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Telegram-herald. ([Grand Rapids, Mich.) 18??-1892, December 31, 1891, Image 5

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Clans Her 21ia(3U
.."i a t n i i r a Br 1.11 u. j
4 WoU WeAdiag T Dli 8 Take
ff OS T1 4.0.4 .(. t 4eeeia
alalia U lite Prospective
Caeoaa Ceoe eouik.
fxzaiai 5, 3ILch.,Dc 2i. ilisj Nat'-io
cla;r is ouo cf tae irU.e aa4 nw;
jopular yo-afig woaiu ta this city. Her
Jatfcer a wil-t-43 lurnUrraiaa ivi
jr fell kaowa tii rojxioat ta:s srctioa c!
tba lUU,
I About a ye xr to taere entered hia
easpley a bright your. mm about S3
'jeara of aj;e. who gfvy hi ua.ue at
Cfcar!a Uackui. I: s wis very relief at
.reztarUiai' h..a past Ltf, but Dc.:i thrown
couii;y uito tlte society o; his ctn
stayer's daughter, a ?ove affair sprang
jteiweea loem. Ti-s youn reo-le
becasie ccg2el two months &;o, aikI
Ibis altero-oou was tha tiai-j set it tar
WfedJiti. A iarje number vl y-ztt-jus
from U pans o ti j eUte were luViieJ.
anU pre,aral.u made for a very swell
Ail tL:t.ys went iff 11 untt tl.iimcrn
injr, wLen M;sa .::. Ixir srrtuett lunch
dejected. .Noiu.cg was tnccgM o: ka
rt-rai ai.oti' Lyry-i iin -.,-, Kalamazoo, vehirle
J. Thre o'clock .i kP"5; I-btrt M. Dudley. Mftaaiom,
thi ett-nt, at wh hand culter and feeder; Will am fUt
tho brd fiaa lilted i trri'd;cJ, iJraud Ilapids, adjustable
, cuncTtr, niiu
wecains continue
the tour aet fcr
tlmo tke ho rue ft
with, iuvittd fcUit. The triilcwasj
Uresei ani leaJy to proceed ta thai
tsowcrot ruaea wn.c't had ba erected f
in the drawing room, vtm she snd. i
Ueoly burst into tear arrt rofr.ard to!
Iav he? room. Liitrc-ities oC parents
ard friends couli net move her. ar.d i
finally excuses had t; t-e n.ida to Uic
gusti, who retired duzufor-mldi.
; A fsw miQU'. lalier the kiooiti suvl
dealy diapr-ared, and lato this after
i noon, without a word of explanation,
.left for th? south. The yun isdy t
; fases to jitsfcw known tue rt-asoa for
hrrtuv act.cn, but it is hinted that
wine aRnir m U:u fait Lie cf Lucktu
haj caa.vd it.
firm llutdrcd r.uuit trnt al th Cr
k iujr au.l tt(.qut.
C.01R Spiyod, Dec. '-"J. At 7 o'clock
lastereaiD about &ve hundred guests
gathered in the spacious and well fur
mshed rooms tel.itii;inj5 to tlio C'edtr
EpriuKs lolc. No. "IJ V. ard A. !!., in
relercuco to invitation to attend tle
lapquetand the a' nual mstkllatioii cf
iliccrs. At 7:"0 U:y rxerViSCt -om-imecced
Wita a mcz by the nia! quar
tan Att?r prayer i y the !:fr. Imnan,
the qoarun rendt-rfd two more alo-;-tiona
and the tuitalhttioit co'imienct'd,
Charles Citric pie smtinthe t anjidatca
'and J, B. Callahan, W. 3!., .vm- m
charge. The rv of'crrs areni 1I.
lows: William I'orjjdon, W. M.;
man II. Chapman, b. V.; llarurnt A.
-Kenier, J. W.; tt Hul tard. S. 1).;
Harry M. J I ol rr.es, J. IN; Victor Tool
nd D. A. Fish, stw ard; I'unu I K.
, pone, tyler. lU-v. Ilobt. Iuiiey, of Chi.
'taeo, who had Ikku eranl to deliver
Ihe addreta, dis ippofptHi the crowd on
ccount of "iaxrif'j-e" at his home,
ut the auJii:cc frti welt enlfrtn.ned
iy iht bt male quartet in Michigan,
Messrs. W. 1. bkincr, Frank. Whit
KTe, A. II. blilwell and A. II. Covey,
k. . . ...... . . - j -.!!..
he demand for eitra entertainment
to the entire tatisfictton of all. Sria
JorH;nof htantou, was prennt and
Uresenbl lua couiphmcms to the lodn
ind guests, and aittr CLas. Clark, tn
Uhalf of te lotlsre, presented reining
tTorshipfut Mailer Callahan with a
autiful apora. Over liirre hundred
rircon partook of the gotd things with
bich tho bicuct tal.es were spread.
Gral Btat ?lw.
Judge Gcddes of Adrian is seriously
Albion college is having an unprece
iented rua of prosptr ty.
A;n Cumm;n, a well known resi
alentof NorthvUle, isdead.
The Xort'i fctsr Ifrigtrator company
is to oraaiio and operate at Niles.
Over ICO convjrsior.1 havo been
made in tho recent rovival at Ashley.
Co3tntint a ill have a tissue piner
mil i and make a ten of the product a
j Conger A Sutton, notion dealers at
1 Cold, water, base placed a JCOUO chattel
Bortgag) on their stock.
I Michigan millers Lave s-Vfar pledged
nearly pouuds of Hour for
Jlus&U's fain. n9 sulirrcrs.
reth McLetn ct It.iy City, a pioneer
resident of tha J'a-.paw vallsy, died
Uonday after a Ion;: iilneti.
f Charles Ilotqu. st, 2d reals old, went
.through the ice whi! skaticg at Lake
Xkj Monday ai d wai drowsed.
' Whie circling about ou roller skates
the other d, M: Cora Foilbrick of
told water feii and b:oke hr bg.
( J. 7. Wcimer, a retirsd dnigjislcf
jBenton Harbor, fell under a train
.foes! ay ai d lest hi lifw. Loth lr
.were cut olt.
, Mr. Thomas
fcnoekrd down
raretfM dnvrr
everely iniure J.
White cf Flint ws3
ad rt'.n ovr by a
Tn !l Shi v a
o;s Cliripr nil civ-'? a
grand free ball Ne-t Year's ere n com
sneMeraticn of th papr'4 twenty.
cr.d y? ar. The Cedar rir?; band 'Xi.l
Xurnisu the ru; c.
May rVt of Sagiaiwv a',
trripted suicide by , talcing morpnine,
eut wassavt by tLedwtor. n is aa
orphan and n depon-.Jent over coj-
trans: i.eina or .vhjucosw, tth
rm was amputated at the shouUrr in j
conefineow ot aa acj-.aent receiver
while hunting. Chri.:vj$ day, d f d
Tuesday from the shoe.
Gertie Carmo. ti fmfl! aeronaut
wh fell iuu a tre at Ann Arbrtst
( summer while making a r?thuto
4n)Pnt was severely injured, ,'iM just
been discharged fiooi the hospital, folly
The annna! ball of th Mnltg-n
club will b held January 15, and ej?v
orate prer:arallns for tRe event ar
be-.nf made. Caterer Sw:tanl cf
Grand Kaptdtsr.ll have Charge cf IV
? 3Xrs. Jttli Callaban of Sag ntw tries
Pt I 'W. r.ht rd E. W. Datinior
C.W damages, allrrg rAlpraetice.
gh claims s&e wa permanent cr;j p
because thT iresroperly set a fracture
Th two soas f Cha. Krohn of !fur
IfHedle. broke thror.gr the if wh;i
iiat.cj? Traverse City, Tuesday.
Tee yctmrest, igeI year wm
drwT.i fcnt tht esdert S.gI twtlts
yea m rs saved.
M i p-3-v the say IV t tht rerft??
cretrg itt fuo?'t ou taes.
wiy't siuaiber -in'.st'frcfo'aad f eer
aai aa!ia mlracl !utervnt ber
death u ocly tnatUr el atedava.
'Si rUut naa watted to a teere sk Ir
ion, s-ud kat n viuhly l(t.
Mtr:.i: hatlericf )!ii!da:, gi.t a
rew:d of fr tb ci- lurs uf jtol
Vi'. Gaas, a drairter from t-e rtaiar
Tii D-)tuattr geatial has cr jerti
tha fciiowirjf ciued yo4-o-tlct ia
)Lcb;ii to L,a n.ai reentry c!r o'.
r.ce f;n January 4 n at: IUc, Tus-ul
conuty; PaTidcoa hut.oo, li:icfro
county; J.ncf cguuy;
ruafutar. Mijawa.-.t' bounty.: AHj
iad, Kygo coualy; Bt:cisou, Mi
costa co-uty.
Mr. Jtuih hommita cf Pay City
Vtf'itdon ton abuit o'c.'oc' Mon
day f.aiu. Wl.KU tit rt tuned trt
hturaUter, tLo dor wro wide ois
and tt uvdy oi hrr hashan-t v.aa
fouu i ly:n oa ti titcLcn ttoor wrih
i. face vxiuJud. Ths l3TisyeJi--old
rul, in an 2Jjouiug; rooiu, waa aio
t.d!y woijivted.aadtlitrtjtras ydcGco
ot a 1 'rightful ktruJe. In the front
rvom iut a turrao with ti:a drawer
lined ojKrn, fioni wh:ca N ttvccu JS.
and had I v;-u taken. Th tnurdtr
xr evidently catered the front door and
had bkn dttctjt h;ta tryiLs; to op'a
the bureau. In tha tru.s wnich en
isued lAiumiits yt!!ed and liie chi!d was
aafened, !.a iU cr;ea aiicucmi t y the
xAUieiiH'.ruri'.eut which tilled 1's father.
TJ.'j rol'c: aj'v" Virkui; on.thycae,
tjt not tud iihust ciua waa kit by
tht inurdttr.
Tatnti cni'itedi Harry Brouttu
aut (. Iv.tfrrfci. J.'tnLrry, rctiry
valve; Lej ilutt, Ietro.t, e.is biirafr;
tcil'Ie; Tl.oi :s H, Hk. as:zuor of
or.r -half to ti. Y. 1'aae, Detroit, ytin
of cltctr.o distribution; John C. Holds.
ai"'ni.r f t AO-ti:i"ds to I. L. Huck
and J. (I. II vt, l'Attie Creek, foldu(
rrn bd lottom; Frelerick A.
flulitrl, Detroit, gelatine apule
d;po;n i .achine; Frederick A.
Hu'bcl and J. M. Nmith, Petroit, said
Mn:lh aM. r to said Hubel. gelatine
capsule d pjj.n machine; Henry H.
Hutchip?, (Iijpj;- fruit and vegetable
ss-ortcr; Aaron Kerry, Marysvillc,
holdback troi'? T.obtrt A. McCurtr, De
troit, itoio fc.-rvice apparatus; Klij.ih
McCoy. Detnvt, lubricator; John Mure
liead,"l.3troit, l:cr pump; il.lwia i.
MuniiJit-ry, D troi;, hydro-earboa
burner; Al.cn J. S'haw, Mukcoa,
brst fcr lectric motor; fark A.
Shv don. Di droit, tack puder; Jcve M.
Miiith, leiroit, assignor to F. A. Hubel,
CcUtiuo cjpiub) dipping machine;
Otto and V. Tliu.n, tirand llnpidi,
tLcy Uy paper.
Michigan pensions: Original Alfred
II. Dyfi-y, Will iatn HiKhricld, I'urlia
Jl'qua, Dolph Itooif, (Jcorgo W.
L'i..n:ore. I.enjsmin It. rottfr, George
W. Grarliili, George W. Ko'enr&tz,
Chr.stian Mtiilfr. Ailditional William
J. iriddey, Cuarles Van I''rpf, Abram
C. Kllsworth, Atutiii Calhoun, l.c-iri
hock man. Charlea C. Cauhn. Ferry D.
Hanlcy, Kllsworth H. Mricker, Leon
ard Lindlty, Charles A. hcpicn, het!i
V. Ixveri(.1ge. lncr-are Lvman 1'ick
ard, A l! red Sheldon, Kdw'in W. Mc
Nut, Fiira II. FOfnncr. John Tillson,
Iltnry t'n.dt, Hector I bntley, Jr.
iriiF.-n' Misicu I'owers. Orinal,
widows, etc. Mary J. 2orib,
Mary Svl'ffeter, Catherine J.
Cooper, Cinulia. V. Van Huren,
Carrie V. j:rok field, Sarah K. Han.
Joscphinu Iludi, minora of James J'.
lcnroo, mother of Sarah 1). Hustrll,
r mother of Kmiiy J. (iodrtmont. Ong-
inai Amoi jarvi, j;njamtn r?rootp,
((ore Urif an, Wm. A. Atni at, Henry
llundell, Diuiel W. Tres!or, Fdward
Watk.i'.s, Mwvin J. I.rou, Almciui hub
lard, Jud n W. I4ikcr, Cyrus McCon
itcll, Arthur K. Ferry, LtithT J. Cur-
rti?, Ci nr't ll. Lincoln, Ja'.cb Heller,
IUnry t . Jlo.trnok, Henry t . Muldon,
Andrew J. Jonra, Wrn. hcott. Addi
tioiia! Charles La tour, George Slim
mer, Ctiri'i'.cphcr Ccmiaki, William II.
Coiiipton. atnrel Fortor, Geo. Luoyet,
John L. Hanks, Corwln Ilozbury, A. U.
St ir.nmn. Increase II. C. Gibney, I).
II. Kdward, l'h nsfia Ciird, Wi'liam W.
f;-.vcct. Jam- H. t'llyette, (Jabriel
Wtdme. K--isue Charba F. C.
tfcniuhl (deceased), Augi:tus Lsn-jc
(c,rca!'!?d). Orispnal, rridows, etc.
Minors of Augustus Lang", Cornelia
I a Uaron, Alice MrCabe, Sustn New
tonsminors ol Johiel A. Hut!, JaneC.
fsrine?, minor of Ad.-un fenyder,
Frances Mary Hall, I'hrh.a U. Wdon,
FbTba U'rock, M.irgiret Howe.
Onsiuftl Henry Fettit, ivter T. Bald
wa, (Jt-ore Moshr, Jarpcr Abbe,
Annuel n. .tndrews, Daniel i'arkhurst,
K jem I. Willard, William Kobbin.
Hiels Lcoti.ard. Additional Fhelrnou
Cook, I'etrr F. tlower, Milra ChuM.
Kfina Luman A. H!is (deceased).
Origin!, widows, etc. M iry E. Fi c.
F.va C. Iv Ltirn, Mary L. Hunains, Mar
jarit Livingston (taothtr).
I I.ko rny v.ife to ue FozzonPa Com
pifxioa Fo'Adf r bcau it improves her
io Is and ii fracraot as violet..
There will b? a pool tournament at
the Living ton l illardand pol parlors,
commencing January , 19-, open ta
tho amateur of this city. There are a
rreat many lino pool players in Grand
Itapids winch tnis tourameat will call
out, and a very inlTeaUng aeries of
games nuv bo ei peeled.
Garfield Tea is composed of wholly
hsrmte3 hert, beace its effects can
never lr injnror.s. Wity, thn take
nuf eous pihi. o:!s or cathartics that
constipate -
If yoti slav upon having A 15
cc.ck' lor'jtk Masters and never tcxpt
a surstital.you will nctbe (LsapjA.nt-
lr tin 'lfr feat
3T. TTp s:.'f-v' ratc frtti- bs f-en r.
l? t I'trj U'fMn?. It -vt!f lf ftr,4.
t-fv sT.ns. i.ts n aii.-fw wib-1
rrsae, nt is th 14 ncaedj ijf 4tar rbo.
l4'.r-ars ft.ibo.i;.
nhr'. rt'itifhnr ,i tor
hrv:w,t v,,rf , n!r?;?, ull rhenm, fevr
ere, tetl -r.ea.f pcu hind, chnb.a'u,
corns srd au 'ia erupUo".., ai; rcj.
tifiy urrs p i5, or no psy rff.u.rl,
It is g.:arn'fed ?o,?v j pe t'l - fac
ti'jn or ruOn- y rcfnndft-l. i cc teats
per tox. For by I:k .ros.,!ru-.
g:st5. cornet Hvo- and .Divsioa-ls
L-ii iii r in iiira 1 rur n i Hi
2 aM
she; viix iui tec irP
rrt CJla C j-. Xr TtMt Cfay, Ir3ir.
sfU tAia tt ir.-. oa4. Ji4
Artistic Presents i
Of Perrniner.t Value
Fine Pictures!
At Moderate Prices.
nigh class etchings, enextTincs and
rater colors specially suitable for fram
ing, many o! theai rare and unprocur
able elsewhere.
Fine water colors, UsUfully framed,
cost from $5 jpward. Proof etchings,
tastefully framed, cost from J2 up
ward. All visitors are welcome to call
and examine tho collection, and people
living in tha city are especially invited
to come and bring their friends.
1 make a specialty of novel and ar
tistic framing and carry the largest and
best finished line of moldings to be
found in the state, and do work as low
asany one in the country, quality con
sidered. Soliciting a share of your patronage,
I am, Yours truly,
C7 Ionia street, south of Monrce.
P. F. Bring ia your Christmas work
early, te avoid the rush. A .II.F.
To (rlirt'eian wa sell and offer ths best Uv
count. Cm fo!l.hi: J'a'ke. Davis k Co.'s
liv juration, n fuM line; John Wyetli L Bro.'s
lirep'iratluiM. (unite; K. K. Jml:V pr?i
rlio:i. a lull line; U in. H. MrrlU C'aeraltt
'o.'n trparat'on. a lull ila; Ltoy4'sSo' lao
Mrt.lcti!s: Aluanv Ch i in leal C.'s gor4t; ant
fat t.al haea of all a!&tl ptoparatlgas also
Wa carry 0! worth ot J'
Appliance, pesjirl. etthetfrs. artlSela!
jfs, I.Vj st in dliHit .-r!, rubtr cools ice
tia l'vr wat'r l4i led eas ttr ae t 1. narrow
Ice txs lor the npiaf. stooiaoa pumps, and a
Ursa v.rty at tpirinl ls nometttufs
n'S-arr; bnt w har thetn wbeo wartt4l.
Wo r n-ii afraid of aatf uttca : call for wiiac
you wnt anl do not -tusna tnat you muse
fad i t Iilc4ir. until you hsve eniotr'd tot
Ihe at tide you reOlia from us.
cnabla to rr-ar thts 4rfn1 rA
c la fcUr sal rerlTS a CAii tr rttar nt!L.
j as. s. tunic Ct co., Chicago.
unrpp1: t! 'ken :-n B'lAp.
Out trea;rrt ixtlTeiV and r4!r12y enrM
all i -rrn cf iiVvius I iwrUts, uotismrl
it-.es. Sv'tua? decilne. varlcoc;, akin
hp4 i i't i. Cnrrs rapid. Carries
K ii3o;i, s: snl surest treatment
k r in.
i:iHtw.io!iij U, and hw yon reay ewra
f ursell al ft we, eii'd fre.
lrrrtfd wdrr tr. !w?rf tft Mate (
' 'ss li Itemoi-t liettoa. ilass
Sweet MiHc,
Mutter Milk,
Icn Crfnm.
Always tus tt a
woonwcuTii -ros.
155 Hrce tL. -till er TeliH 8D
Ste3p:d G:::s t:1.St7;!:2
im MOSS?
iafill AAdi sa TcJ t
Kearly evsry pattern cf r.":3
Chfilct is inutatcd in cilcr sr.u
style. In most c:ts the inilttticn
looks iust ?s :cod the - r.u!r.f.
but it Mas fit w tfuwhfs, l.iy J
so liclcs strength, and while 1; sell ?
for only a little l?ss than the tr.u j
:ne it isn't worth cne-htlf asivu.ch. j
'i.c fact that KX h'otss BfcxhH
are "copied ii strong1 cvidcr.ee
thzt they arc THE STANDARD,
and every buyer should jes thit
the trade rr.i.r!c is tevcd C4
the icsids cf the EfcnUt.
Tivss Mill
.i Lxtra Test
VTjDRlcef s
. 100 5A STYLES
:t piifss to suit exerjicdy. If yoa cin't ge
li:cn Jroin yocr ?ci!er, wrlie us. loe
Iks Do.l. You can get it without chrj;e.
Wll AYP.E3 & SONS, Pbilaishia.
The Best is the Cheapest
First CUsi Grades ot
Hard Coal,
" CoS(e s Wood
s the iov.fs: n.irkft frlees eac le
ottalccd at
. So. K YfSt Br!d,'e t. Ynl. Cr. o!ec-enl-st-ati
il. h 1. It. K,
riiotia i.
AATellTery nia!e ea clceirlc time.
Pbone Kt
89 Ottawaist.
-.p t..,
ro rf7j: n otto 31
Namely 82.00 Cord.
t?t a.yriywixrs rywyrt fvrvrvvrvf-vrvvrtrv
If a ss !1M
. M I J.J
5f BP
7 3
5; HAT fK (O
S tf-t rvrvrvrvrvrvruvrLf Pvrvrutvwvvf
or 2
ChrcniCi Bload aai Kerroas Diseases
I fimn; nouiW:
Its 11 a.m. :t 4 p.m. tta.SA.
GrsDd lUpIds. illcb.
. D., 0.
rsrrjci uvrrs to
Eye, Ear, Nose a Throat
U00D -I nrA ?2 rcrtr r.ok,
- J!nroc stie t.
ITjur t 0toli iw, l) f p is.l fl p m
Fiindsi. Ur rvuf Meat. Ite Ur-n Zr.
JrUnni. Milerr. M''lr, t "to A Vathw
Hunt J ifafe. Itotifrd. HI Tr. Frans. le
L.ino. Hails irvl. Cnm.nHrs 1 Lstrh
nu. i! Tmiltox c.kekxjE,
no. 147 H0Hi?O6-8T.
N'e- KenJal tJociirr SoMlers'Moanreett.
f3e FI.iTSt to li a ia. 2 te 5 p ra.
IrrVMr ppoipt.r i:t. f ; dT 12 tin 1-
K. 31. II. PASCO,
ifdat, U-flta p. nw
T'lerfcrt 16.
p ses ef t M!nd ad r fyt".
M yteel:eal Casaf a nMraa arlti
a sr-et lair y.
Practleo Limited.
Noss, Throat Eya ani Ear
"' 79 Mer-ce Stri
f.HAr;D KArit. vicniOA?.
A. H ALBEIITIE. :S Pearl-st
' otaTwr t C. H. f aftr
Kfjs, Sci' aL'c, Saw f-T sai i
l .y
Slats, County anrJ School Taiss
JiHrUSrf A. 1. !" i-
T t?isTsr,?- f th i ratd Kpi4:
Tvi. Ct ti lrjtlrt i ll-t f
.sp4 !'pU tr .ti i vN
ir Ke-.o Wa cft.irdtl 1 i lor u.iec!la,
t-d i.divt.-d uir I. r-aio u ca ik'J
n,u.ti'f i4 bIu?e ti
With iu kiSi'.icS oK'SE I'Li; iLvr tr en-
Inllvii fr Aid kil If J! J V
;er ?JI frl 't H-'imH. ,.v:-. sft
liljd ivi Ul'KUctl.Ni. :r r.:eiti0u lees
lual . tCU icr lint eit i-ayuirat vf
M fiittx klibuu-tva u m: f.tK-r t ILe
j lt-l. in 14 c t f 'irfci ht d. i r
tke ( tM Ci4 vl tii i'lty lin 1. 'but id vfiie
to oirs fr tae ie IU 1 cl. iv k ta
SAid i ed. trwHi t.cLt vVloa la i-e
lvretiOu u:;til i. n, sad from cut o'eUk ta
iLt it-raoj x itiii f.j v vle ib toe a'ur-n.-.r.
Tt nl en ek Ui to Ite
F I '& 1 AY o; Fttr-FAKY, A. 1.
Acd ljr f.ur?i J5rttirr tiwa fcttrr tb rnt ta?
f evrUh.rL. ly'.i m I'ie c w;'U roiiU'lS .
Mia nty?i ar atriid si'.-l, ti.-ua ct co::e.ua
act exo.oi'is v rcMU.
.AD'i nUHiicrtliMJ b" ot ea aa Friday
ef every unlr aueU frtdiy ! a i-a
tioi dss. iihdu Tne-dy of vrywetutls
S4ittt 'ifmy t a 'e-u- Ltiidr. Irotu th
fcour ol ftrvan o'clock l. M. to ta hour t oii!
0, e;n l. M., irorp t? FlK.'- f fAV "V JKC
IA Uvi. to tt THlKl i-FlMsT DAY Uf
1, LCHH.li.,U.r3AKr!
Treasurer eft he Cur at Grand lisplda
rrar-sR' Orr:rt
Or THE or I.I.CI AT!fX.
C.rnd Ba;.idt, Vicn- I.pc lii-1. j
Fesled protol isill ! reoei vd fct tue -t-Mio
ol tb fc-iftsry. Cits llki;. until ' p. I
JsiMUty 14. 1:'. for the eotnpluoti f Hi t'W
ii;;n tH-tiool Luildtna oa l.tuoui sirret. v
onlir s t :1bs aaii ec;ctiocs bim! ty
W. . LoUiiMU. architert. I'lau i;d apert
Ocatl Ji s will found at Ice cfttee cl tua
rrtsit at the Rotrd room, t ity Hail. Kids
must le accompanied bycr:!Pid hH ot I2k
T. 1. I'KAl'r IKLU.
rbalrman CotnujilUe of FuJdiota.
SIaS0ic Jlrrcit TutsriT AsfociATioa)
Ok V5TiK 1ichiua.v. V
Orand Kapidi. !ici.. lec. 14. 1SVL j
A speil iceetlna o( tlio rat-mbeta of tht
Masonic Mutual )l09flt Aos vijAlion of West
ern iltchl?,an In bereby called lo ntet at tat
Musonlc hail, id tbe city ef titan 1 lUfUa. on
tbelitbday of January. IvC ae oue o'clock
p.m.. to ronsiderand derldo upaa a plaa af
eran'ttl"ti. nnd ta maku aueii ehancea In
our articles of association aa may be found
WM. I President,
Attrst :
JAL03 BARTlf. Aetinf fecretary.
The annnsl raeetlDt o( ths Western MlcbU
Can Asrlcultural at: Inltmirlal society will
heid at Sweet's Hole! In ine city of (Irand
lUpld.Ml.boa Tuesday. January l. iwi at
3 o'lok p. for tli puriv eltctina fir
dlr'! rs nnd tha tramacLou of aurh other
t-usiiiest as mat pro;erly coma bfte aald
inethi2. All members ot lbs society are
urgently requested to b- pivs-nt.
Z. V. ril KN i'. Secretary.
" Mat 01 fttlenlgan, Cunty at Kent est
Notieels hereby siren, that by an ordryef tb
I'robore Court for ibe county of Kent, made oa
the 191. day ot November. A.D. lsvi.lx moutba
Irout that date were allowed for creditors to
prvaenttbelr claims aealnat the estate of
late of said county. Oceaned. and that all
crrtitois of aid it ceaod ate rqulred to pr
nt their latios to aald Probate onrt. at tba
I'robata efS-e, In tti city of Grand Hat-Ida. tor
rsADiluatlon and alloano, oa or before the
J'Jtlt. day of May rest, aot that aurh claims
will b heard before a!4 court, on lltnraday.
Ihe lctb dav of May neat, at tea o'clock la the
lorrcooti of that day.
liaiK'1 (Irani llild, Mich.. !?or. 1!.1ML
Ci'KL'S E. l'KKKINdb Judceof l'robate.
thtra. dec. ?.
J In t.io matter of the Estate of Joba bbirk
Nntu-o it hereby siren that 1 shall sU at pub
lic auction, to theUlKbeat bidder.on Tb Jrstay.
Ilie 4tU day of bruary. A. D. 14 ar ten
o'elook. In the fnrenoon, at froat door of l'ro
bcteoSlce In tVurt blca intbe cltyofOrand
lild. ta the county of Kent, tn tba slate et
iilch'.jan. pnrauant to license and auttiotlty
an'itel to mo on tbe 2Stb day ot f-eeteu Lr,
A. D- IW. by th Frobatoeoutt ol Kent coun
ty, .wlcblf 't. all of th r est, title. Interest or
aetata t said deeeaed. In or lo the certain
p'eco or parrel ct land situated and beleala
tlieeounts of Kent, slat ot lehlgac. known
and described as felloes, tvwlt: Jh wel
forty-feur '4i fert eseept tba aontb nln0
frt fer alley of o aueaWr thirteen () of
Faton'sallttn to the lty ot (.rand F.aplds.
Kent cenntv. J!lclilen.
lateI.23tbdayof Demfcer. A.D. lv1. '
iEOR(1K W. Tl!OMFt0.
tbu Administrator of Jobn .-Ltrk's Estate,
City Treasurer's 0Uce.
Grasl Tlaplds. JUichM I R Hi.
Ifot!c t hereby flten that tho aaessmeat
ro;! fortbf iLiproTeinant of King street from
(Irandvll avenne to the weiteru terminus of
sal J KIe strert In tb rltyof urand Uapda. Is
now lo ray hands, and tfcat 1 will receive pay
ment tbereon lor Jh period of twenty Uars
from tblsdte. at the offl:e ol tbe City Treks
urrr. City UaJU .
dee 31 City Treaaorer.
TKEABI7 at fCSt'S MOriCSt.
City Tresurer's Office.
Grand Itaplda. Iich.. Dor., l-t. lwL
Notice la hereby tlrea that Ihe asesmeot
rr li frr tb coattrurtloB et a iewer ta tooth
I'nion street from Wra'.ty iwaat to
r-'heiman street tn lli city of
ilrand Raoids. I new In my hand a. and
that i will rrcetre ray meat tiieretn tor ths
petiod of tw.tydays front t-,li date, at tba
oftlM of the Clt Trnrer, City Hail.
dM 31 Jlty Treasurer.
City Treasurer's Office, t
(Irand Rapid, ilicb, lec. 16. lscl. f
Notice la beteby eivrn that tbeaaeaemeat
roil for tba couatrucilon ot a wr In -it
Lalayetia etrect from Fatt In4ta
Mtt-et to tahlrictoa ftn, tn th
city ot. tttaod r.aa.t. ! now
In my hsi'i, and tbt I ni r
c'r iaynu-tit thrnn fT tlib Pnod of
teutyonv fru:n th-s dte. at tho nice f
the City Ir?aarer, City Hail.
Jan. 5 i ity lrtsaurr.
TncAscnr.h-s xoucst.
C'rfTreenrer's OTre.
Crsed Kaalds. l,tb . i,?. 16. ll.
N tiee la berey snen iMt t resitDer.t
t for 'a1ij-e.iai 'f Va !f tte-t
trra tintj lro-!t tre? ta VVieter
atrt, til ta city A '.raa4 llSfida. ! in r,f
ban4. ae.-i that I r?-e!e 1 artret ttjet.
&n lr t'" s-erUd t tete afe frtn Tb a
e'a'e, t tao office ot tti .1;y Trauter. City
TLL!Att 1'AKit
dee 2 ut Ireaaarer.
CEAU'l rnor4JFAl.-ra4 MS will b
fK.,i'fa if fb iir'tad 00 ( a-d
tuedift C'eMb flay -1 .Uutrr. lil tor the
eart :e of t v ert:. frrr,t. r-rnr o(
ktf.UM I fr 'rt. !,Ht!ut tf!'t intra
tere-e. fvoaai to B -n.
pt;on of I - 1 e rrt tii .-S jt w
il ai'cr M t itri ,tj ,!T,r:'a.
1 b lUa-d ef rre retr tl; r!flt
'o reji an? an t '.
Cicant l. f tr.ata,
!-''? t'r.rl'maeof ow?tto
I 1 WFf I r'.ACTlfa.l AN l'
pmfit ? if-trQ uf h Jira
Sf tds. itt 'iN I r f!tn fe. t f r t
ftt tr-fce1 rtHif5. .-tt
m eterp r r. ria"S t Hj r
TJ r,ii rj .
jl rj-k -lj4 t MvtvO. .
wv" A r r- r V
-ZT M; V -W -r Pm4 r i 1 V"ijy
f ii imi ifii t i i ' i i
a Uem a-rsgawta. ntMa,r
&Ctfd4 la v 1
vau kacr.
Ar. fvsta I colsw
, ttitii. N.trta.
FtrfjAaw and n i .. uaa
Ivr ItTM Cay
aiaiit lata UiSat
1 --Si .l ivi
. , iOI diia
Itr I'tlv.kff ui kwk
iua.. .- .- llSpa JCf
- 1 Ji n
ltv:a trih!- .t a, tu.dai4i eiae
tri&saaf tfi-?: o.'aiar.
tlA 6O1A0 StTS.
Ar. lrvr l.s a.
Far Cincinnati . n
- r Lt u::klkt A l!ilot.
t r rort Uay ax.d to
. HMttv
rrvclanau lii.pt
uf I .t ica l it, rt 14
I ron hasr.fia'"... ly ti & u
a' b a
1 p
I ra.ii.ji irai,g t t 6 .ii aad i. IT s m tin
iai.y. AU viher train c'f ekcept t-.cfty.
fHoahogoM, Oran4Uapida ft tadlaaav
vrta.ogea.Le.. ?uo a wli 5tl a iel p is
Jvu Ar.-iiaou4.4pka-
SLttmis r4a;xa a atarirt.
Norifc-llMi a tu tra a baa Parlor Chair Caa
Orb4 Ivkptas to Fcirxrj acO Aiactltae.
I I ii t -a tra.c 1 . o, j,tL t ars viiaud Ilap
U lo rtt.Ktf iU Aial ,i.
rf'-:tkrJ.la ir'i:w L- J'ArUrCar CraaS
IS to Cir.c'.urkU
1 a a tn ri t.w Warner Parity Car Araal
Fa rids toCbivaso.
tiU.il! m traia tiaaWaxaer !ecp!axCar Qraa4 '
Jmpi latj C.o.-:uo.ti.
llui pin train ba M'atl;r Retain C
traad lUt Ua so CMraco.
CHICAGO mc. R. & L
Le CraB Kaplds rmm ZcA pa It M es
,rrtWo oiAensSaiun tNin
lubaia train baa turouib Wacior Barter
car. a id ii 9 0 tr: a 4 f taxj, ArVi aer
ecj.!c er.
Lee th:rate. TQsa FlOpas JTHpsn
ArrtirdH --j a opus l.jaio
alapm train throu Warner parlor cr
IOIj p u traia, dal y. tbrotta Waarr aleu
Ttiroosrb tickets and fc'l Inforcsatloa eaa ba
bad by ca t tc; upon A.. Al nvju.et. tioaec agoaS
aturfan atat caorU. '.'.Hunaon.L'oaUcae4
a4dt.t7 AS"nro-t Craud Kapi4a, liieh.
C. L. Locc -own. Gra. Pass, AAoaU
lu eaect iS.iL
. Depot, Vit I ultaa aUtct
S 1 JtUareasv ft a
rt a ni ass a nr
.1 tsi-Lo OrandlUplla Ar. tj i
41 H aULr U bite lUaoa , ,,.Ar. aj a a
b m a m
Tty U fc le rtkart. aa j s
a m P'u
tar Ar
am p ra
fa lio.Ar
ita p m
Jl jft 5. vi -Ar
M Sll,
.JSoutbBeadAr-i W 1X
Cateate , tMU IS 3
ia & lutr Qtvolaat.
, pas aa
IQsa-Ar Baffalo . T.yJial U a
'1 to Lake bfc&re ta Uoe,aad In oonaoctloe
with tba trio and F. a.id L.K.SL K 1 forms U
quickest and must direct rouu t- FiuaUusa,
On T. k T. A- CloroiasvL t
C. 8.ruaaa. Ticket Aceat. Depot,
Jas. Caarasu. ott Aa U a Jkoaroau
4501X0 TO IQICAA9.
ans J2 pas ni ttsa
Ax. Ca'CAUu JUApm i.ttpm 7iisl
Lt. CHICAGO, b:U0ens 4 .-45 pes 11 :lSs
sw ap raoat acvrav ra avoa. st. oaara aaasa
h1' JJaplds.. aas II sw t ai
Ar, Oread fUptdsS:aw i& pm U lSaay
for Iadlaaapolia 12.06 p. sa. oaly.
to irt raoa atrstao.
tr.O.lt. syoam 12-nspm S:Mpaa S SSpt
Ar. O. h lu.iiam i Upm 6: pa JZ...Z.
to as raoat Majruraa aaa yaaraua mr.
Le.nraadRaplda 7 25ta 8;lTpn
Ar.GraadRaplda 11 tiam l:0pta.
Between Oraad Rapids aad Cfelcaro ITac&ff
Blecpera Loaee Urand Kaples Jl J p. ta:
leave Cbicaco 11 Oi p, m. 1raarl a g lUom Can
-Leave iiraadRaplds U:Oi p. m. leaeCM
ago4:4pna. Free Chair Car Leave (iraa
Rapids va ami leave Cbloace S:k ata,
Botweea Orand KaMdS aod (aanUto-Irw
Chair Car-Leaves Unuid lUplds :17 pas!
leavea Maslatoa iJA an.
LAN SIM 6 4 RORTNftltfl ft. St
Lv. OKT RAFIDS.. MS am l.-iieaa :Vpb
Ar. DEI ftO IT li HQ m S:to psa IS .i pa
Lv. DKTROIT.. ... 7:70 aas 1 tH pa J4) pa
Ar.O'RDRAriDS12:lSpsi Upas HiUpi
To aod from Lanslas aad IisrtU-esae sa
te and tress Detroit.
to am raoM aaenr a w, auia avert, tateta.
Lt. Oraud Rapids - 7 -saaaa 4:14 am
Ar. Orand Rapids. 11 40 eaa 14 sM
to Lowrtx via uvtu a aaararee a, a.
Lt. Oraad Rapt da T:lSam lbaaa Stapa
Ar. trosa Lowell JMdpas 6:14 pua -
Between uraod Rapids and Detroit Partaa
ears oa all trains, heats J renta.
lie t woe a (irand Raploa aad KagiaaseFajloa
car leaves (tread Kapids 7r ami arrirae la
Orand Karl 1a M 40 pin, Seats as eeata.
L'TSrydav. Ot her tJe we ears eat.
ti0. DallAVIN. Ose. Faaar Af '
'! poTTutnrrcca
Tialae Uave'tSo. airtVa. ICibJat U. ..iTlX
O. Raplda.Lvi S4ssa 51aa
StApss Tsnpsal
4 T. pas til KTaas
la n Ar 7 4iaJB 11 yftasn
ft. Jobaa-Ar SkAani II r pan
i F
voa Ar rnin
K-haaMiiaa-r 1)4' ami iff pea,
1 ay uiy-At.il aan
14)1 pa
Just t
C Moron Ar
If rSaoi
rnrpaii S hcrss
Itftfcaa' dspss
StApmt tal--
etroiL .At
4o3asa lR
11 awav
P- sa. I a. sa.
Ora'4 Rapid a ( r a aa 1 SS raa S 1 1 ran
(I'd llavra arl sasam tlepsai 114 Pm
XUWBDSrS , .O.f jt n,mri i , r
1 h ea o ... .... I m
I ' V.' t & l 7Vei4 SnTTaV
Tra. ns Win -m ta Cast, O Asa. U5 P
Sn, 4 W P m l'j ' v p aa.
Trainsufat.oui tbe sTeat 15 10 a sa I IS pas
aM ,
r,at-ard Sa.14 has Wagner Fester &cSa
exr. No. H Fai r ''ar, .N'atitf agave fl.ioepor.
Weatward No, ' ago or riioopT. JIo. li
Farlorcar-. 5. I5ar tafi- c'.affot r.
J V. Iyea. TraOe llaaagwr.
Frv Fi.rrrwsa. 1 ry ! Aewflt.
alaaCaeratu. UtfTI4tt Arai,
S tloarooaarooS
r'rm Tor Xscroos.
retrtxt AletM
U psa
lay r apra
7i p -v
AtinM e a4 Par. Be ....... t sos a sa F
ttniie. AH ot-ra dal'v tfoet Suhda-v.
laSiaaevos MsSay, Ja y la. IC3.
Fiaet icg cara en I c:6e aad Atiaatta Fa
S-tomo w aod frosn iiruwtt. Far loe eart
,f-9f. t-r Jtr4'- Tjou a Bt. rovarn
eae Jt-irAi at 4:iS p- n.. STtetrf a
nraod ca-e a Sr. va Irl oectia'
ssads at Det ect witk al tar can trwea ee
lr.-T an love a' V et 'O lieaet o"0. ai Jv
r e'e-' d a I cm d'pof .
FtroSf. .efWNi, 0ef, A t. fA ti oaresn
O.V. lv vat-k. V, aad I. As t. Cluoawa.
t i retie ar:age re w't everv 1-oUL
C a ta. n. P 4.KS a MudlRittl kl
laf(ief,aa4 .e4 fa 1 So
Sak I -(-!. fet aay a-JSe-wa fSI;
ALYiuwF'6C0- lAfscASlOi
t.-( '.r r-
1. rv?9
. ...... V
eifs if 1 t i s?ta a,
T '"7I. . 1 " -till
i Sf5
t" 4 i i0 aefr.T -.
' . -. ... .. H V '
rotiHa;rw t
ttl fcr-.-s eiO
.ae twiur a U4OJt,4U .S;i4.A.
3V THaCUTUSMIfrCr:3. aaM
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