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JAS.A.MENZIES, Publisher. In the Best Interests of the Community in which we live. FOR THE RIGHT AND THE REPUBLICAN PARTY.
Vol. Xin, No. 47. YALE, St. Clair County, Mich., FRIDAY, MARCH 29, 1895. Price: $1.00 per Year.
i " 1 i "
Clothing and
Gents' Furnishings!
I wish to state to all in need of Cloth
i n g thia Spring, we solicit a call as we
are showing a choice stock of New
(Soods In Men's, Boys', youths' &
Children's wear.
Price in Men's from $4 50 to $14.
Price in Children's 90c. to $4.50.
In Gents' Furnishings we have just re
newed our Spring Stock of Keck
Wear, The finest line ever
shown in the village.
Shirts in all styles and prices. A
new line of Caps, Hats, &c. We
propose making this the leading
feature of our business.
J. c.
N. B. We have yet quite a lot
oi Dry Goods left which are being
closed out at a price much less
than they cost. A good stock of
Groceries always on hand at a
low price.
I Alarmed
We're not this time but some of
our Ume keepers are. They tell you
the correct time, any time, and alarm
you at the proper time. Buying a
elock of a person that doesn't know a
chronometer from a sun-dial is buying
a lottery ticket. We are in the clock
business and guarantee our goods also
repair free anything not satisfactory.
Ikm't buy of a blacksmith or a junk
shop they can't repair them and cheap
clock are like defrauded merchants,
soon put out i Rign "No Tick Here."
Wait aud t- e our new line of bi
cycle for 11)3. We will carry the
"King of Scorchers" and the "Mon
archs" this year. Xo better made.
Prices the lowest. We expect the
wheels here Saturday next and invite
your inspection.
P. W. Doelle. f
Deposit your money where it is safe.
& per cent interest on lime Ler
tilicates of Deposit.
All Business 4- Strictly 4- Confidential.
With the PEltFECTIOX DOOH IIAXOEKS and you will have no more
trouble with your barn door. We carry a full line of HUILDKRS' SUP
PLIES, away down in price. SASH, DOOHS AXI) GLASS. WIRE
IS UP. We hare a few tons left which we are selling at the old price.
Come early if you want to get in on the ground floor.
Your thoughts turn toward fixing up the old homestead. Let us help you
beautify it. ALAHASTIXE will make your walls white as snow, Tints If
you choose.
Like a fairy queen rides ft bike, and no wonder for she has a CKOWN
QUEEN, the best ladies' wheel on earth for the money. CKOWX KING for
gentlemen. To see them is to buy tliem.
IIICADY MIXED, for the Kitchen Floor, House or Dam. Dry Colors,
AVhlte Lead, Oils and Turps. Paint brushes and Painters' Supplies.
See second column, eighth page.
Personal Paragraphs About Yale
PeoDle and Their Friends.
Mr. (Jay lord was at Port Huron last
F. II. Gibbs has been in Detroit thin
week on business.
Kd. Mcltobcrts, of Hrown City, called
on friends in town Sunday.
Melvin Lara bee, of Port Huron,
visited friends in town this week.
Archie McDougall and Hen IJrookcr,
of Capac. were in Yale one day this
D. 11. McNair and E. S. Mack were
at Imlay City Tuesday on business
and pleasure.
Fred T. Palmer and Wallace 11. Hal
lentine were at Port Huron on busi
ness Monday.
Mrs. F. A. (iriswold has been visitin
friends and relatives in Howell a
Detroit the past week.
Mrs. J. II. Harrison and children
have been on a visit to friends in Port
Sanilac the past week.
L. II. Howse, of the llrown City Man
ner, made the Expositor office a short
visit Wednesday morning.
E. II. Moore and A. C. Hale, of
Kichiield, spent a few daj'8 the past
week with Hev. L. Clarka and family.
Jennie Palmer left Monday morning
for Port Huron. She will trim this
season for Miss McKellar on Huron
Mary McLaren, after. a three weeks'
visit with Samuel Carson and family
returned to her home in FortOratiot
Saturday last.
Pert and Seth Traviss, sons of C. E.
Traviss, arrived here last week from
Newmarket, Ont and intend to make
this place their future home.
Mrs. C. II. Niggeman and daughter
Fa.mio stopped over in Yalo Monday
night on their -vay from Coleman to
Lexington. They were the guests of
Kobert W. Menerey and wife.
Subscribe for Tjik Yai-k Expositor
and get all the news. Only one dollar
a year.
Don't Miss It! Don't!
We now refer to that great re-opening
April 4th to 11th of our Mammoth
Millinery Store, entiro New Stock.
Our new trimmer Mrs. C. C. Heed, of
Chicago, comes to us very highly re
commended. She has just returned
from New York City and bought every
thing new and stylish to be had for
this Department. Rich and beautiful
flowers of every line and variety
handsome ribbons of newest weaves
and effects. Becoming hats and bon
nets, and Violets by the bushel. We
aim to make this one of the most sty
lish fchops in the country, but to make
prices the main object to draw trade.
You are invited to visit our opening if
you can, and if not to come and see us
when in the city.
Hokk's, Port Huron.
Many Minor Michigan Matters Mi
nutely Mentioned.
Nick Mans, an old resident of Oer
mania, died suddenly of heart trouble
last week.
On April 2nd, a civil service examin
ation will bo held at the custom house,
Port Huron.
Joseph Conistock, one of the oldest
residents of St. Clair county, died in
Detroit lust week.
John Murray, of the Sunday Herald,
Port Huron, takes his new position as
postmaster April 1.
The 70th anniversary of the Tuscola
county Odd Fellows association is to
be held in Marlette April 2Gth.
Frank Mitchell, of Omard, a young
man ID years of age, fell dead from
heart failure, Tuesday evening last
Deckerville will have a llax mill this
spring. Over 100 acres of land ami a
bonus of $-300 in cash lias been sub
scribed. Fire at Clifford one night last week
destroyed a ftoro building. Most of
the goods were saved. Clifford has no
tire protection.
The two opium smugglers, who were
captured at St. Clair last fall, were
sentenced in Detroit last week. Will
iamson gets one year in the House of
Correction and lias to pay $1,000 tine.
Wright was allowed to go on suspend
ed sentence.
The three-year-old daughter of Ed
gar Winning, of Marlette, was terribly
burned last Friday by her clothes
catching on tire from the stove. The
mother's hands were burned in at
tempting to put out the llanies. .The
child cannot recover.
All persons having any accounts or
claims against the Village of Yale are
requested to present them hereafter to
tliH Clerk on or before the Friday pre
ceding the regular meeting of Council
so that the finance committee may
audit same. Jly order of President.
Jamks McColl.
The Americans' Paradise.
It is an old saying, that "flood
Americans, when they die, go to
Paris;" but the majority of Americans,
good and bad alike, in these days of
rapid ocean-transit, don't wait until
they have passed from this mundane
sphere, but enibraco the first favorablo
opportunity of visiting la belle France,
and many and ludicrous are the
episodes resulting from the lack of
knowledge of the French language
and custom. In a most amusing and
handsomely illustrated article, "An
American's Mistakes in Paris," pub
lished in Demorest's Magazine for
April, the trials and blunders of one
American are told in a highly enter
taining style; and while one laughs
heartily at tiie visitor's mishaps, the
causes that brought them about are
made so clear that those who read will
be forearmed, on these point?, at least,
when their turn conies to visit "the
Americans' paradise." Another il
lustrated paper on travel, "Xilcistic
Experiences,'' is equally entertaining
and unique, and introduces one to
many amusing characteristics of mod
ern Egyptians and their donkeys. "In
the Land of Lillinut" i most profuse
ly illustrated with portraits of midgets
who have been prominent in nubiic
since the time of Tom Thumb, and
the accompanying narrative is specially
interesting. Seven of 'ew York's
most prominent clergymen tell how
their denominations celebrate Easter,
and their reasons for doing so, and
there are several poems appropriate
for the season. The story matter is
very attractive, and every department
is tilled with bright and" helpful sug
gestions. This is an especially good
number of that excellent family mag
azine, published by W.Jennings Dem
urest, at 15 East 14th Street, New
York, for only $2 a year.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
Wnrld'i Fair Highest Award.
Resolutions of Respect.'
At the Republican Caucus held at
Yale. Saturday, March 23, 18U5, a com
mittee appointed for tho purpose, pre
pared the following resolutions:
Whkkkas, The late John D. Jones
was for many years a representative
republican anil creditably filled many
positions of trust and honor in tlifs
township, county and state. And
Wiikukas, Hfs death lias deprived
the party of one of its staunchest sup
porters and an upright, honorable citi
zen, therefore be it
Unsolved, That we, the llenublicans
of Crock way township, hereby express
a profound respect in memory of the
deceased, and the services ho has so
faithfully rendered: that these resnlut-
ions.bo spread upon the records of the
township to perpetuate his memory:
that a copy be published in The Yai.k
hxrosiToit. W. W. Co WINK,
E. S. Clack,
W. II. Callentink,
1 hUt of Alirhliun. County of Ht. Clair an
ai u st-MHinii i me minute court lor wild
county of St. Clair, licit! nt the I'rohum OflW In
the city of Port Huron, on tin iT.th day or March
in the yt-ar uo thousand vfcht hundred urn!
ITciMMit, John I., ftlaok. Judire of Probate.
In tlif matter of the Estate of John l. Jon.
lti-casfil. Hannah M. .lone having tiled her
ltiUti in this court praying that she mav be
allowed the ttUtutory allowance granted widows
timler the jif this htate, It lit ordered, that
Monday the l.vh day of April, nx, at ten o'clock
tit the forenoon, t said Probate Otlice, bean
IMiiiited for hearing thereof; and It N further or
dered that a vouy of this order be published two
wjre)dv? weckn previous to said day of hearing
m inn. i ai.iw r..nmiiui(, Jt ucwaiH.T orillteu
iuhI circulating in said county of si. ('lair.
A trtieeopy. JOHN I HLACK.
IIAUYKY TAPPAN, Judge of Probate.
ah y lor reiiuouer. 47-3
l Default luiviiii: been made in the condl-
Oomoia certain mwrlgage made bv -Joseph I
Collin. Mara 1 1 Co4Nim ml Marlali Al.ina Collins
to Kobert K. Crcuiger, dated January Uth,
A. D.. ISM, nnd recorded In the otlloe of
the Heglster of Detvls, for the County of St.
Clair, and State of Michigan, on the 2.1th
day of May, A. D., 1,ii Liber lis of Mortgages
on tsige 112, the mortgagee hereby claiming the
whole amount to bo due according to the term
of Mtkl mortgage, mi which mortgage there I
chilmed to be due at the late of tills notice the
sum of four hundred and tiinety-four dollar and
ten cents, and an Attorney's fee of thirty dollar
provided for in said mortgage, and no suit or
proceedings at law having In-en Instituted to re
cover the money secured ly said mortgage, or
any part thereof; now. therefore, by virtue of the
Mwer of sale contained la said mortgage, and
the statute In such case made and provided,
notice I hereby given that on the 24th day of
June. A. D., !..". at tenovloek In the forenoon,
I shall sell at Public Auction, to the highest bid
der, at the front door of the City Hall in the City
of Port Huron, Michigan (thxt being the place
where the Circuit Court for M Clair County is
liolden), tlienremlHc described in said mortgage
or ho much thereof as may le necessary to pay
the amount due on said mortgage, with eight
per cent. Interest, nnd all Icgai costs, together
with an attorney's fee of thirty dollar, cov
enanted for therein, the premise lielng de
scribed in said mortgage a all that certain
piece or parcel of land situate In the township
of Itrockwny, county of St. Clair, and state of
Michigan, to-wlt: the south half of the east
half of the north east quarter of section five,
town eight uortn, range fourteen east, contain
ing fortv acre more or less.
Dated March -js, lsii.-,. 47-13
CHAS. K. DOPCK, Mortgagee.
Attorney for Mortgagee.
Panic t M"'ln t" Order at 4 M OR
rdUlS 3. Windsor's
salts n?rndr:u $13.00
Wc make clothe from those prices tip
ami the higher the price the better the
goods; lint the cheater ones we guaran
tee to make fit and keep In repair torn
reasonable length of time Just the same
a our dear suits.
Do not deal with people who cannot
take your measure correctly and do not
know what kind of good they are sell
ing you, but come and get nutit;ictioi
through our long experience and perfect
knowledge of the Merchant Tailoring
P, 8. Dress Suit a Specialty.
Our Motto: j
land we follow It to the letter)
To tell about things as S
they are.
To do things as you ex- C
pect them to be dom. k
Try us vith your patronage.
We have willed this week a new and,
fresh line of choice
Family Groceries
and invite you to call and look over our Hoods and Prices.
Our line of Canned (loods is unsurpassed and will tickle
your palate away down.
We offer for a starter
as follows:
For $1.00.
For 25cts.
21 lbs. Uninitiated Sugar.
27 lbs. Extra C Sugar.
30 lbs. bright yellow sugar.
4 ('ana Corn.
4 Cans Peas.
3 Cans Salmon.
7 lbs, Good Crackers.
A Flier for
Saturday only.
Light Prints Sets.
Dark Prints 3cts.
Lonsdale Cotton cts.
oc Worsted Dress (Joods Kc
All Our Shoes Are Bargains.
Bring us your Produce.
No Let Up
No Shut Up
No Bust Up
Hut a close application to business, small pro tits, quick sales, for
CASH, are the great redeeming principles of a successful and
pleasant business. Everybody Is studying the great principles of
economy. Now don't forget that FEUUUSON & CO.. Yale.
Builders' Supplies,
Blacksmiths' Supplies,
Stoves and'Tinware,
Sash, Doors, Paints, Oils and Varnishes, are still with you and
holding out inducements in their line that will surely draw your
trade. Car Load of Fence Wire just unloaded "SO CHEAP" and
must be sold for CASH only.
But The Price.
Call and make ns a friendly visit,
General ardware Merc hants.
Dress Goods
Now this is a subject that will in
terest the Ladies. It's now coming on
the Reason when they all want a new
dress and the question naturally
arises, what shall I get and where
shall I get it? Perhaps we can help
yon by giving you a partial list of our
new goods which have just arrived in
all the newest shades and designs.
These goods are new and the prices
lower than heretofore offered.
Fine Henriettas,
Superb Cashmeres,
Beautiful Worsteds,
Argyle Cheviots,
Sterling Sateens,
Victoria Ducks,
Sterling Percales.
We only ask you to call and see these goods as a personal
'inspection beats any description.

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