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Semi-weekly Windham County reformer. (Brattleboro, Vt.) 1897-1901, July 26, 1901, Image 1

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W -E. E Xj "S"
rjlSTKO. Man with tmall family to
heard himself and wurk on farm. In-
F..I lUn.sv.
"Lei all Ibe ends thou almcut at be thr Country'., thy God'f nod Truth's.
ANTED. Cheap home.
11 Mala street.
FrASTKO. Furnished room by ln(rle -en.
lleman ; vicinity ui mmu vui-ct iiincuwi
tims. A. B., Kcfornier uniec. -w-it
rTKU. A young man lo muni tile 'ill
nlture business. Apply to EMKitsos A
imillieuoru, i.
frATKO 8 miles from ftrattleboro, arc
W sr.ectable, hottest, sober man, to take nice
01 TOtir noi ses, met mni. uuo
care for lawn. Do not apply If you drink.
ildreBB "t-" Koforiner. PU-ll
7"AiTKD SALESMEK Hleh tirade. Im
mediately, to introduce iow priceu, very
flrjil novel necessity: will lie surprised;
manent, reliable, stable: mention aue; ex-
nce not necessary aitui mru. k.
1114.31 canton, t-a.
ANTKD For month of August and per
haps 6 weens sienoKruinier ami jinus.
per. 'H. St. care abtoRMt.n. m.n
IT ANTED 400 cords wood cut. Apply to
L.4 4i o. Leverelt, Alass.
rAJIIKn-By youn. jtlrl situation rtolng
housework, men street. ns-ii
rANTKD Washings to do at home. Mrs.
ABHTUN, .1 rort'Sl sueci, b'ruuuu uum .
rA.vrKO-lMsh washer, silvehuai-k Ho.
rm., spottorci lhku. iu-u
rAXTKD Housekeeper, only two In fam
ily, inquire 111 tlliot street. iui-ii
TAXTKD-Washing and Ironing to do.
WKS. AB1UE nMllii, uieunruauit arm
KNU your address to 1)R. K- F. Johnston,
l-. c nml hi, will cfunn In vnni resl.
pice and remove your teeth sunt pain. 2-2-tf.
hfTANTFO Second-hand Typewriter. Ad.
fV mces Box Hrattleboro 72tf
If ANTKD. Customers for quantity or
choice hy, bulk. Inquire at Vallky
It will pay you.
Iflnjrantof carrlaire or slolgh painting, to
i .1 at corner o So. Main and Canal St. or Slock-
til's Stable. First class work. O. B. Bamsev.
Market Price Paid.
West Brattleboro, Vt.
f OST. A bunch of keys. If found kindly
J return to jhisk r Mjimai-r. iauh, u
Dr. Bowcn.
Isldence High St
iuSoehourBat Block:
;.30 to 8 A, If .
1J.30 to 2 P. M.
t.30 10 8 P. M.
Dr. Tucker
Office and res. Leonard
Block. OlDce hours:
Tl!l 8.30 A. It.
1JJ0 to 8 P. H.
7 to P.M.
R. A. KJ1APP, Dentist, Hooker Block,
' ( up. Brooks Houbo, Bratt cboro
l lit. C. 8. CLAIlK, Denllst, WhltlieV
f Itlncb. iti-ntt iHhfiro Vl
i. HH.i.Kn. Itl. D..Phvslclan and Sur-
t. icon. Hooker Block, Urattleuoro, Vt. Ofllce
vjrs Mill M to i, to 8.
cnmTHiVAIT. O. n. 8 , Pentist,
Nurthflcld, Mass., ThursdayB, Fridays
.!! Saturdays. .'.--ti
h)A('ii. &, HOOKKK. Attorneys at Law
&- Practice In State and Federal Courts Vcr
f..i,t, Mnss;ichii8etis, Sew Hampshire and New
'ork. il and 11 L'llery Bulidlcir.
It. II. L. W ATKHSl AST. 41 Elliot St. Of.
lice houre: u."v to 'i a o to o - a.
H'ATEKMAX &. MARTIN, Attorneys at
Law, Bank block, Brattleboro, Vt.
totTISTR"r In all Its tiranchcs. Teeth ex.
traded without pain. B. K. KIKKEA1J, D.
j i. s., s;i Main street. u
' F, BARBER, D. D. 8.. Union Block,
npp.r (Greene's drusr store. Brattleboro. Vt.
A'lKSto.vt.ASD, M. D., Physician and
Surueon. orattletraro, Vt. Office In Crosby
ll'ock. Residence. So. 3 Walnut St. Ofllce
touiB from 8 to t a.-m., 1 :80 to 8, and 7 to p. m.
t-KKI B. PIMiKKE, Attoiney and Coun
selor at Law, solicitor and Master In Chan
rery. Collections promptly made. Chester, Vt.
DK. K. R. LTNCH, office and residence 40
Klllot St., Brattleborc, Vt. OfMije hours
' to 10 a. m 1 to 8 and 7 to 9 p. m. f-i"rtu
iKO. II. COKlltM, M. D. wnttlltr
iitltefi to the descaees ol the Kye, Ear, Throat,
lii'ote. Office hours, 8:30-1.!; 1 p. m.-4, Tuea.
and Fridays only. EerihUider of week at
fe.ows Falls l-t
JOHN E. OALK, Attorney at I jiw, OiiilfoTd,
Vernjoct. l!M04lul'r
R. F. O. PETTKK, Dentist, Cro.llJ
ijiocit. jver tioKiu s orua: etoro. wi,u
p S. PRATT, M. D., 16 North Main street,
r.rattieboro. oaice Hours tmni - m.i
I to i .:;o p. m. ; t :30 to 8 v 4)tt
.ml RcsldCKce, No, 34 Korth Muln Street,
lio-irt until 8 a. m.; 1 to J.S0 and ef.iiy evening
J.IKi; Sunday., 1 to 3 p. di. Telephone call.
LAPP . JO. BanU; 8litloliry,
Fancy boods. V lctures and rramtoK. liyl
l IKHUWli A, CO., wholfnla retail
A J f,.ill;,..nLl...,D.lf.t trlnriK. OHieM No. .i3
Main S-.reit. Brattleborn !27l
5 Elliot fit., t.omls caileil for and deliv.
tr"l. Lace curtain, a specialty. Telephone
toedton. 47yl
Cleaning Work., 8 Fiat St, K. B. 1 nomas,
Proiirletfcr 8iyltr
OHM Dl'KLKVV, Cniluni Tailor, Byther
niw't, up una Eignu viennsix
PreMlnc done at Uiort nodce.
H. JACOItS. Hone ShoclMK and
Jonuinir. ianal ot. vyi
' H. MALL, Carpenter and Slater. Deal
er In tiate. 39 Clark street. 4M'
Successor to Sherman A Jenne,
rVe, Mntnal Life, Accident, Plate Glaea, Im-
K'Vtrs i.iai.iiity, luerator, itartiora piem
-.-i:r. lornaoo. indemnity ana surety wnm
onii bermaa Llovd s. 8. Co. -47tX-tufr
Wanted Immediately
A Hijomer for a Beautiful Home In Vet
Sr.ittielmro. H nie. barn and two acresof
anil, ocly a few minutes from end of electric
" I ne. KunniliL' water. bou slated, ulind
at.d 4.1!bt windows, i.i.zi. Ac. Thi can
i-UL-ht riL-ht. or ex. hanL-ed for tenement
: ;y in BmttWioro.
- . W.LU0ETT4;C0.,AeiiU.
rrio RKKT for two months, fonr tnrulshed
X room near Main street suitable for house
keeping. 8. W, Eimjktt & Co. 10J-4t
To ItF.MT Six rom Tenement, nil one floor.
Running water, modern, 1".
101-tf S. W. X DUETT & CO.
O RENT Five room Tenement, hot and
cold water, hath sc.
101-tf S. V, KDGETr & CO.
EW TKNUMKST 31 South Main street.
lOOtf .1 AMr.s ausi ir.
ID RKNT New cottasc 7 rooms and barn,
Sllverdale, Lake Snofford.
17-tf A. W. Kui'kwcll, Biattlcboro, Vt.
rpo BUNT.-Boom 5S In Tilery Building,
X north corner room overlooking fiver, ntonn
tain and Main street. Steam heat, running
witter. AIbo a small adjoining room If wauled.
Suitable for ollice or apartment. Reasonable
runts. Apply to A. L. Mavnahu, Boom 'i0. HUtf
TO BENT-Up stairs Tenemont. il rooms, on
Terrace street, to be vacated by K. K. I.elt
singer, as he leaves town, and ready June 1.
All modern Improvements, one best tenenientB
In town. i-3 tf Chas. Minku.
TO H BNT. Boon' lie, Tilery Building, over
looking river and mountain. Steam heat,
running water, very light, airy and attrac
tive. Reasonable rents. Also a small connect
Ing room If wanted. Apply to A. 1.. Mavnauii,
Room so. mtf
rpo HUNT. Room in. Tilery Building. Fine
X corner olllces suitable for any business,
overlooks Main street. Very attractive, light and
alrv, r-imilng water, gas and electrics. Apply to
A.'L. MAVNAitti, Boom 20. SUtr
TO IIET. Five floors In I'lierv Building
annex, suitable for storage or light manu
facturing. rCitch floor contains 12oll sijuare tent,
well Hunted and all modern appliances. Apnly
lo A. 1- Maynard, Kootu iu. twtf
Special Low JIatea nml a variety of Tours
via the
Pullman Palace Sleeping Car to Buffalo via.
Norwood and N. Y. C, without change.
The lowest rates offered by any line, with the
special attraction of a trip across the islands
of Lake Champluln and through iheThousaud
Call on or write our ageuts for full details.
Or C. B. II., G. P. A. Wl lJt
Teachers' Examinations
Examinations for Windham. County will be
held as follows:
At Jamaica, July 25 and 2(1.
Townshenil, Aug. 1 and 2.
Bellows Falls. July 30 anil 31.
Jacksonville, August 23 and 24.
Brattleboro. August 2(1 and 27.
Bellows Falls, August 2il nml 30.
Examinations will be heltl at the usual
places in each town. Attendance both days
is required.
AO-lit H. I). liYDKit, County Exnmiucr.
Wanted Immediately
A cii-tMiuiT furtiic Ci.llmving Ileal Kst:ite
6 V;i!mit M . the Wii.tr.l ln.u-e, r ni v v.i
catcil by F. l. H.-kc. Tin- le .me ..' the Im-i ..
catli'll- in lowii. !lnu-c ni:i:ii- ilvliiir i'-
In " i repatr der t r..vi-mvm tn.d : d-
tlni1':'' in I'M'! . I'-;'-. I 1"!' ,i i'C.-IIU'-n N..lh'
hoiiie smd ::, l- I .-n ter. tf liei-ei-ary
! 11 S. W. I.DI. KIT CO , Ageut-.
FOR AI.E. Four acre, of osts standlnc,
Mils. F. C. Asiit itAi'T, Guilford, i-t. U
I) No. 8. 2t
JloR ALF-Twi second haiul
good order. 25 Blrgo St.
hlcvcles 1n
" 104-lf
Fon SALF. New-ml!ch Cow, and vearllng
lersev Bull, from rich milking nock.
103 it FRICD .1. JOHNSON, Newrane, Vt.
TjlOR At.E A good horse-good worker
V and driver. Also a few nice shnaip.
Eiw. h. Welcome, Wet Cheitorflcld, N. H.
1113 tt
T0TOSI TKRKIKH PI'P fur Bale, brln
- die, one screw tall, 10 weeks. D. Cl.OUGH,
Southern Avcimo. 1"1 4t
OR WALK The "Park View" Hotel Wcst-
Vt. For tiartlculara lniiulre of
lul 4t E. C. WOODS, Weston, Vt.
FOR siAI.E A second-hand Chlekerlng Pi
ano. Modern, first clas condition, nearly
as good as new. Will be sold fur less than one
third Its cost. Address Box ti84, braU!eboro, t
FOR .I.K A nice top buggr. Imiulre of
UUNN & Co. or F. I). WIM.IAMH. llratile
boro, Vt. su-tf
FOR HALK An Ideal Cash Beglster; new
and In perfect conditlou. A bargain. Ad
dress "1," care Reformer. 7.J-U
FOR SALF.-Cheap Second hand 50 II. P.
Upright Marino Englno 14x14 cylinder, 08
drivtiiir pulley. A II In good order. John Takt,
West Duiumcrston. 43if
For Sale. Ample power; near 8ttitlon;
plentvof Umber; no other mill In vicinity. Of
fered at a very low price. Address Box 422,
Kecne. K. H. etf-tufr
For Sale.
11 F. T
of all kinds.
Special .1 IM. Cherry Prunes for 2'e. Blue
berries and other fruits. Telephone call 4-;.
PS-tf .1. K. HI SIt.NELI., .'0 Flat St.
If you want to trale for a farm or other real
estate, or if ) uu have any lo fee it let mtj hoar
from you. .Vtf
J. A. MM, I. Kit, EHbt nummerston, Vt.
Por Sale.
One nw two-story IIouap on PleAi-ant St.. ten
ronnia, Crowd, wafer to htttise ami ronnct'tetl
with sewer. Land (ift feat front, IM fuel hack
Also ponie pooi I lotn to build nu and pHMtie other
rood proeit Jor tal-. Call and ee oioieriy.
Must be Buhl C. W. WAUI. 12 I'lfHuant St.
tH tt Itratileboro, Vt
To get a K'ood
Lawn Mower for $2.75
Clothes Keel,
Ironing Board,
Hay Fork,
Hay Uake,
Scoop Shovel,
Jlanure Folk,
Screen Iloors,
Poultry Nettint;, d.
Class, rutty, s-rew-. 1
IV li-lli.
from l.tsi up
':' .v i.oo '
;ir 100 siir. feet.
:::.; .!- t . t- lii.
It.. Ilr.i,).. 'I'..., -k..
1. 1 i- ur-li !ur am ti-
.Tllll Slid
Veterinary Surgeon.
Graduate Western Veterinary College, Kansas
City, Mo. Surgery In all its Branches.
Telephone 5s2 Bear Crosby Block.
Altering and Repairing of Ladles' and
Men's Garments. Cleaning and press
ing. Authorized Agent for Lewando's Dye Co.,
also Wllder's Improved Coat Hangers.
117 Main St. - Btattleboro
S. W. KlXiKTT ,v C'(K,
Real Estatel Investments
Now is il 'rood time to luy u
House for investment or ti Home,
call on us anil see what we have
Farms, village property, any
thing on earth.
S. W. Kdgktt & Co.
Sella Everything. Addreff
TP. T. j3AIXil3T,
Horses For Sale !
Just Arrived This Day.
Monday, June 10th.
Full Carload of Horses,
Come ami see them. Large matched pain
and single workers and drivers among them
I have thirty-live horses to select from.
At No. M Klliot street.
G. E. GILMAN, Proprietor.
Kytlier Block. Hraltl el.oro, Vt. I Hrtittleboro, June 10, i:mi
Wanted Immediately
A eitstotner for the following Ileal Estate:
No. 21 Canal St. This i:' a two tenement
house in good repair and rente I to good par
ties. The house b:t modern improvements
nml is located so as to lie uci e-sable to the
business part of the town, and also the dlller
ent industries. To any one wanting an In
vestment here, is a good'ehauce, as it is alKiut
ultvavs well rented.
l(W-tf S. W. KIKiETI A- CO . Agenis,
In Townshend, Vt.
The Fred R. Ford place near T.iwnshend eat
Village, Vt., will be sold at auction WF.KSKS
OA V. July 31, at 1 4.8(1 o'clock ; So acres, of them
trood meadow and Ullage, remainder pasture
and woodland. I'astme and hav for 2 cows and
horse. New lo.room house, oniy lirst floor no
Ishtd. Insured for !5in. Dry T-foot cellar,
stone underpinning, cemented vault. Present
supply of water Is insufficient pure well water
on hillside, but fall, in summer; wloter and
spring surplus can lie stored In renevolr at little
cost, or an unlimited and never-falling supply of
good water can be Drought from a height for
small expense, a supulv sufficient tor all pur
poses, sewerage, irrigation, fountain, &c. Ideal
spot, 10 minutes walk from post office; beautiful
view down West river valley; Just the place for
summer hotel or tirst-class, ipilet country home;
Ideal village, good academv, note), churches,
store. and graded schol; all modern require
ments of travel and tommunlcatlon. Any In.
formation cheerfully given. Hour of auction
leaves ample time for return lo Brattlelioroon
afternoon train. Train leaves Brattleboro for
Townshend (17 mlies) at -:.VI A. M. C. P.
(ill. SON, Auctioneer. Brattleboro, July III,
iml. I4-It
W. F. RlCHAKllSOX & Co.
May 1 MM. e-f
For News Read The Reformer
Every Barrel
JThis is the guarantee behind
Gold Medal Flour.
Ask your Grocer for it.
Eastern Agents. I
T RY ,
All, (UtllEltS 2
nm i-cnrift noon DTI V 9
I'Eiiil CUr.ll 1BV.I1I till,
TJISTRAV-Two year-old heifer, came Into
J niv mowing Sunday, rtwnrr ean have by
ylng charges. J. I. BARNEY.
114 It
West Brattleboro.
$50 Reward.
The apprehension or evidence that will eon
vlct partlc who stole 20 "hcep from the New
fane pasture of Al. R. BOBBINS. 1(4.11
Contain no Opium or other harmful .rug.
Cures ll forms id Iiysenrery, Dtarrhu-x, Sum
mer Complaint, gilplnvand cullc pain. IMMK
IHATF.I.Y, ami do not eonstloate or produce
fever but removu all Inllamm.tloii atd fever
and leave you in nttura! condition. Ate c.pec
tally good for the children.
'45c a box at all dealers or by mill.
"I had a severe ense of summer cooiplnlut this
month and It cxintlnucd for ten day.. I tiled
several remedies, bui they Old me no rood. I
finullv got a box of tiiyrn'n Oysentery Tao.ctj
and four of them entlrelv cured rue."
Bellow. Falls, VI., Aug. 21, Brno.
Jlannfn turlug I'harmaclst, Saxton. Klter, Vt.
OS tt
Just a Cem I
IflO srri'. One Btor hone of tve root) f
,'() fK)t hftrn, 'itHiO ktitxr m-e n the tn
work UifMn Smooth (leln, nlr pitiire J0 M
feet of timber. Giwvi, utronn, lei loaoj, TU
fttnn fhtulr brlntc t'.VHf, but to eti-e) it otH, we
will take 7 1 o. Ctunc mu look U over, tf you
U not dnd It an we retirement In verv jUrttru
lar, b will iiav your tare htre nail iMick,
Atllrf, A. CO..
HCtf Grange Hi k, BriiUIbOfO, Vt.
Keep a Bottle of
!!.. f..r
IlnN. .I.HN K. U 1 1 t.. 1 -:;i ti.at:
) 1! r : i.J iT 1 - : -1 : v'--v I'M:' ir ii y, wri'lc
"N"t ilh-';tnJ;tu 1 itiii uiwi r :i t h i.iii'
care, I am ti-ing Tolletiue. w itli the cr best
results, fur Ivy I'lil-nning.
It I- one of the cleanest, mod agreeable lo
tions I have ever ued.''
All DrUiTiists. -J."i and Oil cents.
C. E. DOWNER, A cent.
Bv C. I". OII.SOX, Al t 1 KI.NKKK.
Milch Cows land Heifers
I will sell at Public Auction, :t. uiv farm in
Wet Chesterlield, . II.,
Saturday, August 3, 1901,
At One o clock r. 31 ..
Fifteen good Milch Cows, seven 2-year-old
IHfers ami two Heifer Calves. The-se atti
UHls are all of the lie-t grade- of stock.
Terms made knowu at time of sale.
Wtt Cho-itertieKK N. II., .luly liKJI.
TT. ---t-JUa.OL--'
Young men have not taKen note
that ctitkiwuietit iusiiratice tloes fotir
things with certaliitv : ti 1 (lives an
always decreasing cost : (21 liettirns
more' money than is paid in: iIIlActs
from the start and matures at once
at death: (4) lielunis surplus in ad
dition. This is worth their examin
ation. (Correspondeni e r-olicited.)
CenM Agents,
Three Other Trainmen Slightly Injured
.ccltt.nt nn trr Hn,lnn & STntnv at
s.ptiiiKflld Vrattrttsy Vlell.ii former
ly or Till. Place.
Tbo .Montreal exjiresM ovpr the Bos
ton Maine rai'rciitl, ltjavine here at
2:2(1 p tp, rnn into :t gravel train,
working on a sidin?. with the switon
oppn near the iSirinp(ield Btstion yes
terday pftornooD, and tltn enainepr of
the vrivel tram, (ieori;ei J CurlisH,
killed. A train nasi fteot tin fmm
Uellows Falls with nevprnl Uuetors to
t-are lor any rjusBonnorM who rciKlu
woundeil, hut it was fount! that none
ivi-ro injure:!.
Engineer Sawvpr of the p8s?eno;er
train jumped untl escaped harm except
for a sjpraired anklu and shnking Ui.
Nove, Crafts of 8t JohnHlmry and
Henry Sturtevant (ij Springfield, traiD
liBsuatremoo, were also well shnUen up.
Corliss whs asleep in the caltoosei nt
the tinifl of the accidorjt. He was
well knoiru hete. havine hadhishcMd
ijuartHrs: here fur a while seven or
eiiht vtars atfo, and he was married
eiwht years ago tn Miss liell" Stone
of thin place, who died last October,
and 1 y whom he h id one child, who
Kitrvive", named Kiiwiti, now six years
old. living with his era "rlinuther. Mr
Corliss' home was in Windsor, and he
leaves', besides a brother in Hpring-fi-ld.
Willard 11 Corliss of 1!10 Grseti
wood street a conductor oo the Boston
it Maine, three brothers aud four Bis
ters, till living in Windsor.
Oeotge J Corliss asforaerly a firo
man but HH promoted two years ago
to the jinsiti'jD of eusre pnsiceer and
had only bacn a resident of Spring
lieltl since, list November. Ho re
ceived orders vYuduosdav morning to
take the place of C Stebbirs, tbe reg
ular engineer, on the switching en
gioe at Springfield, the latter being
sick. Ha notib'ed his lacdlady, Mrs
O A Keed of lii Auburn street, tt
whose house he roomed, expressing
himself as ?ery urwilling to go, ar.d
left immediately. He was . man 2!)
years of age, ve'y popular among his
assceiates on the road and u member
of the brotherhood of locomotive fire
mil). tbk anr.it win.
Report That the Kal.r 1. to A. .am. th.
Hole of tNc. maker.
London. July 20. "The rumors a. to
enrlv peace negotiation, which hns
pervaded the House of Commons fur
someduys," sayg the Kailey Express,
has taken the more detinlte form that
Emperor William is to assume the role
of peacemaker.
"Mr Kruger anil his advisers are repre
sented as having empowered 'the kaiser
to act for th Boers anrt he Is coasi-ier-e
l willing to take the initiative in order
rn f :'ni 1 1 ri ( I his relitions wlrh the
(iciiiiun I e pie. who disapprove liis
f i iendsliip for tireut Britain. Seiuethitig
Hi'i'irer:'lv is on foot, vvlielhsr Einpernr
Vi ..luin i- in or not.
a iii.ouin i in t.i.i.r
Tiirh. anil A linnlnn. linilt llnictier
lr)oticr .A.lisnlaii. Carry It.. Ilcatl.
orThelr. on I'ole..
Vienna. July 21 Alhtnian insurgent'
and Turkish regulars huc had several
encounters on the Turkish frontier.
Many have been killed and wounded on
both sides. It i repotted that the
Albanian's rut oft' the heads of their
ptieoners. and triumphsntlv carried
them on poles through. Albanian tons.
It is also rportel that the Turks mas
sacred their prisoners.
A band of mtrauding ltulgirisns,
near tihevgheli. entrenched in a farm
house were stormed by Tin kith troops
atd killed to a n,au.
An I firUloK Fearctl In fh. V trinity ot
Canton Armed Kolilicr. Pilla.luK the
Htini. tn a Town.
London, .f ti Iv -J.". 'According to native
intelligence.", says t lie Shnnghai corrcpund.
i tit of the Siandard. ''Chinese and lln-stati
Iroiips have lieen seriously tlefeati.tl bv in
surgents in the southeastern part of Man
chtiaia. and the rebels are now tlt-st roving the
telegraph ires."
An Old Uflcnfler.
In the district court at Greenfield
Wednesday morning .leremiah O'N'eil
w as sentence I to the house of correc
tion for threo months for drunken
ness. Three yearu ego he was at
Hrirtgewater for a year. He was then
sentenced to the house of correction nt
Greenfield for six months for assault
anil battery dr.d drunkenness. Get
ting nut in August, 1WHJ, he was sunn,
after sentenced again for six months,
and after the expiration of that srn
tencs had kent out of the toils of the
law till his errest. Two utner
"urttnks" piid :e aca. I
&atlfcf.ciHB t.aaranteed.
IS Union Block, Claremont. H. H.
KetablUned ISM. Lcng L'li. Telephcne,
Wlilfa Ulan Turiinl Tellow.
Hre.it consternation was felt by the
frieiijsof M. A. Hngarty of Lexington,
Ky, wh-n tdey saw be was turning; yel
low. His skin slowly changed color, also
his eyi t. and he sutlered terribly. His
malady was Yellow .Ijundice. He was
treated by the best doctors but without
hem-lit. Then he was kdvised to ttf
Electric Citlers, the wonderful r-tninach
and Liver remedy, and lie write:
"A ffer taking two bottlea I was wholly
cured." A trial proves Its matchless
merit for all Stomach, Elver and Kidney
troubles. Ouly 50 cet ts. Sold by
Holden & Co., Druggists.
tiissd will Throt mate.
(Krom tbe NorhlielJ News. I
Col Thomaa Haonon, tbe newly
electtd superintendent of tbe Soldiers'
Home, bis a nigb standard tielore
him to till tbe position as well in
everv respect aa did tbe lata Col Bob
loose intimately acquainted witn
C 1 llanoon, however, say tbat he is
equal to tie task, and be certainly
starts otr witb tbe pond will oi i
veterans and citizens generally
ttraughuut tbe state.
T i sheriff hs attached tbe saloon vt
obn I. Sulli.an in New York -ity ow
irg to tbe Inabilitv of John L to pay
ti d-bts, and the fora.fr champion pu
gilist announces his ic tent ion to re-enter
the theatrical business and do a "ool
olcgue that will kill tbem all.'' i
A Wtmr.a Who S.w One at 114, Ki
prrliit.nt. W'lti IteKard lo Tho.a Who
Claim in Hhv Seen It During the
Nhotlti A (srara Fealurc In the Ml..'
Ing Money anrl Valuable. Kllmlnatril
All Found In Boaton Aftera Three Day.
Hunt The Pa.t Three nay. and What
They Have nhown in Brattleboro. Mo.)
Itly.terloii. Caae.
A good deal of energ-y has been ex
pentled by the Keforiner since Tups
ilav in runmcg down various reports
andj interview ina dilleiert people who
wer" alleged to know something im
portant about the Friday mornitg
tragedy in which Sidney Grey Bristol
was shot and killed by. bis college
mats anil host. Mortm Starr Cressey.
Nir.e-tenths of the reports have been
found to r st on absolutely rothing.
and the other tPnlh has adileil but
little to the previous knowledge of the
The only rithpr new information of
any importance elicited here, and that
not. necesarily or even probably
vcrv significant, comes from an entire
ly reliable citizen, who for other rea
sors dries cot want his r.ame used at
present. He says that at about a
quarter to 12 certainly not more than
20 minutes to 12, because the electric
lights wetil out liefnra he reached his
home at West Brattleboro, a little
over a mile beyond he passed tbo
Starr residence where the tratedy oc
curred, a light was then burnirg
in the Bouthaest corner room upstairs,
the one tvoupied hy the two yourg
men.. His attention was attracted by
a roiso there or in that vicinity that
sounded like the shutting of a tioor
or closing of a trunk and tbat was
what caused bitu to look upandto
tice the light. Cressey 's statement
was that they retired "abrut half past
eleven." 1 he difference of only about
10 minutes is out oitlicult to irclude
in Cressey 's "about.'- The time of
tbo West Krattleboro man is pretty
definitely fixed.
A very gratifyirg devlopment to
Cressey's friends' is the clearing up of
the missing money matter. There was
cve'i mote of it than the Reformer
stated Tuesdny: it was so urave a
matter, apparent y, that, we continsd
it to what bad been placed in official
bunds for action, tte rlaim cf l!ria
tol's employers that there was miss
ing J?00 or more that hs bad collect -d
for there. Bristol's father while here
stated Sunday that he knew that a
week ago Saturday the young man bed
over ?10O of t is own troney which he
had earned and saved during vacaticn,
because the fittbr-r had received a let
ter of that date from tbe son 8nd
stat ire; the exact amount, though M'
Bristol coulJ remember only that it
was mere than SI 00. He said his son
was very careful in money matters
he-ping an account of every 'enny.
and it was mysterious to bitn that no
Meorl should' be found. lb' slid his
son alsi bud a pold watch r.r lv a si).
ver rn beirt; found nftcr t'ie shoot -init
lii-aiicg a mnnogrnm and rtlso a
valuable rii-g. which had also disap
peared ai'psre-ily. Wiihoht furfier
verifjeat inn than Mr Hristol's state
n ent e tbr-tight bet no! to mentio"
it Tuesday i but it is now proved
to have heen true.r.s regards the watch'
and ring at leas:, by the finding of
them in voung Bristol's room Bt Cam
bridge. Msss.
There was a good deal of scoffing on
the part of partisans, who are always
more ready to talk than think, at
tbe claim of the etiudoy.rs thst Kris
tol could have had any cnrsideiarile
amount of money collected for the
Cottager. Thev didn't stop to think
that be woultl-'t be likely to be em
ployed week hfter week under salary
and travelirg expenses unless he did
get some. The Keforcn r went to work
to bricg it to some difinits basis,
and f uind tbat be settled his account
for collections Julv 1st with E B Co
nant of Bjst m. the treasurer of the
c iDipany, and umler t'ie arrangement
wb to settle agin Aug 1st, and judg
icg from bis previous work, fron f2ll0
to ji'oO itaa about what he would
have beei exported to accumulate in
tbe two weeks and four days he had
been at work since.
Mr Conant. who as here Sunday,
made a careful investigation at Green
field Moutlay, as stated in our last, to
see if the mono coi'.ld he trace ) there,
and Tuesday did it:e sime at North
ampton without reesull. but Wedno9
day he found it at the last pises be
expected, in Koston, deposited in a
bauk there, and da luge an amount, as
he exeeclcJ. Mr Conaut stated this
fact to the Keformer by telephone yes
terday. As the case stands now therefore
there remains against Cressey only
the ext r. irdinaiy difHeuli points of his
own st .tented nd tLe positire testi
mony of the three aim esses. Miss
Ursuv at.d Mr and Mrs Harris, tnat
the sa n light in the room I efore
the shooting was ended, or instantly
at its ending, I efore ha could nossihly
have lighted oie after helping the
wounded man to bed, ajeorjir.g to his
On tbe question whether these wit
nesses are mistaken, in tha rapidity
of events tbat according to the
wbol evidence occupied only few
seconds hingoi in all the ease. Either
they were mistaken. ortbe shooting r.n
not.have been an accident. They are un
contradicted by any one tbt appears
on the atand thus f.r. Their testi
mony, with such partial confirmation
as it has from Miss Maclay, is abso
lutely all there is thus far. except
Cressey's, tbat has any evidential
value whatever. All elso is immate
rial, suppositious or inferential or cir
cumstantial and none of it affording a
satisfactory ocntradiction to them. To
jump to the conclusior, therefore,
tbat they must be mistaken with ab
solutely no proof and to reasio but a
preconception that tbe affair must
have beei an accident, if but a trav
esty on leg.l pro;euure, ard we de
cline to believe that euch can be the
result of the inquest or that tbe in
quiry will stop here. We all want to
believe that it was an accident and
tbat yourg Cressey was tjuiltlecs cf
nytbiog but awful foliy, in bavin.
a loaded revolver so bandy to a highly
Akeley Walker.
A quiet home wedding took plr.co
yaster'ay noun at the ro'i'lenrn of Mrs
H 11 Wiilker on Ash street, Newport,
N H. when her daughter, Miss Nettie
h Walker, wa unite! in marriage
with Lester C Akley of Urattlel oro.
The ceremony was performpd by Kev
.James Alexander of the I or.gte;;n
tional church, the Episropal service
being csed. Tbe bride's Oiess was
white Frerch niUFlir, and the groom
wors conventional bhek dress suit.
There were many hrautiful prpsents.
The bride is a graduate of the New
port high sclii ol. For a number of
yeirs she has been the head waitresis
at tbo American house in Hrattlehnrc.
Tee groom is employed at C H Eddy's
hakery in the patne city. Thp tiBin
left on the afternoon for a trip to
Block Island, anil after a short absence
will be at home t : their friends here.
Daree at-Silverdalo tomorrow nigbt
from H to 12. Music by Lei tsiu.fer's
Leitsirger's nrcbrstra will furnish
mueic fur another danco at Brookside
Ptirk to-night.
Mips Mertie A KnowHon entpr
toined a number of her friends Satur
day evening in honor of her guest, O
L.lHtksan of Hartford, Coaq.
The ladies tf the W C T V will hold
a social and upper cpxt Wpiir.esday
afterroon at the home of ACisa Flor
ence Hui ter on Elliot street.
Regular rreetirg of Brattleboro
Cum 'v. No o",2, United Order of the
the Golden Cross Thursday pveoitg,
Aug 1st, 7 :).") o'clork, G A R hall.
The marriage engagement is announced
of Pewell Morse of I'ittshu'g. Pa. for
merly of the Hrattlehnn sline firm of
Mc.re A .Sirtpon. and Mia Mabel Htirke
of Rroriklvn, fisterof Mrs Louis A Gregg
of Krattlphoro.
The Altir snciety of the Episcopal
church aill bold a" lawn ptrtv Wed
nesdav fvenicg, July 31st, on the cor
ner of Linden street and the Coxmou.
Ice cream and cake will he be served,
and aprots will be on sale. All aie
in viterl.
The regular Sunday afternoon meet
ing of the YMCA will be held on
tbe Common in West Brattleboro rt
the usual hnnr, 4 o'clock. Rev F K
Marble, pastor of the Baptist church,
will give the adJresa. A male quar
tette will sicg.
Pernis Rebekab lodge will join
itli Sylvan lodge of Greenfield and
lodges from Shelburne Falls and Or
ange in a rictiie at Central Parir, Ver
non, sot e time next month, the date
of which will be nnrounced later.
A memorial service fru the deceased
members cf the W C T L' was held in
Pn sped. Hill cemetery Wednesday
afternoon. After e'eroratirg the
cravep, the folloirg program was
rendered: Scripture redi!r, Mrs
Mixer; prnver, M rs E r" " Reed ; re
marks, Mrs A .T Stearns: poem, Mrs
Mixer; prayer. Mrs Mi.vr.
All members cf birgham Chipter
No HO, O E S. ar iuvitel bv the
chapter of t tlrange to attend a pic
nic at Crystal bake, URrdrer. AUHiist
7. The dste rf the picic y.-teil by
I'ingham Ciiapter, will be artnoanced
as poon as the committee can make
the necessary arrangements. It is ex
pected that neirbv chapters will ac
cept invitations to join.
&umtne rings.
Mrs Fred KicbarJson and daughter.
Miss Annie Richardson, have returned
fron Vork Beach. Miss Nellie Dun
lew retiiriiftl Wednesday from hrr
visit in Lswronre, Mss, ard was ae
cotr.panied lyMrs TP Iligeins and
to rhildron ami tisfcr. Miss Margaret
Lsli y. . iss Eliiabeth Bsgg is spend
iip her vacation ii the White Moun
tains Geo f Archibald and John F
O'Millivnn spent a few days in town
this week en mule from the White
Monr fairs to their fcorr.es in Eiw
rer.ee. Mass.
Col and Mrs J G Fstey and cbild
lesve to-day for Fenwick, Coon. Wm
M Farmer, wife and daughter of New
Vork arrived Wednesday for tbe sum
mer nt tbe 11 rooks llousn. - Editor O
L Frenrh and son pre Bt his di p at
Long I'ocd.-L D Taylor left yester
day for a few days at Winthrnp
Htach v hf re he is the guest of Sam
uel Olliver and will wit-ess a ptoduc
t ion b ths Crierinn club.
Julv Jauma.
Misses Ella Newman and Minnie
Briizar return tomorrow from thoir
visit in Manchester. Arthur Hyde
has returned from his visit in Lhaiinn
S':d Mun?hester. Prof K C K Cramer
returr.pl Tuesday frrm a week's stay.
ilh his familv at Siinanei l'ke.
Mrs C N Ilackley ttrived fron Boston
Wodresday etenioH for her s'tuner
vtt-ation. Miss Kate Monks left, yes
terJay for Bofton to remuin tit til tjep
terrber for a visit with her sitr, Mrs
Julia Austin. Mrs Wm Martin left
ypsterdav for a stay in Poslon. Har
old Smith ret -ir re i Mr nday frjtn a
e k at NewcastI". X II, ps u guest
cf Kev Ii K Marvin, who is eunimer
inp there.
Mr and Mrs II M r-o 'ghtor. are in
llolynke and Spri-gficll for a few
dys. Mis Gussie (ircut is at
Weatrcrsiiei J for a visit.- L K Adsms
reached hon e yesterday from Minne
apolis. Chas Ktolte returned yester
day from a ten days t y a! I -I.ii'l
Miss Myrti- Cot ret ir-el S-turda
from a scleral weeks' visit, with he
uncle, W C Danfortb. nt Barnard.
Mrs J J Ward goes t.oj SpringSold,
Mass, cext week for x visit.
IleWhTs Witch llae Salve shouhl I
rromptly applied lo cuts, burns and scalds,
t sooths antl quickly heals the injureil parts.
There are worthless' conuterfe it, besurcto
irrt lie Witt's tireene's drug store. fl
(Contlaoed oa 4th page.
The Best Medicine
Money Can Buy.
Baxter's Mandrake Bitter, hag been a
popular remedy with ibe public for .10
years, and is warranted to cure consti
pation. ( ick headache, dyspepsia, bilious
ness, iodigestion. kidney trouble; will
regulate the bowels and all stomach ills.
It al'o purities the blood, expelling al'
pi.isori" anil luaaing t.'ie well ia every
part of the rlv. At all druggists, at 2.1
cents per bottle or lioa. and mor.ev back
if it does not cure, liro-.ks House Phar
macy. Thr.ma" Ihaimacy, Geo. E.
Oreece. F. 11. Holden.

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