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7 tf „VW,Tm
,r *L "3£
a 4
id:/ H«r
Ornum, -wbb 'bu bpen attending ooart
In Watertown, returned Friday noon
vis. tlhe If St. L.
iPred Holiiit^f "wltef Srho Juito
been In Conde d'tt'rliig tlie winter
and spring bare sxnred to Bjreutford
where Uter will boftnd ier«w of men
wftfr. ^uttinK in the telegraph
Mm. JOeJ '!Boi'weH iir«4i't 'to icinae
alpblla t^uttdergb^in d^imCloil fMiidh
ww perfornKd sOtne tliikie tiifal week
the operation waa aueeMafal and ahe
aeetned^ be ^eooVWo^C rttildlT, but
site suffered ,a relapee tnga wlhich
At never rallied. Bhe waa jmried
$0 at Gonde, Saturday. A great many
*'lrl6n^ M1 velfttl'mi ittenleA ike
funeral whloh was IteJd *t t&e lief
ihMlat ehurob.
msmm Oomde Is
Qi^,,^ eee ««w
'Mtl tee couree ot oonatmetfcm.'^:.":^"
Opened Tuesday Morning, May 21.
At this time we will offer two hundred dozen
—2400 shirts—in two lots at prices that mean
a saving you cannot overlook.
125 Dozen Men's Negligee Shirts
Some with soft collars attached, others with detached laundered cuffs, and still
others with cuffs attached. In this assortment are all white, light, medium and
dark colors in all sizes from 14 to 17. Many cfi these Shirts are
made of the same material as $1.00 tod $1.25 Shirts. None are
worth less than 75c., your choice of this big line for
75 Dozen 's Work Shirts
Including our celebrated BLACK SATEEN shirts, sold everywhere
at 75c. You will find these by far the best values in Aberdeen for
the price,^each ••.••••••»••
A Bargain Shirt Event
i^this sale may be honestly called. The contract for this 200 dozen Shirts was made
nearly a year ago since that date everything has advanced in price—this everybody
knows. Notwithstanding the advance in prices of all cloths and labor, by this year
xago purchase we are able to offer you better shirts than at any previous sale. :V."
-P T(^\
•••a. s." ¥sr
Olwin-Angell Store
Aberdeen, South Dakota"
The' school.' ^neet wi» ••iiu£ei7ralr
.tended by .people from Ashton, Pier
ppnt, ai|d Mellette some t*ery l'nter
^Mt'pWyawere'iniiie and
1 2 $ I S 5
& '4toJfr
•IBSiJaS -w
•Slit* JV VxA
erbry bad
who aaiw tbe' aune (felt that tkey bad
been paid for attending.
Conde wlU haTe a race meet some
time thia lummer.
A. P. McMniaa aAd John Owen*
who ihire been, attending &rart «t
(RedAeld aa furore, returned gatur-
ti.MQotf#^ #liantf4ter, la.,
la here on a land 4eal.
Sfathew Blgte went to' Redfield
Friday night on buaineae he return^
ed Saturday..
911a Jeffery, ot' T^rtM. waa up to
Oonde one day last week sliie «apie
for the purpoee of gettlng Bome dent
al work doae.^.,*
The v^w!"^rwle4 W'ifcecal
roting were all aoqaltted it aprlng
term of court, and talk orer, the
liquor questloa haa' practically""^^
B, R. Place is building
house' that Will accommodate four
Jtoe Mannle and Cred Labile, of
TwWh, #ere in Oonde last fVlday
on bualiiess.
^Btainard,^ Mayf21.^-iMr and Mn.
Owen OaibiAell ot I*olt, wei-e Tlslt
on at Branch Makley'b ob 8aturiby
and Bandar. Ta»e two families were
formerly. nei^tboi'B iat Missouri.
MiavBdna'S&Uott Arrived laafweek
from Hartly, iqiwa, to spend the som
mer on her brothera' ranch Jn Bimln
wi- *t
,f 'A
M. O. P."8ytiogroBnd, ^rsSident of
«ie Oroton-Wrney telephone Urn
waa in Brainard on Sunday Hevlg
atipartnteoding' the bulldingr 4 hla
lltM from F'rederick to ColamWa.:
Chaa. McPheraon.
doing carpenter work here, has gone
to Edgley to spend a week's vacation.
There will be preaching services
in the Adams school house on. Sun
day, May 26 and a Sunday sohool
will ibo organized. "We are sorry to"
say your correspondent is unable to
6tate the hour of the services or the
ministers name, but the community
will be notified later.
Mile Bun—State Basketball Cham
pionship for Boys Goes to Aber
deen High—Story of the Meet.
The basketball game' Was played,
on Thursday night The lineup of:
the players was as follows:
Aberdeen—Wllmarth and 'Welsh
forwards Collins, center Sieh and
Seeley, guards.
Sioux 'Falls—Frieze and Gage, for
wards W. 'Williams, center Leyse
and Williams, guards.
Of t^ie twenty-eight "points scored
by (Aberdeen, Wllmarth made twen
ty-two and of the eighteen made by
Sioux Falls, Frieze made fourteen.
The Aberdeen boys played all
around their opponents. After the
game the referee, who is the direc
tor of athletics at the Sioux City
Y. M. 7. A., said that the Aberdeen
team had the best team work of
any high school team he had ever
seen. "A,.
Thfe lineup of the girls' game,
which was played Friday night, was
as follows:
lAbferd&n—Firey and 'Burnette,
guatds liager and iloCo? and Webb,
centers Boub. and Sickelhaupt,
Sioux Falls—Wade and Haas,
forlra^dte sfcadsiiaw-.' '8tone!
ters Bratagan and Sheldon, guwds.
TROUX wins»won1 tire traca iuwt
with 41 points, Mitchell was sec
ond with 25, Flandreau was third
with 25 iDieadwood :iras fourth with
li2, Aberdeen fifth .witfi 8, and Ver
lAllltofi', ttontenrllle, Redfield and
IBeresford Ahlshed in the order nam
ed with 6, 6, 4, and 1 points to
their eiedlt. Yankton, Canton, Al
exandria and Hartford scored no
Seeley: «as i^e ^ggest 'pofnt'win'
aer for Aberdeen. He won seoond
place in the mil* run icd took third
In both the fealf »He and two mile
runs. Steh won third la the dis
cua throw, Lynn third In the shot
put aa*. Wllmarth. third in the 220
yar^Jmmflss, .....
^^isckf's Onatilaa
Th'e '^eet was lb#atost SticceM
fill one *et held, ttafiy of the state
record^ being smashed.' 's,ff
The oaa exciting Incident of the
entire aieet was fUiley^ ftaish in the
mile. Boy of FlaadiWii was leading
by a large gap at the coauneneement
FRIDAY, MAT 24,1907.
All Who Took Part from This City
Did Well and Are to Be Congratu
lated—Seeley Wins Applause of
the Spectators by Work in the
The members of the Aberdeen
high school track team, the boys'
.basketball team and the girls' bas
ketball team returned Saturday ev
ening from Vermillion where they
participated in the interscholastic
track games and in the basketball
games with Sioux Falls for the cham
pionship of the state. A large del
egation of high school students and
friends was at the depot to meet
them oil their arrival.
Won Fifth Place
Although the track team did no
better than to secure fifth place in
the meet, their return was not with*
out glory, for the boys basketball
team won the championship of the
state from Soiux falls by the score
of 28 to 18, while the girls were
beaten by the close score of 10 to
6. The Aberdeen girls: have flayed
no regular games to speak of the en
tire season and the fact that they
played so well agatast a team that
^M":pIhy^d- W!6j^^ne
gatbes ait'
won twenty of them that their de
feat is no disgrace. Concerning the
track meet it is sufficient to say that
tto Aberdeen boys did well consid
ering the fact that they do not have
the opportunity to train that the
boys who live in the southern part
of the state have, because of the
colder weather. The boys fought
hard and inade their competitors go
some in every event.
of the last lap with two Stoux Falls
men some distance behind. Seeley
was far to the rear among the bunch,
.but suddenly shot forward on the
best spurt made during the meet. He
passed both the Sioux Falls anen and
at the tape was but ei few feet in
the rear of the Flahdreau man. He
finished strong. His effort was re
ceived with cheers by the syinpath
lzera of every school Entered.
The meet was a very successful
one and the Aberdeen' iboys say that
they were treated most courteously
by their hosts.
Had Been Working on Northwestern
Extension But Went From There
to Le Beau—When Taken 111 They
Catch Milwaukee Train to This
City—(Dr. McNutt Incensed at Ac
tion of Roads.
Tom Bryant, aged 37, a laborer on
the M. & St, 2j. near Le Beau, arrived
in the city Monday, suffering with
small pox. He was examined by Dr,
MdNutt, president of the .board of
health and ordered taken'to the pest
house. Bryant for some time has
been working on the (Northwestern
extension from Pierre to the Hills,
in the country west of the Missouri
river. He went from there to. Le
Beau to work for the M. & St, L. and
on being taken sick made his way to
the Milwaukee and took the train
to this city.
'Another laborer named George
'Rice came in from Le Beau, via the
Milwaukee and was .taken to the
pest house Saturday.
'Earl Hartshorn, an employee ot
the U. S. Express company in this
city was taken to the pest house
Sunday :.with as badly broken out a
face as could be found, Thus far
only his fase has been attacked but
it is a mass of poetulee.
There are now four cases In the
pest house, the other one being a
man named Chris Hanson, who has
been, at the place for some time.
Dr. McNutt says much small pox
is prevalent along the Northwestern
extension, and fears more cases will
be making their way to this city. It
is his intentio nto get after the Toads
and if there Is any redress in the law
it will be invoked against them for
bringing the cases to this city and
forcing the authorities, here to care
for them.'
E. Hickenbobham ha^'^urchased
200 feet of property on North Wash
ington street and. will commence in
the near future the erection, of sev
eral houses.
C. C. Cralle had a cloffe call yes
terday afternoon. While engaged at
his work in thei shop an emery wheel,
running at a high rate of Bpeed, flew
to pieces, a portion of it striking
hiim in the chest. It knocked him
down, but fortunately did not in
any way injure him, except that
several: hours later be was quite
weak in the limbs.
0 1
McCaal-Webster Elevator
remember that it's the Bpst and is JUS C^meat
"YuUtfon" for
E!^r *r*,
CLASS OF '07, A. H. S., TO BE
Play Will Be Given it Opera House
on Evening of May 31st—Program
for Other Events of Commencement
Cronos, R. Webster Fancy, Del
la Melbourne Chas. Lovelace, Geo.
Smith Mr. Cantel, Ifi Stevens Mr,
(Damper. H. Waak Mr. Clipper, B.
Harris Jenkins, Roy Antelman
Juan, Ka Squire Jackson, O. Carr
Sparrowibili, O. Tompkins Patcher,
®. iMoeiman Major Tumbrel, SI. Peck
ham Mr. Sifer, V. Finsand Mr,
Park, Ji Sleh Mr. O'Dowd, Thomas,
Askew- Mr. Willow, Leroy Askew
Joe (Harry Wllmarth Mrs. Damper,
M. Perry Mrs. Clareton,
VSfLrV* ft
Week—Br. Taylor to Deliver Bac
calaureate and President Nash to
Deliver Commencement Address.
•Last evening the characters1""to
take part in tihe production of the
class play of the senior class of the
Aberdeen high sohool at the opera
house on the evening of May 81st
were assigned' their parts and hence,
forth until that time rehearsals will
be the order of the day. As an
nounced before in bhe American the
title of the play'i8 "l»2l." it is an
extravaganza in which thirty-nine
members of the class of fifty-three
will participate. In addition to the
play there will be two choruses 4n
which all the class will take part
Cason's orchestra will furnish the
music for the occasion. The parts
and the young people who will play
theun are as follows:
Mrs. Clipper, A. McCoy Mrs, O'Dowd
M. Firey Mrs. McOoudy, R. tBd
mund8 Mrs. Tumbrel, M. Burnette
Mrs. Willows, Mary Webb Mrs. Han
ker, -Allle Oarran Clerk, Fanny Mc
Nutt usher Leonora Tompkins 'Mrs
Harass^ -Bessie Combs Mrs. Growth,
M. Hay Mrs. Park, L. Kelly Mrs,
Spooney, A. O'Donnell Mrs. Welch,:
S. Kruger Mrs. Graves, C. LaScelle
Mrs. Fitwell, Qi Thompson Susan
Snaffle, E. Wilson Mrs. Sifer, L.
Keegan Lady Manekins, H. Schaan
ter Mrs.
Caulka, E, Stains Mrs.
Floozy, V. Jewell Mrs. Gallagher, F.
iDaly Miss Bomba, F. Sterens Mr.
Lynn Prof. Zorn, B.
Clark Mr. Hyde, G. Holum Mr.
Bumps, Don Hill Mrs. Rdck, O. Oon
nell Mrs. Zorn, Luverne Kelly Mrs.
Jasper, G. Krogh Mrs. Kite, G. Zim.
Commencement Program
The program for commencement
week is ae follows:
Sunday, May 26.—Baccalaureate
sermon at the opera house at 8 p. m.
by Rev. iDr. Taylor, pastor bit the
First Methodist church. Topic,
'Iftlgh Thinking^. Essential to (Right
'Living." '#,1
for it—Uncie Sara aajrs it's
tiie Bestj and thousands of others who have been
16 years' say '80*^
Cfi^eht to the
all that any other First-class Cement can do—and
uollingsworth-Hart Ti»Siln cjf
»4- "iWfr "tf- r»C
llams ot the Aberdeen sohol board
The fifty-three' graduates
Claarioal Course
Marlon Bbrfiette, Edward *CIsirk,
Florence Daly, Margaret Firey, Brer.
ett Harris, Marion Hay, Viva Jewell,
Edith Kelley, Gudrun Krough, Alice
McCoy, JFanny McNutt, Delia I#el4
bourn, Madaline Perry, f£a Squire,"
®ffle Stains, George Smith, Mary
Webb, Agnes Webster, Evelyn Wilson
and Goldie Zimmerman.
Conuntrcial Cour»^®5^r^«
Leroy Askew, Allce Curran, Juliet
Ryan, Henry Waak.
Ray Antelman, Thomas Askew,
Htha 'Burnbainv Deibert Carr, Bessie
Combs, Ora Connoll, Rose Edmunds,
Victor Finsand, Don Hlll,f Gilbert
Holuim, Lillian Keegan, Liiverne Kel
ley, Sylvia Kruger, Cora Lascelle,
Harry Lynn, Roscoe Moslman, -Ester
Nash, Frances Neuman, Annie O'Don-d
nail, Evan Peckham, Helena Scham*
ber, John Sleh, Florence Steven^, Irl
Stevens, Gertrude Thompson, Carl
Tompkins,.Leonora. Tompkins, Rut
sell Webster, 'Harry Wllmarth. 31
Last NeiiiitalB
Valley LaBdsS,!:
In tbe rcporU to the Qoremmcat which rim'M
avcr*ff«o(a6V4 bushel*
of wtje»t to thaacrefor
The mat development of tMa part o( Wei
Canada haa braugtit about th# oommtllT
sraUway*. Ample timber far fuel and fe
§Md. i}c_or beautUuh new tourenlr boc_
titled '•The Lake and theXand o( tho
Mountain Valley,•• Aleoioth Century At)
Canada eent wfth aouTenlr book. Wrlteto
Mapt, deacHptlve matter, etc., on request.
Norther* Bank BuUdlng, WiaaljMi, Ca
S| It It It St It It «t It It It It It
C. A. Hattersoheid,
M. D. C.
Gradual Chicago Veterinary. It
When yoar Wifdi Sliis
I Yea «MMit ashe |e ifeijdafib
When the bowda an
diqtum theh ydOi
clKbaitics but
is the method adopted by intelU
ge^t peoplc.
Headache, backache, Indigestion,
constipation, akin diseases—all are
.benefited,inunediately by.the_usa„
Drugflsta'Kiell It at a^c. aha 5oc.
Always th*
Wednesday evening, May 29., 8 p.
m.—Class .play at the opera house.
•Friday night. 8 p. m.—Commence
ment address by 'President G. W.
Nash of the Northern Normal and In
dustrial School and presentation of
the diplomas by President H. S. Wil-
on a bag of cement,
fit J*
College "jji*
Phone 1144, Aberdeen, 8.
|,Ait Jenkins Barn^ "--'it
the" w4tcli,th^wiU
their allotted •workl,
until tbe^ are put1'
int» proper coodi-'
tiontodo|t. ,.v .:
Ohie cannot mend
a delicdfe plisce of
mechanism by vio.
lent methods, and
no machine made by maa is as fii^e
as the'human body. '4"
The iise of pills, salts,-iiastor-oir
and Btrong: cathartic medicines is
the violent metlxxl. The use of
herb tonic laxative,
iT r~ t«8p

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