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Miss Maud Chalcraft visited a few
days at the Gaskin home this last
Alex Daly went to Aberdeen last
Thursday to be present at the annu
al inspection of company L.
The auction sale of Ray Hunsberg
er's was well attended and things
sold for good prices.
,, Ed Addison departed for Texas
this week and was accompanied by
F. N. Lewis and A. L. Smalley, who
go to take a look at the country.
The members of the local Mason
ic lodge an,d their friends had a very
enjoyable dancing party last Friday
W. G. Osthaff and P. L, Lewis
have each been putting a new safe
into his place of business.
Percy Chase has secured a team
of drivers and is out again canvass
ing lor groceries.
The various members of the gun
club hold a shoot this week and those
making the best scores will be se
lected tc make up the team.
Miss Ora Knapp, teacher at the
Sherman school, has been confined to
her home with the grip, making it
necessary to dismiss school for a'few
Mrs. Herman Rampthun has been
sick several days this laBt week but
is improving at this writing. |gjj
Albert Karlen wishes to announce
to the ladies oI Columbia and vicin
ity that he will have a spring open
ing at his store commencing March
2nd and closing March 7th., At
this time he will display a lull line
of wash goods of every description
ginghams, lawns, cotton dress goods,
printed materials, laces, embroider
ies, etc., also the latest styles in
ready made garments. Note a few
bargains: In order to make room for
the new line of goods he will sell,
thirty-Jive skirts worth from three
to eight dollars at 20 per cent dis
count, also a Jarge assortment of
waists, silk, mohair, and madras, val
ues from one to five dollars, 20 per
cent discount at the opening. Don't
fail to attend this opening, ifr.you
are looking for bargains. Ifi®.
I On Thursday night of last week as
good a game of baBket ball was play
ed by our juniors with the sopho
more team of the Aberdeen high
school as has been seen here this sea
son. It was rough playing but the
extreme closeness throughout the en
tire game made It intensely interest
ing. The score was 15 to 13-in fa
vor of the home team. It was ex
pected that the Aberdeen team was
strictly in. the juvenile class as the
Columbia teanj 1b, but when the
highs showed up they proved to be
a heavy team, entirely outclassing
our team in weight and age, in fac
being the heavy members of the so
phomore class. Mr. Smith, manager
of our boys, refused to go on with
the game unless it was agreed that
two of our very light boys made way
for two older' players. This was
agreed to and the same was played
with the above result. The line-up
.^iras as follows:
Kemnits and Johnson, forwards
Bennie Everson, center Henry and
Neudigate, guards. Aberdeen—Webb
and Kiche, forwards Brown, center
Henniker and Johnson, guards.
H. S. Hitchcock returned Friday
from a business trip to Aberdeen.
Mrs. A. Gregson of Aberdeen ar
rived ftriday morning for a "visit
with her daughter Mrs. H. Cunning
ham and her son* Hiram.
Ohas. Ferrill and C. A. Munson
were, here Wednesday of last week
from Hawkeye, la. While here they
bought a quarter section of land of
C. W. Hitchcock. Mr. Ferrill is a
nephew of B. T, Ferrill of thto pla«e.
Miss Alice Downey returned to
Aberdeen'Wednesday evening.
A. Hormam was an Ipswich viflit-
Winnie Inflley ifeturned from Ab
erdeen Thursday where he had been
y&QT an operation upon hie throat.
^„(Mrs. Greary returned Friday from
"a short visit with frlwads in Aber
Herman Draper returned Friday
after visiting some time with rela«
Uvea in Winnebavo Citjr, Minn.
E. Jett of St. Paul. spent
and Mrs. John Gas-
Sunday with Mr,
Hansberger was Initiated into
the A. O. U. W. at the last meeting
of the local lodge.
Ray Wilson having moved onto the
Smalley farm, Ben Everson will oc
cupy the Crawley housed®
A large party of friends gathered
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. W.
Deistler, Feb. 13 to help them cele
brate the thirteenth 'anniversary of
their marriage. All report a fine
time and wish Mr. arid Mrs. Deistler
many returns of. the day.
Mr. and Mrs. George Boardman
and Miss Minnie Grote came out
from Aberdeen this morning1 for a
visit with J. C. Grote and family.
Mrs. G. Labisky received word
yesterday that her mother was dead
and leaves tonight to attend the fu
neral at Plainview, Minn.
Miss (Rosa Labisky caxae .out from
Aberdeen this morninjg to assist her
mother in preparing for her journey.
Mrs. A. Gregson returned to Aber
deen last night. She was accom
panied by Mrs. H. A. Gregson who
will visit there for some time.
Mrs. H. J. Nesbitt received word
today that her daughter, Lucinda of
the N. N. I. Sj., Aberdeen, is quite ill
and left at once to care for her.
Mr. and Mrs. O. G. Anderson cele
celebrated the thirteenth anniversary
of their marriage Feb. 16. A large
number of friends were invited for
the evening which was spent at
cards and dancing.
/.r. fi'
W. A. Crawford and mother are
visiting at B. T. Ferrills.
George Perry Is on the sick list
this week.
Ash 'Davis the cartoonist gave a
very pleasing entertainment here
Monday evening. All were interested
from start to finish. He proved be
yond a doubt that he is master of
the brush. !ff|j
W. S. Wrigley, cashier of Mans
field State Bank and who owns ex-:
tensive business interests at Mo
bridge is forced to leave for an in
definite length of time to look after
them. W. H. Brown of Aberdeen
will take his place here.
Floyd Eastman has purchased a
new slide trombone which will be a
valuable addition to the band.:y
A home talent play will be given
in the M. W. A. hall for the benefit
of the local camp, Feb. 25, 08. All
are invited. Miss Gorrell is coaching
the troupe which will present a 3
act Farce comedy entitled "The
Prince of Liars."
Mrs. H. J. Hansen who recently
had her arm reset by
Bates and
Pickering is reported-getting along
A card 'from F. A. Remde and
family states that they are in Pull
man, Wash., enjoying the balmy air
and beautiful scenery.
C. D. Wilson of the firm of .Wil
son & Wilson has a new thing in the
line of fanning mills. Call and see it
work. Free.
Several Rondellites attended the
Woodman Bocial at Stratford Friday
night. The crowd being so large
the oyster part of the supper was at
a premiujn, but of other good things
to eat there was no want.
Mrs. Bayne was a Saturday visitor
at Otto Dunker's.
Almanzo Robinson and wife and
Miss Olive and also Miss Compton of
Elk Point spent the day with Edna
Olson last Saturday.
WiU&rd Lawrence is on the sick
George Smith, th^ mail carrier,
seems to have had a series of un
fortunate events for the last few
weeks the last episode being that
of breaking through the Ice in cross
ing the river. Previously many oth
ers had crossed without accident, but
on th'&t fatal day the water flowing
from Herman Dunker's artesian well
into the giver had undermined the
ice and "Mr. Smith's horses, wagon
and himself were submerged in the
water the small stove in the m^il
wagon overturned and the mail bag
was somewhat burned, but through
the alertness of the carrier all letters
and packages were saved though
some were scorched|§" {Only a very
few papers were entirely consumed,
though the mail was delayed several
hours by the catastrophe. -We
sure al are grateful that Mr. Smith
and his team escaped without great
er injury. igV a
QRemembttr the circle meeting
Thursday at Mrs. Ashford's and each
one will please brine the edibles
which were assigned them at the
last meeting.
{Missionary Parry of Aberdeen fil
led the pulpit at Stratford Sunday
in the Absence of Mr. Fisher, the
regular pastor|^
qj (Q
iRuby Knox came from Aberdeen
for a few days visit at the farm and
with friends. .!
Ervin Humphrey attended the
Farmers' ball at Aberdeen. i.Why
take that trouble Erve, when you
could see plenty of 'em bawl, and
not go far from home either.
Rev. Parry took dinner at the Ol
son home Monday.
W. 'B. Myler, of Selby, was a vis
itor in town Monday.
Jacob Strobel went to Mtobridge
for a short vlBit last week
Notices have been posted for the
first annual election of the town
ship of Lowry, recently organized. In
accordance with a petition presented
to the county commissioners some
time ago that body appointed three
supervisors for the township and
they in turn appointed the officers
necessary to perfect the organization
and, hold an election, for the selec
tion of township officials for the year
ensuing. The question, shall Intoxi
cating liquors. be sold at retail In
the township will also be submitted
to the voters, a petition having been
presented to the board asking for
such submission.
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Anderson are
rejoicing over the advent of a new
boy at their
Miss Katy IHuber who worked at
the hotel has returned from her
home in Haven and Is helping Mrs.
Sheriff Hoven from Selby was In.
town during the week.
L. A. Plants went to Aberdeen
Monday on a short businesa trip.
The friends and neighbors of Mr.
and Mrs. Rose, the new proprietors
of the hotel, gathered at the hotel
last Saturday to the number of six
ty and partook of the bountiful sup
per which mine hosts had prepared
for them. After supper dancing was
the order, L. A. Plants acting as
general floor manager. A pleasant
time was enjoyed by alLff|
Major Hill who has been at his
trade about town for several months
is nthe sick list, threatened with
pneumonia. He went to Hoven, on
Tuesday to obtain medical advice.
For Infants and ChiUnn.
Tb8 Ktod You
Bears the
Signature of
6. H. Blllott, W. H. Davenport a:
Arthur .Wells attended camp in Col
ombia last night and helped |g( put
tlu-foiigh four new members.
p. J. (Hedblooni C. S. Wright and
Son Howard, H. C. Badgley, David
Strachan, (Branch Wekley, Dan Damm
and Geo. Foesum were all transact^
in* business in Frederick Monday,^
Mrs. Ranham was taken sudden
ly skSk Tuesday afternoon. Drs.
Markln and Rock were in attendance
(Born to Mr. and Mrs, Pi J» Hed-'
bloom a! bouncing bdby giil, Feb. 18.
Miss Amanda Banthum was called
home Tuesday afternoon by the ser-
illneai of tier mother.
ik 0 wm
been helping at the home of :H.
Badgley for the past two weeks.
R. H. Wade, H. C. Badgley, Daniel
Damm, John Buene And E. G. Ing
ram are moving school house No. 3
from its present location othe south
side of section1 16
IR. S. Elliott is transacting busi
ness in WeBtport today.
Mr. Wells was called to Ames, la.,
the" first of the week by the serious
illness of a sister. He will be gone
a month or Bix weeks
J. K. Low Is wishing for this
snow to go off now as he has purchas
ed a brand new two seated buggy.
A great many in. the southeast part
of the township are or haye been
having the pink eye.
Geo. Dennert expects to go to Ab
erdeen tomorrow.
Daniel Damm reports a fine time
at the Farmers' Ball and thinks he
ought to have had a share of the
oyster supper.
By local applications, as *they can
not reach the diseased portion of
the ear. There is only one way to
cuire deafness, and that is by consti
tutional remedies. Deafness is caus
ed by an inflamed condition of the
mucous lining of the Eustachian
rube. When this tube Is Inflamed
have a rumbling sound or im
perfect hearing, and when it Is en
tirely eloeed, deafness is the result,
and unless the Inflammation can be
taken out and this tube restored to
its normal condition, hearing will be'
destroyed forever nine cases out of
ten are caused by Catarrh, which la
nothing but an inflamed condition of
the mucous surfaces.
We will gave One Hundred Dollars
for any case of Deafness (caused by,
catarrh) that cannot be cured by
Hail's Catarrh Cure. Send for circu-
iars, free.
F. J. CHENEY Si CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 75
Take Hall's Family Pills for con
yy y~'m
Notice is hereby gi^en that the1
committee on rights, and privileges
will receive sealed bids until Tuesday
March 3, 1908, for all rights, and
privileges for the annual encamp
ment of the Industrial Fark^ associ
ation of Brown county, S. D., -to be
held at the Park grounds, June 27
to July 4, (Inclusive) 1908. The
right to reject any and all bids Is
C. H. ALLffiJN, Chairman.
DR. J. €. fHT.FnVT.AN
Homeopathic Physician
Office 810 South Main Street.
Phone 1149. Hours 10 to It
a. m. 3 to 5 and 7 to 8 p. m.
Residence 616 South Bight
St. Phone 1016..
to Kit HIt KJt jt ll lt tt tt «i
Guaranteed in Every Respect
Wc also handle-the New Superior Fanning Mil,
separates Wild Oaits from Barley.
Imperial Drill—Single Disc or Shoe.
Defiance!Gang Plow^lf
The Largest Stock and most Up-to-Date Buggies in the
Headquarters for Guaranteed Goods
25%: I

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