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1 i 44- 11 K Ei W
Ay Ay a;
J. A. MENZIES, Editor and Publisher
'Here the Press the People's Rights Maintain, Unawed by Influence and Unbribcd by Gain."
A Newspaper Tor All The People
Vol. XL, No. 16.
41st Year
$2.00 Per Year In Advance
Annual School Meeting
Held Monday Evening
Neighborhood News
From Nearby Towns
R 'member
Yale, Mich., July 10, 1922
Annual school meeting of Dis
trict No. 1, Brockway township,
St. Clair county, Michigan, was
held in the high school room at
8:00 o'clock p. m. Charles W.
Jacobs acted as president of the
Tho meeting was called to or
der and the minutes of last an
nual meeting read by Secretary
Moved by W. A. Cavanagh, sup
ported by T. M. Udell that the
minutes be adopted as read. Car
ried. Treasurer Talmer read the fi
nancial report for 1921-22.
Moved by C. F. Stroup, support
ed by W. E". Kennedy that the
financial report be accepted.
Carried. f
President Jacobs appointed as
tellers Mrs.' Etta Clyne, Mrs. Jen
nie Johnston and Wm I. Ilodgins
who were sworn in by N. B. Her
bert. Nominations were then in or
der to fill the offices of three trus
tees to take the place of II. C.
Martin, W. H. Learmont and C.
H. Palmer, whose terms expire.
The following were nominated:
H. C. Martin, V. F. Ruh, W. II.
Learmont, R. E. Andreae for 3
years; C. H. Palmer and George
Barth for 1 year.
The vote was then taken with
the following result: W. F. Ruh
Annual Financial Statement for School District
No. 1, Brockway Township:
Balance cash on hand July 11, 1921 $ 230 44
From tuition received during the year 5,722 00
From Primary School fund - 4,105 50
From City General tax 16,105 72
From Town Treasurer, General tax 1,615 75
From Library Fund 91 88
From overpaid on book 5 34
From overpaid on insurance 15
From Domestic Science 20 GO
From borrowed money 6,500 00
Error in cash CG
Total - $34,397 94 $34,397 94
Paid teachers salaries as follows: V
A. T. Greenman - ? 2,180 00
Lucy Greenman 1,180 00
Donald M. Sinclair 1,595 00 ijj.
Ilelene Wilson 1,445 0a v
Lexie Lester - 1,395 00
Vivian Lamkin - - 1,395 00
Nellie Ohmer - - 1,240 00
Edith Holmes
A. L. McAdam.
'Berylc Peacock
Ruth Proctor
Blanche Spaulding
Nila G. Chapman L
Madge Dilts
Hazel McClelland
Frances Williams
Total teachers' salaries
Janitor's salary
Paid bonds -r
Int on bonds and notes
Notes paid -
Insurance paid
Heat, light, power and water
Mich. Teachers' retirement fund -
Library books bought
Officers' salaries
New seats -
Repairs on building
Printing and exam, blanks
Fixing electric wiring
Laboratory supplies
Four new typewriters .
Labor on sewers
Plumbing and supplies
Domestic Science equipment
Other incidentals
Balance cash on hand
Outstanding bonded indebtedness
Outstanding notes July 10, 1922
We have on hand school books as per inventory-$ 790 04
Physical apparatus and chemicals 1,833 25
Return taxes outstanding 04 72
Tornado insurance carried, $5,000.00; Fire insurance on build
ing, $65,000.00; Fire insurance on furniture and fixtures, $7,500.00.
Assessed valuation of School Dist. No. 1, city $1,188,289.00;
township, $115,000.00. Total, $1,303,280.00. Money raised on this
valuation, city $16,643X2; township, $1,615.75; total. $18,259.37.
9G, II. C. Martin 76, scattering.
Total vote, 188. Ruh was declar
ed elected for 3 years. R. E. An
dreae 102, V. II. Learmont 81,
scattering 3; total vote 18G. An
dreae.was declared elected for
3 years; George Barth 93, C. II.
Palmer 89, scattering 3. Total
vote, 182. Barth was declared
elected trustee for 1 year.
On motion of V. E. Kennedy,
supported by T. M. Udell that we
Wm. II. Loarmont, Sec.
Saturday, July 8 was an event
ful day at the home of William
Grant, Fremont township. Fifty
three members of Mr. and Mrs.
Grant's family gathered to cele
brate Mr. Grant's 88th birthday.
The party included the Grant
brothers, Alexander and wife, of
Five Lakes, Mich., Robert, Leam
ington, Ont., Jos., and son and
daughter from Granton and To
ronto, Ont.; Leslie C. Grant, old
est son of William Grant, and
daughter, from Sault Ste Marie,
George Kerney and family.
The Schram family was repre
sented by Hugh and Morris
Schram and their families, of De
troit; John Schram and family,
Sandusky; Mary Schram Butts
and son, Detroit, and Lew Ilodg
ins and family, Yale.
1,14a 00
1,095 00
1,295 00
1,095 00
1,095 00
1,095 00
- 1,250 50
; 895 00
- - 557 20
$19,952 70
075 00
500 00
615 20
5,000 00
'-- 340 45
1,444 27
- 112 50
'- - 1 54
235 00
G"8 co
824 92
"07 3o
?6 ?2
102 31
18 00
02 83
377 93
011 48
1,320 85
$19,952 70
34,226 C5
171 29
$34,397 94 $34,397 94
July 10, 1922 $11,000 00
$ i.500 00
II. PALMER, Treasurer
PAN Tna fftu used TO Be -Am
i i am 1 ti
i ilmj I i, he
For the pleasure of Pauline
Fead a dinner party and miscel
laneous shower was given Wed
nesday evening at seven o'clock,
with Mrs. George Barth as host
ess, at her home on South Main
Covers were laid for ten at a
very prettily appointed table and
the guests were served a delicious
three-course dinner.
Afterwards towels were hem
med amidst gay and happy con
versation. A feature of the
shower of pretty gifts received
by the bride-elect was a sort of
grab-bag filled with necessary
and comical articles dear to the
heart of the housekeeper, with
the compliments of the hostess.
Mclvin Team Met Defeat
Melvin, July 11th The local
team met defeat at the hands of
the fast Fargo aggregation at
Fargo Sunday afternoon to the
tune of 8 to 4. ' Summers pitched
for the home team and twirled a
remarkable game, and until the
fifth inning he held the Fargo
bunch down to one run. A few er
rors in the infield allowed a few
scores after this inning, but no
hard hitting was evident. Beadle
caught a good game until he had
a finger out of joint in the eighth
and Wannamaker fininshed the
A return game is expected to
be played at Melvin Sunday after
noon which promises to be a fast
battle, but the Fargo boys will
have to appear in their Sunday
manners as no rough stuff is al
lowed, although a number of the
boys from down there are gentle
About forty friends gave Mrs.
Will McLane a pleasant surprise
Friday evening, July .7th, 1922, it
being her birthday. While Mrs.
McLane had gone for a drive her
friends took possession of tho
home, bringing with them well
filled baskets of goodies. A pot
luck lunch was served.
The evening was spent in out
door games and eats. At 12:00
o'clock all left for their homes
wishing the guest of honor many
happy returns of the day. Before
leaving Mrs. McLane was pre
sented with many useful gifts.
Those present from out of
town were John and Frank Stocks
with their families, Wilford Gra
ham and family, of Port Huron,
Mr. and Mrs. Jack McLane of
Special1 off on Ladies' Suits
and coats. J. I. Rosenthal.
For Sale Economy Chief Cream
Separator, large size, in good
condition. Will sell cheap. See
Mrs. L. Conroy, Second st., Yale.
: I V;,v. : -:r :::.-:r
Yale, Mich., July 3, 1922
Council met in regular session,
Mayor Jacobs in the chair.
Aldermen present, Barr, Beal,
Bryce, Elston, Williams, Welch.
Minutes of la?t meeting read
and approved.
Bills and Accounts
Frank C Teal Co $ 26 93
Johns-Manville Co 9 16
Jennison Ildw Co 1 80
Fairbanks Morse Co 54 00
Hamilton Beach Co 277 90
Ammon Graybiel 96 00
Win Henry 8 00
Jas .Edgfcrton 47 60
Central Oil Co 8 75
J Hildebrandt 84 00
Geo Collins 6 00
Electric Supply Co 6 00
Standard Oil Co 292 61
C K Richards - 13 75
John Henry 100 00
W Woodruff 100 00
G Woodruff 48 00
J II Moore 75 30
II A Williams 6 53
John Hutton 7 00
K Elliott 1 50
L & W Fund 320 10
Jos Wilt 150 00
Elston & Griffith. 35 58
Floyd Ferguson 6 00
John Bechtel 92 00
Geo W Elston.. . 5 00
J Cascadden 92 00
P M li R 123 00
Jcs Fogg 6 00
Fred J Wilt 28 50
Chas Meharg 2 75
Ed Horton 6 00
Detroit Stoker Co -- 27 00
Consolidated Coal Co 1000 00
Electric Appliance Co 312 61
Rus Secor 10 40
Advance Elec Co 33 60
C VanNorman 90 00
P M R R 368 78
P M R R 65 06
Gamon Meter Co 27 00
An ordinance introduced by
Welch, supported by Beal regulat
ing the number of pool rooms in
the City of Yale:
The Common Council of the City
of Yale Ordains, That only one
pool room shall be allowed to do
business in the City of Yale until
the population shall exceed two
thousand, and then one for each
thousand increase in population.
This Ordinance shall take effect
and be in force on and after
July 1st 1922.
Passed, and approved this 5th
day of June, A. D. 1922.
James II. Moore, City Clerk
Chas. W. Jacobs, Mayor
Moved by Beal, supported by
Elston, that danger signs be
placed 'on the curve opposite J.E.
Staley's residence. Carried.
Moved by Welch, supported by
Real that an electric light be
placed at the southeast corner of
city limits. Carried.
Moved by Welch, supported by
Elston that we adjourn. Carried.
J. H. MOORE, City Clerk.
6tt V-'ASNT
tos r
Last week Thursday an import
ant business change took place in
Yale when Geo. H. Cavanagh sold
his grocery store to William I.
- For nearly four year.-? Mr. Cav
anagh has conducted this busi
ness and built up a lucrative trade
and met .with success. Mrs.
Cavanagh has assisted her hus
band in taking care of the trade
of the store. During the past
year her health was such that it
was impossible for her to help and
for this reason the sale was made.
Mr. Cavanagh is not decided what
he will go at in the future, al
though he will look after operat
ing Princess Theatre.
Mr. Hodgins is well known in
Yale and surrounding country,
having lived here all hi.-, life. He
has a host of friends, is a pleas
ing and accommodating gentle
man, and everybody wishes him
every success in his new under
taking. The interior of the store is be
ing repainted and redecorated and
a larger stock will be added. It.
will he Mr. Hodgins' endeavor at
all times to keep on hand wht
his trade requires and serve them
promptly and courteously.
The stock and fixtures of the
Yale Shoe Store of M. A. Edig
hofTer was this week moved into
the Eilbcr & Barth building, op
posite the post office and Milt is
now busy day and night getting
the goods straightened around
and in shape to receive the pub
lic. New goods will be added.
Saturday everything will be on
Notice is hereby given that all
persons are required to cut the
noxious weeds growing on. their
premises. If each property owner
does not do the work the city of
Yale will look after cutting of
noxious weeds and charge same
to property. C. W. Jacobs,
16-2 '. Mayor
For Sale 15 0 acres and some
crop, 5 miles cast and 2 miles
north of Yale. Here is your
chance to buy one of tho best
farms in St. Clair county. For
price and terms write C. S. Erb,
901 East Saginaw street, Lan
ing. Phone 2147 M. 16-
For Sale On account of ill health
will sell at once my business
a Watkin3 territory of eight
townships; also my home, a
modern house of 8 rooms and
bath, oak finish; full basement.
Extra large barn; fine garden
spot with fruit trees and berry
bushes. Inquire of C. O. Boze,
Phone 170-3. 16-
Deckerville will have a new
boulevard street lighting system.
Picking of huckleberries has
begun on the marsh of Herbert
Heath, near North Branch.
A big Tuscola county Masonic
picnic is to be held on the Caro
fair grounds on Tuesday, July 25.
St. Clair Masons now have a
new home, having moved into new
quarters on the second iloor of
the Smith Hardware building.
The Daily Vacation Bible school
being held in Croswell, ha3 an
attendance of 40 children. Rev.
G. II. Gaige is the superintendent.
Bruce McAllister, Brown City far
mer was badly injured last week,
when he was thrown ffom a hay
rack wagon to the ground, as his
horses ran away.
A. II. 1'erkin.s, prosecuting at
torney of Lapeer county, filed his
resignation with the county clerk
on July 6th, to take effect imme
diately. He gave no reason.
The new canning factory at
Deckerville started the canning
of peas on July 3rd, and has a
daily output of 25,000 can of
peas. There will be a season of
about four weeks.
Captain Geo. C. Tinslcy, 26 yrs.
old, of the army air service, wc3
killed on July (ith. at Self ridge
field, Mt. Clemens when he crash
ed to earth in making an elfort to
avoid striking a hangar.
R. G. Green, proprietor and
manager of North Branch elec
tric plant, promises the town
boulevard lighting as soon as the
water works system is put in,
which the citizens recently voted
Marietta's hay sheds burned to
the ground on Indcpendenc day,
with a loss of 13 car loado of bal
ed hay, 3 car loads of fertilizer,
car of salt and 6,000 potato sacks.
The loss is partly covered by in
surance. Charles Varblow, 75, of Cnpac,
wanting to cross the railroad
track where a freight train
stood, crawled under the cars,
when the freight began to move.
Varblow lived 21 hours after be
ing crushed.
' Clarence Muplcthorpe of Avoca,
has been ordered by Judge Eu
gene F. Law to pay his wife , $5
a week for support of their child,
lie is also to pay her attorney
fee of $35 as he is suing her for
divorce and she is contesting the
Lcota Johnson, teacher in the
Greenleaf school, Sanilac county,
is suing the district for a month's
salary. It seems that Miss John
son did not teach one day, but
wants th6 full pay of $30.00. The
board offered her $76.00, which
she refuses.
Glen Hacker, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Hacker, of Mt. Clem
ens, has completed the purchase
of the largest incubator in the
world for hatching chickens. It
will be installed in the Kentucky
Hatchery at Lexington, and will
have a capacity of 40,000 eggs atj
one time. Utica Sentinel.
L. J. Leonhard, a merchant in
Peck for. about 30 yc'ars prior to
moving to Port Huron two years
ago, has decided that the old
town is best after all, and has
purchased the general stock of
merchandise from Blatt Bros, and
the Heberly building, and will
move back to Peck a happy man.
Suit for $2,253 against the In
dependent Sugar company of Ma
rine City has been filed in circuit
court by the Semet-Solvay com
pany, a New York corporation.
The plaintiff claims this amount
for goods delivered the Marine
City company in January, 1922.
The defendant was to pay upon
request but has so far failed to
comply, the New York company
WANTED-Good men to work on
road job. $3.00 per day. Apply
Peacock Construction Co.
Joseph Rose was born in North
Maysburgh, Ont., on November
25, 1811. He came to the United
States in 1832 and located in
Chicago for a short time. But he
did not like it there and came to
Biockway Centre, where he went
to work on the farms for Isaac
Mcnerey and Mathcw Merrill
durin gthe summer and worked
in the lumber wood3 during the
winters. In this way he laid by
enough to buy the 40 acre farm
southeast of town, where Thomas
Cavanagh now lives, and a lot in
the city of Yale where the Paisley
Hotel now stands, also the lot
where the Huier Tea Shop, is lo
cated. In 1885 he went back to his old
home in Canada and married Miss
Sophia Elizabeth Kelly, and
brought her home with him to the
farm in Brockway township. They
lived here a few years and clear
ed same up, after which they
moved to Brockway Centre and ho
went in the shoe business with
Joseph Smades, but this partner
ship was of short duration, and
in 1387 they bought and moved to
the present homestead, one mile
west of Yale, whero they have re
sided ever since.
He departed this life on Satur
day, July 1, 1922, and was buried
in Elmwood cemetery.
A very pleasant day was spent
at the home of John and Herb
Ferguson, Shabbona, Mich., Mon
day, July 3, 1922, when forty-ono
cousins and their families, also
three visitors gathered to cel
brate the second annual re-union
of the Ferguson clan, A picnic was
planned, but as it was too cold to
go to the grove, tables were set
on the lawn, and all enjoyed a
delicious dinner,
The afternoon was spent in
various ways, the younger ones
indulged in foot races, and tho
older ones charivaried Mr. and
Mrs. Sol Tice, it being their 29th
wedding anniversary. .
Those who attended from a dis
tance were Mrs. Earl Lindsay and
daughter Donna, Toronto, Ont.
Mrs. Lindsay has not been hero
for twenty-three years.
At 4:00 o'clock the president,
Koy Ferguson called them to or
der and a business session was
held. It was decided to meet in
1923 at Pontiac.
Lunch was then served with
vionade. All returned to their
homes well satisfied with the
day's amusement and visit.
Word of Appreciation
To My Friends and Former Pat
rons :
Having sold my grocery stock
and business to Wm. I. Hodgins,
I wish to thank one and all for
the loyal patronage and good will
during my four years in the gro
cery business in Yale. I trust the
same support will be given my
successor. Sincerely yours,
Geo. II. Cavanagh
F. J. Hunter and wife, Earl
Morley and daughter Jessie, Mr.
and Mrs. Geo. Locke, Marie "Locke
Detroit;. Mr. and Mrs. Crawford,
of Pontiac, and Mr. and Mrs. Mil
ton Crawford and family, of Pon
tiac attended the Bullock reunion
at Wm.' Bullock's near Yale on
Wednesday, June 28. Dinner was
served on the lawn, which was
beautifully decorated. Seventy
five were served at the first table
and sixty-five at the second. After
dinner all took part in playing
games,, and later had a ball game
between different members of the
family. The next reunion will be
near Cass City. Capac. Journal.
For Sale 3 acres land, good
buildings; IV2 acres berries;
good orchard; all kinds fruit;
just outside city limits, five
blocks from Woolen 'Mill, Chas.
Hoskin. 16-2

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