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1.50 A YEAR. 3.00 IF NOT PAIO IN ADVANCE. tel all tbe ends thou aimett at be thy Country'!, thy God's aid Truth's. THREE CENTS I'ER COI'V.
" -' i i M I. . 1 1
iirivTRO A competent woman forcencral
V housework In fnmllv of two. A good
liome UDdJllhural wages to right party.
s. w
OTunRNTR wtAlilnirtntarlllL' In HlKtl School
or Colleiic Preparatory utudtes. apply to
Florkni k C. AI.i.EN, SSCaiial Street.
WANTED'-A brlRlit, active young man, to
drive uaker'B wagon. Mutt have liest of
references ae to honesty and sobriety Steady
employment and good wages to the riRiit man.
Answer in own handwriting, Btaitng relerenc.es
to Chas E. ABiiott, Jio. sits cigntn Avenue,
Sfj.iit New York City.
TTTANTEn-Washing and Ironing to do.
VV Mks. Abuie K.Smith, Klonardson Farm
K. F. Johnston,
and he will come to your resi
lience and remove your teeth mh pain. 22-tf.
JENI y"r address to l'R.
77 rosi oi..
TITANTFD Serond-hand Typewriter. Ad.
VV dress Box '25, ISratileboro ,2tf
11TAKTED, Cusmmers for nuanilty of
VV choice hay, bulk. Inquire at Valley
Grain co.'s Office. 62 tf
WANTED A Smart Boy to work In Black
smith Shop. 9!i tf F. D. Williams.
If In jrant of carriage or sleigh painting, to
eaj at corner o so. main ami canai ot. or oiock
well'e Stable. First class work. O. B. llamsev.
Market Price Paid.
,.it West Brattleboro, Vt,
tvr Information that will lead to the arrest and
ODviction of the person or persons wno toon
iwv ihedoorB anil windowBand other property
iind lniured the buildings on my farm premises
in Marlboro. Vt.
vv. t;. DUUL.ni Lt, mauieooro, vt.
J'lie 24, 1901. 3tf
If vuu are Interested and would like to own
a re tee our advertisement on another page of
is paper. It tells how to get one oi tne leaii
e makes at Manufacturers' prices.
lanufacttirera' Agent, Brattleboro, Vt,
K. fill! DPHWAIT. D. D. 8 . Dentist.
L Northfteld, Mass., Tbur6dayB, Fridays
kud Saturdays. 19--M
ACO.M A. HOOKER, Attorneys at Law-
Practice lu State and ederal uourts v er-
I ont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and New
fore. 12 and 14 Ullery uunaing. Hit
kR. H. L. WATKR.MAX, 41 Elliot St. Of.
flee nourB: 12.30 to 2 30 & t to s r. u. tr
HATERMAN &. MAHTIJi, Attorneys at
it V Law. Bank B.oct, Brattleboro, VI.
lENTISTKY in all its branches. Teeth ex.
trailed without pain. a. K. hikkead, u.
. S , 6j Main Sireet. 25tf
TO KENT Onlv one left. Jieslrable Tene
ment, rear 31 'High street. t a month.
95-tf lniiilre 1.1 Oak street.
lo RENT-Cottago No. 3, Bllverdale
L nue. Barn and and boat and fully equip
ped for parties of six to
don, urauieooro.
Conn and ami
O RENT New cottrtge- 1 rooms and bam,
Lake snonord.
Jtoi'kWKLL, Btattleboro, Vt.
X SUverdalp, Lake Snolford,
TO RKKTOulv one left. Desirable Tene
meut, rear ai'lllgh street. Jnqulre 10 uk
street. U5tf
TO RENT S room house on Canal Sireet.
Steam bcut, hot and cold water and all
modern Improvements. 93 tf KooKrr&Co.
rpo RENT. Room 58 In Tilery Building,
J north corner room overlooklngrlver, moun
tain and Main street, steam heat, running
water. Also a small adjoining room if wanted.
Suitable for otlice or apartment. Reasonable
rents. Apply toA. L. Mavnakd, Uoom 2U. NUf
TO REST Up stairs Tenement, 0 rooms, on
Terrace street, to be vacated by K. F. Lelt
singer, as he leaves town, and ready June 1.
All modern Improvements, one best tenement
In town. s3 tf CHAS. illNKH.
rpo KKNT. Room if., tilery Building, over
X looking river and mountain. Steam heat,
running water, very light, airy and attrac
tive. Reasonable rents. Also a small connect,
lug room If wanted. Apply to A. Ij. Maynahii,
Room 2u. b;tf
TO RENT. Room 10, 1'llery Building. Fine
corner olllecs suitable for any business.
overlooks Main street. Very attractive, light and
airy, r'mnlng water, gas and electrics. Apply to
A. 1. lUAVSAItll, uoom 20. siur
TO RENT. Five lloors In Tilery Building
annex, suitable for storage or light manu
facturing. Each lloor contains 120(1 square feet,
well lighted and all modern appliances. Apply
to A. 1.. Mavnahij, Room 20. S)tf
FOR SALE OR RENT Rtlllillng suitable
for Bhop or storage. Rear of Hooker, Cor
ser Mitchell's. Inquire of II. B. Haub, Brooks
second hand Chlckerlng I'l
ftrHt clam condition, nearly
as good as new. Will be sold for leHS than one
third Its cost. Address Box 0S4, Braitleboro,Vt
FOR SALE The grass on the grounds of
the Laura J. Hasklns homestead.
:7 tf M. J. Mohan, Administrator.
ano. Modern.
FOR SAI,K.-()n single iron wheel truck,
and one two horse Iron wheel truck. Both
nearly new. Also one Lew sulky rake, lrou
wheels. C. E. Gil. man. '-
FOR SALE. A nice top buggy. Inquire of
tit N.N & Co. or F. 1. Williams. Brattle
boro, Vt. wt-tf
FOR SULK An Ideal Cash Register; new
and In perfect condition. A bargalu Ad
dress "1," care Reformer. 73-tf
FOR SALK-Cliean Second hand SO H. P.
Upright Marine Engine 14x14 cylinder, 66
driving pulley. All In good order. John Taft.
West Duiumerston. 431 f
For Sal.. Ample power; neHr Station;
plentv of limber; no other mill in vicinity. Of
fered at a very low price. Address Box 422,
Keene, N. 11. eif-tufr
For Sale.
G R OC K li I E S
of all kinds.
Special 3 lbs. Cherry Prunes for 2.V. Straw
berries aud other fruits. Telephone call 44-3.
SS-tf J. K. BI'HIINELL, JO Kbit St.
From McKinley Town.
Canton, O., June 23, 1901.
Mr. B. K. Minkh,
Iikak Sir:
received all iu pood condition. We use It for
almost nil iiuneuts, and feel as If we could
not keep lioue without It. I think It a won
derful remedy for relieving Inflammation ;
have never had anything so tqitlsfuetory; it
does all you claim for it. It Is simply Great
for Corns and sore feet,
Sincerely yours,
Tnoii. T. Smith.
302 Springfield Avenue.
The Lawn Mower Season
IleiKlijUlllters for Awnings, Tents,
Screens. Clothes Keels, Wringers, Ironing;
Hoards, etc.,
For Cash ! For Cash!
Sails, Screws, Poll It rv Xettine. Flv Screen,
Shovels. Scoop Shovels. Forks. Hoes ,Vc.
We sell on small margin for eush. Call and
save yourself money.
Job Shop, 40 Elliot St.
Cor Sale at a Discount
See our advertisement elsewhere In this paper.
C. W. StEWART, Brattleboro, Vt
W. F. Rkhakdsox & Co.
May It;, lWl. M-tf
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
IS Union Block, Claremont, N. H.
Established IS. Long Dls. Telephone.
p. BARBER, D. D. S.. Union Block
over Greene's drug store, Brattleboro, Vt.
AMES COSLASiD, St. D., Physician and
Surgeon, orattieuoro, vt. uuice in irosoy
li, Residence. No. 8 walnut St. umce
ours from S to S a..m., 1 :30 to s, ana 7 to s p. m
'KED B. PI.GKEE. Attotney and Coun
selor at Law, Solicitor and Master in CDan
try. Collections promptly made. L-nestcr, vt.
lit. E. R. LYNCH, office and residence 40
Elliot St., Brattleboro, Vt. umce nours
;olCa. m 1 to 8 and 7 tod p.m. Mf-rtu
KO. H. GORHAM, M. D. Whitney
liixk, Main Street, Brattlelioro Practice
T ir-il to the deceases of the Eve. tar. lnroat,
INofe. Ofllce hours. S:S0-12; 1 p. m.-4. lues-
r ys and Fridays only. Remainder of week at
OWBrailB mil
rORS B. GALE, Attorney at Law, Guilford,
v erinont. i-iuiuir
kit. P. G. PETTEE, Dentist, Crosby
V Hlnck. liver Ho tlen'R rlriifr (.lore. W4btT
S. PRATT, M. D., IS North Main street,
iirattieuoro. uince hours untu 3 a. n
to : JOp.m.; 6:30 to 8 p 41tf
i.dJ Residence, No, 34 North Main street.
r' until S a. m. ; 1 to 2.30 and early evening
1 7. at,: sii-idsva. iio3n. m. Te ennone can.
i Sly
if LIPP JONES, BooUs, Stationery,
IT fancy Goods. Pictures and Framing:, lyi
AllHOWSeVCO., wholesale and retail
I kin Street. Brattleboro l-jyt
54 Elliot St.. (,ools called for and dellv-
1. Laee curtains a sveclaltv. Telephone
section. 47yl
I v Cieanuas Works.
4 m- iTitigr
S Flat tel. .
H. lnomas.
4i P.ru.b r,nr.ra fllvh, Clcnnclnp Uir,Hlrltiar
U i' P.-essinK done at short notice. 14wlv
H. JACOB!, Horse Shoeing and
' Jobbing. Canal M. 3?yl
If. HALL, Carpenter and Slater,
er In siate. 6 Clark street.
Successor to Sherman A Jenne,
re, Mutual Life, Accident, Plate Glass, Em.
-ts Llal.tllty, Elevator, Hartford Steam
r. Tornado. Indemnity and Surety Bond!
x German Llovd S. S. Co. Klf-tuXr
Ilelongiug to WM. LYNCH,
Thursday, July 11, 1901, 2 p. m.
Large 2 1-2 story House and Burn and two
acres of Land, liood chance for Home or In
vestment. S. W. EDGETT & CO., Agts.
If you want to tratle for a farm or'other real
mutt', or If you have any to euIi !et me hear
from you. siuf
J. A. Ml 1A.KR, Kaist DummerBlon, Vt.
For Sale.
My Farm of about 90 afrep, 2 1-2 miles from
Hraitleboro cimrp. tiooil IntlMlntrn ami plenty
or woou anu timutr. Contii uv. eatuy mauo to
keep 12 or 15 cowc and eunoly a milk rmite. A
chaiiou sel-iont oifercd to ht'.rure a farm atid trooti
hOMie so near the vlllaire limit. Imiulre of
iOtf W.tf. DOOL1TTLK, liratlicboto. Vt
For nlo.
One new two story llouee on Pleasant St., ten
rooms, Cm well water to house ami eonnei-teo!
with eewer. Land ci5 feet trout, 1 feet b.uk
Also some jfood lots to build nn and eome other
irood propeity tor Hilt. Call and e; property.
Must be sold. C. W. VAKI, 12 Pleapant Mt.
M tf Itrattleburo. Vt
S. W. EDGETT ,t CO.,
Real Estatel Investments
Xow is a good time to buy a
House for investment or a Home,
call on us and see what we have.
Farms, village property, any
thing on earth.
S. "VV. Klt!KTT& Co.
por Sale at a Discount
See our advertisement elsewhere in tlila paper
C W. STEWART. Brattleboro, Vt.
Sadawga Springs
Hotel Open Hay Mill. 1)01.
For Transient and .Summer Guests. Good liv
ery In connection, (itierit will be met at the
train. Telephone connection. Ratee reasonable.
85jtu CEO. R. WHIPPLE, Prop.
Horses For Sale !
Just Arrived This Day.
Monday, June 10th.
Full Carload of Horses,
Come and see them. Lnnje matched pairs
and single workers and drivers anion:.' them
I have thirty-rive horses to select from.
At Xo. SO Elliot street.
G. E. GIIMAN, Proprietor.
Hraltlelioro, June 10, 1W1. Ml-tf
Sells Everything. Adtlretl
Jlytlicr Block, Uriiltlcboro, Vt.
We want to close out onr entire
stock of ILunmocks tjefire July
loth, and shall if nriccs will do It.
We have sold over .Vi hammocks,
and when prent stoek is Bone
shall feel salislied for tlii senson.
Are you one of the fortimulones
to pick up a bargain w hen ollfered?
Thir tluit 8mnn Trial or Suit for Mil
lliini-H.nr.i Other Principal. II a v.
Hem Arreted.
HoleoH, Mont, July 7 Develop
ments or the last few dsysj in the la
mous land mnt frauds show that
SoDtitor W A ClRrke, Marparet IBly
oi Aew i uric adtuinistratrix of tbe
ostato of Marcus Duly the Ansoouda
Mioinc couirjaoy, aoa tho Bitter Koot
uevelopmeni company myst stand
trial in tbe federal courts. It hue
taken years for tbe mills of the nation
to print! out tbe t'rist of prosecutions
against tnesa great, interests, but now
the mills are trrinaint; fine.
Senator Clark must fight with all
his resources for the title of 10, (Kit)
acres of timberland. The IJaly inter
esta, including the greit mining com
pniej naniel must defend a suit in
stituted by the department of justice.
tor tbe recotery of l,3(Xl,(KKl, th
value of the timber alleged to have
been cut from tbe Kovernmeot lands
id Montana.
These prominent interests ara not
the only ones attacked. One hundrtd
ami two indii.trrer.ts bave recently
been found by federal grand juries
against individuals, accused of direct
lr.g the scheme, frauded it of great
ainoucts aod violnteJ tbe timber law
All this has eome about in the last
week. For three jearn tbe government
has been trying to get tbe regular offi
ens of tne department of justice in
Montana to roseate the cause with
vigor. This has been all in vain and
not until tbn npti lintiuent of special
agents oi the department with a spec
ial assieatnt attorney general t fane
tbe tight, bas anything been dooe.
Oak Chamber Sets!
Home new designs, mid at mid
summer prices that will tempt
your purse. Tliee goods will I
2 ier cent, higher next Fail.
la or 20 irood, cheap Farms for
cash customers.
or Sale at a Discount
VV. w. PUTNAM St CO. Organ
-ur advertisement elsewhere In' thl paper
W .STEWART. Brattleboro. Vt
Successor to
. . . T. W. BARNARD. . . .
Having bought Mr. Barnard's stock of Dry Goods,
we shall endeavor to meet the demands of the
public in the most satisfactory manner.
We offer at much reduced prices, our entire stock or
Wool Goods, Muslins, Ginghams, Percales, Prints, etc.
Bargains in Damasks, Napkins and Towels.
Also extraordinary values in AVrappers, Waists,
Corsets, Gloves, Underwear and Hosiery.
We are Showing a Full Line of Notions and Fancy Goods.
Extension Tables.
Watch for our ad next weeK.
Retting Bros.
Inf?ARn' von ivwR.vrift
:erltig and Repairing of Ladles' and
t't Gartnents. iCtaiilng and press-
'tbnrlzed Agent for LewandoV Dye Co.,
" li ter's Improved Coat Hangers.
If Main St.. - Brattleboro
Veterinary Surgeon.
-. HVc.ern Vettritarr Co:;eg, Karsa?
-.v. Mo. Surgery in .l Its Ercchet.
" 2 Ear Crotty Elock.
60 Discount
from list prices seems quite a reduction, but
that is what we are offering on
Go-Carts and Carriages
to close out stock on hand. When you con
sider that this means that a Carriase or Go
Cart listed at $20.00 can be taught for f 8.00
and one listed at $15.00 for $6.00, and so on
in proportion, you can realize that any one
whd needs a Go-Cart or Carriage cannot af
ford to miss the opportunity.
r3 We Have a Goon Assohtmext to Select From. 3
Youi)'' men u-inillv spend nil thev
earn. If they hejrln to save it little
em'b year, through the help of n en
dowment policy, thev will provide
fur old Be, have the henertt of tne
lower rates and, if they atterwards
marry, their families have the Insur
ance as well.
(Correspondence solicited.)
li a i i, J
Ink f4iiQ2-ui4
Cen'l Agents,
The Oovernor of Bcnuti.t U Aikrd lo
Ki)lhislil la Have licit Ilia Office
lo Knll.il III. Pin kl-Prlan are Al
tai a. il by a Mob al Cala.ia.
Manila, July S Tbe L'nitiil Stales
Philippine euraiuissii'ti bas ordered
I'helps Wbitmars, the governtir of
Benguet urovince. tt come to Manila
ami sulmiit to an investigation, owirt'
to the alleL'ation that be bus heen ub-
ing bis position to bis personal advan
tages in acuuirice laml ut minine
riyhts from the natives. He is at
pres-nt ebarged Jwith discrimination
and violation of his instructions. The
eommissioD particulalry instructed
tio Wbitmirsb to "cultivate tbe
friensh ip and protect the interests cf
tbe Irrigates. wbo suffered from
Spanish extortions and exploitations.
Keport Maile In the Hou.c of Coimnona
Tr unk, for tilt (ilft oriha Mains.
The financiul secretary of the lirit
ish Br office. Lord Stanley, in tbe
Hnuse of Ccmniont yesterday irive
the totsl nunil.i-r of lioers Itillert.
wounded or made prisoners. from
amort; the Motive con;muds, recently,
ss follows: March, H7l'; April. 21,'ji:
.May, 'JolO: June, incomple?,
Boera Caplare a Cape Colonjr
I.ondoo. July s. A special despatch
from ( ape Towo. dated today, sny
Si-heeper's Hoer commando entered
Murraysburc. Cape Colony, antl l urnid
public huildiccs and residences. Tin
town was not garrisoned.
Cambrlite Man Wantril In Na.hua, X. II.
Capdireit hy Manchrater Police After
Lour Huh.
Manchester. N IJ. July 3 Ernest P
Frost, about 23 years old, ?rvp the
police a merry chas:e across Mernma'!
Common tonight. Frost was wanted
on the charge of lireakinf and enter
ing1 a bouse it Nashua Saturday and
stealing a gold watch, among other
things. It was found that tbe miss
ing watcb had been panned in r Man
Chester shop, anil Inspector O'Dowd
spent the greater part of tbe dav on
the case.
We desire In I his war to thank the n'antasil
qnet 1-o.lpe, lour, and frttu'ls who so kindly
asaisiea ue in tne nnriai or our rainer.
Mk. ami Mks. H. B. Willis
Cali.h Willis.
We desire to express onr beartfe It thanks for
the kind words and deeds of sympathy and
beautiful flower eonrtltiiitluns tniro nelrhtiors
and friends In tbe sickness and at tbe ranerai of
our busbaid and father; and also to Ker. Mr.
Lowe for bis discourse; aud tbe btnjcers and
organist for their part.
Mks. M. G. Caret ami Familt.
Frtends of tbe Re Torn-er who desire to do this
paper a favor, are requested to eu-rett to their
attorneys or Protiate OHirt to bare k-ral adrer
tlse menus In wblch tnef are Interested blared in
tbe Reformer. Particular rare la tafct of tti 4
class of advertlslne: and throurb tbe .teformer
columns tt reacbea ail the pecbie of tl.la aection
aa u BuaccM mauer u amrea w uo. ,
Kropiovment Notee.
Thos F Lynch has entered the em
ploy of tbe Estey Organ factory. (?cs
Honian. for the past 10 years with
the Carpenter Organ Co, has entered
tbe employ of the Kstey Oriran Co.
L S Wilbur bas severed bis connec
tion with the Winchester, N H, hotel
acd can e last nigbt to take Henrv
Stock-well's ilace at the American
house. Conductor T E Rouse resumed
work yesterday a'ter a week's vaca
tion. Misses Alien it- Tooiuey and
Ilattie Present t have finished work at
the Telephone Exchange.
Chas lirownell has gone to work in the
bellows room at the Kftev shops. Chas
Evans, for a year past representing the
Metropolitan, has finished with that,
company and gone to work at Ectey's.
llohert Mitchell is clerking in the
Brooks House Pharmacy. John A us-1
tin has entered the employ of K A
Starkey & Co. Mil'no Pierce succeeds
Harry Hansom as t ftlca boy at tbe lie
Northern New England is the sum
mer pleasure aod vacation ground for
tbe world. .No otber section can boast
of scores of lakes, a hundred beaches
and a whole mountain range within the
meagre boundaries of a hundred square
miles, vet this is what .s England
has. and, though there are thousands of
tourists annually at these resorts, there
can be accommodated hundreds of
tbonsands more.
Every cook and corner cf New Eng
land is an outing resort and the Breton
and Maine lires reach all of the lead
ing ones. If you are interested in or
intend to take a vacation this eea-on.
vou want a Boston ana Maine Incur
sion Book. It a free for tbe ackirg.
Send a postal to General Passenger
Dept. til). B M R R. Uoston.
Kodo! Dyspepsia Cure
"Dicests what j cu cat"
Last Been Two Weeke Aw To-nl.ht
fctronc Chain of Evidence That It Was
Me gome Points of Doubt Hail a Lit
lie Money, Which Has Disappeared A
Caae That at Lcaat Needs Carefnl Inves
tigation. It is altogether probable that the
body, whose finding the Saturday
afternoon before in the Con
necticut riter opposite Vernon
by Win Late and Eerett
Stockwell was toll in Tues
day's Reformer, was that of Jatres J
Oriftin, familiarly known as "boss
Tweed" Griffin of this place,
wbo lived alone in a bouse
on Vernon street and has leen miss
ing since a week airo last Tuesday
nigbt when be whs at.out town with
two o.her men. As. he was in the
habit of going away for days at a
time, nothing was thought of it when
the body wss riiscoverad and indeed
it was buried before much was known
about it in Brattleboro anywav. The
neighbors bad not noticed then but
what be was at borne as much as us
ual, lift bis continued absence
and tbe description as given in tbe
Reformer, started inquiries, by his
relatites anu Sunday S W Edgett,
bis guardian, and his sister. Mrs Nora
Toubill.of Springfield ar.d bis cousins.
Mis Nora Uuggan of this cltee, as well
as John Baker andjobn Mnynaban, went
to Hinsdale to investigate. They
cannot te positive until tbe body is
exhumed, which will be done tomor
permit havir g to b got from f Con
cord, but all the evidence they could
find points to identity wilh bin). Tbe
upper front teeth of the drowned man
were missicg: so wers Griffin V. The
th'jiub wus gone a the first joint of
tbe right band; so wus Griflio's. The
handkerchief njBiclied one he bBd. so
did the sbirt. and tbe sboe was the
same siz; as he fore. His outer cloth
ing as buried with him save for a
small piece about fix ihebes
pijuare, but whether that came
from tne coat, wst or trousers was not
remembered and thev could rot iden
tify that, though Young k Knowlton
have since done so as a suit of
clothes they sold him about
two years ago. And tbe points of the
published description that led to sus
picion that it as be, the age.tnhout 50
and tbe lirbt moustache mixed with
gray, match UrifTin's. The key foucd
on him was tried in unlocking his
uise Sunday and it tit ted.
The most decisive indication was
found yesterday. The drowned man's
shoe had a broker, heel strap. lo
Griflin's bouse whs found a piece of the
strap that just matched it. The sboe
is of a kind that enly A F Bovnton in
town sells, but he cannot remember
positively whether he sold a pair to
Grillin this year or not.
Ibe nrst circumstance of doubt is
the Undine of a meerschaum pipe in
bis pocket and an effort is in progress
to trace the otvt ership cf it., for be
was rot known to be a smoker though
later inquiry develones tbe fact that
be did smoke at hoae, especially when
he bad been drinkirg. Hut tte most se
rious one is tae advanced state of the-
body's decomposition that led to the
opinion that it had been in tbe water
several weeks and the fBCt that it was
far under water. If Gritlin was iu the
village the Tuesday night before its
discovery it was less thaa four days
befute the discovery of the body, and
though decomposition proceeds rapid
ly in such hot weather, i: hardly
seems probable that it coulJ in tba't
time have atlvatictd to the e mdilion
resi-rihed. Again, if he was drowned
here, it would bs supposed that tbe
body would sink here ard after ris
irg, as it might in that time io such
weather, wot. Id remain ou tbe surface,
whereas it was found several feet be
low or ralber brought up by tbe acci
dental touch of one of the young men
who dove into about 12 feet of water,
rising after the contact.
. Otber facts that bear against tbe
supposition that it was Griffin ate
that of tbe description cf the body is
tbat of a man five feet and seven
inches tall and weighing lot) to IdO
lbs. Grillin is not believed to bave
been as tall as that and weighed only
about I'tO. But in tbe decomposition
and bloating of the body, there may
have been an error in tbe description.
If it was Griflin's bodv, ti e proba
bility is, though it will require more
investigation to jusitfy any very posi
tive theory tbat lie must have wan
dered dovo tbe Hinsdale road and
fallen into tbe river near where it wbs
found. There was a cut on tbe bead
that was at first thought to be a bul
let nound, but was Decided later to
Pe only an abrasion, and Undertaker
Wetbcrbee of Hinsdale, wbo care
fully examined tbe body, is positive
tbat there was no bullet bole in tbe
bead or anywhe'e, and no sign of vio
lence on the bodv. There neie ser
er.il scars on Griflin's head, one from
a fall against a curbing son c months
ago ana another from a fall into the
cellar after the Revere bouse fcre 2.1
years a.', that both made bad scalp
wounds. He eras a man wbo went on
occasional sprees, though hard work
ing and icofTeosive even when io li
quor, so in all likelihood tbe deatb
was accidental.
There is no reason to suspect sui
L'tde, and cone wbo knea him belie e
for a moment that be reacbe l bis end
io tbat way. His usual employment
Tjr years bas heen work in concret
eg. but be had been at work rn the
highways and received J19 io three
weeks. His last pay $10.50 was given
him tbe Monday before tbe disap
pearance. Heretofore bis wages bad all
been paid to his guardian and prob
ably there was a sprei es a result
that be hareaed to lira tbeni him
self tbis liaje.
Theories of foul t lav are of course
adranced, hut tbera is nothing defi
nite to hatg then on yet. Tbe mtet
suspicious fact is tbat tbe body must
have gone into the rier wtere it
was fcutd, aoa be would not natur
ally bave pore clown tberi alone io tbe
night. Ote suggestion is tbat the scar
on bis tetiple. thought to have tei
caused .ost mortem cy a alone, wss
tbe iiupcesis of a spika on logmen's
boots. But tbat if rurelv facciful as
Regular rneetirg of th Protective
grange will be held tomorrow evening.
Tbere will he a meeting of St Ce
celia's Altar society Thursday even
ing. There will he a golf tea to-morrow
afternoon at 5 o'clock if pleasant, if
not, Saturday.
Unitarian fair and Hurdy gurdy
concert and fiance at festival ball on
Thursday next.
Tbe Golf club has raised $275 by
subscription for the addition to its
club house, tbe conttaet for its con
struction bas been made with flolden
k Martin and vork begins at once,
Tbo regular meeting of the Ne
England Order of Protection was held
last evening in Gracd Army hall.
Supremo Guide Joseph UaniflB of
Manchester, N H, was present and
the grand orients! degree was con
ferred on tbo candidates.
Rev Lewis Grout entertained the
Bird club at bis West Brattleboro
borne Saturday afternoon, in loving
nemory of bis daughter. Annie b,
Grout. The ladies drank their roToa
intbequaintold garden andthen strolled
through tbe mots covered walks step
ping softly and speaking tennerly of
tbe dear oce wfcose L'entls snirit.
seemed to pervade the pleasant place
and time. Mr Grout showed his guests
some African birds nests atd read
from his own hook several pages de
scriptive of them and iheir builders
una then be cut stalk after stalk of
bis beiutiful lilies and each lady car
ried away a generous hunch, erriched
by the glossy leaves of the holl. and
each lauy also carried away the men.
ory of a most pieasNnt hour spent with
the most genial of busts.
H V Walker of Washicgton is at C
K J ares' Mrs Hattie Brazor Pratt is
at Wells Heath, going Saturday.
MrsC M Parker and daughter, 'the
Misses Ludovici and Mrs J H Folsoru
of New Vtirk and Miss H Ludur of
Philadelphia, ars nt Mrs KirrfUnd's.
-Miss A C Ferguson of BufTilo, N
V, alio has been at Mrs Kirkland's
for seteral weeks, left yesterday fcr
Rockland. Mass.
G L Dunham and family have gone
to Crescent Beach, Me, for two
weeks' outing. -The Sisters of Bt Jo
seph go to Rutland today for the summer.-.
Tohn Heaphy uaaie yesterday
from New Vorfc to spend the summer
Misses Alice Littlefield and Mina
Burt left yesterday for V'ork Beach
where they will spend the summer.
J A Taylor and wife yesterday left
Ogacijuett, Me, to spend the first of
their vacation at Old Orchard.
July Jaunte. .
James W Austin returoei Saturday
from his stay in Westtleld. Mass.
Mrs James Grady goes to Rutland
this week for a visit. Miss Grace
Kir son returned jester.iav from three
seeks in Hosfio. P F Connors and
wife and Miss Alice Colt left yester
day for a tisit in Boston. Mrs Chas
Thomas and child left yesterday for a
visit at her old home in St Altians.
Miss Myrtie Cox went Friday to Kn-
field, N IJ, for a three weeks' visit
with her aunt there. Mrs EM An
gler is visiting at Gilsura, N H, with
her parents, Daniel Wright and wife.
A Gould and wife returned Sun
day night from a week in Spring
field, Mass, Chis Lock wood and wife
returned Saturday from a week in
Springfield and Windsor R E Orkins
and wife left Wednesday for g several
weeks' visit with his brother at Low
ell, .tfass, and after that plan to
spend sume time in Tapsham.
David Fitzgerald returned yes'or
Uy ftom a week at various Massachu
setts places. -John Gitihetn aid
daughter Katie returned Saturday
from a week in Kolyoke. Mrs W H
Minnr returned faturdav from a
weeK's visit with Mrs O E Rannev at.
Cambridge, Mass, and was accompa
nied oi ter return by Miss Ivy Ran
ney who is visiting at the Liscom
farm. Samuel Helton has j'isf. re
turned frjm a abort trip t rojgh
Western Massachusetts. Her-nan Joy
has gone to Leominster, Mas.- and
from tbere to Newport wLero le wit
nessed the boat races.
L F Atlanta and II H Cro'l-v left
this morning for a week at the Pan
Aaencan exposition at B.ff-i , and
Geo Adams from MUusapilis wilt
meet them tbere.
Mr and Mrs Goddard and Miss A I vena
Walker have returned from a visit io
v mtlsor Locks, Ct, and vicinity.
The Hnrrlbie Oeath or Fdear Koliblna al
SponVrc--Teams Collided- Foot Caught In
aa Horeea Han.
Kdjrar Hol.ljins of Spnfiord met with a
borrilile death about uiiilniaut Sunday, fie
wu driving in two-wheeled roadcart on
Torry hid, aliout a mile from bis borne, when
he was inn into tiv the carriage of Herbert
Whittiuore of W M Swanzev. Mr Rohliins
was thrown to the ground, line foot mtehing
in the reins a he fell. At the same time the
horse' started on tbe run for home, dra-nring
Mr Rohhins all the way. He was lifeie.aiij
mangled almost beyond recognition wheu tlie
horse arrived. It fs thought po"ih that the
victim's neck was broken liv the force of the
fall from the roadcart. The ffuneral aprvii
will be held at the hou-e at 2 p in to-dav. Mr
Kohbms leaves a wife and two children.
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