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The Men dot Into Quarrel Over Some
thing—Lockhart Is Not Expected
to Live—Sloan Brought to This
City at 3 a. m. to Avoid Lynching.
Harry .Lockhart was shot twice by
Tom Sloan at Ferney yesterday af
ternoon and Is not expected to live.
Just what the quarrel was about
is not certain, but the men were
in the saloon at the time and Sloan
shot Lockhart twice with a 38 re
volver. The bullet passed through
his body, one wound being just under
the heart.
Sloan was brought to this city
about 3 o'clock this morning by a
posse consisting of Marshal Green, F.
iR. Buren and D. M. Thomas. This
action was necessary to save Sloan
from lynching, as the people were en
raged over the affair.
Lockhart has lived in and about
Ferney for five or six years, workin
as a farmhand, and Sloan has been
-there for about six months working
on farms.
^Will Be Assisted in the Work By
Prof. Mansfield, Who Has Been
Coach for the Past Three Years
Good Material Is in Sight—Man
ager Slocum Has Started Negotia­
tions for Games, and Some Good
Playing Will Be Seen.
Prof. Wing assistant
trainiu gat the Northern Normal and
Industrial school, will be head coach
of the football squad of that insti
tution this season. Prof. Mansfield,
who has heretofore been coach, will
be associated with him. Prof. Wing
is regarded as a player of ability, he
having been fullback on the well
known Hackley Institute eleven of
Muskegon, Mich., for several years.1
The normal school squad is prac
ticing daily. There is an abundance
of good material on hand, the candi
dates at the present time numbering
25. Manager Slocum has already
started the preliminary work of
framing up a schedule, and some
good games will undoubtedly be
played on the normal school gridiron
this fall.
Pierre, Sept. 24.—(Special to the
^American.)—The next crowd for
I Pierre will come at the time of the
registration for Lower Brule lands,
October 7th to 12th, to be followed
Immediately by the drawing for fil
ings The local land office &as re
ceived thousands of inquiries as to
this tract of land and what is re
quired to get into the registration
and drawing. The fact that the land
lies within the known gas belt and
that'lumber sawed in a mill on the
tract can be secured at & low Tate
.lor buildings, appeals to many would
1e homesteaders. The state land de
partment is also receiving numerous
•inquiries in regard to the tract, all
•of which are turned over to the gov
ernment department. The officials
liaVe heen instructed- to employ sight
additional clerks for the occasion,
andJ.W. WItten of the. interior de
partment will be here to supervise
.JK# •ehool Supplies at Salisbury's.
Tom Sloan, who was brought to
this city last Saturday morning charg
ed with shooting Harry Lockhart at
Ferney, was arraigned yesterday af
ternoon before Justice W. O. Jones
on the charge of carrying concealed
weapons. He was bound over to cir
cuit court under bonds of $300. The
charge was preferred against him for
the sake of holding him until the fate
of Lockhart, who is now at the coun
ty hospital, is known.
Hughes County Was Not Allowed to
Compete—All Counties Had Good
Exhibits—Failure to Get Excurs­
ion Rates Affected the Attendance.
Pierre, Sept. 24.—(Special to the
American.)—The prizes for exhibits
at the Gas Belt Exposition went,
first, to Hyde county second, to
Stanley, and third, to Sully for coun
ty exhibits, Hughes not being allow
ed to contest. George Schreiber of
Sully was given first on fruit ex
hibit, he having been engaged in
•fruit .culture in that county for
years. E. Y. Green of Peoria town
ship, Hughes county was given first
on farm exhibit and E. D. Stoddard
of Canning, who conducts an irrigat
ed garden at that place was given
first on garden exhibit. All the
counties competing had good exhibits
when it is considered that no move
was made to start an exposition at
this city this fall until about ninety
days ago. Th! same thing worked
against the exposition in every way,
and through an unfortunate misun
derstanding in regard to rates the
Black Hills attendance was cut down.
Efforts to secure special day trains
on. the Northwestern road east of the
river were a failure, and this also
handicapped the attendance. The
Banda Rossa was an attraction which
will draw a far better attendance
in future years. While everything
had to be done in short order, visit
ors from the eastern part of the state
all expressed surprise at what had
been done in the time occupied, and
with more time the exposition of
next year will far surpass that
this year. While the crowds were
not up to expectation, the manage
ment is well satisfied with the fin
ancial part of the exposition and
will extend the scope of the exhibi
tion next year.
The time allowed C. P. Freehauf of
Cresco, Iowa, to accept the electric
lighting franchise given him by the
council expires tomormpw morning.
As nothing had been heard from him
last night, it is taken that Mr. Free
hauf will not accept the franchise.
Just what will be done next is not
known., The council may offer the
same franchise to some one else or
may modify some of, the terms and
submit it to some one.
Parker of this state
has named John P. Wilmarth of this
city as second alternate for a place
as midshipman in the United States
Naval academy at Annapolis, Md.
This means that if the principal,
Carrol Byrne of Faulkton, and the
first alternate, Geo. L. Woodruff of
Miller, fail, Mr. Wilmarth, it he pass,
gets the place.
Oakland City, Ind. Sept 24.—Yes
terday morning the home of James
DosBett, near this place, was burned
tb the ground, and Dossett's two
months-old child perished in the
flames. Dossett and his wife were
carried from the flames badly burned
and died later. The three will be
buried in one grave.
mI P'Mt:
Holdup Man Came Out of Alley and
Walked Into the Street—Mr. Mo
Glachlin Anticipated He Wanted
to Get Behind Him—The Intended
Victim, However, Went Up the
Alley Himself.
R. E. McGlachlin, the candy man
ufacturer, came near being the vic
tim of, another holdup Monday even
ing, and but for his cool judgment
he would have been without a hand
some gold watch today.
He had 'been in a store across from
Gottschalk's opera house during the
evening, and left there about 10:30.
As he left the store he saw a man
walking slowly by, but he thought
nothing of it at the time. But when
he left the place the fellow suddenly
disappeared. Mr. McGlachliiir start
ed for home, and just as he was pass
ing the College inn the same man
came out of. the alley and walked
into the street. The fellow evidently
thought that his man would go up
Third avenue, and he expected to
get behind him. But his in
tended victim was clever and cut
through the alley to his home at the
corner of Second avenue and Wash
ington street. He went in, but did
not strike a light, and instead watch,
ed for his follower, and in a minute
he saw him appear on the corner. He
stopped and looked in all directions
for his victim, and, not finding him,
he turned back in the direction he
had come from.
SBS iiia
President Earling with the Mil
waukee officials passed through here
yesterday morning on the board of
directors' special. The party was en
route to Chicago. The train was com
posed of two parlor cars, the St. Paul
and Wisconsin, and a baggage car.
''HUlt is probable," said an old rail
road mafi yesterday, "that when the
new Milwaukee extension is complet
ed many improvements will be made
at Aberdeen. It is probable that the
present Milwaukee station will be en
larged so that it will border on Main
street, for undoubtedly there will be
of a vast amount of baggage to be trans,
ferred on the various divisions. There
must also be machine shops added tp
repair the cars and engines which
may break down on the various divis
ions. They are now being sent to St.
Paul or 'Minneapolis when they meet
with any great mishap, and the road
must have a nearer shop than that,
and there is every evidence to show
it will be built here.
Agent Joyce of the Great Nor
thern has received notice of the ad
vanced rate on lumber from the coast
which will take effect November 1.
The notice comes from the traffic de
partment in St. Paul, and they issue
orders to post these notices in the
depot. The changes on lumber will
be $50, which before was $40, and
shingles $60, which before-were $50
"The worK on the Pacific extension
is progressing as fast as it is said to
be. Although it was expected' the
new system would reach Lemmon
last Saturday, it will probably be a
few days yet before that place is
heached. v.
There will be a special train, over
the Milwaukee road in the near fu
tiire for those who may desire to see
the country along the new exten
sion. The exact date has not yet
been set, but it will probably be after
the extension reaches Lemmon.
Forty-one passengers boarded the
special Milwaukee train yesterday
morning which gave a reduced rate
to those who wished to attend the
Corn Palase at Mitchell.' This
is a much larger crowd than the one
that took the special to the Huron
An idea of the immensity of the
new $3,000,000 eteel bridge which Is
being built at Mobrldge can be had
from the fact that two pieces of steel
for the bridge passed through here
yesterday so large that it took two
cars -to ship them on.
Isabel S. Jones to David T. Lane,
493% feet west and 40 feet south of
the northwest corner of section 23
123-64, thence to the west 143% feet
thence south 143% feet and thence
north to the place of beginning, $287
Mary W. Beeber to M. W. Bowers,
northwest quarter of section 12-124-
Franklin Floate and C. C. Bender
to Isaac H. McCoy, lot 4, black 16,
town of Stratford $300.
G. Siemann and wife to Charles
Milbrandtl, lot 3, block 8, village of
Westport $2.25.
Ida L. and E. L. Goodvin to M. W.
Broers west half of section ,1-124
65 $8,000. jVf fs
Brown Bros, have sold the Glau
farm, situated about seven miles
southeast of the city, to an Illinois
P. D. Elmore has'TJUtchaS^d' ^t the
Squire Land company a quarter sec
tion of land a few miles northeast of
Anna Frances Gould and Silas
Gould has sold to R. A. Romans of
Iowa the southwest quarter of
section 23-125-61, in Brown county.
Frank Hanson, Lulu H. Hanson
and Effie and James Westmoreland 'of
Aberdeen have sold to the Commer
cial State bank of Langford for $600
lots 8 and 9, ij? block 20, of the first
addition to Aberdeen.
Alex Highland has sold to Frank
Hanson and Effie Westmoreland of
Aberdeen, lots 8 and 9 in block 20 of
the first, addition to Aberdeen.
Adam Scott and Jane ScQtt* of
Union county, Iowa, have sold to M.
•M. Ferris of Chickasaw, Iowa, the
northwest quarter of section 21-128
63, for $3,280.-
Charles A. Howard and Grace B.
Howard of Aberdeen have sold to
Geneviere H. Kile lot 9, block 28, in
Hagerty & Lloyd's
to Aber­
Bllis^eaa furnish you Oliver tjrae
wrlters and competent Oliver steno
graphers. Get the OlWpr, the most
practical, durable and speediest ma
chine on the market.
South Dakota.
Stomach troubles, Heart and Kid
ney ailments, ,can: quickly be cor
rected with a prescription known |o
druggists everywhere as Or. Shoop's
Restorative. The prompt and sur
prising^ relief which the remedy tm-
They Are Cheaper Than a Year Ago. Call and See the 1907 Models
The Stove You
Grandmother Used
The Stove Your
flother Used
The Stow
The stronprest traction engine lathe world for it» rated h^le fbwer ^Steele«tf_
placed near outside rims in main drive, wheels applies the power direct to the outside rim,
the gearing being protected from the dirt by large steel plates. Are protected with patent
ed. double speed gear, balanced valve and adjustable reverse, and universal high pressure
boilers. 50 per cent, of fuel is saved by using a Russell General Utility Engine for plowing
its RestoratIv»i#ctIon up^n' the eon
trolling n#ves|Rf the s|n^ch. etc.
A weak stomach, causing dyspep
sia, a weak Heart with palpitation
or intermittent pulse, alwayri means
weak 8Uaop0fe nerves or weak Heart,
in Us|in
and Around Aberde
The Russell (iene
Utility Compound aft
Simple Engines
controlling nerves with 0r. Shoots
Restorative an4 see ho4%Qulckty
these ailments 4isappea^
of Racing Wis., will mafi
free. Write for them.
tell. Your Ipaltti 1?
!'.* Ml

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