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The Telegbam.
f I j Cm 4 1 HUM Uti.
TH large FWto WiU Esra
Hark iia U A toi I br
OiU laj.
VrKng, Mich., June L-At 6 15 this
kotbuix th Ui:f the pie mill of the
trsi irua aa 1 exfcb.i4. with
Urt::U krte, wrtct.iiS aaure ta:Ii-fif.
G., thirty-ave yeere oIJ. tuar
a.id ,ja child.
It U' CuiT, aat sixty years e!d,
t.iut u:aa.a; t iwtM a widov aad
E v cr.1- !ro.
i'iriuti I'is.t, Jr teaty-oce yx-rs of
il d the explosion occurred half en hour
!a:er thtsr wuld have ba at lactone
h andrti xaea at work, oi-i oiaay wCisu
JLlj.M.'n wh ) r elys thr At that
hou .Ui trik;jj'. tut th ua.
-uiu of th Ls.; tred "!; Lett Curtis,
h.Si", bwrul tout th faO en 1 fcxnds,
ilary ?otc. Llr, barTia by escaping
..u, ii. sa-.mey, U.(4r, caraed About the
hue; j?pi VV;, loorr, dp gxah cut
Li t.i top of hi bd. verl Dihrs wr
OMjft of i nut t jr rijriai ASoat
Ln a.-l.
Th tiuUi on wxs ti-m.!c. The rat
tl: nu.i. ty teet in ii. with a
roof sixty ft from tha n jor. w &iwn to
fri-iuitnu. H wax ait but mirat-nlcui that
tu lose of lif w not rilf. Th bat'ery
on.iuutd cf Ivo sailers, otdy one exploded.
It mm.ihd a&ous laty toax. Of lbs arch
t th ua w&iu.a i jiil,ooly a :uil part
Abou; Ur tuai, iuiA.o rur
tn ti.L it a1.
Jf"ri:uni wr liowo all orer th
triT i-X lcn wij b!ua aoro KurekA-
Af. A o.s.anc of 2 ft, itriXini
lirennAa'i Ur brick i.ore n i po:oS.,
UArix ba' ta th wlL
HaJ it ba tn tet b!iti?r. UrauAa Aai
w:f waa wr ia fcU. w-ja.J bea
k,! t.
f:r.ok And rccf iron wereblowa in all
d;ri ti .n't, a l -ic a clou I of d.i And
f.urf4 U raii AnJ ti-Mor.r tiAl trie
Bia w!io -t:afif uolaiM.'4 coa.a not ee
Ui:r La::.! j t( ,re the; tice.
ThA fuiu' twwa wa a.'ou.1 in Aa la
ca. Aiaiott, A3-1 bfjf ta dat from tne
t. lit r-iicff. TL wunfa wiow habAaJ
wr in lit n at ibi;t, dACfbtf rr ji:rt.
AnJ aiuk as I 'last dr a way oa
th coci tuoml3 bte tee result aj to
hi run lif wn AioertAia t.
Tb un J Ui!tr bi ba lif tJ by tha
Uit. Oa on en J of tfc bcii r r.ei a jjrr
action of tn iron roof; from an lr this Aa i
bb;aJ a tr.A of tUiatrel wood, twitted
Iron An4 ib Alfred bn :X$ cm most pitifal
inonnr. An-i cn. ibt part of tc roins
wax la A ho wax broegtito-it Ani
wr?r toml oa for a minat or twa b;ur
xny Attempt co old t- ruxd to wcurt th
TLa t'ina'x bolr wax foanJ with th
tov of his hi blown r3. and th tiaitxri
!l Abot n 'trJ . with blood. Ha ditd
b!or b cuuiJ l Uiia frum tb rumt.
M'Uf wax foand hx'.f wxy btweo the
bly tof Klaa -d th tix.t wher the boiler
1 jul tol, with a Mt;on or tbe snioxetAck
etnrs tb u?pr rortioa ol bis Uxly
lib bAd u cruxntd and portions of bis
brisA v:trd tax nitia iroa. Hit
UniM wer yt tw.U;liia when b was
takxa cp, bat bis Ilf ws just flickering
out. Csith ta?x mn wtrt bvlir at-aldJ.
Ora was uncoaiioux Aai frlghtfally
tn;i tiered. Tb back of bla skull was
fraotumi thAt a tinrr coal J fc laid ia
orimrf. ' Ilia Jaw was broken, bis
aoaMr maahd, au I b wxs oibnris
fcraii-tl oa Ad pArtx of tb boly. It was
sur?rLxia that b lirtd At Ail, fcnt b
liarM for yitt bs'f aa bear. He was
lound tbirtj feet awAy froca tbe place of the
tr.pnatn!nt Eanx can assign no
caa for the exp2"ion. The boilers were
la,ivectd about two montbs ao aa l were
rrooouo il all rlat. The loss is about
4J0,(xa insurance uakaowo.
X Qtlo TTbtbe a I a Jagrt-
gtktit r Only a Trlf mit.
MiMtuiu Jnoe l.-A t aly seasaticn
1 caie, now pndirj b?rt is that against
Ctecre He; I. who is ia jail on a charge of
j?erjary. The pr;ary, it ie alled, wax
eommuted by Ueid last i-'eptemr. ia try
lag to gt a marr c licene, and the ccra
flainin? witne Ie a ia!y whfjclAi.in t3 te
Keid's ro irta w;-. Iler maiden name wxs
Ijiz Youag and she ix 1 ck;n evi-dn-
Ui'oa vb. U a CJar of
bsmy nst Ke'M. Ri i admits r f hav
ln tbn wit, the first two being Louisa
JU! and Ijiura Tortmai. of Mr. l.-u. i4
! sull a yniri man, aitboi:a vj enterprls
inx". aol tb ca is gir: t. rexe a CuQ
AKieraile rt-''.e ia the Circuit Court.
A F"lw1c TTetl a W ! rnr firm
;r Esrita)l
Cxstttxp. J me L Chi w d;roTrfrl in
the water of aa abandoned w!l on Wesley
P:al"e p!ae at Tustin yser!ay. When
pasopwd drr a via of oil ti found na
nip into tae wslt. Great etf.'.emeat pre-
as tlire.
Am X(l t)orter FTt rf.
Powat-. J .me I. Dr. N'. D. S'ebbics,
frr many yars a prftidng phys c;aa in
rtroi but who ba.l I t a few ysrs psst
tnat!a hfs hone with his brother in lb s ciiy,
w fjun I dl ia S b-l this raoraiti by
tae fern-Ir. He a ?is!d t. u :! jrsrr
rriing at tb Cnntsst.i-r.a! c.1 irra iast
vnin. rt;rirt ia h v "-;storry bejt i.
tt t eTninf.y w:h'nt a vniz'e. I!
wae p yars i t sn.l bed aa
t",!-i r--t ia;n'an-i. He had fraT-"! -n.
p Jb)t. aavtnt w-?Trnl r;r r.
foraia aa i srut th ? t "Vintr m F'.cr Ia.
A wt hle
IrX.Ji". L Tbe F;ksrt t
V'em railway rcvyAnj was or;n3-rel
her Mt n'ht to bui'd a li--, tri here to
rcne-'t wu'i th t-rs? Tnt t Vf'hawa
i . T'.' f Trvn ;t j-;i i f.1 ral
that l;a t'-.rn Dtr?t M Ci.:ig-i '-) ra;l.
rr:3rs wire e jftt'! an 1 w-ti c:s At
tviurj-n 1. A rran fLTnt
lg jt '( tn v s r- Ct Mrsi
e-ii'.-l nr Vr. U ii. f FlfirV-L and
war;!! mr .-r tv-w na:i-n t h
wo .:'. ! arr-t h-.si
worer. He r l in r j aad lets
f.:r rr'J 3aon.
LaiT'S, Ji-e I. Xj Ke. Ij-,".s
Tald w a F.r. p-r -f t" Ian.:rj
Fr WU Pr ?r.n III rr. :f
If . svia.e
i i ;i
r zt, a-ri 70 yrs. lie bd r'.di here
thirty J ears.
Th Bill fUrlviog tb 0e "I Crt
1A1 m1 MaiSaetttAa
C'ASruel aaI Cmuil-
i4a by tb fi.iix,
buhua wax baiiad at 3:20 a. ra.:
v(jarai fcaeridxa tax bxii hix ova
thrvaa the nult. There tax ta no re-
currace of inuiineot 'iaair, but hix gen
eral coadiUoa xull jaxci!iea Lh4 graveat
All reior'j girta oat xt the door of the
becx, between 5 and 5. were to the xect
thAt the Cieorl wax bur and stronger.
Therefore coaiiixrable xarprie wax raxa
lf4td wbea the bailetia wax iuaed.
Dr. iTW-fxsr, of Phiittdelhia, who was
summoned last night by telegraph, reached
Waiaiaton Ihu morainjs aai went direct
to XL house. Tte wiber pbyxictaax, with
the excepuja of Dr. Liacoln, were waitirg
f.r him. aad ui hix arriTa!, ail imme
diately proceeded to the Xick cnaiatwr,
wher Dr. Fepir made a careful and
thorouf ix diajaoeix of the cae. ThAt the
reeuluof the exAuiinAtioa were not of Aa
eacourAin; character, ix clarly xbown by
the brevity xal evident alanu express! ia
the balletia signed by biax. He remained
ia contoiutioa with the pbvsiciaas until
s.JO aad ttea Uk a traia for Philadelphia.
It is aaderstood that he will not return to
the city for eevsral Uarx at leat, Aad not
then onUre new and dangerous symptoms
are develoi-ed in the cam. None of the
other pbysiciana would rive any inform
tua about the caM in addition to the rusxre
stxterueatx contained ia the bulletin.
The following wax isxued at 2 p. m: "No
material change his occurred ia General
bberidan'a condiUoa since tbe Uae of the
Ut bulletin. And there certainly ix no
chAie for the worse, lie bas been eleep
icf quietly at intervals for three boars."
fhortly before 3 o'clock General Sheridaa
wax Informed of the xiicaic of hix comrais
non ax General of the Army, aad expressed
himself as extremely gratified.
General Sheriiiaa'i phyxlciaas, in their
5) o'clock bulletin tonight, xay:
The xituation remains about the lime.
Thrhcjca the day General Sheridan's mind
hxx teea lucid. There hx been no renewal
of yesterday's attack, tboah there ix but an
incomplete recovery from itx electa. Ko
nw unfxrorable symptoms have developd.
The unavoidable excitement connected with
bis promotion bax had no dHetertoui effect
whatever. He bax slept quietly through a
great part of the dxy.
(Jalek TTock la the Ileas and Senato
FalUr .Not TX Conflrue4.
WA.Ht.iTox, Jane 1. The SeaAte Com
mittee oa JudiciAry f Ailed aaia this morn
ing to reach a conclasion ia regard to the
nomination of Hon. L W. Fuller to be
Chief Justice. It ix understood that further
information from Chicago la wanted.
The lack of favorable tidings from Gen
eral Sheridaa hxx Inspired somewhat un
usual eiforts on the part of his friends in
Congress to give expression to the public
admiration and respect for the warrior.
The bill which paxxedthe Senate day before
yesterday, reriving the rank of General of
the Army for his brevet, passed the lloase
this morning and wae not permitted to take
the usual course, bat under the personal
supervision of Senator Hawley was en
grossed within half an hoar after itx passage
aad taken by the Senator ia person to the
The President has ained the bill and
bas entthe nomination of Philip Sheridan
to the Senate for that position.
The most serious of the charges brought
agxinst Mr. roller are thos ireia Mr. Dun
lery, of Chicago. They Allege thAt the clerk
of the court And Mr. Puller were jury com
misxioners in 11, and that Mr. Fuller
drew the jury before which a case in which
be was himself heavily interested wax tried
The ruit, according to Mr. Dunlevy, was
a verdict for Mr. Fuller and the consequent
recovery of la.'ge and rateable tracts of
swamp land. The Committee has tele
graphed for a transcript of the records and
will await its reception.
General Sheridnn nomination was re
ceived by the Senate and the body immedi
ateiy went into executive session and con-
fcr:rl the nomination.
The Iloune has passed the Legislative Ap-
rropriation bilL The Customs Deficiency
Appropriation bill has also parsed with a
few amendments, and now goes to the Sea
ate once more.
rlirntr Gnrl Ileklaa 8U11 Sick.
VAjii5'.T0f, June l.Ia the Senate to
Jay Mr. Palmer otTered an amendment to
the District Appropriation bill to appropri
ate K") for the purchase of a suitable am-
balance tor humanely bsndiing disabled
Po5tmaxi?r General Dickinson Is still
confined to hix ted by his attack of ma
laria. He will probably not b at the De
partment until Monday.
file Trl Jtfpl at Kiuii City aad
Mvdlcla t rr.
Kx5s CiTT, Jane 1. Jay Gould re
turned to thia city earlr this morning in
bis ?rcial car, A?a!ana.,, The car wa
sidetracked so that he would not be harass!
br visitors, and mesn?rs were dispatched
to a ne'ibboricg drug store for prsru-
t. jns. U wss rprrted that Mr. Guld wa
very low, having bad a tvr at:a.-k c
il in at Omaha, and he t!eridel that it
woul be bet for bin to retnrn at once to
New York. The tra;n left ta.x city at l&.Z-t
O'rlock forM. Lcu.a.
TH1 r Par ni IM TfltH a rtstoU
BTTtx Crsh, Jaae I. C- II. Truitb,
farmer an J tni',kr.:an living twr miles
north cC tlr ry. atrerapui sa.ciJa tolxy
w'.th a 'O-calibr revciver. He shot fcim
s'f in tb bi lock of the r iht ear, r, i
a ne'e te.lirg i s w-;f b;s A. O. I . W
innrance would par b:x deb's and Iere
ni'-ney for br and" tie cbildrea. It ix
thought be wut reroTr.
The RJlra-t Ti nt th n"rl.
Lr-jT;, Juse 1. The amount of the
Railroad tax for 17 a tolay crt fed by
tcr frnra;, is Te I tb I-gt
arent Tr rw.? it ine'n.fo thm
tve; c.harer of r:a Is tvs'r.:e Jely I. It
iiees us the r.-rt of oir com ate a fcao-ls.
at Pf r fcrM.
Xrw Y-t!. J :ae L;ea. Hetsrr W
F. rr, ere cf the ft-SA-:e rote ra an c
hmir rf f ?hear. iMh dariag th
rri.;'-.n. i:d ta s mra.rt from rara .
Y.4 n r'kTS on ?h er;ir? a' Me,si-r-i
T.?. H m ,"x yrs r.ii ad a nati-
of -rc. Cor.n.
rrrorr. Jane I. Tb of H. Kivh--n
Co's whole r.-ii rd
r wit-g or w e-;ird birxlan
est a it ens a'oit Jx) ia ca3 st.j.eu.
be the Wtaaei-All the Gam Wa
(ivMl alUTbr XV r Alt in
gr Tlf Jy-T Trt-SXata
fUjwi-Caatoa aaxd
I'oiBiMAae taUfc Oa.
All the gasies ia both leagues were
played yeaterixy except two, aad all were
iaterestia;;. Ilaia At jAiksoa KalAxna-
xoo xtof ped two of the Tri-Sute iriAl.
Ia this ounoction the Tix.KtiS.AK-HxE.Aiz
... .. . j
would state that a.1 laioruiauoo ia regara
to the "American," "Northwestern," or
other Uagues that may be in poseea&icn of
itx patrons will be gladly received at this
oractfaad chrfuliy f-ubllxbed, if reliable;
but ax no Michigan clubs are engaged in
any others, it has not been thought import
ant o obtain full re porta of any but tha
National aad Tri-3ut.
The dispatches received C23 ppornlrg
frciu these are as follows :
Hostoa, S; ladlaaapolla,
UoeTox, Jane 1. Both batteries pltyad
wretchedly today. Clarkson pave eeren
men baxtia on balls and Kelly made four
wild throws and muffed a thrown ball at
the plate. Tat latter gave the vixitorx two
of their three runs. Hinea, Goory, Denny,
Burdock, Nash and Morrill made great
piayx. The atieaiance was i.ooo. ins
acood stood:
Pxeton- 2 0210000 5
ladianawl'a 1 001000103
I'ae Hit Bt:n, 4: Indianapolli, 7.
fcrrorsliouu. 11; ln.Lanaioii, 7.
l;:U;rlo Ctarkaoa aad Kelly. MoSari tad
Detroit, 4; Philadelphia,
Pnt la Delphi a, June 1. It wax a big day
for Brouthera with one of hix old time
'over-the-fence" hits. It won today's game
from the heme team in the fifth inning.
Twitchell led off with a single and scored
od a sacrifice, and Bennett's single. IUch-
ardxon followed with a two bagger and then
Mr. Brouthers stepped up to the plate and
hit the ball for four baxes which netted
three more runs. The features of the game
were the fielding of Andrews and Dele-
hanty. The score stood:
Philadelphia .0 010010002
Detroit 0 000 400004
Base hit Philadelphia, 7: Detroit, 1L
Errors - Philadelphia,: Detroit, 4.
Potteries Casey an Clements, Gttzcin and Ben-
A'iw York, 2; Pittsburg, O.
Niw York, Jane 1. New Y'orks had in
Titcomb and Murphy, their pony battery,
and they prored themselves giants. Morris
and Carroll also acquitted themselres rery
creditably. Titcomb held the Pittsburgs
down to one safe hit. That was a three-
bagger by Kuebne, Gore and Conner did
the best batting for New York. The score:
New York-. 0 0100000 12
PiUfbur..... 0 OOOOOOtO 0
Pa.e hit New York, 6; Pitwburg, L
Errors New York, 6; Pittsburg, 4.
baur lea Titcomb and Marpay, Morris and
Chicago. Id. Washington, 1.
WasnisGTOx, June 1. The plain, erery
day base ball togs were good enough for
Chicago today, aad instead of posing as
imitators of minstrelsy they played ball
and easily walked away lrom the Senators.
Any dab could bare done that, howerer,
for the home team played one of their old
time muffing games. O'Day pitehed fairly
well, but his support was rank, especially
by Deaaley and Irwin. Van Haltren pitched
an effectire game, and was admirably sup
ported, except by Anson. The score stands
as follows:
Washington.... 0 100000001
Chicago 5 0 0 1 2 2 0 0 10
lift-Washington. 6; Chicago. 12.
Errors Washington. 9; Ctirajo. 5.
luutcriea CTDaj and Deadey, Van Haltren And
The Trl-St.t Game.
Jackson and Kalamazoo will hare stayed
oat of the way for a day to fix their per
centage for the closing of the week on ac
count of rain. Caitoa and Columbus, how
ertr, got there by hard hitting, and bad
fielding on the part of their opponents,
Mansueld and Wheeling. The summary cf
the two games played is as follows:
CLrr. Runs. Iliti. Errors
i in:. -M , 4 20 5
Canton ... 10 14 2
At Home.
All traveling men interested in base ball
are requested to meet at II. Schneider k
Co.'s tomorrow at 12 o'clock noon.
Th Lwla miL
The will of Jeremiah Lewis wxs filed In
the Probate Ccurt yesterdxy. Tbe will
leares the homestead cn the corner of
Union and Keilogg-tx. to his wife Lucy C
Lewis. It gires her the fall t of all the
property until she dies or marries. In
either event o&e third of the property is to
be girea to K. P. Lewi, the balance to be
eyjTtx Jy divided btea bis daughters,
D,r M. Morton, Nellie NeeJey and Carrie
I-ewie. and f VO is to be given to an adopted
son. Mrs. I?wi is named as executrix.
The will wm mad November 12, lv!:7,
when Mr. Lewis was fH years of age.
Cavetla Called.
When F. A. Maynard commenced the
quo warranto proceed cgx gaint W. J.
Stuart, be forgot to notify tb County Ork
that be bad obtainel the order. ?o yeV.er-
Y.t r.!:,! n i-r !r r tf:S.l motion
ti aman! r) t.t-h '. . r nf IT 11. This
and the motion to qtiasa the proceed. a i.
wu p argue Mon-tij.
Retr arrtl.
Be-nry Beckroaa t,.-ok a frid ont In the
rountry a few nlgbt age, aai cn retaning
bora the f-r ':d cnt r tbe b'trgy and
w -r:d t-r ",V-. Wrrn aa J Ur en
S,s ti a gam rter im ci' f
tiht wba arrvt4.
pat.f.l Aa
Y-ixT Dr. P.arth tat fi'tm3
jnr.nt r.arci Frsr.x :L-:n.
ent t f.r?" e-fy wai.e catt-;? gJ
w'.th a v-' "-a C -r ?-, and b is d.,:!:r-f-.i
b"hr tc 4 gi'.f An fSTmJ t-t I
d.-s b. ty av-wd wrPUUtjn. F-f-.U
i: o ojk . tee ep-rauon w-ii be fr
f.rn'.i t ; -rr, n.
VT ti tm A w mm-i.
Tt rfratJc :a N-7."sar-rg C-t-a-r":-'.n
k b ea"dt.4 nt :n Itrft-;t
Jt Tbs-lw-I; r peis.rd ,3 tee
Lav)crsr.c prr"X totairr,!w ra raing.
The xtiniKAire XT if but IJU CouJ
la tho Court liMfi at C klcaco
aaU rir4-Tt H4 ProU
aW; ratd.
Chicuo, Juce L Mr. J'eckte L. Fawsoo
this luoruirg marked ether bloody per
iod ia tha ceUbratcd civun proceedings
between herself and her millionaire) hus
band, by tcakicg a dehUrate and savage
attempt to kill CoL W. II. Whitney, one of
her husband's counsel, ax be was attending
to a branch of the cts in Jude Jamiesori's
court room. WhLU the court aad atumey
at 10:10 were waltin? far the appaiaaoe of
Mrs. llawson, who was tardy, the woman
stepped hastily iuto the room and,drawiuga
SH-catiber revolver leTekd.it Mr. at Whitney
who wax reading a paper, and tired, the
bullet enterieg hix leit leg and incicting
what taay prove a fital wouud.
Judge Jauiiexon. Clerk Keich and the oth
ers ia the court room xprang up ia alarm,
and. as the infuriated woman proceeded to
hre aain, they sought place of safety un
cier desks arid in remote corners of the
room. Mr. Whitney ran to gain tha shel
ter of the clerks desk aud had nearly
reached it when Mrs. llawson ran forward
r:d tired four times more, one of theae hit
ting the lawyer and the dims craxhlug
into the desks and woodwork.
Bailiff Sunderland, an old man, started
for the murderous wouan and had a fear
ful struggle with her. He seized her around
the waist fiom behind and at last succeeded
in wrenching the revolver from her hand,
and she wax force I into a feat. The crowd
that had gathered rubed to the assixtance
of the fallen man. He wxs lying on bis
side, behind the clerk's desk, the blood
trickling from hi garments. In several
places it had sUined the carpet a deep
crimson. He was lifted from the floor and
carried to the jury room, at the outh end
of the court. Dr. Andrews found him
suffering from a dangerous bullet wound in
the groin aud another a little above the
Meanwhile Judire Jamieson had ascended
his rostrum and la peremptory tones order
ed Chief Deputy Gleason to remore Mrs.
llawsoa to the County Jail.
It was Mrs. lUwson's young son who
shot Banker llawson, his stepfather, when
the latter was coming out of church a few
months ago, alleging as a reason llawson'
cruel treatment of bis mother. lhe
wounded man recovered and the boy is in
Allen G. Tharman Would Accept a Un
anlmous domination.
St. Louis, June 1. A special train orer
the Pennsylvania railroad conreylng the
Washington correspondent to SL Louis,
reached here at half past four. Com pa
atirely few delegates to the convention
hare arrived as yet. The California de
legation arrived yesterday and the
Oreeanianx came in with a blare of
trumpets tonight. A number of stragglers
arrived on afternoon and evening trains;
enough to give tbe rotundas of the hotels
an appearance of animation. Cleveland
buttons, bearing th inscription "Public
oluce is a. pxvblio trust." are being
worn by dr'gate3 and others and
not a voice . can be heard against
President Cleveland's renomication. The
Southern Hotel will be the headquarters of
the chairmen of tha rarioax State delega
To a represent tire of the United Press a
prominent Washington ian said tonight that
he had received personal advices direct from
Judge inurmxn, that II it was
the unanimous wish of the con
vention he would accept the nomi
nation for tte Vice Presideacr. It
is thought that there will be developments
by Sunday morning which will render a
prediction as to the ticket almost certain.
New York will certainly name the Vice
The convention hall was formally sur
rendered by the decorators to the local com
mittee this afternoon, and will be turned
over to the National Committee tomorrow.
An Appeal Blade to the Old Roman ta Take
flceond Place.
New Yokk, June L Tbe following dis
patch wad seat to Allen U. Thurman this
afternoon at Columbus by Sheriff Grant
and Commissioner Crocker, on behalf of
Tammany Hall organization:
"Hon. A. U, Ihunnan: Tammany Hall
Organization of New York City bas
instructed its Relegates to the St. Loui3 Na
tional Convention to present your name to
the convention for the ice Presidency.
e feel assured that your patriotic sense of
auiy in ioe iemocranc party ana to me conn
try will net permit any feeling of reluctu
ance to interffe with your acceptance of
U.e nomination, and we cordially pledge
rew lore xor ueveland aa 1 rhurraan."
Shall tb Metx1rs of the Hoard of Ed n ca
tion Fnaploy Tt.1ativ.
To the Editor cf the Txi.svaxx ll iLD:
Jcxt 1, ls. It is uadentood by tboe
on the ioide that tbe Committee on
Teachers will tonight make their report to
the Board of Klacatien. The report as
agreed npon will undoubtedly be adopted.
Allow mejprwve t-x tell your rf aJers oc of
the unjuit tamg which it is underrtood
this commit" will recommend. Mis
Nellie Roger, a High School tearl er, bas
for tit past i - ree years bern employed in
our public scb!Xlt, and is st preheat recita
tion teacher ia tbe iehth and ointh grade
at the Central building. She bas given en
tire sffaoti on, rx'h to her untriors ard
the Trasteet, but in or lr to n.ake room for
adsoxhter r f Tru;es Richards, who bas
tver tauxbt a dsy, she is to he re
m .red to th FoTJr.iain t-trpet ward acbooi.
Mff Raters oe.ts to being re
moved and tb fnly xca ofTere-1
by te tr is s is that it is deirah!e to bsve
ru'.y c.lie-e gre.duats a teacbrs is the
Central ba 1 .r,. f b fits are that a large
Eisjvity oft; excellent tacters now e
p'ioti in that buiid-rg are rot ro'.ier
fe-r jsts. In viwf,ftr:s tbe xc-ie of
t e tr:jei ia Mia Rojrx cax is too traai
p"ent. It is a f&t thst thr r'itiv r, 0Titr-s-t
no- frDr. nrel in oxr jo-j.s aa i I
r t i t p-jSl-e whthr it wc-cl 1
n -t t a .! He t p-s h.hlt t.e raenvbers
(f the !''' 1 of f.4Tatlnrj r, :. p,tc r,t
re'autes up-5-i tte pay-roll of the
n-ri, R. J. T.
J. Raciali I;r;-a, tbe w!nd rs r xni
-j-Tiinai r who is arisoTis'ed to ar-
jeA in cr.e cf 1. s cr:i ar.i etartlir.g
aic a I-!-em' fp-a Ho- on f ir.S.nr
tr'Tilr.z txt is tk crg-ra! rsiai r5Tf
-J g'.ve tb ra.'Ht : 1 'arnry er-Ktra.
t,'." cf th r r 'rrr r, a eer a?rs;-!.
tie -r-.r! ;.n I:tr j-t Jart J-aaav t, cit at
tr I'r'-t fr if''": -?r a ry Ir
-A ;-:.-, A,i tb I trv:t'd .;..
-: te l a r-.n cr rr-' r f r f h tr
a rr"'l 'i b"a ra.rv- -c rr.Vrrr,a'.
.?iur -1 t-t fal t Yr.
vsM dr- w;?. a it.
kr.ovs t j b r.-t exrrt n tie i;-.,
-'i cr" cf "g t -!.:r r,at of a
ve.-y ei."d and :a..-c:iai tiaracter.
After Tfctr Ard&oae Lahore of the fat
1U DJf TUy Hill CJoy TUui
clvoe tliU Afiraa A a Ad
dra by a Colwrd bertary.
Profesxor Nickle conducted brief song
service at the opening of the warning tea
sica, a Bill ciasx wax Itd ty John 11. L'
liott, cf Minneapoli. Minn. Tte business
of the morning was then taken up wuh T.
F. J add, ILailroai Secretary, of Miuutap
oli. Micn in th chair. The general topic
for the morning wax the lUilroai Depart
ment of the AsxociAtion, opened with a
carefully-prepared papr by 11. F. Williams,
lUilroad ScreUry of the I nternaticnal
Committee. Sutjrct: rlhe deelopuiut
and exteiiiion of the Itailruad Department;
how beet promoted by Sute and Interna-
tiocal Secretarie." The general opinion
seemvd to be that the paper was the clear
est presentation of tbe subject that has ever
been made.
The second division of th topic referred
to the development of the Kailruad Depart
ment by local Ilailroad and General Secre
taries; opened with a paper read by A. M.
Wilson, Secretary of the Kansas City Bail
road Asxociatien.
K. L. Sheldon, of tbe Baltimore Railroad
Department, told in an interesting paper
of "Lxperiencex in a new railroad build
ing." Afternoon Session.
The afternoon session was opened with
devotional exercises, conducUd by A. S.
Durston, of Syracuse, N. Y.
"Boys' Work" was then taken up with a
paper, and conversation conducted by
8umner F. Dudley, of Orange, N. J., who
has made a special success in this depart
ment. The matter received very thorough
discussion, aud new methods of work were
given an airing.
The business session was the next in order,
with H. S. Conant, of Providence, 1L I., in
the chair. The report of the Committee on
Revision of tbe Kules, rhe Secretaries' In
suracce Agreement, and the place of meet
ingfor the next conference, were among the
matters considered at thix time.
Invitations were received from Beading,
Pa., Indianapolis, Ind., Bridgeport, Conn.,
and several other joints: but after an ani
mated disenssion it was decided to leave
the matter in the hands of the Executive
The Evening Session.
The evening session was opened with a
service) of song, which included a
solo by Profesaor Nickle. Secretary
F. Douglas, of Indianapolis, occupied
the chair and introduced Mr. Hunten, who
is the first colored Secretary in the world.
Mr. Hunton gave a short address on tbe
work for colored men as a class, and of his
special work at Norfolk, Va. It wax stated
that about $1,150 was needed to complete tbe
payments for a lot on which a building is
to be erected lor colored men. A subscrip
tion was at once started, which resulted In
receiving $1,400 in fifteen minutes.
U. S. Graves, of the Kast Liberty branch
of the Pittsburg Association, read a paper,
introducing the following topic: "Should
the Association work in any one city be
conducted on the branch system or by inde
pendent organization in the different sec
tion?" Mr. Graves is one of the youngest
men in the work, but presented a paper
that would have done credit to an older
head. D. A. Sinclair of Dayton, opened the
next topic: "The advantage to the Secre
tary to the work of patient perseverance in
one field." This concluded the exercises of
the evening.
The Business Committee reported topics
Take any Cassimere Suit in the House until To
morrow night at
lias such a tliintr ever been done in tlio month of May before I
NO! Think of it,
CHOICE of our Suits that readily sold at $30, $20, $25 and$Z2 for
Furnishing Goods Tomorrow, we retail at whole
sale figures.
Xoe. Id and 7 tor consideration xox&errov
The ceilag to couvey the sctsjie
about (he dty will be at the Leiies' Literary
Club House on bhelion-eL at 1 o'clock this
adW-ou-i. A tour of tae xratdeaoe jortKa
of tha e:ty oa the east side wul tit t
made, then WiaiicvUiW furniiure lattery
will be visited, alter which tbe tiaater xnnis
on th weet tide ol tbe river will be visaed.
Returning, a viit will be made to the Ba U
Carpet SwAe;er works. 11 a prompt lrt
cau be had aai there is sufiicieut liui. a
visit to tha tCldicrs' li&ui will aiao be
A tested recipe irom our new cook bock,
price $1 (or given away with each lb sold;:
Hickory ut CUka.
One and one-half cuj sugar, two enp
flour, one cup raisinx, one cup sweet milk,
one cup hickory nuts, two tablespoon
melted butter, two eys, one teaspoon cream
tartar, one-half uraspoon soda.
lcortd Dinner hta.
We never had such a lovely aaaortDreat
of dinner set. You can get any priced set
you want. They are all new pattern and
new shapes, and decided bargains, becond
Uoor. Our
Fa a A 1
Continues to attract crowds. Many are
buying potronrri or roe jars and exict to
fill them with roe leaves the coming Sum
laer. LnnrU ltakta
Did yon ever ee such good Lunch Bax
kets for 10 cents as we are showing on the
fourth floor? Why, they are better than
any '25 cent basket you ever saw.
The tne ltulldlng lliorks
Are the latest addition to our toy depart
J and 21 Monroe-eL
liy or
I have this Spring made epecial arrange
ment by which I am enabled to offer to the
citizens of Grand Rapids the Finest (flec
tion of Horses suitable for fxmiy, farm or
draft purposes ever shown here. Fine
Drivers will be made a eieciaUy and gentle
men expecting to purchase are invited to
A.uction Sale
Every Alternate Saturday. Next Sale,
CD. Hodges,
42 and 44 Louis Street, Grand Rapidx
Family, Driving and Work Horses for
Sale, All Sales Guaranteed. Also, Horse
Boarded at Reasonable Rates.
a ' rr A T1V
. Comer Oaks and South DivUiOa Street,
C. D. 1UICEK, rrojirictor
1 3b.8 S
Great Reduction Mi
1 (5-CAXAL-ST 10.
In cirtler to rotluro our
Mock o Khali r.ill for a
hhort time, all of our Flno
ladics Shofs, whicli sold
lit-rt-tofor at 81.r(, .r.OC
,S(.() and 7.00 at
tlit t'xtrt'iiitdy Low J'rioe of
Not a pair of our Fine Shoes
will bo rcM-rvod; all will o
alik away below manu
facturer jirit-es. This Nalo
iiu'ludt-s all our 1-Yeuch Kid,
DoiiKoIa Kid and Tonka
Kid Shoes, hand sowed and
hand turned, in about
twenty dilFereut styles and
lasts, including- our cele
brated hand-sewed AVauk
4Miphast made by the best
manufacturers in America
and every pair warranted
All our $l..r0 and $4.0r
Shoes reduced to
$:.()() A PA ill.
Including- a very line lino
of Hand Turned Shoes in
Doiigola, Curiso or Tonki;
Kid. These are the (treat
est bargains of the Season.
For gentleman w havo
the same surprise in stock
and wo shall sell during this
month only, All ol our Fino
Genuine Hand Sowed Shoes
in French Calf, Kaugarooor
Patent Leather at
5.00 a 3?air.
Thovsold before) at NfkO.
87 and $H. Our stock Is
immense and wo can lit any
Our lino of Hand Sowed
S. Shoe is reduced to $49
which is a lower price than
genuine Hand Setcl Shoos
can bo manufactured for.
Our Two Dollar Dress Shoes
are equal to shoes sold else
where for S3.00.
No trouble to show roods;
satisfaction guaranteed or
money refunded.
Popular Shoe House,
1( Canal-st.
Choice of Choicest
o Styles.
OPUS 0 0

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