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Telegram-herald. ([Grand Rapids, Mich.) 18??-1892, August 28, 1886, Image 1

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fM ?C IT
i 1
ii J
UAbE ii A L L.
Th'i Cuadidatt-s icr 0, Li.ty
Olhctb PasM-si in Review,
, f t . '.. I. . 1 Likely
(.rut'l ' Nr.'p. l Kr I '
r-trilO i Ii:iUI) .l.'.di
4 iiiii .iiii.i.l.
Ni -: o :.t r...
M t -r !.-,. e t . ! '. t .a '. ! - i , :
W. i a- I : . A .. a .a a a i
u. 1 1 oil i. i. a. a
I i.i
. I I V. .1 I .
. i
a A
j in it rr rt m ;v
4 J 1 1 f XX It I II X II 11
Murn Detail.-, of the Killing of
Mrs. Wells iiud Milton Hrass.
Dca'h Ot Cr. AnJrcS - A Wi'eDeitTter
Ciujit-Acc.Jtrnt at Fife L?.e
U:hT New f- en All
Ur ihi Sta'e.
A Strong Movement in His
Favor Amou Germans.
Not io Much as a Ctiane ol Clothing
Witti Him--Indignities Snoao
Hun on Russian Territory
Uncertain as to Hi Fu'ure.
t ', i .
la a
a 1
a i li ..-t..;. .
I iiV !.! 1 f m
at. 1 t. aa.a.t; !
1 r i
P. at.
v-.. . ; v..it:ii.:i:
i a - . i ; . u
! t i r ! i- .! d
ex .; r . h - -r.j-
I'.: :. t
- t:e : : . .f. t 1 '
ban de-,,--
a a:;v.r g - :' ; v a
.-, ; '.. Ilirr
! -i- .-ill
II. ..: f. 1
i '
N a j. -t j. r (lnf-ir lfitrr.ir.
i ..... . . v - : . -' '
f ,!.-.. I ilfn.l' i
- -
a ' M . ,
. t t !
.- 'M autu.e
1 ::,-v i.Vv, e
-O S .... .i.i I..,.
S'JL. Dt-;i-- Trie LAV.
Mr I . Irr I Ii t lit Will Co"ti-lv -
..,r 4t . Ii n r t -n t' irk
N , A :.- -Ned Mt id
that '....ii v. I il-aa t w. ; tig at U
r . : . 't ; . a r v .t' a iin.' I .l.i. to if
: . i a a : i:i tae :a ':.::' ; .' .it the
v .. - ; 'i :1 I icvir
V ,v. .'..f. tu Ht-:.t I t'lher t!..m
i i ! .-.t ip-i-l :r 1 1 i. k
! . ' .i: t-"i : ; ..i;,r i ' :i it !. u j ; i ! p-i-i
v y t t ! I . i i l . ii .T v a! '.'in'.w.
ii . It' a. :i ;.!:. il.-.'I l.HH
i iv -i' N-v J.tt,'.' j-rui'i ,i nt f.r
; .i i i : t ' ' i- inn t i'lVr-
!'-. i'- i ii i'uz : t thnr ti-'kfH.
it'i i .t: ; i :;:! ;.i-;!' Vi' ni S iliiv.iu r.i'hcr
f -i i:: t: vi"! n;:.t", in' t1,.' Ivvr iv
, : i.i ih.-ir t U- : . r.t i ' v. t!i.tt t!u
n. ,-' wal riof i-f j-rmittf.
I::-.- ;..- iiri'ij.-l !r n .i i; I i ly .f
; i ..; i t !.r- in tli- vicinity l" .'ii lU'tfii
l'.r r- ! !' ( ..'-: ii.e ny -!i-n;I ju 1
i .-;! r. :. i'hf itemfit is pu -i.
tf it i:'f!:' !u iti'.'i il.f" tu i f. miii' i)'.!
)rr-.v 1'. i;v u.ivvr. t:i- n.ir!.-:u -j. rt-tni-t.
v, 11 '.' S-iiliv.t'i an. I ll.-rai.i I i
A -.f y .t i t ,i-rt!i.'f a ii:it tiit-re. jT'iaSIy
. :i l. i- .rr 1- .ri.l r-A I'.mr-e
Tli ri.it!iin I imf tnrrr f NVw mk
to y 1 fit ihc I nloi.-.
N, a V..VK, At;'. .7. -Hit- f-x.r-uive
( e .f thf ('! 'tiling Ma:i'ii;i' 'urrM
A--. . ..t'A 'ii a 1 ; tr. I rt'-'I :ti.rn t l y tli.it
th- "i"M !' tde ruttrs i;i unlcri!) a
Tiivf at -r:.v.f hij- whi -li t-iiipiny ii.in
'.ri.rs :ifti a vi. :.;'; :i. .f the
r .c!fTl employer (-lii-
i Ii.k; tiii; li.t- .ifrna'-.l t. .r t il i -c!i.i' jf
:i 'i .: r: m i ii'-n i a i !:tt i- :i .!" t lie priti -
.. i! t:. it evt ry en'i.iytT stiail be at litiertv
i . e-!:;. '.iv v 'j.-uj !. j.iea-if". a'l.l t'ia' alter
A ;' ". no r..eTi!t. r it" t r: 'u'ter's rii:..ri
u e'..:.veil t'V any in-'miier it th
V t, . : i t i ri r-' A -i la; i' .ii ii tit i 1 t i.e t rikex
'... t't.J i .'! an. r.i.n-Mfii' ti ti;e:i are
. ''--i M.-iliAl.tle tliev will 1 1 -t i-e
!; i v 'I lri "r 1 !" re--ri!j!'v uni.'ii
'ie:i .tf:-r I'hi- 1 i.t:.l-r!i. 1 to iiit'ari
V !..!'..-! ..t" ti." ::ia-i :f.ii tii'er-' .1-
. , tl: i'T.TS -H' i the;.- w.i '.i 1 .. it
M . . iiv. T:,ey "-ii:i! t- h.iv.- arr.i::re i t-
; . .'!!::4 t'r-'Si ..'her titles f.
i- - fi---r ' f art 1 t:iey l !i i : i k t hey e in
! A- I it the iu.t l i f.n't '1 : T- fall
I riri t.l lir'it frike Among tlii Iriui
l ii f I 1 1 ii - 1 .nl .
i !-' . . An.. ''7. T! -e h rei-
-i . r. .e :);:! al1 i !nli : Ml ;i that
.v a ' a .!ivj. a th sf;ke will
!..- :'m:j ;r f.-l 'I he Vi:,i'.ri.i Ir .tl ").,
W:.:--h e-i!;.'..ye II i : I t h ' -".it: 1 men, i
." : ; . r":i : ri.i" n f. eui'l.'y r."
K-i - ( !... .r .f. i are we.hn the;:i ntit
! i.' v i k V il I'e VerV IMU'i.i'H
t in'i'i rl.i'fii t. he -:r ii.r
. ;- i . i' t'.-- ".,::;:. i-jv in th ("
I e 1 s'r: . Tl:" '!! i'i-:i l.a a verv 'fe
;.'.'--r;r :! t ei iii-;r:-H er.t 1 1 y.
,-..r -.1 r'ii':'- ;.t'-' th it t iy nave
i . r:, reie I ! t e r. ' r- t'.r hi'. 1 u' '"ls
i A in t ra- t r a:i I ten I r
i a ! f have ! !. a-'i- 1 veral Iii-tl,
.'. iv n w .rk' t"- thii. c.vtMi t"ia'i
. ! i -h t' c (.-..;e.-e.l h'.iMiri.
Tto- IIpH .ln C-iiiiy lVr4iu li-. I.i r
liilr .Villi i rihr
. V ... A : .'7 - I a" I'.-'t I.itl- m
; i:iv ' , i" 1 'M r-.n i.-- .T ;H r.ia 1 ia'e
::j.i" r-i i:. t" .:.' fXi"'-'i"! a'nl a
;'. .- .:" ; j. - : . i '.v.-r -.it o I he ' i-
, .m r. ''- W a c (;:"?!.' he
v . . A -' : ' " ! i i . i i'i i ' h ' ( i n
i .: v. " i r--:! 1 j;i xri Hi'eerMTlf f.
; ..-....-.. ;... -i-i-K-..; .if . i- urifi! t..-nar--
I;,- i-.ri :!! V a .'') t-TtiH t' r :l
. . , J ' ..,-.! r.- Mr 1m-: Wh.-h
...i - ,;) I .y t h" n k f-
i- ! a i- -! :h r f.e ? . ;' 1
n'.:, ". i ;- T..-i''t a'l i ffirti t
. r :-i ".e ! .':! fi.e
ri e -r h' r t n: jht.
1 .. ,., : a-,1 r.;-..i
vr ! ' ,' f.i. -'T ! i.
; : - -i j hi' 'he l'eni.l v iv IliiV iv
- 5. -r ' i .v ' f . ) v. ' r t , T ;.
i ,. i - i 1 . (h i e ;x 'r
. .... -..!. t .. i- 1 .f, ... : - . i
.... " ! ' i' i : .c;r a '. 1 ;t i 51
- ! r -, r' vi- .; ,r - t:.'i-
rr-.hl'.itl.n 1. !r
'!. . j" - r.t
'I -h p !. Itin
; a ' -i
- g s
Ann A i . M. h , ai J 7 It !i.w f.u.-i
'it I . : w. ie Ii. i w.tlii t i l!:e
a t' i! !::: a as.'i Wril-, ) i ;.t h
t.'.rnit at W li ; :i " ' a' i !! , t W ii V e ti i ; h
rr.il N i -h a'ltl, 'M the Wai' iv: hue. Wi-lln
W .1 -i r.i: ly 1. f 1, ,11. i t-.ll.IA Iti the j .l
a! Ana Ar:..:, it .1 h. in.' ali:-a!-ie I.i
k -eji Ii ; : i in I h- Y -! an ! 1 J i I, w hi, i r he as
U.'M la-t l.i.'ht.
lh.- ;a..r;i n,4 lViMiiitiir.' Ait irney N'-ir-n-.
'! lii .;.i e, went lo Wiiiii ,a,!..li !
h.'ltl att !ii.ojet, b.it f'thil4 .li a i-..i:i
1 in lie- vsav uf new ' v i. h-;i r. It Ii
;. :i.-r.ii! m: .:i.-. I that WeiM an i ui-
i i ir i'. .1 i cr t he ir jr- ; .err v, an -1 tie i : ie. t
her i- a l.t .f rae. The t'l.wxiy ru r vv.iii
whu 'i the .lee.l was ilo'ie was eeurcl hy
Mr. Norn Weiis is a!( it thirry-ii ve yi-.irs
i'Ui an.t hii w ite was tl:irty. an I thev were
us an !-! tieven years, hiving t.vo i hihlr-n.
Mn. Veli i' a ne.i tl.e farm, which foii-isis
of forty acres f i m prove. i lan.l.
Colon. 1 S.inliiiil I i i t - I to I urn On r
I In- 1 ii - i ii l'o!oltu .
1.n-in... Al'.:. -7. I!ie -.i
I'ui.ii-tio.s the following t'ntlit: When u'ol
ilen September make-- its regular annual
low to an H.iiuirim; public this year II. Ih
will I". lie out H'ui the worll through
t!ie box-win loV of thf p"-t"i!ice. (i!otiel
Smfor.l vire just as plachl a :iii!et!iis fore
noon when lie a.lini'.teJ that such woui.l le
tlie i.w' as !;e when lie retunieil from
Wa-ihiiit 'ii triumphant in ihe !.eli-f that
liis c tntitmation was practic.illy s-t-? ! I .
' Yes." .v.l he. "I wrote to the depart
ment myself in r. var.l to the matter an.l
have now received a notification to turn
the oilice over to Mr. lhih."
''When wiii he be iiiven pos-ie-i-ion? "
"lie will take the o!il :e at the cn i of t!ie
present month, that ;s, ri Amiust If
he shouhl tak- it now he would have, to
make out a pay roll for all the olli. e Hn
plo es, carriers and dri vers of mail wiikAins
tor the fra -lion the present, month left
and that woiihl be more trouble than the
salary' would be worth."
Shall you remain in the oili.'e for a
tim. '"
'"I presume that Mrs. Smford and in
Hct ail the people iu theoMi -e will reiiiain
un'i! Mr. l'uii tin Is oat wn it he wants to
Tlx- I'lie-. Auar.le.l to tlieC.A IC. I toy.
al tin' 1 1 iiry ( Dii ni v Km a m i an-of.
H-r;v..-, Mich., Aui. '7. The fourth
auTinal reunion of the (i. A. K. hoys o(
Harry county will breik c.i np t :ur!it. The
weatlier ha been hue and the attendance
l.nrje. I;-h-s ban !- fr :u N.i-hviile, I"re'
p rt an 1 Hatin,s; a!s m irtial h m Is from
Woodland and II i-ea-i.'" f.irtii-hel niu-tic
f ir tae u.'ja-i.ci l iu;el ll.r I-ell was ('( ti d
Colonel tortile eusaa-. year. Pri. -s were
awarded as follow-"; To .1 i--'ph War 1 - 1 1 .
for lon.'eif time it; the ervi 'e; W. P.aluj,
of lirari 1 ILtpids, the o!de-t soijier tuesetif;
A. II. i'art.e. of Nashville, ih-yiant, i.a.l
tieore lla-s-. tt, tlie longest time m re. -el
Major Iickorson, nf Cr.vtd Ilnpid-., ,i in
the city Wedne-diy and Tlrirsj.iy ereetiiii
old friktids. "'vViiher" alwavs linds a warm
welcome anions the Ha-tin js hoys.
Tli? rein lias of Mrs. J. Wrijht art i vol
this forenoon from ('hi , where she had
'one to visit her dia'ateranl 'l ei. She
was -ue of the oi l aad respected cili. 'tis of
this c:ty.
CAFi'S THi " C3NFS 5 ON."
His Stiry Ii Not Itelteved -iioiv t ti r lir
1er l 1 lioii-ht to Mhip Itt-en ll.me.
(' mu i.i. , Mich., Ail:. L'7. Murderer
Craft tnak'-s u c a .itessj.m ati 1 sjysthat he
tin t Milton IS.m-3 on t!i" road and demand
ed payment of m.n. y d.;e nim. wliiai l'.r.i;
aid he w.-uld pay bi n at once and at -;e.
ii .t...! to strike him; t h it he a 'rah j i a en
tucked up a he.tw st me and threw it a'
15r.i-s, striKin him in the he id. saiihin
Lis ri'!it eve, breaking his n.i-e and cru?h-hi-
!:. "i .'!.fe--i.ti" is i ; 1 1 1 luntedlv a lie, as
the ,v,.' ia is on I'.rasi do not cirn-. I
itii ai.h as Cratt teil about: moreover.
Crrt w:i. led to lieaeve t!fV d d Tlie
the ay i. th" murder tliat lira-" was in
d i id to -rart i1.a u the e tlr and was
srr'i'-k fr an behind, af er .chic.'i bo'n Cra';
and Mr-. P.ra har.ed him.
N jol frion n.I TranUy Ileraiic-e of it
i:T lty Mn.
Pit c,i v. Mi. ii.. A J7. -W. II. I.yn. h.
an ar? ! ai'-r a--. ! ; "are !ra-n ma'-a r. dre.v
-' fr an the i ink " -r 1 1-, an 1 disip.
are-!. Thi" m .rnitu his i ti'ror ;r.ie,
:v'd a id w it a f1"-.-!! 'tiic i.'o. an 1 on
i' p-T writ!, -a i
-.e-. ti, w r !-i
I. n.-n's
-t-t i i
.a a
i- ;a a . . 1 c .a i.ti .
.-a-a-d f .r !in a.-'io
i e-.mma -ai i
in i taiee Jr, .
; j a i n in :t t : , i
I '.X (lite I. l"lill.
M . . A a
! ' . -
a y a -
-'"Ivor ci
A f
1 --! " 1
a- i'e-
I e t"
ion llin (.oi)".
. a . : . ;
1 ) 1
. f
a iat. ! .. e
W a
i ar: ! I ..a'. '. tie .'.e: al a
.. :t f ,r til c .a'rv i. ace
.o . h. . : t ,! an t s.;. t!,,,t
.i 1 i (- !i ..aiaaly Irt.-ia d. !.
is .aid i.ai.e .ml all I. rat.
i !i
,ed :!.
,,o.i'a not luii'K las temoval. t-ut
1 .ivtea.l .huii-i if a.. i.a.'. the c ,in!ii,il
!.. lit alil e i- : d to ! ; .,ai! Ifl.
I V " A i ' ; J - in its isM.e
iroA a.,, -ay " deiictal NeAloiis
I !.
c . '.a..' ii 1.: aa ! rai i.ai ct the di ailment
la it he can:...! be appr...l hid b toe po.ili
caias a ho w .d vlifiin- to in dsn ct c.ci
l.'ol.a'.d thev w . !ia tins ,, ivauta.-e,
t hat t h '. . i have M- ell da S a W t k to
p it ni. a hi r. a- t he I n a ei al sj-nds h ! Sun
d IV !il pray a.'.
ii' in-;.i! NeAi.'ii vsai'hleto I, ave W.eli
int.m 1-arl'iT thatl he t pe. U d to and he
aril'i! ;.! li t- l ilihae. Hoiel !a!e this
ee;aa'. 11- will lite hi bond II the
n.oiaila.' and take t har,-i- o his ollice.
Itir (.ran. I 1-ter of the Or mieineii
('omliig to Auit-rU-H.
I.om,m.ki.i;v, Au. J7. P'V. lr. Kane,
Crand Master d the rane lode of Pel-fa.-t,
who will ini'iark f r ('atiada in tlie
Allan hue st.amer Circusiati, toinorrow,
wat interviewed h a Cable News rej-orter
at I. on lomierry tod a v. The chief objects
of hss tour of the I'nited States and CanaUa.
he explained, were to refute the slanders
which had been circulated by the bureau
of thelri-li National lea rue, and to show
the Canadians and Am-ricins th::t the
c hief aiuisoj the Parm-Hite leadeis are to
indulge in pers mal luxury which would
oil. era i-e than by Cintribu'ion ! beyond
their reach, ami I i ra'iiy iheiriiratioii.il
hailed ol Protectants, of ihecroAii and of
theemp'te. The Na' tonal League, lie said,
i an itniu ual and atheistic ran -piracy.
Dr. K llie rep'.ltel his vie.'.sof the P.t.fist
riots, as e pressed some time a.to ii i ni the
responsibility theretor mi the C.i'holii-s. but
irudi:i.;ly admitted that the Protestants
had in some ms auc s exo-ede 1 the bounds
of discn lion.
i'liieauo l.lei nieii ( liarui.l Willi interim;
il to Deleal .Iti-Ui.e 1
'uu ..o, Atii. 1 . L. Andrews, a pawn
broker doim; business on State-st , was ar
raigned in ihe Armory Court today for re
ceiving stolen property. When the case
was called a char 'e of venue was taken and
a contiiit: ame .'ranted. Liter in the day
1 etecli ve Pal mer, who had worked up the
case, n 1 a tatitiy admitted to a reporter that
he :'s appro. a iied this morning hv a
yent leimm who told tarn that if he
re'aiiauishcd ais juo-ccsition of Andrews
th'ue was lots : t ; tl ' tor him. Not re
ceivi:. any cn .ourajeiiierst the gentleman
tlm-a'eti.'d to see Cn-ef laa-rs ,d and otlur
oili. ials a'aou. it. Tiie man who approached
the detect ie said he was Alderman Mailer,
and M il'er s a--o. i ite in the .oriversation
was A! I'Ttiam Ai.pietoti. P. rh Aldermen
were present at tlie tn i! this morning.
Die Mm Khol.leis of Ihe tn.li.iii Or. liar.l
Mill- ll..pe it l-n't so It nl a-. ! e ire.l.
J!o-iox, ,ur J7. Ihe stockholders of
the Indian orchard Mills met at President
Hilton's L.ti.e this m..niita' at 1 1 o'clock.
None bat ,tockiio!ders were permitted to
hear the nj- rt of the presidoat. It v;is
stated that the ;c counts were in such a
compile ited condition tha nothing detinite
had et been learned. So far a- known,
however, the directors h-ei confident that
Mr. Cray's pn ulatious will not exceed
f dividi d betwrcn the Atlantic and
Indian orchard Miiis. President Halt-ui
refused to u'iv.'any .artic alar? of the state
ment, but sa:d the t ill report Watlhl be.
made public as soon as it was read v.
Ills ('.on iii i ioii Keif Ivi! a AltiMiy from
asliiiii;tiii Last .Mijtit.
Aii vni, Aiii. '7.- Icpufy Ci.sr ptroller
Th-is. II. lieiiedict, this eveninii, rtceivei
his coiiiiiii-sl.m ;t- public Printer at Vah
it.L'ton. Muuv co j ; ,t ra t . 1 1 it i i i - weie ev
teiidcd to him tills evcaiari.
(Inner hii'1 I'raneen I'I ay lVlii"t.
Sunx.v I.VN.Au k's. The thermometer
reached the u-aal !',' i fe ot M dejre. s today
and t! c?e wa little inclai ti ion anions tlie
visitors to e:i;;are in a' tive empl. yraenf.
Mm. Cl.-veliiad j !:.'. j-i a v. aiit party on
the h..(e! .aizi." Ma- P,.-;,ie:it in .uhred
ill t he s ti;.e L'allie W itti a pa V v "f t en l le n ual
at I Wa rd's b .a! !..ci-e. There were a
jo .d u...;;v lotirivt visiiit:ri the hotel tod i
evidentlv aMr.eT.I j,v the j -re-em e of t h"
d.s'i'V-'s'tM' ! i;u.-'s. 'The operarat d h'al
time for nuntitar deer with dos on
Sep'.-n.n-T 1. aataipa'ed with maiii
sati-t'i - ai by the i't 'a'eur hunters here.
Itrihtoii I'.eaeti Tra I.
P.Kt oi i" Pa v u, Aa.r. 'J7. I';rt rai e,
Se-.ea !::: 'htnt,e svn. Pel le 15. eo
n:,i. Ihy i;.;.c! (lord, t ime, 1 . Second
race, foal f.u iote:-s. i ,.-. a.;.- A :.!. wnn,
i'. .. ;la a -c .ad P...rer- t:,:td. time 1 .'J .
lh.rl ia. f.j;e me. l'l irej ie '! w..a.
? i-t. i a i. P.. I'e P. tt i-d, ti,,,o J u
i o . r"i r i e. i : r,r. e. Kr-t '. ss we, . -
; rr -.a s .; , ,:.!, tt r !. time. 1 i . F.titi
ra- r, aa e at.-i ,1 !f-al, Ihin ; :v.,
, w..M s , , ,., j ;; i.e. i i
M. ra
1 1 :
larv l'.iny Ya 1 lier".
t l i ,
f .r
1 ' -.r
a- - t
t t-
k PohllN. Ahj' -7.-- A for a. .laale inovr
nteiit in lav-u of Priii.. e A'eXaa.lia is ori
to. u am,,! ,' the stader.ts o! tietmaav, and
il is 'heir intention to present lam wi'h an
addie- of mpu?hy upoti las a.aivnl at
Ilarmstadt. Ilundtels ot d paa ! i s e
pies-ai,.' s mpitthv iiAiot Pi 1 ace A a- a a.li r
ud his Hirsval at l.ein!-r,r. I'ar nj his .,a
s.ie tliroah ll.r-sili:i tern: ay he w .i
suhje. 'e. to many ' m .m i taeie i n:id
p-UV aanoyafues T he tn'rini lit that
Pniu e Alfian h r hiis arrived at P.:esai is
erroneous. He will remain at Lembef n.!
tomoriow, when he will decide ns to tutu'c
movemenis. At .resent he ha no defaiae
plan. He.triived at Lend.er,: without atiy
lui'a-'e whatsoier liiiit nn Willi him id
even a ihsaifie of clolhia.
TI10 Kl t Hi Vle.
Ni .v H ts. Ci., Aiy. "7. John Powers,
jr., of Stamford, class of '.7, has luen
elected cafitniu of the Yale I 'niver.ity err
and Jess Chase Iann. f Pair tla, las of
'ss, captain of the Yale hive ball nine for
lss7. The balloting was done bv mail, an
the club and crew, owin to in'erral d;s
setilions, faiied to elect their le l ts before
ilisjiersitu '.
1 tie Fiirnur I'rtiue .MlnUter' K.i
Put: in, Au '7.- It is stated that M.
.ankoil, one of the conspirators against
Prime Alexander, who wa arrested and
imjirisoned by the .rovincial pivrrtitiicrt,
has escaped irom 'tison. Puniors say he
was wounded in a street tL'ht after his e.s
cape, but suixeeiled in eluding capture.
An OihIioii to A le xh n.lt r.
YiitN.NA, Aiiir. -7. Prime Alexander's ar
rival at Lember was celebrated by an im
mense torch liht procession,.. n thatcitv t-
niivrtit. The utmost eiithitsia.-m ' prevailed
iitid the Prim e wan treated to k genuine
A Itoifun C'lreulnr.
Vii NM, Aui. L'7. The circular with M.
de ders' sin.tttire attached, published to
day, i now declared to he apocrypha! and
it is said that it emanated Irom the A' ur
lev.,,,- r.ivv-f.v.
Alexander on tlie Way to sllsl.
Lonhon, Aui;. 17. -The fiovernment has
received a telegram statniii that Prime
Alexander arrived from Limber today find
procecd-rd immediately to P.reslau.
C'oi.tiiineil l'aorl(le I uillcat Ion for Iiu
pro emeu t in Itiivin.
Sv.w Yu:K, Aiij" Special tilectJins
to l'.m l tr'tt f report a continuance ol Un
favorable trade features he;eto:re noted.
The movement of 'em-ral nsrn t.andise is
fully e'l'ial to that of the past week, w hile
thetot.il voltime for Aa-'Ust, thus far, is
equal to and at) many mint-tin exce.-s of
like periods in preceding year. The ship
ments of dead freight east from Cnif a:ai
show a market increase as compared witli
!at week an.! the re-eits of irraai at prim
ary markets are heavy. The Kansas c-u ti
crop wsll he larger than oxi't-cted which .
helj.ed trade iti that region. The Sj.ritsf:
wheat cr-m in Minnesota, also, is in excs,
of aiiticii-ations. The dry goods
trade wath eactern jobbers is
unite active, and cotton reports are
more favorable. Damage has been done by
storms in southwestern Texas. An im
proved demand lor siik'ar has caused a local
advance, but that the estimate of the beat
crop had been advanced t '..' "I.i.m hi tons
caused a decline in Land in. Ac'ive sjeeu
la'ion both in this market and in llarcpe
.at otlee u; three-eiu'h.ths of a cent. 1'nr
olVeiihjts of rice have induced concessions.
He I'ointu Out Tlir Mote liy Wlileh My
l.aiiKiia(t :imI Coinluctllne I'.eni
Lom-ov, Auii. L'7. Mr. (Jladstotie's j roiti-i-i-,1
isniihlet on the Irish question has just
been issued. It is a hnuthy document, and
s imewhat similar iu style tolas brmhure
of the Unitarian at r. cii ie-. At the outset
he compares the pamphlet loan apology he
wrote mi his chaiij-'e of attitude in regard to
the Irish chun li, but continues: ' 111 ttie
prveiit c;i-e 1 have no such change to vindi
cate, but only to point out the mode
bv whicti my lanUHe and comluct have
hi en governed by uniformity of prim i le.
1 have simply followed th varioti sta.-i-by
w!ri( h the ueti ui of autonomy for Ire
land ha Seen brought to the state of ri-e
lavs for i ra. t.i' al agitation." The pam
phlet fori ib y aigues throughout in -uptmrt
of the wlt known views of Mr.
Clad'toiio on the home rule and
land purchase .jues'ion, and declares
ti e writer's utnio't In lief that Ireland has
now lying before hr a broad and even wav
iu which to wailk in -rd-r t- co!iumnaite
her wih. "Pefore her eyes," ), ..tn aid. s,
"is oi" ned tli at same p v ti of con si a at ; mal
and t.ea. -fid a "1 ion and of steidv, free aad
f ill discussion wlii'-h h; led lav'-m 1 ;Jid
S .tl iad t t!ie Hciilevemetit of all lb. ir
p.. ;: tr;aic-hs."
It (..le- into I It. . t Nnl Xeliiew.t.n I n
et ttninlv a lo its (.. tali..!.-.
V i-Hi V.I..N. Aug. .'7 i l -- o'e ui ar
eirine regulaton were i-ul t-"da,-, a d
w ill g into foo e Stpanbrl. P-ira'da
the opera!''.!) if the R'-d
-s t'f r rtiifi', rh f.r ea i i
a Lttle at -'i. Ihe .'
aim t of the ;-, ;-.; )".. of no too-e ,.
tr;ia! rev.-aae i s; a , !'-e U-a-g ?
.rtai.t i n as t:o ai-j-t..; r:.i'i..'i i '
ll.o... T'-e ir-1"11 (.j.;.' a;i'!..n ' -r htv
air the 'i;- o.'.i nw-ra- cti ' t-ot hmV.-d
I-,...-.:. ;- the '. : a i-r h- i i any .-"
I ' ' - -al, : -f ' 1 ! ' r l r ',(' I ' h'
?, . -. a --v ':. s at . ---l f re - ' '
I .- a ti ra. , ?? 1 !;i'c t '
i n if-..-ti -;s l , ,: 'I ion I
4 , a. c , . - 1 he r ; - a- h ; ! r . i i ' .; .
a- t! a' : tr.e o- Ir "th- a f-r w '
- v - a ; i
a'e a a
i a i .
a i a- v f
I I.I. at.' I'l.ll. ll lpl,l
i n . .. a i.'
I i a. . - i .; 4 ;. 7
ta. i o l n :, a . ;
Pt. ;u l. !.!... o n o o ,, o i- l
i...-e a t- -i hlcag ., 1J l haa i-'; !..a
Ptr cs -i ta x.- . Psottdeipt. -llut'ciir-
lii iiii, Keiiey a al A i - ,i , . .f
C.'ni Ago. I'a.ii ui. 1 t Us r ; .f P.. ....';
I icpae PoWe's
Kan ily.W .li.j;l oi
K-oi m, Aae JT .
Inlands I J a 1 .'. '. 7 s o
h scsn- l a y o o t l -
Wa-hsiigtoii. ' " ii o o (, o ii.
Pise has Ktnsa- c.tv, l : W..s;.. ,u.
I Ir rors - K a'.ns Cit 1 , Was;, ing toti . a
1 latteries - aaA and iiil: ,:i:i Si ,,-li-ihgtou,
Wel.liaau aad lhio.lv far kaasa
I'm; .re - l a'asio r.
New Xotk-t. Iiota
M. Lot is, Aug. .'7
li.nn.gs- l 2 i .r. t. 7 y
New Y.-rk, 4 J o a o J o
St. Louis, o o o o o il o o I l
Pitteries Ke-!e mi l O p,..;rke for Si
Y.ak, and Ue.iicv and raves f r St. Ixc.a?
P.ase Hits -New Y-.rk. 11, St Louis, li.
Lrrors New York, i St. l..u;, 1.
I ' lllpt re Peari e.
The following Atae.'i' an As.s.Hiatii n
game were laved yesierdav :
At Cue: I. n ati 'i a ci nu.it i. s. Pittsburg, 1 1.
At New Yoi k-Metropolitans. ', Alti
le! u s, 7.
At Prook l vn P iltiniore. 1; Pro ikl vn, '
At St. Louis til. l.j'Ui.s, lo; Ioiilsvaiie, 2.
The Villi, to lle
Tlie follow iug siateuuiit siiovx s the M and -itig
of the clubs in the Nat loiial league to
Hub. ltiiye.t. Won I.st.
Chi. aco s.i ,', .-j
ietr..i: : '" f.
Ne VI Yolk i a
I'lainUe .pi i in s, !
r.osl.m 1 ... -7 i i a:
st. I,. ai ai i j;
Karisu- Citv . ,! ' . ij ,
U hhlaugloli ..4.
lie sav III line 1-n'l lloiirnt hii. I that He
ln'l I'liii-o-iu..
P"i:ii.M', Me, Aug. L'7. In ngard to
Mr. Plaine's statement that prohibiiion hud
been so well enforced by the Pcpuhle ar.s
tliat in their judgment Maine is a .junrter
of a century ahead of the license S'.a'e in
all that pertains to tlie iemp rtc e lef 'rm.
ex-tiovernor St. John says; "That
is unfair; is it not obvious
that many saloon are oj-ti lu-w
in Portland milter lb (.a'uiican rale, where
under the I.-moerat ii"t a m'i.iuii was
open'' (live the devil hi We h ri.t
want ativ Jpgli s.cinding re- ilution ,,r
buncombe. We want g od faith. I'd rath.-r
have two years of a. tad repress' .n of the
li.jUor tra tlie than all the jing.lng resolu
tions you eou;.l give me
for Calais, t. J,,pn
siid to the I'nite.1 Pres re-uter
"Plaine isn't t'ro.rressi ve; he il4't honest;
he isn't fair, lie is tighting li e Prohii-i-ti
mists today, and w ill carry the licrht be.
yotid the S'ate. He has already de lan d
that tlie Pepuhiieari '.trty : not a pr.. ibi
tory party in the Nati-in. 1 have no f.ar of
the results. We are right, and tto rehire
stronger than Mr. P.a r.e."
The A tut Crime With WMfli Kho.te
I slan.l 4 1 r I Cloirgi m ller I allier.
Xk'.i I'lUtT. II L, Aug La . -The rase against
Horace Carlisle tor incest came ii tc-lay.
His sevi-nteeti year old daughter, Alxala.
testa'led t- the i-immissioti of an a'-anlt up
on fur. Her mother corroborated .her te
timony and swore that her husband 1 ad
acktiowli dji-I the i rime lo her. A young
brother of the girl te-t;!.ed tliat his father,
in aiellat the police station, told l.im to
tell hi mother today what he svd and tell
hi sister no' to p back on her fat her. Car
lisle denied the charge most emphaticallv.
The examination Isisled over t mr hours.
Cai lisii' was bound ova r to the grand jury.
A I'rolialile Xtut.Iei at I a n i I la
II v t. n - III k , In!., A ug. L'7. The r iti, ens
;n the vii inity of Paker ave. and lovxa st.
were horril'e I ti is niornaig hy tinda'gthe
body of a y.uag man Iviag in a pool of
blool. The pith 1 i a ; ' o via irn -lii d in
and the fa. e bruised and cut. The U-ly
wa- jdt pp. fled a that of Mike Cn-a ly.
h'acis developed by o'laer j'inted to a
voung man turned I'et.-r W'-llir a the
guilty pa'-ty. He wa arrested sex era! Inura
l.ia r. We.ter i i.titesse.l hav:ng Mrm k Ca
si Iv witli a -ti. k of md last night an 1
left han lj itii' where he ws found tla
morning. W Iter IhIuis self debase, 'Ihe
evidem e. howtver. inalie- suspa aai str-Uig
agaii:t l.itu.
- - -
sl'AKK I T.dM (U K SI T( lAh Willi:.
The P.afk f P.r -land d;co ;nt rate has
hi en adv aia 1 !t..m j-. to "a tr r.t.
1 he Pope i.s w a'tm i- if r lia.ar in
Pi-.'ioj.- a- i joruig ihe spread f lUtior:ai-i-m
ai 1 1 ar.gary .
1. P. p. r..w n A Co., P '-t'.ti furrattire ir.ar-
lifaita-er tailed Votc'.kiV I ',(.,:-,, ;;a
b.l'.tl , i'. ''"". i.s-e's c,t .-f s . I.
p..!h s. u .' a llvart aad M--s Va'ih. w
a'e irnj-rov lt;g ftom their re ri' a
The M-maia ..( Clsatb C. I'm, ! have
Ui n o'l'uti el a ci w a ; tm,. i: i o ; ; u
t..!av. w h re the fa-en! i ' i :. w .H t
he d.
li i rij.'-'trl that ' ' ll.'.'a'ai S tt ar i.
t v ( 1 1 t -a v i ; ! na aa !;:. .;
I I e r- '. If'' ;;.'."! an ! Lea
n :'. n ofi Tlio-i'ofi h s a . -i t a i ' -f
; i . i . to j..,. (m a in . ra' ' on y a
: i- v a t -
Sh.-if r-, r t ,-'. Tr ".at P.Ms' ,-. !
. . 4 ! i. . f vi rs' tu- I t. a i
re. ,-. x 1 .a lav, t j ;-'.-i I i ' ,
-,. . .. !..?, '... 1 r '! j.'r-? 'he ..-. j.
a.g a- 5 V ' go t ' aa i go to wek a t
i ir . - ; :i
a ' f l V
g. 1 !' '
i fit ( !.'!.'
! s ,
j 1
a - ! i a a '
ev t-4,'
v a
' t
Study Wt-it the M-n, V r.th Care tl!
Their A da iitg s - - vv tog He
VrrJ ct Ct tl r VitrH - Lki'tl
lent Iii'll-r to tje r i t hen.,
N . ti
J.e hi . j it,
!. . , ! ..v. ..
!!.. i ., . i
t.a. ,e I ::.
I a. i
. 1 ra.s
'1 I.
I V t u I . oa t'r o o , i . ; tl.r H ..li . tl.e
i ai. j a. f. a an 1 the s-.t. o . Ui,t.i.; in tl.
ar.....s i ...aties . i .. r v a i : e w a : . s
ai.-i d. iati..t. of I .'. an -: s
1 he t.l in Pt -a , !!:,! ni.a.c h. .
id Pe. Wait 1 . I. t e ; o j, , ' . : j ,., ,
u pal'y iu. r a.s ... ,i; a h. ta- h o
air evenly li; ' ' . S a ,1 t ;.t le a, ; , , , a. . 5
-a-y v a.k a a v ' 1 1 is r i ' i i a l :
I I .si VAoti.. I a-.... ..- !.. , a j : o . Pi..
h. a l;o!i;i w i.i . a. i v ..- . ,
gi. and the i i.u. U s ail !. a ...1,
il.g ChalUe S i.'i I ' .f j . S- .-it A'i.;
r. hat iatle a-; !c t. ..m o .a ,;., a . I
hat a- the ir. , i . a ... f. - i.,t.r A.,
tumt.al ddVs, rj....M'- a i. ..: .a '. I
i. . .d aal the v o . l- a ; j , a t. -s ..1
IU g v,lli the -..yet . J t!.e vr, ...
tj.-ai eagle .-tii'ij.a ,a or at. -r.
i.etore lae In-.:
l!.e ti ,!'lr it
la :
that lie V r lo it J it ! r.n S .ic.i.m . v t -
of the tari.e.s i f.-i. -!.;- a.l .Iv
their ..-lat. :.! s-.os. so at, t :. :i ; :i a- v
tia- 1 I 1 I..IOI Ih l.o ,. )..i!:, i t 1 !.. i.j a. 1 la
ic W ail 1 .e.V 4 S 1 1 lo t l.e v oti ! - P, ..... i.-
U-'wa-en t.Mn. The c.-:. -ay K.-at i o..e
.f the lie Is! l,!ij...rti.t i i l!.r Siate iheo
Site g..d lo.en at. 1 tr o sh-. it 1 h- i a. . 1 - .a
to serve the );',- J tt.r i a.i.g t a o
Jtars. 1
l.-r State roan! the r. . . -o-.i a '.
J. li Mavaar i, p., : t.iao:, ,ro J', Stafk.
I'asi.aa Ch.vs 11 Plki...p. l;,v,l,.i,.,
Max -t is a Ms .11 !
Spar la. a ro:a laiu. I j; a,. , ! a - C , a
au avott ed ti r. aa I e ! . . a'e 1. 1.
one tune i. aan- a! a. a.:. -t. it all
.f this ,,!V. S S;k . 4 fl I
C.,s.:.le. t,.t, .' c:-:
t .r s. v. rai ir- !
P. .ar 1 ot f aa. v .S-,
II- '( I ov s,,l ;
brav ry , ha- Us ti if v i . t- l :a
n.g f ir m-io ' v ear! i r .(.
y ar saa e s .;d , f- I
I he aspirants p.r 1 1.. -;:T a
Posh"! , P.-, ah..' li 1 p.
au 1 c. A. Van l. ra..l Prot..'-.i
II. -hop sc'wd the . .. a.ty .
K- gi-ti r of I 'i-' '.s, . a r e- w ah
of I stlie and is one f ti e
(: i. k.
,:. i .;s . -.
-. x . .-. :. -
h au 1 1 s- n
:..- . ; . ir
l.tV II I'
g.-a a. t ;.s
... !.; e
y.arg na-ae-s
Pl'atnb is a :a .
I.e- Wl'h !i.s '.,
Yand.-riol!. t o ,;v. - a a
xi.lage L ..- k!.---!. a . a -t
w ei-n t: ! . a.g t I.e -i' .. :
tra ti- i t i ar n: r.
T hr..- I.r.g'.r ..-.:al L.-ia.
i m !i ..'da r I-t 1': a: a . A '
I. ( lav, 1 a. .' uai a .
.an; Mvr -u II Wa.i.f. I r ;
I . ' : a y i : . m w , 1 I . v a : t
I ! I 't -i a,
l s n. t Att.
Pa- last t vv 4-ut v i .
cata.g Ata V
C o aa Judge If
Mvr..:: II. V, .,!;.. r
He was it. '.' a'e i t e -.a . . I i- s ...
two y. .a s .
1-4. r C. u-atv i U 'k t.ie . ; a a- - ar ' ..
neia.s I. JPav. . 1 ,:- . i, H 1
Pepubla aa W.' P .-!..-.: t. I r a ,,: ... , .
I. Harva y is :i ', :. ..a'i! a g r an !
Holland iv. a 'ata, who ha- a. i tl .
of Clerk the P. a C at aa 1 -a . - ! .
death of II H. l.oltt !h ! :..s he. n '.t I c.-.a-v
'ieiK. 1 1 1 (.aisf i ; aa, , a .n t - -to
ss n tt.' 4 ay. aad I..-. '. tea- v ..
r. pr sea-i ih, w ar 1 ai U ' i ., .n '
;!. . P. s...,..' j J.as a,;, i t e.-:,al.i to I
t. t !:r bar .aa 1 l .r i 4 '.-4 , : t. . t.- J
t! e a tit of the Pa at, i a i. '
l or llra-to . f I-. j; 1 . !, - ,
Plislon. 1. M ;'. 's 11. 1 :.! ., aa J N J.
P'aa e. Pr '.1' ta :ae p. - '! e ;
Mr Mi '. it na. k i - a m a -a a s. ; ,-r v ... . ,r
seveta! j i ars Hlpe V - or it '.aa-i ha; '.
tot nshs.. and ha lor tla .. ..-. r av ! . a
t he ..;'.,( e vi f, h h sa . i , , : -. ,s . i s j4
y.iti':; r i.au a" 1 ! - t " 1 '. i - : i '
y-ar I il. a.'-d i hi- Co, tar s ; r : .- ' .-. r
the stormy warna ' ' . i a a- 1 i ' t-a-'
t w o x i-rs !ui m ; r. - .a-.l t i.e i .. i iv :
I ',-' ra t ai 1 1.- a a e i.-.sa.ai . i a t e .
a dry j-!- ' ' ! ta at t'e x- ,f -.!
Low e I and v e' v ; c- .1 a : a : ! a a i ! t ' ..
( "UMV.
Th' a a-iatat. 1 a '. a t V 5 i ia'f A .
C Ih ti.bl a-. ,,.o r . J". 1...
' ,h' e aa. a a a , P a- 1 M a ,. . I. a. -Sa
'! c- n f.i'ao - .-, ' , a. ;- a
t tr.ai. w hole a. . i .vw Hii.l a h? aa.r
..f A .1 sa '.ta s h !-) j tae .. -.
J. r t he j al f ' , r v i a. ' r I t :, j : ,
e -r of a geo rs i at . - k a. a-, i : r -v
-r of Ca . -a. a. a t 'A-.-v s. '
...pr-.et. ir 'f a g- Mi.1 .;,.-e a: i Is'
S -a g. and Uli :i x . n--' .1 a; !.
,: . -a '-s i;!i..":ii '
I "or ( v a I -1 a l ( -' ran s . t r , ,
.aa i, a. I ae Ml.a : W - a.-l
t.a-tave A Wo f !1. j ah . a-. P P Cr.
a m k aa 1 Jo. a? . -g, a i -- '. . a.
lUwat u.i lb-'-. I r - -' a U. -s..
1 i i i- . v a g IP- '- 1 r-" a v x : a a
halt hi- -Hi'Ve j r,, , . I, , ;
(li kcowii IU . wall a a p'a f
.ut '. v e ici'i star .1 eg 4 '-. !- k tr a
Hi I !:' f ' I.'i ' ' V.f s .rl, -S j,:,
fat!' .lot I a v S" 1 ss !,... I t, - -
s-'gif. W .'. g i a '.. ' 'i a" l ' if
I'.iia:.. k i o I ! !! ' ' e ( - r .
a a), 1, f. ; fa--: i - f ' ! I I. J), ....
j ;.' v ka-.w". as a ia w t ' . ( i - a
', 'v! I ra 1 h . ' 'i
Plti-"l tea", fa C
' ..: ,. p a-.
L - 4 ( .
and 1 .' Wa a . ' ' P "'.
') ft' d '':; ; '.- f,Mt- ! a a, .
l-.r i1' -fe it" x s'f a" 1 ' h
t ,,-s h'i .i !...;. a ' . '
) . - ' -ae.tr s .r,, . . I -r fk,
la-; h' .-an r-oo .,-,-: s t ' V
'. A -a ' a I'"" ..
: v , ', 4- r ;.t x ' , k h- x r: a
r t;.
H.ft I!i!ii to Sr'.'trata
P- f V V,a . A--r 1 ' la'.'t
i.' V: Pa ( : -. !'.
.at . f i : a' '-...- )
f t -. 1 : af. " -: :v . '
I V '
i -at K
I -

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