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itlons lB the Caae of
:Patlent SoBKeated
jeader sends a story told by
3. Payne as an actual occur
Philadelphia Times. It con
fiding, hard-drinking young
po settled sear Linden, that
pressed hope that the rustic
ould prove an aid in ridding
brraal thirst. But be clung
Its, and soon became a con
fcnshine distillations, rather
K" after a time, to those bear
oent stamp. .His face was a
and sunset red," the joint
Iky and an open-air life and
[-of charm apart from hi*
rs to offer the pretty moun
bnsented to become his Wife,
lie was carried home, pretty
the result of a fall. The
Jdside, the green of the grass
from some cuts added to the
his countenance and the
In Dr. Payne arrived, rushed
I. screaming:
noctor! go in to him—quickl
jieeases of the rainbow!"
lonel Ardon.
7 novels of exceptional merit,
historical lines, is "Lionel Ar
olm Dearborn. Like many
the time it takes its name
lie hero. The scene is Eng
ne that of Henry "VIII., and
rBn Elizabeth. Thehero.Lion
fcLord Ardon, who is killed in
ord Raven, and his death is
"d by the young son. The
be enrtance of tne hero into
life,.and contains some bril'
Ibis of the gayeties and festivi
fimes.' One of'the principal
iy Jane Grey, who is, in fact,
S Thisis the only novedthat
fit to the sympathy and ad
ftiry readers that woman of
Jjuisite womanliness. Pub-
Dillingham Company, New
we Proper Order.
|u cook?" asked the prosaic
Kthese questions up in their
Returned the wise girl. "The
ling is not the first to be con-
the first?" he demanded,
provide the things to be
Kceited man sometimes "put
•4-to speak.—Chicago Post.
§§,' thing I admire about yon."
"c friend. "You carved out
lines, .'and yet you never brag
"self-made man."
Bred Mr. Meekton,"I shouldn't
Ksting that Henrietta wasn't
'the credit."—Washington
Probably True.
wonder what makes old Got
lis pride, my boy.
v's that?"
|iid his customers wilt mistake
of his clerks."—Chicago Daily
bought It a Bribe
-ou off,
course, I might let
In had an alibi.
|iure, yer honor, Oi haven't wan
but here's^ me lasth quarter, if
ye.—Philadelphia Bulletin
Binarked the optimist, "oppor
ks once at every door." "Yes,,
fething very feminine about op
replied tne pessimist. "She
all when she's pretty sure you're
it's the end of it."—Philadelphia
of It.—"I wonder if advertising
said the' unsophisticated youth,
Bng over the department store an
Tit, "is really expensive?" "Wait
it a-wife who reada those ads. and
I out," replied Phamliman.—Phil'
-"You say that you have made
1 politics?" "Yes." "Are you an
No. sir. I'm the leader of a
The musicians always get the
jt the orfitors are expected to talk
|g."—Washington Star.
Bl can attract attention.—Wash
I.) Democrat.
Verge of Bright's
sc.—A Quick Cure
that Lasted.
STO. 30,611.—C. E Boies, deal
fp. and feed, 505 South Water
iron Ot, made the following
in 1896, he said: ''Ever
iCivil War I have had attacks
l&nd bladder troubles-, decid
during the la&t two or
P«. Although I consulted
some of whom told me I
ag oh Bright's disease, and
tinually using standard jem
excruciating aching just
kidneys1, which radiated to
ier blades/still existed. As
expected when my kidneys1
disturbed condition, there
Istressing and inconvenient
with the action of the kid
tions. A box of Doan's Kid
I, procured at Lamp&rter &
|g store, brought such a de
inge within a week that I
the treatment. The last
and it was particularly' ag
ree Years After.
essays in 1899: "In the
.1896 I made a public stete
my experience with Doan's
ills. This remedy cured ine
rible aching in the kidneys,
nail of my back, in the mus
shoulder blades, and in the
Mng the years that have gone
onscientiously saythere have
(recurrences of my old trouble,
fdence in Dean's Kidney Pills
rer than ever, not only from
pnal experience bnt from the
of many others in Akron
[ve come to my notice."
TRIAL of this great kid
[icine which cured Mr,' Boies
ailed on application toaiSy
United States. Address
piburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y. For
1 druggists, price 50 cents per
ID insist upon having "J
Peculiarttiea by Which the Phyalos
.. nomUt Reeoinliei Pcx-Bon'a
mgn Characteristics. &
For mere physical beauty the oblong
or oval face has the highest standing,
and the artists who paint youthful'
beauty endeavor to get what is called
the pure oval to the face. Individuals
•with an: oblong gr oval face are natulb
ally of a strong and active nature, with
keen powers of perception and much
imagination. They are Self-reliant and
persevering. They axe not, strictly
speaking, highly intellectual, although
they are often talented. They are con
stant in friendship and strong in their
The round face belongs usually to a
subject whose neck is short, shoulders
broad and round, chest full, and in
whom a- tendency to stoutness in mid
dle life is indicated by the plumpness
of youth.
The round-faced woman very often
has small feet and hands. In character
the round-faced subject is lively, amia
ble, impulsive and frequently fickle.
She lacks persistence and she loves
ease too much to do ,any serious and
patient plodding, which we all know
is necessary to attain good results.
The pyriform face indicates the in
tellectual type. The woman with the
pear-shaped face has a high, broad
forehead. Her features are generally
delicate and .finely modeled. Her neck
is slender she is tall rather than
short her chest is not broad—fre
quently, on the contrary, it is narrow.
She has intelligent eyes, and she never
appears to have great physical endur
Blm Pf-rsLan Illghnesi la Nwt Entirely
vWithout a Sense ot
The shah supplies a fair crop of anec
dotes daily, says the London Tele
graph's Paris Letter. His sayings and
doings lend themselves largely to
anecdote treatment, and they are
therefore carefully recorded. The
latest itory is about the shah and the
dentist. His majesty suffered from
toothache soon after his arrival in
Paris, and a professional extractor of
high-clasis molars was sent for. The
professional looked at his majesty's
teeth and advised the extraction not
of one, but of several. The operation
was postponed for a day, but when the
dentist returned to the Elys.ee Palace
hotel he found the shah all right and in
a playful mood. The toothache had
gone, and there was no longer any
need for the dentist's services. As the
professional was preparing to leave
the shah called him back, saying: "I
do not like to have troubled you for
nothing, so,-as you have come, you had
better draw a molar from each of my
counselors." The shah spoke with his
ej'es fixed on the ground and in a medi
tative manner. When he looked up ail
the counselors had vanished, with the
exception'of' the grand vizier, who
manfully stood his ground unmindful
as to whether his alj^powarful master
was in joke or in earnest* The other
counselors evidently believed in the
earnestness of the master's utter
ances'. The anecdote is something like
that old one told of the present shah's
predecessor, who, when in Paris, asked
to see M. Deibler at work with the guil
lotine. When he was informed that
-there was. nobody in La Roquette at the
time waiting-fdr execution he proposed
that,one. of his suite should be handed
over to Deibler and decapitated in the
Champs' Elysees.
'A Question That Even the FUh Ex
pert* Are Unable to Satisfac
___ •v ""sr 5'
The physiognomist divides the faces
into tnree so-called grand classes. The
oblong'face, the round Tace and the
pyrifornror pear-shaped face. The ob
long face is .one which would jit more
readily into an oval than a round or
pear-shaped diagram, says' London
Spare Moments.
There is n6 family of fish more in
teresting than the salmon, and in no
other fishery have the benefits of arti
ficial propagation been more clearly
demonstrated. The homing instinct of
the salmon enaibled the propagators of
fry to learn, at the beginning of their
work, that it was worth doing, writes
John R. Spears, in Success. Salmon
hatched in any. stream,usually return
to that stream when they are of spawn
ing age. The propagators reared sal
inon to the size of fingerlings, marked
them, and turned them loose. In due
time the marked:fish returned and
were caught in the home stream. It is
a curious fact, however, that, in spite
of the homing instinct, salmon are
found at the spawning season in the
brackish water at the foot of Alaskan
glaciers, where, it is believed, no fish
was ever hatched, ft
Another curious fact, learned
through marking the artificially propa
gated fish, is that a fingerling weigh
ing from one to two ounces may grow
to weigh from two to ten pounds in
six or eight months, and in two years
a weight of 40 pounds has been reached
The growth depends, of course, on the
food supply. But where salmon feed
and what they feed on have not yet
been learned. It is supposed that they
find small marine animals so numerous
in their deep-sea haunts that they,
swim about "as if in a soup." Perhaps
the deep-sea haunts will-sometime be
No Gambling la An atria.
For playing "heads and tails"'' for
stakes of a farthing an apprentice
named PaurRiedei has been sentneed
to banishment from Austria.. Accord
ing to the Austrian criminal laiW the
uniform punishment for all games of
chance, including" the game "heads
and tails," is banishment.—N. ¥. Post.
Lord Kelvin Waa Pncmlcd Over the
Impossible Angle of a Ladder
Which Couldn't Fall.
At a certain favorite resort in London a
conversation among a number of financiers
turned upon cable shares and wireless tel
egraphy. One confirmed cable worshipper
quoted Lord Kelvin's opinion that the com
panies had no need to be alarmed at the prog
ress of Marconi, relates a London paper.
"Oh," exclaimed another, "Lord Kelvin be
hanged! It is not the first time he has made
a mistake. Why, I remember years ago,
when he was jilairi Billy Thomson, he was
out in the couniry for a ride with his brother.
You know he was always like the old fish
hag that O'Connell tackled. He slept on
a parallelogram, shaved with a spheroid,
watched the process' of an ellipse and gen
erally took I mathematics to bed with him.
Anyhow he never passed anything without
making a caclulation about it. This time it
was a ladder standing against a wall at an
angle which according to all known laws
ought to be impossible, especially as it stood
on smooth concrete at the bottom. He
called his brother's attention. They both
got down, took measurements, made endless
calculations, and considered various theo
ries to account for the absence of slip. At
last they fixed on some far-fetched explana
tion just as the farmer hove in sight. Then
they casually called his attention to the
strange circumstance. 'Oh1, ay,' says the old
man, the ladder? Yes, I put it there for my
hens, and it's pretty tight with the'holdfast
at the top!'"
Mot So Very Cramy.
An Emporia (Kan.) sportsman was out
gunning a few days ago, the Gazette cays,
and happened to go by the poor farm. One
of the crazy men they keep out there saw
him and began asking nim questions. "What
have you killed?" asked the crazy "fellow.
TKe.Emporia man said he had a meadow lark
and two doves. "What did you pay for that
:un?" "Sixty dollars." "Ho,r much is the
og worth?" "Twenty-five dollars." "An
$85 hunting outfit to kill 25 cents' worth of
game! They keep me locked up in here be
cause they say I'm crazy, and they let you
run loose. It isn't fair," said the crazy man.
St. Jacobs Oil.
In cases where bronchitis has become
chronic from want of proper treatment in
the earlier stages, there is nothing so good
as Dr. August Koenig's Hamburg Breast
Tea, in conjunction with which is strongly
advised the use of St. Jacobs Oil as an out
ward application, along the front, of, the.
throat, from close up under the chin to well
down to the top of the chest the one rem
edy assists the other, and, as intended, they
work in complete unison. The wonderful
penetrating power of St. Jacobs Oil en
ables it to reach the adhesion of foreign
matter which lines the bronchial tiibfes and
which makes breathing more and more dif
ficult. As these adhesions become inflamed
and enlarged, St. Jacobs Oil causes such ad
hesions to break away, making expectora
tion easier and more free. Dr. August
Koenig's Hamburg Breast Tea, drank slowly
and very hot, soothes and heals the parts,
is comforting and quieting, stops the cough
and relieves the breathing. This manner
of treatment,, (and there is no other two
remedies that will work together so suc
cessfully) reaches the difficulty frdm the
outside and the inside at the same time.
St. Jacobs Oil reaches the roots of the ad
hesion, and assists Dr. August Koenig's
Hamburg Breast Tea in'clearing them then
both remedies act in unison in healing and
curing. The above remarks apply with equal
force in cases of asthma, croup, whooping
cough, enlarged tonsils, and all bronchial
affections. Every family should have St.
Jacobs Oil and Dr. August Koenig's Ham
burg Breast Tea always in the house in or
der that they may be promptly used in the
first stages. Often the maladies, develope
with wonderful rapidity, and complications
take place with equal suddenness. 1'
A Matter of. Marksmanship.—Shotwell—
"Didn't you ever go shooting?" Sportless—
"Never my life." Shotwell—"You don't
know what, you've missed."—Indianapolis
A fj,-* -"V,
re rv
ing Dr. .Thomas' Eelectrie Oil in the house
just when it is needed. Cures croup, heals
urns, cuts, wounds of every sort.
"Did your defatist hurt ypu much "Not
this time his charges were very reasonable."
—Cincinnati Commercial Tribune.
Fortify Feeble Lungs Against Winter
with Hale's Honey of Horehound arid! Tar.
Pike's Toothache Drops Cure in one minute.
He who forgets his own friends meanly
to follow after those of a higher degree is
a snob.—Thackeray.
Piso's Cure cannot be too highly spoken of
as a cough cure.—J W. O'Brien, 322 Third
Ave., N., Minneapolis, Minn., Jan.
Money is the business end of happiness.—
Milwaukee Sentinel.
It is pure.
It is gentle.
It is pleasant.
-jfa gj
It is efficacious.,
Uses Pe-rii-na
For Colds
tk*bfrst family lax&tiv*
It is not expensive
It is good for children?*
It is excellent for ladies.
Pe-ru-na is known from the Atlantic
to the Pacific. Letters of congratula
tion and commendation testifying .to
the merits of Pe-ru-na as a catarrh
remedy are pouring in from every State
in the Union. Dr. Hart-man is receiving
hundreds of such letters daily. All
classes write these letters, from ,the
highest to the lowest.
A Letter From the Executive Office of Oregon.
The outdoor, laborer*the indoor arti
san, the clerk, the editor,- the states
man, t,he preacher—all agree that Pe
ru-na is the catarrh remedy Of the age.
The stage and rostrum, recognizing ca
tarrh as t.heir greatest enemy, are es
pecially enthusiastic in their praise
and .testimony.
Any man who wishes' perfect health
must be entirely free from catarrh. Ca
tarrh is well-nigh universal almost
omnipresent. Pe-rumaisthe only abso
lute safeguard known. A cold is the
beginning of catarrh. To prevent colds,
to cure colds, is to cheat catarrh out
of its victims. Pe-ru-na not only cures
catarrh, but prevents. Every house
hold should be supplied with this great
remedy for coughs, colds and so forth.
The Governor of Oregon is a.n ardent
admirer of Pe-ru-na. He keeps it con-
Keep Out the Wet
Bain e&n't touch the man protected by
The best oiled clothing In the
world. Warranted water*
WiU not crack peel,
ade to stand rough work and
weather. Getthecepuliic* If
your dealer doesn tkecp them,
write for catalogne to
Sole Mfra.
Cambridge, Ma—«
Chicago ft Eastern Illinois Railroad.
The Chicago & Eastern Illinois It. R. has
been selected as the official-route for the
Bankers from the Northwest enroute to the
Annual Meeting, American Bankers' Asso
ciation. New Orleans-, La., Nov. 11-13,1902.
On Nov. 7, 8, 9 and 10 round trip tickets
will be sold to New Orleans, La., at rate of
one fare on account -of above meeting. Tick
ets will be limited for return ten days from,
date of sale and an extension of limit to Nov.
30th may be ha'd on depositing ticket with
Joint Agent before Nov. 18th and on pay
ment of 50 cents. Stopovers will be allowed
on these tickets.
For full particulars call on any local Agent
of the C. & E. I. It. R. or addfess W. H.
Richardson, G. P. A., Chicago, 111.
Mother—''You have disobeyed me, Tom
my. Didn't I say no when you asked me for
another piece of cake?" Tommy—"Well,
maybe you think I, don't know what a wom
an's 'no' means."—Town and Country.
That man is worthless who knows haw
to receive a favor, but not how to return
Energy all gone? -Headache? Stomach out
of order? Simply a case of torpid liver.
Burdock Blood Bitters will make anew man.
or woman of you.
Generosity is the flower of justice.—Haw
1 1
It is convenient for business men.
It is perfectly safe under all circumstances.
It is used by millions of families the world over
It stands highest, as a laxative, with physicians.
If you use it you have the best laxative the world
produces. OF"
I Orders for Future Delivery Executed in All KAarkets* 1
in His Family
and Grip.
tinually in the house. In a recent let
ter to Dr. Hartman he says:
SAI.EM, May 9,1898
The Pe-ru-na Medicine Co., Columbus,
Dear Sirs—I have had occasion to us©
your Pe-ru-na medicine in my family
for colds, and it proved to be an excel
lent remedy. I have ^iot had occasion
to us« it for other ailments.
Yours very truly, W. M. Lord.
It will be noticed that the Governor
says he has not had occasion to use Pe
ru-na for other ailments. The reason
for this is, most other ailments, begin
with a cold. Using Pe-TU-nato prompt
ly cure colds', he protects liis family
against other ailments. Thisis
what every other family in the United
States should do. Keep Pe-ru-na in the
house. Use it for coughs, colds, la
grippe, and other climatic affections'of
winter, and there will be no other ail
ments in the house. Such families'
should provide themselves, with a copy
of Dr. Hartman's free book, entitled
"Winter Catarrh." Address- Dr. Hart
man, Columbus, Ohio.
Makes water do tbe work. Removes
tarnish without labor. Cleans and
Gives lasting, brilliant lustre. Ab
sctiitely guaranteed not to mar the
most delicate surface. Try it for everything that
shines. No rubbing—no acids—harmless. Your
money returned if not pleased. Send 4c for Sam
ple. Large package by mail 28c. SILVER SALT
CO., 973 Snerburne avenue, St. Paul, Minn.
'New Rival
Its component parts are all wholesome.
It acts gently without unpleasant after-effects.
It is wholly free from objectionable substances.
All are pure.
It contains the laxative principles "of plants.
It contains the carminative principles of plants.
It contains wholesome aromatic liquids which are
agreeable and refreshing-to the taste.
All are delicately blended.
A11 are skillfully and scientifically compounded.
Its Value is due to'o'ur method of manufacture and to
the originality and simplicity of the combination.
To get its beneficial effects- buy the genuine.
Manufactured by
San Francisco, CaL
Louisville. Ky. New York, N. Y.
Th* Preferred
fM IAVA 1.1 A
you are looking for reliable shotgun am
munition, the kind that shoots where you
point your gun, buy Winchester Factory
Loaded Shotgun Shells: "New Rival/' loaded with
Black powder "Leader" and "Repeater," loaded
with Smokeless. Insist upon having Winchester
Factory Loaded Shells, and accept no others.
Capital Stock, $2,000,000.
Sl|000|000 Preferred Stock*
The Preferred Stock of the W. L. Donglan Shoe Com
oany pays better than 8avintffl Banks or Uovernment
Bonds. Every dollar ot Btock offered the public tub
behind it more than
a dollar**
-worth of act nalasnets. W.L.
Prospectus giving full Information abont this great
•nd profitable business sent npon application. Address
W. 1m JM alJuCBracktoii, Mi
Common Stock*
Shares, SI OO each. Sold at Par.
Onlj Preferred Stook offered for sale.
W. Douglas retains all Common Stock.
Douglas continues to own
one-half of the business, and
Is to remain the active head
of the concern.
The annual business now is $5,500,000, it is Increasing
very rapidly, and will equal S7.ooo.aoo for the year 19011.
The factory Is now turning out TO00 pairs of shoes per
day, and an addition to the plant is being built whicU
will Increase the capacity to 10,000 pairs per day.
The reason I am offering the Preferred Stock for sal*
(i to perpetuate the business.
If you wish to invest In the best shoe business in th*
world, which Is permanent, and receive 7 per cent on
yonr money, jon can purchase one share or more in this
great business. Send money by cashier's check or certi
fied check, made payable to W. L. Douglas. If there
Is no hank in your town, send money by express or
post office money orders.
This business Is not an un
developed prospect It is a
demonstrated dividend pay
er. Thisis
the laimst business
in the world produclnit'Men's
(loodyear Welt (Hand Sewed
Process) shoes, and has al
ways been Immensely profit
able. There has not been a
ear In the past twelve when
he business has not earned
Leader^ "Repeater''
For the Ailments of
and OXEN
In actual cash much more
[than the amount neoMsan
ko pay per cent
stock of tl ,003,000.
To prove the healing
and cleansing power of
Paxtine Toilet Antiseptic
we will mail large trial treatment with book
of instructions absolutely free. This is not
a tiny sample, but a large package, enough
to convince any one that it iB the most suc
cessful preparation known to medicine as a
cleansing vaginal douche and for tbe local
treatment of woman's
special ills, cur- Sss
ing discharges and all inflammation, also to
cleanse the teeth, mouth, and cure catarrh.
Send to-day a postal will do.
Sold by druMFlrts or dent postpaid by un SO
cents large box* Satisfaction jranranteed*
THE a. PAX I'ON CO.» SOI Columbus
Hoston* Mass.
O E E S a

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