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The Telegeam-Herald
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lJkll.V i4 l.SWJ,liM Hat M
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Wttkir,ular lJf
A P.'t "''i"- f-"t;c1 Conteata of.
i-iii 'n viir--4. i urinal iilc&3.
ft ,U l am i l; a . n wvl C-utt r olut, lii l&
till it 4 Ki t ii;ca-.i M o
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al,t-i :i i.uuifo I- .t I lit ;.& T J
i:l4,tr!Uv.t Uu. JU.t,.irB ii. Wfi.-i-l l r
! 'f iij.ct a of iici U.cr liuJu aa --
, ril:;g I a r .! r ert-?ore adopted to
atrial tuiiii'iM t tut ttiitrUt will rui tl- a
t tii' n i atf-r ( ae.cii- i-
A:itvi - .. I.iua
a-hl. 47 UtU
fcj ardrr of in IMth D:trkt Keaubllcaa
Coiiiev,til Corner v". ,
vv . ii. lusisos. C!ia.!rmaa.
T? RerubilfS'is wl Keui County wilnet
In ca?Bliu;i at tL Circuit C'uuri rvor:n. la
cltf wt tlffciit iUi:d, u WfU.
Cii Uitrr 7. t lt c . . u.. tor il.e purw
c.r.l..i4 4lrl,-2lri to the KrpiUj.ii .4U C.'uB
r ;,i.t tuut:o; l ti n ititti t.ui:r-
J.3trui. t t Isei l la i.rnd lUt...
i: i Jf. "-t. iJ. Vvt. and in truiicti;a tt
s,.U iii ..? fcui nesia iuf W'-l come bo.
Eaon t"Wui;il; a.id wart ! entitled to t$n
Artrj-tr. I 1 ot " r c f r ki r.i 1 1 1,
UluM.U WALrli. IAAC I. LAil'REL X.
Th weather For Lower Michigan:
l air nd nrrmer; wtitherty winds.
Mayor UM e fluently intcndi to hoM
hia own g;nt tho council And Van
arn Pollock, tho Hill ealoonists. His
vigorous communicat. on accompany ing
hi teto of the motion approring the
t-ond has tho ring of confidcaco and de-t'.Tr.-nnation.
Got fbn'or Camtskll hurled a few
t-rick-hats at Major McKinley tho other
thiy, and tho Major, turning the tables,
pniHAhed & thunderbolt at Campbell,
completely dismantling and luverir.R
h'.s g!a4 house. It ia not vrie to disre
gard ti.o old adag..
Another firm of brokers has gone to
the wall in an attempt to corner
the corn market. The liabilities arc
upwards of ?.,000,COO. Little sympathy
will be felt for the ruined apeculatort
whoe ambition it wa to trafiic in a
utaple commodity to the injury of tho
actual consumer.
Vera Ata has achiered the zenith of
fame and he r foul rorels in quiet satis
faction. She is poking in a Chicago
museum and inflicting upon the Tisitors
a tale of harrowing hardships. It
would not bo eurj rising if this waa a
"Vera" clercr scheme put up by the
museum managers.
Thk Brazilian congress has refused
to remove the ban of exile placed upon
r.raz:I's deposed emperor, Dom Pedro,
and ho will be compelled to live and
die among strangers. Tho vote was a
decisive one and indicates that the
spirst of self-government has taken a
deep hold in 1'razil.
Am Iowa firm has been awarded a
contract to build a torpedo boat for the
navy, and now the New York papers
are devoting much space to the excel
lence of Iowa's lako ports and ship
yard. New York i.i determined to
down Chicago if it becomes necessary
to make Salt Lake City x port of entry
to do it.
Following in the wake of the ruin
and desolation made by the floods in
Spain an epidemic of influenza ,has
broken out an I thousands are stricken
he!p!es. To ad J to the awful calami
ties a fiereo hurricane swept over tho
flooded district Sun lay, wrecking many
houses. The elements sem determined
to wijo out of existence tho pcoplo of
southern Spain.
The feat of living forty days without
food, accomplished by Dr. Tanner, and
the suUqnent performance in that
direction by Succi, have been thrown
into the shade by M. Jaques, who has
just finished a term of fifty days with,
out solid nourishment, in tho
Aquarium, I-ondon. Negotiations are
now p tiding to match the three ab
stainers in a competitive contest against
t.me and fcrxl. Such a race would be
decidedly "fa!."
Trttr.vEs broke into a London t ank
Saturday and carried away the modest
sum c f l,:.V),Cv. They left no clue
thir.d them ami thir identity is
shroudfd ia mystery. Tho bank off-c'.als
are mum as oysters. It seem wholly
imp robaUo that thieves could gt away
w.t sttch a Urga amount. In this
cxuntry the silence of the cashir would
bo significant, that is, if ho remained
lon enough before skipping to Canada
to L s:ient.
cosTRoi.tr.n r aoitatori.
The nomination of George F. liieh-
rJon. of Ottawa, by the mass ronven
ton of the Feoplet party yesterday was
an tindisgu et b?d foe Iemocrtio en
dorsemenL It cannot be denied that
lh convention was largely in
fcsnls ami at tue dicta
t.on of pol.tical malcontents who
fcava long figured as lesser lights
i the petty meettrgs cf tht-Democrats.
Thr was no considerable repreenta
t.n cf the frmr, nor indeed of the
actutl -work ng man. It wss a conven
t.on, with snm-j f"v exception?, made
lip cf professional p)!;t;cal agitators
wh"i aCiliat.or.s hav been heretofore
w t'i the Imceraoy. Not a r:p
reer.tattve farmer cr bar J work
in? mechan:c Ogured in tle
dehberat.or.s.4 It wa a cheap sate sho
to the big frformanoe to b5 held lattr
(it, ILe chuf cry-cuts were men
whose voices have been heard wherever
d.aei;s:oc.ianJ disturbances have troub
led th pe-:ple. Coding from a coa
vei.tica cf farmers. uichics aud
latoreri, thd nom:uaLoa would t-e
a ti.ti kouor t any man. It is to b
rierstted ti-at tlios who are really
sinra and earneitia the r iur,port of j
a People's party should b-e mada tha J
pliant too'd of cheap agitators. As a
bsl for Deir.ocrt.c endorsement it is
hkely that tae nominee will be spurned
by the Democratic convention. If the
people's party would Lave tr.e rerect
of tne inte iligat voters it must elimi
nate from it consent io ,s the parasitts
who, poiic,; as the friends of labor, only
awaitau opportunity to air thciregctism
and then aacriSce principle to secure
recognitioa elsewhere. The nominee
of t:ie convention was elected to the
last legislature by the Patrons of Indus
try and Democrats, receiving a plural
ity of nearly four hundred vote3
in the second representative dis
trict of Ottawa. He is a man
of fair ability, but ia no eense
is he a man whom tho electors of
the Fifth district would denire to have
represent their interests in the Congress.
The land opened yesterday for settle
ment comprises 1,101,!) acres. Much
of it is arable and productive, vrhile a
large portion of it is arid and barren.
Not all of this tract will be pre-empted
or homcsteaded by white settlers, for
every malo Indian of the Foxes and
Sacs will be entitled to a quarter-section
and a whole section in each town
ship will bo reserved as school lands.
After deducting tho acreage thus taken
there will remain 800,000 acres. Out of
this immense tract there is at least 200,
000 acres sterile and unproductive. The
entire tract divided into homesteads
will give 5,000, oue-fourth of which
will bo worthless for farming or other
purposes. Yesterday at noon an ex
cited throng of homestead seekers,
numbering nearly twenty thousand
men, rushed in upon this land, and
each individual ecrambled to locato a
claim. Three-fourths of them were
disappointed, and they will bo com
pelled to seek the centers of population
where villages and cities will blossom
on tho arid sands as if by magic. Kude
cabins, tents and the open air will
allord them hclter until the excite
ment of tho surroundings abates and
then they will scttlo down to contem
plate their future. After a vain strug
gle to gain a foothold in busineis or a
tart in professional hfo the hegira back
to civilization will be Btarted and in two
months time tho new tract will bo de
serted by all save these who were lucky
in securing homesteads and tnoso who
have no money to return and prefer to
remain and tacc starvation rather than
to walk. The hietory of all such loonjs
is labelled with disappointment from
the portal to the exit. Men without
money expect to pass in upon and set
tle government land without cost,
thereby securing for themselves a
home. They are blinded by their
greed and do not count upon the neces
sity for cattle, swine, horses, imple
ments and buildings. They want tho
land and when they get it, in nine cases
out of ten they are left the helpless vic
tims of their own covetousness. Blood
shed and riot not infrequently attend
the rush to these open lands and the
problem for future solution is to mako
the entry upon and settlement of gov
ernment realty less hazardous and
more business-like.
In the death of William L. Scott an
other illustration of tho opportunity
ati'odred for amassing a fortune in
America is presented. Scott started in
life with a capital extending only to
his head and hands. He applied him
self to bmir.es early and by sturdy in
dependence and frugal habits soon had
procured a start. Pursuing a course of
action remarkablo for sagacity and
forehandedness his early hundreds de
veloped into thousands and later on by
extensive trade, mining and manufac
turing investments his thousands grew
into millions. Yet, Scott was not a
man whose success in fortune-making
came alone by sheer luck. He was a
taskmaster of the most tyrannical type,
a despot in business. He exacted tho
last farthing in a deal, demanded tho
last drop of swaat from the brows of
the men who toiled for him and rolled
up the profits which he sequestrated to
swell his millions. He was a product
in the financial world which springs
from grinding monopoly and soulless
greed. Thousands of men received
their daily pittances from his swollen
colTers who had produced tho rapidly
augmenting increase that made him a
modern Croesu. His theory and prac
tice were to get all ho could and to
keep all he got, and there was never a
more conpcuous example of success
in that direction than was tha dead
Congressman. It may bo cruel to
speak ungenerously of the dead, but
the justification in this case is in the
fact that he was never moved by a spir
it of generositf in his life. He will be
mourned by few who depended upon
him for employment. He will te ex
tolled by his colleagues in Congress;
the newspapers of Kne will publish glow
ng obituaries recalling his virtues; the
men of h;s class and station in wealth
will sing paens of praisf? to hU wealth
acquiring genius, but the masses will
have no words of commendation nor
rghs of sorrow. In a year he will have
len forgotten by all save his intimate
friends, for he has left neither endow
ments for chanty, nor a solitary con
tr.but.on to church, school or hopital.
Mr. Scott was a Democrat and a free
trader. In Congress he took an acttve
part in the tanu delates and rude
lumstlf conspicuous as a champion of
cheap tabor. PrclaMy Lis greatest
spoken was devotrd i) the considera
tion cf the iron schedule of the Mc-
and the force of his argurueut destroyed
by oae of his own iliusiratious. He
employed an army of usea ia owa! ci:h
ing, uoa mazmfacturiiig and upoa rail
reads, and was largely ictereated iu
speculative tttcrpr.ses. Ilia weaitn has
been variously estimated at fro::t to -CuOjOW
to $2i,CO0,C, but the ajroxi-"
luata number of millions he possessed
probably wiii bj never kaowu outs.de
hia family. He wai born in Washing
tun, D. C, July 2, lS2i. lie received a
cciwuoa school education aud served
as a rage ia tha House of llepretenU
tivts trout 1 a 10 tlil lsld. He was taken
to Erie by General Peel and was made
del k in the shipping busiues. In 1S&
he began bu?ir.es8 on his own hook,
and soon owned several vessels on the
lakes. He Ucamo largely interested in
the manufacture of iron and mining
coal, as wt-ll as now rejrriitntir.g over
2203 miles ot railroad probably tiu
gieattst number of miles of railroad
tliat one r.iaa ever controlled. He was
elected to the forty-ninth Co greis as it
Democrat having previously served for
several terms as mayor cf Erie.
"II Trovator" was the olTering of the
Atinandale Opera Company at Power'
theater laat evening. Th torrid wave
probably Lad much to do with the at
tendance, though there was an im
provement on the preceding night. The
opera was wcli cast and tho singer all
s?e::u;d to be on their mcttlu. Mi
Annamlale again won great favor fron,
her auditors, u did .Miss Eva turn
mings. M. Pacho is a new tenor U
Grand Eapids, but those who heard him
last night will welcome him. ou futun
engagements. Tho presentation wa
fepiriicd and vigorous, all of the fami
liar numbers being redemanded. The
rngngoment was prosperous, and t!u
impression mado by the leading prima
donna and tho company i such a.
should encourage a return datu. The
company appears in Jackson tonight.
"Dr. Bill" is the title of a spicy and
sparkling comedy whicJi enjoyed near
ly a reason's run at the Garden theater
New York last year. It will Ih pre
sented at Powers' next Friday evening
In reviewing the production of thr
play at tho Lyceum theater Detroit
Monday evening. Yesterday's Free
Press had the following:
"Many of the lines have a pointed
ness which is a bit utiirthug to American
ears. Tho young woman in red who
flashes into a private parlor and points
her too at tho ceiling is alo a surprise ,
but thanks to Ittie Lind, wo have ail
been educated to the divided tkirt.
The audience took to tha whole thing
immensely, especially the kangaroo
Another largo audience saw the
petite 14-vear-old actress, Goldse, in
"The Eocky Mountain Wait" at lled
mond's last evening. Commencing
Friday evening and continuing for tin
remainder of the engagement "tiz"
will bo the pla.
I'urlcaque seems immensely popular
with tho jatrons of Smith's. The Les
ter Williams Company in "Me and
Jack" have thus far played to packed
houses. A matinee will le given today.
Ladies and children are requested to
patronizi the afternoon performance at
the Wonderland, thereby avoiding tlm
crowds in the evening. A tree enter
tainment will bo given to ladies and
children on Friday afternoou.
Traeedian Downing b?can his tour,
which will include tho principal cities
of Michigan, in Detroit Monday even
ing. Ho will play in Grand Rapids
early in October.
Judging from th somewhat meagre
telegraph reports Hill Nye's play " The
Cadi" is verry funny. It was produced
ia New York on Monday evening and
judging from the reception it received
will undoubtedly have a long run.
Ed. R. Salter, is introducing 41 Ole
Oleson" to the ono night stands in
Michigan this week. Ho hat secured
Oie a week's "yob" at Redmond's in
Kx-Congrirtan Ilelknap Confident or
llrpublican uc.
As the timo approaches for the con
ventions to nominate men for the U. S.
Congress, tho interest in tho subject,
which has tcen at an ebq,for some
time, is at full tide again. The nanus
of the probable candidates are on the
lipa of all interestel in the welfare of
the Fifth district and much speculation
is rife concerning tho political issue of
the campaign. Somo of tho prominent
names mentioned for tho Republican
ticket are those of ex-Senator Thomas
W. Ferry, William Aldcn Smith, John
Ration, C. E. Uelknap, C. W. Watkins
and ex-Speaker Diekema of the city.
In conversation with a reporter for
the Ti:i.:nAM-HF.nALD yesterday after
noon Mr. Eeiknap said: "One of the
greatest trouble that the Republican
parly has is its supr-abundance of
good men for the place. They havo so
many that it is hard to choose from
among them. I believe that the prin
ciples of tho men should Iw considered
cs well as the woric tho man can do.
Mai y a man who isn't a collego
graduate, and who can't even
mako a speech, on do letter work
for his district in a quiet way than
a man who is a lorn orator.
It has been the policy of tho Demo
cratic party to nominato a man from
this city, claiming that only such could
be elected. A great many Republicans
think otherwise. I am of the opinion
that tho commercial as well as the
political interests should tJ looked
after in making the nomination. A
Republican victory this fall means a
great deal to us." If we could get a
majority of from 0) to 1000 now, it
would mean at least 2.V)00 to 40000 in
the state a year from this time. A
Democratic victory now would prac
tically be an indorsement of all that
the Democratic leg.slaturo ha don,
including the acts of the present state
administration. Tho convention will
be held October 12lh, which will give
u over two weeks for tho rampa.gn.
That is plenty of time, for the probable
nominen are all well known. There is
no dark horse o far as I know. As far
aalmysidf am concerned, I am very
buy; and base no time or inclination to
boom my own prospects. I have all I can
do to atiend to my three branchesof huni
ne, and it would be a financial loss
for. me to ga to Washington. I believe
I have more friends than I had three
years ago, although some of my t-et
fronds then are my bitterest enemies
now. Put I am very proud of the
enemies. I have never kon sn otnee
seeker, and I am not seeking office now.
1 bthevo ilia I the Republican convea-
t on w li ba w.se DOU2a to nominate a
V jod man. and t oever h is, I t-ict
tk ruy cot r giit on ana g u
rk for n-n- If Farmer AL.at.CJ
'unnatcs K.eiiirdwja, I wouldn't bs
at a
,11 surprised u liave me ieiiiocji.v
vtiiLou eudore ttie nomiuat.ca.'
A alloy of 75 per cent, of fold and it
per cenV of altuaiaiaia la the most bril
liant kcown.
Eecxxt experiments anow that with
proper appliances ordinary gaslight can
b ued ia unking- photograph.
Cr recat appliance to kitchen
nm ffea the refuse from the kitchen is
thoroughly driod, converte4 Into char
coaL fcud ufced a f ueL
DiveiiS cotiee that when llsa are
frhjhteaed each variety fceeka the ahel
Urcf the suhtaarine growth nearest in
color to the fl-th.
Ai-TiiocGii diamonda will stand arery
ldgh temperature when held ia vacuum,
tho ededf ion of air causes them to
Vurn aloott as readily aa coaL
Thr use of the electric light baa been
found to raaterially reduce the amount
cf illuesain factories which had previ
ously used gns or oil for lighting.
Mixittjc eletric lighta are-rucccsa-fally
u.sed in dentistry, making the
presence cf very small cavities visible
when they would otherwise escape no
tice Ssi Aix cups aro now being used with
jrre&t success by oculists for the cure
of longsightedness and kindred diseases
cf the eye. The cupping restores the
circulation and strengthens the tissues.
A xbw treatment for yellow fever has
cured every case of this disease in San
tiago do Cuba. The principal part of
the new process consists in placing the
patient in what is termed a "polar"
Ix establishing the longitude of Mo
Gill college in Montreal by means of
the telegraph it was found that it took
tho electric current 1.05 seconds to cross
the ocean and return, a distance, of
5.CC3 miles.
Thk largest gasometer in the world
i3 now bclnjj built for a London com
pany. Its diameter will be 809 feet
end the height 180 feet. Its capacity
will bo 12,009,000 cubic feet and weight
2,e23tons. It will take 1,200 tons of
coal to fill it with gas.
Electric welding has now becomo
almost universal in large establish
ments. The use of a flux Is unneces
sary. Electricity Is now used for mak
ing forgings, augurs, railroad npiker,
ball bearings and many other articles
hitherto made by hand or by expensive
machinery. Q
Water Ueailoek Is Very Rang-erooj, Dot
V.niJ I'artalp Is Not.
In a recent number of Pharmaceu
tiache Rundschau, Prof. F. R. Power, of
Wisconsin, reviews come cases of
poisoning by the so-called wild parsnip,
with the result that in 6everal cases
where poisoning was supposed to havo
been due to the wild form of the com
mon parsnip (Puitinaca tatita) it was
caused by eating the roots of water
heralcck or spotted cowbane (Cicvta
rnaeulaia) the root of which has long
been known as a deadly poisonous um
belliferous plant. There has long been
a very popular belief that common
parsnip In its wild form is poisonous.
Chemical examination made Eotno years
ngo by Prof, Power and Mr. Ilenoctt
failed to show a poisonous principle in
the root. Roiled roots fed in consider
able amount to cats showed no ill ef
fects. In one case three and a half
ounees of root was chopped fine, mixed
with some meat and fed a dog. Tho
dog' was observed under confinement
lor two days, but no symptoms of pois-
(The- lower half of tho temiocU root Is cut
out to sbow the caTitles.)
oning developed. The roots of the
spotted cowbano which is a common
plant ia taaay places in tho west, is
deadly poison. The symptoms as de
scribed by Dr. Avery are vomiting and
pain in the epigastrium, soon followed
by convulsions. In tie cases attended
by Dr. Avery, eight children had par
taken of the root; three of them died.
'Those who died never regained con
Rckmsness after the first spasm, tho
poison having leen largely absorbed
before the physicians wcro rent for."
Treatment, according to Stlllo and
Maisch, should consist in emptying tho
stomach by emetics, "and amcsthetlcs
and narcotics used to control the
A Monkey's Heroism.
The following story of a monkeys
feeroism is told by an Indian psper: "A
Urge orang-outang was very much at
tached to hi master and to the baby lwy,
mho was the pet of ths whole family.
One day a fire suddenly broke out in the
houe, and everybody was running here
and there to put it out, whil the little
boy ia his nursery was almont forgotten,
and whea they thought of him the sUlr
caw was all ia name. What could be
done? A they were looking up and
wondering, a larjc hairy hand n1 arm
Vened the window, and prently the
cuoaksy appeared with the baby in his
arm, and carefully climbed down over
the porch and brought the child safely to
Vis nurse."
leally Paee Metal.
The remits of an investigation eon-
Cfmin- the cause of the lnsolobUity of
pure metals in acids are contributed by
jjr Tee re n to the liertcht. ie ia
rave, RO Ion? ags tha year 1?G0,
points out that chemically rnsre cine !
lraof.t perfectly Irolnlde in oiltite
enlphorie acid. Dr. Weercn'a theory of
the pbenomenoa is follows:
Chemically Vnr9 ,5rte rn,a many
other metals In a stat of parity are in-
olabla or only yery fc'Urhilj vlnbje $a
acid, becau&e, at the moment oS i&elr
latroJuciio-i tha acid, they becoina
urrouEiit J by an ttrophe.r ci ooa
deawsl by dngeu, which uader normal
circaxactfcXic eUectaally prvtecU Lh
laentU froaa further attack oa tld part
cf tha acid. The experiment froaa
whh'li this theory h& been dtrirtd.
tvtre briefly t3 follovrs: The aasant
of cheniiciiily puro tine clisolvad by tho
acid w as first detertauued. It waa neai
sought to dtterniiao what diffcrenca
would be effecttd by pcrfirnaiig the
experiment ia rctkt, when of courwe the
escape of the hydrogen would be great
ly facilitated, The aolubility was
found under these eirrumttaneea to be
increased sevenfold. Xext the experi
rxieKit was performed at the boiling
temperature cf the diiuto acid, first
when ebullition waa prcvente-d
by increasing the pressure, and
secondly w4ucn ebullition waa uu
hindered. Ia the first case, whea
ebullition was prevented, the solubility
was practically the tame as ia the cold;
whilo in the feccosd cuse w ith uninter
rupted ebullition, tho solubility was in
creased 24 times. Finally, expericients
were made to ascertain tho effect of in
troducing into the acid a traall quantity
of an oxidizing agent capable of convert
ing the hydrogen film to water. When a
little chromic acid was thus introduced
the aolobility was increased 175 times,
and when hydrogen peroxide w as en
poyed tho solubility was increased
three hundredfold. The explanation of
tho easo with which tho metal becomes
attacked when tho ordinary hapuritles
aro present is that the Lydrogvn is not
then liberated upon tho surface cf the
zinc, but rather upon tho move electro
negative impurities, leaving the pure
tino itself opsn to the continued attack
of the acid.
Tinrjlars Outwitted.
A new burglar alarm that has recent
ly, been patented contains laany new
and novel features. In eettiag the
alarm tho pcrtou who locks tip the
premises presses a button cn the side
of the door, which in turn operates a
drop that closes tho r.ces&ary circuit
for pv.tting tho alarm ia wording order
for the night. After this is done no ono
can eater tho building even if the wires,
leading to tha door and window tarings
are in full view. If ttjo nlarin connect
ing with tho police station has the cir
cuit cut an audible alarm on the out
side of the building is instantly pet in
circuit, so tho building b never without
Electricity as a Sltire Tower.
The tendency of street railway com
panies to substitute electric cars for
cabVs cars on their lines is on the in
crease, and tho statistics of working1 ex
pellees and assets which from time to
timo become available to show in
every case that the char: ere has been a
wiae one. Another confirmation of tho
superiority of the eleotrie car over tha
cable from a financial point of isvr Is
afforded in tho statement of the last
year's earnings and expenses of the
Denver Tramway Company, which
shows that while tho operating ex
penses to gross etrnins of thj cablo
lines In Denver stood in the ratio of 77
per cent, those of the electric lines were
OS per cent., a clear '-9 percent, ia favor
of electricity.
Jlora Tower for Cjelerm.
A distinctively novel feature In bi
cycle construction is tho use of an oval
sprocket wheel to convey power from
the cranks of a safety machine to the
driving wheel. The cranks are placed
at rijht auplca to the lonr diameter
of the ellipse, and it ia claimed that by
this arrangement tho rider is given
greater povrur. When tho cranks are
in tho position that glvea tha rider the
least leverage under ordiaary circum
stances, tho elliptical sprocket wheel
increases the purchase and gives great
er pow-r. The resistance is made more
uniform than in tho case of the or
dinary construction.
Fans to Cool the Tattcoreta.
An engineer onoao of the Indian rail
ways haa introduced an ingenious ap
paratus for keeping paasenyer cars cooL
A sclf-rcvolvinj fau, arranged to cfltch
the air frcm all directions, is fitted be
neath each car, and when the train is in
motion it provides a cool and pleasant
breeze. Even after th train ha.s come
to a 6top the arrangement will keep in
motion for f nlly fifteen minutes.
Steam and
Gas Fitting.
GssaMne Steve repairing a Specialty.
Thene 3031.
Stamped Goods and Stamping
II. H. IIAItltlH,
Te'f phone 317. 525-527 S. Dlvis'cn-st
Okfick or "j
Tnr Roaitn of Edvcatiox, V
Grand Rapids, Mich., Kept. 22, 131.)
Separate sealed proposals will be re
ceived at the office of the secretary,
City Hall, until 4 p. m. Saturday, Sep
temUr 2(5, 1??1, for the necessary exca
vationsand the erection of basements
for school buildings, (brick work notin
eluded), at the following places:
First. On site corner of Hall Street
and GrandVille Avenue.
Second. On site corner of West
Leonard and Widdiromb Streets.
Third. On the north side of Sitley
Street, bf-tween Indiana Street and
Lane Avenue.
Plans and specific stions are at the
office of W. CJ. TVbinon, architect,
New Houseman Mock.
T. D. LKADrilXD,
Chairman, ComcUte on Building.
I w
crra cjmun VaN
TLe tinportaaee cf parif jit j the Mood eaa
rct t iere.tix&.tei. for without pate
blood you caam enjoy o4 Lfalih.
M ti ls ttaftoa nearly every out needs a
good nielieloe te puriTy, vitUue, ai4 t-unch
tie Hood, and lion's Sai-siptrill Is wi-jU
yuur coi.tlei.ee. It is tcu'.ur la tLui u
sireujalieiiS kui builds up the yrtera. crt'itrs
an i'jetite, w d toues the deciion, tLa
it eradicates disease. Glte it a trtL
Hood's Sorsipirill Is sold I jralldi-urctst.
rreparea by C L Hood & Co., Lowell, Hut
IOO Doses Ono Dollar
ProWEllS fill AN I) CJI'EKA HOrsB
Prsdy 1 Jarnvd...Leean4 Man?er$
T. 1'. llickt j.l;eklJuit ilau'.r aud lrrk
The Great Lauch Trovoker anl are Core lor
the L'lues!
From tLe OarJea Taratar, New York,
ix hi p i::: a.i.-
SO Niahtsl'i Pari.
:t MUt la br.don.
N g!iis in New York
Presented by an F.ie lJcul tcpan). itli ths
UrUiual I'roiMTtirs. A pfroprlaie ecoucty
an i Lsadsoue ivnuaes.
DR. DILL will le prfcdd at ercrx rerform
ajice lit
A tfcarrulas Oae-Act rlsy.
Litres find M.iazf rs.
SU MNER Bl RROUoHr.. Actlnu Manager.
On YVerk, Cnmromrlut
bunilay, Sept. XO.
The Youngest. lirlcbtet and
J'letllest Sul)rette
In the ReaHitle Comedy
Friday and Saturday Matinees,
anl the tnuttoual Mcl
Irani a
r7Tr7 The re?t ef The
-j-LZ1j, west.
Bpecla! Fcfnery.
A Co.tivauy ot Artists.
Wonderland Mussb & Theater!
V.. M. Ftronu. f. U i'mlth. I'ror-rletor.
WUllard ttsnton....;.. Manter.
From 1 to 5 ani 7 to VJ i. in.
Monday Evening, Sept. 21.
In the Theatre.
kcowu ttie wrIdorer
m P. T. l'arnum's
Ma2aanan In plcav
Inz Vloliii fcoljand
the luany Dutch '.
median In volumes ot
dolnz the Uror.uejt
art of any dnct r la
The Great, tbe Only
In a phenomenal wire
JticcUncand hat pi li
nt .
Tho Alustcal Favor
ites. In the C urio Hall
Tbe Great and Only
In bis Jjn.ono prlne
tloa rrrsentlnc Gal
atea, the living iui
fower. eharn.lna anl
lndes'Tibab e.
the triple Joi&ted
tbe treat and wonder
lul fire ju-eiu
Tne lucasir.
The Madagascar Faro
t y.
Tather and ann.Uve
represent at lvr frrn
the Island ct Mada
A. L. Ill KT k SON.
Siitvrdny afternoon all school eMldrea d-
rnittt a lur ft rents, ine'nllnc a a-at to the
theater. Admission to Curii llaM. Mar an l
1 boater. 10 c, Reservea tt-ats in Theater, b. 1J
and extra.
WM. R.
rrop'r and
Matinees. Wednesday. Thnrsday, Friday anl
Is stbere yoa et tbe rest
A lanrs stork eeBstact:y en r.and,
trail! t It eay t select from.
149 M ft f
rMtfwiM. u. rWkS
m4 m rrvn ft a tb-i
f4. Si4 Hi rrm4 fir U
Jwnk frrm r'rtgrWa, r
rrd 4 V. m. RMStl tt4, J

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