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Tie Temt1a.mHebalp,
pmcs nvE czirra
BaS BU Cohort Art tToaAeataa: u4
At tXiftlag ta taa lappa af BU
Oppoaeol it Stay ho SotUed
Colcmbci, Ohio, Pec, 31. Tba
characters oo the signboard tonight
read 3aerman," although tno nucv
gersand friends f Governor Foraker
tii either ta realize or admit such to b
therae. SoatorShe,roianarnvtd in Co
lumbus at an wlf hour this morning,
and hi appearauca soon manifested
itself in a tuff mag up of the claim cf
his friends made last night that the
danger line had been passed, if one
eier really did ex;st. Sherman aerer
appeared to better advantage than tb
day, and the argument made my the
friends of the governor that Mr. Sher
man was old and fettle, was completely
t;tatt?red by bis igorous shaking hands
v:j with the hundred that called to
yy their respects, and converse with
the senator. Governor Foraker and Mr,
Sherman met at the breakfast table
this morning and shook liauds in the
luot ccrd.ai manner, and giving ex.
j. region to sentiment'' of hearty good
will. The news tr at Mr. Sherman was
m the e;ty was su!-icient tr attract visi
tors to hi tcotu, and rtfore the hour
of ruun had arrived the Snerman peo
l!o utro in the roost happy frame of
mmd, am . .
More CeaCdeul Tl:a Er
cf elecucg Mr. Laylin, their candid Ue,
asspfa-tr, with "vcts to spare. Oa
the outsuie, about the corrtuora and
lohui of the hotel, the Sherman eeut:
meat grew rnoro ttrorg, and money
ii freely ollered that Lav ha would
t elected sralter an! Sherman sen
ator, but no;ut ventured to grasp at the
pre positions. The Foraker men are un
usually aetivo and almost fraabc in
their effort to regain lost ground, or
rather get back the prestige that
teemed to tc theirs on Tuesday; but
every effort to do th:s has been met
vntn a broadside calculated to make in
Dective their labors, and the claims
made are easily thrown into discredit
by tho shrewder and more potent argu
turrts of the Sbermaa people. "
The doubtfut contingent that has
held positions, on th? fence, awaiting
the opportunity to ru&k.e sure of com
ing oil thtir pvrchers andlaacV:ng upon
the Winnie? side, are aliout-ready to
; enter the Sherman camp,, ard their
jct:on will probably emnhutfize the fact
j that rone other than Mr. Sherman will
l returned to the senate. - Governor
'Foraker is working with all the tact
' and vigor that a desperate cause could
auggest, and this alternoon he held
Senator Bain in hit private parlor for
r.early three hours m a fruitless effort
to wm him over from Sherman. ;
The efforts read e by ccrUm friends
of the governor to wurk op a sentiment
cgair.st Mr. Sherman through the labor
trsimaLtiaa -Im utterly tailed 'ami
will count for nothing. The leading
pmuunthe move held places under
tr.e governor, and have beta in. the ser
y.r of hia managers.
Tho agitation of thie question has
ra used the friends of Mr. Sherman to
bring cut a letter written by him in
'lSI, during the presidential contest,
cud at the time the long strike in the
J locking Valley coal region was ia
Mr. Sherman was asked as to Lis
Tushes about
Fpaaklna t th Miar.
'and in reply he wrote: I think I had
letter (peak onco in the ntiiusg region.
Altl.o-'vih I want it distinctly uiultr
aiCHxt it I go ti ere that my ymtuihis
ro in thiii prtnt strike entirely uriLh
!too miners. I think the reduction
Jroni 70 to f-0 cenU a ton totally un
called for. I have no des tj to mt'ddlo
in the matter, excrot if I pcak at all
tij'on the subject I num speak truly."
The (o i.t of (Lu a;xtatora was t.ut
!r. SLf rman had never oraercd o:to
word of sympathy for or with the la
borer of this or any other state. Th2
Sherman people at a lata hour toniiit
aro confident, tn! latimato that they
ell bo stroacer tho morning than
vrr l-efore. It i suspected that there
j to l a brisk in tho Ilamiltou coun
ty delegation, all the efiorts if (l?orga
Co .x seemingly being enable to bold oa
th s wMkersnip isms.
It i as keen agreed to hold the house
e s ecus at 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon.
1 he Sherman men aay that they are
ready and confident.
Sbtrnta ! Oa.Uant. "
Senator i'herman expresses himself
as haviug n doutt ot h.s electiun,
though he refuses to talk of the de
tails of the contest. Mr. Layli.i, the
Sberaiaa candidate for spaer, has
insdea gsin of four rotes during the
day and claims tbat there is no doutt
of nis being chosen at the caucus Satur
day evening. It h concede i by both
Kides that the rrnateMhtp victory will
.le woTth from tiree to five votes from
the noa-rommi'.Ul members for the
senatorbip. because of the favor which
4t carries with i:. Should Mr. Liyl n
.1 ehosa there can le no doubt about
(the caucus nomination of Mierman,
cud the mjtriagrrs of the senator cla m
that they can wm even should they bi
o unfortunate at to loe in the speaaer
hip contest.
nihria rr Ih rntt.
CntoiSL?, ?., Jan. l.The Urn
crowded ton lit w.th polit c:ans and
th fxedement oer the senatorial
fih between Foraker aid Sjer:aan is
intense1. iil-nJs of loth csndi
iates are here in larg nim
rvrs and toth a,de feel confidtnt
ttnat they will w;n. Sherman arrived
yesterday and he hasba hard at work
snce. Ii is etairred fy th Forsker
menti!t te fasnscgoa adoisnLtra-t-on
is working s?aiat tlsetf
eanslidste and has B'-jfrrrJed
in dnrg h;m .arm. They
o devisre tost 'ovfrnrtf-Fit
McKinley baa do sympathr wdl ex.
Governor Foraker and that he s work
it sretiy with mn "rs of the ig a
laiura ti accotcpnth tt:i defeat.
Spain Mf rSt Japa.
"drRir, Jan. I.- A secaUn has
teen causal hers by advices from ?f n
iia. the capital of th PSil ppiae i
laSs. to tu :!et that Japsn es r c
e'pit seme cf the rlaais Rear ti
Mr aca i?Unci. , - ;
T'is j:trarii.r.t orpsrs de!ar that
s pajsh t-ta i-a wi syiit the piia-
cipal ports of Japan, and than dis
persing, will proceed to the Umaonss
for Ue purpose of reasserting the Span
ish supreoacy over the islands.
A afa44SM a I BUvvIvm W e
xtocLTos, I a., Jan. l.This place has
had considerable to talk about the last
three days on account of the strange
actions cf a young woman from
Hi owning, Mo. Last Saturday she clad
herself in male attire, and boarding a
night stock train on the Kansas City
radroad came to this city. When the
conductor asked her for her ticket she
presented a revolver and remarked
that she guessed it was good for a pas
sage to her destination. The conduc
tor said it was a better hand than he
held, and passed on to the next aation.
Arriving here the young woman went
to a hotel and secured a room. That
night she took morphine with suicidal
intent. Her groans aroused the guests,
and one Dentley and the hotelkeeper
wtnt into the room and discovered her
condition. A physician was called, and
succeeded n saving her lite.
Word was snt her parents tu Brown
ing, and her mother came up and
pleaded with hr to go home, but the
girl refused to do s having taken a
strong liking to young Hentley. Then
the girl was put under arrest and taken
to the Oaull houw and locked into a
room. Oue of Mr. ttentley'a friends
followed and went into the room, and
by force look the girl bick to the tirst
hotel. Fapf rs are issued for her arrest
oa the grouud of insanity, but Mr.
Hentley'a young friends, m his ataeuce,
have ukoti it r.poa themselves to se
crete the strangft-acting girt so that the
oCicer cannot rind her.
8. D. KcEarry Thir Candidal tor Gov
ruvr of LottttUn.
Tntertft in politics will run high in
Louisiana at the April elections. The
factions in the parties will put four
state tickets in the field. The candi
date lor governor of tho tottery demo
cratic faction is Samuel D. McKnery,
who was torn in Monroe. La., nlty-four
years ago. He received part of his
education at the Naval school at
Annapolis, but he did not graduate
from that institution. Hia prominence
in political matters date back twenty
yearsr lo 1876 he was elected governor
of the itito, and ever siuco be hnU-cn
a leader of the Bayou state democia s,
although he has not held otlice until
h s divided rartJ split into factions
over the lottery issue, once more sum
mon him to lead in a state campaign.
Excetpts From tiovvraer Brown An
aual XI eat ax v.
Ijji isville, Ky., Jan. 1. In his mes
sage to the legislature today Governor
Urorrn points out the probability of a
deficit of nearly $500,000 at the close of
the fiscal year, ard indicates t'.iatit
trill be met by us'ng the fC( 0,0:0 of war
lax to be returned to the uUte by the
Fcderf.1 Government. This money be
longs to the public schools by enact
ment of last winter, and a bond for it
will be issued in favor of the schools.
Ho call attention to $3.'J92.0! of "ail
road prop rty that has not paid taxe.
and says thu law exempting roads for
live years from their construction
aeems unconstitutional, and the tax
should be collected.
He finds that only eight counties
have Collected county tax on in toxica t-
trg liquors, anu es;s mai trie tax oe
railcc'ed and negligent officials pun
ished; he tinds that lotteries arc still in
cpsration, and asks for their suppres
sion. The legislature completed its organi
zation and adjourned.
A XTall raits ami Crahs Thm
b'ourn CE??n, Ind., Jan. L Edward
Spahn and Mary Scigg were killed here
this afurnooa by tha filling; of
a wa'.I. The couple were sooa
to be married, and whiie taking a
stroll were pasing the grounds of the
Eirdell manufacturing company,
which sre surrounded ty a brick wall
Iweuty-two feet high, wha wth
out warning, a great ,tus
1' brick and mortar -fell
upon thv lover, completely ttsrying
them. M s Seigg was instintl kilteit
and Fpahu wasa badly crnsned that
he lived but a few moments after being
removed fiom the dtbris.
t lliy r lnrk Arrl After a
Xrrr Yoi.k, Jan. I. After a rery
stormy voyage the City of Taris ar
nred hrs -fe!y this morning. She
v;aa two dai ivertlu imlnjf to heavy
fogs and to tr.counteriefi I)r mr
17 ths br;stol iNtylier, SUrdotf, in a
distUd conlition. As;t.oce was
profTerM the SUmtoiTJ a .she rtfusi,
and attr ri boura' deiay the City uf
J"ar.s conU.uzd on her course.
Caftalf ttilaa- nHj IIS,
N'tw Voeh", Ja-i. heavy s was
encountered o:i Chr.tmts diy by ths
Gro;i li-.! suamsh p Nevada. The
br.djt t smashed aiid Captain Cuh
iiig. rom-nsadr of th Nevada, aa
hurled t iths deck wdu forra suftidant
to break h.s l?g. He is onSn J in tae
ship's hosp taf.
. - '--
Tiiat4 Hia Vtim.
Wr!rj.t, Vt , Jio. I.- tephen If.
w.sa barffL-f hers tudsy for t:.a
WJitUt at Lis wfe t Faufax, ia Hi?.
Go Tern or Humphrey Appoint!
Perkinj to the Cntt.
Ail Ikargaa Dru(bt Aaalasl Hlaa ft
(S4-Ua TIII Oa Ab4 With
lit Mark at It la
Torxxi, Kan., Jan. ; Governor
Humphrey this afternoon oppointtd
Hon. Bishop XT. Terkins of Osweto.es
senator, to succeed the late Senator
Plumb. The fight has been a
hard one and the governor has
been besieged by frisnds of various
applicants from the day of Sen
ator I'lumb's funeral. A number
of ugly stories were set aHoat about
Perkins and he had to come here from
Washington to refute them. In speak
ing i f the appointment tonight Gov.
Humphrey said: "None of the charges
brought against , Perkins wire sub
stantiated and ho was evidently
stronger with the people than any
other applicant. It, was necessary to
appoint a man who could go right ahead
with the work uniertaken by Senator
Plumb and I was conrmctd
by reason cf his acquaintance and ex
ptrienco ia Washington that Perkins
was the best ma'i."
Senator Perkins has been a promi
nent factor id politics since his arrival
in this state twenty-two years ago. He
now lives in Washington, and one of
the charges brought against him was
that he hud lost hia residence here. The
olh-r charges were that he had been a
loibist Mid that he had criticised
Humphrey. '
Tba LUei of Unela Saaa'a Cltlsa'a Ara
ia fvril In lluna.
San Francisco, Jan. 1. Eda'ard Ded
loe, United Statt a consul atAmoyf in
the province of Fo-Kien, China, he
region of the recent disturbances, ar
rived here yesterday by the atearasr
.Oceanic, on his way to Washington on
euve of absence. '
Consul Uedloe is a Pennsylvanian,
and has been United Stat 8 consul at
Vienna and an at. ache of the Ameri
can iepttum in Egypt. He went to
China iu February, 18'JO.
lie cays the lat news he got was
from Admiral Belknap of the Asiatic;
t-quadron, at Yokohama, on his way
here, and that it was to tho effect that
there were disturbances in North China
and that it looked warlike.
"The real political d'Sturbance," said
Consul Bcdloe, "are in the mountains
back of thu city. of Choan Chin, aixty
miles northeast of Amoy, and atSioke,
forty-eight miles southeast of Amoy. 1
have received reports from missionaries
who expected trouble at any moment.
"Trouble was also expected at Foo
cbow, where there is a largo arsenal,
and sbviiral forts. If the rebels gtd
possession of. these forts wo have no
vecl-iu the Astatic squ&arou mat
cou Id a pproach Foochow. They would
bo no better than pasteboard tiie boats
against formidable Chinese naval ves
sels. .... .
"Xow, seriously and you can put
this iu any form you choose, but I wish
yoir would bring out tho gravity of the
Americans are all armed because of
the defenseless condition of their wires
and children. So much are- they
alarmed that thy th'uk of expatriat
ing themselves' i '
"What country do they think of call
ing on for protection?" .
"Any government that will guarantee
sifely to their wives and children. Li
Hung Chang has been told - by English
otlictri that the reason we had not uf
hc cut v ease's out there was becauso
Amerx i really did not havn oHictrs to
corumaiid them, conl'ounding our
icarcity of sailors, in Chang's mind,
wuii an allcgtd ccarcity ot competent
officers. This Is a fact, aiid the protif
is on tile now in the etate department
at Washington. It is p:irt 6f my reportf
which 1 have sent in. . f
'The Chiuese governmerst wants to
c viirjctfor four new cruisers, and Li
llumr Chang has beyi waituig for the
r-an FranciMj to como over, and if she
hit J, he it tod rt-acly to order these four
cruisers from thy Union Iron works
here. If we could show what we could
build we would get many orders, but
we h iv: gut nothing bat the Palos out
there now, and everybody knov.a what
a pretenr-c she Uai a war vess.d."
Consul Bed!o enya the Chinese gov
ernment ia ahuoycl very much by the
burning stnd lowting of missions. There
are American nrnsicnunps in the
interior, and theao are in danger.
tlarrlbla Ktault t a Cruet 8prrla af
Pittsdvro, Pa., Jan. J. Frank Ken
nedy, a 13-year-oid boy employed at
the Verona tool works, wis tho victim
of an alleged jcko oa Wednesday after
noon that will probably cause him to
loose hit life, and which will p!ac
James King, another boy cf 15 or 17,
on trial for murder.
It appears ih tt the youths about the
'xorkt ar In the habit ot playing pranks
on each other, thir favorito method of
creating a laugh leing to pin a handle
of "wi:e," it is technically known,
saturated witn oil, to thu coat of a (el.
low workman, and s;t it on lire. The
dehzht of the joker ia supposed to re
sult Irom the ant:cs of the victim as he
tries io ticapo from his garments be
fore he is burned to death.
A fev days a vrutiin some minis
ter was d.scoTrrod on the premia of
the tool woiks by s !ie of the jokers,
and oniv ecard with the lo.s of las
I broadcloth.
Wf'1p.sdsy yonng Kennedy fell a
v.ct.in to Kmg'a lilti joke, but
triry to nutom failed to gt oft his
ciir.ta quufcly enough, and r.a aVxit
ths pUrw a mit4 Ct tfarne, screaming
front pair? and far. Ha was terribly
himd ar.d s taken it h horn of
bis lather, Mitchell Kennedy, whete be
Uy in a dyirj; condition Hai i!;it.
An informtiOJ was lolgd agtmsl
Kin jfuriy t.y t? ,';'it of the
Anti-Cf ueUy aK-ieiy at Veroua, and he
was arrttud yea'erday and hll to
await ths result of bis v.tt i.n iojunea.
la lia Waato a I t.lir..
rMSv, Jan. L-Tiie Indian na
tiduai tKiVg.i?ii, which is in 'ion at
Nanur, the eap-.u! f.f tti cntrl
proviar ts of Iud, has adopted a reso-
lution declaring it necessary that there
shall be established a legislature in In
dia, to which the Indian people shall
elect representatives. The resolution
says that aside freni clifuatic conic
tious, the starvation among the masses
of the inhabitants tt India is largely
due to the fact that they have no par
liamentary representation.
his lastdrTnk. perhaps.
Wllliaaa Karlght fcaal 1 Tbamaa Haras
la a Draa Itrawl.
Cntcaoo, Jan. 1. '"It my last drink
this year, boys," taid William Eonght
as he drained a glass of whisky in Mc
Jnerny's saloon, at the corner of
Loomis and Fourteenth streets, last
cveuiug. Then he placed his glaas on
the bar and with Thomas Burns and
Edward Maher staggered out of the sa
loon. A quarrel arose as the men stcod
there and suddenly Burns drew a re
volver and shot Enright through the
left breast just below tho heart.
-Enrgiit staggered and fell to the
sidewalk. Puma turcw away his re
volver and tied in one diiection, while
Maiier, too much under the iutlncnce
of liquor to realize what had beeu done,
reeled off in the opposite way.
The occupants of the saloon rushed
out and raised Enright to a sitting pos
ture. Then they called the police and
the wounded man was taken to the
hospital, where his wound was pro
nounced probably fatal.
As soon as the news reached tba Max
well street police a quad was sent out
after the murderer, and the neighbor
hood was ransacked for eeveral hours.
Xo trace could be found of Burns, bat
Maher was found helplessly under the
influence of liquor, and in this con
dition was locked up at tn station,
utterly unable to give any particulars
of the affray.
All the parties to the assault are
teamsters. Enright is til years of age
and lives with his wife, at No. 320
Throop street. Burns is said to be a
tough character and resides at No. 327
South May street. December J 9 he shot
his wife in the leg. but the womau for
a long lime refused to tell how she re
ceived her wound. Yesterday morn
ing, however, she confessed that her
husband shot her, but refused to prose
cute him and tho caso against hint was
Princeton College Uet Part of th Itnari
i New York, Jan. 1. Mrs. Mary Ma
cre:t Stuart, widow of Robert L. Stuart,
died at her home in this city today.
She was the daughter of Robert
Macrca, one of the old and wealthy
merchants of New York, who at one
time had nine business partners in as
many different cities of the United
She was 81 years old, about the same
age as ex-President McCosh of Prince
ton college, and had been his warm
friend since he came to this country.
There are no heirs in this conntry, and
none in Scotland nearer than a thirty
sticond cousin.
The . groat estatu will be divided
among chanties, and it is certain that
Princeton 'college and its theological
sebcol Till be tho largest benetfeiare.
and probably to sach anoxtent WL all
the plans of ex-President McCosh for
making it one of the greatest seat of
learning in the world can bo carried
out at once. It is an open secret that
Mrs. Stuart is the person who gave
$100,000 to 6ccur j the property of the
New York Historical society in Eighth
avenue. ,
One cold March day since her hus
band's death Mrs. Stuart went to Presi
dent McCosh with a check for f 154,000,
having learned that this sum was
needed to put the Princeton school of
philosophy on a first basis. Stuart
Hall, at Princeton, was the gift of the
Stuarts, as were the house and grounds
of its president.
Conservative estimates place her
gifts aince 1832 at nearly J 1 ,500,000, and
the family has given many millions in
charitict. .
Lewis P. Mortimer lll-sotten t-wcra May
Vet ISa Kerorret.
New York, Jan. 1. Lewis P. Morti
mer left Chicago in August last with
f 12,000 belonging to the National Capi
tal Savings Bank and foan society of
North America, with oflicosin Chicago,
and since that time nothing has boon
heard from him.
The bank went into the handsof a
receiver, and the receiver behaves that
some of the money ' which M ji timer
took lias been deposited by hia wife in
tho liar field Sate Deposit" company's
The receiver secured an attachment
for V l.ooo on property of Mortimer
which ould be found in this state.
This attachment was served on tho De
posit company, and. it ti :d up the
money, but the company refused to say
what the number oi thu box was or tu
give any information about it.
F. R. Kellogg, representing the re
ceiver, today made a.i application to
Justico Andrews, in the supreme court,
lor nn order requiring tne rafe com
pany to disclose tne number of the box
and permision to break it open. The
judge took the papers and reserved his
Wisconsin Ilpttbl)ran iHua'tifled Willi
the Tarty Organ.
Mant?ox, Wis., Jan. 1. A report is
in circulation here that a synd.cato of
leading republicans of the stste who
are dissatisfied with the course of tho
Evening W.sjcnshi.of Milwaukee, have
made offer of $15,OuO for the M Jwan.
kee Daily News, w;ih the intention of
turning :t into a republican newspaper.
mentis now inu junucm.
I'x-Cv!ure;nan La Follttts denies
the newspser report that be Ato jt
to remove to West Superior.
The New f penlh TrmT.
Matrix, Dec. 31. The new tariff
adapted by the cab net and wh;h is to
t published in full Janusrv 1, imroe
a proh,!:tiVA duty on aW,hol and
stiiar. It ret eres thii rrer-ent burden
on rails and rtilway material Kenr
ally. Itd.e not hai ge th-xport
si u ties, and thus Spain's mir.eral exjorl
tialo tannct ls injuied from ha
our we.
rieiera Ittiniae4.
I)!tfi!, Jv-e, Th'J Irli-.t enrre
sfo vitnt of la lui'y N"W njs: Tlul
esri ta r Ur I !v pro iAim hrr t:x!c
pvr rM.oul l th.' PsteyieU to the
i mad of Irauc:n the Cnadouius
Dirjuxtin Priw Fiut T&kt3
FUc9 Hear IncUjuitpoUa.
iba Kaacfca PaUay UcUakaa BUly Attn
Hlaa Bloa4y ftaaaaSa44 ta a
tba Wife af Bait
way Caad actor.
IxDtasarous, Jan. 1. Local iDortlng
fraternity ia much puxxled over the
results of peculiar prize fight, the
news of which leaked out today. It
occurred yesterday morning at the
road house of Sim Cony. One of the
principals was Patsy McMahon, who
has some reputation as a feather
weight pugilist.
But the more interestir j of tha two
was a woman whose identity was not
revealed, but who Is thocght to bo the
wife of a railroad conductor on the Big
Four. She was dressed in tights
and short skirts iind tipped the
beam at 162 pounds. Tha matter
was kept very quiet and only
about two dozen sports were admitted.
Seven bloody rounds were fought, in
each of which the woman had the best
or it. When the seventh waa finished
both were smeared with blood, and in
such a bad condition that a half hour's
time had to be given. At the and of it
two more rounds were fot'ht. The
ninth ended with McMahan stretched
upon the floor, laid out and knocked
out by a heavy blow from the Ama
zon's left upon' his neck. She was
awarded the purse of 3500.
at. Paul Desrhaael a Proaatataa; Bepra
Btaliyo of Franca.
One of the most brilliant Fienchmen
who has ever visited America is M.
Paul Dscbanei, a memler of the
French chamber of deputies, who has
leva nont by 4tis governmeot to in vi;tt.
gate labor and socialistic questions iu
this country. He was elected ( to tho
chamber ot deputies six years ago, and
although a very young man, being but
21 years of age", ho soon won for lnm
self a place in the front ranks as.an
orator. earliest effort at speech
making was upon the subject of rais
ing the duty on cereals, and that he
was successful was seen by the
vote in . favor of it. He next
attracted notice by his eloquent
advocacy of the protectorate exemsed
by France over Catholicism in the
Orient, and this was followed by a
Miarn attack upon the abuses in tbo
French naval administration. Mon
sieur Derchanel regards the excessive
centralization of the government as the
greatest danger which threatens
France. Under a republican regime
l lu institutions of the First Empire still
flourish; republican walls and roof
have been built upon imperial founda
tions. '
'In France M. Deschanel is much
sought for tiy society, and at the same
time hu is recognized as an inde
fatiguablc worker.
- a '
Another Dilatory DUpatch rroaa Chill
Foreign JllnUtrr.
Washikotos, Dec. Td. Scnor Monlt,
the Chilian minister, had another inter
view with Secrctiy Blaine today. The
minister laid before the secretary the
following translation of a telegram from
Mr. Metla. the minister of foreign af
fairs, bearing on the inquiry into the
trouble in Valparaiso between the Chil
ians and the sailors from the Lnited
States steamer Baltimore:
Sastiaoo, Dec. .TI. -To Minister of
Chili, Washington: From tho summary
Of proceedings it appears that the strug
gle commenced between two sailors m
a tavern at the ward Arrayan; Ittatit
was continued in the stnet with the
accession of numbers of inhabitants
and transient parties from the streets
called Del Clare, San Francisco and
Alamos. The disorder continued and
extended to the streets Del Arsenal and
San Martin, where the police force suc
ceeded in rostormg order.
All the North Americans except two
state that the police did their duly, and
from th 'voluminous proceedings it
ar pears that the court has done its
Whenever the prosecuting attorney
enders his opinion, and toe time for
produc.rg evidence shall hive expired,
sentenc wiil be. given, and the estab
lishing of who and bow many are the
guilty parties who may only be pre
sumed at present. Whoever they may
t-c. they wid t punished.
The l?gl prwcfding' are being ac
tively catril forward to their proper
termination. Matta.
The minister, when aVel by an As
soc a led Press reporter for an opinion
rr;rt::ig ths slsteTner.ts male in the
tl?grsm, railed spc al attont'ori to
thf stat-"mr that a It the North Amerj
cans, eiC'jpting two. had said that the
pifire d: 1 .h ir doty. He rTrds th
as favorable to the Chilian side cf the
H i iiritt d that the ("hi'isn minlt?r
rf fOTPign AfTeirs promises that when
th du3 prv.K's rf law, acorrding to
Ch:l sn j'trisptndf rt'. te ejbvrved,
tbo found gui:ty will 'ep3r,:shed and
py thst thri judicial pr.K ediegs are
t r g Carrie I forward enively.
lb coitneci-a, Viit !'. t stmf 'it
tlwit th? p-tc- did tb.r fln'y, s-gr:S-ar.V
& shnwirg tt.-at tiit (.'nihan fm
rrnmcnt dos not w.-h that th swttn
of tifdifiduals te:ouj; ug in Chili shall
be confounded with ths actions of
those ca&etid with tt,a govexauxeut
and Lavaig ofhciai station.
The lawiea acU oa the part ot indi
viduals as the disaatch says, are be ins
inquired into under the usual judicial
proceedings of Chdi, which are con
ducted aocreUy, and it ta aaid witfc thai
cucibertnmnase attaching to nearly all
law courts, denvinr their authority
and precedents frtzu Spam.
Tn is government has never 4rt4
a right to tnterlere with tha ordinary
judicial methods cf other nationa. It
is, however, watchful to see that cus
tomary juduial methods are followed
regarding, of course, the extraordinary
character of the offense, svnd ta caean
time making previsions for the always
possible occurrence cf some untoward
event, such as undue deiay or a trial
response not consistent with the dignity
of the United Suits.
A Crask Attacks the lirltUk Caaaaa at
Losrxoy, Jan. 1. A rnan earned
Borlar, graduate of Oxford univer
aity and a tiachelor of arts, was arrested
on Westminster bridge today, where he
was amusing himself by bona bard mg
the bouse cf commons with a revolver.
He had fired four shots at Great
Britain's lccialative halls when a police
man arrived on the actne and took hint
into custody.
When he was arraigned in court Bor
lar declared that he was an anarchist,
and that he wanted to show his con
tempt for the bouse of commons. TIo
decided that shooting at the house of
commons would bo the proper course
to show the contempt he entertained
for the members of that body and the
building in which they aat, and having
come to a decision in the matter, be t o
dav began to carry out his plan of at
tack. He also calmly stated that he intend
ed to shoot the policeman who arrested
him, but when ho was taken into cus
tody be thought it would te a pty to
kill an honc&t man, and ho therefore
The prisoner was remanded for a
further bearing. It is the opinion of
many who raw him in court, and lis
tened to bis statement, that he is
mentally unbalanced.
Aeveatarer tbonM Matrlnany
Xtather Titan Inprltoameal,
IsniAVArouf, Jan. 1. The marriage
of Mrs. Anna Johnson of Nashville,
Tenn., to William Yoh was solemnized
here today under unusual circum
stances. Yoh is an adventurer who
1 aid siege to Mrs. Johnson's affections
at her southern home with success.
Borrowing 1103 from his victim, be
fled to this city, but Mrs. Johnson was
not to be duped.
She secured a warrant and a requisi
tion and arrived here today, met Yoh
on the street and, demanded that he
marry her or pay theS 100. Yoh laughed
at hex. Mrs. Johnson invoked the aid
of police, and from his cell in the
station house Yoh treated her proposi
tion with more re'pect. He ennwinied
to matrimony. A license was procure!,
a justice summoned, and the bride de
parted with a slippery customer,
Ila la Borveylac a Railroad ta Grand
Gra91 Have)?, Mich., Jan. 1. It is
telieved here that before the close of
the year just opened, another railroad
from Grand Haven to the southeast,
taking in important towns in that di
rection, will Iw built, Jerry" Boyn
ton and two surveyors are hot at work
in Georgetown, in tho southeastern
part of Ottawa county, and w hile but
little of Mr. Bnynton's plans can be
learned, it is believed that he has ap
cured an option on tho old Michigan St
Ohio right of way. Mr. Boynton owns
a local railroad of a few miles in ft
tent, running into Unwell, but whether
he will be ab;e to utilize this short line
in connection with his new cnlerpric i s
Iloaaht tho Galena Slaa Work.
GarrsA, 111., Jan. 1. Negotiations
were compkted today whereby J. B.
Howard of Chicago, president of the
Western Gas association, became owner
of the Galena c:ty gat w.-rk. Mr.
Howatd built the" gas works at Du
buque thirtydive years , and man
aged them for over th: tr years. He
will move bis famy to Galena fio st
Chicago and will cssuuie the manage
ment of the plant. .
m i
Pat Caraey Mnr4erl hy Rla Tnmlf,
C a st a I, Faix Mich., Jan. I. At S
gola, a small town of this county, Pat
rick Carney, a well-to-do farmer, quar
reled with Frank Stem, Lis stcaimtci.
Stein hit Carny on the bead with a
stake, fracturing the skull and causing
death in a short time. The murdenr
is at large.
Will rte friendly to lautoe.
Loju'o.v, Jan. 1. Michael Davitt, in
a speech at Droghesd, contended that
the majority of those who followed
ParnelPa policy of co-opr rating with
the literals would content! to recip
rocate the friendly intentions of
Gladstone as the surest means cf
securing to Ireland the privilege of
making her own laws.
Order f?ark Caaada.
roBTLAjen, Me., Jan. 1. Fifty-: x
longshoremen, carpenters and coopers
employed by the Allen and Dominion
steamship companies in this city re
ceived notice yesterday that thy wonld
have to bsck to Canada, haTing baea
brought here in violation of lha alien
air contract law.
I ewer Inaogn rated Oeretset.
Alxv, N. Y., Jan. 1. Govern or
clret Flower was jKaugnrathd today
with imro.iPg cere mome. DeJagatet
from the r:vc crtra relations in AJlary,
Troy, Buffalo, New York and f.y ooklyn
being present.
. t ateet Ihirtf, ta Aaa el'he
Brna Pt-tH, Jan. 1 A rag pler rn
this city today f land a larn 1f -f
brrsd, which, t:m exarr.imt oa wan
found ta emv.iti IrifffifsiU of am k
f art's Loir. TUe waoif mass bad been
weil baked. :

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