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The Yale Expositor.
J. k. Mckziks, PublUher.
Ignorance of the law la no excuse
even for a lawyer.
Kuropoan monarch ar getting to
bo as noc-labla" u villaRo mlntcr.
The -politician who Mta out to ta"
the country U frrniuntly hauled up
for robbing her.
fhe fl)lnK inaehlne-K and automo
Mla an hrlpliiK a :ood elial in the
race suiiido husdi.e s.
IMamoneln an- nolnj; to he marked
up 5 per ent. Lay in your Ktmiti.er
atock before the rife.
How could C. Oliver lue lln continue?
to he fanioiiH if Upton were to juit
chaHc-ntilng for the tup?
Ilr. Tarkhursfa Ideal newspaper
may be handlcapp'l by the khortae
of Ideal pt tiple to uort it.
The valued ClAeland leader ask:
"Why not boil the trust?" True,
roast iiiK doenn't necm to answer.
A pood many meu ad on tin- join
elide that the early worm who e -might
the bird Hayed up all nluht to do it.
'hat Maton it who is pp-sblent of
Venezuela, now that the custom re
ceipt hint ! n properly distrib
uted? Masragiii I telling the KuroneanH
hat the Indians who Inhabit America
are mueh worn- than they luive been
A I'e-w lornle weekly U to hr start
r! in New York, ll is one of the e;S
i 8t thirds in the weiild to Mart a
eoir.ie weeklj.
Tile news that Haiti is on the verps
of a r volution is not surprising. The
revolution mirr.-be is always active
in the tropics.
Iluffjil.i liill ndiuits tha lie Is a
miSlionaire. and what i beiti r Mill,
thai ho will sts;i n-tlre tr.'in tin
show leucine- c
The TurkoKulariau debate Is ns
Fuming a more threatening nttlitnie
dally. In South Auit! a it would
be railed n war.
Tl.o man who Is i i r:.s Nia.uu
falls by hanging to a wire with bin
teeth will pud. aldy t it i n out to be a
new fangled dentist.
The Las I, all player who score the
Urn home run of the season is great
er than he who ruleth at the Ity hall
in the minds of i-ono.
The New York at tress who hat
undertaken to write a play in twenty
four hours probably won't get It pro
duced In twenty-four year.
!r. Jacques of Boston says he can
make electricity from coal. More
fame for him if last winter he had
uiade coal from electricity.
YeniiiR Itockefeller Is n chip of the
old block. He Insist that, for the
purpose of taxation, his vast wealth
is more than offset by his ec deist a I
Dr. A. ('.man lole is the only man
In the world that can unravel the
Hurdick murder mystery, and he
will want about a dollar a word lor
the work.
Russell Sace has retired from ac
tive business, but it Is net true that
be is going Ui spend three ;i f t -moot s
a week plalt.g 'ivg n with Mra.
Hetty (J to n.
.Missouri has gained e oncim-i aide
r.oioiietr by making ehtcl.cn Me:;!ir.;;
a felony. An a logical soipu-nre It
ought now to make mule hteallng n
apit.! ( l ime.
Henry Ward l;e hei's ep ri nee
with lhe c.ii:trlbii!ion plate gave him
Kre-jt skill In i!eteting ioin vnliu-s.
The con k rc;atle,ii n.-ver (uuld fool
him wf;h pant buttons.
Minister l'.owen told the Yale stud
rnt that Venezuela is no place fur
yowi men from the I'nited State.
tJood. For Ami-rlcan young men of
the right ort there' no place like
Granting all that Sir Thomas may
ray a to the terrific speed Shamrock
HI. will make during the rare, it I
Mill fair to suppose that the Reliant
will tot be exactly standing still al
the time.
The Maine man who ha worked up
a buslres of exporting cut-o'-nlne-tall
to London, where he find a mar
let for all that he tan get. certainly
thought of something that hud never
occurred to any one before.
A port write pltcrnmly to the Now
Yoik Time to explain thai be wrote
ludrcntcd April livening""' ami
the printer made it "Uac-rrntecl
April Kvenlrg." The obvious moral
Is tl.it he on slit to Improve his hand
w rltlng.
On Manh 20 the ."hiladelphla In
qnlrer boldly averted Itself In the"
word: 'Stock In freeilng out In
Wyoming, but l.err thp bud ire
blooming." And the chance arc two
to one that the r.rxt day It tr.tucd
in I'MIadHrhla.
Farmer Around Hudson Art Having
a Hard Time This Season.
A great deal of the low land around
Hudson usually used for nt;ar beet
culture Is under water, owing to the
recent heavy rains, and from present
it dicatloiih the farmer in that section
who have contracted acreage with the
Kalamn.oo Meet Sugar company will
have a hard time of It this year. They
are having all kinds of trouble to get
help on their farm and this, together
with the fact that the ground Is so
wet that it cannot be plowed for mv
eral week yet, make the sugar beet
raising Industry around there look
as though it would be something of
a failure this year. Many farmer
are offering a month ami loard for
farm help, but this offer seem to
bring no results and In consequence
many acre of good farm land will
not be worked this season.
Jackson Alderman Thinks 40,000 Volt
Current Is Too Strong.
At a recent session ot the common
council at Jackson the matter of al
lowing the erection of high tension
wire for an electric railway was tin
der discussion. One ol the alderme n
was dead against allowing wire to be
put up which weio designed to carry
a current of 40,000 volt. Kvcn when
It was shown that the ordinary cur
rent would kill a man Instantly If he
happened to ge t In Its way. he refuse e
to abate his opposltieiii.
Preacher's Troubles.
Uc v. (). V. Wheeler, pastor of the
Ilapflst church In Three Rivers. Is
having troubles of his own. Ills
brother owns a news Hand ami the
eiorntiile helps to ilclivir the morniui;
papers. Some of the patrons are sa
liKitusts and some of the straight
backs of h'.s church are eoinplaininu
that tin pre;u her he ld the 1 u K y key
that drew the $1 in a total shoe Hole
in an jdve-rtising scheme. Mr. Wheel
er Is still sawing wood and letting the
people do the talking ellirlllg the week,
but be does the talking c.i Sunday.
To Boom Summer Resort.
Cincinnati parties Interested in the
low hotel project at Manitou beach
are at ranging to put a steamboat on
Iievil's lake that will have a eapucity
of 5ou passenge s. The boat Is tee be
tun in connection with the two large
summer hotels at the north and south
ends of the lake. The Cincinnati
Northern railroad will establish a
suburban train sen Ice from Jackson,
beginning May 1.1.
Aged Couple in Trouble.
I'p to a few months ago. Winceut
V. and Mary A. Williams lived to
gether in connubial pe ace and happi
ness In liostoti. Ionia county, and bad
dene so for fifty years. Then they
had a slight quarrel and this has re
sulted In the filing of a suit for di
vorce by Mrs. Williams. The aged
couple have three children.
Anent the Dog.
It lookn as If it wcie up to the
couils cd Mhhigan to get together on
the question of the standing of the
dog. One court held that a dog was
property. Just as much as the furniture-
in a man' house, and now along
come s the- Supre me court with a deci
sion that a dog cannot be- the suhj el
of larceny In this state.
Onions Are Valueless.
Last tall there was a uood markt
for onions at price which nflore'c! a
icasoiiable j .refit to growc r. but a
lot of farmers in Allegan county he 1.1 j
on to their crops, expecting a hikhcr
price. Now there U absolutely no sale
for them, and thousands upon thou
famlr of bush) Is will be- 1 In owe. away
this sprirg.
Farmers Are Losers.
Some Oseecda count) fanners redd
their wood to a woolbii)cr. who slip
ped it to Kalamazoo and then got out
of the locality himself "between two
day." without paying for the wood.
It is safe to say that the home markt t.
with spot cash paid on delivery, will
be good enough fr IIiom farme rs next
Copper in Menominee.
There Is a jeosslbility that Menom
inee county may become a copper pro
eluclng district. I'rospe. tc r are now
exploilng in the vicinity of Talbot,
where tney have discovered what they
consider very encouraging Indl
c at lens.
Tramp Drops Dead.
A tramp Hopped at a farm house In
llagar township to ask tor food nnd
the privilege of sle-eplns In the barn.
A he was making the request be
dreqM d de ad.
Honors Three Rivers.
Senator J. C. I'.urrow will elcitver
the Memorial Pay nd drove at Three
Rivers May ."'. This i.-i considered
quite hii honor to Three River, as the
senator hail refused Invitations to eie
liver an address in New York and oth
er cities on that clay.
Dog Scares Giant Burglar.
A big 2"i pound burglar was feare d
away from a Grand It a (id 4 house the
other night by a tike little dinky dog
which weighed n little short of four
News Items i XT
Gov. Bliss Asks for Army Officer to
Inspect the Guard.
The state military Uard has recom
mended to Gov. lUIss that he request
the commande r of the department of
the lake that In ease the Michigan
National Guard is not ordered to take
part in the maneuvers of the regu
lar army at Fort Riley this year that
companies of the regular army Ik de
tailed to attend the Michigan state
encampment. The board doe- l:ot
know whe-ther the secretary of war
will direct the troops of this state to
go to Camp Riley.
Gov. Illis. upon the recommendation
of the state military board, will ask
the commander of the department of
the lakes to detail ('apt. Morton K.
Smith of the Twe ntieth I'nited State g
infantry, to Inspect and Instruct the
companies of the National Guard this
The 'military officials In response to
the re-quest to send a detail of state
troops to the reunion of the Army
of Santiago de Cuba at Detroit. July
1G and 17 have re plied that there ure
no funds of the stale that can be
used for the purose indicated, and
that they legre t to decline the Invita
tion. Farms Supplant Forests.
The IuiuIm r companies whose head
quartc r are at Menominee ure fast
disposlr.g of their lands from which
the pine has been cut, ami in many
sections thriving agricultural com
munities are springing up where a few
years ago the tracts were covered
with forests. ()u- hundred and tweu-
t) five thousand inn s have- I n sold
by the Menominc-e Lumber company
alone within the pan year, and n
considerable portion of this lias goue
to actual settlers. The lands are
fuitnble lor the c ultivation of a gre at
variety ot crops ami it Is e-vbleut that
the- fanning li.elistry will more than
make- op for the los ef the pine.
Judrje Is Puzzled.
Judge- Slussnr of Antrim county l
trying to .idve a mystery ami admin
ister au estate in Kcho township,
which has some peculiar features.
Twc nt) e-lghi year age a man took
his little ilaH'-'liU-r and starlet! for
Canada, leaving a voting son behind.
A short time afterward this son left
the house- one day to go out into the
wetetels and Hucc that day no trace of
him can be found, not were any tid
ings e ve r rece ived from the mauorhis
daughter who b ft lor Canada. The
Jiulge finds it a puzzle to eletc nuin
the- heirs.
Fish and Men.
T.ie inn of suckers in the stieaius
of Gene-see county is saiel tu be un
usually small this spring. A soon ae
the numerous cenvassiug fakir get
around if will be- shown that the c rop
of the one who live- on dry l.ind is
Just a large a e ver.
Get Coal Supply.
Copper country coal dealer aicn'i
geiir.g to be iauul:t napping if there Is
anothe r strike and coal shortage this
)ear. Within the first twenty-four
hour teller the opening of navigation
four eargoe of hard coal arihc-d at
I'orla- e Lake- K-rts.
Girl Is Hurt.
While W. A. Drown of Leslie- was
holding hi two little girls on hi knee,
lhe c-huir tippc I ovc r bu kwards and
all three laioled oil the floor with stlf
ft( le t.t lon e to frac ture the younger
child's 1 1 ell. She will ieoVer. how
e ve t.
There, is a 1 e.taui ant at Si. Iguace
v. hie h o.ighl to h.- e alb J lhe Interna
He i'i:l. The proprietor is a Sc-otr i
G iiiian. the- ro.k Is French, niul the
three wait't ai. rc.-p' -live ly Indian
Iriih niiel 10 yio.
Gccd fcr Loggers.
Tiie drlv ii.g conditions ef the Mc nom
inee river this spring ro be-tte!- than
for some year past. Tae-re li pl' iity
of wate r In tin river, so there will be
no trouble in getting the long cleiwn.
Rhy Sunar Beets.
The farmers of AIK-na county are
not Jumping at the chance to raise
sugar bee t for Tnwa City' new fac
tory a enthusiastically us it wj: fig
ured they would.
Wasted Onions.
On erne farm In Allegan count) r,,noo
bushel of onion were thrown away
because there li absolutely nee market
lor them.
Chance for Girls.
Last fnll three Fast Tawm' girls
we nt to lb Ming to work In ti silk
mllN there. They arc all martied
Fool Pcllce Chief.
Seiineofie te le-jdiot.eel to the rhlrf of
poliee at Lansing that a frame bullet
Iiik won being construe ted at a cer
tain point which was within Ho fire
limits, and the chief litirrleel tu (he
sit only to flue that a mart was
building a small cIccVhisc.
All Even.
Claude ami Arthur Snyder of Si iplo,
Hillsdale county, ate twins and mar
ried ulsters. Recently lth ef Cie
Mr. Sr)der gave birth to !)- lia
ble on tip e;;un- dar.
State Happenings
Bay City Mills Will Have a Capacity
ef 1,000 Tons Daily.
Thu stockholders of the Michigan
Sugar company voteel to nil their
asset to the prcqsised Day City-Michigan
Sugar company, which will be
organ!zel from the combined com
panies with $l,iioo.o(Hi capital stock,
which will be all paid up when the
new company Issue Jluo.nuu of its
stoc k to take up the Michigan Sugar
company'x holdings. The capital stock
of the Day City Sugar company is
$1100.000, and W. L. Churchill, presl
dent of the company, will ! presl-dent-manager
of the new concern.
The American Refining company,
which owned onehalf of the capital
stock in each factory, retain pro
portionate Interest in the new com
pany. C. D. Warren of Detroit, who
represents the trust and effected the
amalgamation, will represent the com
pany on the board of director. The
capacity of the united plant will be
I.000 ton dally, ami. a only a road
way separate- them the probability
exist. ay officer of both companies,
that the-y will be mechanically united.
Firemen's Tourney.
The committee in charge of the
matter has set Aug. '.''i nnd 21 a
the dates for the annual tournament
ol the l'pMT Peninsula Firemen' as
mm l.itlon. whic h will be hole! at Hau
cock fhl year. Thl Is easily the big
ge-M e vent of the year In the upper
peninsula, department teams und
thousand of visitors attending from
all parts of that section of the state.
Want Better Library.
Th men who have- in charge the
erection of the Carnegie library at
Nib s hr.ve eoiue to the conclusion that
$lo. emu Will make a mighty poor h)ol.
ii.g buildiiiL. and will ask the council
te provide lor raising $!..".oei -ve ry vein
in-lead of fl.'.iio If this action i
taken Mr. Carnegie will ral.-- hl-c gif;
tej Jl.'i.eeoo.
Rins May Dring Sewers.
The heavy rains this spring have
caUSe-d the- fleMxIiug of cellars to so
great an e xtent at Central Lake that
the- village council has awake-neil to
the i in m ir 1 a ne of having so.-ne svs
tern of drainage, ami estimate- are
now being maele on lhe cost of put
ting ill a complete s) stein of ,-e we t s.
Seeks Colonists.
Tio Houghton County Agricultural
soei- ty proposes to cbi more fer agri
c ulture in that sec-thin than simply to
hold an unnual fair. It ha formed a
suit of coioiilnt Ion bureau ami I in
c-orre'sMnelence with farmers from
other section with a view of hi lug-iiu-
the til the re to locate-.
Ontonagon Is Picking Up.
Things are coming Ontonagon' w ay
itgain. nfle r a long pe rlod of clepres
)lon following the Are which prac
tically destroycel the village some
)ear ago. Tlo latest business de
velopment there is lhe organization
of a national bunk, which is now in
Won't Hurt Chicago.
lb nton llarlsir has see ured a big fac
tory, at pie-sent oealee in Chicago,
without the giving of a honu or any
othe r ir.eluc e-ment. The concern em
ploy a t x 1 1 1 1 loo (M-ople In the maim
fae lure ot hardware tioveit le.
Large Famely.
There- U one family In Olive town
)hlp. Ottawa county, which las had
thirty children, of whom twenty uie
I living. Net t e n 1 et race suit 1. 1 set long
1 .i li e n- are a fair number of futilities
ol thl s'ze to bring up the ave Tag'
Pcntiac's New Bank.
To American Saving bank of
I Poiiti..i'. erganlcd with I'lO.ooei capi
tal. h.:s filed article- of lncorHi at loi.
wPh Ranking (Vmmisslor.e-r Mot re.
A. F. Ne wherry I the principal sto-k-l.ole'e-r
r.nd cashier.
Company Buys Marl Beds.
The extensive marl bed in the vi
cinity of Walllu. Re-rub county, have
been scdil to Manlte-e capitalist, who
will build a ceme nt fae lory l here.
Surveyors at Work.
The surveyor are now at work lay
ing out the line route for the extn
slot of ihe De-tredt & Muekinae rail
le ad to Che boygan.
Factory Will Operat;.
Notwithstanding the rcoort going
aiouml the state, the licet sugar fac
tory gt KaiHina.oo will be In equation
r.gaiu tills ye-ar.
Yell Succeeds Yell.
L"rns Yell ha been appointed
postmaster at Samls. Marquette
count). Vice Moses Yell, reslgneel.
Bonds Art Illegal,
ll ha be-e n discovered that Cnpne'a
iMind issue for water work was Il
legal, because of technical Irregulari
ties In the election. Another election
will have to be' he-Id to do it all over
again ilg'it.
To Make Wood Alcohol.
The first plant In the upper penin
sula to be devoted exclusively to the
production of wood alcohol will iw
built at Well. e Ita county, at once.
It will cost $i:;ccii end will rr.p!'y
U' men.
Good Flour
The Yale Milling Co., united.
The Hotel Rotunda
2uf. 23. Prep..
Oapcic, - -nIcigrcirL.
Modern In all Its convenieines. Ceutrallj located. Sample Koom ox
first floor. First-class bar in connection.
m'iV 'luum
CTuTelfplione No.
'ree J3vk
SpcUliitei la the) Treatmcoat ol Ncrvoua. Blood. Private and Stxual DImamc al
Hen and Women. 23 Years la IXttroit.
IN Nam d without Written Cetoaeat. (Cures Guarantee.
.i j1 W Av .- I trievl many doctors
Wriak. We have a reputation aod buaineaa at eiakeu Beware of
fr-ui1 and Imroeceor. AVe will car at.ejejej far air cat we take that onr HEW
MKTlIUll TKKATMKNT will n,,t cure.
We treat and cure fWvoua fW-blllfv. Vrl-n-U Strlrf ur. Weak Parta. IfMnav
y end liladefer Dlieaaee. t oniulcaiioa f
iui uoiue a real menu
v n .. ...... .:-7a 9 mm
"New Rival" "Leader" "Repeater"
F you arc looking for reliable shotgun am
munition, the kind that shoots where you
point your gun, buy Winchester Factory
Loaded Shotgun Shells: "New Rival," loaded with
Black powder; "Leader snd "Repeater," loaded
with Smokeless. Insist upon having Winchester
Factory Loaded Shells, and accept no others.
We Print
The Yule Kpoitor ha the Imputation
f eietinj; the. tint .lejb Work in the
Northern psrt of St. t'Uir Countv.
i'KINTI.m is on; i:ri.i. skk mm samtlks.
Tito 1903 Latest Perfected
l" 3 aTl
30 MM. Mm.
tNIsc? tolliralflinSii
cyfeM. IlielWilie
You wilt make a great mistake to buy any Talking Machine
until you have heard the latoat Graphoahono
37 Grand River Avenue, DETROIT, MICH.
- '" " . A
la what you want and that Ii just tha kind we makes. Oar
"2"lo rrlrl" and 3311M branda will pleas job
Ask Your Grocer for either.
Wa alio make High-Grade Corn Meal,
Jluckwheat and Graham.
STRUCT. T.A.X.X:. xcxese
To and rrcrrx Trains.
Tbonaandaof yoaiiij ant mUlJl 4 mea are annally awept
tu a pcniature g rava ihroutf h early aba cm or later eacean. Ca.
Aaderoei waaona ol tha victiiue, tut wti eeacaenj iat time, lie
aaya: 1 Iraraed an aril babit. A change xxa came ctr me.
1 could feel It; toy Irleaila noticed it. t txreame aerTona, dapn
deal, p loom, had no amtttloo, eauily tired, evil loretxxJiupa,
loor circuUcion, pimple ton fate, back weak, drraaio ao1 drama
at nitfbt, tired and wuk nornlnKa, turaitir aeuaalioa. To make
matter.. twnr&A I iJ- n.a ,u-L )m. a . , . . . m. klnC rfim.au
and medical flrnia all failed till Dre. Kta
oe.ly A. Kerpaa took my Cane. In one week I felt letter, and ha a
lew weeka was entirely cared. They are the only reliable) and
h.onet Ntit i.Uiau In tha country .
KliAl)i:K We iruaranirfl ti cere roa or no rar. Tovi raa no
ree. Hooka frc.Cjll or. write l 't ueauoa
Cor. micBiten Ave MteiDj St.
Uetroit, Mich.
m iiim, iw-i
Note Heads,
Bill Heads.
Letter Heads,
Envelopes. Etc.
may have prcIou5ly t:cird, r.i
inc mojern Auiomooiu 13 encu
of the Deacon 'c Or.c Horc Shay.
F. W. Smith.
"jTcilc, - Spiels..
Before engaging an
auctioneer see me. I
have had many years'

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