"
about lands in Funnel OOUnty, Which they
claim to he now di e them In severalty
under the treaty of l si. Fisher took them
to the Indian oAes and had a
pow wow with Commissioner Atkins, hand
Commissioner Sparks will rife them an
official answer tomorrow. In the mean
time Mr. Fisher will entertain his friends
with a irip to the top of Washington's mon
ument and to ot her phi. es of interest. He
has already taken 'hem to the National
Museum and when they ent. red the Indian
exhibit they sed with pleasure and le
light. Thinking it was a war whoop Fisher
Thev Say I am rark .t it. . vn I tm a
a Knight uf I iahor ' 1. matte's
m ad i re k.
Kansas CrtY, April tS .-This morning
Hiram T. Stnith, a Ksttghl of Lahot wdio
hsd leen lampo .n.-l ;u pnhlic print by
rstrge W. Armstrong, a fellow employe,
stole upon his torments r iti the hardware
establishment of Richards A ConOTM. and
brained Mm with aa axe. Aftet oemmitting
the blood deed Smith notified hi' em
pioyer of what he had done and vi t tk :i
to the station. He evinced strong symp
toms of insanity, and nifoefwi his crime
by saying: 'They My I mo cracked
because I am a Knight of Labor, that's
what's the matter." and showed the article
Which had appeared in print. Armsirong's
wife is at present visiting in Syracuse. N.
Y. Smith Is twenty eiht years of age and
has a family. His wite says two weeks ago
he attempted hi Cttl his throat saying he
was tired of the kuurhts of Labor busii.- M
but was disarmed and had been attending
to his work since.
A Lively QBsrrefl Be&wewa ads I and
f ither in-l.au in a I. Mile
Wi' .-in Iwsrn
Lam aster. Wis , April J ;. Omsiderablo
excitement exists in the town of EUenbore,
tram county, over a .piarret con. erning a
house. Malc.n Wood resided in a tine
bouse on land owned by his father-m law,
Manny Iean. who ej.. el Wood for notv
pavment of rent. Before an Injnnction
could be served Wool, with a large force of
men. removed the hou-e to another man s
land. A riot is imminent. sb-ut one-half
of the town standing guard over the hoWM,
while the other halt is making preparations
with a view of moving the house back, if
victorious. Ii-interes-.. i j informed
the authorities, and Sheriff Richard and
deputies sre on their way to the scene to
quell tbe disturbame.
The New KeWI lti't Not ilenewed.
New Yoax. April 23. The riot of yester
ley sttemoon at trie susr rennery in
Brooklyn w- not ime-l t.av (rreat
crowds visited the s ene in the morning
but the noli e were oat in foTe and t tie
throng dwindled sway as the day wore on
Havemeyer A Eider, sugar refiners, issued
a cirenlar to their men t.dav saying they
could hire new men at 25 per day. but
preferred lo pes fl 15 to g.--l men that had
been working for fiem ttieii dni i'.d tor
$1 Js per dav wenld never be grantel . n
men would b hire.! : s trades sni
would be recognised by the firm The t
rular advises the men to return to work
Comment on the
the National Capital
Senator Bscs fropoteit that the Com
(oisaion be Made up ot Thurmin,
McDooaI J and Conkl.ng Hy
lei , bsva "be Plan D es
Not go Far fc dough
WaaMivoTos, April 1. The Fresideoi
message ui the lattor jarstloll OOOMSOCMd
more - rs c .mmelil f.etr I - lay Hot old)
in pwliliial circles nut eeiy whrre Senator
lie. k is ouls.keii in p.'Ais- ol tbe 1
dent ' plan. He sa if he could i. . i
ai li it and name ei-eiialor Thurmaii,
McDonald and Oonkiiug a the arhst rating
comu. tier ami give ttirlli $1U UUla ear ra h
Such a boar.) w . l .;u uai.l ti.r
all parttea Senai i 'n W y.k think the
President's idea a 1 ,n,e ami ttiat if
adopted good reaults will te sure to tollow
The two prominent Knights ,,f Mu li
tOWB toda I'owdeilv and M Ikwe!l, lioth
say K ktMJod M tar as it gore, but it t MJ
g.-tai enough Peweerij In an Intort lew,
said It i-n ot just a hat 1 Mailt I Aah'. a
lieoartn.eut of Latxir 1 don I ta lie . m
sioiloring those troubles 1 want to g t..
the root of the lls-ase Mr.kes a'. .
medicine they re.ieve the patient
for a time, hut his sickness . oui.-.-hack
on him. The matter must
lie seriously n.l carefully .ii- d.
ntsd a department of labor, to tiae ns or.Ls
on tile, to make a careful and OOOStanl
stmly of the lalor question and icady to
act and recommend action at any time
At miration should be conducted from this
department. Fhe Presidents idea sj l a
MJ permanent OOMMMMMMwl of arbitration
lie liked ttetter than the hill that came from
the Hoom Leber fsionnltten, ekick pro
vides for arbitrators lo be apinted in ea h
particular case.
I Mi ReSBM ot 1 1 est igat ion a M ISM
i us of Sitikr ami
I o MMSt
Wa'Hin.. torn, April Tt la l Weeks,
who has been employed under the ii'
BnreMi in making an mestigition Into the
nutnlier, location, (MM and results of
strikes and lo.k-outs during the calendar
year d 1 ""o. just completed his report. At
the outset of the report he states that Itoth
tnployers and etnpiovel as classes hesitate
to engage in a strike ..t .o.-k-.. ,t c-i.
after having expenem e l the ilisasti . - '
tects of the industrial agitation. Mrikes
have grown less frequent and only uri
taken when theie is no other ns iunes.
He met with more difficulty in securing in
formation front employes than from . in
plovers, the former learitig that it would kt
I to their disad vantape. Me ohvre1
tendency among workmen to magnify
strikes and among employers to disparage
its lnijKirtauce. Oi the total number of
strikes and lockouts reported m lso
which was 7' Pennayisania is credited
w ith 504, 1-ew York 104, and Ohio OS, w
e&f percent, a mining and manaiactoi
he states that strikes are more Jreqtieiit,
while very infrequent in agricultural trades
where large b tdies of men are not collect. 1
together. The nutnlier of strikes reporn-d
in certain prominent trnie- areas!..
298 in iron and steel industries, !.'' in ii
mining: tbin textile trades; 4 is cigars; 36in
building trad. -. ;v in tratisp. irta m, ' in
printing, 27 in glass industries. It iu pig I
making and 11 in bentt and shoe making.
Much the greater p. irt ion ot t h. st i k-s n
Sso were caused by the ditleren e t i i1. -
of wages. Of 181 strikes repofted, so ier
cent were successful. IS ier cent compro
mised and 47 er cent unsuccessful, r.verv
strike in rxnnectioo with hownof inhot stm
unsuccessful, while ih. r itmg I
payment oj wages uniformly mm i eeth
A Drunken Man' Terrlltl. inn.-
pHU.AiiKLruiA, April 23. George Dent, s
cigarmaker aged 3. this evening shot,
fatally wounding his young wife Iena. snd
then blew his own brains out. in their room
over the saloon kept by bis brother at the
corner of Fifth and Powell-s's.. where the
couple boarded. Thev had been married
abotti eighteen month and had lived hap
pily together except at intervsls. when the
husband drank heavily. A such times he
manifested a dfepoeition of Jealousi but had
Barer aheeed twnaad his wile. Mt- Dent
was retnoveil to the I'ennsyi uit-ia h ispital.
and at a late hour tonight was s'ill alive,
hut no hope- nr.- entertaitusl pi ! r Ml M I -ry .
Martin Irons Coll. lent
Kansas i'itv, April 2Tt. Msrtin Iron.
Mr roodenotigh snd Mr. K!li arc
The ttriu Wera MH in constant MtorcowrM
yesterday. Mr Irrn visit here is said to
liear no unnual significance, but its real
object is unknown. He say. with --on
Bdence, that th trike will Men end in
hirer of the KntfdMa oi Iab'ir. No sjas ial
meeting of the order has vet leen calltsi and
Mr. Irons i nnsnle to say when ka I
leave the ritv. The local sAstnent lot
tbe strikers aaeoants tOOQ Tht order will
insist. Mr Iron- says, on every st riker leing
tAken fa k into employment and
that basis alone will anv settierueni fe kt
The K of I. t- llas Strike.
New Bsis-"wi'K. April J3 John W.
Ha. of the genera' eiteiutive board,
Knights of Iab-.r. s"".ed -n -Ixais
tonight. He sav that in view of
the great -U'-'ess with wh ' " I
str ke snd botCdtfa have User, tr".de)
the general exe-tive board n s tailed a
snd sdopting
Hel0n at rlfcers
he n
A jmIsI ' .'. 1
Kasa I lew spjril 23 -Te
r rweners rt is learned that tb
snerai walk ewt hi tArie eir
. a".
res to. V
4 nntkvr Jki Swtl
is. April 9. Jobs V -
v': -e ftoMMMi MHMM
tfetneme r F'esryth bee fh
K i to tuuti at (-
Suclsl Uum1. Shin t
Ibwejsss Mspesssia
iafsmttoia Tekngrasx Herald
M inM i aosest, April Ju lsati
I Lr ! Juaiat. 1' I usiin 1.U recior of
M. Mark s t Lurcb, tieaitU Katid trxau lstis
with hu aiMialdv aud
(srcl. lOJOUIUlUg .1.
Waahingtsm see Mel weeks. They are
enjoying good besith and are uiucL kUtMknssi
I ao Lai I uy 1 t.ey arsr iuait
luiprovtisseiits suses their last vtstt is lssu
1 he 1. 1 . ;. : l,K t-.i ar ltr.u
at. a : n a ever au
, ica.htid iiisbv exotdleut
d has
srri.. !..
uuniig tin stay Voui OMSMMMSfMai had
ihe pleasure Uf ilUvuing I., hllu on lb Hit.
install t at M Marks "af..lol Hill, aud on
tbe 1st b at Kock l leek . t.ui.h neai the
. - i i r ii Utiivefa er inirits-l
rac ftod iiisiruciive sermons, without
notes,' ana ell he ssys 0MI
is- eaMit : .. ! hi aUrnlir lisuui.t .
H. wiitaeaei ie lu Ombm ai BtjdpdM
our Is . i . . . -..u.iak 1 to
it ano
Jy foi
Mrs Sarah hnenuii id Nile M I. anJ
Miss Millie Hes- ol tirand
lUpids will t here this week lor a ahoit
$ ' ng is here in full bloom 1'tte weather
is dehghttsii and Ihe pole are out of door
etiloyiug it
1 I
he visit
.! the fan - v.c.il, m
i ork rer'in
l went i
it to this oil)
: . l . t f stt ; ol
I apne the t
t eiithnsiAMii
tat night -the
t.f rtakt' to
i of rsuiuptor
At I Pana
- .. .t.i i- i leialiy packed With the
paofjkfe b i turned out to PfflftMM
tlie taeenltMSnt regiment They were e
iUj.' the axeiiue by tbe Washington
Light Ihlantry I ors. witii music and tire
works in grand style, a grand display
fhey wi.it the grey tate uniform 1 never
sit ll inn. .' - .' u.att hiug led -e
Uu. ir and Will te
until t'ongreas ailjournf lite gd lord
-nly knows when that will be. They bae
ecu and s...a ,:ke a p
man " thus far. Although laey here done
considerable work tha) have left 1 tid.ne
many thin..'- un ...ni pesiple would hae
been t in-1 lo ttiem do.
( Oi luUMtl Again lot, . tip I'lltalMirgli aiol
the A thirties Imi h I r I Wets
1 mtrnl)'i I ante
i . lei is- Ko'-lieater
1'hii M.i.iriiiA, April The home team
had an easy aiiic lie fore them to-lay arid
without itn particular effort Itarred their
o Mnenis Iron, s, oruig a run until the last
inning. Tlie official score wss as follows
l'tu!adei.blS .
(to :,- m
bae tnt -PhUl
Krnirs sphilads
I'itctlers lli.
1 gspiie Uratt.
: t I
0 4 0 g
0 0 0 U 0
i i
" lOtclnsilers l
in lieui. v
I ifc .miaii -Pittsburgh
in. inn ATI. April
were again vi t
inning pounded l.r
uii- I-.- rors hv ih
and nuruero an 1
I he home t am
s today and in the tlflh
ras badly scoring five
riaitOfl a re awk wsni
the piu Urged the
llntwh ehow . b etwee yesterdev
ofliciai toon WM a' (ol, w
hming 1 g a 4 & 0 7 I
lincinnsti . .. 0 1 3 ft 6 1 ft
I fo
PitU'iurirh t 'i 0 0 0 2 8
lls.- ; - in. iiitiHti, i'litsbnrgh K
Krmrv i ;t;.-.i, nati. 1, I'lllslHirgh fc
PI tenets MnlUna, Lorras.
t'nipirc Keiley
Atfiltio-- Mstr.jj. MStoSl
rv Voka. April -Tbe Athletics won
another victor) hxlay, getting into Lynch 'a
pitching iu the fifth inning snd hittinc him
for mi runs following this wi'h hve in the
eighth to say nothing of others that were
scattered in the second, third and seventh
innings The oth' iai acre tf ihe much
one-sided game was as follow:
Alhleti.. Mi Unpodi
Has- bio
I'll. fM rs
h e 7
0 6 0 1
0 0 0 1
lr ( .Mtat. '
lllAO. t
d t
re Mack
Detroit Nawm k
IffN t kk April SI -Just by wsy of smuae-
nifMil the Mi
today, securing an easy victo
the Newarks held tbemdown s
aaei Um fifth inning. Tls
a ., - m
Inning- 2 Z 4
r-lroit 1 ft 1
Newark ft
official score
7 s I
(t X
Brooklyn Bsltimors
Brook r vs. April ". l"ne home leant
played Praktf well today, bunching tlietr
hits in tlie fourth, fifth and sixth innings.
The official '-re wa as follows
Inning- l 4 5 '
Bns.kon " 1 2 4 2 t
Ballirnorr- 0 2 0 0 0 14
ft- 9
1t Mil
1 . SJ
I -
rs 11. Haltitnors, 4
1 Haltlsirrre. 4
at Kill ran
liar. in
' OQlltl
t.atne- in the sWiuth weatem Qrcnlt
played a follows
fiaTAWWAW, April 23
ftevsanaf) lsoooieie-Memi'ln-
ft 0 -
Tdr i Owinee
A v r -
41 t'incinnsti
At St lMiis I
At Pbitad.
At hr s.klvn-
si v n
V. ' .J.o '
Kot THras I.r r
' bar lesion 'hsreaion ' 'ha-tewo-ers
vt Va Vashv'.Ue
g-i-'a Auruata M lasts
At rAfc-. a- '.h' Hsvannah Memphis
ft,ri nr. t ' ft.i. k lfi.Uls SS.rtl
an boor ."
. t, this a'--and
- '
Tk H'sn r sWs
- ?. Arii T- rU
-A-.H at )
- - s
A Tarn bit- Tragedy Ytnttsn
in a New toftm 1 own
DMDlf MUCK 01 Hi K CHIlOliil.
ne Takes Poison, Ssucee an a
Attempts lo ba n. v
Ot i. I ro et o' I hen. e
ribis it not r atatlv
jur a
tkktri.i J Ant fj rre
SOUlL ol 11. it tiagi ib'
stury and am, hoaae Ji ll
a taruiei J li.uii.it .. e k
the soeue ot a Uagedx tai tttsMj a
than any II ohm
fSmKt. atiois ears ot ag has
dossil years y uuugei lha.
children, asrd rsajae; 1 1
!.. .t a y
In est t s
ttenehi hi i s
the home ot hei lathe
tea mouthi aud remrnad
aros alsiui
and awoke he'
break tasted logs Mi:
ceeded to the b
a wallowed a dt aw ol ilaesti
wilt, aii a ke ...
turned t I h ie 'i. I ;
-i ! ia.ight-st Was sieepih,
hef lllolhel ehleo- 1 I in
Pauaine si. instant il
the Ml' slnl biought H
splitting t Ina skuii 1
tlie hea.1 With It.
I M sslt ,i liflil
lor nter
sla.iKsi tu
and wenl .ras I
IllUle hetad 1 hi
let then , krl
room and ran screi
her fattier ..( the si
a tef nine '
ht of ih i h
Mrs Ktll iir tin i mi... i n .i i
ho I 1 1 I 1 1n . ..,
v.t.wv . " ASI
Jackts.s Mi. I kptfll
yesterday said thst Mm
M t. Bell, hsd tun as
sunt f money ?! h
copied the arte ie iu t
a ! a ho it- u pub
and w h ha- mm t
Hi tliis .-stale arid ti t
i rara-d "vet ih
r-at I 't i j..-.'
production ..(
by t al t
evenings . ,' i,.
ment uf Mri i l
who will c g
S4 n .1 A . - m
Kai.AMAK.s April I'-'i
a barta-t i
over a woman Aheett
iiUM IIS W il g " .
Who WS- ,
gTisserv I f. ...'
A fight 1 we 1 Ml
in the fsi-e At iho 1 oi
;.t an-
able. He h
- ins t- hinis'i
was aaMng ess t a i(t,-,e ,
He wa- ua -
lie came forward and sei l 1
up I know .oh" ' ..viii- a
4 ... On! ' . I Ha
IrrrsofT, A j -t A . s-
niorrnrtg the poli-e (. ,-, . ,l '
vases , ,
. . e i
hort - '. s f.s - ;se L
eitisen snd an sheriff
s v aaroti today Mr. B
JMiflfle aeewaSasa
I wav at
s. (.
- beier j
. .. A v
w. '
the I v,r'
4 Tr-a

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