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Semi-weekly Windham County reformer. (Brattleboro, Vt.) 1897-1901, July 26, 1901, Image 4

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'resident McKinley vosterday "did
plain duty'" by proclaiming cctu-
frej trade with Porlo llic.
Tee Kandolpb Herald pete linguis
tically expert anoct the iperntion for
appendicitis or Cashier Musseyar.d
observes : --.Now if they could only
detect ard remove th" bacilli InoMi
.multibus from biiu and el! ether de
faulting cashiers we coula chronicle
another triumph in surgery."
ViTWHii journal ism and oitizersb ip
alike lose a fa-tor of sterlinir worth in
the death yesterday of K.I Humphrey.
ho long th" edtor and proprietor nf
the TVultney Journal. Cheery unci
whole-souled, earnest mid progressive.
vigorous and clear-viewed it bus been J
his part in lib
kinder that par
he lived.
I:i uiaKe lift
of t!ii worla i
er and
at y ray
New they ure
that Neely. the
will rnlinl. ! to
is cxpimne.l ".
tJQH- -"i a special
, ' li i.t not pi or i
ji-". o. -:",: t wit? es-,es I'rot:
I 1 Cuba tfist iry cfaii
fi the. "pui!" vii
t.lie v- ry timfi the d-:
j'liij-'.-t i i : t.c severe
simuid he - if.lt sd i
shame be fca.l brouj
bepinnir.g t. i admit
Cuban postal tbief,
: Iib tried at all. It
hat whii corpress
act for b if xt melt inn
thi- country
i hit. So '!
opera-;rg at
c!ai'it.ioi:s rp
,iri.-!iiifi I that
: 1,1. "li fir the
t on tne cct-O-
C C.'StiUltlOlili
T.tic licgrr
top rei;u
SW .-if real est-ste by al
their w 1 v i-: - or tt:t:r f-,thet
payment of a c
sonal chara cer
llie stale cor.s'
.si.at.ii it v hen h
from the !'!!( rt
liar ! is If
subniis.- inn to the
nver.tion To
Me. I I- ' u;BiE lea
merit of the own
rid of
ur-. are
rsh p
federate S!
he exempt
and al.'ii
rat ion --r
!: it
rty rcjulr-o,
rs u: u faeir
tne re
pood .i r- !
y t.o read i
l i under- '
ft.t al
-f hi" rep
in irliHilli
that ht.i
:! the
peatie re-
Afriea If rrue
( .: : at lust
task tcst-
'kts B Weej; god
men, trial s"en;i
hut bus s;i crip.
A ca i ri t.h
ir t i a; ions
tbey mean
w..rj me
in; a n: i lli; i.i d
enipln; ine ii'iO, iWfl
nevHf-endirg atul
pied her that -,h" a- f'
ahie tojplay cry sort "f band in the
Ctnneae trouhies. Jt is nvh- prp?i,a,
iiiil.. that S3e is in b aiiTie-er.t w:
laaa when Cbanhf-rlain nf-.- l ar
"..mi iiis hut " i:n"CLK'.i: ioral surrt-nd'-r, "
lifter the fatal cf J'rei jri a. (in tbe
other band it clo.-d seem as if the
Honrs rutin?--fleering the end ef
their lesiftici; pruer. Six niantb? naro
tbey were nuj.pos"d to h nve lens ; ban
J'l if-K) mer. in th" field, and the ein
Piar.t at'i'iti 'i': nf WHT-'dre., v. itri i is-
avrragirg i.ur..
not fail i, ir
etVe.l.. The
c eTt sjiotiierirt1
siifi ' s ihat the
hii;.-.' en v.; I
tillls KDSllia
i.p in !!-.'. t t.
tie." IS no
tiiut) tbpn.
rtirjs cv
can- j
cap I ursci
'.c C! iv h"pe
til E-..r',te.B:
:-e:i:ti(-l i.l .
to titbt els
nitire -itjn
The mvsr
Of r.e".-Vi-Meil't
laM :.lar.h.
th-ri b- t-i
i ' .'ti I . li
ar:! to five
'Wfc'T". Hit
of that now
of ; r e situ
ation is where the IJivts st their ara
niuoitiuo of which tbey stem t.o have
7il"t,1). It is sus;fi?Te.t thiit before
tne war hHtran, aecins; that it was in
evitatiie, the liners leaders cached"
"Mio-moii.- ijiiattities of rifle eartrids
II over t. e:r country, and that when
they neeu j, replenish their banC' liors
i.ne :mj ,j- una or.e ni tneso niin"s
mid die up the iDciisp-nsai.lp little
ty I indem.
Jlixlorical Justice.
The Augusta, Ga, ChMcicle, indis
cuasiLg the. attuuks on torsion Com
mi'sinner Erhns and Gon Sickles'
part in them sus :
Jupt hef. re Lincoln iriM'e him the
con,niision of ntoj.ir rer.ernl. tiicklMS
an perhaps tbe most, raiupant seces
siimist and Southern syn.pat.bier n
the north. Jle mrpasned tlen liutier
who. at tbe C'tiiirleKton I leiuocrat ic
convervion. votea a rurun'r ft iioich
for tbe nomiiiHtion of Joffersun Davis
f. r rl.e rresideticv. Jt was tbe
i kiwi "f Nort.nern Jlen.ocrat like
I Sickles whn precipitated the war We,
I believed tbht be and men likebimj
n-onlil nrnvent invasinn or make it
i .-littiinik Biid dBiiL-ernu?. Hut e
W3.-P lictime of misiilaeeu contiuerce.
Wit.hnut diacusfincr the case of Gen
Sickles specifically because there it
some evidence that after secession
started be suppor'nd Maor Ferr.nndc
Wood's wild proposal cf New Vork
city's secession and forming of an in-
depi nrient free citj, it is to be sni:l
tfcat the Chronicle's, obbrge caiierally
i crosalv unjust and at mis dirtacce
from the passions cf. the war it onpbt
I to he able to see more clearly. There
'were large numbers of Democrats
who bail taken tbe Southern tide in
'the controversies hefoic tbe v.xr. go
I ire ffi'S to the extreme- that i'.ut
! ler did, and men became Union men.
i Th"re is no reason to doubt tbiirc iod
i faith, and there was no neenssary
inconsistency in tbe t o positior.i.
They were willing to make irreat con
wwictia to the South to save the Tn
i' ii and th'-reir. differed wily in de
C'ee fratn ireward and mnny of tbe
n,;.st earr-.iFt at.ti-slavry u en when
tb" crisis apnrniuilied snd tbe same
srtia.erl r.c.t iu.na: i; a 1 i v led themj
wbrn the South atteapted 10 1 reak j
tbe I'eioi.. t fi-!i: to j reserre it.
They mav have tielievecl :bat under
the constitution as it read theSoutb
was r:trht in its ciEtertion 'hut siav
erv eyteude to the territorie!-: even
j j F i. tbey would tot have ti"en innn-
ISlHI ieci. ID DOICllUC IDb. I L IS W tr a
rieht ur.'ier tb" law. In be Btucbt
(ot'y ty lawf il means within the
Lt-ion. and tbar when tbe sce th at
tempted to r out rf the Lin m, i be-
catne ai:o::;er ijuestiun t It ope; tier and
left nn cbhoce for wry otter is-ue
tban whether tbe L'ti'n shrtld be
presen ed.
Sime cf tbe men who ha 1 te la 'tis
view of what, we ma -i.' Sctthen;
.ovn-patby ' "dru,t, ia. -es" i.- ttev
were called at tt-e time a::! ered to
it. throuch the war and be -ame cup.
(iprheads" more rr ', ; vt inc t.
We can untierstatid their t.o.ii of
view, while tfeint" also hi'W mistakei.
i: as. Others, r.o less enrt i--t-M'.v,
; even aiore s:i. w-re instant, y eontrt
d into uncon ir imisn.j Union ne-n
by tbe echo t f Sumpter V pnnv S iae
itiftbein. lii:e Eutier. he:anie hooii-
tior.i?:s as the st'-upi..? prupres-sl.
telievitE that the South by its at't of
war and bj atumptirg to break tbe
onion naci rorieuna eucD rit'nti as a
disputed quest ioc of constitutional
interprotation enx, it. and rai.zirg
mat ttieie wa no way i ,- sa!
tbe future hut to i-et rid of nth
'ti' urmist-iKal le cause of ;;ie
I trouble.
! Thirty yea-? bfter the war w
Ion it 1 i s-iJ.'s to b- able to d . .u
! the motives ana :fcc oj.ii i .ls
views of a c-jLtro- e--y tfcat bad
sbarp ancle?
A limit the t linteeli.
Gen Kelson A Miles is very apt to
handle any question he discusses,
w ith moderation. iraod teoipe.- and rom
mon sense and what he says about
the canteen cjdeBtion is wtll worthy
of at t em ion t
named), or exebartre. or aniuseuient
room, as it is variously cslied, us at j
first simply a place where aolaiers!
a it'h t corirret'HtB to iluy cBmes and
amuse the'ueelves. 'J'be sale nf liquor
1 was not allowed. Tb last ait of con
! trress places the institution bark on
its olu fuotirc. I am not sure that
coctrress him inBde a preut mistake in
at'ain prnhibitinir tr.n Bale of liquor.
Cur lat''e mBtufiici ures rJun't hncl it
nf-CHBsary tu porvioe )ilac-s where
their eiiiploye"S can ouncret'Bte and
ririn. The railrond companies don't.
There is very little cirmkinir amonii
railroad men, and they seem to fcet
aloner jusi as well.
This tJisBtrrees with the view cf a
preat majority of the army officers who
have esjirssed their opinion ; but
Gen Miles' opinion have never been
moulded by those Bbout him and that
f-en. W ood ou Cuba1 I uture.
Unv Lrereral Wood of Cuba in an
authorised interview with Edward
The Aspect I' the Sampson-Si hlev
Tbe ruction over tbe. Macluy his
tory andits crossly part isan treatmontof i Marshall, bits some severe blows at
tbe Sampson -Set ley controversy, and jinpo schemes against that island and
its denunciations of Schley as running it-capacity to take care of itst-lf if given
away in "a i-ait ;ft fct'ht. as a coward. I B fair chance. He declares ti!f
There has been B L-reat deal nf idle ! ,'ur' '"'sifier, etc, has at least servfd no more cenrerred about the fin ure
tnll: hbout tbe canteen. Tbe ariyito exbitii Sampson in a far from ! of"0ubn than about tbe future ifbis
afreeBblo lmlt. lie ackcowlecigos : own native .state. Its rtiHiiurces are
jtbul the proofs were submitted t.o ; vast and splendid, its mrrcbunts and
him betore the book was published j planters are intelligent and et.-erpf tic,
nuu iuin in nuns niiu an uu.uuiuy mi Bna BirnnUED it wooici tie I - hi y to say i
tbe epithets that are so manifestly that the island Iibs wholly recovered
unjust that Secretary Lorp who leems from the lent' and devastating war,
all along to have sided with Samp
son, has barred tbe book from the
naval academy.
As to the merits of the war that
has been uiBde on Schley, and the
prounds of the various ' cbarpes
apuirst bim, nor -experts of the peroral
public can have no clear opinior.
and this seems to be so with naval
officers also, for there is furious dis
Bpreement among them, iiut as re
pards the peneral attitude of the two I
men, it is clpar that it is Sampson.
is one reason for his Distinction, as m !,. a-,v thnt hs ma-l.. th.vi.rl
lie did it in his official reports, with
severe reflections on bis subordinate,
and be bepan before in his dispatches
to tbe department during tbe chase
tne great service he has rendered on
the Jidiao oueatinn. Generally mili
tary men have reported that the abo
lition of Ibe canteen has resulted in a
prt-at increase io drunkenness and
aisnroer among solJiers, and tbey
have presented n,aty fi cures that seem
to prove n. Temporarily at least this
would be expected to follow, and per- )
bapr permanently. ('undid ten, per '
mice jeoj.le would hartiiy c-py it.!
but would urpu" tbat.takinp the wheiei
subject t oeetlier, tbe totil anixiiti! ni ,
liiiu-.r consuued which is the -jfch! (
way of measureaiett, if al! cons-mi,- !
tint is regarded as an evil the in-;
tkiencs upon those l:o Wo.ld crcli-;
nnrily be rion-dritkers. the peteral '
evil of i lliciai sanction of a w-rcr,g j
and so on, that in the preji averape j
the canteen system would do more;
evil ti.F.ii it would prevent Gen Miles j
in tap il ;vis; rations tie cites seen,, to
take tiiis ve-w ana a;s to r,t-c id i'.-.i
in !
for Cervera. when eiervbodv was
tbe dark and there was do fair chance
she will tbrnw off its lingering effects
as easily as e threw off those which
followed the War the Rebellion. As
to politics in Cuba. Geo Wond ob
serves that there are find and bad in
Cuban, precisely as tbers Bre in Amer
ican, politics. A large part of the
bad is cincer.trated in Havana, which
place Gen Wood compares to Wasb
inpton at the end of a ionp session of
oonprrss, or in the clays of reconstruc
tion after the Civil war.
As to the security of life on tbe is
land, Gan Wood speaks with empha
sis.. JJe declares that there is no'
mere need for th- traveler in Cuba is :
ifear violence thun there is for a man j
! t.o pxpect assaseinBtion on the most'
uUiet Btvl pea
for intellipent
Bibility fur Ma
t bereft re, oni
ail alonp apt'
jealousy nd p--t
piece wi'ti tbe
h is ie! ter oh je '!
ot merit cf Bum
ha 1 rot the 1
riticisrr. Hie reEnon
lu 's outrageous work,
Tpbasir.es what has
'irel to be a spit of
; 1 r.".s; much after a
ineffable suobtiery of
i: i i tbe rotn ,t ion
be -ause they have
j; advantages ' ' of
; should
It tit my
with oi
road i n
I here ti
thf w-
ef ii i s tret I of tbe i
village in tbe Lcitei states
ate." be says.
babv in a vc
wife and
"I ' ' to
f 9
Lasted by the Seaver System w ituuut the u- :
inakiiig tbe infci'le o! the oh e Fit K ft freiu l-v ::
burt the feet, uu I wear and liar tbe stoctla.'-.
Tne upper !.- sewed to tbe sole !;,-.
This system of lastlnc make th- shoe more tier!:. if .
more comfortable, and mure duruoie tbn u:iy otae
waj new In use. except hand eewins.
Made from Culf ,kin ( the j-eal thinir.
$2 WILL i;ur A PAIR.
SUWJnaur it ilSi. A .S.MJ-a "
iy the driver, and he unarmed
them and -end ti.em oxer any
Cuba. They might drive from
i Satt.iiL'o io tbis wbv without
n e on,, qualm of fear iba
:U:a be nioje-te ! I r robber' or
st n
0 be
those priueated
course, ou the I
any tiling has con.
public has been
ers. Schley's
her hard so rar a
from bim to the
cbivalric and mag
nanimous. Wbatever itjuliciou
friends'niay haie said or done, there
is net s recorded word of Sehhy's in
demputiin of Sampson, and of the two
' ! St lev bad tbe reason for bad felir.e
t'BLteeD t.iO UlUCb nemb!oU:-e to Our i hwmme. either f.-,r eu.nt er ,.,lf ef th
Bannristration - fai 'ritisrr., fa
bad been promnted ov
. that of B lor p lit e nf
I captaict-v to cL i"f or
Vermont town igenty system.
Whether we accej t Gen Miles'
view or not, it is also well m aeekinc
a dispassionate conclusion to remem
ber that tier" tt:sy be son,.- pr.o udo.-e
in th" testirnoi v oflicsrs are new civ-
jitp nf the i-i lis flowing from tbe
abolishment of the eaLttvo. Tbey are
largely lb- u.en wb iia. a-.':viid
apairst it all alocc and wuo inou.vd
tt.-- ad a icittratio:; to r utterly in
di 'tuisil le course in nullify intt ; lain
aw and retaicire tin- canteen pyst-m
for ; w o years after tbe text to tbe
last congress had 'reed it? a noli -t
.on. JVirjups tbey the evil big
irer new bei-ausi nf -utninary wsy
;:.e last conpr- r- dealt with their au-;
vice i
but i
peat! i.p the Sar.t iar i r.atne to Sam; 1 i-iruj
son. .Sciley careful to speaK of
tbe victory a ,n i y tbe tieet "ur: 1
other lawiefcs- persans. " As to the
j.-tories tf Cuban li'i-stiHtr t-ward the
, l't.it"d Stnti--, Gen Wood savs that
j ihey are not true.
I "T.eere are soreheads in Cuba as
there are son-heads everywhere. Mm b j
nf ibe criticism of tbe actions of the
jl."r.:Tel Btmes pnv.-rnni'-Lt .has bee a j
animated hy ri.sprurtleii Ameri'-ane
j who Lave given tne r stricture? to the'
.press as bent; opifciors of Cubans1
-' i ar-ii r,f)t pir ntt-r: U'e '.urn ii.uri. i
' ur"" """i every effort dawc
iimaotl. It. re
ev'oiabie p.-rson. 1 1 is r.
sbouid feel so. llut we
wan; the truth Bed nn j,i
sparpd to t.nr.p it out
wfcat we said 'J uesJBy that
bt tt at ail
sbouid ail
sihle effort
We retieat
to leai-
Pn ntlne to Two Oriminiii, , b,f,ni,
Nuai.ri-irfi 1 CBttujouy 1 r.m' errt j n , ,
C ..r. for ProKiuoun-tODij., u
For Defense.
ais a
p.te them a
:.ey foupbt f
:n r vour
ent iall)
c mtrar o t
to t,. I:.i
COIIC-e :;l p
upb .-sati ;
awav i rj f
e claim
-. ,n
s , many of i
thije- :
1 am i.ld.1
-a. c:
bir- not only to
just p c erement,
povercmect of the
ir and for whi.b
d ' ' A ed he eon-
orders durin:
the vi;torv.
;. i , u
bi louade insure
certainly appear
tin re
ety fi r
Bf was
t ice to
if all
Sob iev said
for ail of us. " A nd
t yit-lrlir.g to re-fo-
a board if ii
. "that it i - a v i :
t ber" sbo.. : d be ar y
mat ers where ev
best. "
s I'll
i lea
i inp
i It
tioar I will tie mar
1 tie I'liini; oi the Itirtirle ( ritzi'.
The Sjinngfifld lie publican notes
what has been a matter of peneral ob
servation w itb exceptions in spots, of
course. throughout, the county, wnec
it says :
Ecwerand fewer wheels are to be
seen on the highways. Women re
pivir.p up the exeicise id bord".-. end
ire- riders cf the other sei up tbe
rcaciiines as tnev wouln any otnsr ve
hicle ard pet all possible usp out of
tbem. The result ba been the quick
oecl ne (if rtie market for bicitles and
tne dullces- in their nroauctior.
There is no mistakirp the fact tbat
President Brbaffer of the Arv.alaga- 'be "bicycle crae" is at an end. and
mated association, the leader of the i is b ist rv apa in reveals tbe An.er i can
.treat steel strike, is indulpirp in I C"0! 'e io a rather ludicrous aspect.
some tactics of chick-n-to-r-ost char- l; comes to an end just as the bieveic
notr. He has appealed to J'rosider t business reaches a normal basis. hen
Wclkinley and liacna to use tbetr a heel can be bought at sortethitp
preat ir.fluencs witb tbe Morpan trust 1'ke a reasonable price, as repards its
ta bring t.be strike to an end by utility, or its cost to produce with a
graLiirgth3 uemands of the union, reasonable crofit- for eelling. When it
"Impudent" is tbe epithet burld a; 'as wdlirp at several tia.es a reason
bun from all sides, hut he is eble to aide price, about everybody a crazy
rrtori that that ie just McKinley and to pet it. When to buy one mear t to
ilnnna did in the J'enepylrar.ia coal be tnnbl to buyaod pay for u,Ucb
si nke iaBt year, taking picm cr.--iit ' i.nytbicp els". i,:i w re tonnJ t.,
for it io ;.h" nun paign. and to ioouire buy, and all lines of lepiaaiate i.uei
why tbe fn-t tt.at i; wa- elect ion year oess suffered from tbe fact. Tie bot-.U-i-lti
ntslte any ci:T"rer"-e in public tt-O) ieson was that tbe esrra-.agact
dun. Then SiiaRnr is nl-o tbreafi ire j !"''t'p made it the rich man's mark to
1 1 irvoiioi tu,. injurction prc-ese iD i have a wbeei. ate! it is rbaraet.
Km h's l,HIet ilea Alxml ( on mini ption
lie fore a C'risress of Tubercu hoeis
at J.ond-'n. patherlr.p special. ?ts frcu.
every part of the world to contribute
and cimi.are tti ir kr .o leope on tbe
die-as?. lr iioberr llocb, th. famous
j German s.'pe'-ialist. who stiri" ! tne
I world a few years r.e,, n i;b hi-oi--ce,nr-.
cif the Kock lymph" as a cure
) for itonsun.pt ion. pave a pap- Tue-
i day of recoi u; ionitry cbar'icter He ' Dew-y and fb
isaid bis experitr.eii.ts bad --ttisiie i niai and
that human tutwreuiasi and t.cru .. ' -f
tubi rcul'i-is were radi.-aiy c! i tT' rent ' airi
tliseaae.-. and tbat be bad an.ily nenon- ' A.
s-ratil tbat cattle coul.l not ba ir.f.c tea '.it a
wita bun.un tuter i.losis. The counter der.i of the
proposit ion. that human beii g were j
not hatde t.o infection from bovine! Mew Vork
tuberculosis, was harder to j.rove it) iff loss as
tne aoctnr saia. ow mp to tbe.if.ni of
dithculty ol expenmettinp upon bu
mac subjects, bjt that personally he
WBs sat iefied SLch was tbe case Jle
recited at lerpth post mortem evi
dence supporting tbis belief. Dr
Kock said if this point were conceded, j nl
ii remained to c.iprnnce the cbief lent society, a Carb
suurce o, uoi.uvpioc. auDian irr mun-; and with un
ity to bovine infection disposed of
to late a
t.at w , v. rv uav I t.iit
J Sampson that bis dispositi.,:.- ami t as it. i r"as,o. 11-.- Cubans
laoi's. t itt tr.ev fisvp no
h-e nv-ifpe rt;ti of plain
ard it must be reti:n,b..reo
marly com lop 'ram the- n.n urd-r I i.ave iai.ot-n nri'.er rcary
wbcr.i tbe real fipht.r.g was d.re. j tap-. Tne Spaniards on
r a re-pots- in ! '" B" r ' i:'-J '"' V"t
,. . .itnex. 7:.. v ure honest, n
Scir'. , In" - ....
' ' . a r : e - ' a. : : t o in
corstart fa'; irp c-iti'-o-ri:. as :f , : tie i-iui ..: a- if t i
gruu (ting creuit to anybody hut ; ev-t t app-r. (,; i.e.. wor-.l of tin- av
biioseli. Jo doing that ai'-natch ! !'rH;:" tf 1 n'" !:"' as po-id as
. :n i"'ii fia.'e heard almost no
tiory etioiipb I ,.omi i., :r. .,,,,,. m
"-, wi,en. at jSnacish n:erchct. Tne native Cu-
itv Bnrl call-i nBE is a I'vti) fiirner. whether p- the
owner ano manager f a jiuntaanc c:
as I worse,- on it Most of tbe profs-
i ctig aiso are native
here was
spirit, fr
r.ei t
: ai i
barjce t.3 sny
i'.e tieen id
r.e Cubans
have the.r
mi r- than
ti omar ity .
thst t.oey
ti.e isianti
it- a.- I ev-r
dev. .rior, to
i Spain b.J
I u
iry. frch!"
great pit
npton t it:
of Admiral
tdenhatii as (t, ,u
i:igh rani: wr.o nave
ilea any pe-t in t oi- cot
in. , rai i.pfti'tia- al
'ep.t the t.'uty end V
of the court.
Admirals Kuuisev ! "'"":
. . i , a. i wt.ictj offer
' r,- t H ' ' '.
b refu: y
rot erf i .
y apr'erj
be presi- J
city fimis itself fBcipp n
a consrquecce of the svs-
xempticp onurch property
from taxatirn, all wrong in principle,
ami approach mp tbe rascally in tbe
loose way it has been done. A claim
is maoe for .ti veers taxes coile -ted oc
a tract of lard given by one Comei
I iiio:. sna war v cf them are t.f i
i !cr at at.iltty. The Cilmn pby-iciaiis '.
land lawyers are. as a rule. iiO-id men : '
itneio ure trie cteat element of:
s:r--rgrt, m tro- popmat i Thee!!
ni"nt o! w.akt"ss is tie Urifti'g n-j.. ;
w t . x i, ,s ee'ttiel, t
s a - -.ow t rohien.--,s a
rat . rai outeoaip tf the
nti: Spain: it will gra i-
M'.t Itse.f, howeier. ,L til
So far as mcr-ie po. tne
tier- will average, J pup.
11 say tins eti. nr.aticail :
the average of cntej epaast proper
t' and ae;iir.-t iters ,i ,u ,t.,, .h u,.
than we have anv riL'.M t, evoeei ; (pursued.
ion p
protmbi i
pose I
I tne case as it staucs now wnuid Mm
j I'i.v be cruel to an ir cocent ;uar,.
j As to the probability of these three
(witnesses being nistaken. we bave
i mad some invef tipat ion. The tes-ti-'nioti.v
of Mr and 'Mrs Karris wa
ojtiestioned at the inquest Btlrd has
been a pood deal disputed by partisans
sicce. even to tbe extern of sendirg
out misleading aesjia lobes to city paler-:
on the prouno that the trees so
"osirjci-u me view b"tee0 the
J-itcj bouse where tnev lite, or: the
other sins of tbe st-eet at. out baif
t way tietween JuOpe Wbceier's ard the
i Starr residence, tnat ibey could not
have seen the iitbt. as tbey stated
Artie miter of tie Ki former staff of
the same beitrfct as Mr Harris, but
la bit taller, went there v,.ria and
sat in the chair w here' Mr? Harris
I test ibed that she -at. Lnosirg from
i tbire, sitt.cp in a natural pesttior.ti.e
i rep-orter was al :e in broad rat liptr to
-ee tie two windows on the w-s: side
of tbe Ltiu-e in the -e'-orci storv
jantl the on- on tne sou? a.
; not tbe wbn le window in evr-v rase
ibut mcst of Umi. eroupb so' Teat
J ' wonci fe pbsiIv aiseern
! it-ie in a dark cipfct. Tee winnow in
: the soutnest comer r ion. was tiso dis-
eri;iL.e iu dayhpbt, thaupti tit s o
.j.. it ci-ari Ibe distance from
j-he ted to the winn. w tn wbi-h Ms
j "arris testified tbat sbe jumped after
I the first sbo; is not over fnur feet, so
I thai as a matter of time there i's no
I c iU. culty m her itarmei,t. The .-hr
j in th- soutbeast lower room is sti;;
I unexj '.sited or. ary evidence at baaci
, Dtte theory i- tbat what was tasen to
i a ope- wa- ?
from b liebt s-im--i
i tialiy from tbe eviden-e
; now. it was eit her tn is or
; uiisiuiier. Beit! it wa
"" - . i,uh,.on bioi tec Ciistatcp
a- P iter: in Mies Graci) 't test. a iri
were ccrre-jt, so that there is rjo di;r.
cnity as regards tune witb thst either.
A'eitner of the mmat.-i of -be Il-.m.
i jr me .igej and Di.-Hblej
heard tbe thots. Inoiterl .....
Pettier there was a light or tor.
In short, there is ro reason wbv
mquiry slioulrj be stopped b
reasn woy i; fb, . .
re fleet i on
: Ir.fpr-r-i-
it srartc
hf time is !
s"en s .met tme .
have any right t . exoect
he rircii instances.
;t everv
I The co'ecso compifted its : t
in tbe bostiurgb case at I'.-t-fjt.,
Mass., yesterday and a motion to it
. it a a ay from the jury r.tttt- iutr K
tfce prosecution '.JrLn1ei...-e:J it- ...;
t-1. Tbe mother, father. w . s,f -Misvs
Sbeldon. neighbors and ! ,:
' keeper have al! been on rbe sta-rf -jl-teil
a story and eonsi-tent storv t
dicste that tne snoot ice was tne s .
of burelars. and r:.at tbe a-tc:--n.ae
was behind tbe pirl at in- t.
l the shootinp. Even tho wt ,
cot see jt tell of his falllrg utt
S"ious from tbe sandbagging bef t
reached .ere. Serorai t";l r--' s
the burglar- anc many c Tfirrior -circumstsnces
were brought it
ail snow tne cjost lovitc re:at:-r t
twepn the family. One witness
tte rtLrklars rucr.irg away fr ,c. -
bouse. There were some t.,t''t t.
poirts ;c rtie testimory as t.'.Bt t-' .
mott.xr kr ciite in t r'eyer lv tfce ---
f her r!eSd daugtter Just aft-r -j.
The state ;D jt direct Vv-t rr.''
certbinlv made a oth thin e,..
s iwed -otne inconsistency it: toso
'"rse eiatm.s. natural to an event
.-ucb confosion ana excitement T--Worst
rf tlie'u a- tie fiadiip
catches in the hrus Kkethje
"b: ot fy the burp'.ars. when tb- Uz.
ily bad det;d that it had any -o-t:
! An entirely pew ciew is be ns:
, veloped in tbe t-1 if inp of rb" "-:
Caj t Titus, c-ibef of Tbe Xew ,-
"iry tiureau forwarded to C'bi?f of J
lice Nicholson tLtta District Afori
Jlainm' td of I'ittsfield yestercoy -r
iift.aavits, im; iiv-ating a "Gray"! s
has hen known to the poli - '
S;-ir.gfield as William snow. it. ::
esse, and irtin.a:ing tbat be -.oete
Miss K .sburgh. Capta cI: .
last right made public the a Si iar.'-Tnefi'-it
if made ty Alice itpa:
who says that she is a Ihiuhk-:-on
East Etirty seciinrt street, New )
totv. Sne depos-s and m-o "l:-.-..-
p.ri nan.".-! I'lar-d; slots of Spring: -
ho is i:vinp ;tb ber own f-
Id l.er at or; trie weeks ago tt . i.
nun can.fi L--w Grey and art-l--n.an
v. sited toe house of the K -btr.-hs
er,tte rigt.t of the ls:t '
Aungst and found a revolver on ':
tat..e. aco that be snot a pirl a::j
caticd. " Tbe sc ' d is pintiiar.
products, and he
source of dancer so slight as to be un
worthy of j recau lion ary measures.
If tbis is true, and J'rKocb
tntrough investigation and cautious
f the strike. Any cumbtr of in
ions have bn pot net on t.o
ijes side, fevoral of them poir.p
' as to forbid poaceftl .-rsna-beirg
tt-.'d to keep workmen
fliiinp the strikers' t la-?s. Wl at
so f
from fiiiice tb
Shaffer threatens is nr injunction
gainst the officials of tbe trust frcm
coercing wormuen into leavinp the
forbiddirg their ertprinp
ike at the v 'V
coctrovcrsv, as
"1 toe
ard act as uitch
pns.-ihie. even i
Tn is fe- lire
u, -i tons or
tbeot This would s:
center point of rbe
tbe strikers claim that bII tbey asked
was "inst the men in bob union mills
be released froaa the cot tracts now
binding them t , belong to no labor
orpanization. end be allowed to join
out organisation without being dis
charged. ' Why is B ,t tbe injunction
ju-t as applicable on tbe one sloe as
tbe other? Bat if it should be ap
plied no the labor side, tbis doctrine
f coveruDient by injunction would
nav rru-a-e.-s . harm in it tban it
has had heretofore.
S 1 1 c
American tn watt to et pear
Ilk? a rich mac as
f he can 't he one.
was the -our -e f the
rag? for cheap piano.- w t ie.b caused
several years utnaturtl depre--inn of
tbe organ industry from which E-a-tloboro
sufferea so seriously. That has
row worked itself out. and a better
day tban ever is at band for orcarfl
when the two instruments sell upon
their lespective 'nerits m,udcallv
without ary such fo lish and art'Scial
distinction materially effecting the
Tbe present is a time of reaction in
n concitis!ocs--tne claim for bis
lymph, afterwards exploded, was given
out by otbert- before be was ready -the
huge scare about diseased ca'.tie
hi.s been tfetiiess -i ffir as protection
of human l.fe is conter: a. tnonpb
still useful in saving animal- from
corttspion, and we v.x eat the it. :1k
and meat of rliseiae-J Bcimtl- without
danger. If he is right it would seem'
tbat the battle acaicst ('t-umntins
must be simplified to a degree, since
tte agencies credited with spreading
tne disease w,n i,e pr.-a-ly n.iuoeu
number. What other effects :::av f
lew and wi.al poasible efTect upon
our rapidly mul:p!;. inp perm tb".
ones in general orly tbe elaborate
niedicti debates and experiments pure
to be based upon the te Jiorb state-
tnent can determine. tut it is a
question tbat will need lorp and care
ful study ntd experiment at many
hands hef ire final conclusion can be
! warranted.
Heredity, aiso. tbe doctor declared
mutrmtnl ror tl.e Obnmr at ib
Fwn-Auterlf-wa etspoeltloo.
'J'he observance nf Vermont Dav at
th 1 .m-American Exoosttion nn Tilnr..
Heeney t.o tbe Jlrooklyn bene-, o- J day. Aueun Mh. promises to call topeth-
,er at burtaio or. this orctaston s larpe
number ot present and former n-si Jenu
j ol tne Greer. Alourtain s'ate.
i Toe virititg 'eruior,ters will b
loinerl t y ttie V crinniit Mciety of Iluf
I fnlo in the celebration. The r-,;at- parv
Iw-i'.l consi-t of Gov Sticknev and stuff.
i tbe SfHle fttH'.fcra onsl ..,... :-. . .
by tbe assessors that the tax exemp- the Verniort Association of the !.
is a I tion c id not in'-lu :ie tbe huil-iings and American exposition and all o'fcer Xcr-
Tbey nave since ber. raxed Lkp other l"":"'r" " u" may .ioin toe partv.
buildiiiB- withnet i" ,,.rl r.!.,- ir ,i... ' -N " 'vitatiotis snil be issue;, sor!
. ' '""I'-ry one will tie welconie. V
B-ses.-ix.en i. j ne lo tion is brought i heuciqu'ii'ters lor tbe week
to compel the refunding of til colic
',, .'T1 Ub. s,'l,!n rf wrvlw, n Market hlrct TerJ" Urte l.oet of I.lf by Expioi.ou m
SunJii. u. .lanc.sm.jeei. "L,,v, " enne- , Bi..m.
iTn.'Wi'Ir'l i Bew.imp muni oihio Tuesiiov, i Latum, .lulv 25. Hol. terr'ti es-
IX CZSZS'Z'l ,Tom 1 ' "f Ktraieom in the mos.
.i.t:.- v-uuerepatioua. ithurcl.. l:,-v H It Mli '"F"wa quarter ol Batumi totta'
J ne m.woiiiF eervlr at n .:ie. pre,.n. I wrecked tbe w hole centre of tbe tew
lilt J'Sritor. .llii1i,r ui'imn, Ti.- tl;-t is
cari.ia.a tnii,.s,i in,.elI,,L. , :' , n, ' ip"ss.i'ie to estimate tbe in-.- cf
1fp 't fl property, t nt it is very large
I t'usior
' llu; bv
organ izat v m.
act of the lopNlature
exea.rtinff tb i.rertv from taxatmn
e belief of inaction tbr-.uph dairy I for 0h time. The anciet. rh-n .,,1-1 .t
considered tbis j auction the right to build on the
as to be uu-I land and It! veers infer it n-u. I.trl
"Tante Emi.a. " as the iate w ifc ,,J
J'reciiiect JCrugT f.imilierlv
calied. was a Du J'iess.i. of the same
famiiv as tnat of the great Kienebej,
cut -be baa no t:ri:..ai,t quiiities,
ard her highest ambit i n was to p-,v
ern ber hcuiseii' id in crd-r i.rn rcoo
omv. arid s..p that ber hiirtianJ we-
properly attended t Ore t r' ttv
I ! sl ,ry is told t,f prr i,ei:ir,p the e-ulptor
L who was to n.hke a ft utile cf Uc-ni
i- fact! to stand m , square at I'retc
c i 'n'1' to scoop a hoiiow in the top (.f
ibis tali hat, -o that the wa'er might
i""" "! 1 uo .ne t iras tinrs fr.mi
e.-t. -and il wasp,, p., ne. Tne Kni-rrs
ive l in a small writ., cottage rf rwn
ft mat ws cnaracteristi"
W'ib tip I'U.
tat.iisii.u nt the Ocr,nee House.
The Ak'tior hotel, opposite the expo
sition grounds will ulso furnish act- m-tnodi.tion-
i.t reduced tate- for r'.e v-,-
monr piir .
in- riTii w,.i rake p'nee at
Tcuip,e ,.f Music, which has beer
o'reo it tt, purj'ose bv
: o": manager-.
I' re... ,,.Ut.,lt,ril
jet't-ii ,.i,t- i f tne Per
ior ue iiiusitta! pa-t c! tee t
. jufesse- of weicn;: e will Ie .
Director-Uepf--,! Ituchirne ..r,-i'
1- ByXharles Austin Bat&X.rT-
- y- u
Mo. JO
be too distinct! v o-' --
with your vr-l'
The successful new- idea is the or.e tact
e,...a long time Tl ,-'
- - ..eve ts cute adverttst
i'rfy :;tt:,w bus"aess. t-v
yiiiyor i I'.iifi
spmried to t tie'
piiticipHi jettire-s
mudf bv floo V
Other ;! -res-es
liuchanan 1ms of
st Xp"elti,'!i hanoe
must place
wsich tn- T(.. i
'.or .-st.cktif y. Tiie '
f the dv "will t'e i
1111 1' D.l'ingliMii
,1 he reuHt.
; non iirtin jj i'rootot. II
, oi i.i:lt-.io, ard orders
j The Vermont pav have
j dered tlit. i.-eof the N-
i.uu.iinp od August A
fbe ! jUas.. , . ,, - J
1&,.WZZIW E" other cSv I ,
. ,3T J V. ,3r " w -
L A- f ! IIe &ai2 hj bd
tsai x 3. ,
Doa't try to Btar.le psooli
j-body has uacocscioaaiv rtcog-
e acard th
,-o-.r" ml
i' i inpiiaui. 1 .fi.f.WNt' X . r
ove.ties and start1
beep ten
find Mates
Simple but '?" "-lU'C and resident Vermon-crs will
i,-. ... 'bepiven m the huioiirir ... .......
ty trovtrnor and
store-- in a 1
.o u-r Jieopie. t.Pr a; orils Said
I e,i y our father thft
his f-rm trust in God..11
'.-""'"'. ttfarirctui was tvruper
t. .cine wne-t -,oki c,f ij.r dea'ti :
was a ffoori e fo IC
ooce aou that ns sir rnonth after ' The railroad krraBffetoects for Hie trin
A ei.re RrctMaO TT i i . COCtetl r.llltp r..eikl rm.. ... - '
tnkunnri,,.. I. -i I Of nan leiUSfJ TO , ' 1 . " .lil-. Ur CXtfa
...(io.,Hiuirii:iiitiriiiis. esc it talk i:rjc the new. r., K..ri , "vuii car. ana hret -class itnurh-.
mission of tuberculosis. Though can- i0,.' and tee dateer is serious th.t it : reeular frains. Irnm Venuonr points on
trary to the lonp held belief and to i1"1"1'" ' enu cf L irn aiso.
from exneri-
hnn,i i,r ...... .. . T.
'See , - I ' UJkJUk kli ,
,lrr.J ,.-1. l-lilfail'Slltt.
1""- - - ",iir
rl-.a kl,.. -'.- . .
'c L,t (lib Lrn'.ie. rurTbff tt-n m.n a-l
of tte extreme n.-h4 i ... J... I trary to the lonp held belief .r,ri t, t,e -be end cf bim aiso. ' !uf!ulr ",:h and (;-- over both tbe Cer,
swirg of the ppnrliilnir an-. , . ! much Bf enung evidence fem .,.,; J Francis A EmlS-b rs.. ...tt l i 7 i... fr0-!J u . the .Grand Trunk j
u '. iiik i, , - --t'.' .r . lut ,.ir. uo.u "inis. in .iiir. treai
Will la-t rn nee e.r, r'i i. i ecoe. this view is a f,a,ae.cit k. : "OSiton lawyer, tr yip inent in the for,. nrt v v. .t i--.
. .u ui it is i -- ui 'ue-., ... . .- , .. - - - - " , - -- . .w. vvutrwi railroads. r:
. ... ' - .l. .. -iif(tiLi&,n&. rn.i.r. r- i x
trnmii inn uip ii . -o-,.. . t-erm notion or I ne clisens" Th. :.. ' i.m.,...iiuj,
. '""''-' ..mfSLio.r- :, :. i . aaw inipation e
macuiatrure snri market cf t icvelea ! . ' . . " " o -"'tun; :r:e
n'tieetoou neing strewn about id the
a?CtT(l V .AW
"Keztitus anil fa-ll,v 'fret.
t ecause they fill
tbe modern ccen
:n iiu-itess end as a
ful recreation.
o,"it- of tealtb-
A reerMlll,..'r.
CMuTrl n ,tT' r . f 1 . ' "! ' . l ht t 1V,!Ut-" a- coinple-eiy ,
Iw !" - X- ; . '., ' . ores, i iottbes
Irr. K me r New hite j-,1- w,tb ,e . use-l !;u, kWs Vr.
saved b,m. 1 bey s-retcthen the ,ri:,. Hti1KJ h, -'r
-u. iu u.psir.i,. priiiti-4e at-imilats t. -r Isniie V":
:mirove ;,ptrf-t re
back it ri"t fa-;.,
drugg st.
E. li.
v , ieion' froii its 11-e.
cms. r-u-Ls. Sea;
. -on,, F1,,.P iE sputum if consumptive pato-irs and
my. as tmi..sa vers obe oiest rractioatil, mar. nf dr., r.r
tm is the isolation cf victims iu
aritarians an idea which Massachu
setts las, put in fcrcesad in which Coo-
" "aui i.- row lOHOWing. PXt to
this the doctor urgs tbe n'nlipntor
r.t -ification t.o the autbori:i-s rff e
existerre cf tte Ci-ase, tbe Cis.tfe .
.ion ci ir.-jr quiners- w
.".n.ptnes . iiunge lb. ,
r. J i:,e ois-emmatioD f ir.
o ite people c.itcfTL.rp tbe true ra
rnre if cousuTi'Hor.. to air in troid
mg and can. hating it.
llipiurs. "'
eumect may tie
corciut'irg s.-tj
nj pimpie- t..j ,.tie
ca siivr. Tte r tbev
i Eruptions. Eeve'r
ce:s. ' ar butic ,ec .,n
tfa.tif.ie lorC nts.
ar,d P.le-. f
o'.itz.'t drug s:ore.
nfv.-r ior-rt-M
"et cf..
nfc-n,at . n
e cf vears ari. ha
prer.r, another tatrptiet on tt.
iegI a-pects cf Presidptt Mclvir.lev',
war of enr.jup-t tB. PhiiippinVs
It ise-t,tied. "Tne CrI.wful andL'p
J-'iiiiti? l..nrqur-t rf theF
,ioe scope of tr
eatbered frm 1
tence ;
tit haw en.iVavr.-e. t .bow that fre-i-lent
.'hn.iey. :itt"rtri, t-rn nan,,,! t the
war wnb i.m aT, : v -b .: !b.. auTb,i:.jM ,
ncre.. rown war up :. tie- f'::i one-, and
tour prwutint- u v-sr J-r j ,ear.
wita i;it ,eg. n.i.t fctt ne i an a-t .f i
g-e-s puriwirti'v t -l-H-.-ntf te lorn !h t'.wer
."eiiit:ptte tnha'.i'iint. of toe I'irl noine
i-iaiei. ,.-.-.,r.i,i,. ,.. i. . wo, j ieusarc a.1
ti, Uo teat witb-jjt itiu.t c-f time.
art btst
BTiH rh. T... ,
Centra, railroads, to.
:c.ios:ty is aroused the better.
1 way in a mercantile business.
D.et.eu Caaeiol Ke Orel S-"'S' The lonper if srnr-t .
i ne local anpiiratlom. iher r.. t .. i the better if it ie . ' .
wzzxix wmethods of ra'ns
itiE.i.iii ihhum- iniiiun,.,!,,!, ttkt ' ' ", . 'UOQS 1 ean never have
. reu..rea to It- nonr.it! rou liavi
una: iti.- will I- uet. nrej
it(tiiiiir ;ut ii
rue -i e rluu'lrec. Iinoxrs tnr itr ' ooy WHO cried
,ut t.. t "B -'ss it caa he
, ba-ked it? v,-.h the fatttoi K .... .
Se1t.r,:re:.Vi"' -".-C-0.O. - r- f .. . ' "1 CIJ
nd a theatrical mans.
had ever tried newspaper
unaided by posters
he had tried porters
tte t '.at . combmatinn wnc .--.-
o-t ae sa:- n
a.re best of -.11. '
That :s tor theat-loaX
Business methods and shoTr methods
of necessity cittcr. A show stars a dav o
three cays, or a -veeir. liay never come aiata
sVust f-et j.:; fc
tt ccn then,
and get it
There must
be a hur
rah." Th
more people "
are startled
and the rT
more their
It isn't that
e pierttv of the v...
.y,:7ii t1 i
ii,an.ta ..i-t:ti.,c u; tue wwou. et it out on that line." Rem
Wolf ind dM.t
tn one spot -
f 3
V e ere erj;
cfcse et le-b
i-ire.. i,r uu,:. cuirrli Curt. 5.,.,,
iiin uiKi ir. " '
r. I CHE VET CO, To.cac. o.
lifcti'e i .n.i:v co, -rr ij-. ij..
let fois hear htm howl.
At. CWi, AmjtiM A.
r, 1 - ft.
( ,VW-!.'''iC1

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