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i he Telegram-Herald
RNINCi, MAY 12, 18B6.
1 . I ii 1. .1.. ...... 1 lot
ttt lak lio. M..i4.ia
7h Tornados Terrors
KB tie Southwest.
Seventeen Killed Yesterday in
KdUAdd City
A School Bu4:.!:n Filled With
Children Tern Down
Men and Woatm Cornea by
the Wind
Great Destruction at Leaven
w rtn, Kan-art.
Mi- -
r i tp v i 'Hot
r t . r .... . t
a a inaia al lm-
- . ... . rti .. .
I u fe ft-.. .
lipiruM liiu. i turk It lun !
I f I It 4 ' N I. ,111a t K !.
I II I Mrtl. il . c.
game at kaihas City, between lb
efejb and lhflnselphhi. and at 0k
A .-ti r ,f ri. . f 1 1 - club and Wash
( III! It.talitll
DvtSwIt Nm iifk
Viay 11
I J 1111)11
' I u u u 4 . l-io
It lit Imorr - Wrtruptititaiia
BaLTtnoag, May 11 The MM Irtwwn
e . . ml M fr ( !'.ui teams wax
ptWt DO eil on arc uut of rain.
I llfl.irK I in Iilll.itl
Mm it -
4 Mi rr lor PUUSiirg. M
11 lir t a iiitiati.
I taltl tin- 9t I dwIs
Hernial) ti Athletle
M i. II -
f.r It'
-...! II Ing II. 1. 1 111 ItVilmore Th
"N .in. s. I. . I. I fr ...11 hi. Ii ftMftjMf
shoes) af the lYoartocooi Baltimore m
Mo the ceihadernl todny Tin- hiebopa
... W-'ra aSnt are Right llfMMj
11 A ' rwi i r t - iv tnnah, ia.: t
K in -f Wheeling, W. V . John MnOfU
Ml Augus'trie. Kla . J din J ggMH of
ekeoN, re,; P !'. Northrop of Charles-
- The m i , n i:- usaed are purely
tl an J will not 1 made public. Arch
shop 1 Jibboiu adeaita that the names were
! I e f rwnrlcl to Rome from
bleb the p wih rhooee a NtifTeAvor to
is'iop Heeker at Wilmington. It i gen
a v nn.l-r.t that the name of r
.Jii 9 Posey, o U.il- n .re i-. i.e ! them.
T PsWataWasI a f .r fnr t'fah
Wlwmow, .May It. The Prurient
nt to OncifreM KNMf a nieMg' railing
te"Ti.,ri lo tbm (OttilitkX) r affair exisiting
fth of H Rtitler' h-
-Hi Mav ! 1 ,..r II I
oarl m Wv
awtr'l g-r oi tW lt
Mv 11 Wbiie Wil
The United Stated Senator
Will N I Q M Them Up
0'R Agaet Sor Payne bit-
I ting Memb? Frym Ci''0 ni
v. o h-med - I he Aujuiinl
Gn rl OepsM m r nt
tlie e f ll :i ! H in H if
c I pi t I - BjMM Sff.aie .aa
fraul auvi orrui
jf lhal '!ir Vl.i'r . - U
I . - . 0 ( a- irhrrl tt tl.i
1 an 1 l.l-u. -m A
ttHMM) re f.r -efitf.l ui thf
rvauiuad 1 .i si lei .1 ton nt the
m i.erce bill. Mr (1111111811
a 1 -i.oil boil' tiau.e. as MM
k t n.it prevenl the truna
Hi tfir
- trout ear 111 l-ml. Mr. Morgan
ri.rniaov nrterel hn auieiuinieiit, berethre
( in. tttk I t" I'liniili l Hue ainl iiiij.fi '!:
nit-iit '.i ii tu. . i.i.ir-ami ttn.tr to h(,.i
ur ino-rfere auh la ruiiiilug (j train.
Alter i-..nsi.leratiie ih-M ii-ii.ii. mi motion
aj Mr HKr, ttic ajMMaWMMMM ai laul on
lUe tat.lo r.i r.. na i'he negaiitra
v 'i.i wi-te Maaan, Dvlpa, iviiuumis ami
t iiisi le ati'i- lftate tn. n hri-f m an
aui.-n l.tH iit o Mr Plonb , probHHliBH
n -intrri if t '!.. ten, olhuali of t lie gov
frniiicnt aii'l itu ir familiei trom ac-ting
tre ja"., anl prohitkil ing raiira.l COfu
I..IH.-1 lr .in giving them n. !i hh-i mi
reiliiel rjo-
1.. tUfl Mr. TaUar offaftd an Rmcndnetii
.rUmi' iu: any ol tht tlitititttftli railrtMMti
iroiii giving tree aM.a. Mr krnna inl not
think tl.er- vaj man In CoBClVa r (ML
aii . toll Ul he bnbeil i a irt-r pin who
w . u ;1 MM Si BJOM easily bought tor OMkh.
Suli tie sujim eiA 1 though b afn rwur N
tlfeO ajhl tin- itatenu-nt too blUM) that tiu-re
were vi-ry ftfVJ rnn in ConyTeai wno lid
not lutva pasii'i in ttu-ir j.... kn
Mr. SjMM.n. r i.iuJ tin! a.i jmnei
mi r- UN u't-t buaincM witb. it arooid be
aajual to pffobHiii t tie Paciflo rouiis trom
i-ouuig panes it" thiir roinpi-litms were
a.lo-l in i'u- pa-iii-s. lr. E Imuiuii
ai.l if Mr. lel'er would extend the pro
ristoiia ol bia aaaeodmant ao aa to oofCf not
1 1 1 y MbakJa roads, but ail road- omiinr
witiiin ibe purview of tbe art. be Mr
E'hniinds w oold favor it Mr. Teller
aiadjtVed bit aaaapdaaaci ao ..rdingly.
Mr liiaiaj sn-l the prvtouaitlon a' nit frre
(a-si-1 was 111 tk mi' 1 1 11 bill rid; uloiii. I'bey
arera deaJion witn t:ii matu-r in a wav to
indu. e 1 tie i oun'.ry to DOliOTe tbat nuiiibvr-
of tbe United Ssataa Conajraaa were afraid of
tiii iin. i . es. Afraid lo limit their own
bnoeety. Be did not propose 10 tell bis
conatitaenii thai be tula i bottajbt aritb a
railroad pa.-s. Tbey d'd Hot beii' In- roil Id.
It wa a . iiit time t-.r men to a t likf boiM a
men. Mr Itigails said be was personally
..pi. wed 'o lb- pro)0ed amendment, I hough
if bad been bia duty, acting for Mr. Plumb,
and at iiis raqoeat, to preeenl it. Mr
Ingad.i ridicnleo ibe propoaition coveted by
the proponed amendment and on motion of
Mr. Lineal! it was laid on (be table.
The bill w as finally ordered reprinted a
amended, and failing to arrive a! any run-
elusion as to wlu-n ibe vote sfimiM be taken,
tin- Beamte, at adjonrned.
WaaaijioToa, May il. After tbe rending
of the j iiirual. the House trail into rotn
m:t . ttf the Vboie on the bili, from the
Committee M Private Lund Claima, pro
viding for the appointment of a aommta.
sion to ascertain and nettle private land
einiraa in tbe territory of Son Mexico and
Anoiia, and ibe .tate of Colorado, The
bill pr ovidi-s for the appointment of
three oommtaaionen to adjudicate Spanish
and M' liOM land claims in the territories
and slate n. ii'i amd.
Alter makim.' tome amendment! tbe com
tnitlee then rosr auu the bill wis paeaed.
Mr l.-iwery, tro.n tbe Committee on
i ftUbmitted, and the House
adopted, the HMtnimoUJ n-jsirt of the OOm
mitteein the California contented election
.- - rming tbe not of all ihf totting
Ml lardy, of Missouri, reported from
ibe Committea oo Commaree a luil nnibor ;
e coeetractl ol abridge a ron th
- - ... river at St. Louia. P mi
Bh calendar, Pnrther reirr beretofore
anrered in oommittea netra nere aubmitted i
aa ; t ie ilouae then, in c mini it tee of the
ahole. resiimesl con siderai ion of the Army
Appropriation bill.
Mr. 0-01 -.uior. of oliio. moved to strik
out Ibe aopromiatiou tor the Judge Advo
rare lmrral departtm-nt. lie said th it
tbe deaatftaaent decided (av without any
knowledge of law. and that the oyatem
followed hy tne department was outrageous.
I was an ei a on the army, adding
J in U nnttbing of gra. e. nothing of jnnuoe,
I 1 lr, . it of niarini eth. H in v if it It'll to
I day, in tjat JOM nohud would rerio ihet
H.e.ept to point to it as ttie greatest ev il
thai bed eref rxistf-d in the army.
M Whaafrr. trl Alabama, admitted that
h.l iatl in the .let-art men' aod
n MH leitan.as Mh iedan could
down, Porter ha.1 heen sls te-i
n B ( 1 1 1 w that ttie DemO
aa in pwer, the ah i wbii b
a en
r vf io
Where the Chief of All the
Anarchists Was FuULd.
II- it round Hiding Under Lu4 in -
e s Br J 1 he Blatant B ute
Promptly Lotked Up
by the Ho ice
Nm Y'.Kk, May U llerr S.t, the an
ari tiiit. wai arres'ed tonight on a beajefl
warrant He was found in a r. at P.
H Ihm at . wbere hi hm teen living lataij
w ib Lena Flebei a woman ni ia.t repute
He was andfeeaed and htding nndm ttie
bed when di- I - N '. hletllig With
(iiti! be w.s lakt-n to polne hea l , .j-'. -ait-l
1H ked Up.
n. m aaallalata learn Oennal BapMa
t Iim iiiilin . m. iii ur
A Waabtngton ananbtl to last night s le
tr it AVu . nays "Nothiinr has lieen done
here, BO far aa can be learned, 111 tbe inh r. -t
if Judge 1 'hatnplin for the appomtment as
J nL'e Witbey'i ancoajenr. Mr Mnvbttrj
had an interview this morning with Presi
tent U-veland in behalf of L D. Koiria.
Congreaamen Comatock, Taraney, Winana,
Mavhury. Ei lredge and 'arletoti signed Mie
M titi n ol Mr Norn- and none .( Ibeiu hae
withdrawn lhir name-, aitboogh Bldradge
and one or two others sirnd to p - aw
Comatock and at'aiijsf their letter jii'L
ment. beeaittef they preferred to wait until
all aidea ha.l been beard from. K (dredge
tninka, al . tbnl Seveiwni ii the better
man tor ttie pmca. Jttdga 'hatnplin s
friend- in Mu bigan have written here and
started ipnte an arti.e campaign toi him.
but nothing has been done here in h - be
halt either by Dickinson's frienda
or bv Ubogreaemau Piaber, who
was ah-ent wfiiti the Noiria petition
was -iiM-d and it is not known bow he
stands. All tneinliers ot 1 he delegat i in and
several other Mu bifan men express great
admiration for Cham plin, but think it would
be exceedingly unwiae to take him off tbe
Supreme bench and thus make it possible
for a Republican to ftOCOOad him, and for
other renaoni
a nee candidate from OranJ Rapids baa
turned up. Tims is J V . Rmsoin, w hose
frienda in Western Michigan are active and
wbOM intereete are I iked aft-t at tfns end
of the Hue by Admiral Irorden, f the n.i y.
Ko- li rry aa l.r-n .
I.oM.ov, May 11. Earl ButebtHf 1 dis-
patcb to the Bngliab diplomnti in relation
to Greece ays-. "Her conrae has encour
aged bet enemiri and diabaartened bar
friends. In a pa oxyetn of irr at the os
s' ie enlarging of a friendly christian
Mate, -be ruahed to arma and made bereeJf
a menacing element in eastern affaire. It is
impossible to expert Turkey to remain
paaaive Indeflnitely, and the strenuous
appenla of tbe power 1 have alone main
niined the pacific attitude of tbe Porte. By
ex. en faiug material pressure tireaf Priuin
is adopting a course more friendly and
raetly more nvornbie to Oreeea than by
W aving her to fa. e a COS Hict with Turk. v.
ttritisii bftfaaaj Papaaaltaaaal
LoVOOH. May II. Thomas QibttOy, gen
tleman, was arraigned in Clerk En well's
Police court, PmIiv, charged with boring
violated forty children, daughters of work
Ing men, since ken. December. He wasre
mandffl tor fwitnor bearing. An eicited
crowd, bended bv the parent 1 of tbe ottt
ragl children. asseinblel near ttie imirt
building and attempted to lynch dinner
ii- In a- l.f. I.gbt out in r-ntodv ol OBV
era, and be wki kept out Of their bstxli
wuli 1 1 .1. inh-rab -l.ttirulty.
Vnaf Mrart OH.
PoWTLAJro, Ind , May II A di-pan h to
the Tki.f.orim II kkm.i some ten days ao
annooncad that nntnrni gee far Urge qaao
Htan bed been diaeoremd here Tonight,
a . 11 bund't-d he', a ri h vein ol
waa atmck and tbe ptnoo bi wild ottb ex
eitementi Peonte nre cm r ring awav tbe
Oil in bottle, and juirs. ami everilo.ly pre
dict a great bom here. Tbe oil is of the
beat quality and experienced Oil tnen pTO
noiime tbe tifid a verv encouraging one
tinti iMnaee I aeaaa antaatteae
Sr I I ta, May 11 II. M Hone tm
before Ibe Cnrtin eoanndtten, but on account
of wf-aV'.ess from recent illnf ws- II
tngolbroiitrh he extended examination.
He st-at'sd that for the pat vear hi ireners.l
He w then exrtjsd and wa
. v e vera 1 ei r es of tbe
lleSoio wlis testiu.'inv was
1 be fa. 'en in on the K of I. a
A-Mnt n(1 4'ilrM
r Mat It. The cor
Win. Ringgold Tells of the
Murder rjf Kanncr M Ul :
Alf., f 10' Kt naejaaj . 1 1 1 bj a 5'
Loo f aprr Ho hr Killed an
Uliattr Cownl) Farnier Ha
Wafiik 10 G MJtomajM Up
M lx.. ie. Mo Mux 1 . "(1 tbe Light t
spt Jt Isi a tragt ii .si urrtd near
'oopi ilia, in utaw eonntg, Mad
farmer naineil J A. M. I am, llvina kit
ndtae riortb of the village beteaj ? b
revolver in ite ban is "l a trail. p Vbo ba t
. led the boeiltall' cd the house A
damp. b 1. eilcamptd wi.b a parly I
hlieei. gave tbe loKuaing to a ( Xivnult re
portal liiay
My name i Win Kinggold. and I am
Ibe man who til ed 1 toe farmer m Netern
Michigan. The disjial he at tbe i.me
ay thai I went into hi house and raised a
disturbance. Thai la nut true 1 hai bene
walking all dav and wa lired ami i.eari iaiu
i-l. ! t t aometbing to i.u I ked tr t.Mxi
and shelter hut IL-tenO let eu e.i insults and
a stern command t ieava ttie house with
out .t in ajsent I k u I he ol l man at in
a hair bi tbe file and Ibefe were ho other
-r-.ns 111 the room ex.fpt tlie Boll B token
id The lather tol I the - to run t. n.r
neigh bora l"r aoeifttamr. (he m epsi fu
win b 1 did 0M se a- I wa on the oiLt
nl leavma w hen he .mv the oung man th
on a 1
The bo run out and the old man turnel
to me an. 1 began t curse auu call me name
In a moment of paesine I shot bHn ifa i.
then ran out of ttie hu ise and tb-d to tbe
eroode, vbete I 'I'etii tne aighl la great
agitation ami dismay The next dav J
Ventured nut to a cornfield, gathered an
armful of roasting ears ami. returning lo the
'on -t. built a hrt, and roastiiii.- ibem aai -Bed
the pange ul ana wing hunger, In tbe
afternoon I traveied through the w.mds
until it became so daik I could no longer
aee my way rbe dav foil taring I oonun
nod tbe Journey , found more corn, masted
ami ate it and then -lept in ibe a .. id- a. u
I eontinued 'hi" practice until I r.. m-i
Chicago, and after skulking around tbe
outskins of the city for a while, finally
ventured In Ibe Met ormk k reeper wrkt-,
where I hn kily found employment n- a
rou-t.ibout during the winter. Tbe remorse
f baring killed McLaia and the
fear ot beini; appn hemhu at anv momenl
drove me a I moat entry at times, in April,
IH85, I left i bete Mid went to Minneapolta,
where I obtained 1 lew weeks' work aiuta
flouring mill, i hen I secured a position as
a deckhand on the steamer White Eagle,
then, and I believe now, plying between
tbnl city ami EM Lottie, At m Lonfai 1
took tiie steamer ;t v of Vickehnrg wnd
made one tup with it as a deck
hand to New rii;uis. H re I called b-r
my time and p;tv. and after aeeiug tbe tgbts
of the Crescent t ity for n week took to the
road and ha.e been a wandering vagabond
t er -inre. 1 arrtveo at caai o iunsa
lay or two before the strike and booed to
profit by it and gel - me work, but in that
1 was mistaken. List week we organ .ed
tins ; qg ami started toward the aontbeoet,
but God only knows where we shall land."
Kinggold told tbe atorr, through clioking
ttigha and gronna. He declared bis only
object wns to unburden hie mind. He stated
fnraber thai tbe Impulse to go bnek to tbe
nsene t Ibe murder and give binim it Bp be
ci 1 1 if nl most irr- liatible Bl tinKW, ' arid I raa
yet do so,' anid je.
t He is a man about live feet ten im !.s
high, dark bair, giittariruj wild eyea, pale
baggeid bee, and eery nervous in bia man
ner. He eaai be a IbumIc Howerer, bia
story i-a verv retnar kal-le one, lo say the
tenet .
Three Mm Fright 1 11 lit l - I rcaght
Traiii Ovnetaaa isua i-
nmlii'i rrt k.
Pitt-i t i'.. n. May II A tornado swept
Ibe Conensaugb Vallev nlgbf btowfcng
some freight cars acosa the main track of
the Pennsylvania rai id. A heavy w.-t
bouiid freight tram ot twenty five ca's,
going at the rate of thirty ntttm an hour,
came along ah sat midnight and crashed
into the obet ruction before the eoeineer had
linae to reverae h la engine. The twenu re
1 .irs were totally eVmolbtbed a id Ibe
wre. k strewn along tbe irm k a diet an OS
of eerai hundred yaedb Cood - rnna.
Coon ore, engjneeJ rboa Mowry atid fin
man tii!iari Myere were killed el moat
inrtantly. Tbey were enogbt In tto- wreck
and terribly mangled. The remeindei ;
ibe cfsrw escaped with alight injorier Tbe
men killed were ul! married, and lired In
the neighborhood Uerrr , Pa All eeet
ern and western b nnd trains have h
delayed twelvw bmrt Tbe loss will rencb
seieral tliouati 1 : in
a si , 1 h . ftgalnat Banh
linMagafnaVM, Mav 11 t'harle Ie. a
-..!. Iiui aaritcbaaaa win stood by
the Vandaha comptny duriiig the reev-nl
trike. was sent lore eters. and s
knvtit of Lnbor ws removed to nanfee n
plar f,,r bint. Th other Vandslia ftWiL h-
no n tbmenpon I -. Iwnajrbt Ibej
induced tfe twiti hnaW of everv line enter
lnr 'tie oiti to -mfce. and no freighl rw
d as
get net
f ham n ..... t. ip I'm
mm V..H Ma ll
( Im1 Oavit lavlaftalt!
Mftf ll Ft the eb
1 Lt a L '. U.
d ul J t.t lift u
- ai. I ' tig l."uas ar
Mti.aiesl in tlie itdWltlJ sbvii u.etitianod,
' : ' . j-.. . i : !h iinatttf lo
in- Ihe th.ft.ee ;:. l it a . . 1.1, ;
rdl tw a diaaailouk uiu
I I.. Intli.li It... .1 mu.t Sl... Hi.il.lt-o . I U.r
n.m faarh I . m 1 a 01. m Kn
Mat ii.k. I'.ii'f llaitiaglltg
(!. ii.ri.U
I anoa Ma II At ttie merting ealer
da) of the bond ant Shale!., it's ' U,
New Yore Penney I van ia A Obsu rail ran 4
cmpatiy , lacount Bui il.i e.'na..
bLallog Iht ihj. I? of ibe ii.eeioig feterre
Itttbe re,-. rt bj Meaaaa Aif.rt ao.f ar
! 1 k i' it then v i si t Ui A met it a in
win-I, il wan Hated tJattt our of ihe r""1
UMI or TU (SSt.tam iiicn aae in ud ttte.lnes
of the "Uipaiix ftitue 171 oli! f.s.aS'Si
could he tranesi. repreat-Lliug addtd a.n.
lo pmTt I be holders ought to SI If
HieiLiHlies ami ssiertaiu tht meal,
ing of this disproportionate Unreal
,n m.tt Ii 1 ii ess aid ta:.i. ot b"i.l.iig.s Mr
Mcllelin in a Mateinent, chargetl lhal
Of the prMtltngs ,,f h. la ue t.t '(..,'
Iieii nnd t.rst lu.utagi P.. mis ot li t Alia 1
A IJreoi Vfeetern Domnen amoiioi aggw-
gMing $- .00000 tiati tam-U iliolnt.ULr-.Ilo
rariuua parties, whom he named a s. thai
the truVe had stuoin !ggf '.-" 4j.t '
trusts and ba.1 wrongfwiig .1 loiiu SO red taj
pn ipertj 1 their hands
Ttie A'ot'iri 1 .Kurt iei lines to punt the
aer t mi. s of Mr M . Ill in 1 t-a r 1
managt riienl until Ibtj ao- prwtwd II mo
Ihe trustees in 1st uie'( ttie grae 1 barge
w hn t. bava been made againat tin to I bt
.jet I Is of t In creates I i III pT lain t to all
iii r-;.'t-
1 be It hssanoe nelaaaal abwn Owl af tbe aa
io n at let rjatisetm al taagW bgao
ttrtn.i limn tiir 1 awaws)S
Hu.i.v.N.S May 11. This morning aw
the aeiaad aebnoner Haid J Adams waa
lowed around to tbe wharf In from ol the
town, where nMue Ereeh be ,1 1 1 I
wa- t . In- so d at auction ( tin
At that ntfjmillll aii ofti . r fr m tin- Lffjaj
downe took the s. , . ,,.' out of
the enntody ot the oollootor and
she is now 111 Ibe Otttttotly of t'apt tv-oit.
I onsui lietieral Phelan bad serve.1 a aier
on (apt Sett asking him to show a use
why tbe Adams is detnttssd be him. A
warrant Ma- sworn out at 11 in tax planing
the s. boooer in tbe Vice Admiral court
by 1 rder of the Dominion eutboritiea
onsui P;it-lari tM quite indignaM at thi
tni ide .f husmesr ail fit I that t be Don
(OO statute- have nottting tO do w.ilj lh
mntter t'apt bill tif and crew have not
yet arnv. d here fr .m -1 .lofm, N It
Ittiaala Must Turn llrr Atlftit SsW lO ton ,
Tin Clstassea lanasaasj aa Anm i
ii-1 tsssrswaa Ofltasrs
Si Pi;ii-mi m May 11. The .Veooe
savs the frontier deputes b. . I: m
ami PbinO must end in war China ha
U)M--ed an army at Mancbttrin under Oer
man oUirers.
Jnikrr 'lull Ktoi
Waaanrorow, May 11 -The third ley 'a
metl rig f the National In ktt 0 ok ned
h rainy wt atb r 1 be UW k was bent
the a'temlatn srusli.
First mm em aa W ,' Itm
dola aacond Pare well third time. 1 ts$.
M ' I t : 1 a . s 1 1 I 5 Jp.
. race Pof J vear-o Ids one half
llllie, Volitii' J.Uae Won i,".ill ot 1 is'm
s... -,',(! Hannibal thud time 'i PI r'i
ratv ne mile and a .piarter BimtbsaaS
fost. oj gpraena aeemtd llirmnt third;
time. 1 1 : Poartl r- . s.m a forhsngs
I'tntia tost King Victor asomd; Mule
Minnie third, time 1 V Fttth raif lie
h d ..in ftlaleemli mile i - ami H e f.rl
ho rner.
A S .... .. mi en I tit it lffflell
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