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Many people who are otherwise
fcoahhy suffer from Indigestion, or
o";psia. When you consider that
the stomach and allied digestive or
gans are the most Important organs
cf the tody, it would seem that a dis
order there 13 to be taken' very seri
ously. Dyspeptics cannot eat 'the things
they like; food sours in the stomach,
then chronic constipation begins, or,
as is often the case, you hare been
constipated all along, and the Btools
are forced and Irregular.
But there la no use letting- indigestion
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the same and are cured are Ida A. For
tune, of Grand Junction, Tenn., B. F.
Thompson, of Shenandoah, la., who ac
tually considers that It saved his life.
You can obtain a 60-cent or 1 bottle of
the druggist, and, taken according to di
rections, It will probably be all you need.
It is a liquid, acts gently, never gripes,
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If there Is anything about
your ailment that you don't
understand, or If you want
any medical advice, write
to the doctor, and he will
answer you fully. There is
no charge for this service.
The address is Dr. W. B.
Caldwell. 201 Caldwell bldg..
Montlcello, I1L
Inexperienced Caddie (after Mr.
Toozle's fiifteenth miss) Shall I make
the 'ole a big bigger, sir?
In Shreds Itching Was Intense
Sleep Was Often Impossible.
Cured by Cutlcura In Three Weeks.
"At first an eruption of small pus
tules commenced on my hands. These
epread later to other parts of my body,
and the itching at times waa intense,
so much so that I literally tore the
ekln off in shreds in seeking relief.
The awful itching interfered with my
work considerably, and also kept me
awake nights. I tried several doc
tors and used a number of different
ointments and lotions but received
practically no benefit. Finally I set
tled down to the use of Cuticura Soap,
Cuticura Ointment and Cuticura Pills,
with the result that in a few days all
Itching had ceased and in about three
weeks' time all traces of my eruption
had disappeared. I hare had no trou
ble of this kind since. II. A. Knits
koff, 6714 Wabash Ave., Chicago, 111,
November 18 and 28, 1907."
Potter Drug A Cbem. Corp Bole Pros., Boston.
Nothing is so wholesome, nothing
does so much for people's looks, as a
little Interchange of the small coin
of benevolence. Rufflnl.
There is no need to suffer with soreness
and ptiffness of joints and muscles. A lit
tle llamlins Wizard Oil rubbed in will
limber them up immediately.
A girl always likes to say "no" the
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out what he will do next.
Mrs. Winslow's Roothtng flyrap.
Tor children teethln, softens the ynmt, reduces h
luamuioD, allays pala, cars wtnd callu. 3&c bottle.
The way of the can't guess her Is
Positively cured by
these Little Pills.
They also relieve Dis
tress from Dyspepsia, la
digestion and Too Hearty
Eating. A perfect run
edy for Dlizloess, Nu
aea, Drowsiness, Bad
Taste In the Mouth, Coat
r i
ed Tooirae, Tain in the
They re-olaU lbs Bowels. Purely Vegetable.
Genuine Mutt Bear
Facsimile Signatura
1 1 IVER
A Difference of Opinion May Be Aired
in the Courts and Result in Over
throw of Some Measures.
It Is rumored that an attack will be
made In the courts on one of the la
bor bills passed during the last ses
sion of the legislature. This is be
lieved to be the general labor bill re
pealing several previous bills and re
enacting the labor laws, and factory
laws of the state in what is claimed
to be a more consistent and workable
form than were the originals, which
conflicted in many ways. The basis of
the expected attack will be the fact
that this bill was passed after the
session had drawn so close to adjourn
ment that the five-day rule for legisla
tion established by the constitution
could not be observed.
If it comes to a contest along this
line some of the most Important acts
passed during the session will un
doubtedly become Involved. Among
them will be the home rule bill for
cities, the Warner-Cramton liquor bill,
the county home rule bill and the
highways bill.
The point Involved Is whether a
substitute or amended bill could be
passed after the time limit expired.
All of these bills were changed in
committee during the closing days of
the session and then passed. The
question whether they came within
the constitutional Inhibition was raised
at the time. Speaker Campbell ruled
that they did not, and could not be
acted on. Attorney General Bird was
of the same opinion.
The section of the new constitution
which bears on the question at Issue
is No. 22, and reads thus:
"No bill shall be passed or become
a law at any regular session of the
legislature until it has been printed
and is in the possession of each house
for at least five days. No bill shall be
altered or amended on its passage
through either house so as to change
its original purpose."
In the explanatory note accompany
ing this section In the copies of the
constitution which the convention or
dered sent out to voters before the
new fundamental law was adopted, oc
curs this statement:
"The provision that no bill shall be
altered on its passage so as to change
its original purpose is Included so that
by no possibility can the publicity se
cured by the five-day rule be nulli
fied or evaded.
That the Important bills alluded to
above were altered Is not controvert
ed in capitol circles. Whether they
were so altered as to "change the
original purpose" Is the question at
Will Go to Jail.
Dr. J. J. Ryecroft, mayor of Petos
key, has de.cided to serve a 15-day
sentence In the county Jail.
About two years ago the Lockwood
hospital wa3 built, from a fund of $10,
000, which was bequeathed by a form
er summer resident of the city. The
officials In charge of the Institution,
soon -after taking office, were accused
by several local members of the med
ical profession of unfair discrimina
tion In choosing physicians to handle
The arguments over the question be
tween the doctors concerned were
heated, and it is said that during an
operation on a patient in the hospital
Dr. Ryecroft struck a brother physi
cian. He was convicted In Justice court
of assault and battery, and sentenced
to pay a fine of $50, or spend 15 days
in the county Jail. He appealed to
the circuit court, and there the decis
ion of the lower court was sustained.
Then he took the case to the supreme
court, and was again defeated, the de
cision being handed down about two
weeks ago. During the Interval the
complainant died.
Now Dr. Reycroft refuses to pay the
$50 fine, and the prosecuting attorney
and the sheriff say that there is noth
ing for them to do but to confine him
In the Jail. The mayor admits that
this is the only course, and says that
on Sunday night he will deliver an
address in a local church, giving his
side of the story; then on Monday he
will go to Jail.
While his practice will probably
suffer while he is In durance, the af
fairs of the city will go on as usual.
The council has made arrangements
whereby Reycroft may attend the ses
sions in charge of an officer.
Daly Released on Ball.
Milton J. Daly, who Is fighting extra
dition on a bribery charge after in
dictment by the grand Jury of Jackson
county In connection with the binder
twine plant and sisal grafts at the
state prison, has been released on $25,
000 bail at Chicago, following his ar
raignment. He will have a hearing on
habeas corpus proceedings on June 8.
Deputy Sheriff Stroebel has re
turned from Chicago, where he went
to serve the extradition papers and be
present at Daly's arraignment.
The total assessed valuation of Mar
shall Is $2,468,850, an Increase of $24,
G75 over last year. Automobiles make
up the greater part of the increase.
Dr. Long and Warden Fuller, heads
of the two state institutions at Ionia,
are not in accord with the act of Gov.
Warner In vetoeing the bill which
would have allowed the use of oleo in
state Institutions. They declare that
good oleo is better than the class of
butter which it is sometimes neces
sary to buy to supply the institution.
Gov. Warner is reported to have
said that he had decided not to sign
the hill removing the prohibition of
the use of oleomargarine In the state
Institutions. He said he considered
the measure In the interests of a few
Chicago packers and against the
Michigan farmers.
Village Wiped Out.
Negaunee Is covered by dense
smoke, caused by forest fires which
completely surround it. Fishing
parties who camped Wednesday night
at Goose lake, five miles south, were
compelled to flee for their lives. At an
early hour in the morning they re
turned, nearly exhausted.
The city fire engine was cent to Dal
ton, a small town south of Marquette,
on the Munislng railroad. Families
were compelled to flee on a special
Late advices say that the town Is
practically wiped out. Fire from an
engine spark started the blaze. Among
the buildings burned Is the Dalton
Lumber Co.'s plant, entailing $40,000
loss. Two mills were saved with dif
ficulty. Forest fires are reported at
McMillan, east of Negaunee and near
Sidnaw. Wire communication is inter
rupted. No Immediate danger is ex
pected near the city. The firemen are
held In readiness. No rain storms
have occurred this spring and every
thing ig as dry as tinder.
Sale of Beer Stamps.
Here is a puzzle: The May receipts
for the sale of all kinds of Internal
revenue stamps are nearly double
those of last May, despite the fact
that some 19 counties embraced local
option last fall, and as a result are
now supposedly as dry as the Sahara
desert. The sale of beer stamps has
not fallen off, and a few of the brew
eries In local option towns bought as
many stamps as ever during the
The latest records in the local in
ternal revenue office shows that there
has been a heavy influx of saloon
keepers, hotelkeepers, etc., into the
wet counties, and that the number of
new arrivals in Detroit just about tops
the list of wet migrants.
The Missing Mr.. Curtis.
A letter bearing the postmark of
Seattle, Wash., has been received by
Mrs. Frank S. Curtis from her hus
band, who disappeared from the
Wayne hotel in Detroit April 27, while
bound for Mackinaw, Mich. -The let
ter Is so incoherent as to lead his
wife, who lives in Cranford, N. J., to
fear that his mind has failed him.
Curtis is a railroad engineer, and
while designing the Intricate track
plans for the new Grand Central sta
tion In New York he was engaged to
lay out a railroad in West Virginia.
It was on that business that he went
to Michigan, from where he disap
peared. The letter gives no address
and the Seattle police have been
asked to look for him.
An Aged Suicide.
Feebe with the weight of his 7G
years, and despondent, Henry Hoff
man, a well-known farmer living near
Traverse City, took his own life with
a shotgun. A son, sole survivor of the
immediate family, while at work In
the fields, heard the report of the
gun, but thought nothing of jt, as his
father had said he was going to town.
When the son reached the house at
noon he found the aged man dead, one
side of his head shot away. In his bare
feet, Hoffman had pulled the trigger
of the gun with a toe. On the table
lay a note In German, telling where
would be found $10S, the household
Crushed Under a Roller.
Thrown off a land roller, a heavy
cylinder drawn over a plowed field to
crush the lumps, dragged by the foot,
then thrown under the roller and
crushed, Harley Norris, 18-yeariold
son of John Norris, of New Haven
township, seems certain to die. Doth
his shoulder blades are broken, as
also three ribs, and there are other
internal injuries.
The horse drawing the roller was a
colt. It started suddenly, throwing
the boy off the seat. It raced across
the field, hauling him along by the
tangled reins, and brought up against
a fence. There it backed the roller
over the driver.
Doesn't Want Fourth Term.
Mayor Breltmeyer followed Gov.
Warner in an address at Ludlngton
when the Detroit Board of Commerce
landed there and, during the course of
his remarks, said: "Good people of
Ludlngton, Gov. Warner told me this
morning that he will not be your gov
ernor again."
This is probably the first public an
nouncement that the governor does
not want a fourth term.
E. J. Moon, laborer, has put in n
claim of $1,000 against the city of
Marshall for a broken ankle, the result
of a cave-in while he was digging a
city sewer.
John H. Dennis, president of the
Barry County Pioneer and Historical
society, announces that the annual
meeting of the society will be held
In Hastings on June 24.
George Burgeon and Eliza May
Porter, the Chicago couple arrested In
Port Huron on a statutory charge,
were fined $125 or 65 days in the De
troit workhouse. They are unable to
pay the fines.
Owosso's estimated budget, as ap
proved by the council. Is a record
breaker, totaling $71,000, which Is an
increase of $10,000 over last year's
budget. The increase Is attirbuted to
many public Improvements.
Because his little daughter caught
her foot In a defective walk and fell,
causing a fractured shoulder which de
veloped Into congestion of the lungs,
from which she died, Henry DeBruin
wants Grand Rapids to pay him $5,000.
The board of tax review of Bessem
er was this year controlled by the
citizens. A raise of the mines within
the city from $550,000 last year to
$1,206,000 now Is the result. The total
valuation of the city is raised from
$950,000 to $1,58Q,000. This Is the
flet time since the raise by Plngree's
tax commission In 1900 that the mines
have been fairly assessed.
Col. George B. McCaughna, for 12
years municipal Judge of Owosto, has
resigned the office and will go west.
Col. McCaughna was elected each
term on the Democratic ticket, despite
the fact that the city has a normal Re
publican majority of 500.
Human Bodies Blown Miles Away and
Twisted Round Trees and Horrors
Were Numerous.
A tornado wrecked Zephyr, a village
In Brcwn county, Texas, Saturday,
killing more than 30 persons, serious
ly wounding 50, and hurting a score
of others. Extreme darkness made the
catastrophe awful. The storm formed
half a mile southwest of Zephyr and
swept down upon the vil'age, cutting
a wide swath directly through the
residence and business quarters.
Nearly 50 houses were demolished.
Lightning struck a lumber yard and
started a fire, which destroyed an en
tire business block.
No effort was made to fight the fire,
as the care of the dead and wounded
demanded all attention.
A section hand pumped a hand car
to Brownwood snd spread the alarm.
In two hours the Santa Fe was speed
ing a special train to Zephyr with
nine surgeons and a score of Brown
wood citizens.
Hundreds of persons In the coun
try around Zephyr saved themselves
by taking refuge in storm cellars.
The big stone school building and
two churches at Zephyr were razed.
Daylight found 16 surgeons working
on the wounded.
Brownwood hurried her second re
lief train at noon, loaded with provis
ions, clothing and necessary articles,
and 40 nurses.
Two children were found dead two
miles from Zephyr, having been blown
that distance.
A special train carried the more ser
iously Injured to a hospital at Temple.
While the tornado's path was 300
yards wide, the twister swept the
earth for a distance of only about a
mile. Its fury was more terrible than
any previous tornado experienced in
this region.
When the first relief party reached
Zephyr, a desolate scene awaited. The
hillsides were covered with debris of
all kinds, Intermingled with bodies of
animals and human beings. The ruins
were dimly lighted by burning build
ings and the cries of the wounded ris
ing above the screeching of the dying
storm, guided the rescuers In their
Human bodies were found twisted
about trees and distorted In every con
ceivable shape. Survivors, mad with
grief and terror, walked the streets al
most naked, crying for their lost rela
tives. Those houses that escaped the storm
were turned into hospitals and
Brownwood, with a splendily or
ganized relief corps, has the situation
well In hand.
North Dakota Visited.
Seven persons are known to be
dead, many are dying and toverascore
are seriousdy Injured as a result of
a tornado that swept over northwest
ern North Dakota Saturday night.
The storm was especially severe at
Langdon, where the residence section
of the city was practically wiped out,
four people killed and 20 injured.
The tornado demolished all of the
buildings of the Jamestown Fair as
sociation, the loss being $50,000, and
several other large buildings.
Cassellton, Devil's Lake and other
towns have been completely cut off
from communication, and it is feared
that the death list will be greatly in
Millions for Meat.
That the four big Chicago packers
who comprise the meat trust, and
their side partner, the National Pack
ing Co., do an annual business far in
advance of the biggest year ever en
joyed by the United States Steel Cor
poration Is showed by the statement
filed under the new Massachusetts
compulsory law. These reveal thst
during the past year Swift, Armour.
Morris, Cudahy and the National did
a gross volume of business amounting
to $780,000,000. Figures furnished by
the National are rot official and are
said to be $25,000,000 too low. The
steel trust's biggest year was 1907,
when it touched the $757,000,000 mark.
The figures secured by the state
show that the meat packers do busi
ness on a much closer margin of
profits than the other big concerns.
The total net'proflts on the enormous
business done during the year wl l
hardly reach $25,000,000. a margin of
only about 3 per cent. In Bharp con
trast with this Is the 23 per cent profit
of the steel corporation last year.
Of last year's business. Swift did
$250,000,000. Armour $240,000,000. Mor
ris $110,000,000 and Cudahy $80,000,
000. Misfortune Comes Again.
' 'Anne Louise, infant daughter "of
Charles M. Hackley, Muskegon's blind
young millionaire, Is dead. The nature
of the child's ailment Is unknown.
Esther and Charles. Jr., his two
other children, are seriously 111.
Mr. Hackley lost his eyesight somt
months ago through the premature ex
plosion of some dynamite with which
he was about to blast stumps from b
Bert Keach, of Bovne City, serving
a Jail sentence for illegal fishing, stat
ed that he had caught the fish to keep
his family from starvation. On Investl
?atirg the storv the officers found the
family in destitution, and they have
been taken In charge by the superin
tendent of the poor.
After being out 16 hours, the Jury
In the case of 8. E. Marcott, of Mr
.nominee, against the Soo Line rail
road, returned a verdict of $15,000 for
the plaintiff, who sued for damages
claiming that a. cold he had caught Ir
i sleeper on the road had resulted ir
Ne Doubt In the Baggageman's Mind
at to Contents of What Looked
Like Coffin.
In an emergency the manufacturer
of Llmburger cheese was forced to
use strategy with a shipment. Ordi
narily his product went in special
cars, but in this instance no car was
available and the order must be filled.
Two hundred pounds of the fragrant
comestible was put In a rough, ob
long box, and taken to the railroad
baggageroom. Then the manufactur
er bought a ticket for himself and the
box, and entered the train. At the
first stop he went ahead to the bag
gage car to see that there was no
trouble. He stood by the box in a
disconsolate attitude and shaded his
eyes with his hand. The baggageman
was sympathetic. "A relative?" he
asked. "Yen," answered the manu
facturer, "it is my brother." "Well
said the railroad man, philosophically,
"you have one consolation. He's dead,
all right." San Francisco Argonaut
Waiter (to customer, who had com
plained that his steak is not tender
enough) Not tender enough! D'you
expect it to kiss you!
WESTON, Ocean-to-Ocean Walker,
Said recently: "When you feel down and
out, feel there is no use living, just take
your bad thought! with you and walk
them off. Before you have walked a mile
things will look rosier. Juit try it." Have
you noticed the increase in walking of
late in every community! Many attribute
it to the comfort which Allen's Foot-Ease,
the antiseptic powder to be shaken into
the thoea, gives to the millions now using
it. As Weston has said, "It has real mer
it." It cures tired, aching feet while you
walk. 30,000 testimonial. Order a 25c
package to-day of any Druggist and be
ready to forget voti have feet. A trial
package of ALLEN'S FOOT-EASE aent
FREE. Address Allen S. Olmsted, Le
Roy. N. Y.
As the Boy Saw the Lesson.
Prof. Charles Zeublln of the Univer
sity of Chicago was discussing at a
dinner the greatest paintings of the
"The legends that are beautiful and
immortal," he said, "have in them
turths that we all, according to our
kind, take home. This is true in
likeness of immortal works of art
pictures, poems, songs. For different
people they have different messages.
For instance, in my native Pendleton
some of the mothers used to cut the
children's hair. They did it with
shears and a bowl. The operation
was often painful, and the result was
never elegant.
"In Sunday school a Pendleton
teacher once told her pupils the trag
ic story of Samson and Deliah. Then
he turned to a little boy:
" 'What do you learn, Joe,' she said,
'from the Samson story?'
"'It don't never pay piped Joe, 'to
have a woman cut a feller's hair.'"
Cincinnati Enquirer.
Mutual Surprise.
A mission worker in New Orleans
was visiting a reformatory near that
city not long ago when she observed
among the Inmates an old acquaint
ance, a negro lad long thought to be
a model of integrity. ,'Jlm!M ex
claimed the mission worker. "Is it
possible I find you here?" "Yassum,"
blithely responded the backslider. "I's
charged with stealin a barrel o sweet
pertaters." The visitor sighed. "You,
Jim!" she repeated. "I am surprised!"
"Yassum," said Jim. "So was I or I
wouldn't be here!"
Neighbor Says Something.
The front yard fence is a famous
council place on pleasant days. Maybe
to chat with some one along the street,
or for friendly gossip with next door
neighbor. Sometimes it is only small
talk but other times neighbor has
something really good to offer.
An old resident of Balrd, Texas, got
some mighty good advice this way
He says:
"Drinking coffee left me nearly dead
with dyspepsia, kidney disease and
bowel trouble, with constant pains in
my stomach, back and side, and so
weak I could scarcely walk.
"One day I was chatting with one of
my neighbors aboit my trouble and
told her I believed coffee hurt me.
Neighbor said she knew lota of people
to whom coffee was poison and she
pleaded with me to quit It and give
Postum a trial. I did not take her
advice right away but tried a change
of climate, which did not do me any
good. Then I dropped coffee and took
up Postum.
"My improvement began immediate
ly and I got better every day I used
"My bowels became regular in twe
weeks, all my pains were gone. Now I
am well and strong and can eat any
thing I want to without distress. All
of this is due to my having quit cof
fee, and to the use of Postum regu
larly. "My son who was troubled with indi
gestion thought that if Postum helped
me so, It might help him. It did, too,
and he is now well and strong again.
"We like Postum as well as we ever
liked the coffee and use it altogether
in my family in place of coffee and all
keep well." "There's a Reason." Head
"The Itoad to Wellvllle," in Tkgs.
Em read 4k letter? ' A w
a tpiNri from tlm tlaae. They
mrm areaalaa, tra, a 4 (all ef baaaaa
la tercet.
Vegetable Preparation for As
similating me Food and Regula
ling the Stomachs and Dowe
rs or
Promotes Digestion,ChcerfuI
ncssandRest.Contains neither
Opium .Morphine nor Mineral
Not n ah c otic .
Atu Sni
i C t St 4
Wtrm Slid
A Derfect Remedy forConstipa
lion . Sour Stomach.Diarrhoea,
Worms .Convulsions .Fevtrish-
ness and LOSS OF SLCLPv
Tac Simile Signature ol
Tkc Centaur Company
Guaranteed under the FoodaM
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
A mm
't cost a
W. B. Northrup, went to the Gulf Coast Country of Texas,
last December, to contract for a lot of cabbages. One
cabbage crop of 20 acres, on a 41 -acre farm, near Brownsville,
looked so good to him that he bottght the entire farm, in
cluding the crop. He paid 5125 an acre, the man who sold
it agreeing to bring the crop to maturity, gather and
deliver it on the cars.
The crop has been shipped; the yield averaged 24,000
pounds to the acre, and brought from 1 1.75 to$2.oo per
hundred over $8000 for the crop.
As Mr. Northrup only paid $5, 125 for the farm, he now has
the farm, his original capital, and a handsome bonus besides,
Mr. Northrup was fortunate. It isn't often one finds a man
who is willing to sell his farm, after he has it under culti
vation, for the crop usually brings more than the land.
But there is plenty of similarland in the Gulf Coast Country
of Texas, not under cultivation, that you can buy for a trifle,
compared with its earning capacity. Why don't you go there
and make an investigation while the land is within your reach?
Next year it will cost more,
A trip, of investigation will be inexpensive. It is your offortunity.
Don't wait.
Very low excursion ares via the Rock Island-Frisco Lines twice
each month.
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ara making in the Gulf Coast Country of Texas, and a set of colored
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John Sebastian, Passenger Traffic Manager, Rock IJnd-Frisco-C. &. E. I. Line
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all the time. The best thing to
help nature build up the system is
This great tonic is not a false stim
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gifcr. For all run-down, conditions
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HJuy a Wabash Vascn
9-rrem your dealer ar
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W. N. U DETROIT, NO. 23-1909.
320 Acres "W1
Fifty bushels pet
ere have been
grown. General
in any other part of
the continent. Under
new regulationa it ia
possible to secure a homestead of 163 acrea
free, and additional 160 acres at $3 per acre.
MTh development af the country has made
merveloua strides. It is a revelation, a rec
ord of conquest by settlement that is remark
able." Extract from con s pond t net cf Nationkt
Editor, who xristttd Cnd In August Usi.
The grain crop of 1908 will net many
farmers $20.00 to $25.00 per acre. Grain
raising", mixed farming and dairying ar
the principal industries. Climate is excel
lent; social conditions the best; railway ad
vantages unequalled; schools, churches and
markets close at hand. Land may also be
purchased from railway and land companies.
Per "Last Best West" pamphlets, maps and
information as to how to secure lowest rail
way rates, apply to Superintendent of Immi
gration, Ottawa. Canada, or the authorised
Canadian Government Agent:
H. V. KcrmS. 7i JetfertM Area as. DetraJL
MlckUaaj nC.1 LAU1III. Saelf Sla. Marie. Nka,
"My father has been a sufferer from sick
headache for the last twenty-five years and
never found any relief until he began
taking your Cascartts. Since ha baa
begun taking Cascareta be baa never had
the headache. They have entirely cured
him. Cascareta do what you recommend
them to do. I will give you the privilege
of using his name." E. M. Dickson,
H20 Reainer St., W. Indianapolis, Ind
rieasant, Palatable. Potent. Taste Good.
Io Oood. Never bickenjWeaken or Oripa.
10c. 23c. 50c Nevar sold in balk. The reo
Biaa tablet stamped C C C Guaranteed to
care er your money back.
water right; One vatr; prodnrtlre soil: crop
falls rt entnnwn; M ba. what per m; to I tone
alfalfa: neelt hf nl rltmt: f ree timber; rtir tmi)
write mow. usavoa lajs Co., aa SHac, wjie

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