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mi. JUL.! 2nJtTT
; ; at; a aa a&ra fratJi "
vol. xxy. noTqt
DH,n, T. PI KB, nomenuathlst,
rial) Sui.tou. Bellows Falls, l.
Local Thought nrt Movement.
The kimlergiutPn mindo pupils of
Miss Annie Konertsnn of Charleston
rave a very enjoyahlo exhibition nt
the home tf F .1 Tidd on fee-buol
afreet yesterday afternoon
L 8 llajcs. the insurance Bgenr.
was prostrated by the excessive "nut
last weslf. It was feurod at lirst thnt
lie was sitnstruek II has pone to
Lake Kescue iti Ludlow to recover
where his family are occupying u cot-
Atlho lecent diocesan convention
in JiurlitiL'ton, Rev I) L Snuford was
chosen one of the clctinal deputies to
represent Vermout at the general con
vention of the church to he belli at
San Francisco
Col E S OsgooJ starts Thursday fnr
Cincinnati wberi he will attend tne
international V M U A convontiun.
Mrs J A I'arkor lias been chosen or
ganist for the Baptist church in
jilace of Prof li E Kiogs.
"ETghtiiln Strike In Thre Placet
During the thunder storm Saturday
lightning struck tice in the vil
lage. The first time it took the cupo-1-.
nt A It MnnrVs houso on the South
Terrace, shattering same windows but
not doing much damsge itie Eccunu
time it struck a tree iu front of the
residence of Or K K Campbell on
Henry street itrippirg the bark oft
one large brrmicb. A barn was struck
and burned in Kockicgham
Rev E E Marggraff of Derby Lire,
formerly of this place, is to attend
the Harvard summer sihnol of theol
ogy this month. Mrs PW Mulrenan
of Middle Grove, N Y. is the guest of
her sister. Mrs .1 P Riley. Miss
-ausie Holton of Philadelphia is visit
ing her father, .1 H lloltoo. C H
Gates, Mr and Mrs K J Estey. Miss
Esther Saunders, Ray Cspron aod
Arthur Burr are at Mr Gates' cottage
at Lake Rescue.
Correspondents, as far as pos
sible, are requested to send In
their News Items tomorrow
The jilles thut annovs vou so will be ipiick
tv and permanently Wiled it you use He
' ittv Witch Hazel Salve. Beware of worth
ier counterfeits. Greene's drugstore. 1
Y A Wood hus liuilt an attractive pavilion
on his lawn and will hold a dance there dur
in . the afternoon and evening of .Inly 4lh.
Jlusic furnished lv (illes. Willard and
Thompson. It is expected that another at
iraction of the Fourth is a base ball game on
tieo Smith's meadow.
C .1 Perliam has returned from Springfield,
Mass. The result of his trip is a larger
more attractive line of goods than ever
The drums to be used by the drum corn
Julv 4. are owned by .lames A Moore. The
Mia're drum was u.d by one of .Mr Moore's
ancestors at the battle of Hunker Mill and
the base drum is one captured from the Brit
ish about 17SII.
Miss Alice Weaver is at home from Bel
low Falls High school for the summer vaca
tion. Mrs Edmund Wyman of Brattleboro
is the '-nest of her parents, jir ana .Mrs
David Stevens.
Castleton, X 1, was in town Saturday, call
i.i f,..n,t. Mrs Young will be re
, i i;. Willi, liavis. a freuiicnt
visitor Iu forme r years at the home ot her
..nut. Mm Fannie keves.-.leronm Shaw of
Putney, and Fred Kllsworth of llratlleboro.
.V ... I."... ...i.;., ...in. Mrs Nellie Wnrd.-Seth
.Tm.....v -. . ....ii,,.,,,
Arnold is nome lrum ins - .. " v ,", "
...... i.-i .. .... u-itki in m i f?!.... I ....
.HISS r.iii. .....in'. " - , , .
Miss Itlanch Hrfgham spent last week wit n
Mrs 11 T Phelps. Mr and Mrs I, I. ilicbaid
., t.,u.,f uiii.il.iv with their daughter, Mrs
iv..i i ...,.. ii. HnriiiL'iield. Wallace Met
calf ami Walter Atcherson were home over
Sundav. John Mc, I.aughlin has lieen oinigcu
to give up work ami return to uis n.
i .. i m,... n ! Stoddard nent a few-
days at Hanover. N H.last week, attending
class reunion at Dartmouth. t I Lane wil
occupy the old homestead and we understand
.1. V.... ....i.l I ...III 1.., tlx. house HOW OC-
Ulai ..lis .-.u.iu.i.iu . in -"- - '
......i,..i i... i.op i.milinr. F F l.ane for a sum
mcr residence. Mrs Angle augliii. Misses
Marv anil Alice Dascomb are at Butlalo this
week. Mrs lieniamln Spooner returned to
her home In l'eiersham. Mass, Saturday.
Misses Kdna and Mary Wright and Miss Car
rie Miller are eniovimr au outing at ltescue
.t. i..y A u i'.i 'Wrli'ht Is on the sick I
S It Harrington of Boston is a guest at K B
George's. Mr and Mis u f iierrit-K ui
more, ill, are visiting at James Miller s.
lik' .1k.... Ip Fnskltt has left Fast l'utney
wheue she has been for the past seven months
and is earing for Mrs D Duuklee oi i.rceu.
held who is very low.
A bad complexion generally results from
inactive liver and bowels. In all such cases,
Hewitt's Little Karlv Kisers produce grutily
inglng results. Greene's drug store. 2
Thoe famous little pills, DcWitts Little
Karlv 1,'Uers comne; vour liver and bowels to
do their dutv, thus" giving you pure, rich
blood to recunerate vour bo.lv. Are easy to
take never gripe. Grtene's drug store, a
The ladies' aid society will meet with Mrs F
P Adams. Thur-ilay afternoon. Ice cream
will be served on the lawn from :i to 0 o'clock.
The school at the Outre. Miss Minnie
Shaw, teacher, closed last week.
Mrs Sallv l'routy. who has been spending
the winter In Brat'tle'ioro. h is returned here
for the summer. Miss Ilatlie Hrayiuau is
It is easier to ke pt well than get cured.
leWitt's Lit! le Early Kii rs taken now and
then, will always kept your bowels in perfect
order. They never gripe bu I promotes an
easv gentle action. Greene's drug store. 4
The pianoforte recital, bv pupils of Mis'
Orace M t base, assisted by Mrs Geo II
Webster, soprano. Miss Jlvra Ahwell, read
er, Saturday atternoon, stioweu some or me
lest work ever given in this village. Miss
Chase stands at the head of musical Instruct
irs. Mrs Webster singing and Miss Ash
well's rending added much to the entertain
ment, rne programme is nere given in iun
1 I.ady Iictty, (Old Ecslish flancel
The strawberrv simper given by the ladies
on the lawn at Mis Mabel Spaulding's. was a
big success, attended bv nearly SO people w ho
bad a glorious time, plenty of supper, straw
berries and ice cream. Several of the Mt Uer
nion students who are having an outing at
Silverdale, were present, and favored the
company with some verv tine singing, glees,
college songs and the like, which received
much applause and many encores. Proceeds
were over I.'i. A handsome ne.biuilt made
bv Mrs Marv smith w as voted to Mr and .Mrs
Frank M Davis, w ho lost most of their house
hold goods bv lire the Monday previous.
The ladies met with Mrs Jennie Spauldiiig
Fridav alternoon bv her invitation, nude an
other iUtlt, a dress, material tor these being
given by Mrs Spauldiiig and tier daughter
Florence, and did iiuite au amount of other
sewing, and there w ere various useful articles
furni-hed bv the ladies, and for all these fa
vors Mr and Mrs Davis wish to offer heartfelt
thanks. Mr and Mrs Davis are much re
s2cted and it was a pleasure to assist thein
in their misfortune, it is nopeii mat iney
tuav reside in this nail of the town in the
Wm It Smith's horse had a lit Sunday while
iromir home from the Centre, and ran dow
the hill from Fred Molman's throwing Mi
Smith out and was nicked up unconscious and
carried into Merman iiice's, and later taken
home. He was out of his head until towards
nlL'bt. but Dr Butler, who dressed the wound)
thinks he will be ail right in a few days. The
solid Dart and railing recently built at that
place saved them from going over the bank
and uluuKe Into the brook several leer, neiow
The onlv damage to the buggy was a broken
crossbar, thanks to the good will and the
who put it in place. It should remind the
people that other places need similar prote
Red Rough Hands Itching Palms
and Painful Finger Ends.
West I'heattrnclit.
The ladies met at the hall Saturday after
noon to sew for Mr and Mrs Frank Davi
Thev will not rebuild, have rented a fc
room- at the Center for the present. Several
men went Monday and built ashed to put
the hav into.
est orthflelil.
Mr and Mrs Haley and two children, a:
visiting in West Springfield. Mrs Clillor
lloltou w as called to her home in ilingbani
Saturday, lv the death of Her brothers child
Kdgar Brooks is uu tin. sick li-t. Mr and
Mrs Joseph Bigelow of Athol, called
friends here recently. Miss Julia Hiighaniot
Marlboro. Ma", Is a guest at the Dickinson
homestead. .Mrs Florence Sias and Miss I.i.
zie Purple went to Boston Mond'iv.-Mri
Liz.ie Howe is visiting friends iu Montague
and Greenfield. liobert strange is at work
for Ilarrv I.ee of Ycruori.
Seymour Smith
1. E Orth
It Thoniae
Ruby Gould
My Son John,
Kdna Kimball
Hungarian Dauce, (Czardas),
Marirarec ngni
4 S. ii ' The Lillet Cluttered fair and Tail,
llenliaw liar.a
Mrs Wobeter
ft Trio March from Tannlmuser, Wagner
Martha Wliglil, liessle Wright, Myra Aslmell
ii 1'aris Pastorale, ltactiniann
t loience Nutting
J Reading-The Leircmt of the OrL-an Hulldfr,
Julia C K Hun
Myra Ashwell
1 Rotes de Boheme. (Va.sc ISrlliantcj.
lit en Camnlel
2 Au Matin, (iodard
Beetle Y right
3 Song Waiting, Millard
Mrs Webster
4 Masanlello. Grand Fantasia or Aubcr's Op
era, Sidney Smith
Martha Wright
5 Reading-Money Musk. B F Taylor
Myra Asnwcu
fa Kondo Caprlccio'so, Mendelstohn
Miss Chase
7 Duet Witches' Flight, Russell
Florence Nutting and Helen C.mplieil
Geo Mall and family and Mrs Y I Lane
were entertained at Barber l'ark bv Sir and
Mrs Joel Holton. June '24, it being the 20th
anniversary of Mr and Mrs Holton's marriage.
Mr C'has Ituck will give a lawn party Wed
nesday afternoon and evening under the
auspices of the Ladies' Aid society.
Madam Holton is improving. Miss Helen
Campbell left for Boston Monday. Miss Liz
zie Iti.Wout is home from Boston, where she
has lieen attending a training school for
nurses. Mm F L Temple Is with her mother,
Mrs Sherman, who is very low at Bucksport.
Me. C lark Whitney of Bellows Falls, and his
laughter. Mrs Gould of Windham, are at
Fred Atwood's. Miss Lilla Drown returned
to her home in BrattlelH.ro, Friday. David
Al right of Minneapolis, Minn, is at his broth
er's, Alvin Wrigtit's. Miss Lizie Ward is
mending the wk witti ber brother at West
Westminster. Miss Kthel Jaijuin, who has
)ecn in Brattleboro the past nine months, is
at the girls' home for a short time. Mr and
Mrs S O Parker of Putney, visited nt Alvin
Wright's, the past week. Mr and Mrs Silas
Kowell of Watertiury. are with Mrs Sarah
.Milting. airs tu tuoieii or ewion, Kan,
who has been the guest of Mrs G H Walker.
left Monday. Mrs Ijicv Fik of l.ockville,
timn, is expected at Gil walkers, this week
Mrs Maxwell Vouug and son, Luciau of
thin blood, weak lungs and
paleness. You have them in i
I hot weather as well as in cold. :
them in summer as in winter, j
It is creamy looking and pleas-
cnt tasting. j
f: SocudfijosalldnircBts.
Christian Finck, a C'oleraine fanner.
his son, Freil Aiken Finck, were In the
trict court. Saturday morning, charged
spectivcly with threatening and assault and
battery on Percy F Taylor of Buckland. The
boy was lined for assault, and the father
admitted. The trouble arose over the distrc
bution of milk cans at the shelburue Falls
station among the farmers who sell milk to
the Jioslon dairy company.
Miss Sai ah C Burt is the truest of (.Misses
I'.Liiiicc aiui llcien cnanuier.
Miss Florence Marshall of Boxburv, Mas
returned to town Thursday for her summer
Mrs 1)0 Hyde returned home Thursday
from a two weeks' visit with friends In Nor
wich and Lebanon.
G X Cobb graduated at Dartmouth last
week. The following day be attendedjihe grad
uating exercises at K L A Meriden, N H. re
turning home the latter part of the week.
Henry Morrill of Gardner, Mass, is visiting
his family here.
Itev Henry C'ummingswas unable to oc
cupy his pulpit on Sunday and a sermon was
lean uy lioyai tlalcu.
Mr Bishop, Dartmouth. '01. recently visited
Gardner Cobb.
Curtis Morrill is In town at present.
K S Connor of Hanover was In town last
J 11 Pierce of Leominster, Mass. was iu
town recently.
J B Xewman of Bellows Kails arrived iu
town recently.
r. ii Aiaen and wile or Tunur due were Iu
town Friday.
Cure for Cholera iMfautuin Xever
Known to Fall.
During last May n infant child of
our neighbor was sulferipg from chol
era irianium. me uoctor hut Riven
up an Dopes of recovery. 1 took a hot
tie of Ciiiimherlnio's Colic. Cholara
ana wiarrnoea Keinedy to the bouse.
telling thorn I felt sum it would do
good if used aecotdicg to directions.
In two das tinio the child had fully
recovered, fhe child is now vigorous
mil healthy. I have lecnmmenlnl
this lemedy frequenily and have never
Known it to Lin. ,Mrs Curtis Baker.
llookwiiiter. Ohio, tut sale hv Hrnnus
uouse rnarniacy.
SOAK the hands on retiringf
in a strong;, hot, creamy lather
of Cuticura Soap. Dry, and
anoint freely with Cuticura Oint
ment, the great skin cure and
purest of emollients. Wear, dur
ing the night, old, loose kid
gloves, with the finger ends cut
off and air holes cut in the palms.
For red, rough, chapped hands,
dry, fissured, itching, feverish
palms, with shapeless nails and
painful finger ends, this treat
ment is simply wonderful.
Millionsof People
Use CuTirt'RA Soap,' assisted by Crn
cuka Ointmknt, for preserving, purify
ing, and beautifying tbo skin, for cleansing
tlie scalp of crusts, scales, and dandruff,
and tbo stopping of falling hair, for soften
ing, whitening, and soothing red, rough,
and sore hands, fur baby rashes, itehings,
and irritations, and for all the purposes of
the toilet, bath, and nursery. Millions of
Women uso Cltii i ra Soap in the form
of baths for annoying i n flam mat ions, cbaf
Jngs, and excoriations, or too free or offen
sive perspiration, in tbo form of w;ishes
for ulcerative weaknesses, and for many
sanative, antiseptic purposes which read
ily suggest themselves to women, espe
cially mothers. CfTKHKA Soap combines
in One Soap at One Thick, the hest skia
and complexion soap, and the bpst toilet,
bath, and baby boap in tbo world.
Complete Treatment for Every Humour.
Oi riecuA Soap, to elennso tho crusts and
pcales and soften the thickened cuticle, and
O'Tici'UA Ointmknt. to instantly allay Itch.
Ing, ir.t1aiiiniatjt.il, and irrjtation.'and soothe
awl heal. A Simile Ski is olten sutficieut
to cure the severest case.
Fold thr..uiih"Ut the world. BrltUh rpoti F. Nkw
ItRRT ft sus., lir-'is ( hurttrhnuie s.j., LoodoO. Funis.
V&vo A-s'i. Cilia- Cuur-t Proj.a.
LASTJJII Warm Weather Clothing.
In Boston 'Hlsiory-Hoosac Tunnel Pier
Destroy. il This Mornlnu-IiOss J00,000
Boston. Julv I.-The biggest dock fire In
Boston for many years broke out shortly be
fore nine this morning at the lloosoc lunnel
docks In Charlestown. Loss 2il,0UO.
The tire, which for an hour raged with
unusual llerccness ami threateneu a imc
.. nf .irn.iu.tv .l.rokoout at nier o .1,
ot the Huosae tunnel docks. The pier is the
terminal of the Warren line steamers, who
lease from the Boston .v. iiiaiue.
ti. 11... it. u shellac, room on pier
-. iui im ihn Boston & Jlnlne railroad and
occupied by the Warren steamship line. The
automatic alarm, iohuwkh .iihi... ..j
bell alarms, brought a big force of lire lightei
but it was Inadeouttte for subduing the
flames, and the entire pier LtXH) feet by .usi
feet, a three storv wooden structure sheathed
with iron, was destroyed. The Warren liner
smmnn. Ivlnc at the nier. was removed
oidv after great exertion lry half a doen tugs.
Six loaded lrelght cars auu a laigr .u.....i..
of merchandise on the pier were destroyed a
total loss of JOO.iKJO. .'spontoneous amhus
tlou caused the lire.
A man named Kolo was taken to the Xurth
Adams hospital (Mturday from lleadsboro.
suffering from severe injuries, caused by a
fall which he sustained Fridav in the shop of
the metal edge eoiupanv at licadsboro. His
injuries were of a character that call for a
very delicate surgical operation, which w as
lertormed by ur Mattord assisted, ny
r llobhie. " Mr Kolo is about 3". years
old. and the chances for hi- recovery arc con-
idercd small.
Biver-ide Park the
ill be plaved between
AVhiic American athletes were w inning in
London American bicycle riders were keen-
ir.L' up the lato.i work in New York. Kramer
and Cooper deflated the KnirlMmien. Jen-
Mils and liascouie 111 the international team
The base ball game at
morning of the Fourth v
Keeite and Iirattieboro.
l'he Bangor t.-am wiiich 4,T"mniv" (iui-
heen, the liraltlcboro boy. lead- at the bat.
been transferred to llrockimi, owing to
the Aii.'ii-ta team going tindi r. The jump to
the .Maine town was enough to break the
It ague.
The America!;- gave their Kngli-h .-oinpeti-ir-
a grand defeat in the came held bv the
London Athletic club Saturday, at .Stamford.
Knglaiid. Arthur F. 1 hilly, tile Georgetown
(Wash. I college sprinter "won the lno-yard
from the scratch from a big lieid of KngM-h
miners. In the Uu-Mird hurdles, Kraetulein,
he Chicago college chauitiion won as he al-o
lid the long jump. Baxter, the Pennsylva
nia college lumper, won the hu:u jump handl-
tp from the scratch. Kraeuleln aio e-tab-shed
an Knglish record lor PJd jards of
. .'-.i seconds.
Pitcher Callahan, brother of Mrs Victor
Bovden. is w ith the ltichmond team of the
Virginia and North Carolina league.
The following Item about "Ib.c" Dlnsmore,
the lormer Biattleborean, is of interest:
The Manchester doctors and lawyers met to-
iayatVarick nark for the, annual conustat
base hall ami aain the docnii won. Hits time
hv the comturtatile marfrln of U to :i. ( Ine thou
sand I'ersoiis were present. IT 11 H liiUbinore,
the best plicher 1'iirtmoutli college ever knew ,
w as the business end f the medical battery ami
the men nl the ttar g-il enly four scattered lilts.
r.acn team nal lite rlirnt to go owtsl.lc the pro-
lesston tor a catcher and the doctors irot Jack
Altliott, a mill man ot this ciiv, ivhu was Ur
Innsmore's side partner in llielr college dvs at
Hanover. They came pretty near fielnc ail
mere was of the irame.
-Passed Away Yesir.lv Aftsrnoon ml His
Home lu Aberdeen, S D-Skelth or Ills
Aberdeen. S 1. Julv 1. !!"!. Senator Kyle
lied at II.VS o'clock this afternoon.
utiles Henderson Ivyie wss ooru iei
v..ni 1 1 v.', -u. is."i4. He entered the I 111-
versity of Illinois in IsTLtaking a course In
civil engineering, iu in.j ue uman .j....
ii. .nllp.rp ami was graduated in ls,S, and
prepared for admission to the bar, hut after
ward entered Western Theological seminary
at Alleghany, l'a, graduating in
For a time be served as pastor of a Congre
gational church in Salt Lake City.
At the time he entered political life, he was
financial Secretary of Yankton college, auk-
ton, South Dakota, lie was eieeie.t to toe
state Senate as an Independent iu IWio, and to
the United States Senate to succeed t-ideon (;
.Moodv, taking his seat March 4, ls!U. He
was re-elected in I!T for live years.
In lMiti he entered the ranks of the gold
biiis party, and had acted with them ever
Three Kutreiuee Kltectl-Bellevil to
Be Work of Boys.
liutland. Julv I. There were three bur
glaries in this city last night. The places en
tered were the grocery store of John F Mc
tniirk, the barlr shop of John Morris, and
the shoe store of Matthew Morgan, all on
Strong avenue. The total amount taken was
not large. I
The police report that several similar j
atlairs last monin hail neen suppresses 111
hope of a capture. One of these was a news
paper otlice w here i'i'i was taken.
11 seems to be an organized gang of boys
but all attempts to learn their identity have so
far been unsuccessful.
Constitution unrt Columbia Contesting I
for Supremacy Columbia's L'auialu
Outgeneraled His Illval Tor Position at
lie Start of the Contest Very Light!
n. femans Point. I! I. Julv I When the!
r-nii.tiiiiibni anil the Columbia hoisted sail
tills morning for the lirst race of the season
between the cup ueienner yacuis, me uiccc
...ti.l. II... ),f.v was verv light.
The course" decided oil was windward and
lepw-Mrd for :lo miles.
The starting gun was lired at 11.40 o'clock.
The Columbia was lirst over tne one,
Captain lthodes out-maneuvering Captain
in.rr of the Constitution for position. Alter
nn hour's sailing the Constitution bad not
caught uti and the Columbia was almost
tulip mIii-hiI.
The Columbia turned the outer mark at
1".-.(i.- and the Constitution at 1 .27.10.
The Columbia crossed the finish line at
2.3J.3-"i and the constitution at 2.M.1S.
A new lot of those Black and Blue Ser-re un
lincd Coats ut $3.00, and more of the $2.00
und $2.50 Alpaca Coats
Bad Fire In a Maine Town-Stlllnrater Is
Practical! Swept Away.
Stillwater. Me. Julv 1. I his town was
practically wiied out of existence by lire this
ufiei noiin. The blaze started in the tireroom
of the big lumber mill of himball A; Adam
i.l.oi.t A o'clock, and In a very few minutes
had extended to the Sutton mill. There big
luuilier mills were burned ; also 14 bouses and
17 other building. The loss is estimated at
Manchester, N ii. also had it buildings on
fire yesterday in the crowded tenement sec-
tlod'known as the "Flatlon'' district. Loss
1 5,000.
In a Grey Serge Unlincd Coat, at $3.50,
with :i vest to match for $1.50. ....
. Hanging in price from 50c to $5.00
A LARGE STOCK of Flannel and Scotch
j. weeu voais unu nuns, on wiiicu we
making special prices before the Fourth.
gclentlet's Mliocklna; Ilrath.
Aliiukerquc, N M, July I. I'rof. Francis J
llirtwrll ornithologist. Is dead of strangula-
ti the result of accidental hanging. He I
climbed a large nine tree for a bird's nest.
Descending by the rope, ill some manner the I
rope was w ound around in- neea ami neiore
the eves of tils voting wile anil several men
was strangled to death. I hey were power
less to aid him. Mr nd Mrs llirtwell were
sipending their honey moon in llio 1'eco.-
Fortet reservation.
Some 33,000 Men are Involved Full Kz-
tent Not Yet Known.
As a result of the refusal of the representa
tives of the American sheet steel company
n.l the American steel hour, company. sii!-
sidiarv companies of the great United states
steel corporation, to sign the workers' sched
ule, the great strike Is now on. but it will be
several days before its actual extent is Known.
At the outset, however, :g.,iMJ will he involved.
The l'meiieal Kartcer. l'hiladelrhia.
Va- ss : . . . . ...
A tboraugb. lirusDing nntl cleaning
often r.ecessary. but many cleansing
fluids eontain strong drugs) which aro
t 'aririsflhln for this purpose, for
they tiften fado the cloth. The follow-
Chilli's Boiljr Kccoverert.
liarre. June ;!' The body of the two-rears-olil
son of Mr and Mrs Antonio i lo
co hbl. drowned la-t Anril.was found Satur
day afternoon lodged on the dam at the
Smith. Whilcolllb A- Cook coinnaliv's ni.nd.
It was found by several Ikivs who were in
swimming and as they have been going there
regularly of late the bodv could not have
been long iu that position.
The Ikj.Iv was badlv decomposed and the
head and one arm were missing and the other
parts fell apart whin tt was attempted to
lift it, but the bodv was positively indenti-
tied bv Its clothes. The funeral was held to-1
is not the only good feature of
The very choicest meats of all kinds, beef,
mutton, lamb, veal, etc., can always be lssl
here, and everything is delivered ju.-t a- or
dered, in good season and In perfect con
dition. This gives special comfort to ..-us-tomers
In Summer.
i n tr is a very simple and effective
method cf cleaning the ctat rollar
atid removing the spota from wot Ion
clothing. l'rpare a strong, foamy
soapsuds tiy dissolvicfr GOOD M'ST
WAalllNG l'OWUKK in hot water;
dip a rlean. si ill brush in it aril seruh
the soilej parts ith it. An eld tooth
brush that ba been discarded for t.n'
let iiurnoses is) good for Ihis work.
Dip it in frequently, changing the
suili for a cb'an one when it ceta
dirty. When the sp'its reinovtil, scrub
with cleir water ami n ing it up until ,
dry enuugh t:i iron, l'n-s it on the :
wrong side, or if that is not mnvet -ient,
cover the right side with a cloth
and irou ULtil perfectly dry.
Franklin Superior Court Kotrlcs.
These cases were pntered yesterday In
the otlite of the clerk of courts at Green
field : Geo K liutlla of Krving sues K
A Smith of Brandon, Vt, in an action of
tort for f .100. The plaintiff alleges that
he bought a horse of the defendent which
was warranted kind in every way and
that it proved vicious and a persistent
and violent kicker, and that defendsnt
refused to make good his ofl'er to take
back the horse. From the district court
comes the case of Sarah E Warner of
tirfendcld against Jennie I, Hurt and
trustee. 1; is an action of contract for
SJOO to recover for rent. The Julv sit-
linir of the superior court will begin
next Monday at 10 o clock. Civil busl
ines of the court for jury will not come
ion till lliursiiav, tne Iltli. Ifie crimi
nal business is tn concluded by Wednes
day evening of the first week, as Dis
f net Attoraev Hammond is to take part
in the I-osburg murder trial at 1 iCMleld.
owing to the illness of District Attorney
Gardner. Traverse jurors an? to be noti
fied to appear in court luesday morn
ire at i, instead of Monday morning
Grand jurors should be on hand Monday
at 10 o clock. IMvorce cases will tie
heard Monday.
(Continued from 1st page)
JTr Sale at a Discount
Sec our advertisement elsewhere la this paper
C W STEWART. Brattleboro. Vt.
It Denies the World.
No Discovery in medicine has ever
created or.e ijuartef of the excitement
that has been caused bv Ir King's New
Discovery for Consumption. It's sever
est tests have been on hopeless victims
of Consumption, Pneumonia. Hetuorr
hage, Pleurisy and Hronchitis. thousands
of whom it has restored to perfect health.
For Coughs, Colds. Asthnia.Croup, Hay.
Hay ever. Hoarseness and Whooping
Cough it is the qulekest, surest cure in
the world. It is sold by t. H. Holden A:
Co.. druggist, who guarantee satisfaction
or refund money. Large bottles 50c and
81.(0. Trial bottles.
A Poor Millionaire.
Lately starved iu Locdon because he
could not digest his food. Karly use of
Ur. King's New Life Pills would have
saved him. They streegthen the stom
ach, aid digestion, promote assimilation,
improve appetite. Price 2-V. Monev
back ii not satisfied. F. II. Uoluen &
Co., druggist.
South ttoyallon
W E Graham, our photographer, who
nas rjeen out on tlie rt.sit doing ill
Kinus ot pnoiograplnc ork for severnl
weeks. Bas sold out bis traveling out
fit and will de.ote his time to the de
uiaDdsxif his business here.
George Hand, while working in the
sua on inursday, reteivoti a sunstroke
iron tbe effects cf which be died that
evening. It is niJ Mr Rand suffered
a previous sunstroke tot long since
wone io l-nilatielphia. It will be re
membered that Mr Hand's wife, who
was the daughter of Mrs Martha Wil
kins, aied quite suddenly last spring.
L V Nichols! was in Gavsrille at tha
home of Charles Osgood recently.
The faculties of S Kirhards ar.il Wil.
lis Jones wera io licthel on bundsy.
Otis Flint made a rail at the hnirn
nf bis fjf er. Jonas Flint. o his war
hoc;e to Tuchritlge frm f iainfield. N
H. where he has been sell irrr farmincr
Or A A Gibson of jomerviile. Mass. I. vis
iting In town.
Miss Marion Jones and Mi-s I'loi-en. e I'nl.
laid are guest of Kcv (ieoix-e l'errv and tani-
ily at Eagle Camp, Lake rhainpiain.
The women of the Methodist church served
Ill-cent supper at their church vestry last
iturday evcuing.
Mr and Mrs I P Herriek of Sycamore, i;!.
are visiting here after an absence of 11 year-.
The thermometer registered 104 here in the
shade, last Friday; it was the hottest dav on
Henry Slate of Clarenioiit. X H. w ho was
formerly a resident of this village, is visiting
in town.
Mrs II H Cram, who has len ill for three
months, remains about the same.
T A Nichols has bought a place at West
minster and will move there soon.
Mrs Dudley Trescott of Boston is here with
her parents. Mr and Mrs T A Nichols, ou
Grafton street.
Miss C H Stilson of Proctor is a guest of
Miss Lotta Veaey ou Main street.
Mr and Mrs Lewis Greeley are visiting in
.iai i.nuv, .1 ji.
H K M hite has lieen confined tn the hnusp
for three weeks with a severe attack of rheu
Tbe corn and notato fields are lonkini. veil
the bav eron will be much Isnmr thun for tv.
eral years and some of the farmers have lie-
gun najing.
Work in the wraoner factorv has ansi n.lr.l
until Monday, the stb.
Mrs Georce Strontr. who lute )wn 111 et lnr
nome in factory ville lor sieverai weeks, is
somewhat better.
Bkattleiiouo, Vt., July 2, 1!01.
We shall place
....on sale
There were two deaths at Lowell,
Mass, Saturday.
At West Dover. X II, Albert F Alex
ander. 8 years of age, died during the
night from prostration,
A terrific thunder storm burst ovpr
tha section around Coleorook about
midnight and raged for three hours
Satnrday morning with unparalleled
fury. Ail tne midges in Pittsburg, on
the Connecticut river, were torn from
their foundations, and the roads were
gullied so badly usto be practically
impassable. The meadow land Hlong
the river was flooded, causing great
damage to farmers, the loss of the bay
crop alone being thousands of dollars.
A boom at West Stewartstown broke as
a result of the high water, letting uut
half a million logs bolonijine; tn George
Hillard. and for J." utiles the tracks on
tbe Quebec division of the Central V'er
mom railroad were washed out so bad
ly that all trains above Colebrook have
bean cancelled. Lightning struck a large
barn belonging to J Ursckert, in Cole
brook, which was burned to the ground,
together with a large quantity of hay
and farming tools.
The tug Fern, hailing from A lguoac
foouoVreU (If Ksgle Hiver in Lake
Michigan Saturday morniog- Sne
oarneJ live men, all cf whom are lost
The wreck of the yacht Marguerite of
llanccck was also cliseovered between
tDere and i-aglo Harbor. Tan men
are supposed to have been lost on
olored Waists
at much below regular prices.
These Waists we shall sell strictly for cash, and
kept out Two Days we cannot take back.
You can never cure dvsnensla l.v l.tinr
What your Imdv needs is'plentv of good food
properly digested. Tlien if "vour stomach
will not digest it. Kodol lvsppia Cure will
It contains all of the nal oral di .-.lanta hi.
must diL-est every class of food and so prepare
it that nature can use it in nourishing the
body ami retdaeinelhe wa-tnl tissum thni
giving life. Leaith. strength, ambition, pure
blood and good healthy appetite. .Grtene's
Straw Hats,
Men's Underwear,
10c to $3.00
25c to $1.25
per garment.
Trunks and Bags
at lower prices than ever was offered at.
sir & co
Ur D K Pearsons of Chicago, the philan
thropist, a Hradford bov. announces that our
ing the remaining six months of this year he
.reposes to give tfg.-i.lKto to struggling col-
cges in the wesro states. Ur Pearsons has
distributed f.l.loo.ixH) in the past ten vears.
and nt the rate he mentions he will dispose of
nearly sj.iksi.i.ks) in the tell vears he nasal
lotted uiutself to live.
The publishing house of I VanN'ostrand .t
Company of ev 1 ork. announces in a neat
prospectus the publication of Uvnamo-EleC'
trie machinery : Its construction. le-ign and
operation," by Samuel Sheldon, A M. Ph i.
I he author is the well-known graduate of
Middk -hui v college, class of lSi. son of the
ate Harmon H Sheldon, long a prominent
usine8 man of .Middlebtiry. Dr Sheldon
for that is his academic title, besides gradu
atiug with distinction from Miildleburv col
lege had an extensive po-t-graduate course of
stuuy abroad and won further honorary de
grees. He now holds tue position of profes
sor of physics and electrical engineering In
the famous Brooklyn Polytechnic' Institute, in
which Prof Brainered Kellogg, also a Middle-
bury graduate and former professor in the
college, nas tne ciiair oi j-.ngiish literature,
Prof Sheldon's new work gives the principles
oi electrical maeuniery and its operations in
the various lields in w hich it has so far been
employed. The book has been adopted as a
c.ass room text nook and authority m 2:
American universities and colleges, iiicludim
Harvard. Hrown, Wesleyan and Stanford.
and has been received with marked favor
educational circles in hurope.
Ill reading a sketch of the life of Prof Tru
man II ."-afford, whose death occurred at his
home in Vt illiamstown. Mass, a few davs ago
we were reminded of bis lirst appearance in
public, and which was not mentioned in that
article, lie was iHirn at the old sallord farm
lietween South Koyaltou and llethel, near the
brick school houe where he attended school
He w as known as tbe great 1hv mathemati
cian of erinont. and as such was knowu
throughout the world. He was visited bv
many learned men from different parts of the
country, a party ot hoys, not one of whom
had reached the age IS years, conceived tbe
idea of publishing a newspaper, and with
tuis emi in view openeu a printing onice at
Randolph Centre. Their first location was io
the bouse then occupied by Oratuel Partridge
and owned by Hon X L ltoyden. The bovs
had iu I It their own press ami the large wood
type required, although but one of them had
ever seen a press. From Ihis ofl'n-e issued
two or three numliers of the "Knterprise," a
4-page oaper. each of which was about the
sie of the present "Herald and News." The
puhllsbers were 11 A Partridge & Co. with G
W Maxhaln as editor and Truman H Sarl'orii
as associate editor. The only one now living
of that bright company of Iwvs are George
I) P lilodgett. a disabled veteran nt tlie Re.
Iiellion.nuw living in Burlington; David H
Nutting, a practicing nbvsician of Randolub
Centre: Syhanus li Carpenter, a farmer of
nanuoipu centre. liarre lelegraiu.
Telegraphic Brevltlet.
Mrs Matthew Arnold, widow of the Reiilsh
poet, critic, and "Apostle of Culm. " i. .ie-..i
in London.
When you want a iiodern. nn.rn ilnro
phf ic, try Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets. Thev are easv to tulo
Iand pleasant in effect. Price 25 cents.
Samples Iree at Brooks House l'har-niacy.
Jas S Clark of tbe graduating cla-s at lar:
mouth this year, tales the second (iriu.es
prize to seniors, j 15, for excellence in !.,'
lish composition.
Miss Blanche Chenev closed a successful
term of school in Hist o 8 Friday, June 21st
and went to Windham for a week's visit, and
baa now returned to her hotteindacksonviiie.
What has ever become of the nau l con
certs we were told would he given on tae
Melrose balcony ? A eood deal was said
about them lastyear, but so far thev base
uot matereolized.
Miss Ethel I.ymle continues in a precarious
condition brought alout by her recent serious
accident, which accident by the way seems to
have resiiltsd from gros negligence on tbe
part of the proper authorities.
Friends of Iiev A A Smith u iil be glad to
learn that he b rntrtwl new tiiijd an 1 is
coining back on the le.-ture p!ateiurm.
Maude Stark ha lini-hed school in Dover
and is at home again. Henry Akley pen; a
part of tue week in Boston Luke Wrisley
Is shingling his barn. Frank Taylor and
family have taken possession of Myron
Thurin-r place. .Mrs Henry Stoekwell and
Miss Minnie have returned from their Dtim
inerston visit. Mabel tioodenough ha finish
ed school at Urove and returned home.
O A Slowe of New York Is visiting rela
tives in town. Mi-ses Hi.retice and hate
Fiher are visiting with Ml-s Urackett, tie
former teacher In Maine.
In Townsnend, .luce il, a son lo Dr. and Mrs.
In Kecne, S. H-, -lime -JO. a son to Mr.and Mrs.
Henry Knmford Thompson of Bellows rails.
In West Charleston, Vt., June If, Bert K. Pike
of West Duminerston and Miss Bertha Palmer
of West Charleston.
In Boston. . I one 1!, Rev. Bertram D. Bolvin,
furmerlv of Hinsdale, and Mtss Carrie Fair
banks of Leominster, .Mas-. I
In Greemieid, -Vass , June if1, by Rev. C. K.
Beale, Ur. Charles Burnell of Kitchburg, Mass ,
oud Miss cierirude M. I.ewisof lireeuiield.
In Wardsboro, June li, at the Methodist par
sonage, by Rev. K. II. llartlctt, Earl Simpson ci
Wardsboro and Nellie Penor of Kast .Jamaica.
Id Londonderry, June 16, bv Rev. W. A.
Kvans, Joseph M.Vook and Josephine M. Cllne.
In Chester, -lune IV, bv Kev. Henry L. Hallo.:,
George H. White and ifrs. Mabel C. Abel, bota
of Chester.
In Worcester, Mass , June 20, Georue Stearns
and Miss Bertha Howard, the latter formerly of
InCrnKn Point. V V.. Jlinfl HarleV R.
Chandler of Bellows Falls and Miss Kdllh Ice
land of Cniwn Point.
In IIll,,r S":lils. .Line "fi. PerlCV II. HumoOn
and Cora A. Hl-nchard, tiuth ot Bellows Kalis.
In .Merenco. Ill . June m. uy Kev. is. cnai iu
ot Chicago, Horace Thompson ot Bellows raJi
and l!ss Kllzabeth B. Jackson of Merengo.
In Be: ows K.-ll s. June 2. ny itev. .i. n. wn,
J. Krank li raves of Walpole and KoeabelleA.
Hatch of Bellows (alls.
In Meriden. Conn. June if, Massa Willis, aged
S3 years, 3 months, l'l days.
In North Hinsdale, of sunstroke, Jiaicoin i.ary.
3g ye.irs, :l mon'he, 13 davs.
In Brattleboro, June Newton Moran, 51
years, 11 months, 24 days.
In nratnelKiro, .tune ",t.oi. wouu .n. .......
Head of Windsor, ... , ,.
In Brattleboro, June Ji, rrani. iouus '
In w ar.tsuoro, June si, ..
10 months.
In Townsnemt. iudc -.1 Lim....i-r, .
In Noithlield, Mass., June lit, Carrie T. Harri-
.. t... i v ii -n
in rillnev, .nine ; ., r........ . . ..wp.,
Ill Boston, June Miss hatherlne Leahy, ...
Horses For Sale ! c
Just Arrived This Day.
Monday, June 10th. -
Full Carload of Horses,
Come and see them. Large matched pairs f
and single workers and drivers among them-
I have thirty-live horses to select from. ; Krt
At Xo. SO Elliot street.
G. E. GILMAN, Proprietor.
Bratllelx)ro, June 10. lflOl.
If you are Interested tee the aavert1serr.ert
of how to get yiur choice of the leading masts
on another page of Ible pai er, or write to
Manufacturers' Asent, Brattleboro, y i.

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