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Telegram-herald. ([Grand Rapids, Mich.) 18??-1892, September 22, 1886, Image 4

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:: h.
j . i . r. A r i
I . S j. ' t
1 t. . I A i . I 1 ' i'l
. -r . . f .1 . -' - -
r .. .: ' : j
Gr-a: Scow Yesttrduy. I
a K
ih ir J .-
in iv...iri lJ iaitu..n in
J o( au.i llildwslr Iter
.lu iit tteaiir i'ttv.
hi ft t' a- ., ai i 1 :.y i
, i s i : 1 --- : r . r, : . :
iA ti-
1 :-.J.Ki!iAM-IlK!iAM.
....... . 1 - ,
. . . ! . t A "
. . . . ,c j j
.- . :
t J - X
i l .
.- i . .
t, .1 U
A 1 ....
.1 i I i L'K.l. lil it. t J 111
M i M - u i-i.'-c-r' a arry r
f, vv!) i: :.f-r .A-:..-' r-.di?i.i e eU fruii.-
i l. . i-.:t "!.....'
! . -t r (..; ; .. -,..f C. i .CI t I A 15 ll.tf
f.i.r t r x.T V: .vi U.e t.:2.!.?tt !a:J
. : i '!.. t.:'
A ;...- "' -t -'a.u, '
t. x, -.! v ,.. : r a : . r .'. -a .,: I. l i at.
'-'' o.
A M-r.ri : t .'1 It iiwii Lrf - re
t.'.-i ,li icai-- j! t f j. .i-
v. . ; u. .-s .;.,.'.
.t.. t are g'-.:. -
r-.v r a.- I. j -v' I j 31:-j
a . I i t i; i ; ;; start. r:.
ii.a.t :. .l Mr. Mar- ;a l'irtrctt
; J 'iiu o W - 'i.'i. oa M.ii. lay.
L.j. t- ilarrt n f n'-ci-ci to Jays
:.4.-t i; T t 'urs jwit-rtsy iu r:i-
! ,r ::rV-f.y cii l, tt i revi.. :
T:.: y r;a: :ta !L? S.iiiU.f lt
a:i i rrt f itel Vri aro
ir.-:.:.r i.cr- ruiai w t5 "1I:4 lu
S'.r:.t: uri;.
1 :.f t.ra-i-l lU;..i r t. fc.. a II Ul
;ul i; a jr:c!i:. Ifr-il tLli Wrrii aiJ
f.i c iii'.u i:iof fits.:u-i.ua ,!iarter.
j -. '. : J :t .
T f'.-c u .it.'.I r.irin tvthr witli
n, ;( e vl a...-.-rla:il i'iiUri av iua.i?
i ;ar l u ;ta tiieir tiuwl;:;
i r i,.ts j aj t u i.itiLi.
't.r.i.a 'A', i r;ari, wti ha trrn vi-,i:i:i
luii.twf ta:i.j a:..i V.Xi.li a'. Mellouiirjff,
r-i.;ru-U. r. t'riaut ul ut la U.-ut
I : M .'t rl t' It- lii.-l far.
M.uu.l futevia, ari la.vtn Teteran, wiio
t,t .im tiH.f J'a-i! tia t-r!l CUl.Ii'l Ul tti
;ai f .r irrjur jr, Laa tx-vrxine MoIflU
t.'iai. Le t taru to Ka.aiiid.. "O Utay.
l j...:-e arrvtl a man on Wrst
. !'.-.: aOwii U u :l-..cit la-.t nibt t.r
U-ai ;! vl.r.lny. wan t")
f iii :'.f uf.frar; a:i i wa bofrvi f jr cil
.Vj. 1J -a.a IJ.
T!i Atnrioin Kirei Corniiriv- have
V-ru si, A 0": t.'vl bircti can.s
r; cliwiru Kr a wfl. Ail Jniiuj ii
siO tr.a: H-vral b; Lartti:: aiUr. are
i-fartn f'jr ttie s.a;t:tT.
A sma.l y tr:r l to a a c;ir:tr!'e.t
i i.ar iai n j;L.t oi: t i:a:i h stlliu
j.at:t n:ur irmu a ,"a on i'.tmj-au
;.-. r'!!ift!y iti '!. cnrA'J Lai fi
;. t.y i'srn U to t:e tay U -aas.
V.jr ;i.-ti ar b ..Vily laying the
tit i.iewa.i ti K..ia.'rtti-ave. T:;e
r-i;A rt-l t r. b-i : !at:-r-l ov-r
strrrt wi.m rin.sr.l it wiil tf the
r.nl tarvuhfA.e ia tt.e Kinsl war.l.
Jin. Tij!.fr wV.i.- ir.t' I'm. ire Hea.I
j :..-trrs Sa.Ht vn;:i w;t:..ut any Cvat a:.i
:r u.at.iC h:t wr...e ia a ix? :.tif ri-i
r i r.- a ..,' i f-f "al kj.!r;,
f act tii;:i4."4 iliat Ls aa i::a:ie.
At; i.-" J.,h.-..n. of K-rst 'i:y,
-. -i t.- an. I br niLt hf rt
a;, j .;". ;: A.i f ,r "a'Vty wa e.tiuui-i-
I r-v i- Ki yvr-Jay a;i l j ron-'iaut-t
II jr.raT.y r-a-.i from
v ;... t.)- :.iy.
Win l. iTi-:;-, t'.. tjM Ttfrin who-
-m :i l-.-" t-'.r;i l..f. W. rr 'T'!l
'.:'Lif, .:'; ylff ' 1 7 rn-Tti.; :T t-f ! Iwi'
i "il- w n a. to l'i ar with-.u:
;.r ..;...:) c ". !."..'fi tiiat he woiiM
rivr r-t , rn ti t;,. n;y sta;:i.
-..;; a I vl.t'ir Watson .eil
t?,M '..;..:.-, -:i;-r V'ratVfi .-.'nita a;
;.tw f- r v.iatiwa of t!.- nvi-
k'i:.f'i U. I:.- r.tKir ha a raia t
w j.e-l t:; tm; v i'i ;r,t, a:; I I . Mar-
:,. A'.t - . t n to .-a ; M. Maiie to
J ..;. i M .rrr. f thia rit, h-M cr to
I! ,)iT,.n h w.U h!n lun.wnn
vTt:. i:,i rh: ! I ir.ii nuthfa.t of
;,a: t- . II- Wii. p it in ';,' ft f
;. Y i'i .'. U:tu H.c.;i ar.-l II.i.h
:. -i i a I m-.A ..r- t ratrp t.f
a'!t t "'... 7 i;i-T5 n'.'i.
It. N .rmaa J .hr.-:;. !at r.3!.V'. .!.rf
t..r f . h. A. I! . "f tr. t;part:;ir:t r,f
M . v .'. ..:?: an. I :' f th
- i ! if ,ri:-. T-rr-.!iV. H- KroUiht
w.'li :. ;!i rt i.M .i..-.a-"--t -'':!. J.:ia W.
M A. N-.r. !. V.-i i -.?.-. wh.
w-i ft.-.--,.:t-I l.j th At;.-r;. aa II-n;-.
A. T:- " ! p-'t.-j.r. i T-.;t;.- fri-n-I
ia t-
'f - IrMi.n ; i -.4 !" s.t-,
M . !'-,-. ; I ,-'.asf.
;.- K. W. 'A'rA'hs r:':."!fr)
'.i. 4 i r r j ' J v a .
M Li".:.- If :'., -f . T.-it.ai
f- a ?h 'A
f- ! o- "l. f.f (V.'.ra'a. i t!i-
j" ;-st t Mr I . W 1' r.
fV if. V. Wj' . ", wo hi fxn f r
t,r:- ' j Ti . .7 f'VHT'tri.
.-'. f p-. W;- .1;. . th '. "f
V! . '-,r,n. ..f -rv.'.r
''. V. ; ; M ic-. i .''tirs.r h .
1 X I' V'. 'r ha a to Ml
i'A - -! va ir t. rvi
M J i f :.--a. of 1 rirt-r -.. hi
; r a :; - : -j a Mif' '.
A . ' U '-'??'. i f N Y n '
t:- -:r .( 1. A. H "Mi; r:
f sr f hr -a 'A. J
A ;
-f - a-1 ':-)!'i'':':a
1 ,A
- 4' ': -
M;i ! Clf J - " Vcttf-
'l'he t air 1 ; r
ii...: !..:. a: ! tL
w t .".-hit- rv
-ii a-i-j iciwiiy f!T!ay
rv'.iliiiit' i :i t hf f 'ft !n 1:1
!a.A'r thaa !!--t .ir.
Ua' 11 hr.A.a ii',,!.",' at no.i in 1 kf ; t many
1 - r1 at Ii'irue i o iMrr il t" attn l iu
th aftrfl.-v-si. Th '.' i:vt !: '-ti :(
h ra n iwwcr. t ; -rf 0!t th roirrafutue
.: 1,1 ( (!.' arr r l o-it ia f-ill atvl f th
ti).t the -lay ;i ns-ir than f he iv i?:a
ier. ei .!'. 1 f'-r the :irt .lay. The ft r is
ur. !-r ei' i.i '-!!t n;itiij'fii!f."it. I'ri'leat
t'iay i t-er'a.niv tht- r''lit man It t.'ie i
t..:i he Ma at. 1. aa ia : ru?-r jear. fnTf
iary J.t:t.f-. a:. 1 hi .!a:;j:h?-r. tiA
At;!ie. kerp th- rn -r ! nii'l l.M.k a'ter the
saie i.f uidii! r.-if i t t &!. With H'patt'h
an 1 -;h iei.cy. The lfj-artr:itit ?uffin
te:.!e:it are. .lh" .t tAi''ti"ii, ('oiirit'is
iTt-r.-lern-ri aaT attfa 1 to their vlatie- in u h
a way a? f:.ae it iutst plea-aat anJ agreea
ble to exh::iti;rr ati.i : .tors.
A Ntw fraiur.
For the i.rV. time in t.'.e f.i.-tory i f lairs
ia thi c;ty ttif p.inaeineat tln :iiel to t.-ive
the lio' i ciiil.irea a rratKl tree-f.-r all A'"
ai y;u-i'!e.ve rt-!:-r;t hy aJraittiiiu' thein for
o::e iay witltout any charge. Yfs'.crJay
wa the !ay aa.i it w4 one that w.it never
he f irit'rn hv any one who sjent the
a!t-rn.!i ui) ther'.tm ' Several thou-aiul
an epff.l rhe irivita'ion eiten !el ani n
lri ire n- tl;ey ha-1 foiap'.efe j-x-ex-i 1:1
of the p'r.i;in'!" anf bun-iiiii.'. .M t of
th-m went uaatteiit!nl by area;. or
i;a tr.'.ian anil they inale t!ie lia 1-1 t,
joilifvt, u -t crowl i ;i 1 m finable,
liaoh ar.l evry one f them
eesufl deterrjirie-1 to investigate every
Mxfe ari'f corner on the j;rouni from the
tu-ti f of Art Hail to the sfail in the bull
l-n. Fhv createl otue incor. venienee for
oi.ler t'foj le. .":t the amusement wbii h
they ath'rleT greatly overba'ati'A'l it. It
lei!iir siip;ol they woul 1 not care to
water. th ravs. the srand '.n-b were not
oifiifl to them, but itliin live minutes
alter the first ta; of the bell thousands f
them Ar ,'reKatel about the track, a'l talk
ing aaJ s.'ioutitu at once and making Mich
a ci;n as to make it almost impMble to
hear the oruVrs of the marshals. When the
nrt heat of the two-year-o!i raee was
n.ai-he.l they heere 1 o.ii.la, the win
ner, while 11. 'ha Wiike-, away in the
r-ar was irrfete-1 with thouvin.ls of 'TIat!''
"( .'hestniiU-!' etc. , Tli j i lfte and urivtr
were iii.a:te.I an I it was ilM-it!eI to five
them the free-loin fifth- raal stanl in the
Loin's that whea -ate.Ithev W..11I.I be more
U'lAt. I he tan ! were tilled in If. time
tt.aa it takes to wrt'e if, but th iarnor at:d
dia did n l i-.!-e uutil the last rce wa tin-l.-hed.
Ttif tUo.
f wir: to the ram the trtv-k w;;s I f.avv
and in some :a ::s nu.d.iy. Tht '.wo year
oM ra- e. l.a'i mi'.e heats, a w. r. hv ' a.'a,
,tui by C. (Vwit-s .-f I'.urr oik. Mi, ht
tfin . in three atr.iiht heats. Time,
1: ar;l 1 .". a rem.t: kably 'ever ;!'iinii
ancj considering the rrr.dttmn f.f tn- track.
Ir (r:sw.)l I s coir, I! Serine, to.k se in.l
aioney and Helen likes, owr.ed by Win.
tir'AAvid. of Yermntv die, third.
The novelty or combination mce, wa-
one of the rmt ir teretin event ever wit-ne-ed
on the tract. The f!:;anee
wa a i::. and t half, the t.rt half
ruiie to be wa'ktd, tt'rt second
trotted or f are-i Hr d the" tr ir.i
"aavvriy to et tiir-." There eer
ii starters M tag. I'an, M.1 ie, luck,
'l ira Ihul and J.rn Mam!ri:io. ftrawinj.' po
sition in the or ler named. I),.a went ur-
IVr sa l t. all the rt -t to Milky. M .hie lt d
fromwhe start in a .-Lambim:: ttait t-itt i:d
not een re-em t a w.nk, c.o-:y followed
by I'm k. w tin the tithers were left ia a
stritir. Ma:itbriti dam :r,r HiOiit; excitedly
ia the rear. At the b!f M.jli e w as "eera!
length ahead of Mi.-tae, who h id pare !
the entire d;itan e instead of wa'oiini;. As
thev r-a !.ed the wire t! ev went away f ir
the seoor.d hl'f '.n a tr. -t or are, thos.
finishm? the waU t'.ri jri.air-; an ad-
va"ie r.yor thoe ia th- nr w;i.-;
could tot b' t;vf ro.rr.e. When
f,f i-s i.rs tir, ihtd tae s(or. i h'.f nn'e
rn .f t.a other were fully a t:t. r i e
liind at.d 'hf itai inrrea-cd in lerA'Mi as
t h ra.-e -r. see.I. As they re v ...i th
w;r the tcor;d tiv. ttje whip- were r, -d
ir. l thev were ur.e l to their t-t mi tt.e
lft h.i m;l.'. I'., it ti:i.-.e.J t,r,:. with
M ill; iri ad place, ;.;, as she li l re:
fcrly i 31"- l a k o third and
('l-i he.l fO'-Vx i'or.d niur,'.-. True of
;:;ner. IUlt" iiii: .V: n..e, t. ".o;
in 1 h-iif. so-.
Th-re re t.aree rai s on t..l.iy' ro-."-.initue
wh e-)nf a Ci'lws-
r j r.v" tr-ohU Ivu. f ie'. Frak
Ktit. J. 15. W,i':.rns . Ilitaiiton Jr. and
a i.et" 11 !- t'V--er Ih
F'-ee f r nli -' f ? ';rc'ii 'i;as-:
II. A. K;.l , -r i'.. and V.. ih I'.kemaa's
Id. Ma.:.
1 1 a : f M.i'c ','"-r;r!'V-Krilk ftnhai
F.-re I; ; F r '. j- ri,d M'rr.i M-Tr-,
I..-ta. I .'. '.iy ? ii a x Vr !. a.-. 1 Air
An:s' 'i-.
T-x1t' lr.i;rftm.
"h j idii Will thr-ir wnrk th
Riortiiri u'i-'.er the " j-e v ' ci . d :!,e I -partr-er;f.
j'up"'. er.d a t! rri. k
af I ' p r,i. 'li "' i" it - in"..' r.u i : ...;
f ii t:.- ior n-l . :t ..ti tt e w"- i'"l.
w'i h-e ' i:ir ' ; r- ( t- oiv. J
ft-- ; f'o-;n w !. .e-1 by M' ",n'C.j. j
r ; i. r a. r.f th- I a?! ! -p '' r . r:d- !
i-. : rarr I." Imt!i t.y ye oifi. j
if 1 4a y aa-rvii f to ppr
in r 11-1- f V!'s .) r jhi t.
I r,-" i--r -t i-;a.. fi.e i j
j w,l e.--'f---v. r " m-e arri '.:(.' :,
j -or..; .ft:-,-, a.-. tat. wi,.c". f
"! t; - i , e- 1, ;.,
. f- r-.t l
7 A . i t, - . r -v 'A f I
i- '- 'e ? ?: t"''.
i ji e". , :-"-n . ' d '
' l T I" ', ' " -' .
r . - i " - a -
r : A - x e " " ". .-.
fl ' " V
. - - A-
t'.r I
I Tr-,
f r
4 4 -
-I. , t M . :.
e i C Pi
::V ha
' ;;r.-t
5 i. 1 1
- a:: 1
.'. 1
i- vior::.y t.t -za a' a -e-if-m.
t lir 1 i.ii.ie Hi.i'.l. r-..
N'. v; -.; r to ii e r'air sh v' 1 J.iii t see
l!.f .li.'il I . I..t; .iral .e- "j .ill.l.o,"
t i.e la-..-. ..r-e : a 1 he wi-rM.aa I "N ri::.!
1' irt. ' tt.r -!.ia:. si t.orv ru-r -:-en. 1; j.n
l-.'.iut s are pi 1 tc-'t la i '-rm aud arc furioti-t:e-
w bi.'h are ec-tf''.t !y rare.
IMi.Miou' lncuii..
I'rof. lotill-) j t.f caar.:i ball furac, i
o 1 te '(....n d vi i h i.:w . fi;.- lliu-s: mu--r'-
us ever teef la I 1 i li el'-"t i
h. ..'v-d ' t .: -t e.-.-t t f Art lla'l at. i ia jar,?''
a'i t well rrHi;td. 1 he an :1:1a! are of
va'i'ie n-svef triorn ixtU iu the I i.bed
at and a:e worth u:. -u- s t uie to se.
In c ;.nt. tion w :to the m . :n i.-. the w :id
luii. taptur-d in the AdiTn. lacks wheie
Ihejideiil laa.-'avl sp-.-ta th Sumfai".
A .riiil K.or rtail'inrnt.
Auivt) the pi e:c-. C-f aniusemetit otl the
.i-o iiids the ttt t i- t.tai.aMc,; IVoh C. I
( t. arles' i ji ir:i Temple t f Art and Mu-ic, at
the iiortue.-t corner ol Art Hull, has l! e
i. rc'ti 11 u tuber ut v lsinus, us it dc crves to
have, belli;; ju-t whit it is rcpre.-e.ated to b-.
in e 1 ry r. .-j-ect. iLereis no ihatu ab.iut
ir, anda ha.f hour tun be . arrd to it
this jrrtat mechanii al voud r witti p'ca-i-ure
and proht to t: e visitor.
I'rletlrlch Itros.
For the pit three years tins well-known
firm has 'Ued the n riu-west central corner
of Art Hail and this year finds them locat
ed at the oid stand. The di.-play is under
the supcrvivon of Mr. Frank, fcteinmann,
who does crtdit to the tirm he repre-ents.
The pianos show a are of the liae-t. aad can
not be excelled for tune and durability. All
c!as.-es of musical merchandise is iuchi led
iu the exhibit.
C'au You C. ue-s It .
Van Per Yeen .t Wit man iiave, as in for
mer year, an ebirant di.-play of .Sterling
Heaters on exhibition in the northwest cor
ner of Manufacturers' Hall, truly one of
the very ltst coal stoves ever placed upon
the market or i lb-red to a patronuitij,' pub
lic, ami for the purpose of callinir. special
attention to this line stove ihey oiler to p re
sent to the person t-ue.-Mtitf r.e irtst to its
weight one of these heaulifut heaters.
Kverv jer-n visiting the fair is cordially
invited to look over their poods and puess
upjtt the weight -of the stove to he given
Cliallet! I'ii-kle.
Walker .t Sons have on exhibition in Afr
ricultural Hall one of the iinesi displavs of
pickles ever seen in the city. In connec
tion with it is a line exhibit of opera and
tohofTiranir caps.
A Great I'.abtbill jn.
A w jiuh rhil collec ioti of wood carvin-r,
executed by I'rof. Asa C'aipti.ter with a
pocket knife, anions which is a war scene
of (.en. (irant drdhni- a battery ot artillery,
human faces, horses, cattle, lions, elephants,
e'e, etc.. located in a tent just south of pom
olotical ball. This exhiboion is well worth
doiinle the price of admission, only 10 cents.
Io not tail to see it.
It Kill Kheumatiom.
That is what is said of Hit bard's Khcum
..ti:- Svror. tl.p ereate.-t tonic and am etiz.-
ei-i-r I'roiluivi. There is a treat exhibit of
this world-renowned blood purifier iu the
wet win,; ot Art Hail, and no visitor should
leave the ground without &ceiu; it. It is
certainly one of the most prot. table ii--plavs
to the human race ever pat on ex
hibition. The Cakes.
One t.t the exhibitions tfiat '"takes the
cake'' is the display of premium cakes made
hvC. II. Andrews" Co. in Manufacturers'
liail. The exhibition makes everybody
hoo-try. The cakes which now numb, r
ov. r one hundred will he sold at audi m at
2o'c:ock tomorrow afternoon for the bene
f:t of tlie cba-Uable institutions of the city.
Midor Wright has kindly consented to act
as auctioneer.
A. It. Chae Company.
The A. l'. Chase Company has a fiac ex
.:'' it of the ;;ranil upright pianos nianii
t.. i-.!red a: N'.TWilk. Ohio. It will well re
pay anyone to li-teii to the line tone of the
in-rrumen!s. They are af the bestm i'eri il
atid cannot le excelled.
The Fprin Lake Clinker r..at Man-ufa.-tnrinj?
Camrany, of h;pt:iu; Itke.
have on exhibition on e.va:it
clinker boat. the bn.'.y is .f pine,
while the ribs, keel and an aa'.e are of oak.
The sent and border ornaments are of led
cedar and all the metal trttumi'iA imiud
in th- oir-lotks are of telegraph broiii?
ilje! ai .
Fine ItilMar.l TaUm.
A. I'.. Ih-ew, f.f th city, h.S otie of the
noS; handvinie displays on the .rounds. It
i. of hn own m?nu;a"tiire of billiard table,
cue. ra ks, etc., and is situated in the
noithea-t corner of Manufacturers' Ha!!.
None should mis it.
thm -'t.arlan.l."
Ti.- linnn Hardwar- ("oinpiiiy, of this
( Oy has the 1 rkr--t rtiid ni'At comp'ete ex
h.n.t on the Erminds It is of eirf, mani
t vh-tbit spe. ial rnenAoti of it Is con e a
t,..c'vif y a;.d th? Jea .In M i f.-un.l in
a;: vher fol ltal of thi iu-.
Ma tr In liraiol Kafl I.
t r.- a' the m-s'. entt rprl -l:; (' -tc.s in t!ic
Val!--y I'i'? i th h.i' 15m- I'v . ;i
I,iriv. I'e h yeir ;tice the company lo
c:i'r i J. r 11 rxhib.it hs t : 1 tad-eat. tr.
Fai a, t th- d;.-ly I.e a! way twn stj. it
a t r- a M'.l i o ; e r.if. 1 l.i year i r o
t -e; f-n n l he whole r ulh . le of the
, wi- . f Art had i . i .;; by ihe
i j r ., p ;-.o..i i.-, a t --.r 7 r r ' r
a r
.t V.
. f
ft Vtl.t
1 X
.- x
- - ' i , T s - - -" t -- .
- .1 ,-' f:a i - - - , 5 ;
'- -'. r ? w ; j
i-i-e-. ' i- '- 'i .1 ' I : :
A - -' "-T..T A 'P. " 1.
; : I-., tt.r a: p. A- -. i
i . v t'o-n .i.'!.' '.J.e p - e w re I .'.eV a ' .
j ' ' . -- s .-'I t . a a'.-r I. U i.n
I ie 1 -. N , M 1 r.-r -t.
I ' ....
'. s . . i . a 1 s. ! ; fa; ru lit :. .5 ij
t -.me iy . ' t h, W'Ldf t Mji.t," at l..crs'
ia evetiti' i a de.'.!itr-l &ad,eme. Tto
piete l a- lrti seen here ma.ay li.iies before,
a .dta' s f -r n e-j-eial !u '.ti jti te)..: i
the h-f t t: it Mr. Wili.aais u.a le many
irt. I l.-w a.ef.ts irs the "t...s raid a ide t lie
..r i w r.c a' " a 1' ions wihi di are a!m.st i.a
d. .-. :Aah. v 1 iuty. lopy II -nu La ! s.;ue
thi;:,t 01 .:,. i t-t n A-h; a. id d.d it wei!. a also
.i d T. urn i 1'irT- e. It; ht'l. the ouaj any
U t- -'titi the t .a.r ii.iu i ..e i t.'.e very
l.-t in (.- r-i. !. T. niLt Mr. Willi
y-'.-i ' ' !'' w-'tt h rpjfty su-.wssful play
'.):;-ot U.e F.ta-t,'' -athiwiihaa entirely
i.e s. et:e written i;i I It. I he new scene
ht.i-ov-1 ! " itite't'-r "f a 1 t 1 v allium, ;iid
is -iid to le w-ui.'erJV,!:y eihic'.ive. Mr.
Wiliiani?. pia t ia Miim.j .:i tomorrow
liiht, rettirimu; here Friday ev-t.inj, when
"t'upr. Ml-b!er," to tin-teai delight of hi
friends, will be attain presented.
The -aieof u's far lldwin I. .oth's ,,IIan)
lef' tomorrow nihtal lVtw-e's' is something
enorm.iu. l.aer ticket buyers H Mid in
front of the re.-rved seat st. .re all nife'ht
TiH-'dsy. The 1 011-e ill be a tremendous
'lhj 'Hatch Kinj" at "Wondeiland"
the .v another lar:e itou-e lu-1 niht.
John 1". II..:i:y re; leAatia "The
Lights of London.'' which wdl be presented
at I'owers' oa Tiie.-tiny ami Wednesday
eveliii.,; next week is m towai. The thrill-it:;-
lira nut will be pri r ted in fine st le.
I'tire had iiii.o. ct.t c. incdy of the most
entertinidf.- cberai-ter may always be eie
t .ended upon in Sol Smith ila-ei's phtvs.
How a Wife I)me Her Ha.l.-tinl to Kas
pei'Mtion with Her Verier loiigue.
In the else of Ezra Ihtriinv'. charged with
coiai.iittitij; i.bsault and battery upon his
wife, Mtii-a M. Palling, in the Police
Court, ye-terday, a fair i-.d family skele
ton was unearthed. The defendant swore
that the complainant had jawed and
chinned htm to .such an extent that he had
often been obliged to love the family tabie
and nii-re than one.-, had jtot up out of bed
and lain on the tloor in another part of the
uou-e to escajK? her tc rmigiiit and abusive
tongue. On Sunday last, tlie dav on which
the un.-auli wa conimiit.nl, he having do
termined no longer to endure this kind of
torture, removed his bed into a part of the
house tot ba-ed by them, and while set-
tint; il up she followed Litn and again com
menced jawing film, when be picked up
the chair in which s.iie was sitting and
carried Ler and it out into the hall
and closed the door. hhe then picked up
his cane an 1 dou tided upon the door until
it was broken in splinters. She then shoved
some of the splinters into tlie keyhole in
oidcr to hni.h r him irom locking the door.
Ttiese spiinters were prod iced iu court,
r.ecoming enraged at tai he e)jened the
door when she met him with an uonii-e-J
chair in iur hands d id threatened to he
labor him with it. He told her to get out
of the way and gave her a shove, making
her fail upon the stutrcn-e, w here sue lay
shou'ing murder. I tie testimony of t he
man and wife regard Mig that days' doings
weie the same, except ttiat she denied jaw
ing at an 1 raising a hair to her husband
The (; was i!-:iu--e 1 on tlie pivrncnt of
costs by the defendant.
7V Till. K'.H.X .11 li t . n f,i. "(' Ihr rimi-
!n!,.n ( rt't 1,,".: r 'jr iti'i lit i tj'r r tin t .'s t
1 1 G H f WER; KILLED.
Six Miner r ound Dea.l at the So rar.toit t)is-
ater Two Othrr I'.urietl by Kocki",
S. iiiM'i.v. Sept. HI Six of the eight vic
tims of the Merviue shaft, disaster were dis
cjvensl to ! ty lying dea l iu a pjrtion f.f the
mii:.! known us ''Ilittlev's eang-way " The
nanus of the men are lhlriek Murphy, Pat
rick Hairisoii. John Young, Patrick Mc
Nultv, Joliit Shaft-r and Jolm ("irdea. The
men all lay on their backs with their hands
claspnf tightly across tln-ir breast, and had
evidently been snliocuted by gas shortly
after tl.e fall ocrurnu. iis tticir laces were
feaiiVdly swollen and deio;np.)sitioa was
far advaiuel. C.trmao Maguire and Pat
rick Cava.aaugli are sail mi--ing and are
buried ben atlt the great fall. frock. The
bodies were taken to the sarft'-e in the pre
sence o! a great cr .wd that had a-sem:.icd
at the ru t;:h of the pit. Ceron r Pean ha
impaneled a jury and will investigate the
cat:-e ot the ui -aster.
A (iermnn O'.tiih.iat 'fake a Terrible K
f hi;! f.r Two VI ti r.le red Seitii.en.
I.on:.o, s.-pt. 21. -The AuMraiiaa mail
bring the nc t'ia' the (iermaa gunboat
Albatross recently opened lire upon the
natives ( f the New II brides e tit of
revtr.g- fr th laurdcr of Klein
aa l Cuilea. T.vei-.ty of the native were
killed and a large uun.brr of th.aa wound
ed The A't.atros then land"! her crew,
whereupon the lia'ivfi tle.i and baok ref
tie oa lViitrost IV.f.ud, where tli- m a'e of
the 1'p.do wa niurdr red. She changed her
po-hion and opened a terrible hre tipoti
I'enfrost Island from her giflin'g gaT-s,
sla'igiit ring the nativts like sheep. The
shots set manv ill-rs on fire and Ihey
were totally .;.-s'ro 1.
Kfwth Krn Tribe.
A ti"w :r.hf of the Improved Or if r of
lie 1 Mf n wa- iiA'iii.'-sI la-t evening at the
!! Mfn Had, t'a.M! t. Th tn--ea
s?..:itn-d by t-at SodArn Win. W. Tn
vr, t.f this rite, a 1 Pa-t vire.it S;t: hern M.
H. I. ti v. ..f F.i. i K ; .d. es-ist-i ,y .
Wa-h-la'Nong Tr.be No. I , .f lh "rity.
J-. n.: tr;- w 1 1 r:-'ea-! Kewh
K -r ,-.a 1 r he , J7. 1 !-e br' r inMibr--h-p
f'-.-;t-i ,f Hi n irr', priti'ipa! y
b -j- . no u 1. rf-ldr in the sou: rn
5 tt of t h- '.it, Th- fa 'owiag f-'h--r
a re th."'-! -t;. ' r'-"d '..(.: :. hem, IPr.rr
Ti.rr., r. - - I -.'.r. J 1, ,,-,-V.
I c ' i; v . J. u,.. .-, . ,-.-. 1 1
. f i' . J..-.n W hi- f-r ; K of W.. p. s.
i r- ; f .. Pr;-; r' !' A o Ti i,-w
t -, , ;.vi "A it fSTf-r iind-"r fT... .-
pi e
- - - -
fl-' M
i- the T . d t'ttvi p -Ti- l ".. j-t y-f,-A.-
: : ' T sr. d ; t
. - : . -1 t t-i---r ' A J:
r ' -'-si '-a; X a V'Cti f
A a
t .-A ; '
A !
r-f 7 h r - ).
; . - . r -v f 1
' A " ' , A
t Ct.
t -.- r. 1
V c-reat d-si'lalS
A at.- 1 C.. .ii.ty U:re i.lj in
:' !' whi.ii Lave i-ti it
!?'. ii ti.. u a.le lb either
1 tlJ;
:.e ihe ist ci
I l..s car the
V! e v t 'it v f aa bo?l
1 '. ! r nfat.it st Xhlh:'. elf Il.a.ti: .ukte t f
i otl l.ii- s;ti..i, w;;u utiiiti.iu-.l pcr, vui
j thit la tt.t d;.p!a of the Uuiitt Hardwarr
I I any. It i? 1 .,au t ;n t:;e we-t nd e-f
Mi'.l.hv! urer-' La'd. i o saV ' end1' Would
i- iti.!t:-:t...te! hs the entire S-rahwesl half
and west e aire is taken up by Itiis enttr
) 1 l-n-g t.rui. 'I Ck'U'sc the great nr ; iail'.es
of the j, rat are i?.o-e tdiow m, i.:id tLe "Oar
1 1! 1 : ttoVttre tne most 1 raiiiiiiriil feature,
i be -toe r t hit'lt jLe iarge-t and t.e-t ever
ma ie iu Mb t.i.'ati, at eithtr Mte r
coi.nl' lair, la ti e stole l:ne is the "Art
frliltd" Witb alii Without e.Vtll and
double hea'it.g attachment, i'be Move is a
btu ity. it is a c x-d burner of the "Art '
pattern and i one of the bue-t iu appear
ance ever stett. Never 111 the Ll-tory of
ttove-makint-' tiai e s.o mny sloVt-s tf any
kind l-ien ma le daily as have lren ma le f
the "Arl " during Ihe past two reas ans arid
yet only bfty p r ivnt. tf iLe orders p.r
taeia c-c.ihi b: idled. A h oUse-keei-rr.'
Move, for wewfi only, called the "litand
t.atlatid 'is t l.e which all ladle Will ei
mire Uithlh-r iLs use iulne-9 and beauty.
Ithasidikel pane's, shelf under hearth,
base and nickel toWel rail and is supplied
with r-serv.ir a-.d warming ciei.-eta. Ihe
"Hon.e' t.arland" is of a very similar nature,
but fclightly more economical
hs to price and futures, al
though in everj other respect as good
a s'oye for geiieial purposes. The "Model
liar land" series of cook tstoves ami ranges
attracts great attention, as il can be used for
sofi ctiil or wood. It serves all the purposi-s
ot a large range, and is det.-ide.lly mure han
dy than otie of tho-e articles. There are
shelvt s, clo-ets. rest rroirs, and such like at
tachments in abundance. It is a fetove that
the Michigan Stove Company tan mell be
proud of. There is also a moeleled series of
tlie "Arl Oarlahd" parlor stove, which is
certainly one of the finest pieces of stove
furniture ever seen. It is full-nickeled and
burns bird coal. The finish on it is of the
xery finest, ani must be seen to be appre
ciated. It is put up iu four difToreut sues
and has oven attachment if wanted. The
Svlvati (iarlaad" is also exhibited. It is a
parlor woa! otove, and is so constructed
that by throwing the doors Oien it can be
converted ins'antly into an open-front
stove, with all the advantages of an open
lire-place. Coal can also be used in this ad
mirable heater. Ttje "Parlor (iarland ' is a
baoe Leatn for wood only ami highly orna
mented with nickel. It stands pre-eminent
at the head of Its class ami is the model by
which rival manufacturers make their pat
terns. Smoke cannot ossibly escaie into
the room em account of the automatic dam
per. The "Kiectric Oarlanel" is another
line wood heater with revertible Hue. In is
a beauty in design and finish and is so con
structed that it enables the consumer to cut
oil the draft entirely and allow the wood to
burn as slowly or rapidly as they may
In addition to the display of stoves ire
many other things in the hardware line.
Fairbanks scales known all over the civ
i ized world are exhibited in all their glory,
all patterns and kind being truly shown.
Oraniie ware of every kind manufacture red
hv the St. louis S'arnpi.ag Company in
cluding a little tea kettle which only holds
seven pails of water occupies an immense
space and shows what a great advance and
iniproveh' i t 1 a been mt-de in this line.
The tea j.ois of Manning, Bowman A; ()., e.f
( onnecfitait, attracted the attention of every
hou-ekecper yesterday ami judging from the
iti ju lies large sales of those go.ds jnust
have been made. The "Bent wood" and
"Boss"' churns played no small part in the
display, ami were looked at by dairymen
continually. The "red cedar" pails, tubs,
t hums and other articles make an elegant
display. They are manufactured in Vir
ginia, and r.re being sold in immerse quan
tity s ail over the world. One of thetinist
parts of this grarul exhibit is the axe dis
play. Tlie "Keen Cutter" and 'Ounn Ex
tra" are the stcialties cf the Gunn Hard
ware Company, and well thev might be for
liner axes cannot be bought for money.
Igist, but not least, is tf.eeleganttrimming
of the spaces occupied by the company. It is
a grand mass of designs of the (iarland"
stoves and other exhibits made by the firm.
Not only the walls, but the very ceilings
and floors; are representations of what the
exhibit consists ef. It is surely the grand
est exhibit of hardware ami stoves ever
made in Ihe Northwest and those who fail
to see it will have something to regret for
the balance of their lives.
Aetna Day at tlte fair.
Ail inmates of the Soldiers' Homes will
le at the fair today. F.very uniformed old
veteran calling at Ihe Star Clothing House
exhibit will be presenttd with a piie and a
package of good tobacco.
Mrs. F. L Ya'e having returned from
New Y rk with Fall and Winter styles
would be pleased to see her old Customers
and as many new ones as favor he r w ita a
call, at her Dressmaking Parlors, loS Mon-
You are invited to call at Jackson's
Photo Gallery and examine the new style
portrait. Permanent tromiue enlargements
for lar.'e size portraits, they excell anything
jet produced. B. I). Jackson,
Photographer, I'J.'J Monroe-st.
Permanent bromide enlargmen,s, call
and Me them, at Jarkon's Photo Gallery,
lo.J M nroe-st.
I.die inhhr JUen Away.
Cole Brother will pre-ent any lady btiy
ing of them a nice pair of kid boots or
upward, with a pair of first quality rub
bers. Kememtrer Cole Brothers, 57 Mon
r. e st.
Pine cabinet photographs 1 per dvn at
M inkier'. gallery for days, af 20 Ctnal-
Kotnethlng r.
For largf ie -.r!raits the Permanent
Bromide KnUrgr-ment cmnot be excehed.
O.ll and e thrm.
IV P T K-oN,
1'? Mori roe -sf
V." Moiroe-S..
An 4n:iv the moil cloant
line? of
Y. rr ),( Ait in V r-Jerri oirhi-;
pan x:. At t hf- very sw f t
Vrh--. Call ,wi 5ee thcrn. !
i;.,re Lau Ui
Are 3Tou good at Jiguring? Of
course you are. That is a chestnut
so do some multiplying. ICO piles
with 25 in a pile makes, we believe,
2503, of course the small pilrs we
don't count so we show them
that is just about where we stand
on the Overcoat business. We have
over 2,500 Overcoats, there are so
many of them that we were forced
to put them on two floors. We are
offering the handsomest made Over
coats ever seen in Grand Rapids. We
will mention some ot th styles:
A Black or Brown Imported Cork
screw, Worsted, a full Silk facing.
Only $10.00.
A Fine Blue Diagonal Imported
Worsted, fast colors, Tailor made,
lined throughout with Satin, war
ranted to be equal to the finest coat
made at any merchant tailoring es
tablishment in this city. Only $25.
Only one entrance to our Store.
Pianos are recommended by the highest musical authority
and are preferred in the concert renins, schools seminaries
and by the public generally for their superior qualities: A
tine assortment at
jSTo. 2-1: Monroo-Sl.
Jostop Store
We open the Fall Seasons
trade this week by a
grand display of
New Fall Drcs
Silks, Cloak file.
New Goods Displayed in
Every Department.
Inspection solicited.
Trankla, Jamicson 4 Comp'y.
oston Store
vn r
-. f v.. -r " V' f?.
I, r,e if- rr- Ati
Bargains Out
l P. Kidder it Ci
I The Mammoth Clonk Hooin.
V T'.. h f.mt'r ft T- " .' -nTt
r k f .....

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