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Semi-weekly Windham County reformer. (Brattleboro, Vt.) 1897-1901, July 26, 1901, Image 2

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A prominent Montreal clergyman. the Rov. Jim-;
II. Winn, Hector St. Judes and Hon. Canon of
Christ Church Cathedral, write.: "Permit mu ta
p-aim yon a row line to strongly roeommeiid
THIinV UAVla' rAIN-klLLO!. I have Used It ivita
entmfnciion for thirty-five years. It is a re;ura
tlon which deserve, full public confidence,''
A bum cure for
Sore Throat,
Craops, &c.
Two aizoa, 25c and 5')c.
Tliero la only ona i'aia-IIiller. Porry Da via.'
:f ..-saw- m r? , -"-n i
i .
n evnlrtuiiin in tha rinrlinp of
Stockholm Tuesday uf petroleum on
hoard tun Arucncti) sciitioiier tiiiuise
Adelaide, Captain Orr, rsulted "in
tho death (I Captain Orr, 10 members
of tho schooner's t re'.v and fmir Swed
ish customs cllicidls. Two uf tfce
Louisa Adplaido'a crow aprH savpil.
Thu uvrlnaiori aot thu arlnvinar uftro
and the blazing petroleum enveloped
tuo vessel and timet no hoard.
Vt't.,... lt. ........I... ... P.-....J ...l.,... la .....
it (It'll Lilt: l utiul Iiy ui liuu mnru IB luu
large or the quality too rich, heartburn is
likeiy to tollow, and eepeeiully so ii the
digestion Ima been weakened bv const i-
patijti. Eat slowly and not too freely of
nn..ll., ,11... .-I ',. .1 M .. .!...... .....1
t;auy iiiseBicu itiiiu. in asLitnLtr lug tuuu
thoroughly. Let sis hours elapse be
tween meals and when you feel a full-
n.aa 'aI.vI,P in fl,o -uninn nl .Pin
u'Da nuu nciuh I U (.111- ti,.ii'ii ui lud
stomach after tating, kdicatiiig that you
1... 1, ....... ...... ... ,-i......
unvc ciucu luu iimi.il, innc uuu ui iimui-
berliiio's Stomach and I.iver Tablets and
tho heartburn may be avoided. For sale
by Urooks House Pharmacy.
Proprietor ol&
Hollywood Hen Yards, Paine's Egg
Producer and Paine's Egg Preserver.
MOW to make Hens lay n
Abundance of Eggs and
how to preserve them until you
can obtain the Highest Prices.
Send for Booklet giving all the particulars.
Please write your name and address plainly and
enclose stamp. Address
R. J. PAINE, Mansfield, Mass.
Woman anil Three Children Burned to
ueatn lu a Tenement V Ire.
A wholo f:imily wits burred in a
Pennsylvania avenue tenement fin at
Pittsburg, Pa, Muudav liicrninc.
The mother aiid tnre.i children are
dead and tho husband is bmllv
burned. Tho explosion of an oil cun
was the cause of the lire.
f roni what oni bti lenrned. Mrs
Rutzu was rironnring breakfast in her
Biiarruonts on the third floor of the
tenement house in tho rear of 571(1
n nev 1 v nr i a iivhiii n chnrtlv lutfiirn W
o'tlonk Mondav oiorniiie. The tire in
tho kitchen stjre was not burning as
ouickl.v as M wanted it to and she
ourod some oil on the fire. In a mo
ment a blazo from the grate of the
stove ig"itnd tho oil can and an ex
plosion followed.
s. f. mu i co.
1137 Friend St. and 14 .V I M Canal SI
liellable. Uooil
Vllllm of Peculiar Aitldent May Die In
Uo.pltal at Fall iil.er, Wui.
James White is in a critical condi
tion at the Union hospital at Kail
tuver, Mase, as tlie result uf a pecu
liar accidort .Monday evening. Fol
lowing a social eiitoitainiuo t at his
bouse, Wbi'e eraau'ed ij a wrestling
match with Willi. m Maxwell. He
ohtxiced a hoi I on bis opponent ar il
u-biln u.iirti.i, 1,. uf-..nn,K .. ln...J
snap wa heard end he full 10 the floor.
A pbv.-ician fourd that tne man's
back broke near the neck and that be
was wholly paraljzed from the tuck
down. He ttay rtcorer.
P.lLM.t FOll Cl BA'a PHESIl)l;.T.
loil.r H'.l.r 11 HlniKea Towed Haifa
M Mo-A ml Vat HroiiRhl lo Life.
A irnod nianv ninnieal unrhnfiiind
are sketitiiiil us to tho possibility of
recolution of drowned tiecpla, eppec
ially if they Iiuvh been umr r water
niHny minutes, lint case h rep rted
from HrooHyn, V, this week that
n-iimf. nnnnlim thit ulri,rind rj....n
" - I ..... .a-1lc
Scbiefer, 17 years olJ, and two com
DMnions cot in a ro boat Ton-ninv
niivlil m.il wunr l.i,f n k. I f .. :i'n
"...u (a urn iuuu
from tho f.int of Thirty-fifth strent to
bathe. Thev diverl hevArl riit.ru r.,,,1
finullv miiiitfitl. rlirl i.nf ...-.n-.i .. II.
companions waiteil a few seconds aid
then one of Mietn. Watson, dived for
him. lie did thie four times without
nnuing nuaerer. ilie linn time, he
oroL''iir. up nis nnay.
Appamntly Schaefer was dead and
iha KmJ llorl I P..n n . . .1 . U I I..
and tune I it Hshurn. SVIini.fop h,.l
been in the water so hnB and his
noay whs as evidently lifulrss teat
thev didn't oven hurrv. Ir waa n. hnir
mile row lo the tiock. When tbev
reached it the boys wprn in doubt
whether to leave the bedv in the
tr.'tr.pr unrl nvuit thu n..tmn tl...
....... w u Di.UIUil ui tUl
ocer or to nut it on the ricelr
"lull ttioy wore fliscuB.ini; what to
. I 1 IV II ...
'Jr J o xiiiruey or Ul lliird street
iirooklvn, lame up in his stouni
Munch, Alma. I)r Han.ey said that
at Iirst be ditto t see nuy sina of life
ami ran mane tin us muifi lint
sciiaolor wni de.id, when he noticed
a iuiver tr tne eyelnt. The noot
then made the boys crry the body
to him iicca wnere i.o nean tj ori
OVcr it. thorh It seemeil a hnr.itl.uj
job. 1 no doctor and the twi Imva
rolled bencefer nn a Imrrrl troL...
bis arn s. hr.Mfheil int( bid ).i..i.ih
and hithed fa i m with mun;onia. After
nearly half tin hour's worn He liaefer
sooner, sitrns or rerivmir. la nn'.ther
half hour he was consc io'js. Anam
bulance was calleil and Schaefer was
tHken tj the Noraeifian hcspit.il
wl ere ho is pspectd to recover.
Schaefer was in the water io min
utes after hocoaiiiii; unconscious. Hr
Harnev said it. is tbn mj.ut i...mt..L,i.i.,
uaso ui recovery ne Cas ever teard of.
For Family Use.
l'cr gal
Kvport Old 8nur Jf;
Tetfa (llil lti...rvo
hherwood Pure live Malt,
Jetlerxon Club Iioiirbo.i,
I'arkland Old Bourbon,
1'otU X X Itye ami Rnurhon,
ritl X Rye ami Bourbon,
Pure Corn Whiskey,
l'ure Hay Mow Whiskey,
Lawrence's Old Meiiford Rum,
Caldwell's Portorko Rum,
American Gin,
Jtve ln,
Hoi Glu,
5 Bottles California Wines (assoiied)
California Wines, all kinds.
4. nn
5. m:
2 so
f l.sn
I 1.75
1 aim
I 3.00
'2. 1 if)
I., Ill
Jiruirslsts Pure A!e.,lml, 1 .7'7,
IniK.rtd Port and Sherry Wine, 82.50. 3'50
and $4.(MJ. '
All goods carefully packed and shipped to
vour address In any part of New Knifland.
J? !""k?ln0 ehauej for packages or packlni;
Send P.O. order, Registered Letter or Fx
press Money order and you will receive vour
r. i Ti ' " incs. i nce .Lists sent
J""1'? ." ,n alp.'ication. For reference
, ,. tiOUms
Uen Umn.z Sj. Me OiiRlit lo lie Mai.
to An ept the Ofllre.
Oon Maximo Gomez has published
a letter in tho Lccba at Havana in
which ho says that be went tu tbo
United State. to so" Totnas Kstrada
Kaltua to tell him of the notessity of
Bis ctniin to Cuba to tho first presi
dent Of tbn roi.llUi." lfa ..tv-d tk..t
thev pointed out to Sencr Talma his
Kod qualities aud virtues, which
make him fbn man fnr fl,.. fi'at
GBn fjnme7 aiva P.nn, T1m-. kn.
- ... . .ii, ..ii iinn
sriown capicity to govern, both in the
war or jsos ami as presment of the
deleaation. ilisolliuial purity in these
places puts Cuba under an obligation
to bim. Seonr Palun haa a (;oial
international standini.'. and none of
u, uen uomez, stands hetter
witti tne Arcencaa people. Tho rela
tions which Cuba must alcavs boar
to the United Statts call for men like
fe'enor Palma.
i0 Snitll Of tho fnrnirini, Cnnn.
Palma savs that he a ill , m i.i.nt tt...
oflice, but Gon Gomtz savs ha nuabt
to ba ruatie to accent.
Prrhlelnrlr t'lly I iimrllirrl.
Aprebistiric city of immense nro.
portions, is said to have j.-st been
tineartticd in Ilia uni r,!i
ervation between IJiirnuur. Col. and
r rannnL'ham. M. the i,nl,.i i
tbe tind havinu l ,.ni r..,,r,,t..,i . , ,t,
land detiartme. t of tho Km,...
system in Los Ancelos, Cl. A palace
s been founj runtjiium. it ... .;.i
shout 1000 separate untrtuient, some
of tnem in an excellent st to of tires.
eivrtiioo. .rtllnmer Mtnnn ,.ut ......
tains 100 senantH inij'tmunii
In some of the rooms insiected wen
round tno hnist of n.,,,,1 ..r .,
valuable char-itter, specimens if
which hava I oeu gathered and sent to
ma aiuitbaocian institute.
rm w mm ha an
,V.k Ua9 been troubled o frroat dnl
jjouauun avo., fiiiiaaelpUla, Pa.
V- aOUIH Btaisnuro g
Mon hly Rsirtilatnr hai bronRht happiness to
nnntireiia of anxioua women. Tliere is nosl
tivoly mi other r.-tnedy known rom.-ilical scienr-a
that will an quickly and safely do th mitt.
Jni,Tost and inoit obstinate irreeularitins I rom
any cause rolievpil iunnnliatelv. Success Guar
anteed atany staire. No nain.'ilanr. ... i.,.
luroiioo with work. Have relieved hiindreils nf
c.k.cb where otliera have failed. The most dune-lit
coa successfully treated "vniail.andbcne
iici.il rjaultn (ruaranteed in every instai ce. No
ri.sk woarsiM-ver. V.'e treat hiindrede of ladi"a
-liom we nvei ec. Write for f urtherparticiilars
:,! V'C.':1.""'nta, ,lriee. IX, not put off too
iotitT. All li.lrr ,r,i,i.r..-.i.. .n. i
1-r, tloa remedy ls absolutely .afe iimlcreyerv
P'issil.l 3 condition and positively leaves no after
s..Yl l .! ,, , "e1 "V mail, securely
l. it i w vi'iMnv.. v.,. .-. soo.iiQ ne rwf.j.teredt
iuuiuiihu,,,, iretuoutsi., Uoston
Fate of a Party of Kloudlkers on (he Way
to Aotne.
tragic story ccmes from St Mich-
af-l. A party of men on tho wav to
.oins recently found tho bodies cf six
men at; a poiot near Uapo Knmanotf.
It U presumed thev all froze to death
uurinc snnm nm of th, t..r ,ia i.i;
zards that prevailed last winter. The
ooaies wero scattered at intervals
five of there about u auertor nf a milo
apart, iney wore outstretched unon
mo tuiiura, anq eacn wbs found
wrapped in blinkers. Each had souio
camp equipment near bim, but no
lOOd. (JCA nf tbn rln-irl lion k.,1 k..
evidontly either injured or sick, hs
ne lav on a litter constructed of a
nair r.f oars nnl cnnnaQ uhoof i.
would seeoj that the storm must have
inereouio tnem unrryioe hitn. Kv -
dectly, becoming exhausted, they hsd
abandocetl bim and wandered eft', tacb
bimsslf. to terisb where foutd.
.'lis t ni rie Nation has been lined jUOO and
... ... j. in .-i-,(.M-- in ,1 IJllJi
llazi'ti In Ibe d it riet eomt .n 'i,,.,i... r.... .i.-.
tllftiinir the neaee and ilii.niiv nf i... .
oiiiiuat -j i ram last .iiarvu. There is no
appeal, ami .Mrs .Nation will m, to prison.
German .-syrup is the special proserin
tion of Dr. A. lioschcc, a celebrated
Gciman Physician, and is acknowledged
to be one of tbe inot fortunate discov
eries In Medicine. Ir. mil,. bit.
Coughs, folds and all I.uuif troubles of
the eevcre&t nature. ri.m,ieinir DJ
the cause of the affection iind leaving
ib pans in a stronu and healthy vomit
tiou. It is not an experimental medi
Cine, but has stood the t.r t
giving satisfaction in every caw, which
iia m u v increiicnii sn ........
"onion tiotties sold an
i.uai.y. ixisctiec s German Svrup was
inirnduccil in the I nited States In Hbs
and is uow sold in every ton in the
civiilzea WLtld. 'I'hree doses will relieve
llflV ordinary eniTupl, li-l,.., --.
f - . .i.v fi ictus.
Oct Greene' Priz.' Almanac. For sale
at oreeno's Drug .Store.
Not Only Havana hut all the I.erilii(
one to be uoinnianiteii iiy American
t'aauon-Hurh ilia Hchenia Kroin Hie
rirglnuiiiB but Conceaieil at Time
A'i'tnce or I'latt Allieuilment Was
Fore, ii.
(From nur special correspondent. )
Wnsllinifl.m .TnlvO-l Tliok Ih. fin
baus were well ntlvisinl in spekinu to
pin tho McKinloy adtninistnition
down to an interpretation of tho I'latt
iiiuciiuiiieiii, ih now eviueoi irotn too
iinnouncsil determination of ho gov
ernment to occupy all the pea defenses
i f Cuba, whether these are ircluded
in tho five coaling stations called for
by tbo Piatt nmeiidnieiit or not. Fur
ther. it is freplv aeknna leiln-ril thpf
this has hopn intenrietj all the time
though nothing was said about it lot
it. slinctd nivi. mlHitiimul i.!ii:co fi.i.
discussion and conseiiuent deiav at
Havana of the mlontion bv the oonsti
l.llt i.Hlul i.r,,i.'i.Fit ii.n ..f tii Il,.l, 1 a .
wfcich was made a condition uroeedent
in me wnniraai ri American paver-
dintv nrH thi. un.pnnrtoe ft ri.n i.bml
to the nominal control uf the Cubans.
Mi.iii fi.. v... m..,. .i
,unb iiii.- . iiil. niin iiii'i ciii lius
beei adopted, however, otlb'ials hero,
iniducinii mnadiers of the ctbinet
and coriL'ross. fre dv nssert the inton.
tion of tbo Urited Stat's tu occupy
nil ire pnon,al sea defenses of tho
ilirtl Ihiji. ,,f course, trpans that
the forts ht Havana, CienfiiPKes, San-
ti-go aoo. Mantiirzsg will rlv the
American flan and be mountrd with
guns, even nflvr the Cuban republic
is a "i iu comniisnti.1 laet and its im e
pendent sovercigntv is smight to be
recognized rv t'm natioi s of the wnrbl
This radical action is so-Jcht to be
'titled hv tbo 1'i.niTril i.rotont b-n m.
iu re i iiv ine ir air, titinniiiri.nr iio
f iven tn Cuba, the exci se heiro- nmd
nut tbe island L'ovornn-oi't will t rub
not maintain an arm v or trnvv
and tnat if it does, they ill both
necessarily be ton weak to bo nf nv
pecial service in csi of war. Indeed
it is nilimateil from die sounds both
in iasrungton and Havana that the
uunan government will bo induces tn
ro.iiest Die United States to Iran and
ecjinp sunti fortitiiations on the js
land KS mav lie considered mlrijnbl
for tho aif.guardiri; of the inti....fa
oi both count ries.
Hut if Cuba cannot be bulldozed
into making eueb a reou st. the cause
in tto I'latt law giviig to tbe United
rstntes the privileiie rf establishin
five naval stations on tbo iUnri n,nl
be corsiderfil as n!T,,r,lin,r nil'
military protection reeded. In ttrnt
event, tho navy will assume all tb
All Ready for Business.
Put a iiroposjition in the 11E-
FORMEIi want columns antl
yoifll fin (1 plenty of people who
are looking tor just that kind of
a proposition. And it doesn't
mutter what kind of a proposition
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A few cents will put a few lines
hefore many thousand of Ver
mont's liesf people.
I'ltli E-Two cents a word fnr first Insertion
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The Prayer Before) Oettyabarar,
General Duulel Sickles told a story
Illustrating the tenderness of President
I.lucolu'a heart as well an bis faith In
Providence und bis beautiful opt! in Ism.
At'tol Silel'tntt bill! linen wrill iwti.il nt
Gettysburg he wuu removed to Waah-
niMi,n, unii too prcsiticui ctiuou ou uini
nt the hospital. Whoa tho general
described the battle Mid tho awful
laughter, "Lincoln wept liko a child."
"While tho two armies wore eonverg-
ne " fillM t.ln'nlti 'T tt-nnf Infrt int.
nxini and prayed us I never prayed be-
lore. I told God that If we were to
win the bottle he must do It for I hud
done all that I could. I went from my
room with a great load lifted from mv
shoulders, and from that moment I
never blld a dnnlit na tn tbn rcunlf- Wo
Kllflll botir Criflll rirn.'tt fpnlil flrnnt wii
has boon pounding away at Vlcksburg
for so mnuv rnoiitlm. I nm In n nrn.
photic mood today, Sickles, and I say
iuhi you win got wen."
"The doctors do not say so."
"I don't care, Sickles, you will get
well," persisted the president
And that afternoon. General Sickles
goes on to say, a telegram was receiv
ed from General Grant announcing the
fall of Vlcksburg. Ills own recovery
soon followed.
John C GraV. Who haq lo.on i.lneturl
superintentient of s:hools at Cnieoper
mass, wr.s Peri in KveL'ste atd urarin
atd from Mart mouth nelli.iro in itw
with hitrh honor'. Imnioiliat.lv l.
WHS Hntjlllnleil ripinoi,..! nt lhn 1.1
si iiot'i iii 1,1'no), nan. lie was pnu
upsl for three years, and wbs then
eieeto.l sunerinrpr.i l. nr f .. t..nl
at Colfee countv, Kac, and mt.vcd to
the countv seat in Hnrlim.ioo Il
held this position for four years and
then became snr-erintonitont- t.t it...
schnols iu Freilnria. Later be becime
superintendent of the vrhi.nl. in M l.
leu, Kan, atd it wes from there that
ho wont tn Adams. Mass, five years
aoo. He sneopode,! Walter P I tei.l. t v
now principal of the Salcn nnrmal
soaoP!. lie tas given tbe tost of sat
isfaction ia Adams.
It rray be mentioned thBt (heal
legeil ireatl' uniler eliinh il,,. lib I.,
buina resfTvatinn is to l.e onenoii tn
s-iueiieni m tqp very ssa. e on that
Presiiicnt f'lorel anil ilonniirenil no
trauil End a forgery eight jesrs ago
and declare J shoul i rover he put irto
inrtir an in it n unu m tho u'k i.
iiouso. I. rover was t l.je"t innnld.t in
several wavs. Imt nt i.,n. i... i...,i ..
backbone and did not yield to "in
fluence" wben a fraud was cnr.rnil
.' Hmrf Win Kivo n.a Thoo.
WlUlCO RccoourenJ ai to 8EJT
UK. KlXt'J
frw down Brvi
HSfJff 1"." ' 1J'" RmilrM.' Vml
1L1 ;ueer. ".on. Sfnd Kt, mi. fc, .j,
AIIUrucji.orbTm!ljObo,. ""V1" ""e
KEoicwr a.. e 193a. eosTon. $;
5 per cnt. 5 per cent.
On North Dakota and Wasliim.-ton Farm.
No form of Inve-tnient ha. proven safer or
iw.ee pronipl in payment of iulere-t than a
farm luorttatcwei; plawl. h ifteen vear ev-fj.-rienT
m plai-itx rn.ini.-a-r. .nnvin.t. u
that we can luivlle your funds safelv. and we
reoiiniucii.! our ban. a- a site ime-nnent.
'orre-s,ink:Dte o!:c:ie.!.
Yt Lm k Trust Csaw,
v F. B. FUTWAM. Cni
. ' r-&s i
WWb--"" .. -a,t s,"; m
Ollma Prom the Hot Wave In the West.
In Kansas City, wlere the mercurv
went un to Km. nrv inn ,,. i
able ti sleep after sunrise. On. m.
port says: "Tbo beds humed as
though the sheets had just been
ironed ar.d bad tint moled off it ft-., ih.
smooth iri? roooeas " At ii.... .u
, .. . .i-.ira lua
Bulf wind, which usually allevitit.
tho intttesn lirnt. nf Mi,...:
, u.l Mh
anil tne neighboring states, died awav
absolutely, and tho air stagnated and
siiiiiuereii id me streets. At oco time
Tne sir.d did not. trovol u a.
, " uiuu 1 :j
tnree Hours. 1'cople slsot on rnofj
imjuiii-s, i.iwrs, anyweera hut in
the house. Nothing lik it wfc.s ever
Known in Kacsas City. Kven wlen
an u or spemoa imminent tot a diop
fell, and Wothor Observer Connor
explained that tbe atmosphere around
licked up as it. foil through space, a
condition worthy of Tcphet.
In Missouri the rain-Mi eicce May
bas been from 10 to 25 per cent cf the
noraal, but, curiouslv, western Kan
sas. VCII'D tins setTaro-a ... .
.. UI'IC 111 III,
orouths than any other part of tfce
Mjuniry, is rooinsrutiridv ,,n . tr
tois year, ilia local mn
-,;n i.;..i.- . -- "i-'n
ni.ii uiL-u.r lEn iwratur.. in
lecilitlts ttan .tlll,.t..H tho i
lines, iu iioonvuie. Mo, tbe ther.
noueter wLt to 110 for three ri.v. in
succession, ana a triumphant inaxi
Tuin or iiii ... .it, nQri t..i- o
, , . . .... , u i ,
rrrraau sides come report that the
vetreririon nas tieen liiiu.1 i
. ... u, .utim .uu
hi. la-iures are barren. r,l
if rasa win nave to lie .!..,(.. i
Wherever alfalfa 1 -,.l
" . ii ini;e.i ii
snowed its merita h .nr.;.;... .l.
.... llix I1IU
beat iiosxatbed. One msult uf this
disastrous vmr mill ho 1
for tbis bardv grass.
It many rlx-rs ware, ii
and stock-men be teen ruiMing their
i-. . .. . . . cr- Fn,'r'S them
t-t at forced !. , it.s-
Tre la:r.entl Pi I'irtlitinai nf ..
-n ps is (idowb ly (be fact that the
KIH. Crack..
Lord lvii-th lino, rd.in.l.. I I. .. 1 a . ;
i i t iuiu, iii.ii n tram
loaded with stores :uhli i ....
feaufort West on Suniiav. The Brit-
lflii loss was tares killed and is
Since July 15 Kitchener reports the
various c luains that 1.1 lioers have
been killed. 5 tvni,n.;..,i !,: .
dered and 100 taken prisoners.
GoO French rnrnrti Ih.l f'.,.l.l.
.-...v.. VII11.IM-,
With 300 men .tlo.,l....l . .
mountaina near Craddock bv I ri 1 t i n .
gar at dawn, Julv SI. The hors-s
Blampeded. An all-day rigbt followed.
Crabbe fell back on Motimer. Tbe
liritish loss was slight.
Secretary Hunt Sliced. Allen.
Willitm H Hurt il. .
v t"", Iit' nrtin
tary of Porto liico. baa been eolont.t
to eucc ed Gov Charles H Allen on
the retiremrnt of tho latter from the
insular government.
"liver Since I Wa. a Olrl,"
says Mrs KP WatUins of Iirooklvn,
"I sutlerfd from t ilium htaJacnes
ami voniiricg after meais. At fortv
I becan to hate rhixin-iil-.m t..
) ears ago I was cured entirely by a
new n.e.licine culloii c.len,. iji .
discovered bv J)r David K'enr.l.
ni-i iie .v now. tvirtrsitii-i. . V. " W. to
i i nt iv tor free sami e.
HE8 1W1T. WILL. VOiri
A Son of Albany.
Alfret I'errv Dow rli..il in T ,,.,.11
Mass, July 5 si. Ir,i
liver. Ho as 5.1 vpris old. Dow
was mo second son of the late John C
now or A tianv. la r, n
until come tiaio after be was mnrr,.,!
nut went to Msssachusetts several
roars noo. where hn had imn ni ,i,.
Ciera in ucn nf tho .in.o I,, ,1,1..
Lowell. Mb leaves a wife and to
sons, John and Herbert, who rueiro
i i Liwell. He alsH I0HV.1 trvl cisln. .
ami three brothers. Tne bodv was
broubt M Albany for buriaj. '
A Miller' Monament.
A big millstone monument- nror n
moilest miller's grave Is n unlnuo sl"ht
near Grnytown, O. The millstone is lo
catod in the center of an old buryin
ground and can bo soon n mile
coming down the hill.
n niarKS mo last rest lie; ti :ico of a
happy miller of the old school, who
know not the cares or worries of a rls.
lug or falling grain market but who
ground his corn and wheat for bis
neighbors and lived contentodlv on bin
small profits.
Chiseled on the back of the mntin.
ment Is this poem:
IA millstone t.kcn from his mil!.
P.neath this .tone l miller Ilea,
Who left the world before tie; rise
Of modem ways of makins Hour
And hence pusscj many har.li hour.
ne nas rot tnrceo to .peculate
.T on (l.irao's movement wait.
He did not care for foreign trade.
But sold hn neighbors all he made.
CaMe. and teliprams were rare;
Tie markets did not make him swear.
Small was his mill, his profits rout.d;
dear was his head, his slumbers sound.
He envied none, he wa. envied not
And died contented with bis lut.
Something under
the Sun."
All Doctors hura txlorl t . Si.
Tiodh i -- hid., euro
lAKKtl by the use of rioscdnrs .eM
gases, inhalers anri rlnn.. :n ,,,....
. . . " I" I'wr-tn turui
llieir iiowdors drv un tbn min,.,
men oranes e.i..uto -ton. i. . i.
, , , --- -- - - -e, i.i .ihun open
hnd bleed. The powerful acitis used
in the inhaler boeo o..i;..i..
away the same membraces that their
makirs iiavo aimttl to cure, while
pastes and ointments cannot roach the
diseaso. An old and experienced prac
titioner who bus for many years,
male a close study a id st.eciafty 0f
juu treaiment of CATAKKIJ, has nt
last perfected a Treatment which when
faithfully used, nut only relieoo t
onre. but permanently cures C
TAIwRII, by removing the cause, stop
ping tbe discharge, and curing all
inflammation, ft lo tt,. n.i.. .. ....
known to science that actually reaches
the ailliofenl mriu Thin
remeilv i. tnnn nn ncvi-pi-i i. ..
iitU J . Vt".. A". en?1,hf ' , V.C'i?
ir.u t-.Ai.VKKll LUKE,"
and is sold at. f.hn
ri n. n;: .r"."7" ,jw i" CB
... u-i iiw, eacn nacnaie contain
ing internal and ovt.,r.,nl .
. --- -.-w...ui iiiruicitie
snfhciont for a full im.nth'o t.... .
and evtiytbirg necessary to its perfect
HYP ffir r. J? a" :, u - .
CATAURH CL'KE ever made and is
now recognized as tbe ooly safa and
DOSltlVe Dure fisp Ih.i ,
. .. ,. -.. .uuriiiJ Dt.
Disgusting disease.; It cures all inflnm
paatioo quickly ard permaneotly and
13 an snnrfo.r,,)l. ..:-i. .- ".
...V.. v MM,l-a lo relieve
LATA R Ull when reglelted often
leads tn f-fivr'trTi ivt ..n,',..,
r L.as mi sava oi if ou use it at
OOCe. It IS nn nrA i nor. .an... L...
co.-nplete treatment whinh is p. s'itivelv
llll.l.ntiu.. . n r rr . ...... . '
I -u.tou iu euro i lAKKii id Rnv
fiirm or at... it , : .
, . iw;yiuiD(; to Tile
directions which accompany each rack
age. Don't delay hut seed for it at
once, and write full nartieiilfi.a .o ...
our condition, and you will receive
special advicefrom tbe digeovererrf this
wonderful remedy regardiag your cse
-iuuu t.-5 ii) you revonij tho m
n.wi'rterliis! Slclite o.i Kv.ry Hand.
One who has ronontiw . i .
.1 r, . -.vv..wj i-.-iuiucu iroin
the I un-American at Huttalo opines
tllUS.- "It Would he diltl.,,1, .... .....
IllOst lifted writer In ieln..,i.i.l. .
- ,.,....ualu, Jiiiiiiy
and describe this wonderful Kxnnsi.
tion. in the choice i.f the site, a most
ideal selection was make and the person
who has not visited the grounds has but
a slight conception of the marvellous
beauty and coloring of the buildings.
What Wan a harrnn ntijra .
artistic nark aril minrnnd ., L
of foliage and innumerable fantastically
designed bedsnf tlo.ver. The part plav
ed by electricity in the mammoth show
has never h.'en enn-ilo.. .,n , . I
, . .. .. --i-...... ,.,;u ill" LTUUIlOS
alld bllllllllKr; nro rl-,7t.nn ...,i:n ...
an electric nni,nurin .ni.:..u . . . ..
. . . : ..i..i ii wnn.li is iu tne
ueimiuer almost Dcildering. The Mid
way is the best yet. accordirg to ex
position goers, aod in a few. all to fh .rt
hours one gets an inkling of the life of
half a dozen countries. Cncle Sam has
an t-xbibit which is the admirntin nf
evtrv Visitor. Mnsie. thnra
evervwhere, and hv tine binds an-'
musical organir.atious. too. Every visitor
gets bis money's wortli ana tn tL,,
over at that. There are a thousand
otberfeaturenthat might be mentioned
I'tiVib W1" iet th,!U when '"u K 't to
lid you know that the lstm A
Maice has several routes to I'.utiaio
either one i,f h;,.i. i,.,,
features galore, ami if vou are a Pun.
American tourist, send to the. General
Hassontrer I li'ioirtm,., ... i. . n
, . ., 'I "1 U1C I.1H-I.OI1 II
Maine IiaiirnaH X i it,
book '-Pan-American Information." p-s
a coiker. and yon'il er jov peaisin.it.
It s free tor the a-kia . "
William C Tyler of St Johcsburv,
bas received i.nr.1 finm M -j
tray, his sister, that-thu liritish gov-
.-iiiuji-ui, nas uti granted tier nermU.
sum to return to Pretoria after an ab
sence iron tier Home of two and one
half years. When the Idur t,.i,.
out ,.irs ,ray at once left the citv
ana nor nusband, who was Preshvt
nan naarnp thpo . . i.
. V" wo.T Ltiven tiis
..iiii.i- ,., uru-er 10 erter th boor
armj or leave the city within
Hours. Mr fmc nl, ..
--- viiij.-,- i u,. liner
our.-B and was for a tine chatdain in
Ih. It. , .u . '
-t iiiiiiau nraiy. Later re tooam
......on ui iub j-rpuria litirar-, n
co vi rg this appoiLttnent from tb
Uritisti goveriimoBt.
Iiy tbe breaking" of a steel cable at
'men ta an en.ine with whi-:h he
eas morimr in.i. it 11.....1
...iii,..-,, 1,1 rinnr
eldest son of C K Worthen of Charles.
i"u. was almost instant v L- llo.l 1
... ..... -. uult
-ij rns lumber camp in Lyndon,
Washington. He went to Lndon wteo
tue Country ti-aj ... i .
... 1 i : J. " . 1,1 " "ou as ore hi
iue le.iuing uusinrss men of tbo place.
iturvey u hills rf Vermont, bas
oeen prom )ted from a clerkship in
?Mmi a ('4r to a ch'rkfhip nt $1200 a
ft iunrey, a former well known
iumil rni Hn in net at,,n n,.t.i i
ro, , , . . wo - noun, ui juries
0 . . -. ul r i ij tuo fjpacj
Tiiuriiav wirn u tn.un .l
ng three pnunds. Ihe body was taken
V..HFIIIS mr interment.
I1-M1T. ... .
' -1 ' incited States enp
sul at t-uas, Tin lioaton. Dr Jewetfs
......er was a sr Johnsbury man and
ic'ucicuero-1 uy many people io Ver
ii. 'I!. 1,. Iiv H sirLi ... l.
1 ... .,, . - -"""i tt'iiiuiueuuH tir
o' en oiniaiiy represents this cour
try in tho Turkish citv in whir h h
-as oorn, nis fatber, the Rev Or C,
!'a' Jowett, having been locatid then
in me .in s ;,s a meiitMl missionary -f
ill" .llliei-ieatl linar l llu
ed uy i resmetit Harrison in ls'.ej, nr,i
'Aiier.uiiCBU tne horrors of tbe A ra ce
un ii,uss ic r-.
Matrimony In Gilbert Island..
Women of the Gilbert islands being
merely regarded as cattle or any other
1'iupun.v, writes Arthur Inkersloy In
The Overland Monthly, the matrimoni
al knot is easily tied and just as easily
untied. If a ni.ni fancies n r-irt hi
seizes her bv tho hair of tbn h,m,i
wherever she may be, despite her pro
testations, and drags her awny to his
inline, iier resistance Is not often sorl-
ous. tne pretense, of refnenl hnin ,in
to the coQucttlshness Inherent iii the
r. v ueii rne coupji; reach tbe house
oi me groom, a wertd 11? fenst to fur
nished forthwith, to which all the Im
mediate friends of tho bri do nnd held...
groom are Invited. Hut an acceptance
of the invitation Implies the contribu
tion or some viands to the entertain.
ment. Matrimony Is attended hv nn
further cercmonv than this. When
Husband grows weary of his wife, he
simply orders her to leave bim, and If
she does not be turns her out of doors.
of 5Ien Uh ii
Seen Worae Day, a ,
.liuiocncsiirnt. When They w 1
Hard l-p and Out of Employ,,,.,'''
The advance nscat met the i-al ,f
man of another show the otim. . "!
mid, ca thry hud not scon each ot ! ?
r.uven years. t:;c;-e was m.
about their grectlug that was refr Ms.
Ing. .
"Dear old Tom!" s:ild t!;o Iai.'
man. -I wa3 thinking of von n . . !il
mlnuies ago. Sit down, von ,1 . ."
fellow! 1 passed a bakerv not r. r
utes ago, and I thought of vou tp1
here's Willis! I was just Snyi," f
Tom that I never see a baker-n .. .
don't thlni of bim. Tom and I J
poor once! Mighty poor too t .1
member that we hml boon
of different homes on the same cof
night ami met each other for the V
time bv chance. Wo Rb
.. "-u me i.fJ2-
forts of a butcher's wagon that n i
and went unon a rumiii.ni-in.r f
r-"i i-nit.j;.
tlon the next day. We halted In fr;!' .
of fl Gertnnn hnl.-p.t. I.nie ... , i
disgusted with life generally. uJff(. '
was a huge sign In the windo-.v
said, 'There Is No Cake Like Ours.' v
hadii t a penny between us, bet 7JS
stepped in and asked for a sampl,. f"
tho cake. The Dutchman didn't a. '
prcciato the bnmor of tho
Tom said. 'You may keen r.r I
boss: but, say. give mo n'ohn-iL- Zfi
bremL ntik-1:, or I'll cut out vr.er . t
zanf I'll never forget that cake -
because It took us hours tr, ' j
from the nollco who worn i,il.,.,.j ..
the scene by the baker's cries for help" k
out mac was not my only c"- "
ence with a peculiar sign," remark! '
the advance agent after a hearty Ia -I i
"Tho rear before I wonr nn ti,o . i 7
for the first time I was In as hard h-pt
as ever man was. I hnd nn-,i..A- '
erythlng Id sight and was almost start (
ed. I found an umbrella In the hail
way of a down town building nn,i it,
Janitor told me to keep it. It was a
tainy good rain shield, and I lcja,(,j
NeTer Left the Road.
An old negro In a neighborhood town
arose In nraver meeting nn.i .nt..
'Hredderln and sisterin I imnn '
mighty moan nigger In my time. I had
a bean pr Una find rlnn-nc cnn:..1l..
i- ...... cpjaiii
downs, since I j'Ined de church. I stole
cnicuens and waterml Una r n.u.i
I got drunk. I shot crans. I alnohnd nrt'
der coons wld my razor, and I done er
sight er odder things: hut font i,
good Lawd, bredderin aud sisterin, I
never yet lost mv roltodnn'" t.
Itidgo (Ga.) Post
The MoTlnar Plant.
A verv nueor nl.int helnnm
pea family and Is cnlloil thn -mi
plant" on account of the manner lu
v uicn lis leaves turn ni'nnn.i f i.i
.vu.,,. L.H 11
own accord or co bv teri-a n-ithn i.
ing loucnea or In nny way disturbed.
Sometimes only one or tn-n Inm-n. n .
plant will be affected; at other times
iney win all perrorm Jumps and gyra
tions simultaneously. It lo i,en.-n.i
that the movements are most energetic
When tbe therninmnt... mi.-!-.. t ...s
. ...,, , ueui
Ccl KJmund Kicoof rbe2oth Mn-a-h
h"SHt'3 '"si'iK" t ia tbe Philinpines
. u u'e very ui with tv.
ii ion lever, though improring. lie is
m,ui nut: enamoured of that conn
'. wuicti ne sas is hard for
wnite man to lite iu lucg.
a I
n7 n n
I Ml I 1 I II I
l-r price of "SXUFKI KS'- t' "1 ' " u"e1ua''l for a
Dyspepsia Cure
rss . .
uigests ivhat you cat.
This preparation contains all of the
IlItTPCtjint! anrt W ir -. n i. j
rofrd. Itpivesinstant relief and ncTer
faila t n n,,.n I. 1 . .
ih t "''P'U locaiail
the fond you want. The most sensitive
stomachs can take it. By its use many
thnnsanrla nf rl i .... i
. . .. I t- j'lii no 1 1; ueerj
curorl after orerrthj... ..i i j , .
I Is unequalled for all stomach troubles.
!t is cry fir to tho Hawaiian let
is.itur. to sav t:.nt when Gov Iv.le
was calioo before a grand j.irv ti s ;b
stantiatc his char -s cf I ri.:,-y at d
corruption agai-st the legislative de
ra'tineet of Lu covorrmer-.t, be trsti
f.etl ttitt hn h-,a only hearsay evi
dene? tht.t sucl corrupt ioa existed.
The Vermnntor fnr.Inio i.o ...
, . . - - in a nu i-i-
t-res, lntr arriob. tbrt ahA..i.i i... ;..
. . """uiu no I .
piuctue in ftoBl.ors relative to iut.
t rs ,f t e Vermont national g.-ard
Ifce a-. title ilesciibos the "Jcne
t aining" t-,s it was in Veriucrt thr.e.
iiuarters of a cent.ry rgo. That an
nual traininr. w.-ia ri... t.
,.. i. i' n-iui:cer ot
musters in eniout tad at thai t:.
r i I I .ii if - ill', i en tis'i.i iinl... . i
ages rf 13 aud 45 was compelled to
torn out to he trained. About tr.e
first operation r.f th. .).. ....
j . j " . ...t 7 was l gi'i
a arir.k cf some intoxicant ard wnsn
iraititg was over practitaily every
umnit. iatngs materially
improved smce taen.
A Fiiiidro empIojeR of tbe Cebu
pcsicmrn aho mhh.d .
. " ii'- mans nas
y.. oeiiii-n ro a year's imprisrc
met at turd labor. His caiuPe was
not Xeely.
The rew Democrscy io South Caro
lina, comrnsnd ,,f l"r . V, u
-- r --- - . ...voiuiiu S IOIIOW-
- in is v:.ii.a ice
Wbr trim.. n.vi..,
Frenchmen do not want to rule"; they
want to live. The pursuit of life, of
i.-iugnier, or charm ntr unnootir.,,.
Intelligent apprehensions, of individual
development ot eli..ir..i,.t.,.it n
be more Important, more vital to hu
man existence than the nrweiittinn
to rule oneself aud others tn
i..Ks nou to ngtiu-Steevens' "Glimpses
"i. lunw ivauons.
The Slnale Thonahf.
"Ah," sighed the fond mother, "two
souls with but a single thought!"
"Yes." echoed paterfamilias, "and
less than one dollar. I don't i.-,,-1
they re co nir to innt-n it Mo, ,.i
er-perhaps that single thought they've
e-iit 1 ,lio. i . .
p,-. ,ui (i.iiias boiiij to put up fOT
vnu. nearer i linos.
Ia the Damp).
There was once upon a time nn
s.spnan King, so It Is said, who built
a pyramid and died of melancholy Ills
name was Dutnops. The memory of
his tragic history ts perpetuated every
tllllak n'A sane ... a.i . .
Jinks Hare you got quarters for a
..us-.ny vest pocket Is rather
viueu. nut pass it over, and I'll trr
tn mnL-A .Ann. ' i .
U .V17U. I UI It.
ately carried It to mine uncle. I diJa': I
know this particular relative, althoi:,'i
I bad formed the aeoualnt.incn t i'
dreds of his people. Ills place was ""a
Sixth avenue, and he rTIVP HIP T.. r-an'z 3
on it, which I gladly accepted. As '
nus maKing out the ticket he said:
uo you want to stive it fmm o-
" 'Yes,' I answered.
" 'That Will Pnsf Veil IO nnt ri.
haps yon would like to have it Insured'
It Is always advisable, but ir win e.-.t
you 12 cents more,' replied my friend
" 'All right ' I said. "Take e-rmd car.
of It' Lie could have eaten It for all I
cared, for T nur., ini.. ,
- - - . tuivuucu to reijeeia
it. I was about to leave the place wbea
I saw a tig sign on the far wall. I:
'No extra charore for nnttino. ot.s.
es and jewelry In tbe safe Id the office,'
"Watches and Jewelry! It brought
the tears to my eyes, and as I crawled
Into my 10 cent bed thnt -ii,p r
thought of diamond necklaces, pearls
and rubles of priceless valno andno!-,,
Oh, tbe curse of some signs! How they
mwo. Lin poor;
They wero all silent a moment, but
the one addressed as Willis was I'm
tirst to resume conversation nd h
'There's mv friend r., -tnt,n cii.
Let me Introduce bim. Since
are talking of signs and hard luck. Ie:
me tell you of the time that I bad b
leave my trunk at tbe old Stevens
House, on lower P.roadwav, and lisht
out by the shades of ftl M n (flit tl rV.lt
nway from a hotel bill that I couldn't
pay. Everything I hnd in .v, ..,.m
was locked up la that trunk, and as I
could not remove anything without es.
citing susnlcinn I ihnii.hi i. i .
. , - .uuu0u. i, Llt-BL 1
keep out of Jail by leaving everytli.'nj
behind me. I must have walked the
streets nt least a week famished and
penniless. One nfternnhn I n-.o n,
ing along an un town hnni,,.. t..
-ii. wuen i Happened to look up and
aw a sign as big as my hopes were
small. This sign read:
"'We Are Not LXiyligbt Robbers.
Trunks' Trunks! From fbe Ratterv
to tbe Harlem KHde-o tn Vn. t?..
For L'5 Cents .'
"If that Sim tV.U nnl tVia lr,, n '
fate in my casp. I d, nn. tn. .k.I
to call It."
"Oh. that's ft Kmnll nfr.il. nl.,,,..,.-I..
ot my experience" anld Kn.tti. i
anly a few years ago too. I bad beca J
unemployed for several months, and as f
I had six little
did not have much trouble spending ths
little money I had saved I ,ii,in o.,nm !;
to have a friend In the wide world to
lull) to. flfll! I Eiunt . 1... ...
' i-v " . in j i.is,L vrujjper lur
l paper to examine the employment col-
iinm r. i . ...
,t JS Lueut unnstmas time,
and I drea.ed going back home to face
tbe scolding landlord. I recall that I
topped in front of the Harlem o:Sce
"f a newspaper to see the holiday
crowd go by. and ns I did n i .
rign that made my blond run nl.1 It
'There Is No
Kill- o T-nn. A.I
Four Cents a Line."
The pronoun was printed In Im
mense letters, and I bad the greatest
trouble dissn.nl;
9 ai-U IUBI 1 1 W
""' '"icuueu tor me, and me alone.
It is
r;;. .' Hewitt-, . .. "i- 'v..r'"iva r.
racv. U.erp io then, will alir... l.;. .':.'""n .nnw
aaior.ty fa. ni.i :..:.. ,."'" order. They n. ,.;i." , "7"' "'
the miff MoKluh i- .V.r w? Jniie action
o- ,j "'auiiiuiinn ire
... v ie.a ins .Iflll r.rnnair. ... . j ... i - rr-
S but do yoa scoil'n"
te .li-'....ip. -p . '..7 . . VDl li Dollar. Adarts Dent V ix n 1 Pr wsi nlv hv F c fa-rrpi. r-.. . o , ia
'-! 2302 Market Street. P.Wt;nLrr.J! .
--": - -'- ureene's dtub sttrA.
, " iii
llllt k-.,n
reene's drug store. 4
Ilr.'l'-a Ii D.itv. he.'. I, .i
' .:,IrV i". annoiitn-es tlmt he
u.a.ie e,ie. oi expsn meats iook-
lllg to ll:e . xt,-rnninori..n . . ,v
, i. . , - iiiui-
'. I." to-lipy,.. tbat l,y se.i.l ; :.. . to,.
fir: U.OSPritl il nr.. k. " j- " ' Si., t.
l5-read" , , Z " l3: . who trie, t. u3
" Siii.,11.-., t..P. ,r ....
.'. dUU UJV aiuuc.
Of course It wasn't hut n... oi
. - .-. sieju liia"-
Pll Intn mv ...
mti j mcaiuiv, BOH t HaVC
thought of it Innumerable times since."
"Oh. Dsbaw'" mtntned .! o lo.ain.
man after a pause. "I suppose !t Is Iai"
possible to please everybody with pub
lic signs. 1
which eald: -AtteDtlon. blla.1 men.
Read this and be cured,' which referred
to a Dew trf-f mir.f tVte. 4, .u. ah
swi mo UUUU. Alt
signs cannot he rrt A aat.. .u
va f mailOlJ lurj
moas of everrbodT.w Vow v-t ir-ti
er an,w AVlt. sUB.I
and Express.
A h.1 rr,.n . t 1 1 , . .
plete aitbont a bottls of Dr Tbonns'
r-rliHtrio Oil. II aa la put. I,.. l,.i
i'gS riraits. Monarcb over pair. .
SrjT J? '"' Aje- Pa Peg 9a la ;
C ,R? i,. -,.s.,... a e

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