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V--« .fyl&L
Rev. P. P. Leach.
UX-i it
•Third Annual Convention
Brown, County Sunday School
Saturday and Sunday, October 26 and 27, 1907, at the Presbyterian
Church, Groton
W41 Af
a# Any minister of the gospel, superintendent, officer, teacher or adult
member of any Sunday School in this County is a member of this Associ
ation and being present at Its meetings is entitled to take part In the same.
3:00 p." m.—"Devotional" Service, led by Rev. P. P. Leach, Secretary of the
South Dakota Sunday School Association, Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
3:15.—Words of Welcome, Dr. W. V. Goodfellow, Groton.
Response, President W. IT. Morgan, Aberdeen.
3:30.—Enrollment of Delegates.
3:45.—Music, Mrs. Goodfellow, Groton.
3:55.—Report of the Secretary of the County Association of the year's
work of the Brown County Sunday Schools, and the Treasurer's Re
**'. fjThe Pastor, Rev. J. S. Butt.
'port, Rev. IT. A. Ritter, Secretarj and Treasurer of the County
4:10.—Plans for Primary Work Miss Allie Clark.
4:30.—Appointment of Committees,
Pittman, Aberdeen.
7:30 p. m.—Song Service an.d Prayer, led by Rev. IT. A. Ritter.
•7^ 50.—What my Sunday School is Aiming to Do, by a delegate from each
Sunday School represented.
8:15.—Address, The Needs and the Benefits of the Country Sunday School,
Rev. A. .T, Tiffany, American Sunday School Union. Missionary,
8:40.—Address, Character Building In the Sunday School, Dr. Mary E.
8:55.—Address, Decision Day and Decisions, Rev. J. W. Hickman, Bath.
9:25.—Report of Committees and l&lectlon of Officers.
10:30 a., m.—Devotional Service, led by Rev. C. F. Strutz, GroVok.
10:45.—Address, The Supreme Purpose of Sunday School Work, Hon. J.
C. Klndschy, Groton.
11:00,—Address, The Sunday School as an Element In Community Life,
11:40.—Offering for county and state work.
Hymn and Benediction,
2:30 p. m.-—Scripture Reading and Prayer, by Rev. J. S. Butt, Groton.
2:45.—What May We Hope to Gain from this Convention, W. H. Morgan.
3:00.—Round Table, conducted by Rev. F. P. Leach.
The Sunday School from the Standpoint of—
The Superintendent, Mrs. R. E. Roberts, Columbia.
The Parent, Mrs. D. W. Fritcher, Groton.
The Teacher, Arthur Kraft, Groton.
The Pupil, Rev. L. L. Lane, Groton.
The Boy, Rev. C. F. Strutz.
4:00.—Hymn and Benediction.
7:30 p. m.—Devotional Exercises, led by Rev. L. L. Lane, -f
7:45Jf—Address, Bible Study, Prof. S. C. Hartranft, of the Northern^Normal
School, Aberdsen,
8:05.—Musil, jM
8:10.—Address, Tne Science and' the Art of Teaching In the Sunday School.
.! President G. W. Nash, of the Northern Normal School, Aberdeen.
8:3Q.—Offering, for county and state work.
8:45.—-Hymn and Benediction. fi'Tn'
This progrftjoi Is a good one. It has been prepared with much palne
taking care by the General Committee and deserves a large hearing.
Tfce charactet fend standing of the persons who have parts on this
^program warrant }U In assuring you that this will be one of the best
County Conventions ever held In Brown County.
Groton is an Ideal convention city, and we think you will do your
self a favor hy visltlng Groton. and attending this Convention. All dele
gates will he entertained and should notify us as soon as possible, that
they will be at the Convention, so their entertainment may be pro
vided for. The invention will enjoy much good music and will receive
mental and spiritual, food and stimulus In large measure from this
•trong array of statyrand county talent.
The convention ^111 use Evangelist R. E. Johnson's "Revival Hymns."
If you have a copy- bi'lng it with you.
Please come Jii a receptive mood and with a prayer on your heart
for th'e success o£ tb»v 0onventlon and the future of Sunday School work
tja t&is: county attd* state. Hay God bless the work of the Convention
and honor it bjr Hta presentie, and may a blessing go out from it to the
and state.
i^^Krflihat «oiiuiacturea jtfMpMtt with im
ela« HEOH^nCS and A No I MATERIAL that
^jpaiititlti and bought TtrftTTT 1 will aell you first
l9Ma«^ than j*ou pav tor ftetory Harnew.
GITY Briefs
S. M. Clefton left this morning for
a short busliiws trip on the Andover
Harlem line.
Mrs. P. 1J. Hhuldon of Watertown
is In the city, the guest of Mrs. Fred
There will be a regular meeting of
the M.B.A. tonight. A full attend
ance Is desired.
Senator Ivan W. Goodner of Pierre
spent yesterday in this city on his
way to Eureka on legal business.
State Auditor John. HIrning stop
ped in this city last night on his
way home to Herreid from Pierre.
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Bradford, for
mer residents of this region, have
returned to Seattle after a visit here.
George S. Tussey is at Pierre at
tending to business connected with
the Dakota Central Telephone com
Geo. Simmons, formerly clerk at
the Wisconsin house, and a brother
of Tom Simmons of the Ward, is now
located at Butte, Mont.
J. A. Schleuter, warden at the
state insane asylum at Yankton, Is
spending a few days in the city with
his relatives and friends.
The Home Missionary society of
the M. H. church will meet this af
ternoon with Mrs. C. M. SI evens.
Ail interested in the work will please
Today is ladies' day at the Com
mercial club. .lust what will 13
served is not known, as Host Finch
has locked the menu in the saCe and
refuses to talk.
Peter Korstang.wlio has been lock
ed up in the city jail in a demented
condition, will be taken to his home
in Milwaukee tonight by his brother,
who Is here attending him.
Assistant United States Attorney
W. G. Porter of Sioux Falls was in
the city yesterday In charge of the
Field case before United States Com
mission.er William Wallace.
William Agor of Freeport, 111.,
leaves for his home today, after
spending several weeks In this city
on business. He owns a n.umber of
farms in the vicinity of Westport,
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Lincoln have
returned from Chicago, where a re
union of the Lincoln family was held.
A sister of Mr. Lincoln, Mrs. H. E.
Baxter, of Brunswick, Fe., returned
with them.
A derailed switch engine in the
Lincoln yards caused a little bit
more delay yesterday. The east pas
senger did not leave until 9 o'clock,
and the one from the east did not get
In until after 8 o'colck.
The flpe department was called out
by a blaze at the portable school on
the Jefferson grounds yesterday
morning. But little damage was
done, and Miss Craig, the teacher,
marched her charges out without
Phil Herton, the operator at the
Lincoln station, who is ill with pneu
monia at St. Luke's hospital, Is in a
very critical condition, and yesterday
evening his mother at Duluth, Minn.,
was telegraphed. She will come here
as Boon as possible.
Miss Agnes Lovejoy has returned
from Pierpont, where she has been
acting as principal of schools for
Tracy Jones, who has been ill with
inflammatory rheumatism. Mr. Jones
has not entirely recovered, but Is
able to resume his duties.
Major W. A. Hazle leaves tonight
for Watertown to attend the meeting
on Saturday next of the field officers
of the South Dakota National Guard,
on the occasion of the visit of Gen
eral Drain of New York, president of
the National Rifle association.
George Bradford of St. Paul, 'as
sistant superintendent of the tenth
division of the railway mail service,
was in the city yesterday in connec
tion with the hearing of Erma Field,
as was also W. C. Beatle, postoffice
inspector for this part of the state.
Thfc Little Helpers' society of the
Norwegian Lutheran church will
meet on Saturday evening at Odd
Fellows' hall. They will sell fancy
articles and serve refreshments. The
charge for the refreshments will be
15 cents for grown folks and 10
cents for children.,
The funeral of Reeder S. Ellis was
held yesterday afternoon at the Ma
sonic Temple at 3 o'clock. The inter
ment was at Riverside cemetery. A
large number of Masons were pres
ent at the funeral as were a number
of friends of the deceased§||frhe
burial was with Masonic honoris
The member& 'Ot the Baptist church
and of the congregation extend a
cordial invitation to the public to
meet with them at the residence of
Dr. A. C. Clarjfc, 304 Eighth avenue
east,, on Friday (tbis evening) at 8
o'clock to welcome the new pastor,
Rev. E, J, Parens, and wife to their
At the mee%l]& Or Aberdeen XSjogi
No, 55, Knights of Pythias, -last
Wednesday nightj the loflge present
ed S- jP. Fujkfl& jiast chancellor com
mander, with watch charm as a
token of Its esU':m for him and its
appi-aetiation of the work Mr. Fulker
did on. its behalf while fulfilling the
duties of his otlli-e. Mr. Fulker will
leave this city on Wednesday for
Seim, where he will make his future
Kx-Governor Sam H. Elrod of
Clark and Judge William McCann
of the same town were in the city
yesterday as attorneys in the divorce
case of Greenwald vs. Greenwald.
The case is a Watertown one in
which the plaintiff, Mrs. Greenwald,
alleged intemperance and cruelty on
the part of her husband. Judge
A. W. Campbell appeared for the de
fendant. Judge McCoy, before whom
the case was heard, granted the de
Is Charged With Intercepting Letter
Addressed to Mrs. M. E. Fisk of
Lily—Two Other Counts, One of
Embezzling $6.50 From the Let­
ter and the Other of Attempting
to Pry Into Secret Affairs of Mrs.
Fifk Not Substantiated.
Erma Feld, of Lily, Day county,
was given a hearing yesterday after
noon before United States Commis
sioner William Wallace on the charge'
of intercepting the United States
The "evidence brought out the fact
that Mrs. Field's box was adjacent
to Mrs. Fisk's, that the letter was
accidentally thrown into Mrs. Field's
box and that she took it home, op
ened it and took from it the check,
that she endorsed the check in Mrs.
Fisk's name and sent it back to
Sears & Roebuck with an order for
goods for that amount and that she
ordered the box sent to Mrs. M. E.
Fisk at Andover instead of at Lily.
Tho information charges that *she
committed the offiense on February 2,
1905. Postoffice inspectors have been
working on the case ever since.
Petty thieves are at work on Main
street. Last Monday night the build
ing occupied as: a cigar and fruit
store next to Old Thompson's saloon
was broken into and seven meer
schaum pipes, valued at from $3 to
$7.50 each, were t&ken. Nothing Is
known of the robbery except that the
back door was found unbolted by the
clerk when he opened the store on
Tuesday morning?
Last Wednesday night tbe Baloon
of O. T.' Thomson, next door, was
broken into a#l tliree watches were
taken. No ottah was found in either
Notice of Estray
Taken up in.j,xajr. corn field, on Octo
ber 12th, about 60 feet of" 1-2-lnch
rope with a r$d cow attached, to one
end. Owner^topc^f&U at W place,
prove jpropertyl^r "Charges'a»4 take
same away.
p. 'Mitchft&v:
The Eight Men Who Made Getaway
mails by taking a letter addressed
to Mrs. M. E. Fisk, of Lily. Assist
ant United States Commissioner
William'Porter of Sioux Falls prose
cuted the case and E. W. Taylor of
this city defended. The defendant
was charged in the information on
three counts, the first being for inter
cepting the mail by taking from the
postoffice at Lily a letter addressed
by Sears & Roebuck of Chicago, to
Mrs. M. E. Fisk, the second charging
the embezzlement of a check in the
sum of $6.50 from it and the third w. F. Elliot to Build Big Barn on
charging that she attempted to pry
Into the private affairs and secrets
of Mrs. Fisk.
Commissioner Wallace lield her on horse fancier, will erect a big breed
the count charging her with inter- ing barn in this city and will engage
cepting the mails and fixed bail in.! in the breeding business on an ex
the sum of $500, which was furn- tensive scale. He has purchased a
ished. The case will be tried be- block of land on. the west side, be
for the next term of federal court at'tween Fourth and Fifth avenues and
Sioux Falls. Jumper and Stearns streets, through
The defendant was arrested Wed-j the Burns Land company, and will
nesday afternoon at her home near build in the spring.
Lily by Deputy United States Mar
shal John Koch. She came to this
city yesterday with her husband,
who is a farmer living near Lily.
HecIa^S. D.
From Jail in This City Must Have
Been Swallowed by the Earth.
Most Likely Chance of Recapture
Is Futile.
Xo trace of the eight prisoners
who escaped from the county jail in
this city has ever been discovered,
and Sheriff Anderson has concluded
that each and every one of the eight
is gone for good.
It. is probable that no other jail
delivery of such large proportions in
the state was ever so successful as
the one in question. At other times
there have been jail deliveries, but
some of the escaped convicts have
always been recaptured. Very sel
dom has every one bef-n caught, but
it has always happened that some
trace of the men has been found.
Where the eight men who escaped
from jail last month went or where
they are now is not known. And the
strangest part of the whole affair is
that Sheriff Anderson has not re
ceived one word of encouragement
from any of the officers in this or
surrounding counties. The men have
disappeared as completely as if the
ground had swallowed them up.
Sheriff Anderson fcr many weeks
thought it probable that he would
get Tom
gloan, the man arrested at
Ferney last summer for shooting a
man in a saloon. Sloan had a sweet
heart near Ferney, and the sheriff
knew this. Accordingly he ordered a
deputy at Ferney to watch the place
where the girl lived to see if Sloan
appeared. The deputy is supposed to
have done this, and if he has, his
efforts have been of no avail, for Mr.
Sloan has not been apprehended.
the West Side.
W. F. Elliott, the well known
The Lincoln quartet was greeted
by a large house last night and gave
an entertainment of the highest
class. They were obliged to respond
to many encores. Miss Hallie Gasa
way also pleased her hearers with
her readings, given in an inimitable
manner. Mr. Way is certainly to be
congratulated on securing such a
good attraction.
Tonight an odd roller skating race
will be seen at the skating rink. The
great Monahan has agreed to race
Oliver Gottschalk, the Aberdeen boy
wonder. The terms of the race are
that Monahah is to make three laps
to Oliver's four, using the front
wheels of his skates only. The race
will be a novel feature and will be
witnessed by a large crowd of Ab
erdeen roller skating enthusiasts.
Auction Sale
Attend my auction sale of horses,
cattle, hogs, full line of farm ma
chinery, household goods, etc., on
Wednesday, October 23, at, 10 a. m.
Free lunch. Big sale/ See. large
bills. E. R. Jockheck, Jr., four miles
east of Aberdeen. 1-31*.
Auction sale. The undersigned will
sell at publlq auction on Monday,
October 28, 1907, on the northeast
quarter of section 17-122-63 (known
as the old Holt farm, no«t {$®g,£(d ,by
William Bengs).
Terms jof sale—All sums ol $10.00
and udder, cash over th&t amount,
time will be given until October, !,
1908, on bankable paper at eight per
cent. Two per cent off'tor. cash.oil
sums over $10.00^
Lunch served at
and a good lunch.
iPL.LIOTT BROS, Owners.**5
if & Elliott^ Auctioneer^
&a-Q. Curtiss, CtexkVj tofcAj*
Come early
Phone 1526
Land For Sale
The South Section 9, Township 126, Range 61, Brown coun
ty, South Dakota. This tract is all nice smooth prairie land, finely
located, being 2% miles from Houghton, a flourishing market
town on the Chicago & Northwestern railway.
Price 320 acres at $20.00 per acre $6,400.00
Terms: Cash upon completion of sale 2',400.00
On or before one year from date of sale 2,000.00
On or before two years from date of sale 2,000.00
Deferred payments to bear six per cent interest. I will allom
$400 for commission and other expenses of sale, viz: bringing ab
stract of title down to date, recording papers, etc., etc. Will give
deed and take mortgage for balance due when two thirds of pur
chase price has been paid. Address
Claremont, Los Angeles, County, California.
New First National Bank Building
Aberdeen, S. D.
A farmer residing a few miles west
of this city lost his corn by using
€. E. Lacey ft Co. Has If
Sunday Hours—12 a. m. to 1 30 p. m. and~5 p. m. to 7[p. m.
Bank Your House
And save coal bills this winter. Phone 1455
for ^the required lath and paper, of which we have
all kinds: tar felt, threaded felt, red rosin or
anything you want in any size rolls. We will
give you quick delivery to all parts of the city.
Hollandsworth-Hart Lumber Co.
Don't Wait Until Spring
To Build That Dwelling
Carpenters work the year Round
Ground floor prices to
Home Builders
1 N O N & O
It is important that the spices you use be pure and of the most
.^elicate flavor. We have a line that is superior in every way.
vr_ Our Spices go farther than ordinary grades, because they are
piire and of select grades, and they produce more appetizing pro
ducts because of,tbe,delicacy of tbeir flavor
For Salad and Medical Use
In 35c, 65c, and $1.00 Bottles
aP & -js
%»r **J»
Red Cross Pharmacy

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