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a -ri. t i.
f 1 VYir
H iH,
IiL:;UMBLR 141.
. : t . . e
r F1 N
1 T-T17
1P A T T
I j IvAAr
it -
: p."
1 : - IT-v !
.'. 1
1 M:
t .i.
!.. I'. :
: I
M iv
I" I
.' F-r-
A Lively Fi'-jht on a New York
Street, Car.
i A Fo' C'in hj did rot L.ke Pistols
A tin keel e r'i Misfortune
The Cars a I Running
I o-day.
.. J,.;:- :. Af t-r a r.dr.u ted
eeic :;!!:.: of the
f. tii- s s i i:t !. la'titij utitd
.. this !:; :!.!:..'. it W as de
la re the -rrt-t-t car ?:r:kt ..:!, :id
::t to the head ; uarter. of the
K:. , .r- IT
i.eirly i ..
. i to d.
w r ! . x
.! Sines. All cari began rt.i::ii::P th:
s .t uvial. The ":!i'f rs of tne
i'r '!: :r.f A Li'i.i'i ?:' t i j t
P-red the ?:ni- l. sh. the rai'.
:,a' r.l.--v Af: -:..! well dl. ii'h.'ied,
: 1 i r Irr .i 1 t i-tii at anv tn-
r- a .
;.!: Wsl...im S ie. who, it is t lainied.
w ih , . f : h men w h' ordered y t-ii r lay
-!!' a: I w ho w as ;irr -vd Ut hit t. r
i..n.; ;r.t.-v, w- ht-M tiav f.r trial :LT
arrt: ;: x j 'f !.
l:i 1 nis :i a'a t'.t -trf'-t i a'n !. in run
fi.t.jf f-tr'y, a::d t!i- dri.'-r- a:.d u.hii toi-'
.) I . irrd ra-t--l : br h.t' h. ii v..rk H'a'.:i.
ll,.-V !..id ;;. ?t-.t.''l t. ;v. t.-r t!.f t!--'!J.
that ri.f . w a'.'fl t- tiifir .- ' -'' h.
A ! in. r-s !';' .r- ' o i ! this sf:r
.'., .;i. r.n-.-Mdt ::t M i; rray. i i N- ' V r k .
-rrst w- -rd t. a!! thf Ci ? ur -i ! iuu-
ri'vTu-i I: r.aiit t:iat the tivipwas
vt and th-r- .i ti- t" -irtvt-r iw t-r extra
c li.f .s;.."-iiit.':i i.-:it ,iS ri--i:-d
tt 'f :-r rt tut th i.."-:i var i i : 1 which
i"c -, t.t-d i'i ur I iy. I h ai'aii' 'lis
;il .: n to-i.'irr -w i;f r ! i 1 : : c I'he In-
r (!. l'.u-ih.'
Lt Win W
art Wod :;-
d iv s:
- t v.
A j-.
:,d at
1 li.irlav,
. 1 h m.i- r,
r : , i : i .
i, wax i;r-
tta. h-d
:.-r i !.
r F . -v ..
i r
a -
a:i: i
.: i
it r (!- i
i d-.w..
I'na-V W.i- -r.iii'j''!v
!,.' r.Vad rd h:s
r.-v.Ui r. f irti;xi;-d h:-.:
i.ar.'fd it .x-vt rai tit:.-x
I r-.',i. f"i;a:i a' th-
a. i.'.
ei. M I r- -. i:. e
:i m the o; ;..-s..
, -i. .. . !,-., pre.
r--:-d J.-: m s i
F .'x ' ,,r r
-t. fie
Ced f TV; -I Iti-
ti ! ! '; U !;." he he.fd
:r-v sa l -! 'ered h i. -, and
-ien atid John P.t:en
I i:' I ave. I N.t.ety.
-t-.n-ie" w ix ai-o a'-
'i-e !... The T.rierix
: t
.,' IiiiikiiI ?r)l from Hit I nitil "xtate
Kiprr.- oiiiptiT trimj-i Wnr" t
J it
P.. P. i
I re--pre--
id SM!,, Fx-
I and jiiied
f h vin, ' taken
x'-.i-TI ll !eW
Wj ''A ert, i .
,k of !.;- . i:y.
t' ir F, ll.
I n:-ed -:s
Ar- -! .n
.. i'le-i pa. k-
.'tit "
V: ! f.e
.rr ( inil.Kf uiet I 1 1 n k l
tnihr lltiijil f-er
r a
. 1 v
Hrj... th Fr'jMf-il Tnrtiir
t h ltrt twit'
r',,T..1 rll
- a -
rn.ii.t PlSSISS CVlLEG r3ii TDDAlf
f r :na!e v ii D.-cus, BuiJ butter
T.-i Ni.i! prep.- iaiioo tir.l
C'Urs Upon ffijAy The
rijitnem PaC-'iC.
; g'e--. the
c j'. t-:h t i
t' c e
... h , i,d j..
r the x ;, r i.!'
i ! ' .d tt.r
tr i3 !.
:!.:x r:!urt.
art- x-.; ; i .. i-,- i i. i .;. rr i. I I nr
j !- i i -.
a:i 1 tin- .-
: .j r.'. . .: a.e ii ... a: 1 un' .viaii1 a.r
vii' i ' ' j i ; ! a- i '. 1 1:. - I i fd , a'li I.tely wiii
f i i : Is tu;. a:.'rad a.' ..nit I iit 1 1. 1 r -.'...!.
-a .-I' a t..-x..' ;. i:i tht? ilouxr- tixsn
J . .r f .r tti a i : i j r!i :i.r n i, with th r-P'-v'a"!
tl That the ditf Mil Il.'t h- xt ni'ile
tha-.t t-! .-r twt-l- days ht-yrn l that time
l:..s '..'. ,f iMutv, -ttiif'in.Iate any
. irr.'...-d t ate th.-tar::! t..;d.
To :u':rrw is j.ria'e j-r.i day in the
II'.:--- t" I li;r ext-:i!a' ! i-x a day w lien
i!.e;:.-vr- may '.n!. iduaiiy inivc t. si)snJ
! :.f riilf a:.. I n- any hi!! tianie-l by them
1 1 ha- !- r!i a:i 'i: !: ' d, huM-vcr, that the
!-:. i:i::tt-e.n ai.j.r-.j r at: "lis will a:i!a inize
Hie itj ilar ui'irr w ttti the lf.'ix!atie air-l-ria'i
in i iii. 1 1 1 1 ii ut -x t n t in tiii-., lucni
l iTx w :i! ad '.:; a ir.:m!--r .f hihs -.rovidin
t r p'.h!:- hii;l i.n,'x in ii!'!. r-nt parts nf the
i : : i r y . T'tiere wii! he Imr hours ot "gen
eral dri.tte on the legixtative l id, whether it
.:::.- upon M. ti day or Tm-xday, and then
it w id r ri.ii:dered under the live minute
n.ie, and wli mrupy the time nil I'ri.'ay,
at U axf. Friday private hill day will he oe
i-iipied !y the Naval Appropriation lit 11. if
ti e ii-six'ative hill ix linixtn-d. I he Sundry
( ivd and Fot tit., atio:i Appropriation bills
wid hili.uv in roiixideratiori.
l hrreix likely to be a contest in the Sen
ae toui'rrnw over reference of the Oleo
margarine Fill pax-ed !axt wiek by the
H i;-e; t wo etiate committees chiirn juns
di. tion over it Ari. tilture and Commerce
ax the measure was prepared by the
Hoiixe committee on Aj;riculure, it is gen
erally believed that committee in the Sen
ate will r-ctire it. The Northern I'acitic
railroad I-at.d Forfeiture bill, and the Agri
culture and Army Appropriation bid, with
the subsidy clause, which the Ilou-e refuses
t accede t will be discuxsfd. Anetl'art
w id be made to call Up the President's Veto
of the le Moines, low a, Kiver Lands bill if
opportunity others.
- - -
The 4Mil YoWerlu- Miti Slmwltii; I'p
in Mcvii'ii-lhf lt-t iill Miii-
liMiifil litre,
F.;. Pso, Tex., .lune Ame.-Lati enpi-
taiis-s arc ii!ovi;i,' to Mexican mining dis
tress more rapidly than at any time since
tli- completion of the road. The property
i f K ir- peanx afd wea'thy Mexicans has
In t n ai'x. ,rtH..l m a tmud-er u( instances.
The :.t'e .f u' a'cca- has . far aiisorhed
m.sre American wtalth t!ian any other
:n.' State, a::d Aim rica'is own in whole
and part x,.mM ot t.he be-t mines near the
lar.:-i , v of ti.e s ,:,ie mum-. I he iiiost re-
!u pun base in real estate is of the Provi
i!eine in the Pino dist::! i. The purchasers
ere M.ibi'an men. The pi Id p'acfrs in
, the ' i'i aiel.iup" .;:str:ct m tins taH are aio
! :i'o iw mu ti altentioti fr m Americans
a. el heavy propertits Iiave pax-ed from
Mexican hac.dx. The men who are develop
ing this district are experienced mininfT
men troin t
One Of the lieot Known Kxtlrort'l Men
IHes on a Train The ltot-lit Who
Ktiew Mini I.oeil Illni.
'iii. v -o, June i" John Townseinl, a
firmer ca: enter, employed on the Pake
.xhor.- railroad, boarded the Michigan South
ern train at Adrian, MichL'an, Friday niht.
He entered the bar-rai;e car and b-an cheer
f'.'.iv to ,-oi,er-e with the bai'are master,
with whom he was juainted. After
taikin a w hiie he hiid dovxn upon a bed
improvised for the occasion, and I. II asleep.
Vt.-n the lia'iiin.bicr tned to awaken
i.i-u esterdav momim; he wax dead. The
bo-tv" as taken to the mor"ie. He had
s.j a and a handsome p.id wat- h which had
..i-n presented to him by his friends in the
M.ihi'au o ither:i an I Northern Indicia
r ! i I i on. m v. He w,i ? years of ae,
atcl I.h death w.x- proi. inly can mm I by heart
Iiiitp lloiulult, oT MWxonrl. sj,,,t ll. ! mihI
III Throat tut-No ! A-t
to (tie Aln.
i 1 ; . :.. Mo, June '. Jude Joseph
i 1 ot the i. in-.'y of uence, hiby
Ci-iTv. w.m waylaid and killed on the
. vu' a s,i rt ii-tir;ie fr -ni his home
K lax
h-i 1.
' x i :,
The body wa
1 ti.; morning
an 1
t he t hr -i.it
' Hid tl e
;r,t .
1 r.
ie. r-1 e. 1 w n
S- h-
h .l
m i;.i!.hr rrt1 ThT r l'rr. t
It Ot 1 ..nilft - Sprtng rllf ,
1 v
xe !
1 -x f V.
J i': op
f o, tLr
. . ti t
fa. V u?
' es oi f.-s. ..-r p-.x.t
;n 4iti. c. t P .xf.i.jver r'
I T-i Axx.,;a:,: (,-!rii Mer:i-.
v.iiM.M'.o t'4.r i.'.e lo.t-r.
:,.ii. i!.4ir- ai. ! l t;i r!tJ
c i :exs. 1 i
't -r I- e vid e:. tied, at:, : J
t ll.e it."..', d !riold J.? ii.a
l! r-. :h I;. "Te ti.aU i-a'd a C-rUt i
- r V r i UK-Jer t tl; 1 -TV fli J'. -.x'.
rl x a!. i c.e.tli pr s.dt rU'w.Ai
U .. l.X
lit J..
trr .hi
The Czar and the Kaiser Are
Billing and Cooing.
An Austrian General Thinks Big Guns
Will Be Used A Sensation That
is the Talk ot the Hour in
L'NtioN, JaneO. A dii-patch from Vienna
s'atr that there is much curiosity and
speculation in military and court circles
over the love-making whiih is becoming
obvious between (lermany and liuxsia. The
0:ar recently sent a handsome casket, which
was received by the Kaueron the day when
he completed the spring review of the Pur
lin garrison, and it was designed to banalize
that event. The aged Kaiser was much im
pressed by this incident, and said there was
nothing of which he was so prouJ as his
splendid troops and his ability to review
them. He immediately wrote a most atl'ec
i innate letter, which he signed w ith his own
hand and forwarded to the Czar by an
iriuenal messenger. More recently he
has feasted the Kussian ambas
sador at his own family table.
Put, to crown all, conies the announcement
that theCar and the Kaiser are making ar
rangements for a formal meeting, probably
at one of the (iertuan spas next autumn.
Austria realizes that this conference, com
prising as it does the nionarchs of two out
of three nationalities, which hare composed
the triple or holv alliance w ill be the pub
lic announcement of the final extinction of
that alliance. This does not exactly suit
the Austrian Kmperor, who would much
prtfer that his country might be dropped
lrom the alliance with, at least, a greater
(how of de'ibe'ation. To this end the
Au.-trian Emperor had some months
ago arranged for a meeting of
the crown princes of the three em
pires next fall to take the place of the
customary meeting of thtir fathers. Such
a meeting would be farcial for the purpose
of settling anv of the grave plans of Kurope,
f r the reason, among others, that the Pus-
ia:i Crown Prince is only a boy of eighteen.
The proposal, however, was accepted by
Germany and Russia, and it was supposed
that this princely meeting would keep alive
the belief in the Moribund tribunal alliance.
The news that the Czar and Kaiser pro
pose to meet by themselves causes excite
ment and no little fear lct they may
agree upon the Czar's most earnest
wish war in the Ilalkans. The
military otlieers in Vienna act as though
they were certain war would bo declared to
morrow. All leaves of absence except sick
leave have been countermanded and the
military clubs are swarming with otlieers.
They say they believe that the Russians are
fully rea lv to attack old bulgariaby a march
through llournania, hut they would be in
tercepted and routed with great slaughter as
soon as- they had got far enough into llou
rnania to make them worth attacking This
view is not entertained alone by the younger
oidicers, but is shared to some extent by
vetera i generals. This is encouraged bv an
event this evening in one of the clubs, A
dashing young captain said to a grizzled
'"Well, General, are we going to have war
this time'.'"
"You musn't believe," the General said,
"all you hear, my boy, but this is a good
tirue" for Australia tolook after her big held
guns and to keep her powder dry."
One Man Drowned While Yachting, and
Another Kollown III Kiauiile.
I,.iMi:i.i., Mass., June '. While John (J.
G onion and live other young men were
sailing on the Merrimac river this afternoon
the boat was upset. All escaped to the
shore save Gordon, who lil not come to
tiie surface. He was 1 vear old, a woo-1
turner bv trade, and a native of Pk ton, N.
S. While parties were searching for Gor
don's bod,- Albie Montferrand, in:e'l It. son
of a well-known drv goods dealer, fell from
a sail to:it and was drow ned.
Home Unit Imore Voulhn ;o On it C'mUe
l!h m riri.lr I.nnrh and One of
Thrin la Drnwnfd,
I'm TrM- r:r, June c. In South Baltimore
thix afterrit-.n a ti u ruber of young men, w no
carried two kega of beer, went out f or a sail
on (tie Pa'apsco. Fe f are n-ight t)o beer had
a hiir!oua etfert. The T"'in? men got to
" k I r k i r 5 in the hont. whir. h did not end
Until Jamea Hjfkey, 8i nineteets, reidine
t Soutii C,ar-st . fed overb-.ar l and
m drowned. Th" l-odr hax not lo-n
r-c. .v f-rt o .
Ilia I'm la m lMllriKnUliel Man.
I x; w x- e i J ;ne f. J, ,. V.
C!.i : v.r.fT i trivfler, Iat rdfht
t! e . n i f a d 'ir-t- iixf.e j J-)dge of NVw
V.-rk . H Siva i on t.e S Ij-'f
!.-. t f ttoi V ! ii.11 WHS
a-'x' 1 I v the ! .-ifMl a-;:i,o-;- ,- f.-r v.i.
c ? i 1. rs v 1
Itaaate I ! ant Ait V hed.
v ir V . J : r,a n - I r, a ., : srr
Ha t,r IfOA ler W,i
- - v -
j - -
x -
Orurijeiiit-a Attack About Two
Thousand Catholics.
fhe Oieraceful Motj HoutcJ by trt
Catholics, Who WtrB'yirgTh-ir
Dead - J.mmy Curran's Fun--ral
Police Patrol ihe
'...lit - 'If.r J:.l.tto! i I
Jaiues Curran, who was dm ned .-ti
helj the '.'!:; !!.t li, e.'ail-t-l
I h
lat-ii's Island jd.ij xaf-ls, aita d a m.i .u
U.d of Cathohc Wotku.cn iii J dr. e l!.m,
into t he w n!c r. took pl e tola. I n,H
thoiisjlid t-elsoliS lliaft hrvl ill the ( r . s-,...
whuli wateiitirelv ordtt'y u.nt:! a iii..n I
I'raneiuert suddtnlv thargel i-pii i!,.
moving body d Culhohcs, whei a !. s
lrate and bh.!y light ensued I be
Catholics, taken unawares, were i.i.f,-l
for a moment, but they mmui rallied and
scattered the ( 'raiigemrii in ewr v dim te.-n.
Seeral shots were tired during the nu h-e.
One man was fatally stat U-d, and many
w re cut severely ubout the heads and faces.
I he Orangemen collected their scattered
Uiembers and returned to the scene, but the
indice meanwhile, rt in forced, sue ceded in
preventn g a leiiewal tif the coritlul and
ultimately rest ore-1 comparative order. The
Catholics smashed the windows of the
Pr'ia lway Linen factory and seeral other
buildings. l.ater there were several minor
disturbances and the j-olice are now patrol
ling the streets fearing another and greater
collision between the opposing fai tions who
areexi itett to a hi.'h degree.
Ptiilip Kice, a driller, and John Heattie
and Alexander Stewart, steamtitters, ern
ploved in the shipyards, were arrested this
evenimr for participating in tlie riot on
Friday, and charged with the murder of
James Curran. The.-e men were foremost
among tti Orangemen who made the at
tack on the Harbor Commissioners navvies,
and several of the Catholics who were at
tacked are positive in their identification of
them as the persoi.s who threw Curran
overlx ard.
James MacMurray, a Catholic, was also
arrested tonight barged with having tired
a pistol from the funeral pnnessioti.
Standing of the Two Lmgurk- Gam I'litj.
tt VeitTlity,
National League.
The Detroit club's triumphant career still
remains unchecked, and the same may I
said for Chicago, for so far the most interest
in the race centers between these two clubs,
although New York is climbing up rapidly,
having lost but one game the past wack.
The Mi -higauilers lead, Sp-inldintt's boy?
are but a notch behind ami the New York's
stiil hold third place though with a larger
increase of irames won. Philadelphia has
broken the tie that bound it to St. Iuis
for fourth place, and Lucas' men must con
te it themselves w it h a bad fifth. Kansa
City holds a safe sixth and P.oston seventh,
while Washington brings up the rear. Tin-
standing of the clubs up to and including the
games of June oth, is as follow .-:
c; lit-.
Pet roil
hi. Jlk'o
New York.....
St. I.OI11X
Kansas .',ty..
Won. I.vt. Played. Pitpomd
i hi -J
S 1M L'x
H.slliU'il 111
aniex will le played today us loilowx:
At Philadelphia Ieln it-Philadelphia.
At he-toil Kansas t 'iry-Boston.
At New York -Cliic.gi-N York.
At a--hiiiti'U St. l.ouix- Hfchiijgton.
Aiiierleau Aasoclatlon
The clubs are all struggling hard an 1 the
race, tnougti not particularly tp.se at trie
present time, is very interesting. Toetlub
play very unevenly and before ih i d
the week their positions may behoge
materially. St. Louis still retains t e !
and Pittsburg by a series of m s ere. hah!
victories has forged ahead from foii-ih i
second place. Brooklyn has juu ped ea n
to third place, while the AthleiUs w tn I
a few davs ago liel I the lead, fiave t.d Hi
l a k to fourth place. Baltimore tuak
rooru in fifth place for Louisville ati-t Cji
cinnati and must content I.erse f w it h
good sixth. The Metropolitan stdl ho'
the final position but are p!aiiget'
ball. The standing of the dubs ltr.d im hid
ing the games of June 5th is as folio
Chili. Won. Ioxi. l'liitid
St. 1-otiis -' I j
Hro..kin -v
Athlelns lf
Pouisvhle 1
ln miiHti 1" -
rKiltimon i'" is
M-trop'litnri 1- -'-
The following games will be played to
At Bait i more B-iltimore-Met rripo'.it an?
At Pittsburgh Pittshurgh Cincinnati.
At Imisvilie Louisville St. l-uis.
P.K "'Kt YN. June o.
Ir.nlrtr-- 1 2 R 4 h f 7 V 1
At!.:, tie 1 ' 0
1 1
l:rv,klyti.. " 1 1 '" " r'
pe Hi'a-.Athietie, l '- Pr.-v.ifyn. 7.
Krror Atha-Me. 7. hr. -k 1 y ti . 1.
hi. hn-H'h'iiii! Ker.D. -iy.
( n.j ire Kel'.y.
liiaa llle-ll. Iitila.
Lot i ;i lk, Ky. June '.
in.--- 1 2 ?. r- r.
toci-x t, .....
.:.er-M'iT :
I ti j .re 1 .iMt-.r,.
1 ' 1
J ).-
A street Car Mrlke. at Pltt-hnrr
P't--i r-... Pa.. .Tiir.e ' P.-.t fw
w-re r.:n on the Oakland S : rert Car I r.e to
dy. Mra.-lr:g rk?rsn P-rar ts,--
t.-.r g' th ':'.-e w.-n'l b ri'.-ii' a a'l
the e.'.f.r, a 1 r.c.-'i i.-t,: -.n t ioi I s ! "i
I -n t ! .- v ild r
t t.-ike
: r
. 1 it
; 1 (
t. lion
e a"---, j r
f ; cut
T j,t 1
i! e V,;.e
rk a" t
rl t th
1 e
&r.rre llret ftanhera
l.i It ir.
: Mi
'-: ai
tl i : . i - I w :... h h
e tl iht A-l-li.l.
i I hr i ' i -..! it th, -'.
ait A ll at Lr w .'.i
t.a.;i 1-v.i - urt .; 1 .
thtst c f ii. V M-
are p.-'S ,i. :.-! wa
!w !c . ' W r t : x. I x
:a. t t hi i.i
r...c In
1 :.te.f
A Revolver Matinee Settles an
Old Quarrel.
Neighbors Who Quarreled Meet in the
Pub ic P.oaJ and Fthttoa
Finish A Fatal
okt M, 11! , Jut.e t. Yextetday no rn-
mg at o .; leti .Vt-on si u .e,. ."x,-,.ti
et in tie pul hc roa.l, one no.e north i f
llinesboro, and r p ned f.te on tub o'.Lr
with revolvers. Boih n m wag.r.
Mason tired f.rst, but missel. Scott l.red
t.hree shots and ea'.h bit. l he t.r-: shot
)enetrated Masons i.fl.l arm, traitunng
it. s. he dn-ppevi the revolver, l ! e secon l
hot entered Hie right t heek ainl aiiie o..t
f the left ear. The third shot ehte'ef the
stomach ranging dow n w ard. S, o;t wer.tto
Tusn-ola and gave himself up. Mason was
aken to a neighbors where ad thehuiwts
mt the last were probed out ut.d from this
wound he will sunlv -he. Both men are
romment citizen of 1'ougla county.
Mason was worth -'hiooo. Some tuise last
Kail thev traded liorses, in w hn Ii Mas n.
laimed fe was cheated. Bad f.l'.rg en
sued; each had threatened theother and the
nei -hlHirhood. though excited, wa i;-t
surprised at the fatal en,l of the .p.iarrtl
irtd lUpi.Pa "Cuur" The New Huat
llouie of the l ur-A w ay. lilv ei " Club
humlajr Out at Heed'a l ake.
Iay by day, Sunday by Sunday, the pub
lic interest grow s lakeward toward Keels.
Notwithstanding the detracting, or ailr.vt
ing feature of a cheap ex ursioii d w n the
river on the steamer "Barrett,'" the cr. wd
that surged eterdav to the verge of Peed s
Lake wax no rfile.tion r.;.--n coui:er
attractions. 1 h' usual goo 1 oi.ier
that lias thus far lh: s. as. .n :;.-:. u-
li;ig'.iihed Grand Lipid Coney Is.atid
prevailed. Nor is this
remembereti that P.-puty S
w . en it i
n:! W. 1
al s. d:d
Cooper, with four or live co
d and authot ied t-y the
aw and the
railrnad s authority, insist upon heaven s
first regulation order, and kindly .-'.t
tirtuly insist that j u! lie dn ..r .m is the
first renuisite to an ntrance upon the street
railway s t lciisure gr. utids vi some thirty-
odd acres.
ii.U',,1,.11 V, -!,' There it et". t o ( ..-.!.
House, upon the hp of the lale. W h.-xi r.j-
lets kiss its painted outlines. a J.nry struc
ture in wood of jToporiioiis atid nut-ide
architei tural ornaments f-. c.ncr.g the 1. arm
of ,Ldv of the Pake. ' In c..ii vi-n;en e
f insi.ie arrartgiiien'.x, aii-1 a.! pr
taming to a t,at (.'.:r 1., use,
it stands without a te r in Mil h.gan You
enter its f.rs' floor from the land s; i atid
rind to the right hand a sixty f ,.t rw , ji-.jc
ailev; to the front, the boat r'm w.tli con
veniences for t he club's Imats and tliow r.f
its members, w ith t wo janitors 1:1 attr.d
ance, and a hn ker and liath rioin" on the
s.. me floor. A i riding to the second f! .r,
.on find two billiard t;ih!cs on the i. ft i f
ne ball room and singe crowned
!l .or, with la lies' drrxx;..lC r ...n.s
. either side of the stage. A
-i.irway higher and yon vrike U e pr--no
1 a.ie ii ei k ltwit'ii the f.ot !-if the
j.r.h.f, with gents smoking ami h" ker ! i.
j,l-t bineaih the tower, w hi, h g:vcs you
.l e pi ttirisijue view of t he la ie and it
a-.ai-t n bo were.! environments. 'I hen
a'-out aU these lhnr en the out-i-b-. cs
s. rve the oalecnv "a a'bir.Sing Viewp
111 aU d.revtiotia Htid d.-uht
if yi u cm. f.e remark of a we'd posted
spoVtsiiiaii, 'thire U T.or-.e ctl.o r.i,l to
this lub house in Michigan." The out;'.:
of the Club llow mc.udea fr the aec, rnrno
dafion of its li''' r:n inU-r- 1 'w hi.r-hf.!
shell, one double shell, two s r.g Shi.s.
two four-oared gig. one x;r g e wo-kim-
l-mt kit I. l!iM' laiRta. t-d -l'e
I '
eight-oare.1 . cai:rtl bo.O. "i'dU
ta hong." How- many rea b r l.
what it nieaiis. " 1 r Aw i.v-Biver, '
lianie given to the Grand rivrr I v :'
ln.'.ian-. s i b a cgn. irmn ip-ng 1
th ;r dialer t. ditatu e. r a river rr.r.r-.mg
long wav the l,,r g( t they li-f mih
Miio.h-HTi inii.u'.a. Aio iT:.eridr thai
this hvphena el name was l at ! a d.
t;ngn:she'l cl.i f ai.iong tl e o-ta ar,
prinoh)v the rh-.fi ..f the o Wa'h ta
N'ong Chib'sh 'il 1 rrrry hi ha" h t
A grand hall on Thi'ay. .Ten
17th. will ; Ihe Ciiih b--:ii.
in due ri regular Cm-,, pre-
tjl-.t;. tO Whuli, PI d a tl:h:!l BVr -.r
t . the ver,t. Mr Wm Mc Kar of thi . .t
: hampion .rv e . :,i,r of M.if.gan .
gi ve an e 1 h 1 b' t i n
Caplv.n John 1 1 Po .won. :!, h- -'i-n'-Lh'.reTue,
and h ! er.t : tf. tf , . - r-
at-Ce Pouae. a'b.rda p'ir-a:;re atid Tr .
r-enti to all itot -ls in th e I .
C f H. P.. M.o.r and P.i Van
. are on de. w -tb ad ) ! i.c; d
m.J an r w l-.a", w.th ca' ' 0 boa , f n ;r-
at'en-iar.-' -.
Unih.-I "!... V- Ood'n t . t) . ,tU
Xuw 11 -; ) e , j.-.-asi ti ; -.s.r t
- - ;'C! .r f . ' 1 e .-.-;' v c' .'e- er r i
e .." b'f. ah 1 1 ea to r. -,.
lia'" a", g ' -x
-(-- '(,1 . 1 r tt at I'" I g' e! . '. ?!
w re
1 v
V i
hra r i-r-Hi
V ' f ! I
Ii- 4 , r- a r t ,
im PLATES iiiLL r.lit 10 0.
I he Irdc' riktk'i'l Ui -uf, Li.tr ita
F. M c-rt th. iae - it P:', t ire
DsCOr tm tJ fi) . ,tr
V id f A.l fVcojr,- .!(((
A'ur; O-r CuO
ftHik)'ra. w : .
1..... '. e l
t :.t ii.et : I: i
.1 t:
ht f the .. . ii t.i.ow
,st- I
ti e t- 1 oT e:i-,..; i - j. L-,
The Nt w c?k I'-rfiA,..,.;,!:,
lr at w ,.tk c- r .t ut::, u m.i pri .. t ,
I.j.tV l air bti-t .i i" 'he i; ..J c
A .r- .. hr : :.er t ,.' ; ,. i; t. j
of the and the , . . ' . .
i..l i ! ..i. t?.e .g awav V
plaits, I' !h-1. .! x .,.-,. , ;, :.;
!. !! '. !. i.ii ! !j,u:. 51
t". n.isex n, v,i;.e e ,., i t ..; m ,,
w hit . will he. rV ,-d I ,.,su. . 1
t!:at Me'l-oty I I late, xj.alj .o! In-
I : . si . :!.-v.x, is i.ki ; t gc. 1: t ... ..
1.1 LUlt.'..
. '.iif.es
x w i. -
.;:. lie
a r ! A
- v., ilk.
Str, 1
J .ate icrli I r .;- , : s ..i e
h 1 ci ! .he . ,;i.d tin! tl r r ..n t if of
pnp Tx
P Sil !!;,
f." f.-tsi 0
t!.e hari
n.i r .: g
t.a I t :. lt.i-iease 1 1 i r tf..
and ! I al 1 ni.v of I'.i -i- ..1 l
Ut ll pla'es a'r i '. -., ..'
ex m ii.e ;.st , ! ::. , r v ... t r e
of tie 1 '!.,i d sr. n ; r 1 .
tr i;.nr ar. 1 re, . :.. y- y. . i :.e
eiet iioti i f 1 '..- 'x 1 t .....s.s to i..r:...h the
l-xt light id tie s-s-...; I is j.rt ,,!!.. v
set t: s the g nl i I a large 1. ..n : r of
del jate. T here are si V T t and. .'a x for
thatph.ee. ll., .n;as - :. hr e Nr Y.-O.
1- ptot.at !y the ne.st p-r..i..;:-,f ;.t . at-.:. .'.ate
fir the Se, r t '. a T - : . i . li.r;,:,!';,; u
i that t he er. r i ,n ( i, . : 1 :, l .
ar,d ti.at lio'.h.i g to .t y . 1 ha
-n.lt. II. I'nli liar.l. ..I All. ti.. I.lata
the M..n 11I ( tliliii ll.r
1 lalioi .
"Ji-: IhiV l" xjx -1 , hi s ,.f
vt ry antjov is g and t'v .ng t.
said Gen. p. p. l',.h ii.r ! .d
n.ari w hi ca; ; i.-ed t!-earh
a r ji.'-ter f r the Ti it mm 11
M ort :! nil . : 1 g 1 w
vi ry in.i.s, ri-t a'limn.;,:
but he h. 1, l is o .t , ;.s....
aggrav a" to the ; 5 al r.
a i -wi-d i i.c a il l. lit
tr:.-d t! e i jp : . : t . ! :.
1 .
. 1 1 '. t r
r. 1 r,,'
: t 1!
v, hi n 1:
P it -
rel :i. tan
-1 g
1 1
"We A
i-T.erat.i- P,
Ul.i:, ;i w
I a . r y w er
1, : -1
T; 1
" 1
my rigiii.t
I !
to apt. .re
n- v
I -ii r ' i . s w ' .
t n
the f..r ; ;, r-,..
nr tx) . . - w
: : If, -w
-.-..t the
: ,s .1, i .(
't. i ' d s 1
w h 1: e r- v
a d t. '. nu 1 t
' 1 i i .
-: -et f r t! e
M.i x 1 p.
h a :..; -
l;cl(' I'll
. i-.i a r iw 1
:.- - ! t: . u
: 1 i-.k g
f x ; . n ;
1 i . h- ,,i
Haw k ;r,x le. nh . .;
Mac I, t . I . ki I then,
u.tit ry . ! . . ; .' j 1 1
.e g-.'f cr tl - o, ex-,, if
as jar a Aht-v v .. .-.
w h .'e K a in, i ; ! 1 . n I
,-f li'i . r:.v -..; -,,
f rtii k 1 av .' trad at.-t
i;o, t i-e. At.' n.i .
w ;t L v , 1 ie ban. '. t a ' 1 , :
lata e Sr.. to e f . r. a d 1 ,
P-riu a t'.s; i.'e N.-w w ; .. e
i ,. ri th nor t Y, , 1
: i, r : ed for 1 1 w , , ., . hi : 1 ;
si-.lex of t! e tr ar i. 'e. p.-.t s w ;
t he ol hi r x. ! . la t x tt A ' ' v i . je
w :rixv :i'e !.h-u'i ! . 1 pis . t.-' s- 1
K. !. 1 at the l ac t ,i-a
S'il C ? I ..v ,s pi . ; P
i nt to the t -f '1 t 1' j 1
The baia:;f ,.f C f-H-ty la! -.
' a., p M-ar 1 he r r-,. Pi
-egr,. I w -i t w ,th f. h ha f i.r l!
v. ;.(( t! e ami 1 . o 1 si t t ? a
d's::,i ;,'"! !-,.', ( ,t t" ( , '. i- ,
f a
! v f
1 ' e
p t an-1 b r a 'v n n. e ;. -i . j r e
i' i- r..i. ,.. i.i L'ht w 1 1 i, i.i -..'i . 1
u ! -Ti .1 . No a!.tii; w a a 1'. ti s g
tf.e ir u-t It tiii h'- '! i '; .. c.o. i ... ie
tii or n-: k-. 1 w:i:t.d t , ' 1 .''. o 1 . t . i-f. 1 1 n
'-iv :-f-!.t fi ; d 1 1 ... i r : ' t 1 1 to
w o!-.:; a b w rod . t.. 1 an ; p. f.oe
f v pri .i-i( -e v a I i.i ti "i : 1 f a
.1 ih a:. 1 the M'cp ta .,'- - rd.-i he rt v
T'.en. h. I - a ",e t ' r- st; aj-; re at ' '. ' gal
V., ra .!,. ti ;,.!. in a in. '-.ef.t T
a v )'' ' -e to i..f a d -h 1 ttf-it'i'-i-
v en- e. ,n i
C-e ti T to - j;.
-Vt-K.l v.',- t
A. ?- tt ti or i 'tix
'w-ii 1 e r -: '
1 ' - 1
' 1 l-i k
J 0-1
w ' h
1 ate h
pt ' '
P' f
f -I t In I .
1- f . or
I J S 1
' a n . .- -
The l-tte l.,.'.r t .iit
P : i e Kt . 1. - u n.h :
iv , f Ko -. r. o r.
I '
1 ..
7. I ')! i.'i.r,'l f t.
iuertinj ci' th
h t
e .
P. -

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