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In the Dot Interests of the Community in which we live.
JAS. A. MENZIES, Publisher.
Vol. XXII. No. 1. rr-i
YALE. St. Clair County. Mich.. FRIDAY. MAY 1. 1903.
Price: $1.00 per Year.
Yale Clothing House.
New Spring Suits
For Men, Hoy and ChiMrrn.
Well Made and Up-to-Date Goods,
The latest Htylos in HnU and Cap. Fancy ami work
ing Shirts. Overalls and Jackets.
Everything New in Neckwear.
The Latest Styles in Collars and Cuffs
W. L. Douglas Fine Shoes.
NYorkinj: Shoos for Men and Hoys. Quality of
ihnU considered our prices aro the lowest.
J. C. HOLDEN. Prop.
All Kinds, Every Style...
You can't have too many clocks while
there's a room in the house without one.
You'll find a clock here to suit any room
you'd put a clock in.
Our Una consists of th following:
Gale Wiora Cultivators, short and lot. i'
Hencu and Drurnbolt 2-horso CutUvr..,
National Welders, .Spike Tooth and
IllAkA w It -Jill
.SzzZ WyW" :9
Canada Plows, E. Ilemcnt's Sons iVerfc-. l'lows, Hooeler Plain Disk Drills,
lloosler Fertilizer Drills, Hoosler lleet Drills, Plant-1 Jr. Garden Tools, Shovel
Plows, ldiorsti Cultivators, (Jem Wind Mills,
Jackson Wagons, Farmer's Handy Wagons, Capital Wagons
JltiKEies, Surries, Stanhope's Itoad Wajrons.S-seated Democrats. Stoves Gasoline
'Engines, Irt and 18 inch Disc Harrows, and anything else you may need. Call
and bpo us. Ut'spectfully.
Chamberlain & Montney
II' I . !
o nave put in a now uno oi an i aprr mm " m
low .Shades. You will find the. latest designs in wall paper f
in our Mock. Not a last yrar'n pattern in tho whole lot. A
We are selling at the lowest possible price, and wouM .he y
pleased to have you call before buying ami look over our
stock aH we arc sure you will save money by buying of u. .
The place tho best of everything in their line i.n kept.
tJharapion Hinders. Mowers and Uakes
handled Plows, Daisy Corn Planter
., Heed Mf. Co. 2-horse Cultivators,
hir Tooth Harrows, Moore lonjr. handle
tl II It I W't..
Yale State Bank! New White Goods.
W. II. LEARMONT, Cashier.
Capital, - - S25.000.00.
This Hank is under supervision of the
larly examined by
Honey Loaned on Good Paper. -
We Will Purchase Auction
We Pay 4 Per Cent Interest on Time Deposits.
Let us help you save money. (Jefr our
and 4 1 er I eni
Tho Lartfe Birni of John Mathews at
Roti'Lurf Uurncd to tho Ground Wed
ncsday Morning. Together with 30
Head or Cattle.
Word reached Vale Wednesday morn,
i titr that the two larire hsrnn adjoining
eaih other on the farm of .John Math
ews at ltiisehurg were consumed by the
llerv tiend at oMock in the morn
ing", together with :) head of fat eattM
hav, straw, farming implements, etc.
Tho loss is estimated at about s;itxx)
with - 1 K I insurance. Cause supposed
to lie incendiary.
Mr. Mathewshas MllTered the loss of
four barns in lhe pavt twenty years,
three lieing burned on the same spot
where the last one stood. Five years
ago the same morning the barns theu
on the place were burned and at the
same time VI horses, '.) hogs, 4 cows, 1
calf and sheep erisJ.ed in the tlamen.
The loss was aUiut "-it.-ViO with lets
than half that amount of insurance.
It not M'cm th;it some jtrhon lie?
lihlv inclined was dt iermined to ruin
Mr. .Mathews and this tame devil, who
ever he may lx would no doubt take
the old gentleman' life if the oppor
tunity ottered, for a human U imr that
is so heartless as to destroy the lives of
dumb animals, could not be truted in
anv wav whatever.
llelow we piihli.Hh the aimonncutnent
of the marriage of .Miss Mabelle Men
erey taken frmthe Jackson Mornim;
Patriot of Miturday, April "jrith. r.o:t.
Miss Menerey is a daughter of Mrs.
Martin Metiereyand isfavoratly known
to our readers The Kxpositor joins
with many friends and relatives in
Vale and vicinity in w ishing Mr. and
Mrs. illiams a h:u life of happiness.
- The marriage of Miss MabelU Men
erey and l.ee Williams was solemnized
Thursday evening at 7:.'H o'clock at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Foster,
4'-. Wilklns street, Kev. .lames Mc(!ee
olticiating. Tho house was trimmed
for the occasion with palms and (low
er. The bride wore a dainty gown of
white net over silk and carried bridal
rosea, and her sister. Miss Ida Metier
ey. who acted as bridesmaid, was at
tired In white mull and carried pink
carnations. .Tames Mctiinch acted as
best man. Some thirty guests were
present, and after congratulations a
collation was daintily served. Mr. and
Mrs. Williams left late in the evening
for the north, lhe young couple re
celved some handsome gifts. The out
of town guests were Mr. and Mrs. Kel
ling of Mies, Mrs. Hickey of Pontiac.
Mrs. Armstrong or Concord, .lenftie and
Ida Menerey of Tort Huron.
A Rare Treat.
Kathlyn (lidding, of Detroit, will
give pome ielect readings and charac
ter personation at tne M. 1. church.
Vale, Wednemtay evening, May nth.
You will miss a rare treat if you fail to
hear Mios (iiddiugs. She comes high
ly recommended. AdmUsion "0 and
li) cents.
Kev. J. W. (.ray, favorably known to
our citizens, haa the following com
mendation for this talented lady: -Clio,
Mich., July U, 1902.
It was my pleasure to livten to Min
Kathryn (iiddings, of Detroit, inan elo
cutionary entertainment, given at Clio
on May 'Jl, ll'tri. Her selections were
very choice mid new. 1 1 er style m nat
ural and graceful, so free from the tints
tennis ami ailected n to rev-en I tho true
artitt.and to not only entertain fur
the moment the audience, hut to gain
its respect and ndnnratiiui. The l-it
of "Aunt Doleful" win alono worth
the price of admUsinn.
KKV. J. W. (SIJAY, H. A.,
Pres. of Mich. M. I'. Conference.
Second Anniversary.
The Presbyterians will celebrate the
second anniversary of the dedication
of their church by a supper and enter
tainment on Tusday evening, May Cth.
A supper will be served in the new
basement rooms from Hi) to tt.-tx)
o'clock p. m., and from s.-OO to '.;:) t lu re
will In music and speaking in the aud
ience room. It is expected that Kev.
David Howell, who assisted nt the ded
ication and Itev. Alex. Iilrd, of Cros
well, will U present nnd give short ad
dresses. Supter will lie served for trie
and there will lie no charge for attend
ance In the upper room. All are cor
dially invited to attend.
Mads Young Again.
"One of Dr. King's New Life Pills
each night for two weeks has nuttne In
my 'teens' again," writes D. II. Turner.
Dempeytown, Pa. They're the het in
the world for liver. stomachand bowels
Purely vegetable. Nerer gripe. Only 2"ic
atOrant Ho) Jen's drug store.
JAMCS McCOLL, Vlco-PrcslJcnt.
GUY E. BEARD. Ass't Cashlei
Commistduner of Hanking and is regu
that Department.
Real Estate Loans.-No Bonus.
Sole Notes at a Fair Rate.
Savings Hook. Any amount received
interest rata.
The Hero of Babylon.
During Vale's lecture courses of re
cent years, many of us have listened to
sorwe splendid orators, yet none of them
in my estimation can equal Dr. Stans
lleld in the delivery of his "Hero of
It ibylon." Having heard this Ivcture,
I know whereof I eak. His Mights
of oratory are simply sublime. His
word pictures are those of a master.
His description so vivid that his aud
ience feels itself transport edto Itabylon
within the great Chaldean city the
beauty of their excellency, splendid,
pompous, vet desjierately wicked. Do
not miss his description of thisdoomed
ritv, and of its doomed king. It sur
pftnses any picture of the. eventful
scene ever painted on canvass Do not
miss what he has to say about Daniel,
tli' youthful champion of pity, in the
tuidst of voluptuousness. The Kev.
Jonathan Thompson said of him last
Sunday evening "He talus about I),n
iel in terms of such familiarity that
you would think he had played with
tiim ami had grown up by his side."
Dr. Manstleld will excel the most san
guine expectations of any audience
Titos Druu.
Yale Public Schools.
The school board of Dist. No. I, met
in H. ('. Martin's store Tuesday eve
ning and engaged a corps of teachers
for our schools, with the exception of
assistant principal. Some changes have
Ik en made, yet a majority of the pres
ent instructors were re-e.ngaged. C. K.
Kellogg, a graduate of the state normal
is the principal to succeed Prof. Kobin
son. lie comes highly recommended.
Miss Kvausdid not make application
for her present position and her pi are
in the grammar room will be supplied
by Miss Sarah McKcnzie. Miss Mina
N'cwcH will take up the w ork in the 2nd
intermediate. Miss Laura Baxter con
tinues her work in the lirst intermediate.
Misses Harriet Hayes and Phcle Hoy
are engaged to teach the 2nd and 1st
primary respectively.
It was decided to have ten months
Union Revival Meetings.
The churches of Vale having secured
the services of Itev. Francis li. Smiley,
D. I)., there will no union evangelistic
meetiogs held at the M. h. church, com
mencing Thursday evening, May 14th
and continue for ten days, livery per
son is invited to attend these meetings
and a cordial welcome will bo yours
The singing will be conducted by a Mr.
McKinsey who accompanies Kev. Smi
It seems fitting at this time to pub
lish the following press notice taken
from one of the newspapers where he
has been engaged In re vlvalutic work:
"If I were to attempt to characterize
Mr. Smllev as an evangelist in a few
words, I should say that he is strong in
body ana mind and spirit; manly alter
tho 'manliness of Christ,' and intensely
earnest. Everybody who hears him will
respect him where ever he goes. He
reaches all classes, but is above all a
man whom the 'common people' hear
gladly. '
More About Beans.
The article In last week' Kxpositor
with reference to a bean plant for ale
has created considerable Interest among
our citizens, business men and farmers,
many of the latter expressing their in
tentions to plant ten or more acres of
beans this year. Chas. Keeves informed
us last Saturday night that he had al
ready secured over 1.7) acres and had
inly worked a couple or three days.
Farmers or others desirous of securing
seed can sign agreements for the same
at the following places: Avoea, W. V.
Andreae h hank; Hrockwav, J. C. Mc
Mahon's hotel; Fargo, (Jeo. Zuelch's
store; Vale, lixjositor printing otllce.
Died i Midnight. April 30, '03
It Is our painful duty, and
y.t it gives us rerv great
pleasure to chronicle the death
of two tint have served the
people of this vicinity (n some
cases with pleasure and in
some cases with disappoint
ment. Hut why speak 111 of
the dead. When they are laid
away let rent. Hence so It is
with the Vule Ilazaar and the
Vale Kacket, both of which
died exactly at midnlgnt, and
that llvelv little youngster,
THE FA I II was born at that
same time. See their ad.
Send for samples of our new white
goods for summer wear the shier soft
kinds for your "best dresses." Now is
the best time to select materials for grad
uation and commencement gowns and
we have the most beautiful line of these
fine fabrics we've ever had. Write to
day for samples.
Spring Goods
Such as Lawn Mowers, Lawn Rakes,
Hoes, Spades, Shovels, Screen Doors,
Screen Windows, Ice Cream
Freezers, Refrigerators,
Poultry Netting, Wire Cloth,
Carpet Paper, Building Paper,
and the
Best Gasoline Stoves Made....
Rounds &
Hardware and
Not because we say so, but you will say so
if you give them a trial.
iL-nDuss 2t:e"w
Wo an olTcrin the most fashionable mrxlrU' in realy-(o-wcar
8tiitn, in all tho popular hlinrira in Cheviot, Vcnitian Cloth, Ilroad
cloth, Ktainime triimncl with imnlallionH, Tassel, Kn, Taney
lirauis, ioic iron is ami postilion oacK.
Remember the Dates:ApriI 23,24,25.27,28.
73 cent Clxlrt ""Waiata for CO coxitis.
Wallace B. Ballentlne.
B. P. S. Paints.
Some Shoes are
good others are bet
ter, but
Are The Best;
Friday. Saturday,
and Tuesday.
sxsiisra- suits.

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