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Five Charges of Explosives Used to
Get to Cash Drawer in Vault—Sup­
position is That Five Men Consti­
tuted the Gang—Sheriff of Day
County is Investigating, Although
He Has No Descriptions
One of the most daring as well as
successful 'bank robberies in this
neighborhood in along time was that
•of the Holmquist State Bank at
Holmquist, a small town between
Bristol and Webster on the Mil
waukee, about 1 o'clock Sunday
morning. About that hour in the
morning the robbers entered the
bank by breaking open a door and
after blowing open the safe made
.good their escape with $760 In coin
and currency.
There is but very little definite in
formation obtainable regarding the
avair, as there were no strangers
seen about the town on the day pre
vious to the robbery except one man
who came into the store there to
get something to eat. There was
only one man in the store at the
time, and he says that while he
would know the man again if he saw
him he could not give a verbal de
It is surmised that there were sev
eral people In the gang, and that
they stayed out of Bight during the
$ly and only venured forth to do|
their work at a late hour, when all
the inhabitants of the little town
•were asleep. Evidently the burg
lars were old timers at the trade, as
all the details of the cracking of the
safe showed the earmarks of experi
enced perpetrators. Five charges of
nitro-glycerine were used, and the
force of the explosion was so tre
mendous that two doors of the in
terior part of the building were
blown through,, the glass front and
out into the middle tif the street.
What seems strange 1b the fact that
the noise of the explosion was not
noticed by some of the Inhabitants of
the twn, but that it was nt is par
tially accounted for by the fact that
there was a hard wind blowing and
although there was a noise heard by
some it was attributed to the action
of the wind.
Charles Carlson is president of the
bank which sustained the loss and
Albert Holmquist is cashier. Sher
iff Charles J. Lunquist of Day coun
ty was called from his home at Web
ster Sunday to investigate the mat
ter. A detective was also employed
to trace the fugitives and he arrived
promptly. Yesterday he came to Ab
erdeen to see if any signs of the rob
bers could be found, as it Is thought
that they headed west after they had
accomplished their work.
The general opinion at Holmquist
is to the effect that there were about
five men in the gang, and that they
were well organized and knew their
business. It is supposed that the
man who appeared at the' store the
night before was the scout of the
'party and that he reconnoitered the
place and reported to his pals, who
kept under cover.
?v Up to the time of going to press
there had been no cues discovered
Pleading to the location of the men,
.'and it probable that they will ext
be located 'by another affair similar
.to the one at Holmquist Saturday
*, night. Every effort, however, is be
jls-r lng made to find the robbers on the
of the
and a11 the
fJ'iljSurrounding towns and cities have
'w ''been warned to look out for sus
.^picious characters.
ManZan Pile Remedy 1b put up la
tube with nozzle attached. May
be applied directly to the affected
parts. Guaranteed. Price 50c. Sold
by Bennett's Corner drug store.
St. Agnes Guild will hold a fair,
f,April 2 and 3, at Guild Hall. There
will be seven booths. They will
serve coffee and tea and there will
be many attractive and useful ar
ticles on sale. 244-tf
''Wood's Liver Medicine Is a liver
regulator which brings quick relief
to sick headache, constipation, bili
ousness and other symptoms of Uver
disorders. Particularly recommend
ed for Jaundice, Chills, Fever, Mala
ria, The $1.00 size contains
times as much as the 50c size. Sold
by Bennett's Corner drug store.
Spearfish, S. D., March 23.—The
striking of a piece of brass at a
depth of 50 feet below the surface
of the ground while workmen were
drilling an artesian well on land
owned by William Hudelson, living
In the western part of Spearfish, was
the innocent cause of a gold stam
pede on the part of a number of
Spearfish men. The excitement re
sulted .when Hudelson appeared in
town and reported thiat the drill
had struck what appeared to be free
gold in oonsiderabe quantities. He
was provided with a pasteboard box
containing some samples of the sup
posed gold. The samples were shown
to several old mining men, to whom
they looked very good, the samples
so closely resembling gold that even
they were fooled. To remove all
all doubt it was decided to submit
the samples to what is known as the
acid test .which
done at once.
The result was such as to put a
damper on the enthusiasm of pros
pectors who were about to rush to
the new "gold dlggin's". The final
conclusion was that the samples,
instead of being particles of gold,
were in reality pieces of brass which
had been brought to the surface by
the drill In the well. How the brass
came to be at a depth of 50 feet in
the ground is a mystery.
Tells Our Readers How to Mix Best
Rheumatism Cure.
A well-known authority on Rheu
matism gives the readers of a large
New York daily paper the following
valuable, yet simple and harmless,
prescription, which any one can eas
ily prepare at home:
Fluid Extract Dandelion, one-half
ounce Compound Kargon,one ounce
Compound Syrup SarsaparlUa, three
Mix by shaking well in bottle, and
take a teaspoonful after each meal
and at bedtime.
He states that the ingredients can
be obtained from any good prescrip
tion pharmacy at small cost, and, .be
ing of vegetable extraction, are harm
less to take.
This pleasant mixture, if taken
regularly for a few days, is said to ov
ercome almost any case of Rheuma
tism. The pain and swelling, if any,
liminishes wit heach dose, until per
manent results are obtained, and
v$ Jjout injuring the stomach. While
there are "manjr so-called Rheuma
tism remedies, patent medicines, etc.,
some of which do give relief, few
really give permanent results, and
the above will, no doubt, be greatly
appreciated by many sufferers here at
this time.
Inquiry at the drug stores of this
eighborhood elicits the information
that these drugs are harmless and
can be bought separately, or the
druggists here will mix the prescrip
tion for our readers, if asked to.
Sioux Falls, March 24.—The old
soldiers of Sioux Falls are a happy
lot. This was on account of receiv
ing word that General O. O. How
ard of Burlington, Vt., has accepted
an invitation to attend .the state en
campment of the South Dakota G. A.
R. to be .held at Sioux Falls, June
22, 23, and 24, and will spend the
entire three days here.
General Howard commanded the
first day at Gettysburg. He' Is the
last of the commanding generals
and in spite of his 79 years he Is as
young and lively as a cricket. Gen
eral Howard is universally popular
with the old soldiers, everywhere,
and the managers of the encamp
ihave certainly made a ten-strike In
making the engagement.
"You will see more old soldiers
here during the encampment than
ever before assembled in South Da
kota," says Colonel T. H. Brown,
to the Airgus-^Leader, in giving the
It is (pointed out that this will un
doubtedly be thfe last encampment
ever held :ln Sioux (Falls, and it Is
desired- to make It the succeBswhioh
it should .be.' ,t
"My three year old boy was badly
constipated, -had a high fever and
was in an awful, condition. I gave
him two doses of Foley's Orlno Laxa
tive and the next tqornlng the fevei
was gone and lie Vjfts entirely well.
Foley's Orlno Laxative saved his
life." A. Wolkrush, Casimer, Wis
—Bennett's Corner mug Store.
"V •. SSA'S
WANTED—To list your Brown Coun
tg lands for sale or exchange. Des
cribe tally price, terms and wants.
G. W. Longford, Aberdeen 8. D. tf
Pierre,' March 24.—A telegram to
relatives announces the death at
Washington of Major William N.
Sage. Major Sage was well known
In this part of the northwest, having
•been stationed at iForts Sully amd
Bonnet from 1.876 to 1887, of which
time he was in comiprand aft Fort
Bennet for four years. As the Chey
enn© agency was at Fort Bennett for
thait time, the many visitors to the
agency generally made the acquaint
ance of the genial commanding of
Twenty Respond to Call at N. N. &
I. S.—Good Team Is Expected
Yesterday the call was Issued at
the Normal school for the baseball
squad to turn out for practice as
the warm weather Is here and it is
the desire of the coach to get the
material lined up at the nearest pos
sible date. About twenty candidat
es reponded to the call and there are
several more who will appear later
ibut who were unaible to be out the
first time. The captain has not yet
been elected but will probably, be
chosen date this week or the fore
part of next week. Among the ma
terial are several of last year's vet
erans: Sleh, Brady, Cason, Shaffer
and Petrie. All Indications point to
an exceedingly fast bunch of 'ball
tossers to represent the'maroon and
gold on the diamond this spring.
PMlip, March 24.—Information
has been received here of a horrible
accident, which took place in the
western part of Stanley county, and
of which a man named Carlson, an
employe of thie Morrison ranch, near
the little town of Wellsburg, was
the victim.
Carlson was killed as the result
of a runaway. He was going to town
after a load of freight and was rid
ing on the running gear of the wag
on, The bridle on one of the horses
came off and the animals became
frightened and soon were beyond his
control. The unfortunate man was
thrown against one of the wagon
wheels with such force that his
head was crushed to a pulp. The
parents of Carlson reside near the
scene of the accident.
A Guaranteed Cough remedy is
Bees Laxative Cough Syrup. For
coughs, colds, croup, whooping
cough, hoarseness and all bronchial
affections. Best for children because
It is quick to relieve and tastes good.
Gently laxative. Sold by Bnnnatt's
Corner drug store.
Roy Townsend had quite an expe
rience yesterday afternoon a short
distance from the city while show
ing land to a prospective buyer. He
was driving along the road when he
came to a slough partially filled with
ice and water as a result of the re
cent melting of the snow. The wat
er did not look to be more than a
foot or so deep hut the bottom was
lower than' appearances Indicated.
While driving through the water one
of the horses slipped and fell, draw
ing his mate with him. The, one
horse fell upon the other so that one
of them was under water and neith
er could move. The occupants of the
rig were forced to get out and wade
around In, the icy water whHe help
ing the horses up. This they suc
ceeded In doing 'before the under
horse was drowned. The men, how
ever, received a number of scratch
es about the legs from the Ice in
the water and altogether their expe
rience was anything but pleasant.
FOR SALE—Young farm teams and
a pair of fine drivers .. W. Hick
man, Bath, S. D. feb.l8-tf
~Ji if-
Pineules are for bachache, and
bring quick relief to lumbago, rheu
matism, fatigue and all other symp
toms of kidney disease. They are a
tonic to the entire system and build
up strength and health. Price 50c
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Dr. King's
New, Discovery
When Will Aberdeen People Learn
the Importance of It?
Backache Is only a simple
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster^Mllburn Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the Unitt
ed States.
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New Jersey Man Well Known Here
Passes Away
C. H. Seeley of this city yesterday
morning received word of the death
of Browning Lawreqce, an extensive
Brown county property holder, ahd
a man well and favorably known in
Abedeen and Brown county, where
he had made many trips on business.
The death of the old gentleman oc
curred at Philadelphia and the fun
eral was held at his homo, Bridge
port, N. J. At the present the exact
extent of his estate is unknown and
will not ibe ascertained until the will
is read. That he was a very rich
man is a certainty, however.
On April 12 tihe South Dakota
state band will give their first an
nual dance at the Elks hall and as it
Is the beginning of the after Lenten
season there is no doubt but that
there will be a large attendance.
Another thing which will contribute
greatly to the success of the affair
is the fact that there are many who
believe that 'Aberdeen should sup
port such an excellent organization
as their -band has become, and yet
there seems to be a good chance that
the hand will have to be discontin
ued for want of support. This dance
will be a chance, however, for many
to offer their assistance It is thought
that a short concert will be arranged
lust preceding the dance. Tickets
will go on sale today and they can
be secured upon application to any
member of the band.
wliiPSsr &
The meeting of the .board of di
rectors of the Industrial Park asso
ciation was held yesterday at the
office of Secretary Fond. Arrange
ments for the letting of the rights
taring park week and the appoint
ment of committees were taken up.
These rights will be let April 20.
Among the rights are the following:
boat, stand, shooting gallery, bowl
ing alley, merry-go-roud, dining
i, 1909 SSSSflfe
Clark, March 24.—In accordance
with the result of a special election
held here a few days ago, when
.bonds to t'he amount of $10,000 were
authorized to be Issued for the im
provement of the municipal water
works system, steps will at once be
taken by the city council to have the
desired improvements made. One of
the improvements will ibe the sink-'
lng of an artesian well, which is de
signed to furnish an abundance of
water for domestic and fire protec
tion purposes. It is believed a good
flow of water can foe struck at a
depth of about 400 feet. Should this
prove to be the case the water .prob
lem for Clark will ibe solved for
many years to come.
at first
'But when you know 'tis from
the kidneys
That serious kidney troubles fol
That diabetes, Brlghfs disease
may be the fatal epd.
You will gladly profit by the fol
lowing experience.
'Tis the honest statement of a suf
ferer who was cured.
Mrs. Justls E. Leonard, Montana
Ave., Huron, S. D„ says: "My ex
perience with Dean's Kidney Pills
has been highly satisfactory and It
gives me great pleasure to recom
mend thems. .For several years I suf
fered severely from backache, at
times being unable to get up or
down stairs. The last attack lasted
about four weeks and I was almost
prostrated. My kidneys were dis
ordered, this fact being manifested
by the frequent passage of the kid
ney secretions. I chanced to read of
Doan's Kidney Pills and deciding to
try them, procured a box. I receiv
ed great relief, and since taking the
contents, 1 have had no further need
of a kidney remedy. The secretions
from my kidneys are now natural
and the pains have entirely left my
The Kind Yon Have Always Bought, and which has been
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Intents and Children—Experience against Experiment.
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Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
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