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yt?v. TKr.rr.iMTT nyim-iy -KintY,.Mnriio, pMimm is, 1CDL
J Eswlfd HMdleaworth, Bead a
Ballet Into His Erata
A Latter treat IwHtkutl la HU
I etfc.t Tl lae aiary Hie Bxljr
eaa la the Seal
r Lit riMut muu.
Wbils in a $ cf despondency Row.
land K. M J4Aorvh aaot and killed
h.rae.f aHat 12. o'cLxrit Friday n'ght.
Ta bxly wit found shortly afUr 8
'cl writ yesterday niornm . by Dennis
Murphy. Ia company wna Joha Uoy
laaJ, Murphy went into the woods
sautft ef Godfrey Bros.'s p!atr mills a
ton rris west of the Chicago A West
M:ctaa ri!ru:vi track to cut wood,
lit was ia a lv.u:t.e and before ha knew
it, atuuatUJ oer tile body of Middles
worth, mz at full length upon the
rauaJ, w.t.i cna s:de of the head rest
ia a?ainst a fallen tre. la his right
fcaaJ he clutched an American bull
dog, nve-ch-rn bored revolver. Two
awti had been tired. A hole in the
haJ, jv!S aooire aad b the froat of
tso right ear mowed wftfro oue
cf tho ballets had penetrated.
The fae was covered with blood,
I a:d under bis Leal a pool of
J .blood u-d formed and frozen solid.
I The dd man a drtul iaabl.uk
.cut aai vrst, t'.riped pants, brown
It.vercoat, wrute ahsrt, hgh-standmg
Jco!ir ar.i "four-in-hand" utcktie. A
t.t? derty hat was nearby. The tair,
of sandy hue, was cat ponupadour, and
there was about a week's growth of
bj-id upon th fiie.
' VitaeU by the Coroatr.
I Coroner Penwardea was nctfied.and
iacfcinpaiiy wuU Undertaker Cilrien
, and D-iective l.irr; lie ? ;ited the spoL
Tae body was ;ewd by the doctor nnd
thea trousjtit to O'Hrieu's undertaking
rto ni on Crescent arenue. Ia the n
pw ket was foard a gold watch, w hich
bad stooped at t:u7 o'clock. In the
trouper's pcke s ;htre were 42 in loose
char;a. On the inside coat pocket were
ihrt-u i.'ttorg, a snaslt account book, and
ia lvOO-mdea? bHjk on thi Chicago A
Wtsttrn Mich-sin railroad. Ia tne
ook vrere entries showing "Harry's
ttpens" and "liol's eapenses." One
oi th) letters was r!roin a joun lady in
'ihuktfzon who s.ned berself "Kate"
a ad jjssa hfr address as 4'o. 27IIamiI
tan treet." SU'J addressed him as
'My Dear Kol: Your'areceired when
I came toaie from school. Was so
Ud ti hear from yoa. As to coining
ever Saturday you are the one to de
cide. If you want me to cctue I will
coma. Do yoa think I had better? Now
be frank a?jut it. Tell me what you
think aUmt it. If you would come
' e-ter Christmas I'd coino over Saturday.
. You ui:c:ht as well coaio orer here
ilear. You wa't have any fun orer
tnere, ne.ner wdl I here, so vou may
as wll corns here and we both, will bo
; h:ippy. Do yoa think Jets and Chester
.want me to come? You are the doctor
.now, 1 m the patient; wh.ch will it be
!k:ilorcur? 1 want to ice you very
badly. I bare beeu to lout-some since
you went home. iiolt darling,
'don't feel so blue ' it effects me too.
Yoa know I lore you no matter what
;coones cr goes. You will always bo the
itause U ue. I am happy m your lre.
Why cn't it be mutual. Coaie, c iter
up. Y'oars with muca love. Katie."
iiow.'and trartlci for an eastern
bouse for a long time, bat lately has
btn on the road for himself, selling
atereopt.can views. His father and
two sisters reside at No. 210 Goodrich
tt..' Tha father. Jacob H., has
worked for the Grand IVipids Folding
Table and Chair coir.pany many years.
An inquest will be held Monday moru
la. Kat Dojrl Arrlvm.
Lait ererin,; a pretty and prepos?e3S
int young la4y arrived in the city and
.weutat oace to (VBnea's undertaking
'ro)Oi- bte cave ter name a Miss
Kt Iayle of Muskegon, and said that
jsh" wss the person who had written the
let r to lo-j deceased yonng man. Slie
tm'd to b deeply atfected by tha
e uh of ner friend, bat controlled her
self well. hn refused to Ulk much
aeoat their affairs, and would not say
whether or not they were engaged. "I
raa't understand it at all," she said.
was always so plea?ant and een
t euiaaiy. Whatcouid have tuado him
a Wiue and dt-jpondent? I cannot tell,
at n awful to think or him dying in
t! s manner and lying all night on
thscoIJ ground." Miss Doyle returneI
Aoaie ou tae SAO tram with her pretty
jss diiii&ied wttn tars.-
h Grw IT a 11 lato Cnrt for en
; JTpha Grcw was arraigned in the
tcrcuit ceart yesUrdsy on the charge
ot larceny from a store. lie pleaded
r.o S4-.!ty. After aa attooey wis ap
.c;ntfd ta deTrnd, and th county put
I'p aa eisxae of $1) he pleaded guilty.
'A f,Q3 wns committed aUuttwo
f;Vrs ga at C?d;ir springs, at which
jt-s h stI a gun nd a quantity of
'atflge. f4verl robberies have
'bn lecea! ctmimitled, and he was
npet 'd ef ompl.citv. In order to
tpus b i ia a afe place be was arrested
a ea eld charts.
-. ... ,. ii
rr War Rr BtUfwtrH
EHt Pecdltoa hss begna suit In
f;ctaint a?int Patrick Scally, on
Cattjrwerth avna?. The Isttor built
k .! to clase to the line test a small
E&.'tiO rsd on ber premises and a
wa'-r ojat from the roof eroptM rain
.wtr pn hr ground. Much trou
ble -sss resultetl from this tate of
tfsir, Sealiy causing the arrest of Mrs.
nd!im fer knocking the poutoff
te An endeavor ill N made
ia force S.aiy to remove h;s house.
.- . n -
r4 ia BraM Tftlf.
rtctire Gat hss caughl the man
Kchn o!t Dr. Apley'i harae lt
sr-k. A:r wcrkm a the case all
esy he. ;n.-td it in the barn of Albert
P. FtS-UI on Rnrtoa avenue. Fa;r
ft.ld arv'essed innocence at first, but
whea ecu'nsuted with indisputable evi
ocfi in the shape cf the stolen prop
erty he "VaTeJ' and it nue in jau.
StellOi li. Clk ns basnssdo ny aer
rua J taat i-a eaa gt through tV wia-l-v
ilhant the ooc ety of her leH and
r ., Asirew. ?e kae filed p-
a?-n? the tu perier eeirt to ct
l- taetrionial eaWe and cal ker
trf ia th e eeJd and cruet world.
Tassom frrgnaa, woo waearr-sted
H "w'Sini ef h.ti s!aa;hbr.5ii;e
oj axrairi ia ptLce court
i vn kr : - - ' i
inw i .. - - : z : ... ... - -
Tto Siarlotliing House Oiinstmas Bazaar i tto up oil wn vivms,
-I 52.76
Manicure Sets.
98 Cents.
Oxydized polished Scissors,
A bargain.
The nm fittings, only larger.
93 Cents.
White handled, polished file, etc., worth 1.50.
estarday on the charge of disorderly
conduct. He was fined $V.85 or Wn
days m jail. After much pleading he
induced l's wife and daugntirs to pay
his ti io, promising that he would leave
and nt vr molest or interfere with
them again. 'J hi girl who swore out
the warrant paid the tine.
rti:.h-l by His father.
James Jury, a youth whose parents
live in Lowell and who haa been at
tending pchoul in tnis city, got himself
into trouble yestt r Ay. His lather re
ccivei a Irttir which the young man
took t'e I;ierty of opening. Inclosed
was a check for 22. James was a little
short of change, so he endorsed it and
drew the cash, signing his father's
name. Tne parent had his aon arrest
ed on trie charge of larceny. Judge
H.iggerty fined him $3.S5, whuh the
father paid, after the son had promised
that he wouldn't do it auy more.
9ait- In Foreclosure.
The Hon. George G.Bnggs of thiacity
has began foreclosure nroceedings
against Emma J. Hamilton. The
amount involved is foOOO-for which a
promissory n te was given to Daniel H.
Hamilton who died intestate leaving
as his heirs Emma H.im'lton and two
sons. The property is located in the
Dexter Fraction.
old Wlthnat m Ltceas.
James Eoe was arraigned in the cir
cuit court yesterday before Judge
Grcve for selling liquor without paying
the state tax. The reading of the com
plaint was waived, and the justice be
fore whom the examination was made
ordered to file further returns showing
whether or not the respondent was
then and there present.
SiitFft On roar Mates.
X?lon V.. Norturup of this city as
trustee of George K. Northrup of Dan
bury, C onn., ha begun a suit in chan
cery agar a Frank J. Lnw and Mary
L. Lamb to collect four promissory
notes for f 40 e.tcn and interest thereon.
Tne nots ar" secnrd by a mortgage
on lots Inrah'd m Nrttirup's fewnd
addition tho city of Grand Rapids.
Rls Torket Wea Kasaty,
Judd Skinner the Byron Center man
who was arrested on the Charge of rob
bery was diMMiarged yesterday by Jus
tice Ifydom. U was shown by tne evi.
dene produced in the ease that Behnke,
the compla.nsnt, had spent his $l.8fl
himself the ni;ht before the robbery is
sa;d to have t n cooimittod.
t rf lltors stilt Ssrarmlat.
Ch.uls If. Ieonard, Frank Leonard
anl Frederick H. Leonard were given
a verdict tj Judg Adst for t1.4?
gmst tf Newaygo Manufacturing
company in u.e circuit court yestentsy.
Fl9 i.er M. IS.tll secured a judgmffnt
aa-nt th-j ?m corporation for
f5.OVj.7i in t e V.s.
Asifil tre Casa. .
Jusfce Kl v t the township of Tr
ron-s iirpj.j flue of V each on
Frmk Hrrr.tlen sn t Melio fireen for
a-au;tng CnarU ParreO. Herrendei
psid u:. but (ireen we eot tisfld
and apptid to the circuit court, the
re urn in tne case being made yester
day. ii
raH- a4 Crtntttial.
The can sgTiinst Mary Van Hotiten,
ia which "e aas charM w.tU hevmj
stsUa r oak. was dismissed 3tr
day. It trnp-rei that sfee N r o!
tae garment a:d was oiow ia returning
Grg Xird ;rf a Iwe rd
belong. rg to Klss M'iMf, (er ich
he was arra.aed ia pwi.ee utijnti
7ork Boxes-
Of. Tor a chJd'e work
XU box.
gQ For a plush covered
wurk box with mir
ror, scisors, th:m
tle, etc.
u nn
Larger box, more
elaborate Qttincs,
iu satin lined
plush box.
R on
w on
in u
We are selling Smoking
Jackets cheaper than any
Jinn in this city.
Shaving Sets.
$1.00. .
Cup, Razor and Brusk in
plush box.
$1.19, $1.49, $1.69 .
For box of embossed; also
:1k plush, satin lined, cup,
razor and brush.
$2.93, $150, $4.50
Filk plu?ii box, eatin lined
brush, razor, cup, scissors
eta, secret drawers.
49c, .
Toilet Sets.
Plash box, white
comb, brush and
99c to $2.49 .
Same, only larger
Extra Urge, square
mirror, square
brush and comb;
also as high as
All of these
have been re
duced 25 per
25c Black and white cashmere.
50c Light and dark colors, fine cashmere.
75c All silk with large flowers, white and
black, worth $1.00.
$1.00 All colors of silk and cashmere
$1.50 'ery Pretty effects, handsomely em
bossed. S2.50 A bargain, haa been reduced from
JS.60. f
IX sit l?Icl,'lVut Crackers,
FluHh Box, TVIcltel-Plated
PiolcM nnci OraolceiHS,
Same style of box but larger size.
day on the charge of simple larceny.
The citse was adjourned, Neindorf
pleading not guilty.
The Sweeney assault case was ad
journed until December 14, in police
court jederday.
Sentence was suspended upon Sylves
ter Allen in police court yesterday.
He was charged with simple larceny.
Ddlic Eiton will spend the next
thirty days in the county jail. She
ph'at'e 1 guilty to being disorderly in
police court.
Jndcmant far" tha Plaiatlff.
In the action brought by Solomon
Brocks and Aaron Brooks acainst Fadie
Tennell, the plea of the defendant was
withdrawn and a judgment rendered in
favor of the plaintiff for $131.10 and
costs by Judge Adsit iu the circuit court
Clrtl and Criminal.
The September term of the surerior
court wai aJjourned sine die yesterday,
ann the December term will be opened
In th case ot Nancy C. Warner
against Xatli in J. Titus, amended find
ings were filed and a judgment ren
dered by Judge Grove for tne defond
ant without costs.
In the case of William Denman
againd Guy A. Johnston, an order waa
made by Judge Grove yesterday that
the plaintiff hie security for costs with
in thirty days. h-" Ui.
Three more vacancies havo occurred
in the petit jury list in tho circuit court.
Tht aumber will be drawn from the
First, Six th and Nmtn wards. . t . ,
lima B. Ross was perm inently separ
ated from her husband, George Kos,
by Judge Grore yes'orday. He granted
the divorce on the grounds of extreme
cruelty and non-support.
Johu W. Thomas was granted a di
vorc from his wife, Mary A. f homas.
by Judge Grove yesterday, on the
grounds of desertion.
Ctrralt Cenrt-Part I.
jmi OROVK.
Nancy C. Warner vs. Nathan J. Titus,
assumpsit; amended findings filnl;
judgment for defendant without cots.
People vs. John Oerow, information
for larceny from a store; pleaded
Tcople vs. James P. Roe, information
for selling liquor without paying state
tax; order that justice make further
return showing whether or not respon
dent was personally present and ex
anvnation waived.
Wilhani Denman vs. Ouy A. John
ston, tresj as on the case; order that
plaintiff, within thirty days, file secur
ity for costs.
Cirrait Ceart-rart II.
icnoa ANiT.
August Anderson admitted to citizen
fi;rneo Brooks and Aaron Brooks
vs. adie Peonell, plea withdrawn;
juiraieot for plaintiffs for 1431.10 acd
CharSro If. Deonard, Frank E. I eon
ard and r'reOenck H. Leonard vs. Ne
ayfo Manufstctnref cop-tv; )a.lt
naent fr afJT fsr onI.4S and coets.
F.beneer M. Bsil v. Newaygo Mann
factunag oenfeny, Miimpiif; juf
saeat for plain t ffs for ,ao0.7l and
Oaaaelar Cnr
rev munKn.
Ia ro aidwpsed ef eosei wi r
4r fe ptemWe Verm; nrar
aU or si :poad of eawoaoin th e I .
aar for EefHewioer term of tre c nr b-
All silk amoking
jackets, worth PSM
Fine Ladies' cloth,
worth 17.50.
Fine Jacket, extra
well made, 4 bargain
at i.b
59 Cents.
Sole leather case, brush, dauber an
blacking, only 59c.
has the best assortment of Useful
Christmas Gifts ever shown in
Grand Rapids. Our prices are
the lowest; this we can prove and
we ask but a small advance on the
cost, ordifiartly as Christmas comes
but once a year merchants tJmik
they ought to make big profit; zve
think otherwise.
continued over the term. September
term adjourned sine die.
-v ' -i;.4aa
Prabata Caurf. -.
Estate of Go. A.' Dailey, deceased;
petition for administrator filed; hear
ing January 8.'
Estate of Peter and Elizabeth De
Glopper. minors; petition tor appoint
ment of guardian filed. '
Estate of of William J. Hardy, de
ceased; administrator's Anal account
filed; hearing January 8.
Estate of Leslie M. Smith, et al., mi
nojs; letters of guardianship granted
to Ida A. Smith.
A Street Car Pot an Knd to a Lively
Packey O'Brien, in addition to being
an undertaker, is a money lender on
the aide. He held a chattel mortgage
on a number ot pigs belonging to
Thomas Keating, a farmer living a few
miles south of the city and was some
what surprised to observe Keating with
a wagon full of porkers standing in
front of Walsh's meat .market at 32
East Bridge street last-. evening. He
v.ai confident that the swine were iden
tical with those covered by hie mort
gage and made up his mind to take pos
session. He jumped into the wagon,
tooic the reins out of Kratinat's hands
and started to drive away. He turned
acrou the atreet car track when el?ctri3
car No. 125 c une tearing along. PtcVey
had a little difficulty in getting arouud
as quickly as he wanted to, but this
did not stop the car. There was a crash
and Packey, the farmer and the nigs
were strewn all over the' street, xhe
vehicle was con.p.ctely demolished. A
large crowd collected and began to hoot
at tho motor man. Atone time it ap
peared as if there w;is about to hen
tree-for-alt fight. Several men in the
employ of the street car company came
to tne rescue and the car went on its
v.y. The farmer was mad at Packey,
r.? was mad at the farmer and they
u.tu were mad at tho atreet car man.
Three Level? r.irla.
Born to Mr. and Mrs.'Honeymsn nee
kaiser at Portland, Ore., triplet kirls.
Two of them Wv-ii?hed five and one-half
poundseach aud the third washed s;x
iwmnds. All are d.t ? w-li. Mrs.
Koneyman formerly l.ved here.
Catarrh Caa't ha Carre.
by local applications, as tbey cannot
n aeh the disease po.tion of the car.
There is only one way to cure deafnt s.
and that is by const tntional remedies,
Deafness ia cans d by an inflamed con
d tion of tho mucous lining of tbe
Eustachian Tube. When this tube gets
ntlamed yen bave a rumbling sound or
imperfect bear ng, and when it is en
tirely rlo-d, lv3iineis the result, and
unless the inCamtnation can be taken
out and this lube restored to its normal
Endition, hearing will be destroyed
fer-ver; nineraes out of t'n are cans d
lyj catarrh, winch is thnc but an in.
flamed condition of the raucous tur
tares. We w;ll giv Ore Hundred Dollars
farsir case of lsfna (raused y
ratarrh) tt we cannot cur by tak
HsU's Catarrh Cure. Send for circu
lars, free. F. J. C frretv Co.,
fr4 by dr-gtts, 75 eenU.
Fptritualisni Heotinarsj
T1y ia Klk.' ha!!. Ion etre t T.
Frsa iiver. pp4tr arxi eiinin.
At !). ns : l, .rftr, Ch -rt ,j
Ismi, Tko, Weavers, ' 3, firjiBg,
fS L--n ff I.jf; 4
rtp ritcaira i the Dawn cf Wo;. f
f cgeg, Ce r. At 7 p. a, c
79c tdftLCa
Pips, ci jar and
cigarette hold
ers in piuah boi
$1.29, $1.49.
Tae same as
above and
match box.
Genuine Mer
achaum. pipe,
ciarsuidcif ar
etto holder.
79c anmtt,
Plus box,
several com-
fl.tt, $l..V)and
Plush box with
movable trays.
him Baits
Neat plash box
covered with
embossed pi u ah
Box covered
with silk slush,
satin lined.
50c Special price for unlined kida.
75c For this price we can give you lined or
SI 00 The best $1.00 kid glove in the city,
either lined or unlined.
$1.50 Lined or unltoed, every pair-catv
S2.00 For Dent's chamois lined dog akin
glove with seams turning outwards,
retailing everywhere for $2.60.
JurenUe Writing Trtay,
131 aoU Loatlicretto,
Wltlx Iialc Stand, Pen and
$;sta'i Box ul
VSS5-. Cents.
prompt: 1, Singing, Choir; 2, Poem,
"The Reformers;" 3. Smging, "The
Golden re Is Com nr," 4; lecture,
Has Sp. ritualism Any Part ia the
Affair of Nations?;" 5, Hymn, "Beck
oning Hands;; 6, An Exercise in Mental
Mediumship, as desired, if possible; 7,
Singing, Choir. To defray and. equalize
expenses, 10 cents solicited each ses
sion. ... i
Special Announcement.
Thursday afternoon and evening
there will be an onen'ing given by Corl,
Knott & Co. of fancy goods and made
up material;. "
XL liOlES' f IHE SHOES cl".'st.'
' A rashloaable lirtak.
Menier Chocolate is - a fa-ihiotmble
drink. Did you ever try it? 6end pos
tal card for sample end direotioaa.
Menier', New York.
News for tha Ladiei.
Corl, Knott A Co. have decided to
continue their grrat ribbon sale until
Christmas. They have the largest line
of ribbons in the oily, aud a full line of
colors is being constantly added to the
stock. No broken lines or job lota are
shown. j
New comb honey 13c per pound. Fin 4
dairy butter 22c per pound. Nice mix d
candy 10c per pound, 3 pounds for 25.-.
Newaauer kraut 5c quart, 15c per gal-'
Ion. Kixleax's Groceht.
f M T703T1Z A OUZnOA A 7502.wl
The Man with I
a Long Face. J
nil Ifl DI care I
rlLLo !t.-ai
5tervaa Xlerar,
risinj iron a Weak
Xeasaah. leMlni S
TsrMi Ll.. Am Atmmb
1 ri0 efleaUvet r, U.t aick SteaAaaaa t
Of an dnicsMtt. IVIce SS cents a hoc.
Kw York Derv. Cm
' " mrtt rrr fifejjj
I 111
2 f lee. ae a
Crozicr Bros.' foot Form Shoes
e. a. cnozi a
Men's PHoet fl 00 an4 np.
Collar and Cuff 8
Embroiled Velvet
Pebble Goat and
Rut iias LeatherS 15 9
Embressd Leather,
Satin Lined,
Embrossed Leather
with Jew el Cast,
Onlv $2 43.
For Box of Embotted
Leather compartments
for coCars, cuffs and
Jewelry, - - 79c
Plush Bo k; Co'iar
and Cuffs, 33
SfPiratJ CoRar Box,
Covered with Plush.
46c: Cuff Bex of tafre-
C( For an Umbrella. 2S inch EnrUsh
Natural Stick. Silver
Ladit-a' Umbrella, bora handle, fine
nickel plad Steel R-d. Rolls lTp
very ruall, 2H-inch Une Gloria.
ti.h ss to ss Sitra Flae Silk. Fine
liiadl!. Latest Styles.
Hnltr 7Qrt Sole-Leatber " Comb.
Ulliy. 70 Usur. Nail aodToitL Brush
Only 81 .00 2,?t
flnlxr 41 1Q 1L 'Jr. Square Caae.
JUlj fJ..l7 with n;iislt broom, brush,
oonib. n.
fiO ilfi -50 and Vl.iM imKblne rery
C-.v;, baadsoice wltti beat et flttinxa.
CTU For Jap. lU-btte. with taltlal In
JJ corner. A treat bargain for 6'Jc.
is always;
rnuoh comm nt a unny, the prognot
cators of our timet. Every tnuskral '
Kent county has ben watched by the
weathermakcrs, to see how thick thrv
are building their houses; the c rn
husks are carefully examined, as a sn
sign what the weather wilf be line du
ing tho com ng months. After all th( i
prophesying, it fimmers down to
in ear. big job of guessing. There is or'
i thinr that causes as much comnie.
: among our beat posted cit zens, as th
I weather; and that i the ateady growt
J end wonderful success of the Gran
I Rapids Fire Insurance company. It i
a fact that every home institution i
entitled to its meed of praise from tl.
c tizens of our Itautiful city, en i
everyone should feel proud, that then
ventures are successful; t ut to find any
one institution far and above all othet
in point of f opularity, is eomethinr, re
markable. Theeecielof this friend
ship lies in the fact that when misfor
tune come, if the unfortunate hr
been judicious, and provided a poire
of iasurance (and hia duelling burns)
we come to th front and do just as we
agree to do wi h him, without loes o'
time or eipente. Ofiico Houiemau
I Sf.'LvV1 tJj i i . wrT
'A- -SZ
Tory Lew Prleea ea er 2s Few Styles
et Eirereat
WMa bw my tss are oreseM tafetber
Ia thse flee. tsat aelr weather
retraes wit art(aae4ae, perfeet eeeei
! a rrtB4 ta rrv aeeiher.
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Wha S art at keew It
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T write etMMvt eer taei.
vct III
H ih
For Boys and Girls.
18 and 19 Cents.
Fer Illustrated Books wdh board oorer.
k.otL binding.
22, 25 and 29 Cents.
Illustrated Bocks with cover, 53, t5.
3 and lot paes.
39 Cents.
F.obiDson Crueo?, Uriaus' Fairy Tales,
etc., IT6 agea.
59 Cents. -
Georre WashinrtonGift Book.
ausGift Book, Wbiteliouse Gift lioL. f
etc., Wiiu it pages.
12Mo.asthCeveeJ. 0rJr
13c, Worth 5Dc
Works ty Elliot l.yt-11 Scott, Dickers,
etc. Tl cse are going fa.H 13c
25 Cents tMh $1.0a
' Library E-Jiilor
li !ijsiiney tiouuJ. marble cot j..J
wium II. Works bv I) t kt .
.tt, Berttia Clsy, and Cory Mark tie,
.D'sn hwitt, Bronte, CfKir, Tno-iiss.
Hughes, Tltacktrar, (ioldsnulh and
I Cent
Vor box containing 12 sheets cf paper
sand envelopes
8 Cents.
24 ablets of papr and envelopes alu
h gh ae 16c, w.tUi 3ic.
Tablet at nearlv half price.
We are cJus.cg out our Lofcit !crt
ment belowcovt.
Steam and
Gas Fitting
4ase'tBFte v Reps r nt a Fa--U ty.
G4 4 WMiltliy.nvi,
rboce 'O.U.
iProneunrfd We ja).
TTiO Ecyptian Talking Board, fcTc.
The Uost Fascirath of Games Tc
vea! the Past and Future,
A Tkole Floor Deteted to New Cam
and Tora.
29 MO 31 KQSF.Cl ST.
Special Sale
NV Nice Plant
Extra Dnnt. .
Very Fino Plant
Ii I an tiniirtir e n r.
123 Monroe Srt
ovri u
Teieleee lis.
Our iAdiet' Foot Form Phoea.

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