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Soiuetlilnar Mw Vndn
tin Bun."
All Doctors have trie'l to cure CA
TAKltll tiy tliu uhb of powders, ncid
KiiHHg, inlmlnr unrl driven in pante form
Tlioir poKdors dry up tho muonu
liionihriiiiHS esHsinR them In crock opan
hii:I Meet. Tho powerful acids uso.i
in tho inhulers have entirely entn
away tlm stuns inuDiurauui ut men
uUpi-1 Imvn uinir'd to euro, while
rnu-tos and ol "truants cannot much the
dimiiis--. An old ami experienced prc
tiiinnnr uhn hiis for many years,
fcudv and sueciilty of
tho traut.nient of CATARRH, baa lit
JiiMt. nnrfi'ctoil n Treatment which when
fuitlifully tfio.1, not only relieves at
oncn. hut poraianontly cures L-A
TAIfRll. hv reninvir.a the causo, Btop
nina tho discharged, and curing all
inflHitimntinn. It is thn only remedy
known to science that actually reaches
tho alHioted rmrta. This wonneriui
pbiubiIu is known as "SNUFFLES th
and is sold at the extietrely low price
nf On Dollar, oaob paaUaje contain
hir intofial and externo! medicine
aiillicient for a full month's troutmeut
and ovuj thing necessary to its perfect
"SNUFFLE5" is tho only perfect
CATARRH CUKE tvor made and is
now recognized as the only safa and
nnsitivo euro for that annoying nnc1
difiBiiKtin!? diripHsn. It cures all inflHin
matio.i ouieklv arri rerrnansLtly and
is also o"derf:;lly ouiuK to relievo
CATAUKU wbn reylol t'l often
mill save von if ou use it at
oire. It is no ordinary remedy, hut a
complete treatment which is n sitively
guaiatiteoi to euro CATAUKU in any
furiu or stetje if uso i Hccoruing to the
directions which aucpmpaty each pacl;
bl'O. Don't tlelav hut send for it nt
once, and write full particulars as to
your condition, and you will receive
special advicefrom the discoverer of this
wmiderliil remody regarding jour case
wituout ci-st to you hevnnd tne recti
lur price of "SNUFFLKS" the
Suit prepaid to any address in the
Uuitod htutes or Canada on receipt of
Ono Dollar. Address IJept K SOU Kl)
and 2332 Market Street, Philadelphia.
If you haven't n ri'ciilnr, healthy mnvement of the
ttowola every tixv, yuu'ro III or will bo. Keep your
bmvclH open, find l well. Force, in lh sliupenf vio
K-iit hyi.k' or pnisDti, i i thuiL'i-rouri. Tim sinootti
oMt.f.isiont. iiwrit lu'i lfct way of kt eying ihe bowels
dear and clean is to UUco
Swarm. orif.'ti rrovtiis a JJSul.ance In
The southwest of Franco is sulfor
ing from swhmb of grassnoppeis
Tn liuin 1uuin(7 Rouillao for Anu'ou
inmn nn Wetdnesdnv ovenirir was held
hv finormnuss nuantities or ciassuop
pers heaped on the rails. The engine
crushed the iuat'Cts, making a sort of
mlU which in-evented the wheels
from gotttijg a grip on the rails. So
numerous ern ibe urasshoppeis that
anan uiml nnved useless.
Most of tho passengers iilightod and
k tn the nearest statiotl on foot.
Verv serious delays to train at Mnrt
Poitiors and La Koehello are also re
porto from the same cause.
The controversy between Thomas W
r.iuvKou of lloston and the New York
viu-lit club over the eligibility of the In
dependence as a cup defeuder has a clou.
parallel on the other side of the Allan-
r.ic. iv lere uennein m ijurn una
jought Sir Thomas Llpton to allow his
yacht Kariad to race Shamrock J I with
a view to deciding which bout has the
r elit to compete lor the America s tup
Sir Thomas has rejected the proposition,
but oilers Mr Clark the satisfaction of a
series of Ave races with Sliunirotk I for
n wager, of tuOO on each race.
I'rof Hermann Von Hoist, the histor
ian, who still retains ins connecuou nu
Chicairo university, hut who went
abroad last year in 'search of health,
now reported critically sick ac f lorence,
It is a summer of labor disturbances
in Italy as well ps in the United States,
only the Italians have gone lo an ex
treme in the matter. Since February,
more than to strikes a day. on an aver
age, nave oroKen out in me Kingdom.
The Italian laborers who come to this
country are not thought to tie much
given to strikes, a fact that renders the
very turbulent condition or Italian lauor
at heme rhe more interesting. 'Ihe im
migrants are for the most part drawn
from the farms, and consequently are not
trained in the art of kicking, while the
strikes in Italy are organized chiefly in
the industrial towos and cities wher? so
cialism is gaining a strong grip upon
the wage-earning artisan class. In Ital
ian politics sociilistn is making formid
able gains, and the government of the
day is perceptibly affected by it.
VOL. XXV. NO. 93.
ills Wile's fll
It is a singular thing that in the
popular view of disease the interde
pendence of the several organs of the
bodv is lost sight of. The heart, tor
example, is diseased and it is treated Rt
if it were entirely separated from, and
independent of, every other organ.
The lallacv or mis opinion is snown
hv the cures of heart "trouble," liver
"trouble," kidney "trouble" and other
so-called " troubles," effected by the use
of Dr. Pierce's (..olden jleilual Discov
ery. Primarily the "Discovery" is a
medicine for the cure of diseases of the
stomach and blood. But it cures dis
eases of organs seemingly remote from
the stomach, because these diseases have
their origin in a diseased condition of
the stomach and iU associated organs
of digestion anil nutrition.
I dnrtnrerl wilh three dierr-nt dnctnr- for
wealt Ir-nrl, Din llipy om me no poo.i." wrues
Mr, lulin A. Wileux. of C'vjn'-t. Wood Co.. Oitio,
flox 53. ' I war. so tired an I ihcour.H;ecl if I hatl
hnn mv cho:ce to live or .lie I wntu! have pn"
frred to .lie. Mv husband heard of ' r.olden
Mi-i'ii-.ql Ilisroverv ' and he honuht a bottle. I
took that and the first half seemeil to help me.
I tool; six bottles before 1 stopped. I am per
fectly well, and am cooking for six boarders.
It has been a God send to me."
Dr. Tierce's Pleasant Pellets cure con
Hoys or mill 10 ! Old Men Aninliff
Tlir.e I'diitlv. Boer..
Thn 0,'iO liocr prisoners who arrived at
Bermuda Jute SS, were moved Tuesday
into camps on Ditrrell'j and Tucker's
Tlifse lioers are part of Gen Crotijn's
force and were captured at I'aardoberg.
Among them are several boys of eight
and ten years, who carried ammunition
tu their fathers when the hitter were in
the Uoer trenches. There urn ttvo lioers
so old they crawled on all fours down
tho transport gangway. These two old
men never saw salt water before reach
ing Cape Town.
The prisoners are pleased with Her-
muds and Tuesday afternoon enjoyed
sea bathiui.
Th'.- only Mnim?nt for internal u.- quiet
nil lor cjllc. urinuj), dutrrh'i'a. rliolnru i:nr-
1 1. hit-, bruliL'ti, iurin. tim i. c:iuu:jss
utlii!i. Hjimlns Id Ihu old reila;lo
ravorifo family rnnwly r-lnr lo. Khpp It
t:i tiic li'diHP. 'l'wKHlzc-fi, 20 (Bflwan'l
l-'n-t Iwto!: in "Treatment for Aiwiud,
1, K WOii.NMOX i CO., lloUon, Mm.
llunnf l'-ilntnltln PffTit T:IS t c (Iftfid . Drt OfKVl
Nnvt-1' Sifln-n Wimkrii. nr (;rinf. 10. 2': ami ftO cent.1
p'-r liox. Write tor true Bampk-, iiiiJ booUlet nn
lnMlth. AdtJids.s
. RniEQ Mte-llava Hji
wiwit.o i
I Rocomm.nd as th 3EST
Stur Crann Bran-i
Immrdlnt-j relief, na!w?6r,no pnio. - - -
Ut'od tor yert-p by lp"VjinR np-Jcialirt. TTtinrirsdt of UtO
rjonifili. Atriol wi!j cuavipce jou oftheir Intrimlc Mini
i cMt of 6u;ircF3in. Send ttn tint fur aamplt hk
U)ob. All Unitn or hy mail 31.50 box.
m mmm box mo. boston, ux
Monthly Regulator has brought happiness to
jiuuuiuuo ui uiiAiuun woiiieu. iiicie is pusi
l ively no other remedy known to medical sclencn
that will so quickly and safely do the work.
Longest and most oh'tinato irregularities from
mjf i..iu3i: icuu veil iuinieuiaiei . i",in:ee uai
allied at any staire. No pain, danger, or inter
l'erenco with work. Have relieved hundreds of
oaKos where others have failed. The most dilH
eult cases successfully treated by mail, and bene
ficial results guaranteed in every instance. No
risk whatsoever. Wo treat hundreds of ladies
whom we never see. Write for further particulars
I'nd free confideutial advice. Do not put otr too
long. All letters truthfutlyanswered. Remem
bor, this remedy is absolutely safe umlerevery
possible condition and positively leaves no aftei
ill effect. upon the health. Sent by mail, securely
sealed, y'i.oa. Money letters should be registered.
UK. J.W. EMMONS CO., 170 Treiuont St., Bojton.
por Sale at a Discount
Sec our advertisement elsewhere In this paper.
C. W. STEWART, Brattleboro. Vt,
German Syrup is the special prescrlp
tion of Ir. A. Boschee, a celebrated
Getinan Physician, and is acknowledged
to be one of tho nio.-t fortunate discov-
ies in Medicine. It ouickly cures
oughs. Colds and all I.ung troubles of
the severest nature, removing, as it does,
the cause of :he affection and leaving
the parts in a strong and healthy condi
tion. It 19 not an experimental medi
cine, but has stood the test of years,
giving satisfaction in every caee, which
its rapidly increasing sale every spason
confirms. Two million bottles sold Bn-
nually. Boechee's German Syrup was
introduced in the Lnittd btatei in lsb
and is now sold in every ton in the
civiiied world. Three doses will relieve
anv ordinary coiigb. Trice ".) ccnls.
Get Greene's l'rizj Alumnae. For sale
at Greene's Drug Store.
Ca.t a Lire Hai-iler in a Chic. so Ie.
Cleam Pnrlnr.
While alterapting ti recover aD um
brella anil purse belonging to a young
woman, who was a stranger to him, W
J Harris was sliot and fatally wound
ed at Chicago Monday night by Mich-
aeli) v arltis, n Greek. As bis victim
fell Varlos dropped bis revolver and
tied, pursued by a number of men who
nacl seen tun snooting, lie lias not
been ci;ptuid. The afTrav occurred
in an ice cream parlor, in which Var
los is a waiter. Half an hour before
the shooting Varlos bad quarrelled
with a woman ai;d her escort who had
entered the place. A tight followed
between the men, during which Var
los was struck over the head with en
umbrella by tbe woman. Sbe thpn ran
nut the door, leaving the umbrella
and her puree behind.
Just outside tbe dcor she met Har
ris, who inquired tho cause of her ex
citemcnt. She told him and he of
fcred to return and secure tbe n
brella and tiia purse.
Say. Culta I'liaiitiuou.l)- VFhvh to lie
Frtt-Bllt I. rilled With l.ov. for
Gen Maximo Gonez who has reso
lutely refused to talk about tho pur
pose of his visit to tbis country, is
sued a signed statement iuesday in
which be ssid :
Tbe accent ince cf the PlBtt
amendment by the Cuban const itu-
tior.al convention has already t'eficed
tbe political situation in Cuba, and
as th e Cubans are all nnxioi's to es
tablish self government they am all
working toward this end. There is
not ote who does not riosire rho flag
wnun represents so much sufferina,
so many sacriliees for freedom's sako.
Tho whcli- world has kr.on this for
many years,
Tbo sole olijrct of my visit bns
been my great desire to embrace my.
old, true ncd loyal frinud, Toa lis
bstmdii l'aliua, nbom I liuvo not beeu
aldo t-j sj since peace was estab
lisbod, and of course tu pay a visit
to President Mi-Kit: ley, to whom e
Luhans owe so much, also to pay my
re.-pects to Secretary Hunt.
'This, is not my first visit to this
city of which I have many pleasant
and also sad recollections fr I oi.ee
silently ai,d iinkLowo trod the tho--ocghfars
of tbis free country with
only the ardent hi-pe of helping to
break tb churns that enslaved Cuba.
To. i ay ev-pr thing ij changed. Or
nghiri s?tiiug fwt in tnis frro laiid
feel happy for in every American I
sea a friend whi hes sbfd bis biood
side by sido wilh us fir freedom, has
earned uur et-?rntil gratitude and es
tablised a mutual otdigatiun Let Jteen
the two people to umiiitain pence and
independence in tho island of Cuhs. "
(aigne 1 ) "M Ga-.nez. "
When the quantity of food taken Is too
large or the quality too rich. lieartbt.Ni is
llkeiy to follow, and especially so if the
digestion baa been weakened by constl
paiijn. Kat slowly and not too freely of
easily digested food. Masticate the food
thoroughly. Let six hours elapse be
tween iiiealt and when you feel a f '.ill
ness and weight in the region of the
stomach after rating, Indicating that vnu
have eaten too much, take one nf Cham
berlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets and
tho heartburn may be avoided. For sale
by Brooks House Pharmacy.
A New l,.wGntl Iill. i:ltrct In Illllioi..
Many important laws anil amendments
to the statues enacted by the Illinois
Legislature went into t tl'. ct Tuesday.
Kidnappers, college stu dears that haze
and blackmailers are provided for in
special enactment-. What i pmhably
(tie most radical department in legisla
tion, and ot.e vhk.li may call f.?r a
ruling from the courts at the earliest op
portunity, is Mm: imposing the death
penalty for kidnapping. Whether the
iurv can look upon fiis crime as snillcl-
ently heinous to merit the puniahmnnt
is doubtful, but cliild stealing, it is be
lieved, will riecreiso materially as a re
sult of the law. Hizing has been c!a?ed
ss a criminal offense, punishable with
fine and imprisonment.
lodoiso no is to ni uKi.
Mnr. Hrpnrta llrrelv.tl at Tl.d.T.ln
Native. Defeat Mohainm.ilan. at Tien.
T.ln-Ollier ponera Cau't 8a Mow to
( lie k China.
Kresb reports of fighting in Man
churia end the frontier of l'bi-Li
provinon have been received nt Tien-
Tsin. A pitched bsittlo has boen re
ported at Shan-Van;, in which na
tives defeated the Mahomedans. Gen
Tung Kuh Shan-Si is reported s at,
tacking the Chinese converts in Shan
Si province.
Tbe instillation hv Ku-sia of a civil
administration in Newenwanu, Man
(buna, has aaain made prmiiDBi.t
tbo question f the nii-upatiun of that
province by tho Knesians. Soma of
tbe towers have already rec 'gnized
the administrator, hut the minister
of other rations ere riouhtful as to
the course to t o foil )ed in the mat
ter and arn awaiting instructions from
their home aovernn.cnts. Among
those thus awaiting inst ruction-
t be representative cf tbe Ubitod
It is under-stood that the IJritisb
and Japanese minister will rocoro
mend to Li Hung Chang some plan
for opening Manchuria to the world
in Hui-h a way as t (.-institute an ef
fectual barrier to Russian aggression
bpu to avoid treaty and other com
plications that are otherwiie found
to follow a Hus.-iin occupation. Tbe
matter has not yet been presented to
tDe court.
of Gecglis
ihvssnn 7ii0
more successful,
Two Dead and T.r.a Badi Injur. d A
cor. of Olli. rt Mort or I.e.. Hurl.
Two dead, thrct severely if not fatal
ly injured and a score more or less hurt
is the result of a rlre which broke out at !
the Pullman lodg.ng limine, Hi West
Mercury street, Putte. Mor.t. at 2 o'clock
Tuesday morning.
A number of men were experimenting
with a gasoline lamp in tbe saloon on
be lower floor uf the lodging house,
wht n the lamp exploded, scattering
flames in all direetinns. The building
was wooden and befo.-e the lire depart
ment arrived thefli mess had eaten through
the lower flior a:d were spreading to
the upper stories.
The lodging lnuse cont.iiued about
100 guests, none if whom were able to
save anything except what they woie.
Most of them eciped by jumping from
A report on Russian military opera
tions in Marrburia the past 12
months, soon to be issued hv the mili
taty inforn.ation division of tbe Unit
ed r-tates war departmect, will show
conclusively that thete was an actual
invasion of Siberia by Chioesi impe
rial troops, unci tbBt, consequently,
Kussia would bave had coa-ph-te tech
nical j ustilicAtion in formally declar
ing war upon China.
Kai-Knr.fi, tvliich ha3 teen designat
ed as tho tew i-ipital of China, ac-i-nrdir.g
to the latest reports, is fili
ated no the Vellow Piver. abojt 10
milfs from P"kia. It is t-antieeted
with Sharg
which ri-m-
uillion, is notoriously
hy rail with Pi kin nnd
hai, and its population.
hers half
Horses! Horses!
1 linre inst rocclvcl a I.m.i of horsnA which I
liouifht In tho iionhTii pirt ot chc scitn. Tie fie
'"'iHt'H confllht iiMiHily of ulce drivers, nvcltrhina
from r,utn noon..
N. 1. lifiy horse 7 years oM. stnn'ls ir:j,
weighs IKt i J uk. This horhe U vi-ry givll&n uwi
a ith:o nentli'timn'ft dnvur.
N't. 2. li.iy iiore 6 vears oM, ptnnds 1.1,
weiffhs 1 5i lh.- He ( a'uoi'l roa-ter ami a nice
family htireo. Not clruiii if anythlnir.
Nt. P. i;uy mam ti vcars o.'l, ttandri 1..2,
wcttfliA IOiki Hi. ThU muru U uii extia iilre
driver and h indsonif,
Nn. 4 ai;tl I'atr cf Hat mro8 fi and 7 yrs
ol I, M md IS vruih fK They arc u iaie learn
and i (rlti in everv way. ;
N'a. :uid 7. I'aiv Idafk horse, ffnd 15 2,
wi-tli 2 04). A Hit'L1, fityhsli, peuUeinaii's road.
tein. i
TU?, Iia.). iien are all eood livery nnd IjusIdpps '
injr:iirt una all ready to pn nht in work. Aril
Hoieeicd tbCK; horea u.vvelf I can ytiarantee
them i.o tic all rlirlit ii everv war. Call ami see
Uh iii whether you wish o buy r.r Ert.
I also have a lull line of new and wrond hand
Carriacd and Agricultural iinpleuients for saie.
E. E. BLOOD, Putney, Vt.
Tho entire wharf property nf the
Metropolitan Coal company off Dor
chester avenue and Kirst street, Bouth
Uoston, was destroyed by tire at n late
hour Tuesday night. Four buildings
used as coal storage sheds and sta
bles with SO horses and tso tene
inert houses were destroyed, lie
teen 80,(XX) and 100,000 tons of hard
coal owned by the corporation caught
lire. J.he tire also destrovel tht
bsrge IJuenavides, with 1 0,000 tens of
coal. Capt Cnarles II Conklin and bis
four children Larrowl) escaped with
thoir lives.
Will I.eav. Untliliiatoii on Friday Wllh
Mr.. MrKlnley
The President has decided ti go to
Canlon this ween with Mrs Mckin
ley. Tiey will have Washington this
evening at 7 :.'i0 o'clock and arrive at
their Canton home soon aftsr 10
o clock on Saturday morning.
Secretary Cortelynu and l)r Ri Nev
a-ill accompany tbem, and one of
tbe nurses who attended Mrs McKiu
lev on the jourrey from San Francisco
will go to Canton with her. The Pres
iuent and Mrs McKinley expect t
spend about to niontbs in Csiiton.
the first and third story windows and it j
is miraculous thai more were cot killed. Th. Itr.t Krmeily Kor fcmniarh and
A number were ctrried out unconscious j t owel Trouble.,
by the il.-emen, but so far as known ail .. rmve been in the drug business for
will recover. I; is not be! ev.-d that twenty vears and have sold most all of
any except the two mentioiie, J perched. prn,r.,., ry me'lieires of anv note.
Ihe property loss Is. about b4(w0, with ; ir iu, i i,.., ,...-, tn.,
iHSVthiug to equal Chamberlain's Colic.
Shot ill. vii. Twlr.. j Cholera and Diarrhoea Itemed? for all
V Carpentsr of Centerde'.e i "-oniacn ami oowei irom.ies. - gay. t n
VllKPIII!m OI LOIUlllDU", lis. --inis
remeiv cured to severe case of cholera
no itsurancu.
Orir. V C'arpentr-r of CenterJele,
near Prnvidecce, K !, fired txo shots
et his wifo, .Mary, during a quarrrl
Monday, both bullets t'.kir.g effect. It
is helieve i, lioever, that the woman
will recover. Caprmi, who, it i9 said,
was recovering from a debauch, not
only attempted to kill bis wife, but
attacked Dr Corbett, who went to
Mrs Capnufs res;uo. The mau was
arrested. lie is 4"i years of ai;p. and a
painter. He has throe children.
morbus in my family and I bave recom
mended and so'd biimlrids of b-ittles of
it to my cusfoniers to their entire satis
faction." It affords 'i q'lick anil sure cure
in a pleas nit form. No family should
be without it. I keep It in my house at
all times. " For suit- by I'.rooks House
Win n yen want a nodern. up to date
physic, try Chaniherlaio's S:omsch and
Liver Tablets. They are eay to take
ami pli us inrin ifTect. Prieo 27) cents.
Samples free at Urooks House Phar
New Goods
Mis Carrie Drown, aged 22 years, died
in Caledonia, Wis, June 21. of t.earl
trouble. She was considered the fattest
gill in the world. She weighed CM
pounds, was 5 feet 7 inches in height
and her bust measured 72 inches.
Mrs Mary Laurier cf Chicago, 17
years old, who was married less than
a muath ago, killed herself with car
bolic acid because she could nut co
toa ianntny piejn at Ftl :s P,iric.
tier mother tola her Saturday that
sl.o could not he one of the pprty un
less her husband hoi.ght htr a lew
dress. He did not have tbe money.
sn capture. Hotn ofth. 'Var.it- rtare.
'lie Penn.ylvanla Prc.nmeu Victor.
Ihrtt R.c-ord. tlrokeu.
A new reenrd for 'varsity eight9
was made on the Hudson river lues-
day evening, aid what is uioro re
markable, of tha three ersws on the
race each hrcke tbe eld record by
many seconds. The Cornell crew made
tbe new rcoord of four miles in H.."i:i
1-5. The previous record was 11)4
3-5, made hy the crew of Pennsj lvania
last year. Columhiti finished second,
makitia the course in IS uH, Wisjorsiu
was third in 19 0:i 4-5 and George
town fourth in lit 21.
Tho race was r .'.vi-i in water that
was phenomenally ndvanlageoua.
The pnr numeral feature f.f the dav
is the fact tnat had not tho Cornci'l
fre-bmon b -:;it broken in the la-t half
mile C rnell woull haJ the victories
to ber credit.
luflge of Deb. Injuurtlon r'aine.
Judge William A Wrods of thcL'r.it-
ed States circuit, court, died sudden
ly at IndianapiJis Saturitay. He was
best known as the author of the fa
mous Debs injunction issnpd against
the railway strikers in 1S.H. H hIso
came into prominence in the Dudley
"blocks of tiva" election brihery c:i'e
soon after (Jen Harrison's election to
the presidency, whe-i Judge Woods
chHrged the jury that counseling
brih-ry was not indictiblo unless it
was proved that the advice bad been
followed. Tbis let (ien Dudley off.
Judge woods was a native of Tonnes- worked up a high degree of moral iu
see and was in bis Coth year, His ju- jdignation oyer the crime nf depriving
dicial career began in 1-57.1, when be I tbe negro of his right of suffrage. Whv
was elected a circuit judge in In-. do vou complain? asks Mr Herbert. The
disn.i. He later went to the Ptatn South always contended that th? Declar-
supremo bench and was from there : stion of Independence does not apply to
taknn hy 1 raidpnt Arthur and nude , inferior r.ires, and the republican po'.iey
a United States district iudtre. Onlnt toil.iv cnmnletelv accents thr. view".
the passant! of tho act organizing ! Whv. then, all tbis heat uhont the con
Camped on Uld 8otitli.ru Ground.
(From the New York Evening Post.)
Ex-Secretary Herbert, in his address
before the Alabama bar association
Tuesday, made a frank and crushint;
reply to the republicans yvho cry out
about negro di-f rincbisement in the
South. The Ohio republican platform
adopted the other day. for example.
United btues circuit courts of an
peal Judeo Wo-jds was made one
of the juutiei of the Illinois and In
diana circuit by IVsident Harrision.
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Another Bnffiln Hank lion t ti.l.r.
The Niagara henk state itstitution
fit liulfitlo, N V, close I its doers
Tcesday hy order of the stite stiper
iutenrient of I auks. I he suspension
was brought about solely by its close
connection with the City" Natiur.al
bank, its president having ben vice
prosnlent of the Ciry National bank,
and that no other hank l ere is io any
ay etffctod. Tne hank appliid to the
clearing bouse for assisnoce Mon
day and arraraetuents were reado to
extend it, when the state superin
tendent arrive I, and beenmirg satis
fied that the bank could not get
through wirn the assistance a-ked fir,
and accordingly directed that the
bank he closed in order to best pro
tect all interested. Tlie bank hud a
capital of 8100,000.
Die. or a Bpltlrr'. Rite.
Henry W Hauseh. a laborer, til veqrs
old, did nt Italiimore, Md, Tuesday,
from the bite of a siikb-r. His face
and neca were snolej Ik yond itcogoi
lion. Ka'.isch was seated on his doorstep a
week ago Monday when be felt some,
thing ciawliiig on bis neck. Me endeav
ored to brush it of!', but the inject clung
to tbe Mesh, tie (lieu grasped it and at
tho same time felt it had stung him.
it was a small bli.ck spider and he
thought nnthirg more cf the incident
until last Monday, when severe pains in
tbe r-eck and face induced him to con
suit a physician. He died in great agony.
stitutinrnl conventions of the South
going to work to eliminate the negro
vole? They are but doing, said the cx
aecretirv. precisely what thn country
is doing in its new island possessions
asserting the right of the superior race
to govern avagu tribes nndmixeJ races."
Really, we do see that there is anv an
swer to this, except to call Mr Herbert
an ( x-reb.?!. Hot we suppo.-e that be
would simply go on averting that the
southerners were always the trim ex-pansi.fii-rs
and imperialists, and would
contend that the North, having now
gone over to their view, ought, at least,
to leave olf abusing them.
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udi mirtzu
Arlington ufflc.r Katallr Shot.
Patrolman Garrett J Codv lost his
life at Arlington, Mass, Tuesday be
cause be attempted to act as peacemaker
between a quarreling netrro. John G
Smith of Cambridge, acd an Italian
fruit dealer of Arliogtoo. The trouble
was not grave ecouith to eaii'e an ar
rest at tbe time and the officer stepped
in between the men. The negro reouted
the interference. A scuttle followed,
during which the negro got Officer
Cody's revolver and ust-d it. 4 bullet
oiiiid in the heso was not thought
fatal, but Cody dieJ during the evtniLg.
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China Future in the Light of Her Past.
The foatura of China io tbe light
of its wonderful past, whether it ii
to ho merely a protital.la field tot
Ciuioasion exploitation, or whether
ri.dng in its giant's strength, com
prising a.-i its peopli (1j tearly one
third of thn human rnc, a inpting
modern n.ethola nnd itieas, it is to
mnlta an industrial invasion cf tho
Western world be tbreatening as ti nt
Klhan's arnmd
years ngo, auJ
imst he the n:nst
interesting of world questions for tho
coming generation. Ani it is in
structively discusiod in a rocent
hook, " Problems of Evolution," by F
W Hoadloy.
l"e lays much stro3s upon the fact
that has I. can generally overlooked,
that China's greatness and ciivliztion
wo rebuilt upon loesl institutions and
a fusion of races as is trio lesson oi
all history. Ir. tbo free lifo of inde
pendent status, jostlirg one another,
trying experiments, and learning by
their own an their neighbor's expe
rience and ofteo bringing ,tfco n.erits
of novel systems ta tbe test cf war,
must have Hri-:en the great hulk of
Chineso wisdom, of wbi:h Confucius
himself was V collest r, not the
originator. After centrilization was
completed soon after II C2'3Qwben
Hwargti, the Chin'so Nanoleon, re
duced the feudal princes, thuugh the
immmediato gain was enormous,
stsgnntinn set in and has continued
through ail these centuries of isola
tiun and concentrated power. Hut it
is remarkable that she has nererthe-li-ss
maintain; i her civilization at the
highest level reached. Ho finds the
first reaoon in a community of lan
guage. All edueited Chinese acd
education is very genera! write the
eaaie characters, and through tbe
medium cf writing can make them
selves mutually understood, from
whatever province they may come.
Then, again, the system of compet
itive examinations gives the people
ar. intereat in the government, edu
cation is cheap and any one who
chooses may compete in tbe series of
ruminations which opn tbe way to
the highest appointment s io tbe em
pire. Inis mHkes all supporters of
the constitution and worshippers of
things as they are. Another force is
Five Classics and the Four Looks
that constitute tbe gr'at Chinas?
storeao js of wisdom, wnicri all edu
cated Chinese reel and revere. No
where else has there existed a code cf
aw or morals that has so ring re
mained a living influence f ir good.
Finally, the whole cocstitutioa of
Chinese society seems admirably con
trived to prevent oisictrgral ion. The
family is the social unit. There are
no isolated icdividuols. except those
who have teen expelled frjm their
families for discraceful corduct. Ihis
social unit of.ii includes three or
four gene-atiors liricu' under one rcof.
The family councils sit in judgmont
on ollending ae'chcrs, sn.i may cv?n
ir fliet severe punishment. When an
atrocious crime is committed, the law
triats tbo family, sud nit merely ihe
individual, as responsible. It is this
sj stem of mutual responsiitliiy that
miiUfs it possible to carry or, cove:n
mnt with very few rfficials. Com
pared with tbe familv, icceed, tbe
state is an unimportant institution
in China, and the rottenness of tbe
government does not (roan, to the
same extent as it would in Ve-t?rn
communities, a rottenness of tbe na
tional life. In China cber are co
great movements against social evils,
because tbo evils when they arrive
are checked within tbe family. The
faxily life is perpetually reiavigorat
ed hy reference to the standard of the
ancient moralists. The ancestor wor
ship, which is universal among tbe
Chinese, is itself bo attempt to ideal
izs family affections, acd, therefore,
cannot but he looked uncn as bt'ln-
ire largely to cement socit-tv.
Remarkable also is xht fact that
this long civilization has not produced
physical degeneration. Mr Headley
(inus the explanation in the survival
of the physically fittest. Tbera is in
China next to no medical science.
acd co s-initatioc. The cnseoufiir e
is that by constitu; ioctl s-tienpih
alone, dies a Chiniinun from child
fcojd ui. ward hold bis own against
conditions unfavorable to life. The
ir.fart mcrtnlity is grit ami only the
sound in constitution pull thr.iugh.
Tfco r. sult is that as tfco iuhabitiiLts
of China have multiplied they bave,
apparently, grrwn in poer of resist
ance to all the uispas:.s wlik-ri bad
sanitation brines with it. Further
iiiiirf, the icstitniton of slarery,
which was o-o of tbe chief causes, if
not the main cause of the decay of
Uoxan nnd Gr ck t iiiiiz3tior.s, las
here lieea ii oiorrtiie to any consid
erable eient. Thus, as tse basis of
society, there is a hug-5 mass of ei
pie who bava lei a life cf toil an-.l
some hardship; from this mass tbe
rich families can recruit their vigor.
Mr Headley s cotciusion is that
Cqpis will L9 able, eventually
U take her place among progressive
nations, when tbe character
cf the race has hoen modified, hy
much elimination of those who look
orly backward, and when European
ideas sball have become slowly assim
ilated. He believes that when the Chinese
bave once eeeo a system better lhar.
th -ir own. they may l e able tbera-
selvesto maintain it : they bave l.on
est enough and train enough.
Thl. donation Hhoul.l n. Antwtrarf
Ka.llv Uv Oratllelinro Pcnii,.
Which js wiser to liave enr.fidnec.
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j ter strargers? li $ this:
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' t'.n street, guys : "I who taken
n-rriiuB pbiii- in n v biufl and back v
ttiHt I whs laid up for a muDtb, una!'1
to attend ti my worn. I t mp!nv6(i j
dott-r who Bhi I I hud gravel! u
eased the piin in my siiw but tot th
:onstnt doll aehe in my hacli. 1 EjT
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them. When I finished it 1 bough
another box and it brought a dscidgj
improvement. Tbe secretions fruai tc
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rare r.urnisl and tho dull ucbing pii:
left me. When nrjout my regulir wo-i
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