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43 US 30. I W 353 3S 3ES Xj "ST
MLet all the ends thou Riincst at be thy Country'!, thy God's and Troth's.
. 1-riTmr.NTH wlBhlntrlutorlnirln Illirh School
or College Preparatory studies, apply to
1 I.OUENt K C ALLEN, TO Canal aireet. u
WANTED A pood Klrl for general house,
work. Good wages. Address Mkk. I..C.
lioiuHTON, Deer Park, Halltax, VI. 98 It
ee-r iKTvn-a bright, active vounir man. to
V drive baker's wagon. Mutt have nest of
references bb to honesty ami sobriety bleatly
employment anil Rood wages to the rliht man.
answer In own handwriting, Btailnic references
to Ciias IS. ABBOTT, Ko. ftlii Eighth Avenue,
Yl-st New York City.
vTrAMTnn-vt'iifiiiiiiir and Ironlne- to do.
W Mas. ABiHE K. Smith, Hlchardson Farm
en tf
SEND your address to Dr. E. r. Johnston,
7T Frost St., and he will come to your resi
dence and remove your teeth mm pain. 22-lf.
WANTFD-Secoml-hand Typewriter. Ad
dress Box 725, ISrattlcboro 72if
WASTED. Customers for quantity of
choice hay, bulk. Inquire at Vat.lkv
Gbain Co.'s Office. 62 tf
It will, pay von.
if In want of carriage or sleigh painting, to
rail at corner o so. main ana uanat si. or oioca
ic ell's Stable. First class work. O. B. Bamsev.
vv Highest
Market Price Paid.
West Brattleboro, Vt.
For Information that will lead to the arrest and
conviction of the person or persons who look
away the doors and windows and other property
iiLd injured the buildings on my farm premises
in Marlboro, Vt.
W. G. DOOMTTLE, Bratlleboro, V I.
June 24, 1901. SStf
If you are lnlerested and would like to own
ore see our advertisement on another page of
tills paper. It tells how to get one of the lead
lne makes at Manufacturers' pilces.
Manufacturers' Agent, Bratlleboro, Vt,
Or. Bowcn,
Eesltlence High St
Cttce hours at Block:
7.30 to 8 A, M.
12.30 to 2 P. X.
t.30 to 8 P. M.
Dr. Tucker.
Office and res. Leonard
Block, Office hours:
Till 8.30 A. II.
1.30 to 3 P. K.
7 to P. M.
DR. A. KSAPP, DenrtBt, Hooker Block,
opp. Brooks House, Bratt eboro
C. 8. CLAHK,
Block, Brattleboro
Dentist, Vtlilt nc V
Desirable Tene
ment, rear 34 High sireet. a month.
t)6-tf Inquire la Oak street.
rTlO BKST Only one left
mo BENT-Cottagc No. 3, Sllverdale Ave
J nue. Barn and and boat and fully equip
ped for parties of Six 10 10. COBH AND AMI
DON Braille boro.
TO RENT New cottage. 1 rooms and barn,
SUvenliile, Lake Snoffonl.
97-tf A. W. Rockwell, Brattleboro, Vt.
mo KKNT Onlv one left. Desirable Tene-
L mem, rear 31 High street. Inquire 1.1 Oak
street. "o"
A. ano. Modern.
second. hand Chtckerlng I'l
llrst clas condition, nearly
as good as new. Will be sold for less than one
third Its cost. Address Box 0M, Brattleboro, Vt
ITIOH MA LK The grass on tho grouuils of
: the Laura J. Haskins homestead.
M.J. Mohan, Administrator.
T7UJK HAI.K. One single Iron-wheel truck
r and one two horse Iron wheel truck. Both
ncurlv new. Also one Lew suiky rake, Iron
wheels, c. E. uii.uan.
fully furnished, with
Auplv F. H. Buuvvn, Hrattleboro.1 M-lf
mi) II KMT I 'nttairc.
L barn and boat, near Sllverdale at Lake
mo rrkt s room house on Canal Street,
1 Steam heat, hoi and cold water and all
modern Improvements, sail jj.uoi.ri-.v. to.
TO RRNT. Room S8 In Cilery Building,
north corner room overlooking river, moun
tain and Main street. Steam heat, running
wator. Also a aina adjoining room If warned
Suitable for ollice or apartment. Reasonable
rents. Aunly to A. I.. Mavnaud, llooni 20. Mitf
mo REST- Up statrB Tenement, tl rooms, on
1 Terrace sirect. to be vacated by E. F. belt
singer, as he leaves town, and ready Juno 1.
All modern Improvements, one best tenement
In town. i3 tf Chas. Mis KB.
mo HKNT. Room 2. Cilerv Building, over
X. looking river and mountain. Steam beat,
running water, very light, airy and nttruc.
tlve. Hcnsoniibie rents. Also a small connert.
log room If wanted. Apply to A. L, Mavnaku,
Koom 20. e-.'ii
mo RENT. Room 10, Cilery Building. Klne
I corncv olllces suitable for any business,
overlooks Main street. Very attractive, light and
airy, running water, gas aud electrics. Apply lu
A. 1,. maynaku, uootn so. o.iu
mo RK AT. Five floors in tilery Building
X aune.x, suitable for storage or light manu
facturing. Each llonr contains 12IH) square feet,
well lighted and all modem appliances. Apply
to A. I.. Maisaku, Boom 20. Mat
LOST Light Sack Coat; Under please leave
at American House and recleve reward.
97-21 C. S. Wilkins.
The Lawn Mower Season
Headquarters for Awnings, Tents,
Screens Clothes Keels, Wringers', Ironing
Boards, etc.,
For Cash ! For Cash !
Nails, Screws, Poultry Netting, Fly Screen.
Shovels. Scoop Shovels." Forks. Hoes" Ac.
We sell on small margin for cash. Call and
save yourself money.
Job Shop, 40 Elliot St.
W. F. Richardson & Co.
May It), 1901. S4-lf
l"R. F. A. W OOOBI HV, Demist. Office
Xt ns Elliot St.. J -r ttleboro, Vt. 12wly '
A I. MILLER, M. D.,Phylclan and Sur-1
eeon. Hooker Block, Brameooro, Vt. Office I
C 31UB Mill 5. i to , o :w w o.
BACON t HOOKER, Attorneys at Law
1'ractlce In State and Federal Courts Ver
wont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and New
York. 12 and 14 Cilery llubdlug. T4 tf
DR. H. I,. WATERMAN. 41 Elliot St.
lice hours: 12.30 to 2 30 & 6 to 8 P. M.
4m f
ATERMAN &. MARTIN, Attorneys at
i,aw, uanc liiocg, jjratueuoro, n,
DENTISTRV In all lis branches. Teeth ex.
tracted without pain. B. il. KlNKtAO, D.
1). S., ii Main Sireet. 28tf
F. BARBER. D. D. 8.. Union Block,
over Greene's drug 6tore, Brattleboro, Vt.
JAMES CON LAND, Jtf. D., Physician and
Surgeon, orattleboro, Vt. Office In Crosby
B:ock. Residence, No. 8 Walnut St. Office
tears from 8 to 9 a.-m., 1 :3b to 3, and 7 to p. m.
TjlHKD B. PIGREI0, Attorney and Conn
JC selor at Law, Solicitor and Master In Chan
cery, Collections promptly made. Chester, Vt.
DR. E. R. LYNCH, ofllce and residence 40
Elliot St., Braltleboro, Vt. Office hours
1 to 10 a. m 1 to 8 and 7 to p. in. Ptf-frtu
GF.O. II. GORHAM, M. D. Whitney
BlDck, Main Street, Brattleboro Practice
-lirlted to the dceeases of the Eye, Ear, Throat,
xl Nose. Office hours, S :3:-12; 1 p. m.-4, Tues
iIavb and Fridays only. Kemalndcr of week at
Be'jows Falls lf
fOHN E. GALE, Attorney at Law, Guilford,
J Vermont. l!s-104tutr
DK. F. G. PETTEK, Dentist, Cronhy
Block. Over Holden's drug store, wltitf
CS. PRATT, lit. D., IS North Main street,
lirr.tileboro. Ofllce hours until S a. m.;
1 io2 .30 p. m.; t:30 to 6 p
and IteBldencc, No, 34 North Main Street.
Hcrj-s until 8 a. m. ; 1 to 2.30 and early evening
9 7.30s Sundays, 1 to 3 p. m. Telephone call.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
15 Union Block, Claremont, N. H.
Established IM'h Long Ills. Telephone,
From IMinley Town.
Canton, O., June a",. 1901.
Mr. IS. V. MlNKlt,
Ukak Sir:
received all in good condition. We use it for
almost all ailments, aud feel as if we could
not keep house without it. 1 think it a won
derful remedy for relieving Inflammation;
have never hud anything so satisfactory: it
does nil you claim for It. It is simply Great
for Corns and sore feet.
Sincerely yours,
Thus. T. Smith.
!W2 Springlield Avenue.
FOR SAI.K. A nice lop buggy. Inquire of
Glnn & Co. or F. 1). Williams. Braille-
boro, f'-'-tt
TJIOR SALIC An Meal Cash Register;
and In perfect condition.
dress "1," care Reformer.
A bargain. Ac
TlnR SALF.-Cheao Second hand 80 II.
1? Upright Marine Engine 14x14 cylinder, fto
driving uullev. A II In good order.
West Uuiumerslon.
John Tait,
C7 For fwle. Ample power; near station;
plcntv of limber: no other mill In vicinity. Of.
fered'at a very low price. Address Box 42SJ,
Heone, N. it. ni-tuir
For Sale.
of all klndB.
Special 3 lbs. Cherry Prunes for 2Jc. Straw-
berries and other fruits. Telephone roll 44-.'!,
l-!i.tf J. K. Hl'RIINKLl., .'0 Flat St.
ETor Sale at a Discount
Sec our advertisement elsewhere In this paper
C. W. STEWART, Brattleboro, Vt.
If you want to trade fur n farm or 'other real
Pstato, or If you have any to eeli let mo hear
from you. fiiaf
J. A. MIU.KK, KfUt Dummeraton, Vt.
fy Farmof about acros, 1 1-2 miles from
llrattleboro wntre. Uooil butidlnics ami iiicniy
of woo! and tlmntr. CttuNi he easily malu to
Kt'p i or 15 t;ow iiiKi 8ti)iiy ft hulk route, a
chance seldom offertMl to Hei-uroa farm an-i ttooil
tiouie so near the village limit. Imiulre of
KHf W. G. DOOL1TTLK, Bratlleboro. Vt.
Public Auction!
At my residence on Green Street,
Saturday, July 13, 1901,
At one o'clock P. M.
One Black Walnut Chamber Set. Black
Walnut Carved Hull Hack. JIarlile top Side
board, Mahoeanv lied. Commode, Wash-
stand and Bureau Dresser. Chestnut Cham
ber set. one old fashioned Desk, In tirst class
condition. Chairs of nil descriptions, I'ictures,
Hefngerator, Tricycle, rlano, Cash Keglster.
stoves. Marble top tables, two black walnut
Hook Racks. Spinning Wheel, Curptt,
Crockerv, Uluss ware, l'ewter Tea pots.
Trays, lirnss lire place rail, besides a !arie
assoiTmcnt of cooking utensils.
ty Terms Cash.
Jills. C. M. C. Klt'HAHU.sON.
C. I. Gii-on, Auct'r.
Real Estatel Investments
lint Its Power Now Belltved to be Broken
-The Story, Locally aud Generally,
Since Tuesday.
'flip thermometer, today, Is a bit be
low 00, a m on nereeable change from
the seven days nf terrible heat we have
undergone. The reliel began vesterduy
Bnd was accentuated by the refreshing
shower last niiriit, and though the
weather prophets disagree, we may hope
that the worst is over.
Varied have been tbe eccentricities
of this year's weather. January, Feb
ruary nod March were remarkable for
tho absence cf bcow; April aud May
gave us well-nigh cintinimus rain,
and June was cold and tepellant up to
tho 22d.
15 or 20 good, cheap Farms for
cash customers.
Now is a good time to buy a
House for investment or a Home,
call on us and see what we have.
Farms, village property, any
thing on earth.
S. Y. Edi.ktt & Co.
I tf
CLAPP JONES, Hooka, Stationery,
Fancy UooiIb. lectures and Framing, lyl
BAKKOWS A CO., wliole.Kle ind retail
dealers In Coals of all kinds. Ollice So. 33
Main Street. Brattleboro lly"!
H til lot St., Uoods called for and dellv
t: i l. Lace curtains a epeclalty. Telephone
'OLLCCtion. 47I
Cleaning Works,
8 Flat tit, K. B. 1 nomas,
JOJIS DI'KLEVV, Cuetom Tailor, Ryther
Block, up one fllftbt. Cleansing, Kepalrlne;
fcxd Pressing done at short notice. 14wly
T H. JACOBS, Bone Sho.lna; and
i JotblUK. Utnal St.
II. HALL, Carpenter and Slater,
er in elate. 26 Clark street.
Belonging to WM. LYNCH,
Thursday, July 11, 1901, 2 p. m.
Large 2 1-2 story House and Barn ami two
acres of Land. Good chance for Home or Iu-vestment.
S. W. EDGETT & CO., Agts
For alo.
One new two-story House on Pleasant St., ten
rooms. Crowd! water to bouse and e.nncted
with sewer. Land CS feet front, 1: feet hack
Also some good lots 10 build on and some otner
rood property lorfal-. call and see property.
Must be eold. C. W. WAKD. 12 Pleasant St.
M tf Bratlleboro, Vt
Every Barrel
gr"This is the guarantee behind
Gold Medal Flour.
Ask your Grocer for it.
Eastern Agents.
C. F. H. JE2X!E,
Suoceteor lo Sherman A Jenne,
Plre, Mutual Life. Accident. Plate Glass, Em
r overs Liability, Elevator, Hartford Steam
i-.-uer, Tornado. Indemnity and ourety Bonds
Nor-.tt German Llovd 8. S. Co. l'tf-tufx
por Sale at a Discount
Hew W. W. PUTNAM V CO. Organ
See cur advertisement elsewhere in this paper
C. W .STE WART. Brattleboro. Vt
I rn.!s of the Reformer who desire to do this
.? a favor, are requested to suggest to their
Wvreeye or Probate Court to have leeal adver-
--crts in which ihey are lmereeied placed In
"' kflormer. Particular care te takes of this
si ,.f a-lvertltlnr and through the Beformer
ns It reaches all the people ot I hi. section
it! bublnea. matter Is desired to do.
Kodo! Dyspepsia Cure
"Cifjests what j-ou eat
from list prices seems quite a reduction, but
that is what we are offering on
Go-Carts and Carriages
to close out stock on hand. When you con
sider that this means that a Carriage or Go
Cart listed at $20.00 can be lioughtYor $8.00
and one listed at $15.00 for $6.00, and fo on
in proportion, j-ou can realize that any one
who needs a Go-Cart or Carriage cannot af
ford to miss the opportunity.
3 E Have a Goon Assortment to Select Fkom. 4J
The Atlantic coaet got some relief
from a West Indian disturbance, moving
The casiialltles from Wednesday'8 flifht
with the heat rage, numb'rtd 220 deaths
In Greater New York with 337 prostra
tions. At Pittsburg, fiO drrtfis an 1 7J pros
trations UD tO IllldDilMlt.
At Philadelphia, 52 deat'is anl 300
At Uultiiuore, 11 deaths and 37 pros
At St Louis, four deaths and 33 pros
At Newark, N J. SI deaths and 00
Jerpey Citv escaped lightly with less
than half a dozen deaths nud about 30
cases of prostrations.
Six death? took place at Elizabeth. N
J, where there are 13 cases of pronra
tration reported.
This hot wave beaan moving east
ward about June 20. a;(d has been most
intense since Saturday. A hot wave,
such its this, is produced by a low
pressure in the North and a high pres
sure in the South, wileh has tho elleet
of e.using to superheated atmoaphere
of the Equator to spread over the
At Holyoke, Masi". there were three
deaths and at Springfield two. Prom
the Khode Island lint to City Point,
South boston, there was relief dar
ing the evening a g(!e of wind, ao-
oonipanied by a beautiful electrical
display on great lBnk of black
clouds and there were deluges rf rain
that did considerable damage. One
man, Geo Herder, wiis killed in tbe
ruins of an uttjnished bouHa that was
blown down. Tb -tornado capsized
15 yachts at City Piot, drove others
ashore and scared holiday makers on
the pier 'oinst to tieath. Mr Liw-
son s barns at Uonaet were totally
wrecked and other Uamagif reported
elsewhere. t
A bolt of liu'Ltninft instsnlly killed
three men, fatally) injured a boy.
ind seriously irjund a man and a
boy, members of si St Louis fishing
party, who baq sobt refuge from
the fierce storm of I ues-Jay aiter-
noun ceneatu toe .metier n a mas
site sycamore tree on the banks t-f
Dead creek gt Cab' ltia, 111.
A terriik- storm also swept New
l ork late W edue.day iifternuon and a
seven-story apartment house at Ninety
lifth street and West end avenue was
(truck by lightning noil entirely destroy
ed, a9 was St Agni s' church in Prook
lya and over a score of other houses ail
over the city. Lightning killed one per
son and stunned two others iu SSeeps
henp Bay, acd there m terror among
the vessels on the New York waters.
Tbe fiercest thunder stirro in GO
years visited Cape Cod Wednesday af
ternoon, and over a dozen bouses acd
bares were struck in Sandwich.
Ttere wero M deaths in New Vork
Wednesday, making tbe whole num
ber since the heatd spell began about
ijOO. In New England the Lumber is
estimated at lco.
Coal is
JfiOIlCVy yu can do your
'lr cooking with one oi
B0 tbe famous .....
The best fire-box, the best
I grates, the beat damper
I Circularfree. Walker 4 Pratt tR3j
Amltl Impressive Veremonlee Three A'a-
to lie Ailrteil lo Commission Chaffee
Knrceede MacAnltur In L'ouimaud.
iviaoiia, .iuiy i uivil government
id ina rnuippioes Das been auspic
iously inaugurated. Commissioner
Taft "as escorted by Maerthur and
Gen CbafTee from tbe palace to a great
temporary tribune on tbe opposite
side of the Plaza Palaeio. Standing
on a projecting center of tbe tribune
William II Taft. the new cifil gov
ernor of the Philippine islands, took
tne oatn Of omce adminiaterd ht
Chief Justice Arellano. Gov Taft was
then introduced hv Geo Mar-Arthur.
the guns of Fort Santiago beicg fired
oy way oi saiut.
A feature cf the inaugural address
of Taft was tbe announcemunt
that on Sept 1, 1901, the commission
would he increased by the appoint
ment of tbree native members, Dr
Ward Uolavera. Hcnito Leirarda and
Jose Luzunaga.
Tbe Fourth was celebrated with
frest and unprecedented enthusiasm
at San Juan do Porto Rico under the
management of Guv Alleo's commit
tee, Both the political parties assist
ed in t II m ceremonies, for which (im
Allen appropriatetl f'jOO and the citi
zens gave tbe balance.
Free tride resolutions was psosed by
tne assemtity and signed My uov Al
At Barra Aud One May Die One Chapter
of the Fourth Story.
Barre, July 4 While jevetal young
mu were loading anvils at Ks-t
Barre this forenoon a bystander acci
dentally threw some firecrackers into
an open bag of powder, wbicb explod
ed, badly injuring four men.
The victims are ( la recce Steveja,
Ellis Henry, Fred Wolcott and Cir
roll Stevens.
Clarence Stevens, tbe worst injured,
was unconscious several hours and
may die. The others were seriously
burned and kooekej down by tbe ex
Missionaries Return tolhe Interior Re
ports of Smvf Tprlslne; IlenttU.
Berlin, July I A special des'-atcb
to the nlks, eiturg frun China
says tnnt according to advices re
ceived at mission besdousrtera maov
missionaries have returced to the in
terior of Shantung province, where
they were well treated by tbe Chinese.
Tbe indemnities for mis-dons de-
roved ncd Christians killed have
been nearly all regulated by the mis-
lor.anea frun every locality and it is
their belief that the present calm will
cot last. A missionary1 fmrt Chi Li
province represents that following the
directions of the dowager ettpress in
Sin-Ku, great preparations for war
are beirg made.
Trie German foreign oitice says that
otlicial reports received here 'roiu
China show that no preparations art
being nittle for further uprisings in
that, country anJ upon iovestigitioo
the various sNrmirg reports uf np-
proaehing trouble in China ere
found to be unwarranted.
New Stale Record Established an
Hrcouda A 44 Mile Pursuit Race-Close
Base Ball tiaine Clear J.inp nf 18 Feet
and .1 Inches Hop Skip and Jump
Nearly 36 Reel Oiher Sports.
Yesterday was an ideal day to celebrate
the national holiday a delicious light
breeze tempering the shaft which Old
Sol has been tiring at us so long. Tbe
celebratiou which Munley Brothers un
dertook to carry through at their own
risk with a few subscriptions after the
citizens' committee concluded not to
risk it, proved the correctnees of their
judgment that tbe local public was just
hungry for that sort nf thing and with
the tj'ialitv of sport furnished, the best
riders in New England being one of the
entries, demonstrated that with the
wholu community back of it and adver
tising enough, it might have been made
a big success. The fact that it was a one
lirm affair operated as a damner on out
siders who might have been brought io.
As it was Man Icy Bros iust abaut come
out whole. The attendance at the bicv-
cle races was not far from 2OU0 and at
the base ball game about 300.
The festivities opened in the fore
coon irh a bse ball game at River
side Park between the ISrattlcboro V
ill U A team and the strong Keene
high school team whicb tbe Brattl
noro nign scnool Coys defeated some
time ago by tae close score of 10 to '.)
The game yesterday was won by tbe
visitors in a contest wbicb kept the
large t-rowil in constant enthusiasm.
Tbe locals made a series of errors of
omissions which proved most damag
ing ime tneir hase running was
woefully slow. Christj Crowell's
pitched a masterly game for the
locals and his arm had all the cunning
that it bad when be was the king pin
box artist at Mount Hermon. He
struck out 17 men and eilowed olIv
ore base ou balls while four of tbe
eight bits made ctf bim wers hits
which should have been fielded. With
Jack" Clune he did also the best
bitting for tbe Y M C A. Clone's
tine second base play and Tufts catch
ing were tba other prominent feat
ures. For the visitors Conwav and
Jones hitting sod Forbes base runnirg
and f orbes' and Hone s fielding were
features. The scare:
63 Main St.,
Life Insurance investments reap
the benen't of averate. Thi renders
the wejl-inauai;ed company strong,
and keeps it strong even ill hard
times. This is one of the reason
why ound financiers invest heavily
iu insurance.
(Correspondence solicited.)
UiE t . -5
Cer.'l Agents.
BurK'ary, Theft and Assault In Cuttlnga-
vlllc anil Vicinity Desperadoes Headed
For K.llovv. Falls,
The freight bouse at the Cuttiugs-
villa depot- was broken into Wednes
day niht, and s-veral pan i-U were
opened, two of which were carried
away. A horse and carriage were tak
en from tbe bsrn of Stephen Jarvey
the same night. Yesterday morning
two men assaulted George Barrett and
leftbim in an unconscious condition
near Mount Hclly on tbe road leading
to Cut'intfsviile. These criminal acts
were committed, it is thought, in the
order named ai d by tbe same men.
Barrett was fouud beside the nad
rear Mount Holly yesterday morning,
lie bad apparently been severely
beat'-n. When be recovered enough to
talk, he said that he bad been as
saulted by two lueu whom be met
wim a team. That was about all be
caul I say ami be again lost conscious
ness. Trie o!Ec3rs suspect that tbe guilty
parties are now beaded for Bellows
Keene IIS All it IB Tl! PO A E
Forbes, If, 5 0 0 0 2 0 0
ScU-ialn.c .ri 1 lu a S
Cameron, cf, .1111 0 u 0
Howe, rf, .1111 ! 1 ti
Conway, se, -J 2 i u 4 3
Kamrs, -HU, 3 1 0 II 1 1 1
.l.it.i-n, 4 2 J 4 1 II 1
William,., Ib, I 1 1 1 II ti
iluri-liy, p, 4 ti u 0 u 11 o
Totals. VI s s lu i7 21 lu
Clune. -.'ii, s -.' X a 0 3 0
Allen. 3b, 5H i 0 1 1 t
SloUe, (,, 4 11 S Ii 1
' Tufts, c, 4 u I 1 14 -J tl
-I Tuflf, If, 4 0 1 1 3 0 1
t tin-llfl.il,, 4 tl (i l. t U ti
.MnfToni, rf, Joe n u u u
tills, i f, 1 ti 0 o 1 n u
C'p.weli, i. 1 l i , ti
tcrrlur.cf, 4 ii ti t) 1 ii 1
Totals, s 9 ! 3
Innings 1 2 :i 4 r. 7 8
Keene u - 0 :f tl il It 1 J S
brauitooro u o u - 1 u J 0 o .1
Enc.tenitnt on Island or Mandanao
tiuarrel tlelween Rival Dafoee.
Miicila, July 3 An engaL'ement
Insure two uajs nss oc-curred at a
foi it 30 miles east nf Zainboaeg.1, is
land of Minaanao, between Oato Tjim
and bis followers and the followers of
Dam Sobvinao. I to T.;t'n is a vassal
of the sultan of Minaacao and Oato
Sobvman is iotlepfOPent. The losses
of both sides were heavy and the en-
gageme'-t indecisive. Tbe sullal uf
Mindanao, who is friendly toward t' e
Americans, professes ignorance s to
toe close of tae outbreak between
the two datos.
Summary 2 l-.tse bits stolte; :I laae hit-,
.lunesi tleul-lc plav Hnwe an-1 -lones;
struck on! by Crowell, IT; by Murphy, -i;
lilt bv pitched, rVrbep; base nn ball.-, l-.itmcs;
lefteo base-, V M (J A, I.; Keene. tl ptsscl
bails, Scbapllan Tufts 4; stolen base., Kcei'.i',
T; Y M C A, t'., Time 2 hours. L'mptres, Allen
autl Cbabbull.
After the game the following ath
letic sports took place:
,V van! tlasli won by Willianis.of Keene, N
II : Kerriter of Hnttticboro set und ; Jonc of
Keene, N II, lliird.
luti-vard tlasb, won by Williams of Keene:
.lont-s'of Keene, -econd; Ferriter 01 Kntltle
boro. th'rd.
Hioail-iutnii. Clune of Brattleboro tlr-t.
with a line iuiutuif 1? ft ." In : .loues second.
17 tt U in : Williams third. IT ft .'i iu.
Hop. skip and ititni. Clune wen by a
splendid jump of :'.."i tt !1 1-2 In: Kerriter was
second So It and Kowley third, M ft Hi in.
The bicycle races at the Valley Fair
grounds drew out another big crowd in the
afternoon who witnessed some line sport.
The prizes ollered asru'res-atcil some 400
and for them, some of tbe best amateur rider
in New Knuiand entered anil u big Meld
slarted. f'.rattlciioro people are well ac
quainted with the liicyclititf game as they
witnessed here stiuie of the fa-test amateur
and professional races when the sport was at
its height of popularity.
She Didn't Wear a Mask.
But her Beauty was completely hidden
by sores, blotches and pimple till she
used Bucklcn's Arnica Salve. Then tbey
vanished as will all Eruptions, Fever
Sores, Roils, Ulcers. Carbuncles and
Felons from Ha use. Icfallible for Cuts.
Corns, Burns, Scalds and Piles, Cure
guaranteed, 25c at Hoi Jen's drug store.
Cure for Ctftalera lafaatam Xever
Knetwui te Fall.
During last May an infant child of
oar Dt-iabbor was suffering from chol
era infantum. Ice doctor bat given
up all hopes of recovery. 1 took a bot
tie cf Cliamberlain's Colic. Cholera
and Diarrhoea- Remedy to the bouse.
telling them I felt sura it would do
cood if used accordiLg to directions.
In two days lime the child bad fully
I recovered, ibe child is co vigorous
land tialtby. I pave recommetiied
this teniedy fn-quently and bate never
known it to fail. Mrs Curtis Baker.
I Pookeisltcr, Ohio. For sals by ttroek?
Hotse Ffcarmacy. 1
The bicycle race3 at the Vrtllay Fair
grounds drew out nnother big croatl
in the afternonn who vit'ess-d some
tjne sports. Tne prizes offered aggre
gated soma 100 iiarl for then some tf
the best amatuer riders in New Kng
laud entered and a big lipid started
Brattleboro people are wrll acquaint
ed with the bicycling game they
witnessed here some uf the fastest
amatsur and professional races when
the sport was at its height of popular
ity. Races which were cor.ccecled tl
be the test in tbe couctry. On this
track such world-famed riders as tbe
Hurler br.ithers. Eddie ''Cannon"
Bald, Minnie. Illy. Blake, Neadeau,
atd a score of others who were then
"it," raced for diamonds and cash,
but Manley Bros need cut be ashameJ
of tbe line sport they gave yesterday
io return for the public she'kles.
Tbe ridera were from all sectiors rf
Neew Kuglanl, Connecticut and Mas
sachusetts riders predominating. Sev
eral novelties were sprung od tbe
public. Gxe was pursuit race io
wbicb two testi s of tbree riders each
started at different halves of tbe
track and tried to catch each other.
It took oco hour, sii minutes and 4ti
seconds and distance cf 23 mile be
fore tbe final man was overtaken.
Another unique card was exhibition
brats by three different makes of
motor crlces, while to "horseless"
ctrriages better knon as the auto
mobiles were also shown. Tbe attempt
to establisb s r.ew state bslf-mtle
track record was successful which
was a pleasing event to tbe bg crowd.
A Carti of Worcester, crack rider
who bas been winning his share of
events tbe cast to years, was tbe
suo-s-fnl man to lower Eddie "Can
non" Bald's famous fcalf-mile sprint
msda here ia u.x Carol was p.ctd bv
riaerson and Davis oo a tandem aid
they set a warm pace hi?b brourht
tbe Worcester titer under the site io
The trst race called was tb half
mils for novice riders for toe follow-
Thers will be a moating of the Cath
olic Union at the school house this
Tbe marriage engagement nf Harry B
Pratt and Miss Jennie M liritton, both
of this town, is announced.
J A Pollen had a gratifying sucress
at Silrerdale last ever-iug with 100
couples present at tbe dance.
There is to bo a golf tea at the links
Saturday about 5 o'clock, urless
Btoriny, for all members of the club.
The next regnlBr meeting of the
New England Order of Protection will
be beld in Grand Army ball next
Monday evening, July 8th, at 8
o'clock, livery number is requested
to be present if possible bs a represen
tative of the supreme waroeo is bote
and will be present.
The golf clubjvcted Tutsrisy evenirg
to raise sufficient money by subsc-ip-tion
to build an adtlition to the club
house containing a shower bath; and
lockers and to toilet looms. W H
Childs, Jas F Hooker and J G Ullery
were appointed a building committee.
Jas F Hooker was elected to the
board of governors in place cf Louis
Gregg reiigned.
Miss Susie Clark entertair,eJ the
Daughters of tho Revolution very
pleasantly at her home at the West
Village yesterday. There were about
35 present. Mrs Fred tin ith reatl a
very interesting paper nn "Indians"
aril Mrs I O P Smith an origical
poem, while Mis Metcalf. wQo is
here visiting her daughter, Mn 8
Uowen, gave au account i f the Daugh
ter's Day at the Pan-American Expo
sition at which she was present.
Tbe "coon marriage' announced for
Tuesday at iirookside Park of Harry
Katun and Mamie Jackson wsa "un
avoidably postponed," as Justice New
ton, who was to perform the ceremony
had other ecgagea.ents for the even
ing. So instead it took place at his
office Wednesday morning. The
guests i'cluded several "white
f ilka", with all the other members
of tbe troupe. The service was with
the ring, with music, in wbicb the
entire company join? I. to the delight
of tbe officiating justice, who sivs it
was "a most enjoyable occasion.'
At tbe meeting of the Garment
Workers' Union Monday the following.
officers elected at the June meeting
were installed : Pres, Fancy L
Hitchcock; Vice Pres. IJelen Leahy;
lite Sec, Addis M Fay; Fin Sec,
Minnie Dietrich; Treas, Margaret
Long ; electite members on eet:utive
board, Sherman McQuade, Fred .M
Bullard and Ida S Keed ; trustees,
Frank Field, Geo Leonard and Irviu
Crosier. At this meeticg Fannie L
Hitchcock was elected a delegate and
Geo W Leonard as alternate to tbe
General convention which is to meet
in lialtimore, Mil, Aug 12.
Sunday was observed as Children's
day at the Baptist churcb. The deco
rations consisted cnietly of hemlock,
laurel, maiden hair ferns and daisies.
Over the plaiform was bung a pic
ture of a child painted bv Artist W B
Stuart, and on the organ whs tbe
motto, "The little child shall load
them" on a ground of green. The
exercises were especially good and in
cluded recitations by the primary de
partments and restonsive readings, an
a-tdress to the children by Key (Jr
Marble, and the singing of the"Time
of Duty" by all the nembers of tbe
Suutlay school. At 5 o'clock in the
alterncon a spccisl service for tbe in
stallation cf the otlicers and teachers
of the Sunday school w?s one of
the mo't impressive, yet simple ser
vices ever field in tne church. The
following officers were installed: So
periuterdent. L W Hawley: 1st assis
tant superintendent, Fred S Knight ;
I'd assist tnt superintendent, Mrs F L
Smin ; s cretarv. Mis Lena Prosser;
traasurer. S W Kdeett : assistant
trees irer. H F C Toe It ; librarian, H
F O Toedt: assistact librarian, Misses
Nettie Harris and Lena M Prosser.
July .iHunts.
Mrs E W Harlow left Tuesday for a
visit to her former home at East
Hethel. John Guiheen and ilnuiihter
Katie, spent the Fuurth iu Holyoke
and vicinitv.
Mrs Frank A Norcross was a visiter
with Mrs .-lithur Wilcox at Green
field last week.
iCocilcuetl ow JU page.)
The Best Medicine
Money Can Buy.
Baxter's Mandrake Bitters has been a
popular remedy with the public for 30
years, ana is warranted to cure consti
pation, sick headache, dyspepsia, bilious
ness, indigestion, kidney trouble; will
regulste tbe bowels and all stomacM ills.
It also purities tbe blood, expelling nil
poisons and maaing one well io every
part of the body. At all druggists, at i.r
cents per bottle or boi, and money back
if it does not cure. Brooks House Phar
macy, Thomas' Pharmacy, Geo., E.
Greene. F. H. Holden.
IjeeAllen'e Poat-Ka.e.
A powder to be shaken into the shoe?
Your feet feel swollen, nervous and hot
and get tired easily. If you have smart
ing feet or tight shoes, try Allen's
Font-Ease. It cools the feet and makes
walking easy. Cures swollen, sweating
feet. Ingrowing nails, blisters and
callous spots. Believes corns and bunions
of all pain and gives rest and comfort.
Try it to-day. Sold by all druggists and
shoe stores for i'tc. Trial package
FKEE. Address Allen S. Olmstead,
LeKoy, X. Y.
The Beet Meaaeely Par Stomach anal
Hawel Troablee.
"I have been in the drog business for
twenty years and have sold most all of
the proprietory medicines of any note.
Among tbe entire list I htve uever found
anything to equal Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea l.'emedy for all
toinach and bowel troubles." says O W
Wakefield of Columbus, Ga. "Tbis
remedy cured two severe cases of cholera
morbus in my family and I have recom
mended and sold bur.dnds of bottles of
it to my customers to their entire satis
faction. It affords a quick ard sure cure
in a pleasant fcm. No family should
tie without it. 1 keep it in mv bouse at
all times. " For tale by Brooks House

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