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Threa Extra TinsU Exhausted In
Jadg? AdUit'i Court
Appir4c Uli All4 TUtlat A
1 ifiu-Ysr-014 birl-Hsav? J ad.
ssst by Urauil TrsarlpLS
11 sl i i v w i iialJ.
Tha c&m of t)ie i'rcf ! vs. I'avid J.
McWnorWr, infortivttoa tor rap, wa
cw lltfJ in JtiiUe A4t's court yesterday
afternoon. The court room waa
c.vwded with the neighbors of the
ptrtiea concerned in the case. The
f rout row ot Nil wa occupied by the
Ikdy fr;nd of the uufortunate girl.
Mist Georgia Moore, of Byroa. The
c joiptaiaant is a pretty, refined ap
p anng girl of 15 yar and sat m
e tart With an apparent feeling of tin
i tity. The respondeat appeared rest
ioit and sat witU downcast eyes as the
tcomplamant psod by Lira upon en
ring the room, lie is a strong mus
cular young nuaa aroui 3 years old,
and has beta in the employ of the O.
K. A I. railway a telegraph operator
st Hots station. Prosecuting Attorney
I Kaight appeared for the people and
J. A. Kairtield and Frank Donaldaon
tor tn prisoner. The whole after-
nxn was ukea up in trying to get a
iury. The regular panel was ex
Minted and the court ordered that
ttnrtr iurors be drawn from the ten
wirUi of the city. They were drawn
a4 follows:
Ymi Ward-John S. Farr, Wm. KJe-
Tit, Albert Inena.
second Ward that. E. Herrington,
John W. Klosterhonse, George A.
Third Wan! C'ornelius Fox, Martin
Schram, Samuel Fox.
Fourth Ward Andrew A. Griel.Chaa.
Trapsr, John Cordes.
Fifth Ward Charles II. Raundera,
Cmian loo Kudolph Twark.
JSLvtb WardJ ime A. niyth, George
AVytkoop, Joiiin Ingraham.
v nth Ward Frank J. Frits. Theo
dora Hrichtmg, Andrew lopoki.
K 5hth Ward Mauley Czusky, Henry
Zollmr, Peter Schickie.
Ninth Ward i. J. Thompson, K. E.
Kiventisch, John Schmidt.
Tenth Ward Henry ll. Huston, Or
Undo Twiner, George 11. Wilson.
The attorneys were unable to get a
satisfactory jury from to: list and
another order was made by the court
that a second list be prepared. The
order was complied wita and the fol
lowing list was drawn:
First ward Feter Pell, Geo. Dillen
back. Secoud ward Wra. Livingston, Chas.
If. White.
Third ward Geo. II. Davidson, John
II. Hoxton.
Fourth ward Andrew J. Stebbins,
George If. Leonard.
Fifth waid llawley If. Cargill, John
Sixth ward John II. Jones.
Feventh ward Albert S. Damskey.
Eighth ward Peter Voigt.
Ninth ward Thomas Chapman.
Tenth wsrd Geo. Powell.
It being pretty evident that this list
would not be sufficient from which to
get a full panne!, a third draw was
ordered to be made and the following
list was prepared:
First ward Herman Gezon.
Second ward AU-ert W. Bern is.
Third ward Cornelius Verschoor.
Fourth ward Henry J. Keller.
Fifth ward James Driscoll.
Sixth ward Anson Konkle.
Seventh ward James A. Coye. !
Eighth wsrd Mthew Keller.
Ninth wark James Lindsley.
Tenth ward James W. Hart.
The above list had cot been called
fcr when court adjourned last evening,
tut a jury had not been obtained. The
cast; will be called again this morning,
T hen the attempt to et a jury will be
III Abene Mad Fsrnaaeat. '
Elizabeth Elakesley was granted a
divorce from Egtert E. Blakesley In the
inferior court yesterday. She stated
that Egbert bad been extremely cruel
to her and that he had left her eighteen
months sco. She desired that his ab
sence le made compulsory and perma
nent and she did not appeal in vain.
4lrlr-xt to Shaw CkB.
A judgment was rendered in Justice
Westfall's court Oct. 7, 1S30, against
Annte Tarelaar, for f 136.91. The suit
was brought by the P.inville Stove and
Jlacufacturing Company and the de
fendant was prevented from taking an
appeal within the statutory limit on ac
count of sickness. The plaintiffs are
ordered to appear before Judge Adsit
as xn after the 12 Ui dsy of October as
ossibl and show catvs why a special
crde r cf the ccurt should not be made
allowing the defendant to take an ap
peal from the judgment
Frail ef a Uig FalUra.
A judgment was rendered in Judge
Grove's court yesterday against Arthur
Meigs and P.ichard G. Pters in favor
rf the Detroit National Bank for f23t
711.4. The judgment was given on
us promissory mte issued by Arthur
reij; and endoried by Itiehard .
r"ter. Ther wer given prior to the
fsdore of Arthur Meigs A Co. The de
fendtnts made no contft in the case,
he pica having ben withdrawn.
Jndtntcnt jr Ifanlt.
A jedsmect was rendered in Judg
Grove's court yr fUrday in favor of the
Key Manuf.vturinjr Compsny agaiaat
J.n and Pari.l W:tr.ter. of Caledonia,
If r f.'W.T -nd a t. The judgment
aj rrrdcrd hr d-rult.
Talis Fo-ademsr, rf Ka'am.iroo, has
KgJn smt in th' Kent circuit court,
2int Jerrmish W. Boyrton to col
hcl and alged dM cf $U7..). It is
t!.irr?d tie amrnnt hs ben due
wc June f, 1M, ar! that the debt
was contracted for Iral services rend
erd by the p!,:nt:fT.
" i m m
Trarripts in the fo'.lowipj cas
were fated in the United States court
"In Ch'tosgn and North Michigan
rstlrrad con-pany, pet:tiot?rr, vs. Am
itc I F.. A Men aiMt Carrie 8. AWen.
demnat.cn provtrdug, J rom Emmet
Ilfnry IT. IWt vs. N!on C. Walton
ard Jamr K, Monroe, from Muskegon
Fri J. Tbmprn Tha fire As-sv'-st."m
cf rh;ia4!.rhi, from Mont.
c'm co'irir,
Mlr t V w.
W. p.rnwa, cf Kaawtirt,
gtt'tly m the !.i.t-d fiifes
out paying tn Un Wl Stitr t.u, and
upen IK jo ir-tu coutt t. wj d.-charg-ji."
The grand jury returned thrve true
bills to the CciWd Suus Curt yes
terday. Tb examinatioa of I). J. McCarthy
for readmiMiCit to the Kent county tar
has been postponed to Oct. IS.
Tha tre!pas cm ot GetTit Stevens
vs. Flo$ie J. le'rit was continued
over the ttrm yesterday in the circuit
Littl foitca
Viola Symes, charged with stealing
from Mrs. Eliza A. illodgett. was
held to the superior court for trial.
Fred Granidman was convicted of
assault and battery and pa:d a tine and
coats amounting to 10.30.
The tae against Walter Mulder and
John Prttenga, charged with assault
with intent to commit murder, was
nulle pros'd yterday and the respond,
ents were discharged upon payment ot
costs amouuting to 3.45.
ralt4 States Caart. ,
Terrin Bro.'s Company vs. Bert D.
Pampaon et al.; order discontinuiSn
cstsw as to defendants Backus, Craw
ford, Van Allen and Mount; jury em
panneled and trial in progress.
Henry M. Husted vs. Lyman D.
Norris. argument on demurrer to plea
in abatement and matters taken under
Heaton-Peninsnlar Button Fastener
Company vs. The Tradesman Publish
ing Company et al.; order continuing
on motion cf defendants.
Circuit Court-Part 1.
Th Ky Manufacturing company vs.
John W li ner and David Wilmer, as
sumpsit: iudement for plaintiff for
$653.01 ana costs.
Gernt Stovens vs. Flossie J. DeVries,
trespass on the case: by consent con
tinued over term without costs.
Frank Carroll vs. Jerome L. Lee, as
sumpeit; continued over term.
The Detroit National bank vs. Ar
thur Miegs and Richard G. Peters; as
sumpsit; judgment for plaintiff 28,
711.43 and costs. Plea withdrawn.
Circuit Court rart II.
nox. axles c. adsit, judge.
The People vs. Hugh Miller, informa
tion for rsoe; jury out.
Joseph E. Bowman vs. George W.
Shaver, assumpsit; judgment for plain
titr $2 5 1.20 and costs.
The People vs. David J McWhorter,
information for rape; court adjourned
to draw a jury.
In the matter of additional jurora;
order that thirty jurors be drawn from
the ten wards in this city.
superior Court.
Elizabeth Blakesley vs. Egbert E.
Blakesly, in cbaneery; hearing in open
court and decree ot divorce granted
complainant on grounds of extreme
cruelty and aon-support.
The People vs. Thomas McLachlin,
larceny from the person; Jerome
Phillips ordered subpoened as a wit
ness at expense of the people. Trial
by jury; verdict guilty; sentence de
ferred until this morning.
The People vs. Frank Pixley, larceny;
nolle pros'd on motion of prosecuting
The People vs. Eugene Kingsley .burg
lary and larceny; reasons for not filing
information filed and case nolle pros'd
on motion of prosecuting attorney.
In re habeas corpus for Melvin A.
Raymond; the petitioner, Silas II. Ray
mond, granted temporary custody of
the child and ordered to appear in
court Monday, December 7, for a final
order concerning his future custody.
Probata Court.
Estate of John W. Taylor, deceased;
petition for administration filed; hear
ing October 30.
Estate of John Patrick Brown, de
ceased; administrator's final account
filed; hearing October SO.
EstaU of Luke Parish Brown, de
ceased: administrator's final account
filed ; hearing October 30.
Etate of Henry Craw, deceased; re
port of committee on claims filed.
z.sia.e o. LCTiua van oeutieu e. ai.,
minor; guardians second account
filed: hearing October 26.
Estate of Lillie M. Laweon et al.,
minors; guardian's second account
filed; hearing October 26.
It Is
AUffd that Ha Fatleed Little
Ulrls to Tliir Distjraee.
J. Bartholomew was arrested yester
day and placed in a cell at police head
quarters on a warrant sworn out by
Capt. Johnson. He keeps a candy
store on Plain 6cld-ave., near Finn's
Hall, aud complaints have been niado
that he has been in the habit of entic
ing little girls into his store by promises
of candy and perfumery. When once
inside he would take improper liberties
with them by fondling them in a dis
respectful manner. The parties named
in the warrant are Belle Gravcline and
Gertie Ball, little girls 13 years old and
the crime charged is criminal assault.
aetiejsrs Discharged.
Michael Finn and John Eagan were
arraigned in police court yesterday on
a charge of malicioui injury to prop
erly. They wore arrested on the com
plaint of ( has. Grsee, of the TarneM
House, on Platnfieid-ave., who says the
boys became wrathy at him because hn
would not sell them liquor on Sunday,
and began to stone hia house and to
break his furniture. J. E. McBride
appeared in court frr the defendants,
and succeeded in securing their release
nn the groi:nd that the complaint was
irregularly made out.
t'ttd states Orasd frr.
The following members of the grand
jury were called in the United btaUs
court jesterdsy and proceeded to ex
auuae tne triminal caa brought be
fore it: Wm. H. Cobb Kalamazoo, chair
man; Ja. A. McKay, Grand Rapids; D.
D. Tourtellotte, Glenn; Duncan Ken
nedy, Portland; R.J. Matheas. Bald
win: John E. De Field, Benton Harbor;
R, D. Dit, Berrien Springs; Samuel
Sears. Grand Rsnds; Edward M. La
IVrce, Nilee; M. It. Lacker, Traverse
City; Arthur Fisher, R chland; Henry
Rogers, Orange; Geo. H. Mardock, Ber
rien Spr.nrs; John M. Glavin, New Buf
falo; C. lawrenre, Seherna; Wm.
IIarr;snn, Bloorrungdals; John Cia,
Fremont; Edward Finley, Hartford;
John C. Lewje, Whitehall; Danxt
nrrv. Charlotte: C. A. hutliff. Ptde-
Three ifldi-tmnU wert foond aa th
res-iTt ef thf mvrst gat ou
Crlmls) S Ape.
All city frm;nl ae w ll l mil
in th sM.rk-f eurt tsi Tri:ar
mom nf, HUbf JS an-4 t rjit
ents ars rtp-rvd tl Srfsaf its cmtrt
thlJs!. All !ho sr not w
t t ryogUt bs a Htivh wstratitj
Watch Ttoef round Guilty By
The Jury.
By Tho Failaro of a Coaiplaialaje Wit.
ta Airar Klaftlcr Was Hs
tau Oal to rail lata Aa
Officer's Staad Agaia,
The scales of the blind goddess are
kept busily tilting in the superior court
and justice is weighed out to a numler
of criminals every day. Thomas Mc
Lachlin was before the bar yesterday
for larceny. If there were no other
bars except those of the court Thomas
would undoubtedly be a better man,
but he loves to linger where the "Sour
Mash" fioweth like a river and the
beer keg smothereth its fury into the
schooner and the snip. When under
the influence of such surroundings
Thomas loses that peculiar definitive
faculty which distinguishes .mine from
thine and the loss of it gets the loer
into trouble. It was so iu this case.
Leonard Oortuerson, eat in maltose
meditation in Bernard McCarthy's
saloon, Thomas saw his watch chain
hanging out of hia pocket and by putt
ing eeutiy on it he drew forth a watch.
The fact that the watch and Thomas
were both missing half a minute later
excited suspicion. He was arrested and
coroborative evidence was produced
that convinced the jury that he was
guilty and the court will name the pen
alty this morning.
Klng-kloy's Joy Faded Away.
Fred Pixley is the younsr man who
removed Nathan L. Austin's horso
from between the thills of his carriage
and substituted an animated hatrack in
its place. He realized a small profit
from the exchange, was arrested and
should have been tried in the superior
court yesterday. The complaining
witness failed to show up and Pixley
was discharged from custody.
Eugene Kingsley is a young man
with a face like a walleyed pike. He is
charged with several counts of bur
glary and larceny. By some oversight
he was arrested under the wrong
statute and the prosecutor filed his
reasons for not filing an information
against him. The court held the rea
sons insufficient and ordered the case
nolle prosed. Young Kingsley pranced
out of the court room with a smile ot
delerous joy and half a dozen sympa
thetic bootblacks followed to congratu
late him. To his unutterable disgust
he met Officer Jakeway in the hall and
was immediately rearrested and taken
to police court there to be examined
under tho proper statute.
Raymond Recovers His Llttls Boy
An AffsctlnK Sceas.
The habeas corpus case for the pcsv
session of the infant Melvin A. Kay.
mond, brought hy his father, Silas 11.
Kaymond, wa. 0iven a further hearing
in tli superior court yesterday. The
father was granted the temporary pos
session of the child and was ordered to
appear in court December 7 to hear the
final disposition of the case. Mrs.
Oooch, tho lady who has had the care
and custody ot the child since its birth,,
and who opposed the restoring of it to
the father wept bitterly at the order
and her parting with the little one was
most affecting. She was granted the
piivilege of visiting the child at proper
intervals, and the father cheerfully ac
Could Not Ag-rcs on a Verdict.
The case of the people against Hugh
Miller, charged with committing rape
upon Mrs, Frauds Bowers, of Casnovia.
was given to the jury yesterday at
noon and after wrestling with the qnca
tion of his guilt or innocence until i) p.
CO years the standard
A Pure Cream
Tartar Towder
Coatsias Amtnoala.
Dr. Price gives larger and fuller cans than those
of any other Baking Powder manufacturer.
Above cut represents the comparative size of one pound can each
,Dr. Price's Royal and "Taylor's One Spoon. These cans were
get side by side, then photographed down In exact proportions to
admit the plate in this space. Ask your grocer to set a one pound
can of any other brand alongside 1 lb. Dr. Price's Cream Baking
Powder, and observe the difference, as illustrated above..
Adulterated powders may usually be detected by their heavier
bulk, as shown by the small cans, and these scantily filled, often
containing a circular to help fill out the cans. It is a singular fact
that many of the ammonia and alum baking powders are advertised
as "Absolutely Pure," All official examinations prove that it would
be safe to reject all powders labeled absolutely pure.
The economy in using Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder does
not consist alone in the fact that much larger and fuller cans ara
given, but Dr. Price's is a stronger, purer and more wholesome bak
ing powder than any other known. Does better work, and goes
farther, hence more economical in every way.
What woman would use an ammonia or alnm baking powder if
iU Such rowdera not
ammonia gives to the complexion a sallow and blotched appearance
Dr. Price's Cream Biking Powder Is reported by all
authorities- a ffee frrmj ammonia, alum, lime, or any other
adulterant. The mirity of this ideal powder has never been
quutioucd, '
petuating my work. Here Is a life's practice of a Woman anions
Women, and contains Fact that cannot be found else
where! lib the largest collection the world laa ever known."
ICotr. Tbee Records are arailable to the Women of the world.
Personal attention is given to counJentlal letters, and correspondence la
solicited frou; suffering women. Swd ttims for "Guids ta Hsslta sad Ctifustts.
I ths on!r PosKIt Car aad lritiraat nasaady COMPOUND
for ths yxTiliar weitkiie s&d aiiuwnt of woiura. 1
It curt Uie wort form of Fcatsl Compliant!, that Besris-4iown Fclinf, Vfcuk
Park, I'sltiof and iJipIstnieat of the Womb, In damnation, tMa.uu Trout-lr,, aul nil
DranU) 1'iwaii ot the Uterus or Womb. U lnrJual!p ia iht Chan ye cf Ufr. 11
olves anj exptli Tumors truin the I'wrua at an earlr atse, aiul chv inj U inlrs to
CaiKvrou Humor. utdv Faintn, ExcirabiU:f, Xrou frotrstioo, Kxliaustios,
ami atrenxthpn aul tone th Mfruaii. Caw Hrajsch,Or:-al lability, liwliiTt-atioR,
f tc, anl tnriKorate tb whole avatrm. For tli curs of Kltiiiry Cotaplaitata of iiur
Ihn CaaaMkaad hits aa rival. Q
"v Ail lru?i: mU it a siisadarsl article, or a-nt br mall, in form of Tilt, or
Lozenge, ou receipt of Al.OO. LYDIA E. PINKHAM MED. CO.. LYNN. MASS.
m. they announced their inability to
agrco upon a .verdict and thev were
discharged by the court from further
consideration of the case. The case
had been on trial for four days.
Aa Orliclaal riaa to Sacnre Msnsjr Euds
to Dismal Kallurs.
Detectives Smith and Darr arrested
D. II. Noel last evening for obtaining
money under false pretenses. Noel is
a married man residing at No. 15
Stocking-st., and has been operating his
system for somo time. He is 55 years
old. His plan has been to go about
the city under the pretense of wanting
to rent a house. In making change in
payment of the first installment of rent
he would take a bill from the renter
and go forfc.the pretended purpose of
getting it changed. After getting the
bill in his possesion he would fail to
return. lie would also borrow articles
from bis neighbors and sell" them V)
dealers in second-hand goods.
Ara Ton In It.
The above reters to the cut prices on
our line of "ehirta to order." Only two
weeks more. '
Grand Karros Custom Shirt Co.
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Tha Baca.
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Dixon's new dining ball, 43 and 45
Pearl-st., (near Arcade) for a good din
ner. Koom for all, and all yon want
to eat. Dinner 20 cents, breakfast or
supper 15 cents.
Price our silks before purchasing else
where. Voigt, IIkhpolishkimek & Co.
On this and every Wed
nesday, Evening during the
winter I ; Jwill offer oOO different
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Price our silks before purchasing else
where. oiot, IIerpolsheimf.u & Co.
, '( a.. ov
Contains Alum and Ammonia.
only undermine the health, but
1 v w k ri x h am u Mrs.
Chas. 11. l'xsH?J. 44 My
daughter, you have sprtit
iu.4iiy yccr of yocr life
in ai ling rue to coa-pii
tke record. An anaiy
is of every esse of female
dUeae ever broasht to
my attcLtion is here;
this will aid vou in per
Specialty iu j3riccs
and patterns in Pants.
Announcement to the la
dies: I have a full stock of
cloths for Ladies' Jackets,
Top and Box Coats and
Cloaks, tho. latest French
designs. Have also 209 rem
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Tbernlsa fe lerlit tLU town that sJvertlsln
Grsnt Cosl jent bacons e OLD X.i.Y..
"owths.t filler Incinurtts tliat OLK LLU
Coal Kt Its name from tJeneral Lre, l ot
tUat Jet ware t:es ciiKtkKcna: I' e fct
ot the cbsc Is. the land ware OLD LKK
Coal is mined was wunc oned by a
man th'-t a very OLD. an uis
name wssLee; but he w;tfi.t no
relation to j;?nertl Lee. more,
he didpt kno Ofneml Lee,
xcept by rerptat'on. We
bopethls feller that Is sdvertisin Wrant Co.-!l
vlllletupoo OLD LEK. bcrous be was au
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Pbone HL
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Grand Rapids Ice L Coal Go.
rta I'ISAltr, KTKKET.
Did advic9 in
fact haro
prrat many.
Don't ktioxrbnt
Ta'ero one.
Ton nay.
Pet wea srstbfBk asnaa
lst;slc M f t-nSiTi-.
t;l !t l !(- t-ry sow
t A. U. XSOWlX'N.
Si Pearl-at
. N ),( r fiar Ifcaa
m mm cm ice m can en.
Dr. B.Clay Todd, 1G North
Division Street, rooms 1, a
No on in perfectly heal
thy, and your complaint,
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scure, can be cured by this
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EioI:sIv:!y 0i7i33 Frcstici
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the arms or Itack, Jiizzir ets anrt other
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Directions in all language.
16 north Diiision-St.,
oict kafids, men.
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Catarrh, deafness, rheumatism, ner.
vous debility, impotence and all dis
eases resulting from carlf indiscretions
and cxcescs of manhood, all diseases of
tho urinary organs, partial paralysis,
varicccclle, ruptures, tumors, scrofula,
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charges, and ro about your employ,
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desire to he alone, gloomy forelslinp
a disposition to worry and fret about
trouble t!irad that never comes, spells
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times low spirit, you are suffering from
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nerve power, whioh may ttid io utt-r
prostration, insanity and death.
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mss, trrniUitig, prickly sensations, cold
feet and lgs, you are advancing to that
most serious dise ase. tara! ysia.
If your head aches, fYeis nurr.b and
tirtxi, with strance t'nsaticns lors of
memory, and you think with difficulty,
tr yon are s!e pless at night,w,th dr w.
sines and dullness during tne day, Ute
nerve and brain fatigue may soon rui
Into insanity or death.
Jf vou Lave any of thes feelings t!o
not m cL cl theni or lhty Will ecd ;o par
alysis,' insanity, prostrat on ofdeath.
As you value your Lfe do not nglr t
these wamini. Time and esperinre
have shown, and hundredsof startim;
and marvellous cures have proved, that
th diseases are perfectly and com
pit tely cured by Ir. 8. Clay Todd, No.
16 North l.vwor-t., Wrnham lot k,
rfyms 1, 8 ard 4, Grand JUfida. '
L'r.der trie ue of I. 8. Clay Todd'i
remarkable remedies all the ymp
toms yield as if ly magv and strength
of nerves, virf of brain, Titahty of
blood and health of body are soon r?
ft Iht reroed'es are pure?y wegeUblt
and hrinle, aod can only be obtained
at hi M'flicei.
lJjTtlI compounds Lis presicrip
tjons triors -h patient m his ofS
1I 301IS c&ce ia at 1; Noib
l;t-Mrf'-U, WT.bm birtefc, rooms I, s
and 4, rand Rapids, Mich.
II is m.-dicies agree w;th th stomach
ar 'iyotieati eat ary thine yoi choose,.
He is :n tis ofe-e trom tim the wrm
Irrg ontil 7 m t'e evening, very dsy
iot nrdsfa.
Ca'.l, rvrryr-dy. A frwl!y U!k wUi
cot yoi nothing.
Low CfcarsfsJ lUpsd Carl
ii yf.H' .. .

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