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&|i Cards have been received announc
ing the marriage of Edward Daly, old
time resident of this township, De
cember 22, Ella F. McCallum, at
Cheboygan, Mchfgan, at which place
Mr. Daly is engaged in. business.
C. K. Hays, left Monday for Califor
nia on a proepectlng tour. He will
return by way of Texas, where he
will visit the Panhandle section.
John & Sheridan, who leaveB for
Texas and the gulf coast next Mon
day, will join Mr. Hays in Texas.
John Everson has recently bought
of J. D. Lavin the placex occupied by
Bert Knapp. The quarter on which
the buildings stand, was sold for $50
per acre, and the quarter lying west
of it for $40 per acre. It is said
the place is to be the home of Alex
Everson, the oldest son of the pur
chaser. Possession is given March' 1.
Mr. Knapp has not settled where he
will go.
A shooting match was pulled oft
here on Tuesday of last week between
two pacties consisting of eight mem
bers each, led by M. B. Wynn and
Burt Richie. The members of Mr.
Wynn's party were A. H. Smith, Er
nie Wynn, Johnie Roberts, Jas. Wynn
Zeb. Horsley, John Moes and Oscar
Prestegaard. Mr. Richie's party
were Frank Wynn, Jim Lewis, Wal
ter Daly, Mr. Wickleman, Fred
Thompson, Art Smith, Jr., and George
Nelson. The Judges were Ben Knut
Guy Wynn, Oliver Lewis
Jimmy Wynn. Cotton tails counted
6, jack rabbits 10 and prairie chic
kens 25. The winning side to pay
for the supper. The score stood 170
to 125 in favor of Richie's side. Four
sleighs carried the hunters and the
hunting ground was south along the
river. The supper was served by
Mrs. Emma Smith and it is needless
to eay that it was a good one.
The Woodmen are doing some
work in the way of drilling a team.
Under the efficient direction of "Mic
kie" Richie the team is said to be
getting the process of making Wood
men very smooth. Their last victim
was Johnny Nelson, who waB shown
the mysteries of the craft in the most
approved style.
Dr. Markin left Christmas mornin
for his old home at Rolf, la., to spend
the, holidays.-,
M. B. Wynn1 Ieft'last Wednesday
morning forSisseton.J-f.^D., to visit
his eon John.
Herman Krege. invited his friends
in to celebrate his 27th birthdayu
week ago last Sunday.
Joe iKluck has been seriously ill
with bowel trouble. The last report
was that he was improving.
F. W. Leemaster rented Moes hall
for Monday and Tuesday night last
weefk for roller skating and did
pretty good business.
Fern Hays entertained her friends
Tuesday evening to meet Miss Inez
Dennison, who is visiting her.
William Krege underwent an oper
ation at Aberdeen last Saturday for
the removal' of an abcess on his jaw.
The Fraueriverein meets this week
Thursday with Mrs. William Eich
A peculiar malady is afflicting the
young folks in the. families of Joe
Kluck and Herman Schllebe. The
face and eyes are Bwollen and paln
JoeVETeftile is visitinjrlMinneapolls
and will take advantage of the oppor
tunity to have some dental work
The first of the entertainment
course will take place January 6th,
at which date the Olympian Ladies
quartette will appear,
The basket ball tetCm is being put
in shape to win some games from
some of the best teamfe In the state.
Oscar Prestegaard is here coaching
•the boys. They played the Redmen
of Aberdeen last Thursday night and
beat them in a very stolft game.
Leo Sheridan returned this week
to resume his studies at St. Johns,
This correspondent mailed the Co
lumbia itemson time last week, but
there was a hitdh somewhere, and
they failed to show up. Son# of the
news for this week as a consequence
has an ancient flavor.
The holidays closed with some fife
mild weather, and then the mercwy
dropped to about 20 or 25 bekwi^|s
.Minn Inez Dennison 1b enjoying a
visit with bear friend Miss Kittleson
of Aberdeen. Miss Kittleson is a nor
mal graduate and is a teacher in the
public school at Pierre.
The New Year's Ball was largely
attended and
Chas. Mllbrant
served an Excellent supper,
Miss Margaret Vaughan* Is" "As
sisting in the J3|»8on! store this
Miss Marie Strachan Is visiting at
the home of her sister, Mrs. D. C.
Vaughan this week.
Born—To Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Fluke
a son on Tuesday, Jan. 5.
Jacob Braun visited at the Stod
dard home over Sunday.
Mrs. Hobart Doll of Wetonka is
the guest of Mrs. R. L. Gernon these
Roy 'Fluke came over from Colum
bia to attend the New Year's dance
and to spend a few days among old
Little Gertrude Sieman is very
sick these days. The doctor was cal
led Tuesday.
B. E. Dennison is spending a few
days in town with his family.
Grandma Morris iB with us again
after spending the holiddays with
her daughter near Aberdeen.
Mrs. G. V. Gehrke spent Sunday in
John Porter returned from Wis
consin, where he- went to spend the
holidays with his family.
Wm. Seaman is still taking in the
BlghtB in the west.
•Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Vaughan and
children and Mr. and Mrs. Fritz at
tended the show in town Saturday
evening p.nd spent the rest of the ev
ening with the Johnson family.
Miss Mamie Strachan made a few
short calls in Westport "Wednesday.
The Westport school jyill open on
Monday, Jan. 11.
Mr. Harry Briggs returned from
Aberdeen Saturday, where She has
been spending his vacation and has
his school going again.
Jack Hungerford and Bister Jennie
spent Saturday and Sunday with
their uncle in Frederick.
Mr. and Mirs. D. Vaughan and Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Fritz were visiting
in (Brainard on Sunday.
Elmer Abibott returned to Aber
deen on Monday to his school stud
ies, after enjoying a two weeks vaca
tion at home.
Marie Strachan is spending the
week at D. C. Vaughan's.
T. S. Vincent, who was called'to
Minneapolis "a couple of weeks ago,
has returned to bis home.
F. H. Strachan has returned from
a three weeks visit with friends and
relatives at Sheldon, 111.
§f HOUGHTON |^'|j
We learn that C. Campbell' of this
'place has been operated on for appen
dicitis in Aberdeeo last Monday and
Is doing well.
The well men met with some ob
struction at the Herliman well after
they had gone down Beveral hundred
feet. They had to pull up and begin
another well or will do so as soo
this severe storm is over.
It is reported that MT. Mar
four miles east of town, has sold his
Vt section to Scott Bros, of Hecla
and -will likely leave this inhospitable
K. Clay, living south of town, had
the misfortune to lose a cowand calf
the other day.
Mr. and (Mrs. George Downer are
visiting relatives in Brookings.
Our neighbor, the blacksmith,
looks happy onece more.' His wife
haB returned from a visit of several
Mrs. Lee Hartmann's mother and
sister of Ludden are here on a visit.
Miss Pederson has returned from
her home In Minnesota, and resumed
school In the Dewey district
Mrs. A. Hester returned from her
visit in Iowa Wednesday.
^Albert and Elmer Poole arrived
from Iowa Wednesday, where they
have Bpent the fall.
Miss May Poole came out from
Aberdeen to spend New Year's at
home. -"'r®
Will iJewis Is' in' AberdeeriTiaving
dental work done.
Misses Blair Daniels and Lucinda
Nesbit returned to their studies at
the N. N. &
S. Monday after spend­
ing the holidays at their respective
Ike Emigh has been quite ill the
past few days.
F. B. Dewey leaves .tonight for an
extended viBit with relatives in Mich
The Mianning family have moved
into the Olson place.
from Illinois.
Herbert Olson has moved into the
Strong place, where he will."batch
this winter.
Misses Frieda Dunker, Mabel Bn
nis and Anna Rogers returned Mon
day to Aberdeen. They spent their
holiday vacation at their respective
School" begin fgaln Monday7 after
a vacation of. two weeks. Miss Ryan
spent her vacation at her home in
Miss Lydia Lathrop is now staying
at the Hutchinson home.
Misses Dora Dunker and Clara
Stottenberg have returned to Aber
deen, where they are attending a
sewing school.
Ray Slack has gone to Iowa, where
he intends to work in a large ma
chine shop.
Miss Hattie Churchill spent Christ
mas In Aberdeen. While there she
waB a guest at the Ryan home.
Nick Schantdz has returned from
Rochester, Minn.
Mrs. Humphrey is entertaining her
sister-in-law, Mrs. Patterson, and
children from Crystal Lake, North
Mr. Saul waB called suddenly to
Ithlca, N. Y., by the death of his
mother. He will be away four-or six
Mrs. R. McCaughey and Mrs. Ruck
rand of Mellette were called here by
the serious condition of their father,
Mr. Slack. No hopes are entertain
ed for his recovery.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ashford are en
tertaining Miss Helen Ashford of
Sioux Falls. She is attending school
there and is spending her holiday va
cation here.
Earl Stearns mourns the death of
his spotted pony, which succumbed
to lung fever last Wednesday.
Work has begun on a large shed
barn at the church. It means com
fort for the horses and everyone
should be interested.
A. D. Engle and S. J. Zeller drove
a nice bunch of corn fed cattle to
Guelph last Friday, from which place
they were shipped to Iowa. Both
gentlemen brought home fat pocket
The general ring at onidnight New
Years eve brought happy New Years
greetings to all who answered the
call, and may 1£te year be happy to
the light-hearted wishers too.
The friends and neighbors of
The blizzard Wednesday mVde us
try to recall "what we-bad done with
our summers wages," and. while we
meditated we kept close to the fire.
The absence of loose snow was all
that prevented a fierce storm.
The marriage of F. O. Brown and
Miss Inga Pfutzenreuter takes from
one of the Greenfield homes lying
nearest to us, a daughter. Mrs.
Brown has grown to womanhood
here and her friends will miss her
at home and in the store at Hecla,
where she has been a kind and
thoughtful clerk so long. Long life
and happiness are our wishes
Rev/ Yeoman preached to a "large
audience at the church Sunday, his
final sermon before leaving for a two
month's trip in Texas and on the
California coast. Rev. Akron, of Mi
chigan will have chargeVof the work
here and at Hecla during his ab
'Mrs. Nettle Engle closed a three
month's term of school in northeast
Liberty on New Year's day. With
the exception of this school all the
schools of the township will resume
work after the holiday vacation.
The first Sunday of the new year
will have a record for large attend
ance at the Sunday school. The
young men's class numbered twenty
one, though some of the "daddies"
slipped in to be counted with the
boys. The young ladies class, count
ing a few older ladies, was equally
as' large. .°
happy New Year, to all.
Mir. Earl's and Mr. Harris' schools
start today, after a week and a half
of vacation.
Henry Kruizinga vps a HuJj Clty
visitor Itis't SatyrdayJgJi Jp-i:
Mr. and JtSrs. Harmon were recent
guests at the Maynard home.
Neal Bain from Aberdeen was a
guest of James Wetter a few days
las week.
Mr. and Mrs. Dick lyalker and
children visited with Mrs. A R. Wal
ker Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Morton ate New
Year's dinner at N. H. Harmon's.
Mabel and Clarence Iverson and
Lizzie and George Walker were
quests of Henry and Jennie Kruizln
ga last Sunday. WM
Lora Miller from'TSberdeen
was a guest of her cousin, Ursula
Wetter, few days last week.:
Tbea and Hans Xund, Liszle and
George Walker and Lillian and Selma
OrtM we're guests at the Iverson home
New Year's day.
James Wetter returned to Chicago
Hurlburt and wife will help them
celebrate their fifteenth wedding an
niversary at their home next Thurs
day. In true farmers fashion it ^ill
be an "all day session."
Misses Meda Senn of Frederick and
Mabel OlBen of Aberdeen were guests
at E. O. Wilmsen's last week. They
returned to Frederick to enjoy the
masquerade ball there on New Year's
eve. Harry Wilmsen and Roy Glover
were also attendants at this ball.
Singular coincidence:
last Thursday after spending a week
with home folks.
Mr. and Mrs. ChaB. Morton were
recent guests at the Woodward home
Everett Harris returned Saturday
after a weeks visit with his parents
and friends in Aberdeen.
Miss Ursula Wetter returned to
Aberdeen to her high school studies
Monday after twoi weeks with home
the week for general in­
stallations on the part of the lodges.1
Miss Grace Steerns has deferred
her return to Carthage and will
probably remain here permanently.
The pipes on the east side frose
up Tuesday. Gangs of men with tea
kettles and picks were at work thaw
ing them out. When will th/ay put
pipes under ground enough to keep
Grandma Stearns died Sunday
morning, probably from apoplexy.
She was already in a greatly weaken
ed state and had arrived but two
days before from Iowa, where she
resided. The remains have been
shipped to Sac City, Iowa, where they
Will be Interred by those of her hus
band. Mr. anj Jtfrs. Stearns accom
panied them.
Albert Bruce has bought M. M.,
Fowler's harness outfit and will con
duct a harness shop beside the Hard
ware, where Joe Morgen is to erect a
new building for the purpose.
Fred Fischer is around with a
crutch these days.
Pete Gunderson returned Sunday
from Parker.
Whit Camp was a late caller.
Mr. Christie of Rudolph has recent
ly undergone an operation for a can
cerous growth on the face.
E. C. Moulton and Henry Bruce are
in Minneapolis together seeking bet
ter health.
Fred Stearns returned from Iowa
last week and will enter school here.
Ohas. Barhl and family with Ma
ble Stearns, left for Carthage and
Huron Thursday.
H. C. Conlee has bought Mr. Ge
nung's team and will do some farm
ing on his own hook next year.
Ed. Berg and Grace Stearns saw
"The District Leader" Friday night.
The yellow pup of Lou Curtis com
mitted suicide lately by jumping
ahead of a railroad engine.
Mir. and Mrs. Curtis entertained
at the parsonage Saturday night.
Many were present.
Xas day the Seaman family were
hosts to the Newkirk family, There
and Gurlne. Gunderson.
Miss Lemana Ltndekiigel, who has
been attending the S." D. B. A. at Ab
erdeen, returned to North Dakota
this week.
Last Saturday
regular meeting
day for the directors of the farmers'
elevator. All were in attendance.
School begins next Monday with
three additional pupils. The Increase
in numbers of pupils demands a'new
building and an additional teacher.,
Last Wednesday Miss Carrie Sea
man entertained her young friends
with a card party. Miss Theresa
Cloos was the fortunate prize win
The New Year's dance was well
attended by an enthusiastic crowd of
people curiotis to know just how New,
Year's camie.
Chas. Moxne8« spent the last week
in Warner taking In the recent hop
while here.
Malcolm Aldrlch, superintendent of
schools in Brookings county, spent
New Year's day with L. R. McGarry
and family. Superintendent Aid
rich, and L. R. McGarry were school
and college chums for twelve years.
Mr. Sutton was an Aberdeen visit
or Tuesday.
Mrs. Dreblon and son and daugh
tre of Lebanon, who have been visit
ing at the McGarry and Sutton liome
for the past week, left for their home
The dance in the M. W. A. hall Fri
day night was well attended. Every
one present had a good time.
iNels Walberg and family will leave
in a few we6ks for Texas, where he
will.make his future home.
iFred iBienmann will accompany
hiin, where he will look around and
perhaps settle there later.
Everett Dreblon was an Aberdeen
visitor Tuesday.
tfti iW. Kraft, who spent the vaca
tion at his hojne in Groton, returned
to jMansjBeld Sunday evening.
Rachel Stephens, who sepnt
vacation at her home in Mansfield,
returned to Huron Tuesday, where
she is going to school.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hall visited at
C. D. Wilson's Saturday.
Mfss, Clara Schnitger returned to
Aberdeen Monday after spending va
cation at her home west of town.
Mrs. W. M. Snearly and family,
who^have been visiting In Watertown
during the holiday^, returned home
Monday night.
The Woodmen held an Installation
In the M. W. A. hall Saturday night.
A One program was rendered, after
which supper was served
Frank Perry was a Northville vis
itor Saturday.
Mabel Perry, who has been spend
the holidays with her parents
here, returned home Monday even
Frank Perry waB an Aberdeen vis
itor Tuesday.
A number of the young people of
Scatterwood were pleasantly enter
tained at the residence of Mr. aud
Mrs. L. N. Crane Tuesday evening,
the 29th, the occasion being in hon
or of the neighborhood young people
who have been away at college and
are how home spending the holidays.
Music and games and a general good
time was the order of the evening,
after which a bountiful supper wiac
partaken of by all. The decorations
were to red and white. Coven were
laid for 38.
School opened Monday after a
week's vacation.
and Mrs. O'Connel left last
week for Wisconsin to visit relatives
at different points there
Mrs. May returned from Hankln
son, N. D., last week.
The Milwaukee road has cbanged
the time of the freights on tills divis
ion and the passenger service, which
was not of the best,is npw worse than
Professor and Mrs. Cody arrived
home Saturday morning,after a weeks
visit with relatives.
A bowling alley has ben installed
/Prof. Ketchuim and wife returned
to their home at Northville Saturday
Martllla, Petttngill & Gorder are
having a sale.
LOST—On the Great Northern
train Jan.- i, a hand-bag containing
five ring^ and a pin. Finder .please
return the same and receive reward.
A $50 reward will be given Mrs.
Geo. Rose, Ellendale, N. D.
Members Gather at 9 O'clock Each
Night for Hour's Stroll—Night Be
fore last Thirty Members Walked
to tiie Cnrtiss Farm West of Town
—Membership of 500 Expected by
President Lauermajoc.
Although the mercury continues
to hover in the neighborhood of about
thirty degrees below zero there is
onne association here, which is
growing by leaps and bounds,
and that !b the Aberdeen Walking
Cluib. Each night at about 9 o'clock
the members meet at some poiht on
Main street and start out for a few
hours' jaunt. A few nights ago they
wended their way to the Curtiss
farm a few miles west, of town/and
after partaking of refreshments,again
retraced their steps to thiB city. Up
on first thought such proceedings
would seem to most of us an entirely
too strenuous pleasure, but the mem
bers of the club, who are in a posi
tion to know, state that the practice
is not only conducive to health but
is fraught with great sport for the
pedestrians of which the club is
composed. Already there about thir
ty members and the prospects are
glowing. In speaking of the benefits
derived from the walking club, Pres
ident Lauermann expressively stated
some facts as follows, "It doesn't
cost a cent to join and if'you are
not fully satisfied, you can get your
moneyt back." The president con
fidently anticipates a membership of
600 in the near future and seemed
almost willing to predict that by ear
ly spring every man, woman and
child of this city would be enrolled
among Its members. So, If late at
night you should hear a mighty rac
ket, do not fsar that the country is
being visited by an earthquake, -or
some such terrible disaster, but know
that that it is the tread of the many
feet of those composing the Aber
deen Walking. Club.
Port Huron, Mich Jan. 7.—-A thor
ough examination of the bones and
tabes found -yesterday in the stove
of the "Rattle Run" church result
ed in the statement being made by
the St. Clair county authorities that1
the body of the murderer's victim
had been so badly burned that there
was not enough left to determine
anything at all about the victim's
JBand inBtruidents at lowest prices
corniets, tromboneB, alto and bari
tone horns, clarinets. Complete out
fits, uniforms, music. Famous pianos.
Organs at $38.50. Catalogue free. W.
J. Dyer & Bro. St. Paul, Minn.
Fifty of the Ninety Xiles of Right of
Way Save Already Been
Company Capitalised at IQllio&i
Dollars With Prominent Soo
Business Xen as Inoozporaton—
Bo^ Will Pan Through Center
Liftooln and Union Counties.
Sioux City,1
lng to a report from Falls City, an
Interurban projetft between
Falls is
far under way that 5d,„
out of the 90 miles of right of wa?|%'
have been secured. The road will
called the Sioux Falls tb Sioux Cltj
Electric railway. IJt is to be of stand-!
ard gauge and to be built this yearf
and probably to operate both with|s$.
gasoline and electricity. Two power :E
stations are contemplated, one aV
each end of the" line. A repair shop
will also be put In at Sioux Falls.
The capltol stock 1b given as $ 1,000,
000, and the officers are: O. H. Smith
president Chas. Fantle, vice preside
ent E. D. Morcom, secretary and
treasurer Geo. W. Burnslde, gene,
manager, and F. C. Whitehouse, su
erlntendent. All these men are Slo
Falls residents.
O. H. Smith is a leading banker ...
of Dell Rapids, S. D.j Chas. Fantle ls
proprietor of one of the leading de-J
pftrtment stores at Sioux Falls B. D^,
Morcom was formerly secretary of the
state railroad commission of South
Dakota Geo. W. Burnside was at one
time mayor of Sioux Falls and owned ."
the telephone company there F. 0-^'
Th# new line would cut Straight
through the center of Lincoln and of
Union counties, S. D. Excepting for
the Milwaukee lines at Blkv'Point
the road would have a monopoly of
the north and south, business through
the centers of these two counties, as
the other roads only pass through
the corners or straight across east
and west. The road will be called
the Sioux Falls & Sioux City Electric
railway, and will be laid through
Worthing, where it would cross the
Milwaukee west from Caqton to Par
ker, through Leeville, Beresford,
where it would cross the Northwest^
ern line from Hawarden to Centei^|
yllle. From Beresford It would run
south through several little towns to'
Blk Point, where the Milwaukee
would be met again and from whence
the interurban would probably run
closely parallel with the steam road
until it crossed the Big Sioux/
.The country through which^tne
line is said to be projected, is a'rich
country and would yield a large an^f
ount of freight.
reat Fa!lls, Mont., Jan., 7.—Pas»
senger train No. 3 on the Great Nor-,.^
them was derailed early this morn*'fp
ing near Vandalla. The train was
thrown from the track over on its
side and a number of passengers
were Injured. A relief train wltb
physicians waB immediately sent out
from Glasgow and the wounded tak
en to that place^ It Is not believed:
that any will die, although one or
two are seriously hurt. Spreading
rails owing to the extreme cold wea
ther is given as the cause of the de^f
Sacramento, Cal., Jan. 7.—George
C. Perkins was selected late tonight
by the republican joint caucus as a
candidate for United States senator
to Bucceed himself.
Dan William McHugh', the 6 year/v
old son of Mr. and Mrs. William Mc-^',
teugh, who reside ohe mile east of
Bath, died yesterday afternoon of..
pleurisy and othe^' compllcationi^
The funeral will be held On Saturday
from the Sacred Heart church of this?,
city, the hour to be announced Iater»h)
Make* KldMys and Bliddir
Bennett'i Corner Drug Store..

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